QLD Tide Tables 2014 - Wholesale Enquires: Please see the contact information on the QLD Tide Tables Facebook page.

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Latest News:

16 Dec 2013: QLD Tide Tables 2014

The new QLD Tide Tables for 2014 are now available!

Formerly the MSQ Tide Tables, these tide tables are the most comprehensive for the QLD Coast.

They are a must have for any commerical or recreational mariner.

QLD Tide Tables 2014 - Wholesale Enquires

QLD Tide Tables are produced by our parent company, Marmatcla Pty Ltd.
If you would like to stock QLD Tide Tables, you may call us on 07 4041 2699
or email the Tides section at

You can find more information at the QLD Tide Tables Facebook page.

Latest Updates:

18 Sep 2013: Topographic Maps

We are very excited to announce that ALL the topographic maps from Geoscience Australia are now available online.

If you know the number or name of the map, just enter it in the search box, and it will show up (click the "Paper Maps" tab in the Google Earth window to see them).
We have also loaded them all up into our Google Earth overlay, so you can browse that to find the one you want.

In the coming weeks we will bridge the gap between Google Earth and the shopping cart, so you can shop from Google Earth (as you currently can with charts).

As with everything else, all the maps are available either in paper or laminated.

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