Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

BA 4604

Coral And Solomon Seas And Adjacent Seas
BA 4604 - Coral And Solomon Seas And Adjacent Seas

Please note that all charts are folded in half for storage and handling. This is the marine industries standard.
If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please make note of this in the comments at checkout.


This official Nautical Chart is produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), and is corrected weekly to UKHO 'Notice to Marines'. This ensures it remains compliant with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commerical shipping throughout the world.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals dependingo the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definative reference.

Locations within this Map

Queensland Australia Coral Sea Islands Central Fiji Eastern Northern Western Rotuma Kiribati Iles Loyaute Loyalty Islands Islas de la Lealtad New Caledonia Nord Nauru Madang Papua New Guinea North Solomons Northern Solomon Islands Bougainville East New Britain Nova Bretanha Oriental Nuova Britannia Orientale Manus Milne Bay Morobe National Capital District New Ireland Neuirland Nouvelle-Irlande Nova Irlanda Nuova Irlanda Oro West New Britain Nova Bretanha Ocidental Nuova Britannia Occidentale Malaita Solomon Islands Rennell and Bellona Guadalcanal Isabel Temotu Eastern Islands Lauru Choiseul Makira Makira and Ulawa Tuvalu aggregation Tuvalu Torba Vanuatu Sanma Tafea Malampa Penama Shefa North Fiji North New Hebrides Osprey Pandora Papua Penguin Plibersek Pocklington Rose Sanguma Savage Selfridge South Solomon Tregrosse Turpie Woodlark Alexa Antiope Beveridge Bougainville Carnegie Charlotte Coral Diane Flinders Flora Frederick Hazel Holme Holmes Horizon Indispensable Kana Keoki Kosciusko Lachlan Lansdowne Lihou Louisa Lyra Marosszeky Martha McDermott Melanesian Mellish Moresby Morton New Britain Middle Cay Observatory Cay Herald Passage Hermit Crab Islet Lihou Reef West Diamond Islet East Diamond Islet Central Diamond Islet Diamond Islets Diamond Passage South West Cay South Diamond Islet Holmes Reefs Flora Reef Heralds Surprise Dart Reef North Reef North West Reef North Flinders Reefs Mid Reef East Ribbon Reef Toe Reef South West Reef Cod Reef Main Cay Reef Channel Reef Entrance Reef South Flinders Reefs Horseshoe Lagoon Horseshoe Reef Rapid Horn Bougainville Reef North East Cay Herald Cays Sand Cay Diane Bank North Cay North Passage Mid Islet Willis Islets South Passage South Islet Eliza Mary Bath Magdelaine Cays Chilcott Islet Coringa Islets South West Islet Abington Reef Antiope Reef Astrolabe Reefs Mellish Reef Calder Bank Frederick Reefs Ridge Rock Anchorage Sound Danger Ridge Marion Reef Carola Cay Long Reef Wansfell Reefs Paget Cay Brodie Cay Turtle Islet Hammondsport Seamount Hammondsport Bank Hawkins Reef Hawkins Shoal Holmes Reef Indispensable Reefs Herald Beacon Islet Bampton Reefs Bellona Plateau Beveridge Reef Calder Reef Capricorn Sill Carpenter Basin Chesterfield Plateau Coral Basin Coral Sea Basin Coral Sea Plateau Coriolis Trough East Melanesian Trench Eastern Fields Plateau Erromango Basin Fairway Plateau Flinders Reef Great Barrier Reef Landsdowne Bank Lansdowne Bank Louisiade Plateau Louisiade Rise Loyalty Basin Malay Reef Marosszekv Gap Mc Dermott Bank Mellish Rise Minerva Shoal Moore Reefs Moresby Valley Moresby Trough New Hebrides Ridge North New Hebrides Trench Northwest Bellona Reef Osprey Reef Papua Abyssal Plain Papua Plain Pocklington Ridge Pocklington Trough Queensland Plateau Queensland Trough Rennel Island Ridge Rennel Trough Rennell Ridge Rennell Island Ridge Rennell Trough San Cristobal Trench Santa Cruz Basin Selfridge Bank Blue Valley Strathmore Strathbowen Cattle Vale Glenroy Amelia Vale Bullooloola Heleen Downs Hannon Downs Rocky Springs St Helliers Laudham Park Giffard Corick Plains Casalegro Fernlea Grosso Gainsford Woodlands Drynie Utopia Jerona Ruthwaite Woodstock Meadowvale Stone Hut Waterloo Jardine Water View El Sarango Major Creek Glen Downs Airdale Arkendeith Taranna Flora Valley Glendale Leichhardt Downs Inkerman The Cape Lisgar Square Post Cape View Tabulum Maidavale Mountain View Rocky Ponds Glenkirk Coventry Steepy Banks Ness Vale Grass Hut Byrne Valley abandoned Wyoming Collopy Byrne Valley Woodbine Caley Valley Glenell North Kirk River Landers Creek Villa Rosa Plumtree Rangemore Glenell South South Solomon Trench Torres Rise Torres Trench Tregrosse Reefs Vate Trough Vitiaz Trench Vityaz Trench Woodlark Basin Four Mile Silver Valley Kirklea Mount Buckley Kirkton Plumwoods Brookville Eton Vale Moss Vale Connolly Carse O Gowrie Mount Pleasant Collingvale Rangeview Saint Pauls Proserpine Pretty Bend Mount Ravenswood Sonoma Mount Hector Glendon Belmore Heidelberg Birralee Exmoor Taranga Old Harvest Home Havilah Emu Plains St Helens Brothwells Gully Cannonvale Collinsville Airlie Beach Alligator Creek Arcadia Bay Ayr Bowen Brandon Bushland Beach Calen Cungulla Deeragun Giru Hamilton Island Home Hill Horseshoe Bay Kalamia Estate Merinda Mount Low Nelly Bay Pallarenda Picnic Bay Seaforth Thuringowa Townsville Hideaway Bay Shutehaven Mirrigan Clare Wilson Beach Heronvale St Helens Beach Haliday Bay Conway Beach Alva Ball Bay Midge Point Abbot Abbot Bay Abbot Creek Abbot Point Mount Abbot Abbotsford Aberdeen Aberdeen Water Facility Mount Aberdeen Abott Reef Acacia Island Acacia Creek Adaleigh Mount Adder Adelaide Point Airlie Bay Airlie Creek Albert Creek Albino Rock Alert Bank Alice Creek Alick Creek Alligator Lagoon Allonby Island Alma Bay Alma Creek Mount Alma Almoola Almora Islet Alva Creek Amelia Creek Anchor Islands Anchor Point Anchorsmith Island Andersons Bay Andrews Point Andromache Andromache River Angle Creek Anne Island Ant Hill Creek Antill Antill Creek Antill Plains Antill Plains Creek Anvil Island Apostle Bay Arab Reef Arkhurst Island Armit Island Armstrong Creek Armuna Arrow Creek Arthur Bay Mount Arthur Artillery Hill Arundel Ashman Creek Aspatria Island Backnumbers Reef Baird Point Bait Reef Bald Hill Bald Islet Balding Bay Baldwins Creek Banana Creek Bare Islet Barrabas Creek Barramundi Creek Barratta Barratta Creek Barren Creek Barren Creek Left Branch Barren Creek Right Branch Barren Mountain Base Point Bashfords Landing Basin Creek Battery Gully Mount Battery Bax Reef Baxendell Shoal Bay Rock Baynham Island Beach Hill Beatrice Creek Mount Beatrice Beckford Bee Creek Bee Ran Bell Creek Mount Bella Vista Bellows Island Bells Waterhole Ben Lomond Ben Lomond Creek Ben Reef Bench Point Bendy Creek Mount Benjonney Bennett Rock Beor Mount Bertha Big Cedar Creek Big Jack Big Jack Creek Big Patterson Island Billie Creek Billy Creek Billycan Creek Binbee Bird Gorge Bird Island Birds Nest Creek Birigaba Birralee Creek Black Weir Black And White Hill Black Currant Island Black Gin Creek Black Island Black Mountain Block Reef Blackcombe Island Blackfellow Mountain Blackgap Creek Blackheath Blackmore Creek Blackrock Creek Blacksmith Island Blacksoil Creek Blackwall Range Blackwood Shoals Bloomsbury Blossom Bank Blue Mountain Bluestone Creek Bluewater Creek Bluey Creek Bluff Creek Bluff Point Boat Haven Boat Point Bobawaba Bobby Dazzler Creek Bobs Creek Bodes Range Bogie Range Bogie River Bohle Bohle River Mount Bohle Bolger Bay Bolton Hill Bolton Shoal Bona Bay Bonaventura Bonavista Bond Entrance Bond Reef Bonnie Doon Creek Bonnie Doon Hills Bootooloo Bora Creek Border Island Boulder Creek Boulton Reef Boundary Creek Boundary Hill Bowden Reef Bowen River Bowl Reef Bowling Green Bowling Green Bay Cape Bowling Green Mount Bowling Box Camp Creek Box Creek Braggs Reef Bramble Passage Bramble Reef Brampton Island Brampton Island National Park Mount Bramston Branch Creek Brandison Creek Brandy Creek Brawl Creek Bray Islet Breadalbane Breakfast Creek Breakneck Creek Bremner Point Briaba Brigalow Creek Briggs Reef Bright Point Brisk Bay Britomart Reef Broadhurst Reef Broken Dam Creek Broken River Bromby Creek Brookhill Brothers Islands Brown Creek Brown Mountain Brush Island Bubialo Buchanan Creek Buckley Buddibuddi Island Bugatti Reef Bull Creek Bullion Rocks Bullock Creek Mount Bullock Bunkers Hill Burdekin Falls Burdekin River Burdekin River Ana Branch Burdekin Rock Burning Point Burrumbush Creek Burtenshaw Crossing Bushy Islet Bushy Island National Park Butchers Creek Buthurra Butlers Creek Butterfly Bay Cabbagetree Creek Calcium Calder Island Caley Valley Waterholes Calf Island Calton Hill Cameron Hill Camerons Creek Camerons Gap Camerons Pocket Camp Creek Camp Island Camp Oven Creek Camp Oven Mountain Campbell Creek Mount Campbell Campbells Plain Cannan Reef Mount Canton Cape Creek Cape Hillsborough National Park Cape River Cape Rock Cape Upstart National Park Caping Capsize Creek Cardigan Cardington Mount Carew Carey Guille Careys Creek Carlisle Island Carondelet Rock Carpet Snake Creek Carpet Snake Island Carpet Snake Point Carse Creek Carstairs Cassidy Creek Castle Hill Castle Rock Castlehill Creek Castor Castor Reef Mount Castor Cateran Bay Catherine Creek Mount Catherine Cathu Catseye Bay Cattle Bay Cattle Creek Cauley Mount Cauley Mount Cavana Cave Island Cawarra Head Cedar Creek Cedar Mountain Central Creek Mount Chaine Mount Challenger Charity Reef Charley Creek Charleys Creek Charlie Creek Charlies Hill Chasewater Creek Chauvel Reefs Chefs Shoal Chester Rock Chilcott Rocks Chinaman Creek Chinamans Rock Chrome Rock Chunda Bay Chyebassa Shoal Cid Harbour Cid Island Circular Cay Clanside Clark Shoal Clarke Range Mount Clarke Clay Creek Clayhole Hills Claypan Creek Clevedon Cleveland Bay Cape Cleveland Mount Cleveland Cluny Creek Cobham Reef Cockatoo Creek Cockermouth Island Cockle Bay Cockool Cocoa Creek Coconut Bay Cod Point Coffin Island Coil Reef Cole Island Cole Reefs Collins Creek Collinsons Lagoon Combe Creek Comston Island Conder Hills Conder Shoal Conference Creek Conglomerate Gully Connolly Creek Connors Island Conow Creek Mount Constance Mount Consuelo Conway Conway Range Conway Shoal Cape Conway Mount Conway Coonambelah Cooper Mount Cooper Coopers Creek Coopers Waterhole Coppermine Creek Coppershaw Creek Coppersmith Rock Coral Creek Coral Point Cordelia Rocks Corrievahn Cotton Shoal Covering Beach Covering Creek Cow Creek Cow Island Cowrie Island Crab Bay Crab Creek Crab Reef Craig Point Cramer Point Cramoisie Cliff Cramoisie Range Cranbourne Crazy Cat Mountain Creal Reef Credlin Reefs Crimea Crinoline Creek Croaker Rock Crocodile Creek Crofton Creek Cromarty Crompton Creek Mount Crompton Crooked Creek Crotan Reef Crush Creek Crystalbrook Cumberland Channel Cumberland Islands Cunningham Curlewis Curlewis Bay Mount Curlewis Cutala Mount Cuthbert Dalbeg Dalmore Lake Dalrymple Dalrymple Point Mount Dalrymple Dalwood Point Dam Creek Dandenong Park Dangar Mount Dangar Daniel Point Dargin Darley Reef Dart Creek Dartmoor Datum Rock Davies Reef Daydream Island De Salis Dead Dog Island Dead Man Gully Deadman Creek Deadman Creek Left Branch Deadman Creek Right Branch Deaf Adder Creek Debella Deedes Point Deep Creek Deepwater Creek Deepwater Point Defiance Island Defiance Reefs Deliverance Bank Deloraine Island Delta Dempster Creek Port Denison Denman Island Dent Island Desmond Creek Devereux Rock Devils Creek Devils Elbow Creek Devlin Creek Mount Devlin Dewars Beach Dewars Point Dick Creek Dicks Creek Dicks Tableland Dillon Creek Mount Dillon Dingo Beach Dingo Creek Dingo Mountain Dingo Reef Dinner Creek Dip Reef Dirrill Dittmer Dolphin Point Don Don Creek Don River Donalds Dream Waterhole Donnybrook Creek Dorsal Rock Double Barrel Creek Double Barrel Creek North Branch Double Bay Double Cone Island Double Creek Double Mountain Double Peak Range Double Rock Doughboy Creek Doughty Creek Downfall Creek Dozer Creek Dragon Creek Drake Dreghorn Dreghorn Creek Driftwood Bay Drinkwater Creek Dry Creek Dryander Dryander Creek Mount Dryander Drynoch Duck Creek Dugong Bay Dugong Inlet Dumbell Island Dungurra Island Durroburra Dusky Creek Eagle Reef Eagle Vale Earlscliffe East Creek East Point East Repulse Island East Rock Eastern Breakwater Echo Point Eden Lassie Creek Edgecumbe Bay Edgecumbe Heights Cape Edgecumbe Edgell Reefs Edgell Rock Edinburgh Castle Edward Island Edwin Rock Egremont Pass Eight Mile Creek Elaroo Elbow Creek Electra Head Elizabeth Reef Ellen Reef Elliot River Mount Elliot Elphinstone Elphinstone Creek Mount Ely Emmerson Creek Emmett Creek Emu Creek Endeavour Creek Erins Creek Ernest Creek Eshelby Island Esk Island Ethel Creek Ettrick Eulalie Reef Eungie Creek Euri Euri Creek Exmoor Creek Expedition Pass Expedition Pass Creek Fairey Reef Fairlight Rock Fairview Hill Faith Reef Fantome Rocks Faraday Reef Farndon Farrier Island Feltham Cone Fence Creek Cape Ferguson Fern Creek Ferncove Creek Ferris Shoal Flimby Shoal Finger And Thumb Islands Finlaysons Point Finley Creek Fire Point Firth Patch Fish Creek Fish Reef Fitzalan Island Five Head Creek Five Mile Creek Flaggy Rock Creek Flagstaff Bay Flagstaff Hill Flagstone Flagstone Creek Flame Tree Creek Mount Flat Top Florence Bay Flying Fox Island Flying Fox Islands Footes Hill Fore And Aft Reef Forge Rocks Four Foot Rock Four Mile Creek Four Mile Lagoon Fox Creek Foxdale Frederick Creek French Reef French Shoal Frith Rock Funnel Bay Goble Reefs Gaibirra Island Galbraith Creek Gamma Gamut Creek Gap Beach Gap Creek Garbutt Gargoyle Reef Garibaldi Gully Garth Gates Creek Gebbie Creek Genesta Bay Geoffrey Bay George Point Geranium Shoal German Creek Gibraltar Creek Mount Gibraltar Gibson Creek Gilligan Creek Gilling Point Gladstone Gladys Lagoon Glen Blazes Creek Glenalpine Glenavon Glendon Creek Glenella Creek Glenking Glenmore Creek Glenroy Creek Mount Glenroy Gloucester Gloucester Creek Gloucester Head Gloucester Island Gloucester Passage Cape Gloucester Glow Reef Goat Bay Goat Island Gold Creek Goldbeetle Creek Goldsmith Island Goodbye Creek Goondi Creek Goorganga Goorganga Creek Goose Lagoon Gordon Creek Mount Gordon Gorge Creek Gorge Waterfall Gould Island Gould Reef Gowrie Bay Grafton Passage Graham Mount Graham Grant Creek Grants Bank Grass Humpy Creek Grasstree Creek Grassy Island Grassy Mountain Green Creek Green Island Green Point Green Swamp Greentop Creek Mount Greentop Gregory Creek Gregory Ranges Gregory River Greta Creek Grimston Point Groper Creek Groper Point Gulnare Inlet Gumbrell Island Gumlu Gungwiya Island Gunn Island Gunyarra Gustav Creek Guthalungra Gypsy Creek Hall Reef Hammer Island Hannah Point Hansens Gully Happy Bay Happy Valley Creek Hardy Reef Harold Island Haslewood Island Haswell Patch Haughton River Haughton Valley Havilah Hill Hawkings Point Hay Gully Hayman Channel Hayman Island Hayman Rock Mount Hayward Healeys Lagoon Heath Creek Helix Reef Helvellyn Rocks Hempel Rock Henning Island Herbert Herbert Creek Herbert Range Mount Herbert Herrod Creek Hervey Creek Hesket Rock Hewitt Reef Hidden Valley High Islands High Mountain Mount High Highlanders Bonnet Hill Inlet Hill Rock Hillsborough Hillsborough Channel Cape Hillsborough Holbourne Island Home Creek Homestead Bay Hook Hook Island Hook Peak Hook Reef Hope Reef Hopkinson Reef Mount Horn Hornet Gully Horse Camp Creek Horse Camp Hill Horse Creek Horse Lagoon Horse Lagoon Creek Horse Shoe Lagoon Hospital Creek House And Kitchen Hills Hughes Creek Hughes Point Humbug Creek Humpy Point Hungry Gully Hunt Channel Hunt Reef Hutchison Shoal Huntingfield Bay Hyde Reef Hyde Rock Hydrographers Passage Ian Point Ida Creek Iguana Gully Ingot Ingot Islets Mount Inkerman Intaburra Io Reef Ireby Islet Lake Iris Ironbark Ironbark Creek Isabella Creek Iyah Jack Creek Mount Jack Jacqueline Reef Jaguar Reef Jane Creek Jaraga Jarvis Waterhole Jarvisfield Mount Jeffreys Jessop Gully Jester Rock Jesuit Point Jet Creek Mount Jimmy Jimmys Lagoon Jimmys Lookout Jochheim Creek Mount Joe-De-Little Joes Creek Joes Gap John Brewer Reef Peak John Johnnycake Creek Mount Johnnycake Joist Reef Jolimont Creek Joseph Bay Joyce Bay Julian Creek Mount Julian Jumper Creek Mount Jumper Jupiter Reef Kaili Kalamia Kalamia Creek Kanaka Creek Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Creek Tableland Kangaroo Reef Mount Kangaroo Katoomba Bank Katoora Kays Creek Keebah Keeper Reef Kelly Mountain Kelsey Kelsey Creek Kelso Reef Kennard Rocks Kennedy Reef Kennedy Sound Ker Point Keswick Island Key Creek Keyser Island Kilbogie Killymoon King Creek Mount King Kings Beach Kirk Kirk Range Kirknie Kirknie Creek Kirks Hill Kissing Point Kitty Creek Knuckle Reef Kolijo Koolachu Mount Kukiandra Kyburra La-Di-Da Creek Labatt Lagoon Cape Lachlan Lacy Lady Island Ladysmith Island Lagoon Creek Lagoon Rock Lairds Gully Lamond Hill Landers Mount Landers Landing Creek Mount Landsborough Landsdowne Creek Langford Creek Langford Island Lascelles Lath Reef Latham Launs Beach Mount Lee Leeper Shoal Leichhardt Creek Leichhardt Gully Leichhardt Lagoon Leichhardt Range Leopard Reef Les Jumelles Mount Leslie Lethe Brook Mount Lewis Liff Reef Mount Lilian Lilliesmere Lagoon Lilliesmere Swamp Lily Creek Lily Waterhole Lilypool Creek Limestone Creek Lindeman Islands National Park Lindeman Group Lindeman Island Line Reef Linne Island Lion Reef Lissner Little Bohle River Little Bugatti Reef Little Conway Little Lindeman Island Little Oaky Creek Little Reef Little Spring Creek Little Sugarloaf Creek Little Tor Mount Little Liver Point Lizard Creek Locksmith Island Lodestone Reef Lonely Bay Long Beach Long Gully Long Island Long Island Peak Long Island Sound Long Rock Long Shoal Long Waterhole Longford Creek Loriad Point Lornesleigh Lornsleigh Louisa Creek Mount Louisa Lovers Bay Low Creek Low Island Low Rock Lower Creek Lucas Creek Mount Luce Lulu Creek Lupton Island Lynchs Beach Lynx Reef Macartney Macartney Creek Mount Macartney Macartneys Gap Macartneys Landing Macartys Creek Macdonald Creek Macedon Mackay Point Mackenzie Creek Mount Mackenzie Mackerel Bay Mount Maclear Macona Inlet Macquarie Creek Magazine Island Magenta Magnetic Magnetic Creek Magnetic Island Magnetic Island National Park Mount Magnus Maher Island Maida Vale Maiden Creek Main Creek Major Creek Mountain Mamelon Mount Mamelon Mandalay Point Manning Camp Creek Mansell Island Manta Ray Island Manton Many Peaks Range Marengo Creek Mount Marengo Mares Nest Creek Mount Margaret Maria Creek Mount Maria Mount Marian Marilyn Shoal Mount Marion Marlow Mount Marlow Marquis Creek Married Mans Creek Mars Shoal Martha Creek Martin Islet Martin Reef Marton Mary Creek Mount Mary Maryport Bay Maryport Island Maschke Shoal Mathers Lagoon Mathers Landing Mount Matthew Maud Bay Mausoleum Island McBrides Point McCanes Bay McConnel Mount McConnel McDonald Creek McGregor Creek McGregor Peak Mount McGuire Mount McLean McNaughton Medicine Creek Menilden Creek Mentmore Mentmore Beach Mount Merkara Merri Meriwa Merryplain Creek Mica Creek Mid Molle Island Middle Hill Middle Island Middle Landing Middle Reef Middle Sister Midge Island Midge Mountain Mount Millar Millaroo Millaroo Creek Mine Creek Mine Island Minehan Minstrel Rocks Miowera Miralda Creek Molle Molle Channel Port Molle Molongle Molongle Creek Monkey Island Monte Christo Monte Christo Creek Mookarra Mookarra Creek Moondaba Moonlight Creek Moosie Hill Morer Morgans Creek Morinda Shoal Morrill Mosgardies Creek Mosstrooper Peak Mother Beddick Mothergum Hill Mount Abbot Pass Mount Aberdeen National Park Mount Graham Creek Mount Harris Well Mount Leslie Creek Mount Nutt Waterholes Mount Ossa Mount Pelion Mount Stone Creek Mount Stuart Creek Mount Wyatt Water Facility Mountain Creek Mowo Mud Creek Mulgrave Mullers Lagoon Muntalunga Range Murphys Spring Creek Murray Murray Bay Murray Creek Murrinda Myall Creek Myrmidon Reef Myrtle Creek Mystery Creek Nanny Goat Gorge Nannygoat Creek Napier Reef Nara Inlet Nares Rock National Creek Native Dog Creek Neck Bay Ned Lee Creek Needle Reef Net Reef New Beach New Zealand Gully Newry Island Newry Islands National Park Port Newry Nicolson Island Niddoe Creek Niddoes Gap Nightjar Nine Mile Lagoon Nixon Reef Nobbies Inlet Nobbies Lookout Nobbler Creek Nobby Head Nodule Creek Nolan Creek Nome Noorlah Norman Creek Mount Norman Normanby Range Norris Bay North Entrance North Head North Molle Island North Red Cliff Island North Repulse Island North Rock Northcote Nostone Creek Nota Bene Creek Notch Hill Nulla Waterhole Nunga Island Mount Nutt O'Connell River Oaky Creek Old Reef Olden Island Mount Oldfield One Foot Island One Mile Creek One Mile Hill One Mile Mountain Oom Reef Oonoonba Orchard Rocks Orchid Creek Orion Shoal Osprey Point Ossa Ossa Creek Outlier Reef Outer Newry Island Oyster Creek Packer Reefs Packhorse Creek Paddys Creek Cape Pallarenda Pallion Point Palm Bay Palm Creek Palm Tree Creek Paluma Rock Pandamus Gully Pandanus Creek Panorama Lookout Paradise Bay Paradise Creek Parakeet Creek Park Creek Parker Reef Parrot Creek Partington Passage Islet Passage Peak Paterson Shoal Peak John Water Facility Pear Shoals Pebble Creek Pebblyrock Creek Pelican Creek Pelican Island Penny Bay Pentecost Island Percy Douglas Creek Percy Douglas Range Perseverance Island Peta Patches Peter Gordon Range Peter Head Peters Creek Peters Island Petersen Creek Petrel Islet Picaninny Point Piccaninny Creek Piccaninny Mountain Pickhandle Creek Pig Creek Pig Gully Pigeon Island Pincer Island Pindi Pindi Pine Creek Pine Head Pine Hill Pine Island Pine Mountain Pink Lily Lagoon Pinnacle Pinnacle Creek Pinnacle Peak Pinnacle Point Pinnacle Rock Pioneer Pioneer Bay Pioneer Point Pioneer Rocks Pipe Case Creek Piralko Pith Reef Plain Creek Plantation Creek Planton Island Plaster Reef Platypus Rock Plum Creek Plum Pudding Island Plum Tree Creek Plumtree Creek Mount Pluto Pocket Pocket Paddock Poddskles Creek Poison Mountain Police Camp Creek Pollux Pollux Reef Mount Pollux Pompey Reef Poole Island Pooloon Poopoonbah Prawn Reef Mount Prince Charlie Prince Creek Pring Mount Pring Proserpine Plain Proserpine River Lake Proserpine Mount Proserpine Prospect Creek Mount Puffandwheeze Pullen Pullen Creek Puritan Bay Pyramid Pyramid Creek Pyramid Range Quandong Creek Mount Quandong Quealban Queens Bay Queens Beach Queens Road Quinine Creek R M Creek R M Point Rabbit Island Radical Bay Rafter Reef Range Creek Raspberry Creek Ravenswood Rebe Reef Rebus Creek Red Cedar Creek Red Cliff Islands Red Hill Red Hill Creek Red Lily Lagoon Red Rock Bay Red Rock Point Redbank Creek Redbill Islet Reedy Creek Reef Point Refuge Bay Reginald Peak Reid River Relief Point Reno Bay Repair Island Repulse Bay Repulse Beach Repulse Creek Repulse Islands Retreat Creek Revenge Creek Rhino Mountain Rib Reef Mount Richardson Ridge Camp Creek Rip Cay Ripple Rocks Rita Island Robard Creek Robertson Reefs Robey Robey Range Rockpool Creek Rockpool Lagoon Rocky Bay Rocky Branch Creek Rocky Creek Rocky Hill Rocky Island Rocky Mountain Rocky Point Rocky Ponds Creek Rokeby Rollingstone Bay Rollston River Roma Peak Roma Point Rookwood Rooper Inlet Mount Rooper Mount Roscow Rose Bay Rosella Creek Roseric Shoal Ross Ross Creek Ross Island Ross Islet Ross Reef Ross River Ross Smith Bank Round Head Round Hill Round Mountain Round Mountain Creek Round Reef Round Waterhole Roundback Mount Roundback Mount Roundhill Rowes Bay Roxburgh Reef Russell Island Rutherford Creek Rutherfords Table Ryans Creek Sachs Creek Saddle Creek Saddle Mountain Saddleback Island Sailors Rock Salamander Reef Salisbury Salisbury Plains Saltwater Creek Saltwater Creek Left Branch Sambo Creek Mount Sambo Sand Bay Sand Island Sandalwood Sandalwood Creek Sandfly Creek Sandridge Waterhole Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Tableland Saunders Creek Sawmill Bay Sawpit Creek Sawyer Creek Scawfell Island Schooner Rock Scott Scott Creek Scotts Creek Scottville Scrub Creek Scrub Top Mountain Scrubby Creek Scrubby Hill Seaforth Creek Seaforth Island Seagull Reef Sealark Patch Mount Sebastopol Mount Seemore Selina Creek Selkirk Sellheim Sellheim River Serpentine Lagoon Seven Mile Creek Seventy Creek Shark Bay Shark Reef Sharon Shoal Sharp Elliot Mount Sharp Shaw Shaw Island Shaw Peak Sheep Station Creek Sheepwash Creek Shell Reef Shelly Beach Shelly Creek Sheriff Shoal Shoal Bay Shoalwater Bay Short Creek Shoulder Showers Reef Shrimp Reef Shute Bay Shute Harbour Shute Island Sidney Island Silent Grove Creek Sillago Island Silloth Rocks Silver Creek Silversmith Island Simon Creek Sinclair Bay Sinclair Head Singapore Rock Sir James Smith Group Six Mile Creek Skiddaw Peak Skull Knob Slashers Reefs Slater Creek Slaughter Yard Creek Slippanel Creek Slippery Creek Slippery Rocks Creek Sliprail Creek Small Creek Smalleys Beach Smedley Smoko Creek Snaileys Creek Snug Harbour Solder Island Solway Pass Somer Creek Somerset Creek Sonoma Peak South Channel South Double South East Cape South Entrance South Head South Molle Island South Red Cliff Island South Repulse Island Southampton Reef Southern Point Specie Shoal Speculation Creek Spit Point Spitfire Rock Split Creek Splitters Creek Spring Creek Spring Gully Mount Springcliffe Springlands Sprole Castle Mount Square Post Square Reef St Annes Creek St Annes Cross Range St Bees Head St Bees Island St George Gully St Helen Rock St Helens Bay St Helens Creek Mount St John St Margaret Creek Mount St Martin St Pauls Creek Stag Creek Stanley Point Stanley Reef Star Creek Startlemere Creek Startlemere Waterhole Starvation Creek Station Creek Station Hill Steff Rock Stevens Reef Stewart Peninsula Stockyard Creek Stokes Creek Stokes Range Stone Island Mount Stone Stonehaven Bay Stonehouse Creek Stones Creek Stoney Creek Stony Creek Storth Strathalbyn Strathbogie Strathdickie Strathdon Strathmore Creek Stripe Point Stuart Stuart Creek Mount Stuart Stucco Reef Studdarts Creek Sugarbag Creek Sugarloaf Creek Mount Sugarloaf Sullivan Creek Sulphide Mountain Summer Hill Sundown Creek Mount Sunter Surprise Creek Surprise Rock Surveyor Creek Sutherland Suttor River Swamp Bay Swamp Creek Swans Lagoon Mount Sweetland Swizel Creek Swordfish Point Mount Sydney Tabias Reef Table Mountain Table Mountain Creek Tabletop Creek Tailing Gully Tancred Island Target Hill Taro Creek Tawvale Teague Island Teatree Creek Ten Mile Beach Ten Mile Creek Tent Hill Tern Islet Terry Creek The Beak The Bluff The Causeway The Cone The Crooked Waterhole The Garth The Green Swamp The Hump The Inlet The Knobblers The Lake The Lake Plain The Maiden Mountain The Pyramid The Scrag The Seven Sisters The Sisters Mountains The Springs The Three Brothers The Three Sisters The Twins The White Pinch Thimble Shoal Thistle Creek Thomas Island Thompson Creek Thompson Shoal Thoopara Thora Point Thread Shoal Three Dinner Creek Three Fathom Patch Three Mile Creek Three Rocks Thunderbolt Creek Tideway Reef Tiger Reef Mount Tindale Tink Shoal Tinsmith Island Tommy Roundback Tommys Creek Toms Crossing Toms Gully Tondara Tonga Mountain Tonga Range Tongue Point Toonpan Lagoon Tor Gabrielle Mount Toussaint Townsville West Trammel Bay Tramrail Gully Trapper Creek Triangle Island Trieste Creek Triplet Rocks Trunk Reef Tuckers Creek Tulliegorim Turkey Creek Turkey Gully Turn Back Creek Turtle Bay Turtle Point Twelve Mile Gully Twenty Foot Rock Two Mile Creek Two Mile Lagoon Ukalunda Umina Water Facility Unsafe Passage Upper Burdekin Falls Upset Creek Upstart Upstart Bay Cape Upstart Urannah Urannah Creek Urchin Shoal Valen Creek Vantassel Creek Venus Shoal Victor Creek Victoria Creek Vincent Bay Vine Creek Viola Creek Viper Reef Virago Shoal Mount Vista Volskow Island Wackett Reef Wagoora Waite Creek Wakala Walkers Creek Wall Creek Wallaby Reef Walschs Crossing Wangaratta Creek Ward Creek Warkamai Warland Reef Washpool Lagoon Waterhole Creek Watering Horse Creek Wathana Wedge Island Well Creek Wellington Spring Creek Wentworth Rocks West Barratta Creek West Channel West Point Western Breakwater Western Point Westmoreland Reef Whale Bay Wheeler Reef Whiptail Range White Bay White Blow Creek White Cliffs White Lady Rock White Rock White Rock Bay White Tip Reef White Topped Rock Whitehaven Bay Whites Creek Whitestone Creek Whitestone Peak Whitewater Creek Whitfield Cove Whitsunday Whitsunday Cairn Whitsunday Coast Whitsunday Craig Whitsunday Group Whitsunday Island Whitsunday Islands National Park Whitsunday Passage Whitsunday Peak Mount Wickham Wigton Island Wild Creek Mount William Philpott Williams Reef Mount Williams Williamsons Beach Willie Moore Creek Wills Waterhole Wilmington Wilson Wilson Bay Wilson Creek Wilson Shoal Windy Bay Winter Shoal Wirrainbeia Island Woldston Woodcutter Bay Woodhouse Woodhouse Creek Woodhouse Mountain Woodstock Hill Woodwark Bay Wool Bay Woonton Vale Cape Woora Workington Island Wriggle Creek Mount Wright Wup Reef Wyatt Earp Reef Mount Wyatt Wynne Creek Yalboroo Yard Creek Yarraman Creek Yeates Creek Yellow Gin Creek Yellow Gully Yellow Rock Yenoor Yerumbinna Island Yiundalla Island Young Bay Yumbabullo Zamia Creek Zamia Hill Mount Zillah Parkside Belmunda Beach Lake Ross Badilla Berdaje Boori Broadlands Hodel Kamo Koberinga Koolkuna Macdesme Marali Mikoolu Oolbun Stanley Waigera Abbott Bay Resources Reserve Bloomsbury Conservation Park Bowling Green Bay National Park Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park Holbourne Island National Park Horseshoe Bay Lagoon Conservation Park Horseshoe Lagoon Conservation Park Mount Ossa National Park Skull Knob Conservation Park Smith Islands National Park South Cumberland Islands National Park Townsville Town Common Conservation Park White Blow Conservation Park Flinders Passage Rattray Island Urilla Rock Eungella Hinterland Mirani Shire Belmunda Laguna Quays Mount Jukes Eungella Hinterland Mackay City Girder Reef Thatch Reef Gable Reef Eave Reef Brick Reef Tile Reef Howse Reef Conder Reef Kerwin Reef Henderson Reefs McIntyre Reef Wansfell Reef Circular Quay Reef Barb Reef Preston Whitsunday Shire Cannon Valley Crystal Brook Whitsunday Shire Flametree Glen Isla Goorganga Plains Hamilton Plains Jubilee Pocket Lethebrook Mandalay Myrtlevale Palm Grove Riordanvale Sugarloaf Whitsunday Shire Whitsundays Pauls Pocket Gregory River Whitsunday Shire Woodwark Conway National Park Gloucester National Park Molle Islands National Park Repulse Islands National Park Slate Reef Sinker Reef Bowling Green Bay Conservation Park Greys Bay Newell Reef Muirhead Reef Bogie Newlands Colevale Fredericksfield McDesme Mona Park Osborne Rangemore Burdekin Shire Upper Haughton Wangaratta Wunjunga Majors Creek Burdekin Shire Mount Surround Moss Reef Reg Ward Reef Duncan Reef Barnett Patches Bandjin Reefs Banister Bog Cork Hills Shirbourne Walker Reef Reimer Reef Jones Point Fuller Point Mount Robison Bolger Bay Conservation Park Cowboys Reef Olympic Reef Fitzalan Passage Banfield Reef South Saville-Kent Reef Judith Wright Reef Anniversary Group Stonehaven Anchorage Dryander National Park Callum Shoal Reid River Charters Towers Regional Council Aitkenvale Annandale Arcadia Barringha Belgian Gardens Bohle Plains Burdell Cluden Cosgrove Cranbrook Currajong Douglas Townsville City Gulliver Gumlow Heatley Hermit Park Idalia Julago Kelso Kirwan Majors Creek Townsville City Mundingburra Mysterton North Ward Oak Valley Pimlico Pinnacles Railway Estate Rasmussen Reid River Townsville City Roseneath Rosslea Shelly Beach Townsville City South Townsville Toonpan Town Common Townsville City Vincent West End Townsville City Wulguru Hyde Park Airdmillan Airville Mount Kelly Condon Thuringowa Central Mount Mackay Laradeenya Creek Sunken Barrier Reef Mosquito Point Cooran McDermott Bank Heralds Beacon Islet Armistice Reef Noreaster Reef Woln Garin Island Jarra Creek Bolshoy Baryernyy Rif The Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reefs Palm Passage Magnetic Passage The Slashers Reefs Arc Reef Fore and Aft Reef Yankee Reef Knife Reef Fork Reef Cup Reef Grub Reef Spoon Reef Saucer Reef Chicken Reef Centipede Reef Fawn Head Lynchs Reef Cordelia Rock Croton Reef Pollnx Reef Tobias Reef Bohle Creek Many Peak Range Red Cliff Point Platypus Channel Night jar Mount Saint John Melton Hill Townsville Harbour Blind Creek Bare Rock Garbutt Station Garbutts Siding Cudtheringa Mount Cudtheringa Mount Gudtheringa Oonoobah Sand Islet Partingtons Siding Killymoon Station Clevendon Dingo Hill Houghton River Burrumbush Mountain Antil Plains Pakhoi Bank Ross River Dam Mount Eliot Crooked Waterhole Minehans Siding Lochinvar Flying Fox Islet Barringna Sharp Eliot Oublier Reef Ana Branch Burdekin River Northern Branch of Burdekin River Big Paterson Island Philps Siding Phillips Siding Holborne Island Kopi Wickham Black Reef Pickaninny Mountain Bail Reef R. M. Creek Mount Woodhouse Bobawaba Station Rocky Pond Creek Molonglo Creek Louisa Mountain Tompson Shoal Gregory Range Abbott Reef Dalrymple Mountain Mount Esk James Reef Beaks Mountain Inveroona Inverncoona Mount Nuts Don Hill Mount Mother Beddick Alligator Lagoons Bowen Hill Town Hill Coral Sea Round Hill Point Shoal Water Bay Knobbies Castleview Port of Bowen Arkhurst Islet Passage Island Castle Edinburgh Gloucester Pass The Narrows Langford Islet Black Islet One Tree Hill Cockatoo Point One Foot Islet Bird Islet Mackenzie Peak Six Fathom Bank Hurricane Cliff Maria Hill Dingo Waterholes McGregors Bonnet Left Branch Deadman Creek Grass Tree Creek Glencoe Tondarra Fourteen and One Half Mile Siding Right Branch Deadman Creek Mary Hill Mount Ben Lomond Red Bream Creek Maona Inlet Deloraine Islet Minilden Creek Brownrigg Peak Marked Hill Dumbell Islet Peteril Island Petrel Island Nugget Valley Tank Eaton Vale OHanlon Siding Almora Island Wirrainbeia Islet Mossvale Ball Hill Lion Point North Arm Dugong Inlet North Arm of Dugong Inlet East Arm Dugong Inlet East Arm of Dugong Inlet Ireby Island Sillago Islet Lady Islet Molle Islands Mount Robinson West Molle Island South Molle Tourist Camp Molle Island The Horn Babieca Summit Deauville Waite Bay Mcgregor Peak Walle Creek Pear Shoal Loriard Point Lupton Reef Hunt Reefs Mount Maguire Lower Gregory Strathdickie North Hump Solway Passage Black and White Hill Windermere North Gregory Two Creek Dam Crystal Brook The Whitepinch Dent Passage Whitsunday Pass Young Island Woodcutters Bay Andersons Inlet Saint Pauls Creek Johnny Cake Creek Briaba Station Rossleigh Bona Vista Cardigan Branch Dam Mount Johnny Cake La-di-da Creek Cow and Calf Islands Ann Island Cow Islet Cole Islet Calf Islet Sidney Islet Coorganga Creek Defiance Creek Coolan Dam Little Conway Mountain Devils Creek Dam Mount Toussain Dalys Island Defiance Islet Pine Islet Old Glenroy Banana Pocket Ripple Rock Convay Shoal Saint Helen Rock OConnell River Cattle Creek Dam Windy Creek McDonold Creek Tor Gabriel Mount McConnell Midgeton Mount Jessie Solder Islet Bottos Creek Coffin Islet Mount Tonga Finger and Thumb Maryport Islet Maryport Islands The Stone Wall Pandanos Creek Stewart Peninsular The Brothers Gable Reefs House and Kitchen Hills Rolleston River Devereux Rocks Swamp Creek Dam Pebbly Rock Creek Lacy Creek Crooker Rock Mount Saint Martin Yalbaroo Yalbroo Lizard Gully Saint Helens Beach Wootaroo Dingo Dam Mount Rhino Zenia Creek Saint Helens Bay Fantome Rock Duddon Point Sandy Camp Waterhole Acacia Islet Earlscliff Very Shoal Sawyers Creek McDermotts Gap Saint Helens Creek Rise and Shine Right Branch Barren Creek Left Branch Barren Creek Hallidays Bay Egremont Passage Springcliff Term Isle Tern Island Tern Isle Mount William Philpot Mount Lillian Saint Helens Horseshoe Bend Pandanus Gully Mount Springcliff Mount Springfield Saint Bees Island Wheatley Shoal Filmoy Shoal Hesketh Rock Parrakeet Creek Bushy Island Redbill Island Redbill Isle Stannes Cross Range Mount Miller Cramoise Range Red Bluff Beta Creek Maud Creek Silent Grove Martin Creek Hunt Shoal Nukumanu Atoll Niumanno Nukumanu Islands Tasman Islands Laughlan Atoll Budibudi Islands Laughlan Islands Nada Islands Zupong River Zunzumua Zunzumau Zungen Point Zungen Spitze Zumbale Island Zumaga Point Zumagu Point Zoroge Zorogo Zongafifi Zoller Islands Zitus Zitari Zingko Zinaba Zhamora Zhamalalava Zezaging Zewitzan Zeune Islands Zenguru Zengaren Zedzed Creek Zebu Zare Zari Zaribiria Zankoa Zanggung Zamauling Plantation Zalimpa Zakubep Lakubep Zaka Mission Zaka Zailapu Zagahemi Zagaheme Zafilio Yupuru River Boboleva Creek Yapuri River Yapuru Creek Yupna River Yunggu Yumu Yuluiai Island Yaluiai Island Mount Yule Kovio Yulai Ysabel Reef Ysabel Passage Ysabel Pass Ysabel Channel Ysabell Fahrt Yowong Yuwong Yovo Island Houen Island Huheni Jolas Island Yotchibol Trade Post Yotchibol Yome Creek Yologe Yaloge Yodda Creek Yodda Yiru Yiringo Yin River Yimbunge River Yes Creek Mount Yeno Yemli Yellot River Yeimi Creek Yeharnu Island Iehan Piuli Yeharnu Yehanu Yeharna Island Yecola Island Ieissila Sila Yeccla Island Yekkla Yusela Island Yawan Yauyau Yat Creek Yasingli Lake Yase Yari Yara Yapen River Yapang Yaona Island Yanya River Chomarapeley Point Yanumanuwei Point Mount Yankoki Yangla Yangaura Mount Yangaip Yanga New Yanga Yandu Yando Yanaswal River Yanam River Ianaba Island Yanaba Island Yamule River Yanule River Yambong Yombong Yambo Yamanzako Yamazako Yamalong Yalumet River Yalu Yalom Yalaka Yalaki Yakwia Yakot Yakop Yagi Yagioma Yagi Yabwaia Island Bogeta Iaboia Island Yabyaia Wye Point Wuwu River Wuwu Buitomora Butimini Wutei Plantation Wusing Wurttemberg Bay Wurtol Wununulu Point Wunanulla Point Wunung River Wuning River Wunung Plantation Cape Wunita Cape Wanata Wunik River Wunik Plantation Cape Wunawunur Cape Wanawuner Cape Wunawuwur Wunatirisimi River Kua Creek Wunatalise Bay Wunangamata River Wunambere Point Wunabalo Island Wume River Wulwut River Wulai Island Wuku Creek Wuhu Island Wuhirogo Creek Wudzi Wudjini Mount Wrong Wright Patch Wreck Island Wowonga Wo Wo Creek Wosoboro River Woruka Woro Worin Worali Woodlark Ridge Wongin River Wongawonga Plantation Wonare River Wonari River Wonare Bay Wonai Bay Woni Bay Cape Womobu Awanavea Point Wokaiauta Woitape WTP Woi River Woipuna Wolpuna Woi Wogiwog Island Wogewoge Island Wogewoge Woganakai Wongankai Wiwo River Witu Islands Francaises Islands Franzosische Inseln French Islands Iles Francaises Vitu Islands Widu Witu Group Witu Inseln Mount Witori Witnari Wilnari Wisil Island Wisi Lake Wisdom Wirawir Point Winter Height Winima Winima 1 Winguru Windluk Winalin Plantation Winagut Mount Wiltshire Willaumez Peninsula Admiral-Halbinsel Admirals-Halbinsel Admiralty Peninsula Villamuez Willaumez Island Willaumez-Halbinsel Wilainbemki Wija Plantation Wigim Island Wiga Area Wiga Wienimo Widu Reef Widu Harbour Cape Widu Pidu Wideru Wide Bay Widat Witar Witat Wibegoro Wiakau Island Wiakou Whyalla Shoal Whittakers Plantation Whiteman Range Whiteman Mountains Whirlwind Reefs Whasela Point Wharton Range Wetna Wetha West Melanesian Trench Manus Trench Zapadno-Melaneziyskiy Zhelob West Harbour Western Entrance West Entrance West Dome West Cape West Branch Inungapun River West Branch West Branch Awio River Awio River West Branch West Branch Au River Au River West Branch West Baien Were Were Wura Wura Wenasia Point Unasia Point Welu Mount Welcker Mount Welcher Wekae Weitin River Uatin River Weioko Bay Weilo River Weilo Plantation Weilo Weibu Island Woiba Island Webink Creek Weber Point Wawiwa Island Kotoita Wawasi Island Buti Island Wawas Wavit Wautu Wauna River Waum River Waum Division Cape Waum Cape Waun Wauit Warit Wauia Creek Wau District Wau WUG Wat Wat Plantation Watwat Watutu Point Naututu Point Nuatutu Point Watu Point Watun River Watungwunggusuk Islet Watungwunggusuk Island Watunwunggusch Island Cape Watts Mount Watson Watpi Point Watpi Watpi Mission Watota Island Luabwla Watotu Island Watom Island Isle of Man Man Island Man-Insel Uatom Watok River Watnalig-Valaur Mission Watering Point Waterhouse Cove Waterfall Bay Waterea Rock Booby Rock Boody Rock Watarea Rock Wataria Island Wetarea Rock Waterdry Watara Point Watare Point Watara Mission Watara Wataluma Bay Wataluma Wata Island Wata Wasum WUM Watum Wasu Anchorage Wasu Harbour Wasu Wassanga Plantation Wassanga Waspus Waspimat Bay Wasira Wasin Wasimu Island Wasima Wasi Creek Waseta Waseta Mission Wasida Wasita Wasala River Mount Wasa Lake Warwaru Lake Wairaru Warupi Waru Warsong Point Warou Waroro Warobi Warisota Plantation Warisouta Warisota Warisota North Wari River Metawari River Warimo Waremo Waria River Wariarata Plateau Varirata Plateau Waria Patches Waria Canyon Cape Waria Wareo Warenvula Plantation Ward Hunt Strait Cape Ward Hunt Warantuban Warantaban Warataban Waranguspik Warangoi River Warengoi River Warangoi Plantation Warangoi Warangoi Bay Warangansau Mission Waragansau Warangansau Waran Waramung Plantation Waramung Bay Waramung Warambif Waramala Bay Waraka Bay Wareka Bay Waraka Warabu River Marambu River Warabua Warabana Wapote Wapon Wapona Wapiai River Wap Mount Wanwangar Wanup Plantation Wanum Hill Lake Wanum Wanono Plantation Wonona Plantation Wanombo Island Wanguwangu Wangore Bay Vangore Bay Mount Wangore Mount Bola Mount Bulu Wangore Wangaramut Plantation Wang Waneta Point Wanesanana Wandumi Cemetery Wandumi New Wandumi Wandoro Plantation Wandokai Wanda Point Wanawana Wanwana Wanam Island Wonam Island Wonam Islet Wanam Wanaki Wamuri Wamuki Wamui Creek Wamsia Point Wampit River Wampangan Wamena Island Dum-Dum Gowawama Wamea Island Walwalian Waluwea Point Walu Reef Wulu Reef Walter Bay Walo Walkesi Creek Walkers Peak Mount Walker Walingai Walinga Walindi River Walindi Plantation Wali Creek Wali Bay Drugal Bay Wald Bay Walawalapua Walwalapua Wala River Walanguo Island Awas Island Wakwapu Uwakwapu Uroron River Ururon River Wakunai River Wakunai WKN Wakanai Wako Point Wako Waku Wakis Wakioka River Wakiake Wakakamaki Mission Wakakamaki Wakakanaki Mission Waju Naju Wajama Inlet Waiwai Waiwa Waiu Waitutu Point Waytutu Point Waitavalo River Henry Reid River Waitavalo Plantation Waitaru Waitada Lake Waisisi Wairi River Wairiki Plantation Wairiki Number 3 Wairiki Number 2 Wairiki Number 1 Wairiki Mission Waira River Waira Point Wairadobu Waira Waipo Waipara River Waipali Wainumu Wainsodina Wainsoduna Cape Wainamarang Waimundra Wailou River Wai-Ioa River Wai-Iou River Wailbalo River Wailapu Wailagi Point Wailegi Point Waikatu Island Bei Katu Saint Andrew Island Sento Andoru Shoto Uaimkatou Uainkatou Violet Island Waikado Waikato Waikatoo Waikuto Waikutu Island Waimkatu Waijug Waiii Wai'ii Waigani Swamp Waigani Waifanomu Sirum 1 Waifanoumu Wai Creek Wagwama Bay Mount Wago Wago Wagu Wagipa Island Dodogesa Island Dodogessa Island Wagin Bay Mejin Bay Wogin Bay Wagegia Wagazaring Hospital Wagazaring Wagarai Wagara Waganluhu Wagang Wagan Wagalasa Island Wagalaso Island Wagal Wafa Wagi Waga Creek Wagabu Island Wailabu Wafa Creek Wadilog Creek Wadi Wade Wadei Island Butei Island Vutte Wadana Islet Wadana Island Wadalei Wabununu Wabunuma Wabununa Wabumaia Wabubu Island Wabubu Wabubu Mission Wabomat Island Lisilus Island Utani Wabazeira Wabedzeila Wabara Point Vuvu Plantation Vuvu Mission Vuveni Creek Vususo River Vunavutung Mission Vunavavar Vunaulul Mission Vunaulaiar Mission Vunatokukup Vunatogoboi Creek Vunatalia Vunatagia Vunarika Mission Vunarakan Plantation Vunapope Vunapladig Plantation Vunapit Plantation Vunapidikula Mission Vunapalar Creek Vunapalandig Vunapaladig Vunapaldig Vunapaladig Bay Vunapaka Vunapaipo Mission Vunamurmur Vunamulmulum Creek Vunamombe Plantation Vunamarita Wunamarita Wunamarita Mission Vunamamia Mission Vunamami Vunalobo Plantation Vunalir Vunalama Plantation Vunalama Number 2 Passage Vunalama Number 1 Passage Vunalaka Vunalaiting Vunakulakum Mission Vunakokor Mount Varzin Vunakjau Plantation Vunakapeake Vunakanau School Vunakamkambi Plantation Vunakambi Plantation Vunakalkalulu Vunakabi Vunaiting Vunairoto Vunaimalum Plantation Vunagogo Vunagiau Creek Vunagalip Mission Vunagalip Creek Vunagalip Vunadidir Vunadadia Vunadadir Vunadadir Mission Vunadavai Vunabuk Mission Vunabuk Vunabugbug Plantation Vunabere Plantation Vunabaur Vunabanbin Plantation Vunabal Plantation Vunabalbal Vulugoi Point Vulevulu River Vulcan Point Vulcan Crater Naka Jima Volcano Island Vudal River Vundal River Wuignpal Wundal River Vudal Agricultural College Vovosi Vavosi Vor Vori Bluff Voriba Vorakogena Volupai Plantation Volupai Mission Volupai Waiupai Voller Reef Volavolo Vokakana Creek Cape Vogel Ipote Vogali Island Wogali Voco Point Vivisioni Vivigani VIV Viveren Vito Vitiaz Strait Visi Virien Viralieu Creek Viop River Violet Patch Vinigibara Vingora Island Wingoru Island Vineuo Mount Oiautukekea Mount Vineuo Vincketown Vincke Point Cape Vinall Maiyau Point Matalaja Point Matalala Point Viemauri River Vido River Mount Victory Keraroa Mount Victoria Via River Wia River Vetotowatoa Vetorogu Vessi Island Vessi Vesilogo Veru Voru Verron Range Verjus Dome Veriveri Verikaka Point Veri Kaka Point Verikaka Mount Verey Wright Verelogo Creek Vera Vera Venuai Ventran Point Cape Ventran Vemop Velingi Number 2 Creek Cape Velik Velavelai Veiya River Veimauri River Veimauri Plantation Veimauri Veimauri Childrens Mission Veikabu Creek Veikabu Vekabu Veia Vego Vegora Vedi Creek Veale Reef Vavua Vaviai Island Vavi ai Mount Vaulu Vatnabara Mission Vat Island The Wat Vassee Island Vasagabila Vasagabu Vasagobila Varzin Varosologo Creek Variza Creek Vari Vari Island Cape Varieta Varau Island Brimaikoroto Island Gowlland Island Varakanomu Vara Creek Vanuavamona Vanapa River Vanana Vambu Island Vambi Wambu Island Valoka Valoka Mission Valilig Mission Valilie River Valaur Mission Valaur Vakuta Island Vakuta Vaivai Vaiton Creek Viaton Creek Vair Amau Peak Vailala River Vaia-Tutu Vahunabada Vahsel Harbour Vaeagai Vabuiagi River Kaivai Creek Pabiabi River Uwilaitno Uwero Reef Unwero Reef Uwe River Uwe Creek Uwe Uue Uwaia Uvol Awul UVO U-Ume Ututuna Rock Utukwafu Utukwaf Bay Utu High School Utuan Number 2 Utuan Number 1 Utuan Island Utokol Island Utukul Utokol Utkumbu Utkihu Uteir River Utbe Island Ulbe Island Utano Island Tauben Island Usuindari Usindari Uso Swamp Usienlik Island Usseinlik Usien Island Nausen Siegel Island Usewit Plantation Ururu River Ururu Urun Mission Urun Uruna Urunu Uruma Creek Uruforu Urubalne Uruai River Ursula River Urou Uriobo Creek Urio Urinu River Uril Creek Urewala Island Urere River Urawas Island Urawa River Uratu Islet Nurutu Island Uratu Island Urasi Island Gumasi Urarituru Urarisusu Urara Island Uraputput Point Uranua Mountains Urahua Uramanoa Bay Urumanoa Bay Urakukur Urakuk Urai Island Urai Upuporo Upuos Island Upuos Upper Bulolo River Upmadung Upmandung Upa-Upasina Upat Uon Island Unusa Island Unusta Unusa Ununu Ununom Unuagoro Unoa Creek Unda Creek Unkinbod Bay Unialavava Uni Ungesu Unsesu Ungatopo River Ungat Ungan Plantation Ungan Island Cape Ungan Ungalik Island Ungalik Ungalabu Plantation Ungalabu Island Ungalabu Harbour Ungalabu Ungakum Unea Island Merite Unia Undor Plantation Undor Undaga Island Udanga Undagu Undaka Unausa Island Jenusa Island Unatekeimeme Plantation Una Reef Unanai Ununai Umwate Umus Umum Umukoru River Umakoru River Umudu Mount Umu Umu Umoa Lake Umbul Umbukul Umboworo Umbo Island Umboi Umboi Island Rook Island Rooke Island Roore Island Sir George Rook Island Umbai Umboli Cape Umboi Umbi Uma River Margaret River Umani River Umamitki River Umamethi River Ulutu Ulu Reef Mount Ulur Mount Cromwell Uluputur Plantation Uluputur Ulaputur Uluor Ulu Mission Ulum Ulul-Nono Plantation Nono Plantation Ulul Plantation Ulu Island Mauke Island Pig Island Ulugudu Ulubo Plantation Olobo Plantation Ulove Uoive Ulo Point Ulip Creek Mount Uleton Mount Ulawun The Father Ulawon Ulawun Ulaveo Ulaulatava Ulatawa Plantation Ulap Mission Ulapia Mission Ulaolaoia Ulamona Mission Ulo Mount Ulamoa Ulamatsic Reef Ulam Ulalai Mission Ulahato Ulagunan Ulagio Ukwewa Ukwena Ukuma River Ukumaina Ukua Estate Ukilim Ukaiokaio Ukeiokeio Ujilo Ujam River Uinisi Umisi Uiari Point Uiaku River UI'aku River Uaiku Creek Uiaku Ui-aku Mission Uhuhu Creek Uhuhu Uhita Ugutbucht Bay Ugutbutch Bay Ugurisi River Uga River Kuga River Uga Point Ugana Uga Ufurube Creek Ufune Ofuna Ufia Udura Point Mount Udawa Udava River Vetapo River Udabe River Ubu River Ubuia Island Obula Ubula Island Ububakogu Ubabakogu Ububakogi Ubua Bay Ubo Ubili Uberi Uberegoro Ubegara Ubaneng Ubai Ua-Ule Creek Uasilau Uaru Creek Uamei River Uama Island Uafu Creek Twakandi Creek Tuwala Tuveni Creek Tutuponari Point Tutupaia Tutui Point Tutuila Tutubea Tutubeia Tutara Creek Tutakomana Tuson Island Tus Island Tusin Point Turutup Koropiu Turuk Mount Turu Turtur Mission Mount Turner Cape Turner South Point Turner Point Turiboiru Mission Turasusu Turanguna Mount Turanguma Mount Turanguna South Daughter Taranguna Tupwalogi-Ia Tupwalogi-ia Mission Tupuseleia Head Tubusereia Head Tupuselei Head Tupusulei Head Tupuseleia Tubusereia Tupuselei Tupusulei Tupori Point Tupinaminda Bay Topimeda Bay Tuorong Tunu River Tunulua Tun River Tunom River Tungol Mission Tungelo Island Tunge Tunga Tungak Higher School Tunani Reef Iunani Reef Tunana Tumuri Tumung Tumundar Tumula Tumo Point Tumnang Tumina Tumatumabi Tumari Tuma Island Tumagabuna Island Tomakabuna Island Tuluva River Tuluvu River Tulu Number 1 Sarkin Tulu Tulu 1 Tuluman Island Tultul Plantation Tully Peaks Tul Tukuliotongo Number 2 Tukuliotongo Number 1 Tugiliotonga Tukuliotongo Tuital Creek Tui Island Atui Island Tuguho River Tugitug Toigitoig Tugemu Rock Tugemu Tufi Village Tufi Harbour Tufi District Tufi TFI Tubu Tuboa Island Nabwageta Island Tubuoa Island Tubi Tuberi River Tubatubar Creek Tuati Creek Tuam Island Tuamai Tuaguba Hill Tua Tsoi-Poto Mission Tsoi-Lik Island Tsoi Buka Island Tsoi-vuka Tsoilik Tsoilaunung Plantation Bopagang Plantation Tsoilaunung Island Tsoe Launung Tsoi-launung Tsoi-Boto Island Tsoi-boto Tsinamutu River Tsinamuth River Tsalui Point Tsalui Island Tsaliui Plantation Trobriand Islands Kiriwina Islands Lake Trist Trigoi Island Teriikoi Island Tremina Creek Mount Trafalgar Iamiwara Toyanumbatir Mount Tovanumbatir Mount Towanumbatir North Daughter Port Moresby Towi Island Towayik Towat Towanokoko River Towanamaronga River Pondo River Towai Point Tawai Point Tovarur Plantation Tovarumbu Plantation Tovanukus Plantation Tovanukus Creek Tovanukus Bay Tawanak uss Tawanakuss Bay Tovanakuss Bay Tovaliting Creek Tovakundum Toutu Totoo Tou Tou Totovel Tototo Totore Creek Tutore Creek Totore Totongpal Mount Totola Mount Totoea Totangal Totabe Hamlet Tosi Tosi Bay Tosapeita Island Torura Tauwera Tortoiseshell Bay Tororo Toro River Torongas River Torombei Torombai Turumbai Torokina River Torokina Islet Torokina Island Torokini Island Torokina Harbour Cape Torokina Torokino Torokina TOK Torakina Torogota Torlu River Torlo Island Torio Island Torlau Torkoro Reefs Torkoro Reef Cape Torkoro Cape Deschamps Toriu River Holmes River Toriu Plantation Toriu Torin Tori Tore River Torau Bay Topographers Range Topaio River Tonwalik Island Torowalik Tonolei Harbour Tondai Harbour Tonolai Harbour Tongura Creek Tongolienakanai River Tongolan Plantation Tongn Island Tong Island Putiu Island San Rafael Ton Jima Tongi Tongu Jima Tongaru Mission Tongaliekanei River Tongalama Island Tongalanio Island Tongalomo Island Tong Tonembar Tonamena Tonemena Ton Taun Tomukauer Creek Tomorovanua Tomodebamu Tome River Tomela River Tamola River Tome Tomi Tombri Creek Tombonok Creek Tomboi Island Uh Island Tombavil Tombaule Plantation Tombaule Creek Tomavatur Plantation Tomatikolop Reef Conflict Reef Tomalikolop Reef Tomatikotop Reef Tomaringa Police Barracks Tomanai Mission Tomalabatt Plantation Tomalambatt Tomadin River Toma Creek Toma Tolumpo Mission Tol Plantation Tolou Creek Tolotapako Point Tololo-Fogenai Tolokiwa Island Lokep Lottin Island Lottin Islands Lottin-Insel Tolkiwa Island Tolokiwa-Insel Tolokiwn Island Mount Tolokembu Tolo Island Tolock River Tolama Creek Tola Island Tokyo Tokusup Bay Tokussup Bay Tokudukudu Mission Tokua Plantation Tokuaka Tokua Toktokmi River Tokot Mission Tokonoitu Tokinotu Tokona Island Takora Island Takoro Island Tokom Creek Tokna River Tokinawara Tokara Tokapaita Island Tokanin Tokanen Tokalukal Creek Tokaiya Plantation Tokai Tokabai Mission Toiyana Island Toiyana Rock Toiva Creek Toiru River Toimonapu Bay Toiemonapu Bay Tohatsi Togotogo Togoro Togolo Togofu Togahau Tofaulu Bay Todinasi Tobutia Creek Tobunuma Range Toboroi Tobo River Toboina Tobaina Tomboina Tobera Plantation Tobaroka Toau Island Blosseville Island Dowau Tawau Island Toaul Island Towau Tkala Ikaia Tkala Island Tiwo Reefs Tiwo Reef Tiwongo Island Close Island Cape Tiwi Cape Tiwiu Cape Tiwu Tiwa Mount Tiviki Cape Tivaru Tirpitz Range Tirpitz Mountains Mount Tiro Tiriwan Trewon Tiripats Plantation Terepax Plantation Teripax Plantation Tiripats Tirimure Tirimara Tiren Tipu Point Tipsit Tipakofari Tiopotuk Toipotok Tiopotok Plantation Tinumu Range Tinputz Mission Tinputs Mission Tinputz Harbour Tinputs Bay Tinputs Harbour Tingwon Island Tingwon Group Portand Inseln Portland Islands Tingwon Gruppe Tingwon Islands Tingwon TIG Tingo Tingenavadu Tingenabuare Creek Tingau River Tingou River Tingau Number 2 Tingau 2 Tingau Number 1 Tingau Tingau 1 Tinganalom Tinganakanu Bay Tinganaboi Plantation Tingakano Mission Tinbulmogru Lagoon Timowong Timota Creek Timono Timomo Timeno Hill Cape Timeis Timbe River Timbaka River Timanogosa Timanagosa Timangosa Timanigosa Tili Creek Tilianu Island Tiku Tikeling Tigmi River Tigeri Tigera Point Tigedu Point Tigedu Tigak Tifuasi Island Tiferan Cape Tietgens Tiaba Mount Thynne The Thumb Mount Thumb Three Islands Harbour Thilenius Harbour Thibenius Harbour Cape Thilenius Cape Thilenus Tewara Island Tewai River Kanzarua River Tewae River Tetu Teti Teteina Tetebedi Tetebi Tes Tamat Reef Tesin Mission Teruatap Teriteri Number 2 Teri-Teri 2 Teriteri Number 1 Teri-Teri 1 Teril Bay Tereri Plantation Teperoi Tepatutuana Teop Island Teop Harbour Teop Bay Cape Teopasuna Teopasino Point Teobuhin Tebuin Teokuhin Teniaru Bay Teniaru Tengipan River Tenekau Bay Tendu Tendoo Tench Island Enus Squally Island Mount Temeraire Muruwe Tembin Teliata Point Teliate Point Tele Reef Telatu Tekirot Lavatburra Mount Tekema Mount Terema Tekedan Takedan Tekarapana Tekerapna Teisia Reef Teimot River Tei-Et River Tehota Island Tehetau Island Teheke Island Tehare Island Tefa Island Tefa Tefa Mission Tedal Creek Teah Tawuni Tawui Tavui Tawui 2 Cape Tawop Tawomla Tawi Islands Tawi Island Tawawanbuka Creek Tawatunu Tawata Tauwata Tawanlik Cape Tawanaguna Bay Mount Tavurvur Ghaie Matupi Crater Tavurvur Volcano Tavui Point Cape Stephens Cape Tawui Tawui Point Tavui Number 3 Tavui Number 2 Tavui Number 1 Tavuiliu Taviva Auwera Tavi River Tavilo Plantation Tavilo Creek Tavi Tavevi Taveliai Taveliaio Tavariogo Creek Tavanatangir River Tawanatangir River Tavanatangir Harbour Port Powell Powell Harbour Tavanatagir Tawanatangir Harbour Tovanatagir Towanatangir Harbour Tavana Tavalue River Tawalue River Tawaluei River Tavalo River Tavalo Tavolo Tavalavalov Mission Tavai Creek Tavai Tavai Numute Tauwara Island Tauwali Reef Tawali Reef Tauwali Bay Tauu Islands Cocos Hunter Marken Marqueen Islands Massacre Island Mortlock Islands Tauu Island Taku Island Wallace Island Taututu Creek Taututu Tautsina Island Tauruba Tauris Tauri River Taure Islet Taure Island Tuare Island Taurato Island Tuarato Island Taurama Taupi Taunsip Taonsip Taulil Taukomana Tauko Tauknawe Taui-Undrau Taui Undrau Taui Number 2 Taui Number 1 Taubie Taubi Taubadi Tuabadi Tauali Tatuptup Tatukava Island Tatongal Tatoko Tati Tatawa Bay Tatavana Plantation Tatau Island Korumbo Island San Blas Tatau Tatana Island Tatana Tatala Tatakap Plantation Tataia Point Tata Taskul Taskul Government Station Tasitel Etasitel Tasingina Tasagina Tarumpa Taruma Taruba Taron Mission Taron Mount Taroka Tarobi Target Patch Tareko Tarbe Tarawog Plantation Tarawe Tarowi Taraua Tarara River Bakanovi River Tarava River Tarara Taranata Mission Taranata Taramugu Taramuga Tara Kwaruru Tarakururu River Tarakena Point Tarakeli Creek Tarai Taraban Creek Tapulpul Creek Tapsanwara Tapsadawata Tapiosan Tapio Bay Tapio Tapio Mission Tapini TPI Tapengal Tapapai Creek Mount Tapalow Tapak Taounan Point Tanubada Mount Tantam Mount Tantum Tanpon River Tanwoa Island Katitj Island Tanoara Island Tanipai Tangilai River Mount Tangi Mount Tangis Tangani Tanganaw Point Tangal Creek Tangat Creek Tangat River Tanga Islands Anthony Caens Anthony Caens-Inseln Anthony Kaan Island Ile d'Oraison Ile dOraison Kaan Islands Oraison Island Oraison-Inseln Tanga Group Tanga Inseln Tanga-Gruppe Tanga Tandes Tandan River Tancred Reef Tancred Rock Tanandon Creek Tanambia Tanamalit Tanaliu Etanaliu Eutanaliu Tanaka Tanaheran Tanagole Bay Tangole Bay Tana Creek Tamun Island Tamuniai Island Tamuniai Tamul River Tamut River Tampai River Tampai Plantation Tamiu River Tami Islands Cretin Islands Tami Island Kalal Island Tamigudu Mission Tamigudu Tambung River Tambu Bay Mount Tambu Tambiu Island Mount Tambi Tambere Creek Tamba Settlement Block Tambarua Tambaram Bay Tambakar River Tambakar Point Tambakar Plantation Tampaka Plantation Cape Tambakar Tamata Creek Tomata Creek Tama River Tamo River Tamu River Tamari River Tamari Bay Tamanairik Tamalili Plantation Mount Tamala Tamai River Talwat Mount Talutu Taliwaga Taliwaka Talis Talilis Plantation Taliligap Plantation Taliligap Taliligap Mission Talili Bay Tali Tal 1 Taleponapana Creek Talele Islands Scilly Islands Taleba Bay Delaka Mount Talawe Talasea Talasea District Garua Harbour Hannam Harbour TLW Talasfa Talangonal Island Talagonai Island Talangonai Island Talangonal Talangoni Talamuk Talama Creek Talalo Talakua Plantation Talakua Talafatama Bay Tal Takup Creek Takuman Island Takumal Island Takubar Mount Takuan Mount Takuam Mount Taraka Takua Creek Takop Takitaki Takis River Takis Plantation Takis Taki Toki Takawyl Point Takarapi Creek Takanupe Island Takanupei Island Takamap Takakwa A Tava Creek Takakunose Islet Takakel Takairam Taiya Creek Tai-Ia Creek Tai-la Creek Taiya Taia Taitukomana Taisea Tairere Taire Taipipi Creek Taiof Island Toiokh Island Taintop Taimtop Tainabuna Taima Island Taima Taima Islet Taikogena Taiagaina Bay Taiagina Bay Tahu River Tahu-I River Tahatea Island Tehatia Island Tahama Tagul Tagitagi Number 2 Tagitagi Number 1 Cape Tagilwati Cape Tagliwati Tagili Tagana Tagalop Island Tagalop Tafade Mount Tafa Tabut Tabunoma Tabunomu Tabunagora Island Tabuna Tabulam Tabuia Point Tabueni Tabuakomana Tabu Taboona Plantation Tabolo Tabalo Tabilu Tabar Islands Fischer Islands Fisher's Island Fishers Island Gardner Inseln Gardner Islands Garoner Islands Korumbo Suzanette Island Suzannet Tabar Group Tabar-Gruppe Tabar-Inseln Tabor Islands T?bar-Gruppe Wishart Island Tabar Island Tabara Tabambin Tabai-Rikau Settlement Blocks Tabai-Rikau Tabago Sydney Shoal Swan Hill Suwari Suware Suvut Mission Sutang Susum Point Sussum Point Susukwai-Aleiwa Susua Point Surupu Plantation Surgurd Island Surf Bay Suralil River Suralil Superua River Suntaufi Point Sunkin Sungkin Sunglik River Sungena Creek Sunfanus Sunde Sunday Island Sundamat Bay Sumuna Plantation Sumuna Sumu Sum Sum River Sum Sum Plantation Sum Sum Bay Sumsum Summiul Island Sunmiul Sumboa Point Sumbi Sumalani Island Sumalani Sulu Range Sulu Sul River Sulphur Point Sulphur Creek Port Sulphur Suloga Point Suloga Peak Suloga Harbour Sule Sulla Sulle ULE Mount Sulang Su Island Su Suir River Suir Cove Irish Cove Mount Suilou Bati Lelaua Bati Suilaua Mount Stosch Mount Suilaua Stosch-Berg Suilana Suilaua Mountain Suilava Mountain Suilik Sui Suhin Sugu Sugarloaf Mountain Sugarloaf Zenang Sugan Suewitne Suevitne Cape Sueusat Cape Siwusat Suen Suein Tsuen Cape Sudest Mount Suckling Subitana Plantation Subitana Suasi Stuart Bank Mount Strong Strip Point Cape Strauch Straggling Islands Zerstreute Islands Stolzenfels Spur Stolzenfels Stockholm River Stockholm Plantation Stewart Reefs Stevensons Bluff Stettin Bay Stetin Bay Stella Island Stein Reef Steffen Strait Staffen Strasze Steffen Strasze Steffen-Strasse Steep Point Station Point Stations Point Starkey Patches Stanava Point Square Deal Hill Spu Spring Point Sperber Point Carteret Point Spear Island Sowi River Soweng Seweng Sowat River Sovarani Point Kalpwekpwek Point Savarani Point South Patch South East Point South Cape South Branch Mogigi River Mogigi River South Branch South Branch South Branch Kulu River South Bay Reef Bay Reef Bucht Reef South Arm Bitoi River Soubu Plantation Souba Souba Islands Souba Plantation Sou Sau Sosson Island Sosson Sosoninko Sosoli Sos Sorovi Blocks Serovi Settlement Blocks Soroputa Soputa Sorong Sori Number 2 Sori Sori 2 Sori Number 1 Sori 1 Mount Soraramba Sorape Soraken Harbour Saputa Sopau Sopa Sontamatia Island Son Reef Sonoma Mission Mount Sonmingingan Sonilu Songsong River Song Shoals Song River Busim River Bussim River Songgin Songgaku Songadi Songada Sonegata Somsuver Point Som River Sol River Islas de Salomon Solomon Basin New Britain Basin Planet Deep Salomen Becken Salomonen-Becken Solomons Basin Solasola Island Solang Mount Sokosung Sokelen Sakalan Sokaneng Soisoi Bay Sohu River Sohu Creek Sohun Number 2 Sohun 2 Sohun Number 1 Sohun Sohun 1 Sohano Island Sohana Island Sohano Sogeri Sogeni Cape Sogelon Soeka-Boemi Plantation Soa River Soalaba River Smiths Saddle Smith Cape Small Sivisa Island Skin Diwai Camp Skindewai Skindewai 3 Siyugei Siwori Creek Siwea SWE Siwat Island Sivot Island Siwot Island Siwataia Island Siwanpuna Sivitatana Sivisa Island Sepessa Seppessa Shivisau Jima Siwissa Sivil Baruku Sivigolo Plantation Sivepe Sivebo Sivariri Sivai River Siurani Siurami Siu Tsiu Situm Primary School Sisiworo River Sisiwari River Sisiwaru River Sisiworo Creek Sisireta Sisimi Sisigolo Sisigoro Sisiarenda Sisi Sisa River Siruwai Creek Sirra Sirot Island Cerot Tsirot Sirorata Sirof Siriwa River Sirito Creek Sirisiri Bay Sirisiri Silisiti Siri Siri Mission Sirinumu Dam Sirimo Sirik Island Siri Creek Sebaga River Siremi Sirembi Sipuru Siruru Sipupu Bay Sipul Sipoma Siplo River Sipa Sio 2 Sio Number 2 Sio 1 Sio Sio Number 1 Siorovi Chivaroi Sio Lagoon Sio Island Sinungum Creek Sinua Sinkurai River Sinipara Island Hardy Island Sinapara Island Sinipara Sinikima Sing Singe Plantation Singe Singe Plantation Singorokai Singokai Singorkai Singor Singi Singgo Singaua Plantation Singaua SGB Mount Sinewit Mount Sinevit Sinepara Sinei Sinefada Point Sindaba River Cape Sinclair Sinavi Sinaudo Sinaudu Sinasina Reef Sinapa Point Sinapa Island Sinapa Sinapa Mission Sinani River Cinani River Sinanai Sininai Simumu Simsim Island Simpson Harbour Rabaul Harbor Simoro Bay Simlindon Island Sinlindon Simitumburt Bay Simi River Simimla Simi Simbum Simberi Island Fischer Island Fisher Island Visschers Eiland Wishart's Island Wisharts Island Simberi Simbeng Simban River Simbang Silver Sound Mowe Silur Mission Silup Point Silom Number 2 Silom 2 Silom Number 1 Silom Silom 1 Mount Silisigoda Silipwaka Island Siliniaka Island Silipuaka Silipin Island Silimona River Silimidi Silimbo Silimate Point Silimata Point Silimati Point Silimate Silimati Silimana Sililio Sili Creek Silibai River Silavuti Mission Silat River Silanga Sila Mission Silaliura Creek Silaliba Bay SIL Siko Reef Siki River Sikikia Siki Sikeri Siker Sikam Si-Ilugu Bay Sigul River Sigule River Sigute River Sigufe Sigon Mission Sigiru Sigilwa Sigawa River Siga Cape Siemens Cape Siemers Cape Stemens Sido Reef Sidney Islands Sicacui Plantation Sikakui Plantation Sicacui Harbour Sibuli River Siblong River Siblong Plantation Sibium Mountains Siru-um Range Cape Sibida Sibia Sibede Creek Siata Island Siassi Islands Siassi Siar River Siar Number 2 Siar Number 1 Cape Siar Cape Siara Cape Siur Siar Sianus Siang Siamatai Siaman Sialum Patrol Post Sialum Island Sialum SXA Siaken Sia Islet Sia Island Siri Siai Siabe Sia Mount Shungol Mount Chungol Shoute Point Mount Shoppe Mount Shoppee Shiar Sherburne Reef Doppel Reef Droppel Reef Sherburne Shoal Mount Shera Shepparton Shoal Sharp Island Seymour Bay Sewataitai Sewason Plantation Sewason Sewa Sewa Mission Seuwa Creek Setwi Lampun Mesetwei Sesegara River Mount Service Ser Island Serr Island Seri Seri Creek Seri Point Serepo Serenguna Seragi Plantation Sepsep Island Sepenbak Island Senunu Sentinel Island Senta Passage Senta Pass Senta Bay Senimi River Se Nimi Creek Simemi Sinemi Sengi Number 2 River Sanga Number 2 River Sengi Number 1 River Sengi Senga River Asrogi River Mount Senfft Mount Senfet Senemsi Senemaka Senamaka Senel Senekaul Senani Cape Senang Cape Sena Kap Sena Sena Semgeta Seme Semari Semalu Plantation Samalu Plantation Cape Semalu Semalu Selp Island Mount Selk Seliselina Creek Selimun Selimbeng Selepet Selepe Seleng Selebop Sela River Saia River Selapiu Plantation Selapiu Island Mausolee Selapio Tsalampiu Selalou Selahauwai River Seilo Island Seiagit Sieigit Sehulea SXH Sehoro Sege Sefoa Sefoa Mission Sepoa Mission Seesten Reef Seeburg Plantation Seeadler Harbour Biadora Minato Sea Eagle Harbour Seadler Harbor Seadora Minato Sedema Sidema Sebutuia Point Mebuli-buli Point Sebutuia Bay Sebutuia Sebutuia Mission Sebiribiri Islet Sebaga Seba Sea Reef Scrub Islet Scrub Hill Mount Scratchley Schwarze Point Schwurze Point Mount Schrader Schollenbruch Point Schneider Point Schneider Island Schnieder Island Schneider Harbour Mount Schleuther Schleinitz Range Schleinitz Mountains Schlangen Harbour Cape Schirlitz Cape Schirltz Schirlitz Head Schirlitz Point Cape Schellong Cape Schelling Schaumann Island Schumann Island Scharnhorst Point Scharnhorst Schangenstein Island Schadel Bay Scarlet Beach Sazomu River Sawadigaca Savara Creek Savaia Sauwo River Sauwai Island Platform Island Plattform Island Sauren SXW Souren Saureli Sau Plantation Saunom Sanoum Saungne Saula Saukea Sau Island Sale Island Sau Coconut Plantation Saua River Satwag SWG Sattelberg Mission Satelberg Satelburg Sattelberg Sattelburg Mission Satpagna Satop Satneng Cape Sass Cape Sas Kap Sass Sasembata Mission Sasambata Sasembata Sasembata Number 1 Sasaru Orala Sasa Saru River Saru Plantation Karumut Plantation Kurumut Plantation Sarukakeina Rock Sarukakeina Saroakei Saroa Saro Sa River Sari River Sariri Sarime River Sari Sareuak Bay Saraware Passage Mount Sarawaket Mount Salawaket Southern Crest Southern Range Saramo Point Aggie Point Sarakub Sarakolok Saraka Saraititi Saragas Plantation Saraga Sarad Mission Wanigela Mission Weniggia Sapulo Sapphire Saposa Islands Saposa Island Saposa Island Group Sapom River Sape Saparo River Sapara River Sapa Sappa Sanzeng Sanon San Miguel Islands Sankwep River Sanipuna Sanilu Sango Sangkiap Sankiap Sangarra School Sanga River Sangara Plantation Sangara Blocks Sangara Settlement Blocks Sangamali Sanem River Sanam River Sandma Plantation Sanders Point Cape Sanders Sandasu Misaki Sanders Huk Sanders Island Sanaronong Samaranong Sanaroa Island Sanaaroa Welle Island Sanaroa Hill Sanaroa Sanapari Sananga Sanana River Sanananda Point Sanananda Sananada Sanananda Roads Sanandana Sanambiet Island San Bruno Sanambir Island Samudo Island Samu Creek Sampun Sampantabil Samo Point Samo Plantation Samo Number 2 Samo 2 Samo Number 1 Samo Samo 1 Susurunga Samiei River Mailal River Samep Sambue Sambuari Bay Tsumbuna Bay Tsumbura Bay Sambuari Sambori Samboga River Samboga Creek Sambogo River Sambiang Sambeang Samberang Sambei River Number 2 Sambei River Number 1 Sambei River Sambe Samba Sambangan Sambanga Samaru Point Samanzing Samantiki Samage Samaga Samaga 1 Salus Lake Salus Salupkup River Salope Creek Salke Salkangkis Sal Island Sale Salik River Salia River Cape Sali Cape Salli Sali Salesia Plantation Salelubu Agricultural Station Salelubu Salat Strait Salapem Salamo River Salamo SAM Salami Plantation Salamaua Peninsula Salamoa Peninsula Salamaua Harbour Salamoa Harbour Samoa Harbour Salamaua Salamoa Sakar Island Ginges Tupinier Insel Tupinier Island Sakarina Sakarabu Point Sakam Saisi Sairope Mission Sai River Number 2 Sai River Number 1 Sai River Sairere Island Saint Paul Mission Saint Michaels Mission Saint Matthias Group Matthias Gruppe Saint Mathias Islands Saint Matthias Islands Mount Saint Mary Saint Georges Channel Cape Saint George Kap Sankt Georg Leinsilo Saint Francis Friary Saint Christophers Mission Saint Andrew Strait Saint Andrew Islands Saint Andew Islands Saint Andrew Group Saint Andrew Inseln Saint Andrew Anchorage Saiko Saiho Saihi Sahalil Saha Sag Sag Sagiang Islands Sagere Sagari Sageri Sagamaisal Sagamaisa Sagaiyo Saga Safifi Mount Safia Mount Sapia Safia SFU Sapia Sae River Ssenepass Mount Sadowa Sadou Sadau Saddle Mount Saddle Hill Sa Creek Sachsen Bay Sabumo Point Hilly Point Sabukaleo Point Sabuia Sabonu Point Sabon Number 2 Sabon 2 Sabon Number 1 Sabon Mount Sabomu Saboma Crater Sable Island Sable Islet Sabetara Sabdidi Subdidi Sumdidi Sabatana Road Sabama EBCO Ruto River Ruruan Island Ruruai Ruri Bay Ruri Cape Dunganon Cape Rungnoun Runglo River Runglo Rumut Passage Ramut Entrance Rumut Entrance Rumrum River Rumarik Creek Rumara Cape Rula Rukukuru Point Rukapa Rukaliklik Rukalik Lake Ruik Rugen Harbour South Plantation Rugen Harbour Put Put Bay Put Put Harbour Cape Ruge Rudiger Point Ru Creek Mount Ruckenberg Mount Ruckenburg Rubberlands Plantation Rubberlands Ruatoka Theological Ruango Ruahana Ruaba River Auaba River Aupba River Ruaba Rua Rrolava Island Royle Channel Rowan Round Point Round Hill Entrance Round Hill Anchorage Round Cone Hill Rottock Bay El Bay Rothwell Bank Rotherys Reef Rossun Rossum Rossel Mountains Rossel-Gebirge Rorovana Bay Rorowana Bay Rorovana Roronokanaki Rorona Creek Cape Roon Cape Room Pakana Point Cape Rongkong Rondahl Harbour Romesi Creek Romba River Romantische Bay Banesa Bay Romantic Bay Cape Roloss Rolo Mission Rokus Roku Raku Roko Roinji Cove Roinji Rohido Roguoia Creek Roebuck Point Rock Point Robulogo Creek Robos Rabos Robinson Bay Roberts Reef Riwalirubu Riwalirupu Riverview Rittmeyer Point Ritter Island Risi Island Pisi Ririwo Rip Creek Ringring Plantation Ringring Rim River Rileys Creek Rikau Rigo Road Rigo Rigo District Rigo Central Rigo Central Rural Riet Riebeck Bay Reibeck Bay Lake Ridubidubina Richthofen Bay Ribnitz Island Ribnitz Harbour Rhunagi Return Saddle Restorff Island Rereng Renglemente Rember Mission Rembar Range Rehamen Rembarr Berge Rembarr Range Rerumen Rilmen Rimeru Relmen Reiven Reiss Point Cape Reis Reini River Cape Reinhard Rein Bay Reimers Reef Reimber Cape Reilnitz Cape Reilmitz Lakas Lei Rei Regina Creek Rege River Reeson Reef Reef Island Redscar Head Lagaba Head Redscar Bay Red Rocky Point Red River Red Creek Reburebusiwasiwa Reboine Bay Rebi School Rebehen Rebafu Rabafu Rearu Point Cape Reamur Cape Reaumur Cape Reumur Raymonde Shoal Rawuawuat Bay Rawuawuatt Bay Rawlinson Range Rawlinson Mountains Mount Rawlinson Cape Rawlinson Rawlings Point Rawdon Bay Rawarende Point Rawerende Point Raven Rock Rautawat Raulavat Plantation Rausewa Raunsepna Rau Mission Raulili Raulei Range Rawiei Range Raulavat Number 2 Plantation Raulavat Number 1 Plantation Rau-Hu River Raua River Raua Harbour Laua Bay Laua Harbour Raua Bay Ruau Bay Ratung Ratongor Ratavul Mission Ratavul Ratavis Rataris Rativis Retuis Ratagitagi Ratabu Plantation Ratabu Rasirik Rasarik Rasimen Rasese Raronge Mission Rarma Creek Rarende Mission Rarakarakau Point Rara Islet Rara Island Rarabo Rapuri Rapantaman Rapuntemon Rapuni Creek Rapolo Rapmarina River Rapitok Number 4 Rapitok Number 3 Rapitok Number 2 Rapitok Number 1 Rapito Rapaltip River Rapalbe Reef Cape Raoult Cape Raoul Raonowirue Point Ranudoka Creek Rantan Island Ran River Rano Plantation Ranmelek Mission Ranmalen Rank Point Raniola Plantation Ranguna Rangulit Randulit Ranoulit Rangos River Rangombol Point Rangisingis Point Rangissingis Point Rangihi Rangelis Plantation Suma Plantation Rangarere River Rangarere Plantation Rangambol Point Rangandol Point Ramok Rambutyo Island Jesu Maria Island Jesus Maria Island Lambusso Lambutho Lambutin Lambutiu Lambutjo Lambutju Lambutsu Lambutyo Rambuchu Rambulchon Rambutchon Rambutjo Rambutyol Island Ramubuchyo Jima Ranbuso Jima Rambabat Ramazon River Ramaulun Bay Ramaulin Bay Ramat Plantation Ramut Plantation Ramat Bay Ramat Ramandu River Batonga River Ramandit River Ramandu Plantation Ramandu Mission Ramalmal Ramale Plantation Ramale Ramalei Mission Ramaitu Point Ramabagaus Mission Ram Ralubang Ralabang Raluan Number 2 Raluan Number 1 Raluana Point Schulze Point Raluana Mission Raluana Ralman Ral Island Ralalar Ralaku Bay Ralabang Plantation Rakunat Rakunai Rakumkumbur Mission Rakubo Aid Post Rakupo Aid Post Rakubo Rakupo Rakua 2 Rakua Rakua River Fir Tree Creek Lakuo River Rakua Point Rak River Pak River Tugel River Tugul River Rakival Rakiwal Rakarakora River Rakandakanda Rakanda Rainu Raine Point Rainau Plantation Rainau Raim Rai Ioe Creek Rai Loe Creek Rahorahana Ragaragan Point Ragapau Mission Ragaga Bay Radike Radeki Creek Radarada Raburua Raburbur Rabumbum Rabulut Plantation Rabuana Rabua Bay Raboda Creek Rabaul Rabaul District Exung Gorad Rabaul Nankai Shi RAB Rabaulas Simpson-Hafen Simpsonhafen la bao er labaul li bao rabaula rabauru rabaywl ????? ?????? ?????? ????? ??????? ???? ??? ?? Raba Raba Rabalanakaia Crater Rabalankaia Crater Rabalankia Crater Rabatana Crater Rabagi Rabadi Queen Carola Harbour Carola Harbour Qaga Pyramid Point Pyramid Mountain Pyramid Hill Pyramidal Hill Pwanapwana Putyoma Putjoma Putyap Point Putumbu Bay Cape Putumbu Putuli Island Cape Putputun Putput Point Put Put Plantation Putput Number 2 Put Put 2 Putput Number 1 Put Put 1 Putput Put-Put Mission Putput Mission Butbut Put Plantation Put-Nonu Plantation Puto Mountain Puto Putnumba River Put Laha Point Putemo Putanagororoi Put Purunkum Burunkum Puruata Island Paruata Island Purinsar Purinsa Puriata River Puriala River Purwita River Pureling Puraka Creek Pupunabua Mission Pupukuna Point Pupua Creek Punvhopel Point Punum Punmalun Plantation Pungu River Pundru Punbinin Point Punarupka Punam Puna Island Puna Pumine River Pum Hill Pumani Creek Pulpulu Pupulu Pulpulo Pulpul Bilanpun Pulpaleis Pullen Shoals Mount Pullen Pulie River Pulepuna Puleng Pula Pula Bay Pulansisi Point Palansaupon Point Pulansaupon Point Puk River Pukimano Pukenmi Pukau Point Pukarobi River Creepers River Crepers River Cvepers River Puju Cape Puipui Puipui Point Puhemo Pugra Pugeo Creek Puchuk Point Pubetan Pubanum Creek Puas Mission Puas PUA Pua River Puapal Puahom Yanga Mount Pryke Pru River Princesa Haven Praed Point Powell River Povalval Poovalval Pounaike Island Potura Potuna Potumbaru Island Potsaken River Potpotingan Potpot Put Put Potne Poini Potni Potnangara River Potikungia Posei Posa Posa Harbour Posi Posi Habour Pusi Pusi Harbour Poruara Port Moresby Harbour Port Moresby District Moresby Sub District Porror River Pororan Island Middle Pororon Poronbus Poronobos Porlock Harbour Portock Harbour Porlock Bay Porlo Porlip Creek Poriwon Porebada Borebada Pora Pora Porpora Porapora Poralebalebara Porabunbun Purabunbun Pora Popotala Islet Popotala Island Poponovuam Popondota Popondetta District Popondetta Agricultural Training Institute Popondetta PNP Popendetta ?????????? Popoi Fofoi Mount Popinausi Ponosarer Point Ponjari Point Pojari Point Ponialavava Pongual Pongani River Pongani Creek Pongani Pondo Point Pondo Plantation Pondo Pondo Harbour Ponchal Ponam Island Ponam Pomutu Pomugu Pomoui Island Pomio Bomeo Pomio Post Pomete Pomei Cape Pomas Cape Pamas Cape Ponas Pomapomaina Creek Pomansilipun Poman Pomalal Poluso Polomaha Point Polok River Poli Point Poligoro Poligolo Plantation Poliamba Plantation Poli Plantation Polli Plantation Poliamba Mission Poliamba Amba Polaris Point Polaris Patches Pokuito Pokuitu Pokonian Plantation Pokoloma Point Pokolomo Point Pokapuna Pokalas Point Poipun Poio Poiniara Poi-Makati Poi Island Poiiek Poi'iek Poiet Poha Poho Pogaturan Podzorong Podu Podago Podaua Pochol Island Pobung Pobiaka Robiakai Poanus Planet Harbour Planet Channel Planet Bay Piva River Pava River Piva Piuli Island Piule Piuka Pityilu Island Bidullo Island Bilalu Bitohilu Island Perely Island Pichalew Island Pidelo Island Pitelu Pitiliu Island Pitilu Pitjilu Pitulu Island Pityili Pityilu Bapi Bapi Piterait Pita Pirive Piriseta Piri Patch Pirineiu Pirinu Pirias River Pire Pirau River Piratop Pipirak Plantation Pipipaia Pipipala Piovi Pioneer Range Pioneers Range Pinu Creek Pinu Pinnace Passage Pinis Island Pinir Pinip Island Pinipel Plantation Pinipel Island Pinepil Atoll Pinipir Pinnepil Pinikindu River Pinikindu Plantation Panakondo Plantation Pinikindu Pine Tops Bridge Pindiu PDI Pindik Point Pinang Piliwa Pilimung Pilimatana Pilelo Passage Pilelo Island Pileo Island Pililo Island Pilapila Pikung Plantation Pika River Pikapuna Pigibut Plantation Pikinur Plantation Pigibut Bay Pigibuit Bay Pigeon Rock Cape Pierson Babaclinai Point Piera Plantation Pidimon River Pidia Picnic Point Piatana Island Piana Phoenix Harbour Phillips Harbour Petikiari Petakiari Peters Bluff Peter Haven Peter Harbour Petat Island Petat Petats Island Peschel Point Perry Islet Sobasoba Perry Bay Perombaturu Perombata Peri Pere Perere Perelik Peping Penlolo Penipol Plantation Pendi Pendeng Mount Penck Penchal Penatabotong Penatabutong Penaris School Penari Penapedik Taraguan Mission Penamun Pem Mission Pem Pema Pelnaru River Pellavarua Plantation Pelin Pelikawa Peli Island Pelai Peiai Pekinberiu Peila Paila Pei-ira Peiho Reef Peiho Inlet Cape Peiho Pegelpfeiler Island Cape Pedder Pearse Shoal Peapea Island Pawa Ha Pauna Paun Baun Paukwanga Paukwagna Paukei Island Paukai Island Pauk Pauana Rocks Pauana Pau Patusi Bay Patusi Patur Mission Pature Patu Mission Patu Creek Patuam Island Patuam Islands Patnubu Putnubu Patlangat Plantation Patlangat Pativingi Pativini Patipai Patio Plantation Patio Point Plantation Patio Island Patimaian Patiawai Plantation Patiagaga Paterina Patirina Patep Number 1 Patep 1 Pateaviavi Patiavavi Patiavia Patiaviavi Patanga Patamu Island Charnel Chaya-na Yama Popapu Potomo Rubiu Tuaral Island Patali Island Cape Pasuwati Pasusu Passim Passage Reef Pasiloke Cape Pasausau Pasan Parwa Paruai Parsee Point Bornung Point Burnung Point Paronga Parol Parkinson Point Mount Parkes Parioi Pari Parendo Point Parakaman Paraga Papua Bay Papsa Lake Papoto Papoga Papitalai Harbour Hyane Hafen Papitalali Papitalai Papinbuch Island Papialou Islands Hayrick Islands Heuschober Islands Pialou Islands Papekani Papekini Paparatawa Mission Papaki Papki Cape Papakatau Papa Papa 1 Pantegom Panguna Pango Pangeifua Mission Pangeifua Pangalu Settlement Blocks Pangalu Pangalu Number 1 Panemote Island Nasakori Island Panemate Panemeko Plantation Panamioko Plantation Panemecho Panemeko Pandi River Pani River Panda Panda Plantation Panavungel Mission Panatgin Plantation Panatgin Penatgin Panarka Mission Panarka Panarat Plantation Panaras Plantation Panaras Panapau Plantation Panapai School Panapai Plantation Panapai Panangai Pananaua Panamanei Panamafei Mount Panalia Cape Panakondo Cape Lawagan Cape Pinikindu Pinikindu Point Panake Panakei Pana Island Panafelava Pannafeavo Panabuk Pam Mandian Island Pom Mandian Island Pom Mandrian Island Pam Lin Island Pom Lin Island Pam Islands Maitland Islands Pom Islands Pom Liu Paluma Reefs Paluat Plantation Palpal Palos Bay Palnalom Mission Palmu Palms Point Palm Point Palmen Harbour Palmalmal Plantation Palli Palli Point Pali Pali Point Paliset Island Paripoi Pali River Palipal Paligmete Palie Paliavalu Paliai Island Bull Island Palaiai Palatar Island Palangumar Bay Palangot Plantation Balangot Balangot Plantation Palamang River Palabong Pakabong Pak Plantation Paklak Creek Pak Island Paak Paaku Jima Pack Pak Pak Insel Saint Gabriel Island Saint Gabriel-Inseln San Gabriel Island Pakinsela Aid Post Pakinsela Aid Station Pakinsela Pakia Pakene Pakane Pakawala Pakatutura Pakaneingomor Island Pakanataria Mission Paiwa Paitagoro Paipainina Point Paipainana Point Paipai Creek Painamai Pailig River Pailing River Palicks River Palix River Paiewa Pai-Awa River Pai-awa Paicho Pajawa River Pagua Pagau Mount Pago Mount Bango Vulkan Vulken Pagau Plantation Paga Point Paga Hill Ela Hill Pafiu Padivalongor Creek Padana Nahua Padana Nakua Pandana Nahua Paciesay Point Pachem Island Pabliang Owen Stanley Range Owen Stanley Mountains Owen Stanley Ranges Owens Corner Owen Point Owalama Range Owalama Divide Ovil Creek Ovesa Oveia River Outer Reef Outarara Outarara Shoal Oure Oum River Oumo Bay Lake Oumo Oula Creek Otua Islet Otsua Island Otua Island Ottilien Reef Ottilien Reefs Oto Reef Mount Oto Mount Otto Otava Range Mount Gillies Range Otavia Range Otivia Range Otovia Range Otaneel Island Oilaniu Osikwea Sikwea Osborne Point Osaosa Creek Osako Orowere Bay Orotoaba Oroso Creek Oropot Oro Bay Oifabama Oifabania Bay Oroa River Vetapu Orlo River Oriri Range Oripa River Orimai Oribiari Mount Orian Cape Orford Oreresan Orersan Ordeno Or Creek Orava Olava Orasusu Orarasusu Orarako Oraiia Orai'ia Orabaroa Creek Ora Orakwi Oquana Point Opi River Ope River Open Bay Offene Bay Oparea Island Opai O-Opa Hill Oomsis Hill Oomsis Onovi Onovei Ono River Ononge Mission Ononge ONB Onongge Onneta Island Ongoho School Ongoho Unguho Ong Island Onggake Ongganke Ongaia Ongahambo Onete Onemagoro Ondoro Onda Island Ondahari Ondagipitari Onaurie Head Onare Island Onambatutu Onamarang Plantation Onomarang Plantation Unamarang Plantation Onabasusu Omu Omoro Omoritulavava Omoi River Omoi Omo Omili Omeri Mountains Omeduku Ombo Omboli Ombisusu Ombi Omara River Omanagoro Omafe Oluwat Point Olsigo River Ololo Olmalag Olivi Orivi Oligadu Oligidu Olea Old Yunzain Yunzain Old Rigo Road Old Massava Plantation Old Maria Maria Old Kiava Cape Oldekobe Cape Odokobo Cape Oldekobo Old Berebei Berebei Birribi Old Bakumbari Ol Creek Olaipun Okur River Okur Creek Okur Okupukopu Creek Okomo Okoma Okimpuna Okeia Point Okawabero River Okaukana Oiwa River Oivi Creek Ovi Creek Oitatandi Ointatandi Oisa Oiere Oieri Oidobu Oibo Cape Oho Cape Obo Ohirogo Creek Ogotana Ogop River Ogeramnang Ogeramnung Ogeranang Ofi Creek Ofi River Orvi Creek ODeas Reef O'Deas Reef Oburak Island Oksupan Obu Point Obu Plantation Obu Mission Obo Mission Obulaku Obulaka Oburaka Obu Lagoon Obu Observation Point Observation Island Gabagabawa Gobagabawa OBrien Shoal O'Brien Shoal Mount Obree Obeia Obaoba Obaoba Mission Obakigolo Baligoro Obakigoro Obaha Obhi Oamai River Oaka Nuzen Nuvurekakau Island Nuyurekaka Island Nuvure Island Nuvarege Jamalaure Island Jamalaurs Island Nuvaregi Island Nuugurigia Nukerakea Nutt Point Nutanuvua Island Nutanavau Island Nutanavua Island Nutanvua Island Nutanuvua Nutanavua Nussing Island Nuslik Island Nusuk Island Nuslik Nuselawa Plantation Nuselawa Island Nusalaua Nusei Island Nusawung Nusaum Island Nusome Island Nusasi Island Nusasi Nusantaumatai Nusandaul Island Nusamoa Island Nusam Island Nosam Island Nusamani Nusalomon Island Nasalomon Nusalemon Island Nusalik Island Nusakelo Island Nusakeld Island Nusankelo Island Nusa Island Nusailas Island Nusailas Nusa Channel Nup Island Nu Island Nuparek Island Talasea Island Nunga Creek Mount Numurapa Numundo Plantation Numundo Island Numundo Numo-Numo Numenga Numbut Numbu Numba Numa Pupu Bay Numa Pupa Bay Numapo Numa Numa Harbour Numanuma Bay Numanuma Numa Numa Nulpulakai Creek Nukurikia Nukuhu Nukuho Nukuana Island Nuk Nuk Nukakau Island Nukakau Nugakau Nuivi Nuiuve Nuguria Islands Abgaris Abgarris Islands Faed Islands Fead Group Fead Inseln Fead Island Fead Islands Naguria Islands Nuguria Group Nuguria Gruppe Nugidu Peninsula Nugarba Island Goodman Island Nugarba Nugaruba Island Nuuguria Nugakau Island Nubunubu Nubils Island Nub Island Nubil River Nubiam Island Nubara Island Nubai River Nuarguta Island Lake Nuapa Lake Nu'apa Cape Nuan Nuama Islet Luamata Island Naame Island Nouro Noukwate Kaibi Naukwate Notre Mal Plantation Noru Island Norton Banks North West Passage Bougainville District Bougainville Province Kieta District North Solomons Province North Sangara Blocks North Sangara Settlement Blocks North Point North Patch Northern Province Northern District Northern Division Oro Province North East Point North East Passage North East Entrance North-East Pass North Channel North Cape Cape Byron Nord-Kap North Branch Mogigi River Mogigi River North Branch North Branch North Branch Kulu River North Bay Reef North Arm Bitoi River Mount Norrie Nopusak Nonu River Nonu Plantation Nonowaul Island Nanavaul Nanawaul Island Nonawaul Nonowaul Nono River Nonopai Nono Nongbolo Nonga Plantation Nonga Nonaul Island Enoanaulu Enoanulu Nomota Nomanene Nokuntwriwo Island Nokon Noipuos Noipuous Noigurung Point Noigurang Point Nohang Nogu Dabu Island Nukumanu Island Nogomaka Nodup Nordup Noapoi Island Noala Nuala Niuiruka Niubuo Niubuwo Nissel Passage Nissel Pass Nissan Island IIS Ile Nissan Nissan Nissau Sir Charles Hardy Mount Nisbet Nip Island Niori Group Nionopu Ninoa Estate Niniwiro Mountain Niniure Ningin Island Leigh Island Nineia Nindewari Nimbil Creek Nimba River Nimbako Mount Nimba Nima Niffin River Niffin Bay Niba Nia River Nguzi Nguvalian Nguregenkui Point Nguregeukui Point Ngunaguna Ngowui Island Gomui Island Ngoloai Point Ngiri Mountain Ngelengele River Ngavelus Ngavallis Ngatur Ngati Ngasawapum Ngasawampum Mount Ngaroneno Nganalaka School Ngafir Creek New Yunzain New Warisota Newtown New Sairope Sairope Sairopi New Mobisburg Plantation New Massava Plantation New Maria Newlands Plantation New Kavern Plantation Neu-Irland Neu-Mecklenburg New Ireland Island Nova Hibernia Tombara New Hanover Labongai Lavongai Neu-Hannover New Gona New Garara Garara New Britain Trench Bougainville-New Britain Trench New Britain-Solomon Trench Birara Neu-Britannien Neu-Pommern New Britain Island Nova Britannia Cape Neumayer Iboki Point Nesup Island Nesup Channel Nesgo Nasko Nesamari Island Samarai Nesai River Neriu River Nepesi Nengmutka River Wawoi River Nengit Nengi Nenenakomena Nenemakomana Nenbaf River Nemwa Ili Ili Nemto Plantation Nemto Island Nemonomu Nemnem Nembadi Nemau Hamlet Nelson Range Mount Nelson Cape Nelson Nekumara Island Epidermis Island Neumara Island Nekin Island Nekarop Neitab Island Naitap Island Ne-ital Neitap Island Neitab Neissu River Naisong River Neirtri Island Neipau Plantation Neingang Neinga Neingi Neinduk Plantation Neila Island Neikonomon Nekonomon Neikapatuk Cape Nehus Cape Nehuss Nehuss Point Nussi Point Mount Negrohead Nedakolana Island Mount Nebungesa Neankis Mission Ndruval Island Daue Groene Eylanden Ndruwal Rubal Ruval Ndruval Anchorage Ndrubu Island Ndrubiu Island Ndrova Islets Dover Islets Ndrowa Islets Ndriol Ndrilo Island Ndrilo Ndreu Island Cape Ndolli Cape Ndoll Ndolli Ndoll Ndisas Point Ndawa Bay Nazareth Mission Nayaru River Nawwata-Banda Creek Nauwata Banda Creek Nawi Banda Creek Mount Nawaward Asher Peak Navuneram Naviu Cape Navaum Navarai Plantation Nauwandowan River Nauwandowun River Nausoa Island Nauru Point Nauru Creek Naurobegai Creek Nauria Island Nauna Island Balletwi Island Beletwi La Vandola Island La Vendola Naunu Nauknani Natunana Channel Natukwaba Natter Bay Deaf Adder Bay Natong Natlu Island National Capital National Capital Province Nateara Natava Plantation Natawa Natawa Plantation Natava Nataumo Mission Cape Natat Nata River Kaiva River Natar Natanga Natunga Natamu Natamo Point Nassau Bay Nasau Bay Nasingalatu Cape Nasan Cape Nasen Nasai Island Quarantine Island Naruut River Cape Narum Narokeli Naringel Narimlaua Nares Harbour Narakoi Narakapor Plantation Narage Island Gipps Island Ile du Nord Narega Island Narraga North Island Napekur Nopukur Napasa Island Napapar Number 5 Napapar Number 4 Napapar Number 3 Napapar Number 2 Napapar Number 1 Napapar Mission Napantah Nabanta Napa Napa Road Napa Napa Naoro River Naoro Creek Naoro NOO Nauro Naono Plantation Nanzo River Nanum River Nanum Plantation Nanum Bay Balanum Bay Nanukeke Creek Nanuk Nantau Point Nantua Point Mount Nanson Naniu Mission Nania Mission Naniu Island Nania Island Nangwe Nangas Nangananga Nanduo Nanda Nanauli Island Nanaula Island Nananil Nana Namudi River Namudi NDI Namor Lake Namok Mount Namoa Lake Namo Namkerio Namkario Namie Namesi Nameassy Nambung River Nambung Point Nambung Plantation Nambuk River Nambuk Mountain Mount Nambon Nambling Nambisoda Nambaul Nambariwa Namatoa Namatanai Namatanai District ATN Namatami Namatani Namatania Namatano Namatenei Namasalang Nemasalang Mount Namarung Namarodu Plantation Numarodu Plantation Cape Namarodu Cape Mamarodu Cape Mamorodu Cape Marorodu Cape Namaroda Malum Point Namarodu Namaramanga Cape Namarai Cape Namarei Naman Mission Namanaia Namalili Bay Namalili Anchorage Tamalili Anchorage Tamalili Bay Tomalili Anchorage Namale Mission Namaklongklong Namoklonglong Nama Nalula Bay Nalulu Bay Nalula Nalulu Nalukoru Settlement Blocks Nalukoru Creek Cape Naloka Naliut Naliu Nalas Plantation Nalabu Nakwaba Island Nakukuru Point Nakukura Point Nakukury Point Nakukur Number 2 Nakukur Number 1 Nakudukudu Bay Makudukudu Bay Nako Nago Nakara Creek Nakara Nakanai Plateau Nakanai Gebirge Nakanai Mountains Nakanai Range Nakanai Ranges Nairilavava Naikwala Naieta Naiama School Naiama Naime Nai Eneie Nahuchie Point Nahavio Nago Island Nagogo Plantation Nagoatabaka Nagoatebaka Nagian Island Nagam River Nagalagatap Nagaila Nafenanomu Nadzab Nadzad Nabuto Bay Nabung Plantation Nabumai New Nabumai Old Nabumai Nabual Nabinabu Nadinabu Nabil Nabe Creek Nabata Nabak Nababangdu Point Myuna Plantation Myola Mwananoia Mwalukwasia Bay Marupwasia Bay Muyua Island Mujua Murua Woodlark Island Cape Muya Muwo Island Mu-Ua Island Muwa Rock Muwa Point Mussau Island Prince William Henry Saint Mathias Island Saint Matthias Island Musom Musoi Musik Island Musiau Musia River Musia Mushroom Rock Mount Musgrave Musep Musa River Musa Musara Point Musara Musa Point Murvong River Mururu Creek Murray Pass Murray Barracks Mount Murray Muritawa Murim Creek Murien Murcadha Bay Muranpuna Mount Mura Mup Munuwata Island Nauta Island Nuata Island Munum Munkip Muniwa Munimun Muniau Muriau Muni Muneia Bay Mundua Island Forestier Island Mundrau Pundrau Mundiburio Mundala Lagoon Mundala Munawai Point Munavei Point Munawei Head Munawei Point Munawai Munawei Mumus Creek Mumunu Island Mumunu Mumuni Mumum Mumunggan Mumu Island Mumuiru Mount Mumkainala Mumkaihala Mumeng District Mulusi Mount Mululus Mululus Mulua Point Muliro Muliko River Muli Island Muliama Plantation Muliama Harbour Muliama Muliagani Island Muligani Island Mulligni Island Muliagani Mulau Mula Mukunaroka Mukul Duaval Mukawa Mission Mukawa Mokaua Mukas River Muiau Bay Muaio Bay Muiao Bay Muianomu Sirum 2 Muiamagoro Muguai Muguai Mission Mugoni River Muela Mudi Mud Bay Mudamudara River Mount Mubapak Mualim Island Mualim Mua Mu Mow River Mowen Reef Mowa Plantation Mount Movizha Mount Mauizah Movasi Cape Mourilyan Uwaleta Point Mount Cameron Range Mou Creek Motuporea Island Motuhanua Motupore Island Motupena Point Mutupina Point Motumotu Motukea Island Motu Kea Motu Island Amotu Island Lotto Island Motuagolo Mount Bing Moto Reef Moodo Reef Motete Mosuang Island Mossuang Mosuang Mossy Knoll Mosson Reef Mossom Reef Mosse River Mosquito Islands Mosquitoe Islands Mosquito Island Baniara Island Mosou Inonda Mosigetta Mosa Settlement Block Mosa Morukon Mororo Estate Mororo Moro River Moronei Morone Mount Moromoro Morokia Morokaimoro Morokiamori Moro Creek Morobe River Morobe Province Morobe District Morobe Harbour Adolfhafen Morobegutu Island OBM Moro Mo River Moritz Rock Moresby Strait Moreng Morena Morei River Mount Morehead Moratau Moramora Vocational School Moralona Morai Morago Monuvi Monuna Monua Monun Manum Monum Monty Hill Cape Monts Montingteng Island Montagu Harbour Montague Harbour Mon Plantation Mount Monkton Monckton Monkol Point Melui Point Moni River Mongu Mongontoro Mogontoro Mongol Mongna Mongi River Bulesom River Mongo River Mongi Monggi Mission Cape Monggil Cape Monggu Mongamonga River Mongamonga Point Mongabu Creek Mount Mone Mondrabet Mondo Mundo Mutido Monari Momote Momote Plantation Momonga Mamonga Momoiogo Momoiogu Momalili Mom Moluor Molua Cape Moltke Cape Moitke Molopun Moloi Molot Molo Mollo Molmol Moligilagi Moligilaga Molahau Island Mokukli Mokuai Island Mokoruwa Mokokolio Mok Island Mok Mandrian Mouk Island Mokerang Moakareng Moakereng Mokareng Mokeke Creek Mokara Mokera Mok Mouk Moitaka Agricultural Station Moisuru Bay Moisuru Moio River Moimoi Moila Point Cape Moila Moikodi Moikisung Moiia Moi'ia Amoia Emuya Moi Biri Bay Moiavi Moiangun Point Mohinumu Hill Mogigi River Lake Mogana Moewe Harbour Mowe Harbour Passage Man O'War Passage Man OWar Moenai Point Modeni Modengdeng Island Mocklon Islands Mobiai River Moam Moaiaki Creek Mo Miwaiaukana Mivo River Mibo River Mitre Rock Missoti Island Mission Point Mission Hill Mount Missim Mount Denny Missim Mismis Misiraka Mount Misery Misen Creek Misanu River Visani River Mount Misantum Mount Mizanhim Misamisakor Island Missamissakor Islet Mi River Mount Miriau Mirapu Marapu Mirapo Miramira Mipang Mission Miova Creek Mioko Reef Mioko Island Meoko Mioke Mioko Harbour Mioko Min River Mindregutu Island Mindrugutu Island Mindik Primary School Mindik MXK Minda Minawake Minaru Min Mimi Reef Mimias River Nimias River Cape Mimias Mimias Mimia Mimai Mimi Mimani River Milim Miligui Point Mili Milewu Island Milamila Mission Milmila Mission Miku Mihak Mielelek Midino Creek Midino Medino Medino Mission Middle Patch Middle Embi Middle Channel Middle Branch Awio River Awio River Middle Branch Middle Branch Au River Au River Middle Branch Middle Branch Mia Passage Mia Island Mia Miadeba Kadadia Mewadi Island Harris Island Mewad Island Mevelo River Mavlo River Mevlo River Metong Point Point Meto Metlik Plantation Metewolo Plantation Metevelio Plantation Metewoi Bay Metavoi Bay Meteboa Bay Metevoi Bay Metewoi Mete Woi Plantation Metevoi Metevoi Plantation Metesalan Meteselan Meterankan Meteran Metemulai Metamoli Metemin Metamin Metemana Bay Metamana Bay Metemana Metamana Metelin River Metelen River Metekavil Metakabil Metekabil Plantation Metakabil Plantation Metekabil Bay Metakabil Bay Metekavil Bay Meteissong Plantation Meteeissong Plantation Meteissong Bay Medessong Bay Medessong Harbour Meteeissong Bay Meteissong Harbour Meteinge Plantation Meteinge Bay Meteinge Harbour Meteiai Metiai Metawari Metarala Metanas Harbour Metanus Harbour Metanangas Matanangus Matanas Matangas Mesi Number 2 Mesi 2 Mesi Number 1 Mesi 1 Mesi Division Meselia MFZ Mesaba Creek Merudou Creek Cape Merkus Merikeo Merikoe Meri Creek Meriani Merai River Merai Merago Island Merabaubau Creek Merabaubau Cape Mensing Men River Men Meninga Menebonbon Menapi Memekakomana Membuli-Buli Creek Mebuli-buli Creek Nebulibuli Creek Membe Reef Melong Creek Melle Channel Melkong River Melkoi River Meleton Mele Reef Melei Melandum Meiuia Meiu Meju Meitzen Point Asak Point Meis Meirobu Meingi Meibun Island Meiawa Meiap Creek Megim Island Megum Island Megigi River Megigi Plantation Megeh Plantation Mageh Plantation Magen Plantation Medina School Medina Plantation Medina Medeme Medene Mebuli-Buli Point Point Gilawelabana Mount McKay Mount McIlwraith McGee Patch McDonalds Corner Mbunmamarau Point Mbuke Islands Mbuke Island Bonai Island Brunai Island Buke Island Buke Jima Mbonai Island Mbrunai Island Mbuki Island Mbuku Jima Mbunai Island Ponai Island Punai Island Sugarloaf Island Zuckerhut Island Mbuchonsaul Islet Mbatmanda Island May Reef Mayoman Mission Mount Maybole Max Rock Mawaraka Mawareka Mawataka Mawara Island Mawaning Mavin River Mavelo River Mave Mavavia River Mavarololo Mava Mauuna Mau'una Mount Mautu Mau River Mau Nau River Maura River Maum Mauke Plantation Maue Creek Maubadi Cape Mau Matura Island Matupit Number 2 Matupit Number 1 Matupit Island Matupi Island Matupit Harbour Greet Harbour Matupi Harbour Mattaserawado River Mattaserawado Mattaserawao River Matsunkei Matsungan Island Matzungan Matsika Matsialavava Matialavava Mat River Matoro Creek Matop Plantation Maton River Matong Matoff River Matoff Bay Matlik Bay Matalik Bay Matilik Bay Matlik Matkumlagir Natkumlagia Matiu Point Matirogo Matenai Island Matebinagutu Island Matebebinagutu Island Matebinagatu Island Matebinagutu Islet Matchin Bay Matawan Matavulu Plantation Matauret Head Mataureit Head Mataureit Point Matavret Head Mataupa Mataupa Mission Matatukuen Matuken Matatoga River Matatai Matapupu Matapupur Matao-Oruro Matanuru Matankuk Plantation Metankuk Plantation Mataniu Mantania Matanui Matanfadum Matafaden Matafadon Matandiduk Plantation Matandeduk Plantation Matandukuk Plantation Matantiduk Plantation Metandukuk Plantation Matandiduk Matandeduk Matantiduk Metanduduk Matanatawal Point Malauatawal Point Matauatawal Point Matanatar Plantation Cape Matanatamberan Cape Matanatambaron Cape Matanatamberam Matanteberen Matanteberren Matanatakanamboroi Island Cape Matanalem Queen Charlotte's Foreland Queen Charlottes Foreland Matanalaua River Darnmata River Matanalau River Matanalaua Plantation Matanakunai Plantation Matanakunai Bay Matanakunei Bay Matanakunai Matamata Mission Matamalau Island Motamalau Island Matalilu Mataliliu Matalik Island Mount Matalelok Matalau Matala Plantation Matalaili River Matakues Mataguis Matakoka Creek Matakaput Matakan River Matakan Plantation Matakan Mission Matairuka Matailanga Matailanga Plantation Matagu Island Matagenta River Matafum School Matafuma Point Matafuna Point Matafum Matadaragum River Mataburu Mataruru Cape Mataba Masumadobu Masubuna Bay Masabuna Bay Masusuna Bay Massua Massau Massmass Island Massis Masokonakanei Rock Maso Maskikilir Masikanapuka Island Massikanapuka Island Massikonapuka Island Missikonapuka Island Masi Masele Mantagen Mascot Channel Mascotte Channel Masaweng River Masawang River Masava Island Massava Island Masava Bay Massava Bay Cape Masas Masangko Cape Masala Masahet Island Massait Saint Joseph San Joseph Masa MBV Marwiu Island Marwiu Bank Maruro Reef Maruro Island Marupa Mission Marunomu Amuram Maranom Marunga Marua Point Marua Creek Marua Martyrs School Martin Luther Seminary Marshall Bennett Islands Marsaula River Marsua River Maro Reef Maron Plantation Mount Marolorna Marob Island Mount Marnabe Marmar Maramar Marli Markham River Wantsit Wusi Wussi River Markham Point Markham Canyon Markham Bay Marjie Bay Maritsoan Plantation Maritson Mariropa River Marim River Marimarita River Marien Harbour Marien Bay Mariboi Creek Maribai Creek Mari New Mari Margetts Reef Margaret Shoal Maren Mareka Mara Yiri Yiri Marawa Marauruanga Point Marau River Iambu River Marauri Bay Marau Plantation Marau Island Marauder Hill Marau Creek Marasi Marasa Mararuo Mararoum Mararamu Mararmu Maranunu Point Maranoum 2 Mararoum 2 Maranoum 1 Mararoum 1 Marankoi Point Maranagi Maran Marambu Maramba Plantation Maraman River Marunuam River Maramakus Plantation Marai Cape Maragu Maragsaik River Maragsaik Maragon Plantation Maragon Maragat Bay Maragat Maragalan River Mara Maputu Mapuna Mapua MPU Mapos Mount Mapoole Mapona Mopuna Mapiri Mapili Creek Mape River Bubui River Mape Mapas Island Mount Mapana Mapamutuna Mapamoiwa Maomal River Maoawumbaru Island Manwaris Creek Manus Province Manua District Manus Island Admiralty Island Basco Don Jose de Basco y Vargas Grosse Admiralitats-Insel Isla del Senor Basco Kor MAS Marso Moanus Sovereign Tjawomu Tshebamu Urias la Grande Usiai Manus District Manus Basin Bismarck Basin New Ireland Basin Manurinumu Manunouha Island Lion Island Manunua Manununa Manununa Island Manumu UUU Mount Manumbur Manumbei River Manu Manu Hill Manu Mana Manu Manu Manumanu Manugoro Manugola Manubada Island Local Island Manubada Hill Manuan Point Manuan Plantation Manuai Mantoia Manten Matan Mansung Creek Manopo Monopo Monoto Manne Island Mane Island Manei Island Namanne Manne Channel Mane Channel Manmo Plantation Manley Reef Manle Island Manle Manirum Plantation Manirum Harbour Manirum Meterankasing Manimet River Manilla Point Maniba Mission Manguna Plantation Mango River Manginuna Mangiliming Creek Mang-Gawur Manggawar Mangga Manga Mange Point Mangge Point Mange Mangee Mangge Manga Mission Mangam Mangalailai Island Magalaliai Island Unuwuk Island Mangai School Mangai Plantation Mungai Plantation Mangailapua Mangai Creek Mangai Bay Mongai Bay Mangai Mongai Mang Mandrin Island Mandrindr Island Mandria Mandres River Mandres Plantation Mandres Bay Mandok Island Mandaski River Mandandum River Manau Manatagoro Mamatagoro Manarogo Mission Manarago Mission Manari Menari Manang River Manalogo School Managube Managubi Managa Manabo River Mamusi Mamion Mami Mambump Mount Mamborode Mambaur Creek Mambatutu Mamba River Mambare River Clyde Mambarie River Yodda River Mambare Bay Duvira Bay Mamba Estate Mamaregu Lagoon Mamapit River Mamama River Mamamada Point Mamada Point Mamagota Mamagata Mamagata Mission Mamadaborg Mamaar Bay Malwes Island Malumlik River Malum Islands Malume Islands Malumbaul River Malulau Island Maluba River Mount Malopu Malom River Malom Number 2 Malom Malom 2 Malolo Malolo Mission Malmaluan Malmalu Malmal Malmal Mission Palmalmal Maliom Mali Island Malie Island San Antonio Malevau River Malevau Bay Malesak Malenglo Island Melingo Island Malenglo Malendok Island Malekolon Plantation Malekolon MKN Malei Malavi River Malava Malauna Point Malauna Bay Malasiga Lagoon Malasigu Lagoon Malasiga Malasigu Malasi Malasanga Malasang Malassang Melasang Malasait Malaset Mala River Malara Point Mala Plantation Malapau Plantation Malapai Plantation Malapai Melape Plantation Malanpipi Melanpipi Malangrut Island Malamga River Malalia Mission Malalia Mount Malala Malala Malal Malakur Malakua Malakuna Malakata Malakut Malai Point Malai Island Horno Island Mbululon Island Malai Bay Malay Bay Malaha River Malahang Plantation Malahang Mission Malaguna Number 3 Malaguna Number 2 Malaguna Number 1 Malaguna Malaguna Mission Malagunan Malagilima Creek Malagan River Malagam Malabunga High School Malabunga Malabang Makurutabu Plantation Makurapau Makmak Maklongmerang Maklo Island Marklo Island Maklo Makiri Bali-Witu Makati Island Malarti Island Makasili Makasangno Malasongno Makada Plantation Makada Island Makadau Mocoda Makada Harbour Mait Unanga Bradley Island Mait Unanga Island Mait Plantation Maito Maitokanana Mait Island Mail Mait Iri Mait Iri Island Mait Channel Hernsheim Passage Mairi Creek Maipo River Maipika Maipiko Maiom Maiom Mission Maioki Maiobari Bay Malimali Bay Main Point Mainuki Mainoki Maini Main Entrance Main Division Mai Mission Maimai Maima Mailoloi Mailivuan Maika Maiki Mai-iu River Ma-u River Maiieo Mai'ieo Maihuna Maipuna Maie River Maien Passage Maien Pass Malen Passage Maibolo Creek Maiberi Maiana Mai-Ama River Mai-Ama Point Mai-Ama Mayama Mahur Island Mahuri Island Maur San Francisco Mahu Island Mahoho Island Maguli Range Magulata Point Magipun Passage Magipun Pass Magine Islands Magini Islands Magien Magiaburu Mageri Point Mageri Bay Mort Harbour Mageri Agricultural Station Mageh River Magedzetzu Magdalene River Magazain Magawuru Island Magar Plantation Magap River Magani Hill Magam Magabara Mafuia Maera Mae Creek Madu Ada Range Madilogo Madidua River Madidua Madi Creek Madehas Island Madau Island Madau Madan Island Mada Creek Madabaira Magabaira Marapaila Matapaili Maclaren Harbour Kofulu Harbour Macharen Harbour MacGillivray Range Mac Cullock Point McCullock Point Mabuwa Mabua Plantation Mabua Island Mapua Island Mabua Mabua Mission Mabiri Reef Cape Mabiri Maata Lyra Reef Recif Lyra Rif Lira Luwuni Creek Luvish Plantation Luther Anchorage Poiyai Luschan Harbour Luscan Harbour Lusancay Islands and Reefs Lusancay Group Lusancay Islands Lusangay Islands and Reefs Cape Lupos Lupon Lupoi Creek Luonglil Luoi-Tua Island Lunua Lungatan Plantation Lungalunga Lundret Lunaman Hill Mount Lunaman Lumulu Creek Lumis River Lumburu Point Lumburu Lumboila Island Lumbaip Lambaip Lumbiap Lulu River Lulima Island Lulik River Mount Luligi Lula River Lulakevi Lukus Island Lukuskanai Lukuskane Island Lukus Creek Lukus Luise Harbour Luhan River Lugos River Lugos Mission Lugei Lufuai River Lue Passage Lue Island Cape Ludtke Luburua Plantation Luburua Lubun Lubum River Luba Plantation Laba Plantation Luas Creek Luaseu Creek Luard Islands Luanke Luangki Luan Bay Lualu Lowland Agricultural Experimental Station Lowat Poro Mission Lowat Kang Lowatkana Lowa River Lowakai Lowakei Lowaki Tulu 2 Lowaia Lowa Lovo River Lova River Loumtas Rock Lontas Island Lontas Rock Lou Island Jima Rou Lo Saint George Island Saint George-Insel Sankt Georg-Insel Lotuava Lotsar River Loto Reef Mount Lotomgan Mount Lotili Lothian Shoals Losuia District Losuia LSA Lossu Plantation Lossu Number 2 Lossu 2 Lossu Number 1 Lossu Lossu 1 Lossuk River Lossuk Bay Katu Losuk Bay Losuk Lossuk Los Reyes Islands Los Reyes-Inseln Los Negros Island Rosu Negorusu Jima Rosu Negurosu Jima Losiu Island Lorengau River Lorungau River Lorengau Bay Lorengau Leronguan Lorangau Lorungau Losa Rorengau Loraine Island Lopun Lopulupun Point Lookout Hill Mount Lonumail Lonui Passage Poaeui Passage Poauei Passage Loniu Bubi Loniu Mission Lonidairi Longuerue Islands Longmon Long Londru Londra Londolovit River Londolovit Plantation Londolowit Plantation Londolovit LNV Londiri Creek Londip Plantation Lonahan Lonahun Lomsis Lumsis Lomeletepena Lombrum Point Lombroun Lombrun Lombrum Plantation Lombrum Bay Lombrum Lomalam Lolorua Plantation Lolorua Island Lolorua Islands Lake Loloru Lolo Plantation Mount Lolopata Lolongon Creek Lolonakuka Island Lolonakorakom Island Lolonadaula Island Loloipa River Lolobau Plantation Lolobau Island Bassulasula Du Portail Island Duportail-Insel Duputail Island Duputil Island Lolabau Island Lolubau Island Namisoko Namisoko Duportail Namisoko Island Namsoko Mount Lolobau Loloba Loloata Island Lolo Lollo Reefs Lollo Reef Mount Lollo Loliang Lolau Island Malapin Island Lokon Plantation Bulu-Logon Plantation Lokono Lokon Lokolow Point Lokanu Bay Dot Inlet Lokanu Lokanda Lokanu Villages Loisa Loi River Loi Lohan Logui River Logui Logolu Motu Motu Logagon River Logagon Plantation Lagagon Plantation Lagogan Plantation Logagon Bay Lugagon Logagon Lodi River Lodi Lagoon Lobu River Olima Tavu River Olimo Tavu River Lobudon Lobua Creek Lobortutu Point Loawa Laowa Loan Bay Loamat Loal Point Livuan Plantation Livuan Livitua Livinco Lewinko Liuliu Little Wau Creek Little Vudal River The Little Stone Little Ndrova Island Amo Island Dawara Duwara Ndawara Islet Topokko Island Little Mount Worri Little Mount Lawes Gihidogo Little Mount Gulu Little Gulu Mountain Small Gulu Mountain Little Malumalu Island Matumatu Island Small Malumalu Little Embi Lisseno Number 2 Island Lissinung 2 Island Lisseno Number 1 Island Lisseno 1 Islet Lisseno Island Lisseno Islet Lissinung Island Lisel Liasel Lissel Lipek Island Libek Linmel Linmal Linigot Plantation Linia Creek Linga Linga Plantation Talasea Plantation Linden Harbour Linden Haven Lindenhafen Plantation Myong Plantation Limonak Island Natia Limellon Island Limbin Lelet Pentua Lilua Islet Liliua Island Mount Lilo Lillum Saun Little Harbour Lillum Kapuing Great Harbour Lillum Kapuen Mount Lilley Liljeblad Passage Lilioa Lilinakaia Point Lilina-Keia Point Lilinakaia Island Lilim Island Lililigin Lilili Creek Mount Likuruanga North Son Likum Liklik Mission Likiliki Bay Likas Bay Dikas Bay Likas Liiba Li'iba Lihon Number 3 Lihon Number 2 Lihon Number 1 Lihir Island Gardeney Gardenijs Gerrit Denys Island Gerrit de Nijs Ile du Bouchage Lir Island Lihir Group Liguan Bay Cape Liguan Cape Luen Point Liguan Liguan Lif Island Lienbil Lenbil Liei River Lihei River Liebliche Bay Lieblieche Bay Libunakomana Libuko Lipokok Liberty Patch Liberi Bluff Libba River Libba Plantation Libba Liapo Liap Liandan River Liandan Liamu River Liamu Creek Liamu Liamo Liaga Creek Lewamon Levingon Passage East Passage Levinson Passage Levei Letty Letepona Island Mount Letam Cape Lessu Cape Lossu Lesson Point Lessau Island Lesiliba Mission Lepsius Point Mount Leon Lentanfan Kabil Kambin Lenkau Lenjenning Island Lengbati LNC Lenai Lemusmus Plantation Lemusmus Number 2 Lemusmus 2 Lemusmus Number 1 Lemusmus 1 Lemus Island Lemu Reef Lempata Babila Lempata Lemkong River Lemkamin Lenkamen Lemingi Lemeris School Mandak School Lemeris Creek Cape Lemeris Kap Lemeris Lemeris Lemau Lemanmanu Lemanmanu Mission Cape Lemankoa Lemankoa Lemakot Plantation Lemakot Mission Lemakot Lemacot Plantation Lemaia Mission Leli Lelis Lelet Plateau Leko Leion Leinaru Plantation Leihwa Leihuwa Lega Lebrechtshof Plantation Lamungan Lebrechtschof Plantation Lebangande Lebagolo Lebogoro Lea River Leamon Island Lea Lea Creek Lea Lea Inlet Lea Lea River Lea Lea Leaga Lazo River Laze River Mount Lawrence Lawerenz Mountain Mount Lawes Bisogo Laweo Point Lawanai Cove English Cove Lawa Island Naua Island Lawa Lava Lavugi Lake Lavu Nubalea Lavongararum Lavongai Plantation Lavongai Mission Lavongai Harbour Lavongai Bay Lobunga Harbour Lobungai Harbor Lavinia Bay Lavinia Cove Lavilelo Cape LAverdy Cape L'Averdy Lavege Lavavai Lavasuong Lava Point Lara Point Lavalai Head Lavalai Bay Lawolai Harbour Lavalai Lava Cape Lauwela Lauvore Kainau-a Kainiau-a Lauberi Laubore Lautakomana Laut Laussamanni Rocks Lanissamanni Rock Laussamanni Rock Lausis Laurepo Laupui Point Lapul Point Launumu Launkun River Launakalana Agricultural Station Launakalena Agricultural Station Laun Laumgei Lauli River Lauis River Kelaua River Lauis Laues Lauhuring Laugaita Lau Bay Lauapul Lauapal Luaupul Lauan Bay Lavan Bay Lauan Lau Lou Latlat Lataul Latau Island Latangai Island Angriffs Island Doi Island Lat Lasu Yasu Lassul Plantation Lassul Bay Watassellibuka Bay Lassul Lassim Bay Breton Harbour Port Praslin Lasik River Lasigi Lasiki Lasibu Lasanga Island Laruma River Laruma Point Lark Patch Larislaba Laraslaba Larikuku Bay Lariabina Larabuna Larangen River Laramaita Lapunum Lapanum Lapanun Lapiawatana Bay Lapeka Atene Lapau Lapalam Lapai Lapia Lanke Lanitzera Lanisso Bay Lamisso Bay Lauinio Bay Langwarangaga Spur Langu Anchorage Cape Langranis Mount Langla Mount Langila Langinoa River Langinoa Plantation Langgamut Langenia Langania Langembulos Island Langembulas Langemak Bay Langemark Bay Langari Creek Langaram Plantation Langaragi Creek Langanba Point Mount Langalanga Langalanga Langadis Langa Lanes Plantation Lamoro Lamota Lamoran Lamogai Mount Lamington Lamina Lamet District Taskul Sub District Lamernewei Plantation Lamunawa Plantation Lamerika Point Cape Katendan Lamerika Plantation Lamerien Lamerain Lamegi River Lambuso Lambur Lambucho Island Lambutjo Island Lambu Lambom Island Ile aux Marteaux Lambon Island Lumbom Island Wallis Island Lambom Lambon Lamboa Cape Lambert Cape Tongilus Lambe Lamban Bay Lamatau Harbour Lamassong River Lamassong Plantation Lamussong Plantation Lamassong Lamusong Lamassa Island Cocoa-Nut Island Coconut Island Lamassa Hamlets Lamassa Bay Carateret Harbor Carteret Harbour Lamassa LMG Lamassa Mission Lamas Head Lamantu Plantation Lamanaipa Lamalaua Lamakanauru Elemukunauru Lamakunauru Lama Anchorage Cape Lama Lama Lama Station Luluai River Laluai River Loluei River Luluai Point Laluai Point Loluei Point Lalosol Bay Laloki River Laloki Lalofa Lalili Creek Lake Lalili Lalikar Lalemar Creek Lalang Lalambut Point Cape Lalambut Lala Lakut River Lakuramau Plantation Lakuramau Lakurafanga Plantation Lakurafanga Bay Lakurefange Bay Lakurufange Bay Lakurafanga Lakungkung Lakunda Plantation Lakuk River Lakona Lakobodena Lakmilei Hospital Lakmilei Lak Lak Bay Watering Bay Lakit Range Lakiri Lakirri Likirri Manipur Lake Kenham Bay Lakei Island Lakarol Lakala Lakakot Passage Laiwai-Ia Laiuru Creek Laitate Laisopi Island Laili River Lai Ia Ia Mission Lai-ia-ia Lai-la-la Lai Bay Laiama Cape Lahaye Poponawe Point Lahan Lahon Lahala Lake Lahla Lake Lagunen Point Lagoon Point Laguai Lagorna Range Largo Bay Lago Bay Lago Lagenda Plantation Lagenda Island Lagagot Bay Lalagot Bay Lagada Island Lagaba Island Lagava Island Laeuru River Laefu Mission Laefu Lae Lae District Lae Creek LAE Laeh La? la-e lai cheng layh rae Ladima Creek Labu Swamp Labur Bay Labur Labuka Rabuka Labu Labu Number 1 Labrubut Cape Labonot Laboa Labisap Cape Labillardiere Wafalo Point Labi Island Labahan Island Labahan Lababia Ridge Lababia Island Simolala Islet Lababia Kwoi Peak Peak Kwoy Pik Quoy Cape Kwoi Kwoy Quoy Kwin Rest House Kwinimeba Creek Kwinimaga River Kwinau Mission Kwikila Village Kwikila Kwenzenzeng Kwenliki Kwemliki Kwenkiau Kwena Kwembung Qwembung Kwembu Creek Quambie Creek Kwembu Kwekwendangu Kwave Kwatomane Kwasang 2 Kwasang Kwasang 1 Kwarue Kwareibo Kwarana River Kwapulina Bay Kwafalina Bay Kwapulina Kwapsanek Kwamu Kwamererega Kwambu Kwamkwam Kwama River Kwalimurubu Kwalimurupu Kwale School Kwate School Kwalansam Kwalakesi Kwalakessi Kwako Kwarko Kwaiope Island Oaiobe Island Scaley Island Kwaio Kwaio Kwailuia Island Kwailua Island Kwaibwaga Kwaibo Kwaiawata Island Kwaiapan Bay Kwarapan Bay Kwaiakwairuna Point Kwaiahia River Kwai Kwagila River Kwagira River Kwagila Kwagira Kuia Kuiao Island Kuiau Kuiaua Kuiawa Kuyau Island Mount Kuvele Kutu River Kutumarava Kutarp Plantation Kusup Creek Kuskus Islet Kusi Kurumut Number 2 Kurumut 2 Kurumut Number 1 Kurumut 1 Kurumut Kuruki Reef Karieuno Reef Kuruki Island Kurukiki Island Kuruaku Kurrajong Plantation Kurou Kurau Kurkur Kuririka Kurin Kurung Kuriendahl Plantation Kurereda Kurenada Kurureda Kurireda Kuremu River Kureindall Bay Kuriendall Bay Kurama Dode Kurakakaul Kuraip Kuradui Plantation Kuraba Kura Kuputaivi Kupova Kupindal Kupgen Kuper Range Kuper Mountains Kupei Mount Kupata Kupari Point Sefoa Point Kupano Kabunu Kubanu Kunua Konua Sarime Kunima Kunidolam River Kung Plantation Kung Island Kung Kunewa River Kunakunai Kunaiya Kunaie Kumwe River Kumusi River Kumusi Point Kumisi Point Kumuli Island Komula Island Kumukio Gumukio Kumparum Kumlakor Kumkwalaga Bay Kumkuri Point Kumisi Mount Kumi Kumi Kumgot Kumdarong Kumdauron Kumbun Passage Kumbun Island Gumlum Island Gumlun Island Kumbum Island Kumbun Kumbip Kumbango Number 2 Kumbam Island Mount Kumbak Kumavavu Kumarau Bay Kumaina Mount Kumain Kulwango Kuluvitu Kuluritu Mount Kuluron Kuerron Kulu River Kulungi Kulingai Kulungei Kulungat Kulumadau Kulpetau Kulon Kullik Island Konelik Island Kunglik Kunlip Island Kulis Kulinus Passage Kulaunus Channel Kulinus Island Kulanus Island Kulaunus Island Kulenus Kulibang Kulibung Kulia River Kulavi Kulaunus Kulaun Plantation Kulangit Kulami Kukuya Kukupi Creek Kukulu Kuiang Creek Kui Kuwi Kuhu River Kuelam Kudukudu Kudjeru Kudjuru Mount Kuda Kuda Kubuna River Kabuna River Kibuna Kubuna Mission Cape Kubumi Kubu Creek Kubuana Lagoon Kubioia Range Kubaleo Mission Kuaniagal Island Kuai Mount Kuagula Mount Krummel Mount Krommel Kries Reef Kowamarara Kowamanara Mount Kowald Kovelo Number 2 Kovelo Number 1 Kovelo Pitoki Cape Kotopan Cape Kautopan Cape Kautupan Kotokodo Creek Kotkin Kotaure Kosipe River Kosipe Mission Kosipe KSP Koseikwa Point Kosesikwa Point Korvasi Koruwe Koru-Oru Koru'oro Koruoro Koruniat Island Herringan Koruniato Jima Koruniat Korumba Koruakomana Koru Korau Korou Korpun Bovanpun Korapun Korpe Kopei Korpei Koropata Number 2 Koropata Koromokina River Koromira Point Koromira Bay Korokiu Hill Korogo Korodindi Bay Korodak Aid Post Korobosea Korabosa Korndop Point Korleili Reef Ko River Korisata Korindindi River Koriesu Mission Korere Korepa Koreaf Korbau Koravagina Creek Koratul Korala Creek Korala Korai Koraga Bay Kora Kopwei River Kopurilavava Kopure Kopuana Kaufana Koupuana Kopo Plantation Kopikirio Kopikiri Kopenilavava Koparaka Kopani Kopeni Korpani Kopa Kontu Konos River Konos Patrol Post Konos Lasun Kono Number 2 Kono Number 1 Kono Konokonowana Island Konokonwana Konogogo Mount Konogaiang Mount Konagalang Mount Konogalang Konobio Plantation Konebio Plantation Konobin Aid Post Pinikindu Aid Post Konobin Panakondo Cape Kono Konmiap Konmavul Konmakio Koningiya Ridge Konininda Kiminonda Konimbo Konindo Kongi Komgi Konga Konematalik Konematelik Konedobu Konebada Bay Konebada Resort Konebada Konibada Kone Kondolop Kondolo Konara River Konako Komutu Mount Komumuri Komubu Bay Komo Creek Komo Kominasaeo Kamunaseo Komiatum Gap Komiatum Kamiatan Kombon Plantation Kombon Beach Kombon Kombiu Mount Kombiu The Mother Komban Kombai Island Komat Komaraki Komalu Plantation Komalu Bay Komalu Komoles Komolus Komalabu Koma Kolui Creek Kolube Plantation Kolube Koloxa Creek Kolonoboi River Kolonoboi Mission Kolonoboi Kolanaboi Kolonubo Kolong Island Kololo Creek Kulolo Creek Kololo Kollepina Plantation Kolopina Plantation Kollepina Harbour Kollepine Harbour Kollopine Harbour Kolenusa Island Kolem Kolai River Kolai Plantation Kolaio Kolai Kolaio Island Kola Kula Kok River Kokorogoro Kokora Kokopo Kokopo District Warien Kokola Plantation Kokota Plantation Kokola Kokoda Trail Sohe Kokoda KKD Kodoka Koko Bay Koko Kokiakomana Kakiakomana Koki Koke Bagu Plantation Koka Plantation Koje Koiyan Koive Island Koitaki Plantation Koirapusi Koira Koire Koipuku Koipa Infant Welfare Centre Koipa Koinapa Creek Koimumu Koilil Koili Koiioro Koi'ioro Koi Iopo Koi Iavi Koifa Kuefa Ruefa Koiasi Koiare Koari Koiaris Koianaki Koiana Koiabagiri Kaiabagina Koiabagila Koiabagira Kohu Kogo Kogil River kogai River Kagai River Mount Koffa Mount Kofifo Kofa Koep Koet Lake Koena Kodogera Kodogere Kodige Kodi Creek Koderika Kouderika Kobuan Bay Kobuaga Point Kobo Kobio Kobeo Kobiak Creek Kobiak Kobia Kobi Kobeinan Kovena Kobau Kobatara Point Kobaroka Cape Koas Koakoarivi Island Cape Knorr Knirps Island Dot Island Knirps Islet Knight Point Mount Kleiner Klamoulul River Kiwsawa Kiwisawa Kiwok Island Kivok Island Kitumala Point Cape Kilumala Fortification Point Kitschapon Point Kiton Island Kiton Kito Creek Lido Creek Saint Joseph Creek Kitkita Angkitkita Kitava Island Nowan Island Nowau Island Kisiu Kisituen Kisengam Kisenden Kisela Kiru Kirra Beach Kirkirkona Mission Kirikirikona Mission Kiriwina Island Trobriand Island Kiriwana Kirikire Kiriai Cape Kirchoff Kiramara River Kirai Creek Plantation Kira Kipu Kipa Kip Kiorota Kiolivi Kinsena Kinjaki Kinigunan Plantation Cape King William King River King Plantation Kingfaringau Kingfarinau King Bay Cape King Yamegon King Kig King 2 King Mission Kinebug Division Kinebug Plantation Kindupu Kinami Kinalakna Kimokimo 2 Kimokimo 1 Kimokimo Kimbe Island Kimbe High School Kimbe Bay Kimbe Kimadan River Kimadan Plantation Kimidan Plantation Kimadan Mission Kimidan Mission Kimadan Malom 1 Rilu Kilu Cape Killerton Killenge Island Kalungi Kulunge Island Killavava Mount Kilkerran Koitabu Peak Kilinwato Plantation Kilinailau Atoll Cartaret Islands Carteret Islands Kilinailau Islands Nine Islands Kilia Kiletu Kilenge Mission Kileipi Kilalum Kila Kila Number 1 Kila Kila Kila Kikori Kikivaiai River Kikiviai River Kikitambu Kikita Kikinonda KIZ Kiki Creek Kikibiti Kikibibi Kigara River Kiga River Kieta Peninsula Kieta Harbour Kieta KIE Kiep Plantation Kiap Plantation Cape Kiepert Kiep Kido River Kido Creek Kido Mount Kiding Kibu Island Kibirisi Point Kibil Kiava Kiau Point Lighthouse Kiau Point Kiata Kiari River Kiari Kiara Kiangana Island Kaingana Island Kaingara Island Kiangara Island Kiam Kiakara River Kiago Kiage River Mount Kewari Kewansasap Kenwasasape Kewanasap Kewanasap Mission Kewansasap Mission Kewasasap Keveri Hills Keveona Keveamakana Ketskets Getsgets Ketenge Anchorage Ketengi Anchorage Ketenge Ketengi Ketakerua Bay Kesu Plantation Kesseroa Lagoon Kerora Kero Ker Ker Creek Kerekerina Point Kerea Kerawara Island Kerawara Harbour Kerawara Keravat River Kerawal River Keravat Number 2 Plantation Keravat Corrective Institution Keravat Agricultural Station Keravat Keravat Plantation Kerau KRU Kerapi Kerame Dilava Karame Keppel Point Kepara Kenuwa River Kenolia Kenminings Mount Kenevi Kanevi Kendata Kenapit Plantation Kenabot Plantation Kemrawari Gap Mount Kempt Kemburum Keburum Kembul Kembeng Kembakn Kemb Kemakomana Kemaea Kemaia Kemabolo Kemabola Kemaboro Keluwel River Kelumehi River Kelkel Kelerg Creek Keleman River Keleman Creek Kelemen River Kelaua Point Kelaua Harbour Kelauau Harbour Keraua Wan Kela Point Kila Point Kelanoa Harbour Kelana Harbour Kelanoa KNL Kela Creek Kekitaka Keketaka Kekeni Rocks Kereni Skittle Rocks Kekemona Kekei Keke Mount Keith Keili Keila Kedidia Creek Mount Kebea Keast Reef Kear Creek Kayoni Island Kajoni Island Kawulikiau Island Kawulekao Kawulekau Island Kawulikiau Kawoia Kaweteng Head Kavetang Point Kawetang Head Kawawoki Mission Kawawoki Kawauwu Island Kawaren Kawalan Kawang Island Kawangam River Sanga Number 1 River Kawambu Kawaliap Kawailiap Kawa Island Kawai Point Kawia Salubwana Point Kavutu Point Wilson Point Kavutu Kavui Settlement Block Kavugara Settlement Blocks Kavu Mount Kavillamas Kaviki Kayika Kavieng Harbour Nasa Harbour Kavieng Kavieng District KVG Kaewieng Kawieng ka wei en kabien kawyng Kaveng Island Kaveng Kaveja Settlement Blocks Kavavar River Kavanas River Kavavas River Kavali Kavai Creek Karai Creek Kauwa River Kauwa Kaut Plantation Kaut Harbour Kaut Bay Kautaga Island Kaut Kaurau Kaurai Lagoon Kaurai Kaura Bay Kaura Kauro Kauptimete Island Kaptimati Island Kauptimeti Island Kauptimete Kaupki River Kaunkiol Kaunkeo Kaungko Kaunangisi Kaulz Creek Kaukum Kaukauai Kau Island Kou Island Kauilikau Kauho Beach Kaugere Kau Creek Kaubi Kaubademki Katu Plantation Katuna Creek Katuna Katuna Mission Katumani Hamlet Katokato Katingan Aid Post and Mission Katingan Aid Post Mission Katingan Katika Katiapa Katherine Harbour Katharine Harbour Katendan River Katendan Plantation Katendan Kate Creek Katebuang Plantation Katatar Katapa Katana Division Katanu Plantation Katalusa Katalusai Katelusa Katakatai Kataipa Kasu 2 Kasume Point Kasuma Kasu Kassa River Kassa Creek Kaskas Island Kaskas Kasin Kasilamaka Passage Kasilamaka Pass Kasiawa Kasiabadina Creek Kasia Kassia Kasereng River Kasepka Creek Kaselock Plantation Kaselok Plantation Lumungan Plantation Kaselock Mission Kaselock Kaselok Kase Kasanombe KSB Kasangari Number 2 Kasangari 2 Kasangari Number 1 Kasangari 1 Kasangari Kasanga Karu Plantation Karukaru Karu Bay Karuasi Karuasi Mission Karuama Karu Kaguso Karron Karon Karong Karo Karisoa Karimoa Bay Karima Creek Karim Karias Plantation Karia Number 2 Karia Karia Two Karia Bay Karri Bay Karia 1 Mount Kareri Karema Karel Reef Karekopa Kerekopa Karekodobu Karedek Karekdek Karavia Number 2 Karavia Number 1 Karavia Bay Keravia Bay Karavia Karavi Karau Karasusi Karas Range Karas Mountains Karangan Kanangan Karanga Creek Karakwa Karakung Karakun Kiarakun Karakuba Point Karaiworo Karaisa Karaikomana Karaiai Kapuluk River Kapugara River Kapugaru River Kapsu Point Kapsu Plantation Kapsu Bay Kapsu Road Kapsu Kapsikau Kapsipau Kapsel Kapoli River Kapoli Lake Kapo Island Kapu Island Kapogere Agricultural Station Kapogere Kapagere Kapo Kapor Kapiura River Kapuira River Kapuru River Kapiso Kapikavi Kapepa Islet Kapeka Island Kapepa Island Kapemoku Mount Kapberg Kapasaliao King 1 Kaparura Kaparuru Kapare Settlement Block Kapa Creek Kanzarua Kanu River Kanunu Kanungiya Ridge Kanungiva River Cape Kanun Kanu Point Kanun Point Kanudi Kantomut Division Kantomut Plantation Kantebu Kantembu Kanosia Kanosia Plantation Kanongusngus Konogusgus Kanomi Kanobaba 2 Kanobaba'a 2 Kanobabaa 2 Kanobaba 1 Kanobaba'a 1 Kanobabaa 1 Kanimeno Point Collinson Point Kaninend Point Kanigia Island Kanglo Kangilona Kangavu Creek Kangarua Cape Kangargar Kanga Kandrian Gloucester Kandrian KDR Kandoka Kandendent River Kandan River Kandan Kanawetu Kanaweto Kanatura Kanari Kanapu Island Kanapo Kanapit Kenapit Kanani Kanandara Kanam River Kanam Plantation Kanam Mission Cape Kanambumbu Kanamarandan Kanamarandon Kanam Kanabu Kanambu Kamulai Mission Mount Kamuga Mount Kumuga Kampos Creek Cape Kampis Kampalap Kampalab Kumbalup Kamondo Komondo Kamloa Kamlaua Kumlaua Kamlagidu Point Cape Kamlagidu Kamiraba River Kamiraba Plantation Kamilir Creek Kamiaturn Kamiang Kamdaru River Kamduru River Kamdaru Plantation Kamburade Kambubu River Kambotorosch Harbour Kambotorosh Harbour Cape Kamborer Kambolo Creek Kambisi Kambirara Kambili Kambali Kumbili Kambilal Kambawel Reef Midway Mount Kambari Kambapupu Plantation Kambaire Creek Kamavalo Kamarelo Kamaua Kumaua Kumawa Kamatami Kamasia Creek Kamari Kamandan Plantation Kamanakam Kamanakam Mission Kamanakan Kamalgaman Anchorage Kamale Plantation Komale Plantation Kamakamar Cape Kamagil Cape Kamagili Wanigela AGL Kamabun Komabun Kama Kalu River Kalum Creek Kalukai Point Kalukal Point Kaluan River Kaluan Rest House Kaluan Number 2 Kaluan Kaluan 2 Kaluan Number 1 Kalounapok Mission Kalopa Island Kolopa Island Kalom Kalo Kalo Kalohon Point Kalmaruhi Island Galimaruhi Island Wura Island Kalki River Kalipo Island Uaiuri Island Kalip Kalinguang Point Kalingere Point Kalimarungwum Ridge Kalili Plantation Kalili Harbour Kalili Bay Kalil Kaletta Kaletteta Kalawurima Island Kalawanamugu Kalaveng Kalasa Mission Kalasa Kalapiai Island Kalapiai Kalampun Kalaloa River Kalal Kalai Plantation Kailai Kalai Kalia Plantation Kalagunan Point Kalagunan Kalagen Kakumo Kakolan Island Heath Island Kakita River Kakeipo Kakaweadiaeia Kakasa Kakare Island Kakandetta Kakendetta Kakalo Kakak Waterhole Kakaia Kajepkapun Plantation Kajali Creek Kai-Yo Bay Kaiwaupi Kait River Kaitoto Kaiton Kait Mission Kait Kaiteba Kaisia Kaisenik Creek Kaisinik Creek Kaisenik Kaisinik Kairuku District Kairaga Islet Kairago Island Kariwa Mount Kaindi Kainde Kaindi Kaindi 1 Kainagunan Kailope River Kailoma Kaili Creek Kaileuna Island Kaile Kailape Kailakunumu Kailakinumu Kaiko Kaieri Kaibola Kaiau Kaeiu Kaiamu Kaiama Kiamu Kaiafit Kai Kahei Kapei Kago Kagit River Kagi KGW Kage Kageta Kafkaf Plantation Kafkaf Mission Kafera Creek Kaevaga Kaeng River Kaduwaga Kadawaga Kadnwaga Kudawaga Kuduwaga Kadora River Kadora Creek Kadelik Kadataiveakwa Point Kadalaiveakwa Point Kadalawa Point Kadai Island Kabwum Kabwum District KBM Kabwao Point Kabuvwang River Kabu River Kabunut Plantation Kabanut Plantation Kabunut Kabanut Kabuni Kabum Kabuluna Point Kabuli Kabukeal Island Kabukeai Island Kabubu Kabotteron Island Kabatheron Island Kabatteron Island Kabona Island Kobona Island Kobona Rock Cape Kablumgu Cape Kablungu Kablumgu Point Kableman Kabitoros Plantation Kabitong Island Kabitang Island Kawutong Kabinapaoa Point Kabin Kabil Plantation Kabilomu Kabil Mission Kabiletad Point Kabiletap Point Kabien Number 2 Kabien Kabien 2 Kawin Tunschui Kabien Number 1 Kabien 1 Kabiatarai Kabiabuna Creek Mount Kabat Mount Kabati Kabari Kabapuko Kabanikau Point Kabunikau Point Kabanga River Kabanga Bay Kabanga Kabanakwaikwala Point Kabunakwaikwala Point Kabaman Kaboman Kaboman Mission Kabakon Reef Kabakon Island Kabakaul Bay Kabakaul Kabakadas Kabakada Point Kabagada Point Kabakada Kabakabiui Kabaira Plantation Kabaira Creek Kabaira Bay Kambeira Bay Port Weber Kabaira Kabahon Mission Kabagap Kababiai June Valley Joice Bay Jorara Jorora Jonita Jones Reef Jonangge Mountain Jomi River Johnston Islands Jiyonsuton Shoto Johnston Inseln Johston-Inseln Johanna River Johann Albrecht Reef John Albert Reef Johann Albrecht Harbour John Albert Harbor Jiwari Jivevaneng Ji-U River Jitami Jiropa Point Giropa Point Jiropa Plantation Duropa Plantation Jinena Jikuataia Jiguro Island Cape Jeschke Cape Jesehke Jeru River Jensens Plantation Jegarata Jebo Jawani Island Javiwaitaiz River Javier Javeneri Jau River Sau River Jaulu River Jalu River Jatapal Mission Jas River Jarum River Jarrad Islands Ja River Jari Jao Jau Jani Jangain Island Grune-Insel Jangaine Jangrain Island Yangain Yungain Island Jammer Bay Yame Island Jame Island Yame Jamandilai Point Jamandala Jamalavava Jake Zhake Jajau Creek Jajau Jai Creek Jacquinot Point Jacquinot Bay Cape Jacquinot Jacqinot Kao Kap Jacquinot Jabi Islands Jabbering Islands Jaba River Mamayegu Jaba Jaba Number 2 Jappa Mamaregu Iyut River Iwuji Iwore Iwori Iwatara Iwalewi Creek Iwa Island Jouveney Island Iwaia Iwai'ia Iwaia Mission Iwaiia Iwai Iwai Hamlets Ivule River Irule River Ivivitki Creek Ivisusu Ivirupu Iviropu Nirupu Tviro Iviri River Ivere Ivani River Ivane River Koisipi River Lyane River Iuni River Iungpun Iumielo Yumyello Yumyelo Mission Iu Bay Iou Bay Iubadi Iu-ai-u River Iu-ai-iu River Yuaiyai Creek Iu-ai-u Iu-ai-iu Uaiku Itoto Point Itoto Creek Itoto Itonomata Itoi Creek Itogama Itne River Itni River Ititi Itikinumu Plantation Ita Isurava Isurawa Isosargan Isoge Isina Isinai Mount Isimurigarok Mount Isimurigarik Ishmi Creek Isaveni Blocks Isaveni Settlement Blocks Iruru Irua River Irri Creek Iroronomu Iro Island Irinauwa Irinalan Island Ibuene Ieolasa Yulus Island Irena Ipuk Ip River Ipoteto Island Ikara Island Ipotete Island Kara Island Ipisi River Iowia Creek Iowa River Galu River Galui River Iovei Amurlove Iove Lovei Iovabada Tovobada Ioup Ioromakomana Ioribaiwa Ridge Iorabaiwa Iorabiwa Iora Creek Iora River Iongai Longai Iombon Iombom Iomari Creek Ioma Creek Ioma IOP Iokokonakaia Creek Iok Invura Mission Inus Point Inungapun River Insel Cape Cape Insell Island Cape Inrim Plantation Inolo Mission Inner Reef Inlimut Lake Inlet Bau Lagoon Eu Inlet Iniska River Inimu River Inibake Island Ingi Inge Ingei Creek Ingari Creek Inagari Creek Ineina Induna Plantation Induna Island Iduna Island Muller Island Mutlar Mutlar Island Indum Indo River Indagen IDN Inawai Creek Inasoa Point Inasowa Point Ina River Inaorena Inaworena Inahele Inaf River Ina Creek Ina Imuruwake Imuru River Imuagoro Imogoro Imon Imita Range Imila Imidiru Ima River Imairu Ilugi Creek Cape Iltopan Cape Jetupan Iltis Point Cape Palliser Ilolo Plantation Iloli River Bolo Ilolo River Ildo River Iloko Iioko Ilaka Ilimo Creek Ilimo Iliakabu Creek Ili Ilebbe Creek Ilebbe River Ilavu Ilamu Island Ilamororo Ilamaroro Ilakai Ilai Ikongo Spring Ikivari River Ikara Ikana Ikai River Ijika School Iigi I'igi Igup Igumbe Creek Iguai Igua Igonamo Igonamu Igomuti Iglik River Igid Igidi Igerua Ifobe Eforbai Ifobei Ieta Ieta Mission Ieme River Jeme River Iema Creek Iema Yema Idumava Point Idumava Idula Idubada Idlers Bay Roku Bay Idihi Island Idiha Island Idateka Point Bugeew Point Bugeewa Point Idaleka Point Ibwananio Ibuwar River Ibuwa River Ibura Bay Ibu Iboki Plantation Iboko Plantation Iboki Anchorage Ibinambo River Ibiduwa Ibaradoku Iba Bay Iawon Iarwon Iawobo Iawarere Jawarere Iawakaka Iaure Jaure Taure Iaura IAU Iaupolo Iauga Creek Iaudobu Iaudari Iau Iaso River Iasi Iasi Anchorage Iasa Iasa Bay Iasa-Iasa Anchorage Iarumenomu Iaroga River Iaroge River Laroga River Iarivord Range Iarbedu Iara River Iala River Iarame Yarame Mowensand Island Iara Island Lake Iaraguma Ialakua Ialaka Iakas Iahi River Iahiluma Creek Iahibu River Iagirua Iaga Island Laga Island Yaga Island Iaba River Hydrographers Range Hydrographer Range Hyane Harbour Hayne Harbor Huxley Peak Huvivi Hutjena Hus Reef Hus Island Hus Huru River Huru Head Huru Point Huris Hurata Hupai River Hupaisapani River Makatowa River Marivi River Huon Peninsula Huon Gulf Hunter River Hunter Point Huniho Hungiri Hunanangeu Hunabore Ulunai Island Gunulau Hulungau Island Ulenau Ulunau Island Ulungau Hulu Crater Hulem Hujavasusu Huina Creek Huhuru Huburu Huhuru Mission Huhunati Island Huhunamo Huhunama Hill Hughes Bay Huembo Hudewa Hubegong Hubika Hualil Huabada River Hsiduna Howaja Hovea Hou River Hote Hoskins Peninsula Hoskins District Cape Hoskins Hoskins HKN Hosken Islands Horno Islands Horno Group Horno Inseln Horno Islets Hornos Islands Horigi Horau Hurau Horanda Hopoi Mission Honziuknan Honpato Honjeta 2 Honjeta 1 Hon Island Mik Mik Han Island Hongorai River Hongo Hompua Homenomu Homenom Hombrom Bluff Cape Holthusen Holnicote Bay Gona Bay Holincote Bay Cape Hollman Cape Hollmann Hokoa Point Hojavohambo Hojavahambo Hojaki Hoiya Hoirinare Rock Hoirinaire Rock Hoianurenda Hohota Hohorita School Hohora Creek Hohola Hogu Reef Hixon Bay Hiuwa River Hitung Hisiu Point Hisiu Plantation Hisiu Harbour Hisiu Isiu Hisi Reserve Hirudan River Hiruan River Hiritano Highway Hipagat Hioveli Villages Himauul Himau'ul Hirauiul Himau Plantation Himau Himai-Ai Gorugoro Himai'ia Himaiia Hilwick River Hiwhick River Hiwick River Hilder Group Hilda Islands Hilalon Plantation Hilong Nalas Hikan Hilalon Hihonda Creek Higuturu Vocational Centre Highland Hill Higgins Point Higgens Point Hidden Saddle Hibaling Heveve Creek Cape Heussner Cape Heusner Hete Reef Hetau Island Hitau Hessen Bay Herzog Swamp Hertzog Lagoon Herzog Lagoon Herzog Lakes Labu Lagoon Herzog Mountains Herzog Range Herzog Mountain Heron Range Hermo Reef Hermo Reefs Hercules Bay Henu-Oite Island Henty Range Henry Reid Bay Port Hennessy Beribona Bay Hengune Henderson Bridge Hendeneng Hembe Creek Hemang Hem Mount Hely Heldsbach Plantation Heldsbach Mission Hela Point Heking River Hein Island Hefele Point Hedele Point Hedoa Heaths Plantation Hayn Reef Hayne Reef Havergal Shoal Hauwei Island Hauwei Hautai-Ia Bay Haulo Haugata Hatsigan Island Fatsigan Island Cape Hatsia Port Harvey Port Henry Hart Reef Harlu River Hark Creek Hari River Harigo Hariko Lake Hargy Harehaku Hardy Point Hardenberg Point Hardenburg Point Hapan Hagan Hapahondong Cape Hapag Uatunglong Hanuabada Hanuada Hans Meyer Range Hansenide Colony Cape Hanpan Cape Henpan Hanpan Hankow Reef Hanjiri Hangiri Hanisch Harbour Hangulakakan Island Handarituru Hanau Hanama Creek Hanakiro Hanahan Hanahan Mission Hanahan Number 1 Ham Reef Hamoronong Homoneng Hamdingnan Hamburg Harbour Hamburg Bay Hamburger Bay Hamburata Kongahambo Amborata Hambarata Hamaronong Hamara 1 Hamara Hills Hamara Haloulu Cape Halmaramba Hall Point Mount Hall Halis Plantation Halfway Rock Haki Hakhak Haisi Haigi Haishi Haima Hailogo Haijo Creek Middle Creek Haidana Island Mount Hahl Schwarzer Hahei Hagutawa Hagatawa Habiuk River Gwoira Range Gwoina Range Mount Gwoira Gwiraro Gwiroro Gwinlankor Gwawi Mount Gwasan Gwarumemase Gwanigwam Gwanigwan Lake Gwam Gwagut Gwado River Guado River Gwado Guado Guadu Gwadila Creek Gwadi Creek Gwadede 2 Gwadede Gwadede 1 Gwadarab Island Gwada Gwada Gwani Gwani Gwadagwada Gwabuta Creek Gutoiz Guswei Gusi Gurunkor Gurumunumu Gurukwaia 2 Gurukwaia 1 Guruguru Guruga Creek Guru Gurissi River Gurisau River Gurissu River Gurissi Gorissi Gorrissi Gorrissio Gurisi Gurim Island Gurewa Gurawaia Guraima Gura Creek Gununur Plantation Umugau Gunugau Guntershoehe Plantation Gunoanai Gunoana Gunim Gungarung Creek Gunazaking Gunari Gunanur Gunanba Gunaia Gunabosing Gumun Gumnata River Gumboro Hill Gumatabu Island Gumalalai Island Gumatabu Guma Gulei Mount Gulcher Gulcher Mountain Gui River Giu River Mount Guinot Guimu River Giumu River Guimere Lagoon Guhi Gugumu Gugumi Gugume Guburu Gubu Gubara Point Ipapaa Point Guava Range Gauva Range Guat Island Guasopa Harbour Guasopa Bay Guasopa GAZ Guasop Guari Patrol Post Guari GUG Guar Jevenai Guara Creek Guabagusal Mount Groom Griffiths Sugarloaf Warimatana Mount Grey Grenau River Green Islands Caymanes Groene Eilanden Groene Islands Grune Islands Los Caymanes Nissan Islands Sir Charles Hardy Islands Mount Green Mount Greer Greaves Reef Greaves Point The Great Stone Grass Point Grasberg Granawe Point Grabo Reef Graah Point Gower Harbour Gowa Govu Islet Govo Island Hug Island Gouwo Goulupu Gotet Gossler Point Gosmaium Gosisi Gorue Islet Gorua Goropu Mountains Gogopu Mountains Gorohu River Gorohu Gorogoruna Gorogouna Gorugoruna Gorogorova Gorogorowa Go River Gori Gordon Goragatabu Creek Gorabuna Gora Goodenough Island Boidoga Dauila Dawila Morata Goodenough Bay Goni Mount Gong Gona Mission Gona Gona 2 Gomwa Bay Gomu Gomore Gomlongon Gomina Gomena Gomeda Gombwato Gombara Gomando Gomandat Gom Cape Goltz Golo River Oro River Golo Goldie River Uku-ora Creek Ukwora Creek Goldie Bluff Golangke Goipat River Goilala Goilala District Goia River Goiantagnum Gountagnum Gogosi Gogola Gogo Cape Goeben Godowa Gobunirobu Creek Gobukomana School Gobuia Gobura Gobera Gobe Gobari Plantation Gobaragere Plantation Gobadik Gwabadik Goat Island Plantation Biwa Plantation Goari Hills Goari Hill Mount Goari Goaling River Goada River Goada Gneisenau Point Gnalala Globig Island Globio Island Glen Island Submerged Glen Island Glin Island Steamer Island Gladys Point Gizarum Point Giwu Peak Giwagiwa Island Giwa Giwa Mission Givena Kivera Gitukia Gitua Gitarut Gisem Gisamolo Gisamilo Kesamola Girua River Giriwi Giriwu River Giruwa Girua Blocks Girua Settlement Blocks Giropa Creek Giriwa Giring Girigirita Hahereta Girif River Giria Creek Girewor River Giretar Point Girebi Gerebi Gira River Gira Canyon Girabu Ginum Creek Ginigolo Gingala Islands Gingala Ginetu Island Ginebei Island Ginanala Ginala Ginada Ginada Mission Gimwa Bay Gunwa Bay Gima River Aima River Gilua Island Gilinit Gilingil Point Cape Gilingil Gilingil Plantation Gil-Gil Plantation Gilingil Bay Gilibwa Giriba Glibu Mount Gilaut Gilau Gilang Giland Gilalum Plantation Gilagila Plantation Gigori Gigo Point Gigipuna Gigina Gigarakwaia Gidobada Gidalu Gewoto Gewoia GEW Gewa Lagoon Gewak Gevak Gewa Geveragoro Getmata Gerup Gerubu Hill Gero Reef Keiro Reef Cape Gerhards Gereu River Geresi Gerepo Geren River Gereka Gerehu Geregagea Geraun Gera Gera Sina Cera Gera Sina Gera Gera Sino George Brown High School Geo Reef Genga River Genera Genara Gene Gena Gemo Island Hanudamava Island Hanudamawa Island Hanudamua Island Gemo Gemaheng Kulungtufu Gelei Geite Gegofi Geglep Island Geglip Island Gegerau Geahuajei Geahuaje Gea Gazelle Peninsula Gazelle Halbinsel Gazelle Harbour Gazelle Bay Gazelle Channel Gazelle Kanal Cape Gazelle Birara Point Gawana River Gawan Gawa Island Gavuvu River Gavuvu Creek Gavuvu Gavit River Gavitt River Gavit Range Gavitt Range Gawit Range Gawlit Range Gavit Plantation Gavitt Plantation Gawit Gavida Gavaiva Gavagora Gauwa Gausepa Gausepa Mission Gauru Garau Garu Gauora Gaunomu Gaungo Gonga Gongo Gaunani Gaulim Gauinlabu Cape Gauffre Gatseng Gatop Primary School Gasmata Island Gasmatta Gasmata Gasam Garu Sawmill Garuro Number 2 Garuru 2 Garuro Garuru Garua Plantation Garua Island Hannam Talasea Harbour Garua Garoca Moimor Gar River Garrandibut Cecilia Island Garove Island Deslacs Island Deslaos Island Garowe Island Ile des Lacs Witu Garombi Garli Garipa Garingi Beach Garima 2 Garima Number 2 Garima 1 Garima Number 1 Garimati Garima Garili Garilli Gargo River Gargaris Cargaris Gagaris Garer Bay Garerr Bay Mount Garbuna Garawaria Garari Gorai Gararal Garara Creek Garana Creek Garand Creek Garamokogena Garaina GAR Garagos River Garagos Mountain Garagaras Gar The Gap Ganzegan Ganzengan Ganuka River Ganna Kokili Ganjiga Gonjige Gani Creek Ganiawai Ganglo Island Ganemboku Gane Gananga Lagoon Cananga Lagoon Ganana Ganai Gamoga Gambumanaweia Cape Gambagafai Gamatua Island Mount Gamada Galuwatu Creek Galuwata Creek Galusu Galasu Galtum Plantation Galowe River Galowe Galovit Galavit Galivit Galoale Mount Galloseulo Galloseulo Galley Reach Galilo Gali Gali 2 Galelum Island Galaiwa Bay Galaiwau Bay Galai Number 2 Settlement Block Galai Number 1 Settlement Block Gala Creek Gaiwonaki Gaiawanaki Gaivo River Gaile Gaire Gaire Number One Gaigoro Gaiewa Gaieng Gaiari Gaho River Gaho Galau Gagidu Point Gagidou Hook Gagidu Hook Gagave Gagari Gagan River Gagah River Gagan Gabwina Island Gadwina Island Gabutu Gabutawa Gabutaia Gabsonkek Gabone Gabmatzung Gabensis Creek Gabensis Bump Gabensis Gabatu Motu Motu Gabutu Motu Motu Gabutu Mutu Mutu Gabagata Gabagaba Kapa Kapa Kapakapa Ga-A Creek Fulleborn Plantation Fulleborn Harbour Aleborn Harbour Fullerborn Harbour Fulleborn FUB Fulis Pulus Fulimuti Fufuda Fufuda Mission Fuar Cape Friendship Franklins Knob Mount Frank Lawes Francisco River Franciso River Francisco Canyon Founa Fofoma Fona Pofoma Foul Bay Fotombar Point Foru River Poru Creek Foru Number 2 Foru Number 1 Foru Foru 2 Foru Mission Cape Forster Foro Fonli Funli Fonibaru Fondengko Fologaia Foliang Mission Fofo Fofo Foto Foto Fofe Creek Foduma Fodu Creek Fodu Foasi Creek Foaru River Poaru Creek Fly Islands Fleigen Islands Fliegen Islands Flaggen Peninsula Five Pinnacle Peaks Five Pinnacle Peak Mount Fitu Fissoa River Fissoa Plantation Fessoa Plantation Fissoa Fischer Harbour Fir Tree Point Fig Tree Point Fior Finsch Harbour Finschhafen FIN Finschafen Finschaven Fingal Beach Mount Fillodeau Mount Filiam Fileba Plantation Fern Fergusson Island Kaluwawa Moratu Feni Mission Feni Islands Aneri Anir Group Anir Inseln Anir Islands Feni Group Feni Inseln Saint John Islands Woneram-Inseln Wonneram Islands W?neram-Inseln Mount Felo Feiaba Bay Fegani Bay Fergani Bay Fedarb Islands Fidap Favane Fatmilak Point Falmilak Point Penipel Point Penipol Point Fatmilak Fatkarson Fatkarsan Fatima Mission Father Reef Farther Reef Faseu Farisa Creek Farangot Fanuma Fangwel Fangalawa Plantation Fangalawa Bay Fangalawa-Bucht Fangelava Bay Fangelawa Bay Fangelawa-Bucht Fangewa Bay Fangalawa Fang Fane Mission Fala Creek Fakonama Faiwani Creek Fairway Reef Fairway Rock Fairfax Harbour Nouga Nouga Nugu Nugu Harbour Failure Rocks Fagume River Wagume River Ezanko Expedition Harbour Expectation Strait Erwartungs Strait Eworogo Creek Ewore Ewase Ewasse Eware Inlet Eware Lagoon Eware Ewanagia Ewal Island Eval Lanke Island Evili River Eviauwa Eve Shoal Evese Evesa Mission Evesa Everupu Evasusu Evari Creek Eutao Eundi Creek Endehi Creek Eunainaun Mountain Eulolou Harbour Etuitui Island Eti River Etep Etaitno Etabu Point Etabu Bay Esulu Bay Mount Essie Esis River Esianda Eseli Escape Bay Esade Motu Motu Esede Motu Motu Esa Creek Esaala Esa'ala Esa'ala District Esaala District ESA Erventa Islet Erventa Island Erumelavava Eroro River Eroro Creek Eroro Mission Eroro Creek Mission Eroro Kaive Cape Erkokon Eriama Creek Erhard Mountains Erendengan Erarisu Erap River Erap Mountain Erap Epa Eppa Eoti Creek Eoro Keveri Eorila Creek Eore-la Creek Enuk Plantation Enuk Islands Enuk Cape Entrance Enowa River Enjora Ejaro Enjoro Enivilogo Enili Creek Enid Shoal Enid Patch Mount Eni English Peaks Enge River Enende Cape Endaiadere Killerton Ena River Enang Island Enalik Island Emusau Island Emuni River Empress Augusta Bay Kaiserin Augusta Bay Kaiserin-Augusta-Bucht Emperor Range Emo River Emo Mission Emo Emirau Island Emir Emira Island Hunter Island Kerue Storm Sturm Island Emeun River Emengwaning Embengwasing Emeline Bay Emmaline Bay Embogo Training Centre Embogo Emboga River Emboga Creek Embogo River Embi Mission Embi Lakes Embi Creek Embewanang Embeta Creek Embessa EMS Embala River Ema Reef Emananus Island Elsong River El River Elomusao Island Elome Creek Elolian Elobe Eloaue Island Eloaua Island Elizabeth Bay Eli Reef Mount Elieli Elevala Peninsula Elavala Eleonora Bay Eleanora Bay Eleoa Elena Elebe Eleanor Shoal Elava Elamin River Elakurukuru Point Ekrek Ekoukane Ekoru River Ekaleu Islet Ejaua Creek Eiwo Mission Ewo Mission Eiwo Aevo Creek Eipa Ipah Eil River Eilogo Estate Eilogo Creek Eikal River Eifa Eickstedt Passage Eickstedt Pass Eiatoto-Unu Eia River Eia Point Eia Canyon Eia Ehu Creek Ehu Enu Eho Ehenabasusu Ehenanba Egum Islet Egum Island Egum Atoll Egum Egum Group Egum Islands Egilo River Efogi 2 Efogi Efogi 1 Efogi River Efogi Creek Efaika Edwards Plantation Edu Edmago Island Einfahrts Island Entrance Island Edie Creek Edei River Edebu Creek Edevu Creek Edebu Edagwaba Range Mount Edagwaba Ebuia Creek Mount Ebree Eber Bay Ebeoa Point Llewellyn Point Ebei Creek Ebealue Creek Ebanalu Island Ebabang East Owen Point East Islands East Entrance East Embi East Dome East Cape Bilolo Cabo de Santa Maria Cape Assu Cape Sainte Marie Ost-Kap East Branch Inungapun River East Branch East Branch Awio River Awio River East Branch East Branch Au River Au River East Branch East Blocks East Ambogo Settlement Blocks East Baien Baien Eaea Dyke Ackland Bay Dyke Acland Bay Dyaul Plantation Dyaul Island Diaul Djaul Jaul Island Jav Island Sandwich Island Duvira Creek Duve Dutiu Duliu DUrville Peak D'Urville Peak Duria Point Dunung Plantation Dunung Island Duming Dunung Cape Dungurongoro Dung Creek Dundu Rock Mount Dundas Dumpellaman River Dulilik Creek Dulagoa Dukuboi Point Duke of York Island Neu Lauenburg Duke of York Group Duke of York Islands Duke of York-Inseln Neu Lauenberg Group Neu-Lauenburg-Inseln Duia Dugumenu Island Dugumanu Island Mount Du Faure Du Faure Duei Island Dudububuna Bay Dudo Bay Duchess Island Uruma Dubu River Dubi Dube Creek Dubanatoboa Dubanateboa Duau Duaga Islet Duaga Island Duaga Harbour Drong Droia Driwata Drina River Drina Plantation Mount Drew Mount Dremsel Dramsel Drehet Dreger Harbour Drano Drangot River Dramolow Point Dralman Point Drabito Number 2 Drabito Drabito 2 Drabito Number 1 Drabito 1 Dowi Mount Reamur Mount Reumur Reamur Reamur Peak Reaumur Reaumur Peak Dowaia Dewaia Dowailia Dove Dove 2 Doura River Douramoku Douglas Harbour Mount Douglas Cape Doubtful Cape Kwaia Dorom Area Dorf Point Dorfer Bay Doramusa Donup Plantation Dunop Plantation Dunup Plantation Dononang River Dona Domut Domura River Dombada Dumbaba Domada Domeada Domara Creek Bari River Domara River Domara Domada Creek Doma Dolomakas Bay Dolo Dokura Dokalang Dokaling Doita Doing Dogona Creek Dobu Passage Dobu Pass Watoa Island Dobu Island Goulvain Island Dobuduru Dobodura Doboduru Dobudura Dobua Point Mount Doboron Doa Plantation Doae Creek Diwawap Divinikoiari Divinikoari Divinukoiari Diumana Diu Creek Dirou Dirinomu Dirikomana Dirigolo Dirigoro Direction Point Dire Dios DOS Dioro Diodio Dingen Island Cape Dinga Cape Dingra Dinam Creek Dililo Island Dilava River Dilafa River Dikoias Decoyas Dikas River Dikarua Island Digutu Digurenda Digaragara Island Dietrich Point Deitrich Point Mount Dietert Didord Creek Didiga Didana Range Didina Range Mount Dickson Dibuwa River Dibou River Dibo Creek Dibamu Creek Mount De Vis Manunu Mida Vis Devatutu Mission Devatutu Dewatutu Deuro Range De-U-Ro Mountains Deu Reef Deunia Cape Deschamp Derongge Darongge Derimos Creek Derimbat Derim DER DEntrecasteaux Islands D'Entrecasteaux Islands Dentina Creek Denge Shoal Denge Point Dengando Dengondo Dengalu Denga Denau Creek Cape Demogu Demgalu Del River Delolaweil Plantation Deklay Point Mount Deimling Mount Diemling Deia Island Cape Deedes Puri Deception Point Debonefue Debenefue Mount De Boismenu Deboin Mission Dewada Mission Dewade Mission Deboin Debo Creek Debadegoro Deadmans Bluff Dead Mangrove Point Dea Mount Dayman Dawson Strait Cape Dawson Dawot Dawong Dauong Dawok Island Dawapia Rocks Bee-hive Beehive Rocks Beehives Dawangiona Lake Dawai Dawadua Dawadawai Plantation Dawa Davaon Plantation Davaon Daumagini School Dauli Daugo Islands Daugo Island DGG Fisherman's Island Fishermans Island Tauko Island Daudoro Datava Dataru Point Dataru Plantation Datama Daskigi Dasiama Creek Darumu River Darum Creek Darubia Darubia Mission Dart Reefs Daroakomana Dark Hill Point Dark Hill Dareki 2 Dareki 1 Dareeba Hill Dareba Darebo Hill Daratui Dara Danuagua Island Daunagena Island Danu Dantutu Dantenge River Danolango River Danlilian River Danir Creek Daniavi Creek Point Danger Mount Dangai Mount Damgai Danfu River Dant'u River Dantu River Danfu Dant'u Dantu Danethon Creek Danawan Danawana Danatum Danapai Dampit Division Dampit Bay Dampit Dampier Strait Dampier Strasse Cape Dampier Damnorei River Damnore River Danmore River Dami Research Station Dami Forestry Experimental Station Dami Damburabere Hills Dambi Peak Dambach Islands Damanum Dalum River Daulum River Dalum Plantation Dallum Plantation Dalum Aid Post Dalugilomon Daluavu River Kori River Dallman River Dali Doli Dalavu Creek Dala Poupe River Dala Poope River Dakureie Bay Dakurere Bay Dakiamaia Creek Dakevakomana Lake Dakataua Dakataud Lake Dakamenai Idakamenai Idakemenai Dakabus Creek Daiuwa River Dairabadina River Daino River Daniu River Daindor Plantation Daia Dahu Dahana Daguala Creek Daouala Creek Daguala Dagona Mission Dagoda Dagnome Dagi School Dagi River Dage River Dagi Dages Range Dages Mountains Dadul Dada Range Daburaik Daburika Duburika Dabunari Dabora Dabi River Dabinot Dabi Cyclone Hill Cutler Point Cusacks Twin Peak Cusacks Twin Peaks Curtis Reef Cape Cunningham South Cape Cunningham North Cape Cunningham Mount Cubine Mount Gubine Cubertaun Plantation Crown Prince Range Crown Island Crook Patch Cromwell Mountains Cromwell Range Ulur Mountains Crocodile Point Cape Cretin Credner Islands Gredner Islands Pigeon Islands Crater Point Crater Peninsula Craigs Pillar Cortilison Plantation Koritilison Plantation Cormoran Point Conical Peak Conica Peak Cone Peak Condor Point Garnot Point Cape Comoran Community of the Visitation Commodore Bay Comet Harbour Kikiwiei Harbor Talisea Harbor Mount Collins Collingwood Bay Cold Water Creek Coglan Head Codys Point Tamina Point Tomino Point Coconut Point Cocoanut Point Cobra Hill Deregoro Clunas Creek Clifton Plantation Clarkes Fort Clarke Patches Mount Clarence Claire Shoal Circular Reef Kreis Reef Cigaregare Plantation Cigaregare Chuparhun Point Chunpats River Baniu River Chinpats River Christian Training Centre Chordillera Chomoli Point Chokua Island Chissi Point Chissi Island Chirima River Chimbuluk Chimbulok Chilling Island Mount Chayer Chaportauwi Point Chapman Range Chapman Ranges Mount Chapman Chamisso Channel Mount Chamberlain Chalou Island Mount Chalmers Challenger Shoal Chalata Island Chakol Chahlossa Islet Richards Island Saboi Islet Tjahalossa Cerire Creek Mount Cawston Caution Point Caution Bay Catalina Casuarina Island Cardomom Farm Cannac Island Cam Point Cape Campbell Byron Strait Bwussi River Bwussi Bwilei River Bwasiununa Bwaruada Point Baradua Point Bwana Bwaha Bwani Bwambi Bwakugu Buyuasi Bay Buyuesi Bay Richards Bay Buyawim River Buyawin Buyang Buyang 1 Buyame Creek Buwai Buvassi Settlement Block Mount Buvasi Butuwa River Butuwan Hospital Butu Point Button Island Butlivuan Butjo Mokau Island Butjo Luo Islets Butjo Luo Islands Butjo Lang Island Butiolo Butibum 1 Bitibum Butibum Butibum River Bumbu River Buteilung River Buteilung Buteilong Butei But But Bay Putput Bay Butaweng Creek Butaweng Butangelu Island Butala Buta Creek Bula Creek Buta River Busu River Adler River Bussu River Busung Busu Mountain Busu Malaria Centre Buso River Buso Point Point Busom Buso Buso 1 Buso 3 Busip River Busiga River Busega River Busiga Busega Busian Cape Bushing Cape Busching Buseng Busa River Busama Busalamaga Buru River Buruka Point Burowei Burns Peak Buriwadi Island Buri River Buri Bofu Boru Burevi Burep River Bura Burau Bupu River Bupon Bupa River Buoc Creek Buobuo Buni Ti-Au Creek Bungerr Point Bungbune Bungbuwe Bunga River Bungalamba Bungalumba Bundro Island Ndriol Island Bundralis Mission Brundalis Mission Bundrahei Bandrahei Bundan River Cape Bunbun Cape Bugban Cape Bugdon Cape Bundun Bunai River Bunai Mbunai Bunaga Cerisy Peak Buna Bun Bumi River Bumerang Reef Bumburata Bumbarata Bumbunu Island Bumbu Bumborum Island Bumborun Bumbom River Bubom River Bumayong Buluwara Bulus River Bulu Settlement Blocks Bulu River Bulup River Bulu Plantation Bulung Plantation Bulumuri Bulu-Murli Bulum River Bulun River Bulung Buluma Sawmill Buluma Baluma Bulu Daba Bulu Doba Buludava Bulu Bulldog Track Bulldoburu Bulihat Bulihan Bulidobura Bulidoburu Bulidobu Mount Bulebe Bulcara Bulbong River Bulayang Buleyang Bulawate Bulawatni Bulwatni Bulantim Bulantin Bulamanong Bukum Bukulan Island Bugulan Buko Buki Bukevi Creek Buke Bukbuk River Bukauasip Bukaua Buka River Buka Passage Bukang River Buka Island BUA Bouka Lord Anson's Island Lord Ansons Island Winchelsea's Island Winchelseas Island Buka District Buka Passage Sub District Buka Buku Buisaval River Buin District Buin UBI Buiem River Buiane Buiambum Buiambun Buhem River Buhaw Point Buharu Bugwer Bugwev Bugi Island Bugang Bugaim River Bugaim Bugem Bueri Buer Buengim Buee River Budnenga River Budega River Budelun Island Bu-Bu River Buburia Buberia Buburira Bubuni Point Bubini Point Bubuni Bububi Bubu Bubi Point Bubi Creek Buberin Bubenjirin Mountain Mount Bubanjiam Buat Point Buas River Buaru River Buaroro Buarore Buap River Buansing Buang River Buangi Waibula Buali Waibula Buakup Buakap Buai River Buai Bua Bua Point Bua Brown River Road Brown River Brown Island Mount Browne Mount Brown Cape Brown Brokom River Broken Point Broadview Estate Mount Britannia Mount Brittania Brisbane Rock Bridges Point Bridge Point Mount Bride Cape Bredow Cape Bredbow Bray Hill Braunshweig Harbour Braunschweig Harbour Brunswick Harbour Boyina Creek Boyen Island Bowutu Mountains Bowen Shoal Bowen Shoals Bowat Number 2 Bowat Bowat 2 Bowat Number 1 Bowat 1 Bowat Bay Bowali Primary School Bovo River Bovera Bovalpun Boutkes Knoll Bouman Plantation Bowman Plantation Mount Boulogolo Mount Boologolo Bouleia Bougainville Strait Shortland's Straits Shortlands Straits Bougainville Island Bougainville Insel Cape Bougainville Cape Meatlik Cape Metlik Boudeuse Bay Botue Butue Cape Botiangin Cape Batsch Cape Boliangin Bothu Boteka Botana Reef Rotana Reef Botana Bospaira Boskombo Butchkombo Borvi Borvei Plantation Borugasusu Borio Borpop Harbour Porpop Harbour Purpup Borowai Borovia Borou Boreo Boro Borora Bay Boromo River Boroma Creek Boroko Boroke Boroginimu Boro Creek Boreo Creek Boridi BPB Bori Bori Mount Boria Mount Boris Borgen Bay Borgen-Bucht Borgin Bay Bore River Boregaina Mount Borebore Bore Bore Boreberi Borraberi Boreara Bore Borakapu Borakagere Boraragere Bopire Plantation Bopinbin River Bootless Inlet Bonua Bonkiman Bonivat Mount Bonimartini Bon Martini Mount Bonmartini Boniboni Bay Mount Bongmut Bonggi Bongganko Bonga Bonenepi Bonenep Bonenau Bonela River Boneia Bondong School Bonando River Bonando Point Bonando Bonanamo Bonnanamo Bonnanano Bona Motu Bone Motu Island Buna Motu Bonagai Bomona War Cemetery Bomegoro Bome Bombel Creek Bomatu Point Bamatu Point Cape Denis Bomasea Bamaseu Bomapau Island Baimapu Island Illasasa Bomana Gaol Bomana Creek Bom Bolubolu Bolu Bolu Bolpua Bclupa Bolo Bola Boliu Island Boliu Boliu Mission Boli Point Bolingbongen Bolimang Bilimang Bolegila Plantation Cape Bolegila Bolakomana Bolain Island Bol Bokuku Bokukomana Boku Boku Mission Boku Police Post Borku Bokongtata Bolongtata Boke Mount Bokave Bokasu Bok Boitalu Beitalu Boisi Boi River Boira Boine Boinagi Island Boimagi Island Boimago Island Boingi Island Boif Bohuai Number 2 Bohuai 2 Bohuai Number 1 Bohuai 1 Cape Boguslauski Cape Boguslawski Cape Bogun Bogoro Inlet Bogora Inlet Bogolis Bogisago Bogibogo Bogirohodobi Point Bogasu Bogaramaka Cape Bogan Cape Borgan Boga Boga Mission Boera Head Bura Head Boera Mount Boeder Boeder Mountain Bodoka Bodoimi Cape Bodobodo Bodinumu BNM Bodela Boda-Boda Bay Boda Bobsie Boboni Bobogoro Boboabol Point Boaboai Point Boboaboi Point Bobadu Mount Boarara Boang Island Boieng Island Boana BNV Boagis Passage Boagis Pass Boagis Bugis Bo Po Bnoto Point Blueberry Hill Blucher Point Blarompi Creek Bla River Blane A Tava Creek Blanche Bay Abit Nata Blanche-Bai Blanchebucht Blae Harbour Bla Harbour Black Rocky Point Black Rocks Point Black Rocks Black Cat Pass Black Cat Creek Black Cat Biuingen Biungen Bitokara Bitokara Mission Bitoi River Bitoi Ridge Bitoi Duali Bitlik Island Bitkesinmer Island Bitkesingmer Island Bitkangkunmale Island Bitkenkumale Island Bitkenkumele Bit Island Plantation Bit Island Bitiku Island Biliku Island Bitbok Island Bitdok Bitatabu Plantation Bitarebarebe Bitapukpuk Bitapaka Hospital Bitamarita Mission Bitalobo Bitalovo Ritalowo Bitagalip Mission Bitagalip Bita-Ere Mission Bita Creek Bitabaur Mission Bisiatabu Mission Bisianumu Station Bisianumu Bisapu Biru Corrective Institute Biros Barosi Birosi Mount Biririnia Biriri Birioi Birai Birik Barik Birat Birara Plantation Birar Bira Bion Island Binoa Binnen Island Biniguni Biniguna XBN Biniguna Creek Binigigoro Biniga Bingbingseng Plantation Bingbingseng Island Bingbingsen Island Binduta Bindi Creek Biadi Creek Bindari Bindapuna Bimun Bumin Bimat Bimary Mission Bimara Mission Biman Bimara Bilur Bilomi River Bilomei River Billy Mitchell Crater Lake Bilimon River Bilihe Island Biliang River Bilga Bilami Bilama Bil Big Wau Creek Big Pigeon Island Big Ndrova Island Dover Island Ndrova Island Ndrowa Island Big Mount Worri Mount Vorri Big Mount Gulu Big Gulu Mountain Big Malumalu Island Big Embi Bigairuka Bienen Islands Bidonagobu Bidiesi Bidiesa Bibiwa Bibitan Bibisi Bibira Number 2 Bibira Number 1 Bibira Bibeu Point Biaweng Baiawen Biawaria Bakaia Biauwa Old Biauwa Old Bizawi Bialao Island Biaboli Bezoa Bewit River Bewabewa Beueteng River Betu Besoar River Besibong Beribong Mount Besenona Berurumea Ridge Berubona 2 Berubona Number 2 Berubona Mission Beribona Beribona Mission Berubona Number 1 Berubona Creek Beribona Creek Mount Bernie Beriota Beri Bay Bergberg River Beg Beg River Bereruma Creek Berere Bereme Berema Berebi Spur Beravesa Bera River Berard Point Beram River Berakwaiyu Berawaiyu Beporo Bepero Benukanare Island Beno Harbour Benim Benge Point Benge Plantation Begi Plantation Bendoroda Bendemann Harbour Mount Bendemann Bendemann Mountain Mount Benda Benaule Number 2 Benaule Benalla Point Benalla Banks Bemberi Beluok Belouk Belombibi Belobeloia Island Belobeloia Mount Bellamy Beliwaia Belewaia Belliwea Belliwia Belik River Belik Plantation Belik Beligila Island Beligia Island Belifu School Belifu Number 2 Belifu 2 Belifu Number 1 Belifu Belifu 1 Belfamfal Belamfar Belema Tableland Belavista Belambu Bekoiana Bekabari Beiuru New Beuru Mount Beirari Bei Point Beikut Bekut Bei-iata Bai'ata Baiata Mount Bei Bei Begara Cape Beechey Beeagawaga Mount Bedul Bediniob Head Beding Bebewa Bebeili River Bebegwi Bear Point Wanai Point Beamu Creek Beama Beamu Biamu Beagle Point Beagel Point Beada Bayview Hill Bayern Bay Mount Bayem Bawareboine Island Bavo Island Bauwame Bautama Mission Bauramudi River Baungung River Baungnung River Baungung Harbour Banung Baongung Harbour Bauangung Harbour Baungnung Harbour Boots-Hafen Wasser Harbour Water Bay Baungung Baungnung Bau Island Baue Baudisson Plantation Baudissin Plantation Baudisson Island Baudissen Island Baudissin Island Binnigem Binnigen Island Bau Old Bau Baturu Batua Batteru Island Bat-Tam Island Bati Tam Island Bati Tom Island Bati-tap Island Batoro Batiuling Mount Batchelor Batari Satari Batapona Mountain Basuenoia River Cape Bastian Cape Bastion Bassis Basis 1 Basima Basilisk Passage Basakata Basada Baruni Barume Barune Baruma Creek Baruanumu Hill Baru Mount Barton Barrier Islands Barracks Point Baronga Island Boronga Island Paronga Island Baroindari Creek Baroevi Barisari Barim Bariji River Barigi River Barije River Baryi River Bare Hill Bareda Creek Betande River Barbarlau Barawon Baravun Baravaturu Barau Mount Baratun Mount Baritun Baratun Barataka Tatunoumu Bararia Creek Barara Barapina Barangas Point Barang Barakau Hill Barakau Barahun Island Borahun Baragui Creek Baradari Baradai River Barabara Banu River Bantamu Cape Banowu Bannon Bridge Baniu Bay Banin Harbour Baniu Harbour Baniara Mount Bangum Bangulangula Island Bangula Bay Banguito Banguho Creek Banguito Creek Mount Bangeta Bangdap Bangatang Plantation Bangatang Island Bangatan Neuwerk Bangatang Banesa Banban Reefs Banban Island Banaru Reef Potui Reef Banapa Banamia Point Banam Banan Banham Banakin Mount Bamus Bamus Mount Bamas South Son Bamurufto Bamorofto Bamurofto Bamboo Creek Bambiti Bambak Bamba Bamal Island Bamall Island Bamaba Point Balus Plantation Balus Balum Plantation Balum Island Balum Islet Balum Bulam Baluan Island Balowan Balual Baruwan Jima Palual Paluar Paruwan Jima Saint Patrick Island Balscot Bay Balob Teachers College Balnik Cape Ballin Mount Ball Balima River Balilaua Balil Bali Harbour Bali Haven Cape Bali Cape Balli Cape Paiglig Cape South Sud Kap Balgai Bay Bagail Bay Balgai Bagail Balgail Mount Balbi Tioup Balbi Toiupu Balanwaransau Belannarasua Balankolon Balangkolem Balangori Bay Balangko Balangit Balgnit Balang Island Victoria Balanawang Harbour Port Hunter Balanataman Creek Balanataman Balamoat Creek Balamerur Point Balai Balada Bakumbari Bakumbari Mission New Bakumbari Bakum Baku Bako Bakow Point Bakop Bakon Bakoiudu Bakoba Point Bakoba Island Bakobti Island Bakirua Bakawari Island Pok Pok Puk Puk Island Bakan Plantation Cape Bakan Bakan Bakaia Number 2 Bakaia 2 Bakaia Number 1 Bakaia 1 Bakago Bakachi Point Baita Baita Creek Bairiman River Bairaman River Bairiman Bairaman Bainings Baining Baining River Baining Mountains Baime Bailu Plantation Baikeb Number 2 Baikeb 2 Baikeb Number 1 Baikeb Baikeb 1 Baikai Island Baidani Baiawa Baia Plantation Baia Bagum Bagubara Bagu Bada River Bagibobi Bagiagia Island Bagela Bagatere Head Bagaterre Head Bagatere Harbour Bachatere Bagatene Harbour Bagaterre Harbour Bakhatere Harbour Holz Harbor Bagatere Bagetene Bagatavi Mount Bagana Bagai Baga Badzuluo Badlock Badili Badibo Baden Bay Badaika Badaide Cape Bach Babata Babase Island Babasse Babagutu Island Babagarubu Babagarupu Babaga Bababagu Babagu Babau Baai Awungi Awulu Islands Awrin Island Avring Island Awowoto Awoma Awoi-Hi Awob Point Awit River Awirin Awio River Awio Bay Awio Avio Aweleng Islands Awelongo Roos Islands Ross Islands Aweleng Island Awbu Creek Awat Awasa-Busama Awaruat Island Awarvat Island Awaro Awarere Plantation Awar Bay Awarai Bay Awara River Awaru River Awaraguragu Awara Awar Awa Awanglo Awangio Awang Island Awanato Awaluta Awala River Awala Number 2 Awala Awala Number 1 Awaitapu River Awainena Creek Awainena Bay Awadi Avungai Island Avon River Mount Avinia Mount Avena Mount Aveva Aviklo Avihasa Auihasa Avinasa Avihain Aveve Aveta Aweta Aveni Avena Avenggu Avengu Aven Awen Avelus Avana Avahain Island Avabadina Auwali Auwale Auwaiabaiwa Auuna Au'una Autang Plantation Ausak Island Auruku Aurui Auro Aure Au River Aura River Auga River Aupwel Auno Aum River Aumo AUV Au Mission Au Auluu Aulu'u Cape Aulop Aulatonger Bay Aulac Creek Au Island Auguwana Augu River Augs Creek Augitni Auena Point Audi Au Bay Atzera Range Atwara Atuo Atua Atu Lagoon Atuia Bay Atvia Bay Atui Atu Tu Ato Mount Atlee-Hunt Atle Atlamau Atit Atara River Atangato Atamo Ataliklikun Bay Antaliklikun Weber Harbour Weberhafen Ataata Creek Ataara Creek Asua Creek Astrolabe Range Assalau Asalau Aslingpun Asiwa River Awrai Asit Ezit Asisi Asis Asini Asim Asimba River Asimba Asilimapua Aisilmapua Asilima Bay Atsinima Bay Atsinima Asilima Atsilima Asikouei Asiam Esiiham Asepsep Sep Sep Asatupi Asapoi River Ahapo River Auopai Creek Asapa Asanga River Asanga Number 2 Asama Asalingi Plantation Arutu River Arupon Plantation Aruoa Bay Arung Bay Aruna Reef Arlina Reef Arumu River Arumbum Arumabai Aruma Apa Range Aruna-Apa Range Aru Creek Lake Aru Aru Aruaidu Arua'idu Arrakus Creek Arowak Island Aropa Rvier Aronaimutu Island Aromot Island Aromaitsi Aroa River Aroa Plantation Aroana Plantation Aroa AOA Aro Arni Reef Arndt Point Armi Creek Cape Arkona Aritapu Aripau Point Hakuan Arione Ariome Aringlo Mount Arimu Arimegi Plantation Arimegi Island Arili Island Arigo Arielo Bay Aria River Ahia Aria Creek Argau Creek Aremaka Arehe Blocks Arehe Settlement Blocks Aregenang Cape Archway Arawe Passage Arawe Islands Gracieuse Archipelago Gracious Isles Iles Gracieuses Lieblich Islands Liebliche Inseln Liebliche Islands Arawe Island Arawe Harbour Arawe Arawa Bay Rawa Harbour Arawa Arava RAW Araupa Island Aruapa Island Arat Arasum Creek Mount Arasum Arara Creek Aranora Aran Arame Creek Aramata Creek Araltamu Island Arakuti Reef Arakawauru River Arakawau River Arakawaun River Araia Ara'ia Aragipa Arabuka Apuo Island Apuo Rock Apugi Aporota Apo Apmi River Aparam River Apapulu Apalap Ulap Mount Apal Aomo River Anwek River Anusnus Point Anusau Island Eanuasu Eanusau Kanusau Island Anusagari Island Anusa Island Anusagaro Island Anuro Island Anu River Anum Island Jambon Island Jombon Island Station Island Yambon Island Cape Anukur Ansawe Cape Anombia Annen Point Anina River Ania River Angup Island Angorogo Angles River Angfa Plantation Angendrowa Plantation Angelek Angara Angal Anewa Bay Anepmete Anelaua Island Ene Andru River Andra Island Mount Andewa Mount Ehlers Anato Anasari Harbour Anasuri Harbour Anara River Analo Anobat Island Anabat Island Ana Amuraika Amun Hamon Amulus River Amuioan Ampul Island Amphlett Point Sakirere Amphlett Group Amphett Group Amora Range Amoiboa Amoa Amiuan Bay Amuian Bay Biteabout Harbour Amio Amien Ami Creek Ami Amgoring River Amgoreng Amgorin Amgoring Amgen River Amge Island Amfa Amfar Angfa Amerer Island Amereinum Creek Amenu Amenpa Amena Amenai Yisha Yizha Amelingan Hamelingan Ameisen Island Ameison Island Ambush Point Ambungi Island Bungi Island Burgi Ambungi Ambua Ambogo Amboga River Mount Ambo Ambitle Island Bournand Saint Jan Saint John's Saint Johns Woneram Wonneram Wuneram Ambisumne Ampisunme Ambeni Umbeni Ambasi Mission Ambasi Ambaba Amaraika Aramaika Amapo Amapa Amalut Point Amada Amanda Aluki Alu Alton Island Alor Alomarupu Alola Alolo Aloinasan Rock Alo Aloia Alo Aloia Mission Alligator Point Krokodil Point Alkasam Aliwo Aliwu Aliwa Plantation Alirawe River Alim Island Elisabeth Island Elizabeth Island Sauwai Alimbit River Alimbit Aliliai Mission Alice Reef Aliat Rocks Alyat Rocks Aliai River Alexander Passage Alexandra Pass Alepa Alebagiu Alealer River Aleater River Alcester Islands Alcester Island Nasikuab Island Albino Bay Mount Albert Edward Albatross Channel Alau Passage Alau Pass Alas Islands Alas Rocks Ala River Mount Alaivani Alairo Alaro Alaido Alage Island Alabule River Akur Aku Point Akul Akuku Aku Aka Akonga Lake Ako Lake Aku Ako Akiwok Akiuli Akinum Akimasusukera Akgrandringbut Akgrandringbul River River Akevailu Akebut River Mount Akarip Aka Reef Ake Reef Akani Island Akani Akandang Akam Ka Ajule Kajale Range Ajula Kujala Range Ajura Kijala Range Ajova River Ilia River Ajova Creek Ajeka Ajaura Hills Ajaura Range Ajase Aiya Creek Aiwo Aiwit River Aivi Creek Avivi Creek Aivet Island Aiwet Island Ajut Island Ayuet Island Ayut Aivet Bay Ajut Bay Ayuet Bay Aivet Ajut Ayuet Aivebadina Aiun Aiona Island Round Island Aita River Aila River Aitla River Aisul Creek Ais River Ais Islet Ais Island Aisega Bay Aisega Aisago Aishiga Aisiga Airiauka Airara Mission Cape Ainto Ainsi Ainbul Aimolau Aimare Aimara Auwaka Aimaga Amaga Ailulai Ailuluai Ailo Point Ailok Creek Ailo Island Keila Island Schildkrot Tonganda Ailo Tongande Aiku Aikora River Aikon Aieme River Aleme River Guieva River Musgrave River Aibala River Aiawan River Aiaisina Island Aiaisina Aiasina Island Aiare Aiara Ahu Island Ahowu Roto Island Ahowa-Hui Island Aahua Uri Island Ahora Ahi Arhi Ahevos Point Ahere Creek Ahearn Point Agur Island Agu Reef Agupon Mission Agulupella Agu Creek Agotami Agotamu Agutami Ago River Ago Agitana Serepewatei Agieina Agenahombo Agenahambo Agenanambo Agaun AUP Agaris River Agamoia Agaiambo Swamp Agarambo Swamp Afore AFR Afong Afofe Creek Afore Creek Apoche Creek Mount Afiafi Afati Bay Afamatuna Afai River Aemoi River Aduap Aduai Adolf Mountain Mount Otilio Admiralty Islands Admiralitats-Gruppe Admiralitats-Inseln Basco Islands Isles de 1' Admiraute Isles de 1 Admiraute La Gaymana Manus Islands Tauwi Tauwwi Twenty Three Islands Adler Bay Adiwi Island Adi River Adiabo Creek Adiabo Adiobo Adau River Adaua River Adoua River Adai River Ada River Abwaia Aburu Island Abugobi Hills Abuaro Abuaru Abuari Ablingi Plantation Ablingi Island Ablingi Harbour Ablingi Ablaugul Island Abia River Abel Abel Mission Abeisi Point Abaro Kubana River Ura Aimola Sagsag Bay Mount Kumbu West Entrance Cape East Entrance Cape Cape Balangori Cape Balangorn Ilia Bay Cape Kurabo Cape Kare Ndojenpaire Islands Sakulu Island Inglis Shoal Hummock Head Bradford Shoal Laurabada Shoal Baimsin Island Atlas Island Namatanai Road Langela Kolaum Batada Marawop Rawararei River Rawararei Loan Kulil Ramasaka Davaun Londip Salimun Lontis Iltopan Mount Bubuni Mount Momorei Karakarawa Bay Double Peak Julian Reefs Hagis Hanahan Bay Hahalis Cape Suhin Cape Tanabom Cape Totabu Nova River Cape Kori Cape Hatupoona Tarbut Chabai Siara Ratsua Aravia Dowada Bay Kurur Gog Island Ruri Head Palmers Cove Sobulasi Bay Horan Island Toruta Island Torabuta Island Tiaraka Point Borora Point Araui River Potua River Timetauta Kana House Kiape Atsinima River Arigua Reef Ambun Rock Siroi Natambasi Kaviroro Manetai MVI Arukawaun Paiken Popotana Hanemo Sikorei Maituri Mupesi Tavera Bakaram Tavera River Nama River Mamayegu River Totavi Konana Makapeka Kumiki Kia Rae Makaka Toko Kimaku Hiru Hiru Kapana Runai Monoitu Aitara Kakuruai Tonu TON Kangu Hill Antarara Island Alungokaku Island Mango Reef Kaukauwateri Point Lade Kone Island Vabukori Ugava Hill Digohi Hill Abahua Head Ranu Hetuturu Bay Elevala Tanabada Hourata Ubuna Oponogono Pomassau Island Bird Island Bay Borono Island Paretsahet River Hornan River Inrim Kareng Bay Karli Bay Landrau Bay Drondriho Creek Lemondrol Creek Chapotup Point West Reef Echuca Patch East Reef Nu Anass River Victoria Point Serpent Rock Konokorr Palawee Matamei Panewall Tuaram Opalla Mausoleumberg Perisben Anelik Patitaun Poskanai Ustsar Brown River Forestry Station False Gap Kokoda Gap Popo Toanpi Lake Bunu Sabusa Mount Diamond Varirata National Park Furimutu Bomana Borenumu Hill Magamagi Yunnan Shoal Yuma Passage Snake Passage Yule Patches Yongga Bay Yonga Bay Yinina Point Yeve Creek Ye Passage Yemba Point Yeina Island Piron Island Veina Island Yema Island Yawa Point Yaruman Island Yamiga Island Eamigai Island Yambwa Point Yama Reef Yalo Yalo Yakimoan Island Yabalawauna Bay Wuri Wuri Passage Wu Bay Wowolo Wori Wori Patches Wolverine Entrance Woleni Bay Wohitali Bay Wiwiyai Bay Wiwilora Pass Wiradarina Wiori Whitish Reef White Point Wetoeto Wetoa West Passage West Brooker Passage West Brooker Pass Weriseri Shoal Welololowa Point Wela Weku Una Wekouna Rock Weku Sinibu Rock Wekouna Reef Weitoa Island Buiari Island Bwiari Island O Neil O'Neill Island ONeill Island Weihu Mount Weia-Dubi Weia-dubi Wehuria Wegulani River Igurani River Webb Patch Wawamouna Wawahe Point Wawache Point Waurogola Point Waui Watuti River Watunou Bay Watunou Watula Bay Watubo Watts Island Kuriva Wasima Island Wasaloni Bay Warunga Passage Waro Wari Island Teste Island Ward Rock Warawadidi Wara-Nibonanadi Wara-nibonandi Wapulamutana Wapaie Wapai Wapagai Wanim Island Grass Island Wanigela River Sagamodu River Waigara Creek Waigara River Wanama Warama Wanahaua Wanaduela Bay Wamira River Wamera River Wamira Wamawamana Walu-Ulu Ulu Walters Reef Waliaba Island Walaulau Bay Wala Passage Walalaia Bay Walalaia Walai Wakoiaia Wakekeai Waiyau Bay Waiwailana Waitarubo Bay Waitarupa Bay Wairavanua Wairaina River Wairadarima Waipara Creek Waiori School Waiori Wainegela River Waikaiuna Waihaga Bikoina Island Waigani River Waiema Waialupwa Waiaku Waia Islet Waia Island Wahawaha Waga Waga Wagga Wagga Villages Waga Tu Tuna Bay Waga Tu Maiawa Island Banarua Island Wagahuhu Waga Anchorage Waeme Wadobuna Wadauda Waanyu Point Vurawara Vorua Point Viriolo Vilirupu Point Vilirupu Vidia Vidiaz Veri Veri Ventenat Islands Digara gara Cape Ventenat Cape D'Entrecasteaux Cape DEntrecasteaux Cape d'Entrecasteaux Cape dEntrecasteaux Karitahua Cape Venariwa Island Venama Island Veldi Velawi River Veiura Veiro River Vehi Reef Vehi Island Wehi Island Weni Island Vean River Varoe Reef Vaneiola Vamba Point South West Point Valley Hill Utian Island Brooker Island Utana Point Utalai Bay Uruio Rock Uruoio Rock Uruba Reef Uruam River Urapo Point Petoagolo Point Upa Ui Bay Upalai Bay Uparai River Upali Creek Upagau River Upugau River Unevi Umoni Ulupotaoisalala Point Uluma Reef Suckling Reef Ulumanu River Ulamanu River Ululina Island Ulo Ulo Uli Bonna Bonna Passage Ulawaboi Islands Ulawaboi Islets Webb Islands Ulawaboi Island Ukaka Ui Gari Passage Ulgari Passage Ubu Point Ubu Ube Bay Uapu Creek Ua Reef Two Twelve Mile Sandbank Tuyam Islet Tuyam Island Turtle Back Island Koi Koi Island Koikoi Turea Island Tupabololi Bay Tubabori Tuitulwagia Tubinagurm Island Tabulagoal Tuae River Tryon Bay Chambwe Tyron Bay Tree Point Towine Toveli Hill Toveli Entrance Toulie Toulaihalhopo Bay Toula Toua Island Quoin Island Tautauwata Island Tua Island Torlesse Islands Topura Topura Villages Topuna Topa Tomanou Plantation Toloi Awa Islet Toloiawa Island Togisi Island Togisi Rock Tobu River Tobu Tobu Island Tobai Point Tobaiam Islet Tobaiam Island Tipaulina Bay Tinu Point Tinolan Island Tinogo Mount Thompson Mount Gawa Mount Thomson Thobbs Reef Thenaki Te Point Ie Point Tegorauna Mission Tawi Reef Tawa Tawa Mal Reef Tawal Reef Tavanei River Taval Rock Tauwalhia Bay Tauveabuda Island Tautowatowolo Point Tautowatowola Point Werka Kata Keia Orange Rock Tantan Wata Island Taupota Villages Taupota Taupota Number 2 Taupota 2 Taupota Number 1 Taupata 1 Mission Taupaiopaic Taulola Taulolo Tau Hana Gana Taubeubeu Point Tauara Shoal Tauaman Tarasa River Tarapaniian Island Taori-Namu Taori-namu-namu Taodovu Reef Taodova Taoduvu Reef Tanubuibuina Tanorabwa Tanurabua Tanobada Tanania Tanabuibuina Bay Tanobuibuina Bay Tamonau Tameo River Tameo Taliwewai Island Tauwewai Island Talaha Taladio Taifaur Islet Taifaur Island Mount Taibin Tahiri Siga Sudest Island Sud-est Island Tagula Island Vanatinai Tagula TGL Taeaknabululu Tabudaia Point Tabubaia Point Tabuara Tabuala Table Bay Tabiribo Swinger Opening Suwen River Su Waian Point Susuwoyo Island The Sunken Barrier Sunday Entrance Sumwaraki Point Sullivan Patches Sullivan Patch Sugu Tusi Sugu tusi Rock Suau Island Stacey Island Suau Isudau Suahia Bay Suaeabina Saubina Suabina Suaibina Stuers Islands Striuni Point Stringer Bay Swinger Bay Strathord Islands Stirling Range Sterling Range Stapleton Patches Stanton Patch Split Rock Spire Islets South West Entrance South Pass Sororo Somwadina Mount Sola Duaga Smiths Passage Smith's Pass Smiths Pass Smith Rock Smith Patch Small Island Sloss Islets Slade Island Beri-Beri Island Berriberrije Skelton Island Nara nara wai Skeleton Island Skarakara Point Skarakaragi Point Siwai Wa Islet Siwai-wa Island Siwaga Sisinoli Point Mount Sisa Mount Nogulenan Siriki Shoals Cape Siri Sudest Sini River Sini Creek Sineigaro Kipa Kipa Bay Flinn Bay Flynn Bay Sinaguina River Lavaigwina River Sinaerda Sinaeada Sinadidi Sinada Point Mount Simpson Simagahi Silvio Reefs Silo Silo Bay Silo Silo Silisimai Point Siro siro mai Silifa Siini Si'ini Siga Islet Foolscap Rock Siga Island Sidudu Sideia Island Basilisk Island Sideia Sibweiauho Sibumbum Islet Sibumbum Island Sibonai Sibalai Siasialina Passage Siasiada Siakaka Shortland Reefs Shortland Island Ship Patches Shellard Ridge Sewai Sewa Bay Seu Seu Islet Sessawai Reef Sesebai Islet Sesebai Island Sisiba Island Selai Selae Sekwia Kwioa Point Sei Hauho Reefs Henderson Reef Segili Seboy Seasea Mission Searley Reef Searly Reef Sawatupwa River Sawatupwa Sawatupna Sawa Sawaga Rocky Pass Saw Sawaga Sawasawaga Passage Sawabwara Bay Mount Savarara Savana Savalala Sauasauaga Sarupai Sarupi Island Saru Nom Nom Island Sariba Island Hayter Island Sara Sara Saraoni Island Spike Island Sapikunuri Cocoa Nut Rock Coconut Rock San Roche Passage San Rochee Pass San Roque Passage Sandfly Rock Sandfly Shoal Sanderson Bay Sandbank Point Sandbank Bay Samumu Reefs Samoa Samarai Island Dinner Island Samarai District Samarar Samaria Salawie Sahai River Sagasagari Island Sagarai Valley Sagarai River Sagarai Plantation Sagarai Sagaaho River Sagaaho Saga'aho Sabuiona Sable Islands Sabari Island Owen Stanley Island Roux Islands Roux Island Gumoti Island Rou Rou Rot Reefs Rot Reef Rothery Passage Rossel Spit Rossel Passage Rossell Passage Rossel Lagoon Rossel Island Arova Jela Yela Mount Rossel Ronana Romilly Bank Romaisu Rokia Point Rogeia Pata Bay Logepwata Bay Rogeia Island Rogea Island Rodney Entrance Cape Rodney Otomata Point Robinson River Plantation Robinson River Robinson Anchorage Rivigolo Hill Mount Riu Mount Rattlesnake Riman Bay Rika Rika Island Rijak Bay Bunama Bay Riguina River Revelle Patch Reville Patch Renard Islands Remora Reef Relief Opening Reiga Shoals Reef Islands Redlick Passage Redlick Islets Rawa Reef Raven Channel Rat Islet Rat Island Sekuku Island Rane Rambuso Ramaga River Rae Patches Radava Rabuso Creek Proclamation Creek Rabia Bay Rabe Rabi Quessant Island Ouessant Island Tariwerwi Pwennegwa Harbour Pwasiai Island Patey Island Puesi-Ai Island Vaseai Island Pwasiai Puni Puni Point Emurimuri Point Punawan Island Puluwaga Pudsey Rock Prevost Range Prevost Cape Dimadimwara Point Dimadiwara Dimwadimwala Point Power Patch Powell Island Pova Poupouri Island Paupauri Island Poto Bagao Boat Rock Poto Bagao Rock Possession Bay Nawaripa Bay Pornani Passage Pori Pori Pori Passage Pora Ipuna Point Populai Island Margaret Island Popomweni Passage Pom Island Poma Poma Pama Pama Polokaluwana Point Poi Po-Hauo River Pocklington Reef Pitt Bay Sawateira Bay Piripiririna Pipira Bay Pipidai Point Piori Pini Range Pihigole Pero Pero Pender Island Fender Island Peletania Bay Pelagai Pelaburuma Reef Pelaburumo Reef Upagau Reef Pei I Point Pediri Pearce Patch Pawsey Reefs Pawsey Reef Pawapawi Paupaa Paua Patumara Patnai Paramana Point Paramana Papua Plateau Papi Papau Bay Panua Keikeisa Islet Panua Keikeisa Island Pantawi Point Pana-Wina Island Kaluma Island Pana Waipona Island Panuwaiyayapuna Island Panawadai Point Panawadai Islet Pana Wadai Pana Vara Vara Island Panavalavalan Island Rugged Island Pana Uya Wana Island Pannauya Wana Island Pana Udu Udi Island Pana Tinani Island Joannet Island Pana Tatoni Islet Pana Tatoni Island Panasia Island Real Island Panasesa Island Pana Sagu Sagu Islet Pana Rura Wara Panaluwaluwala Island Raymond Island Pana Roran Islet Pana Rora Island Eddystone Panaroba Islet Pana Roba Island Panalobwa Island Sloss Island Panarakuum Island Panarakiim Pana Rai Rai Island Pana Rairai Panapompom Island Pana Numara Island Panantanian Island Pananiu Island Pana Niu Panangaribu Island Pana Muti Point Pana Mun Passage Panaman Islet Panaman Island Woody Island Panamaiia Island Pana Kuba Islet Pana Kuba Island Pana Krusima Island Earle Island Panaiiaii Island Pana Hoba Islet Panahoba Island Pona Hoba Island Deboyne Island Panaeati Island Panaete Island Panniet Island Pana Boba Islet Fana Boba Island Pana Boba Island Panaubwaubwa Island Pana Bobai Ana Island Pana Bobaiana Panaboal Island Panibari Island Paluma Entrance Paka Point Pakabuk Reef Paira Point Paili Plantation Paile Plantation Paidnu Hill Padowa Pada Mount Pabui Paba Baga Owen Stanley Bank Otumo Otamata Plantation Otomata Osasai Islet Osasai Island Ormond River Ngoni Ngaia Orinono River Origuina River Origulna River Ori Oreia Islet Oreia Island Oraoro Orangerie Bay Orai River Opea Island Opanabu Onibu Point One One Onioni Onagom Reef Omnauwa Point Olupara Olupara Ridge Olabuibui Point Oiomamania Oi Oi Ma Oibada River Woibada River Oibada Oianenehona Odi-Abu Obstruction Islands Observation Reef Oboy Creek Oba Bay Sukuri Bay Oahi-Guina Creek Oaguina River Nyebe Bay Nyavo Creek Nya Passage Nwalu Point Nurava Nunumai-Bilaga Nunumai Nunuan Islet Nunuan Island Nuamuri Point Nuamuru Point Nuakata Island Normanby Island Duan Kwaiatabu Normandy Nora Raekae Noma Point No Ina Island Burnett Island Nivani Island Niva Beno Islet Nivabeno Island Nirut Ninan Islet Ninan Island Nimoa Island Niha Niha Nigo Nigo River Niconigo River Nigonigo Creek Nigila Night Bank Niesa Ni Eivi Reef Nibub Islet Nibub Island Nianiau Point Ngea Tree Island Neutral Reef Neula Babaeiahi Point Neula Badaeiahi Point Netuli Island Netula Island Catharine Island Catherine Island Netuli Bay Annie Inlet Annie's Inlet Annies Inlet Nepenthes Point Nepentkes Point Nell Rock Negro Head Nawarai Bay Nauwa Naura Nauabu Nauabu Mission Navabu Nasa Rua Rua Nasariri Island Beehive Island Nasa Pei Pei Nasakoli Islet Nasakoli Island Naomou Reef Nananalai Bay Namoai Bay Wanatonoli Bay Nalinalae Naigauna Naia Creek Nabai Nabagadila Island Myriad Shoals Mwatebu Mwahui Musters Patches Muruabaga Muniara Island Munaha Bay Mullins Harbour Mullens Harbour Puro Bay Puro Harbour Muhua Bay Mufuiuwabwahibiga Mudge Island Nari Narri Mudge Bay Hemoe Bay Semoin Bay Mowapa Moturina Island Mewstone Island Motorina Island Mori River Oini River Moreguipa Montemont Islands Montement Islands Monoli Point Monilau River Momore Range Momoni Island Momon Island Monono Island Moi E Lawa Bay Moiloa Bay Moia Creek Mohiwa Mohiwa Mission Mogubu Point Kwaipomata Point Mogiliu Point Maugiliou Point Moduala Modaulo Modualo Modewa River Modeima River Modeiwa River Yaraama River Modewa Bay Modeiwa Bay Modewa Modeiwa Mission Modewa Mission Mount Mo Misima Island Ile Misima MIS Saint Aignan Island Misima District Mio Point Minister Patch Mindora Passage Milne Bay Province Milne Bay District Tauwara Bay Tauwarra Bay Millport Harbour Losoa Doudou Losoa Dudu Sabiribo Doudou Mila Migemma Gemma Passage Mid Sand Bank Middle Indispensable Reef Messum Rock Messum Islet Banabala Island Messum Island Messum Channel Mesley Patches Merani Melanesia Mekinley Island West Iguari Island West Igwali Island Meiwa Islet Meiwa Island Meitapana Mei Mei Ara Island McGregor Reefs McFarlane Harbour Macfarlane Harbour Mboibi Point Mbeawe Point Mbeawe Bay Mayri Bay Lannoka Doudou Launoka Doudou Launoka Dudu Mawai River Mavara Wairana Maurele River Agricultural Station Maurele River Maua Massie Bay Masie Bay Mase River Masarida Masaiasaia Bay Marx Reef Maruta Passage Marshall Lagoon Marri Pass Mariawatte Plantation Mabiawatte Platation Mariamata Point Maliamata Point Mara-Mara Marai Islet Marai Island Maraia Maragum Mapo Maopa Manu Pisina Rocks Manuga Reefs Manubada Manbuan Point Manaugolo Island Manana Creek Managun Islet Managon Island Manabo Creek Man Mamya Goia Goni Island Mamya Goia Goni Islet Mamya goia goni Maraya goia goni Island Mamalo Mamai River Mamai MAP Malavai River Malatipatipana Mala Makumaku Point Makirupu Make-Ia Point Meke-ia Point Mekeya Point Makabweabweau Maiwara South Maiwara River Maiwara Number 2 Maiwara Number 1 Maiwara Maiwara North Maiwa River Mainaua Mailu Island Maliu Kolo Toulon Island Toulori Mailu Maili Point Mahala Island Mahabarina Island Magori Magesina Magavara River Magaubo River Bedile River Magaubo Mogubo Magarida Maga Maga Passage Magalkalona Maga Ikarona Bay Magaikalona Bay Stanley Bay Maeva Maduwa Point Madaua Mount Madau Madana Mission Madagowa Mabui Islet Mabui Island Mabneian Islet Mabneian Island Mabb Patch Lutmatavi Island Rutipiran Lunn Island Lumaobu Lulu Duya Luana River Riana River Luakaipu Loupomu Island Ainioro Island Lo-Pon Island Lopom Island Louisiade Archipelago Loua Point Cape Lookout Lolo Siwa Siwoi Loku Tao Ubiri Loga Loga Loani LNQ Loani Mission Loa Boloba Adele Island Boloba Loa Loa Bolobo Lipelipeyai Bay Liliki Lilihudi Bay Liji Liji Bay Lihitabu Point Libia River Liba River Liak Liag Liahane Leyama Point Lesimano Island Brewer Island Lessamanu Island Lelena Reef Lelei-Gana Island Lelei-gana Pahilele Island Lelehudi Lelehoa Lelebada Lele Lekwanwamuhuwa Lekwahwamuhuwa Lejeune Islet Lejeune Island Lejuene Islet Leipla Leileiape Leileiafa Leleiafa Leiga Islet Leiga Island Lebudowa River Lebrun Islands Leapwaapwa Lawik Reef Lawes Bay Lawani Plantation Lawadi Lavora Bay Lavora Avora Iavora Laviam Lau-Uhina Laulau Island Laua Laseinie Islands Lapia Bay Lamhaga Ramaga Ramaga Mission Ramoga Mission Lamalamawai Point Lamaga Lamada Point Laluoro Island Laraoro Laruoro Island Laluoro Lalava Island Lalaya Lalaura Laloura Lalama Larama Lalako Lalaita Peak Lakao River Lako River Laiwan Islet Laiwan Island Laimodo River Laimoda Creek Laimodo Lai-Boure Ridge Lahimoina Lahia Point Lahara Plantation Lagovani Point Lagatina River Lakasina River Ladava Mission Ladava Mount Lachlan Labu Labu Bay Rabu-rabu Bay Labu Labu Labelabe Kwiromi Kwiaro Bay Kwaui Islet Kwaui Island Kwauia Island Kwato Shoal Kwato Mission K.B. K.B. Mission Kwata Mission Kwato Island Kwato Eina Kaba Kwasi Kwato Kwatakwatala Kwapuni Point Kwapunaki Point Kwapeupa Kwame Point Kwalosai Kwakwatio Kwakwala Kwaioa Kwai-o Kwai Motu Motu Creck Kwai Motu Motu Kwai Ama Kwaiam Peninsula Point Kwahaula Kwadewalai Kwabunamoa Bay Kwabunaki Kuvira Bay Kutu Kuru Kurada Point Kurada Kupiano Point Kopieno Point Kupiano KUP Kunubalia Kunikunira Kunawa Point Kumikuku Kumaru Bay Kumapau Kulele Kulakulaua Point Kukuluba Islet Kokoluba Island Kukuluba Island Kukuli Kubui Point Kubi Point Kubi Kuanak Island Abaga Gaheia Island Koya Gaugau Point Kosmann Island Kosman Island Maragili Islet Marigili Korowau Bay Makedakwadakwa Bay Korni Korni Creek Korela Mission Korela Kore Mount Kopaki Mount Kipoki Konemaiava Konimaiava Kondu Cape Komet Kolavia Islands Panarakiim Motina Kokua Point Kokouwa Point Kokova Point Kokopagolo Island Koikoigeba Point Koia Yama Yama Island Oiama Aiama Island Mount Koia Tau Mount Oia-Tau Koia Reiba Reiba Koru Reiba Reiba Island Koiala Koia Kawasi Koiabakura Mount Koia Hoia Kobuwawa Bay Kiwarai Kivi Kivi Passage Kitai Bona Bona Island Kisa Island Quesal Kiririba Kini Kini Bay Point King Kimuta Island Killerton Point Killerton Islands Killerton Bay Mount Killerton Mount Binumi Mount Binumu Kilikilana Kilakilana Kilamala Kilamaiehela Bay Kilabau Kidd Reef Kidala Kibou Kiapara Ketch Island Kerorogea Keria Kerepuna Keapara Kerepunu Kera Kera West Islet Kepelegolo Island Kepolegolo Island Kemtai Kentai Islet Kemp Welch River Kelosa Bay Kelerakwa Kelekapana Kele Iruna Point Kelagalaga Point Kekelina Kei Keia Reef Kei-Eiwa Island Keiboda Keia Keia Mission Kegawam Islands Kegawam Islets Kegawan Islands Kedi Point Kebolia Island Keboiri Kebei Kebatura Keakoro Bay Keakaro Bay Keakalo Keakelo Keakolo Keagolo Kawalolo Kauru Plantation Kauru Kauru Creek Kaura Point Kau Kau Bay Baruada Bay Boruada Bay Port Dudfield Kaubwaga Kaubagga Kaubbagga Kawbwagga Kasi Kasi Bay Kasikasi Kasabanalua Karui River Karo One Point One Point Karauto Karagautu Kape Point Kaparoko Kaparaka Kaparoka Kapari Timber Mill Kapari School Kapari Kapari Hula Kana Waneipa Kana Kuba Island Hana-Kuba-Kuba Island Kana Kuba Kuba Island Kana Kopi Point Kana Kopa Point Kana Kopi Creek Kana Kopi Bay Kana Kopa Bay Saraoni Harbour Kana Kopa Kamatal Islet Kamatal Island Kamali Kalu Kalotau Bay Kaloi Bay Kaloi Kalo Kaligola Point Kalapa Kalamadau Kaiti Island Connor Island Kaitai Island Katai Island Kai Rau Rau Uai Island Kainako Kabu Usu Usu Island Kabokaloai Bay Kabakabaleina Point Kaba Eru Eru Kabu Eru Eru Juru Point Juliade Island Imsa Imuta Island Jomard Islands Jomard Entrance Jock McMillan Bay Lelehoa Bay Jivangwa Point Mount Jira Jinjo Jenkins Bay Liliki Bay Niu niu ridikwa Bay Jack Island Jackdaw Channel Iyuba River Iyin Island Garden Island Lyin Island Iwame Iwami Iu Mountain Ito Island Wanepa Island Cape Itihi Cape Itina Itamarina Island Isu Raua Raua Island Isu-Raua-raua Isu Na Daga Dagai Wari Isumdimaiu Isu Maragali Point Isu Maragiti Isu Mai I U Point Isulili Point Isuleilei Point Isulailai Point Isu Matumataiara Isuisu Plantation Isuisu Isu Hina Isu Diu Diu Isu Bobo Isubobo Island Isubada Point Isuai Island Bluff Irupara Point Irupara Ru-para Iruone Irugela Point Ipulai Ipsuli Ipouli Iou Iopara Ioiok Inskip Reefs Inskip Reef Inskip Hill Inawaimana Point Imwauna Imudat River Imudala River Immera Imila River Devitt River Imua River Imbert Island Mount Imau Imadi Bay Mount Ima Iloilo Bay Iloilo Ilimorupu Ilei Island Castori Ilal Ilai Island Irai Island Ika Ika Keino Igud Iguari Kiu Kiu Iguari Islands Ibulai Ibatitonea Point Iawalata Point Iawala Point Iaviau Ia Taui Islet Ia Taui Island Yotovi Island Mount Iarihau Iari hau Iapoa 2 Iapoa 1 Mission Iapoa Iopoa Ianianini Iamutuna Ialohia Iakini Iakao Iabama Island Hygeia Reef Huxley Reef Hummock Island Hull Island Cape Hulana Cape Excellent Excellent Point Hula Hui Waditimo Islet Chaumont Island Hui-Waditimo Island Huhuna Hudumu Iwa Passage Bramble Pass Howard Reef Howai Tinua Passage Howaho Aimo Passage Hosiai Point Horrara Gowan Reef Hornbill Channel Horaki Raki Passage Hoop-Iron Bay Haraharau Bay Hood Point Hood Lagoon Hood Bay Honla Mission Honla Hokalelei Hoia Bay Hohunawai Point Hahunawai Point Hogi Hogi Hodson Rock Hoba Bay Hiwola Island Hiealieu Hiwoli Island Hiwchiwe Hiscock Reef Hiohio Point Hioge Hioge Hiode Mission Hioge Mission Hiniuda Point Enauta Hinaula Hinauta Hinai Bay Hilomai Hiliwau Bay Hiliwau Hilimoi Bay Hilimoi Hilimoi Mission Hiliki Hiligoa Hiliganai Bay Hiliganai High Island Wola Hidawa Hibwa Islet Hibwa Island Hewiia Heva Isi Islet Heva Isi Island Hessessai Bay Heron Opening Heron Islet Heron Island Cape Henry Henderson Bay Hemenahei Island Flat Island Hemenahehi Island Hely Bank Hei Wok Islet Heiwok Island Heira Heira Point Nenemuli Point Hei Oyo Point Hei Huti Bay Heibura Point Helbura Point Mount Heibuk Hehego Hehego Mission Heath Patches Hawki Hawki Hawapa Hawapa Mission Hawalia Point Haumo River Haumo Hauagili Point Hanagili Point Hatuno Hatuna Hatulawalai Hati Lawi Harbour Joannett Harbour Haszard Island Haszard Islands Hazard Island Tua tua Hastings Island Haro Wani Island Killerton Island Harikoia Island Barikoia Island Hardman Islands Hanover Rock Hana Manawi Point Hanakajala Hana Hawawan Reef Hamoma Bay Hamona Bay Hameta Hamama Halu Bai Rawa Rock Haliwa Una Bay Mount Halford Halahalawuwu Haita Haines Island Katukatuwe Haiku Iri Shoal Hagita Plantation Hagita Mission Hagabai Bay Hadahada Hacker Patch Habara Haba Point Habani Gwe Passage Gwenagwenalina Gwe Creek Gwawili Gwavili Gware Passage Mount Gwalabu Kopaki Mount Gualabu Mount Guarabu Gwainyu Point Mount Guyuba Guyuba Mountain Guruguruma Gurney GUR Guna Isu Rugged Head Gumini River Gumuni River Gumini Gumai An Island Gull Patch Cull Patch Gulewa Island Gulewa Gulemalamalalana Point Gulele Guleguleu Gulekulubo Guide Reef Mount Gugu Sari Cloudy Mountain Cloudy Mountains Guguni Bay Gugui Guguepo Guga Gubagimore Point Guaugurina Bay Guaugurina Guara Kaba Omana Gua Awana Passage Grind Reef Nuremarema Reef Green Patch Grass Patch Reef Grant Island Grange Reef Grange Island Banabana Island Orange Island Grace Island Gowan Passage Govia Bay Gounaguina River Mount Gould Goteia Gotai Goschen Strait Gopi Point Gopia Goodman Point Good Island Gonema Oru River Gona Bara Bara Gomagamana Gold Rush Channel Golanai Goilawalika Goilawaligena Goilanai Goilahgoana Point Gogsiba Gogowali Bay Gogo Oi Oima Gogolabia Gogoialeba Point Magadebwana Point Gogoali Bay Gogadi Bay Godumuri Godinaguina Creek Godi Godaguina River Gadaguina River Gobura Bay Glenton Island Katokatoa Port Glasgow Geagea Doudou Nabunoga Bay Nobanoka Bay Nobu Noga Bay Ginewa Ginara Island Ginaivuna Gimogimowo Gimina Gimgimta Gimginata Gili Gili Anchorage Gili Gili Giligilai Point Gilia Islet Gilia Island Gillia Islet Gilemea Gigowa Gigitupa Bay Gigira Islet Gegila Islet Gigira Island Gigila Island Gibara Creek Gibari River Gibara Giabo River Gesila Island Coast Island Gerevaudi Point Gerevaudi Mount Gera Gera Gelemalia Geleharia Gelawadedena Gelahamutuna Gehua Gegoasi Gegadali Geduna Islet Geduna Island Gedge Shoals Gea Gea Gaga Gawn Point Gavuone Gavi Gau Hi Lama Island Gauilam Island Gatu Garuai Garuwai Garduowai Creek Garduowai Gara River Garahi Island Galahi Island Head Island Garagaradi Ganimwala Mount Gangulua Ganau Island Gamila Gama River Gamadoudou Gallows Reef Galley Rock Gaivakala Gaiogaiokawasi Gagwelle Bay Gagui Creek Gadovisu Gadogadoa Island Gado gado Gadogadoa Godagadoa Gado-Gadoa Bilobiloabahalina Island Gadoa Gadaisu Plantation Gadaiso Plantation Gadaisu Gadaiso Gadahoa Point Gabutanoteri Bay Gabusunarea Bay Gabusanrea Bay Meikle Bay Sudaubo Bay Sudoubo Bay Gabusuaiaru Bay Ellengowan Bay Gabusuaiara Bay Gaburu Gabugoghi Bay Isabel Cove Gabugabutau Island Gabugabulau Tubie Gabugabutau Tubie Tupit Island Gabugabuna Gabitaeu Gaba Husuhusu Creek Gaba Gabuna Bay Gabadi Creek Frierua Bay Cape Frere Girumia Fortesque Strait Fortescue Strait Kalamadaua Pass Kawana Madowa Forbes Shoals Flounder Reef Flint Rock Flat Islet Fisher Reef Fife Bay Fyfe Bay Feu de Joie Anchorage Feiori River Farm Peak Fan Reef Fallows Reef Fairfax Ridge Mount Fairfax Fairfax Mountain Ewena Ewina Evovari River Eunuoro Eugenie Island Mariapohu Island Etau Escape Rock Eruerauwa Bay Epoko Islet Epoko Island Engineer Group Emhoro Island Cette Island Eunauro Island Eunora Island Eunoro Islet Eunuoro Island Emerald Shoal Emerald Reef Elologea Bay Ellery Patch Ellengowan Entrance Eligan Point Elevala Reefs Elasi Elasi Mission Ekutotoro Point Hatoumum Point Einamu Islet Einamu Island Eiau Ehiki Islet Eheki Island Ehiki Island Egalauna Cape Ebora Cape Ebola Eboma Island Ebuma Island Eaus Eiaus Eihaus Eihous Eau River E'au River East Islet East Island East Iguari Island East Igwali Island Iguari Island Igwali Island Paples Island East Channel East Brooker Passage Earoga Eagle Rock Eagle Point Girimore Point Eabiha River Eabeuri Point Eabeuri Duru Duru Duperre Islets Duperre Islands Dunudanu Point Danudanu Point Dundee River Duna Labwa Passage Dumoulin Islands Dumonlin Islands Dumoakarifei Dumaga Bay Dulia Duipoi Island Dui Dui Hani Dui Dui Bani Island Duiauna Cape Ducie Cape Dulcie Duchateau Islands Duchateau Entrance Dubaguri Bay Arotau Lagoon Duade Dua Bay Duaba Dowatai Point Damatai Dowa Passage Dounada Double Peak Hill Dotaona Bay Dorasi Shoal Donea Donagagari Point Dominu Damunu Dombasaina Domboisaina Damara Dom Doini Island Blanchard Island Doida Dogura Bay Dogura Doguia Wedau Dogigi Island Doga Siu Siu Passage Dodo Dobukopu Dobu Dobu Doba Dixon Bay Kusaya Bay Kwaya Bay Diwara Diwakau Point Divinai Divari Dituna Point Discovery Bay Waga Waga Bay Wagga Wagge Dinyu Point Dinana Island Carrie Island Carry Island Diligaoli Reef Dil Dil Digaigaia Didiwaga Didigilo Island Didigili Island West Island Didibeubeu Creek Didia Didi Diborina Diama Island Derebai Cape Deliverance Delina Point Delina Delami Island Ropo Delama Deirina Island Delina Island Leocadie Dei Rena Deika Deika Deka Deka Island Deijei Radi Passage Deijei Radi Pass Deiji Radi Pass Johnston Pass Degola Degama Deigam Deedes Islet Deedes Island Deeds Island Dedele Point Dedere Point Dedele Plantation Deboyne Lagoon Deboyne Atoll Deboyne Islands Debana Point Debagoma Debagarai Passage Debagarai Pass Deba Dayman Banks Dawson Reef Dawson Island Dawson Banks Dawadawa River Dawa River Dawadawa Creek Dawadawa Daudau Daud Daubodai Island Daru Point Dari-Momo Island Darava Number 2 Darava Creek Darava Daroa Danobu Danubu Danawa Islet Danava Rock Dana Gedu Mount Damaeta Damadamia Creek Daiwari Island Bwarama Island Diawari Island Gibbons Island Daio Dahuni Dahome Dahume Dahidahina Dahalali Point Dagwa Isu Point Dagobo Dagadagabonalua Daga daga bonarua Dagadaga Dadda Hai Islet Brierly Island Daddahei Island Daddy Hai Island Dabutu Dabana Point Dabali Crow Channel Coutance Island Coutance Islet Cormorant Channel Coral Haven Conflict Patches Conflict Group Cocked Hat Island Cloudy Reefs Cloudy Bay Clay Reefs Chubudi Passage China Strait China Rock Waga Tari Cheu Bay Cape Chesterfield Uaramumua Point Cheshunt Bay Chaude Peak Chapman Reefs Chanyu Point Challis Head Magai-deibana Central Province Central District Centipede Bay Gadimuru Bay Gudimuru Cawston Rock Castori Islets Castori Islands Cardale Rock Cape Tawasuari Point Cape Tawasuari Dagoabu Point Cameron Plateau The Calvados Chain Caberolagato Point Bywonia Byron Island Bwasimaguri Creek Bwasiaia River Bwasiai River Bwasjaia River Bwasiaia Bwasiaiai Bwasiria Bwagaoia Bugoiya Bwagaoio Bwada Bwada Buvara Bay North West Bay Button Islet Butchart Island Bushy Islets Buruma Point Burumai Point Buru Bunora Islet Bunora Island Buni-I Bunamo Bay Bunama Bunama Villages Bunamo Village Burnamo Village Bunagalena Point Bunaeba Island Bulami Passage Bui Bui Budiai Bubuleta Brumer Islands Brooke Banks Bright Reefs Bright Reef Bright Island Brierly Reef Brierly Reefs Bridge Shoals Brethren Isles Brethren Islands Branson Rock Bramble Patch Bramble Haven Mount Bramble Mount Brainble Bowadi Bowabu Boutai Point Bouta Point Bousquet Bay Bousguet Bay Bounce Point Bou Bou Mission Mount Bossim Bosim Point Bosadidi Boroai Borebo Borebu Bonvouloir Islands and Reefs Bonvouloir Islands Bonua River Bailebo River Bonna Wan Islet Bonna-wan Island Bonna Bonnawan Bonna-bonnawan Island Bonawi Point Bonarua Tau Tau Pusuri Island Bonarua-tau-tau-pusuri Bonarua Hili Hili Bonaloahilihili Island Bona Rua Dai Daiwa Bonarua Bonarava Bona Bona Island Dufaure Island Mugula Island Mugulu Bomua Bomguina River Bamguina River Bomuguina River Domarawai River Bomguina Bolibolie Bay Hiliwa dara Bay Boi U Passage Boiu Pass Boitoi Boirama Island Dagwaihu Island Stanwell Island Boilavi Boikalakalawa Bay Boianai Mission Boianai Boiani Boiama Point Boia Boia Waga Island Boiaboia Island Bohiboh Point Bolaboh Point Symonds Point Bogilabaubua Bogala Baubau Bogala Bobo Hai Point Bobo Eina Island Huxley Island Boboa Islet Boboa Island Boadia Blind Rock Blight Patch Blakeney Island Black Rock Biwa Mount Bitutu Bitutu Mountain Bismark Point Bira Bira Bay Eira Bira Bay Inveraray Bay Binibinihali Binabinaholi Bilo Bilolo Shoals Bilo Bilolo Rock Mount Bilo Bilolo Mount Haines Bilobei Reef Bilaga Biga Biga Biawa Bay Bihauwa Bay Bia Point Bewaela Beuli Point Bentley Island Anagusa Island Angusa Bentley Bay Belesana Slipway Belelea Belehaune Point Belenaune Point Beika Island Bead Island Bedauna Bebem Beagle Rock Beagle Entrance Beagle Bay Palauai Palavai Baxter Harbour Farm Bay Baxter Bay Baumum Bay Bauboguina River Batumata Point Gatumata Point Table Point Basses Islands Basses Island Basilisk Point Kelahi Point Basilaki Island Moresby Island Baruada Point Bartle Bay Baunia Bay Barrier Reef Barragolo Island Baramata Point Baramata Number 4 Baramata Baramata Number 1 Baraga Bara Bara River Barabara Villages Bani Bani Siga Baniara District Raba Raba Sub District Banaria Bay Bonalia Bay Bam Balaga Bay Baiwapa Baiwara Baiwa Islet Baiobo Baio Bainanoum Bailebu River Bailabo River Bailfu River Bailai Baiiri Island Baibesika Igoigoli Island Baibaisiga Island Baibesiga Island Baibesika Island Baidesika Island Tissot Island Baibara Plantation Baibara Island Baiaule Baia Baia Una Mountains Mount Baia Baia Una Baia baia una Mountain Baia Baia Karona Bahil Passage Bagshaw Patch Point Bagga Bagga Cape Baganowa Bagamoti Island Baga-moti Bagaman Island Stanton Island Bagai Um Islet Badubadu Badila River Badilai Badila Dadubona Badila-dabubona Badila Bedda Bedda Bonarua Island Badila Bedda Bonarua Badila-bedda-bedda bonarua West Brumer Island Western Brumer Island Badiai Hill Bada Bada Bay Babauguina River Babauguino River Baubaguina River Vabaguina River Babauguina Plantation Vabaguina Plantation Babagarai Islet Nasakuba Babagai Bahaka Bahara Awawiwi Bay Awaula Point Awaula Awatowatowa Awapa Bay Awaiara Bay Sawataitai Bay Sewataitai Bay Awaiama Bay Awaiawa Bay Awaima Bay Chads Bay Awaiama Avuvura Bay Ava Point Cone Point Bay Auweam Bwahi-kurada Auro River Aurobu Islet Aurobu Island Auriroa Island Aroroa Island Auneri Aulakapule Reef Atuio Island Tobia Island Tova Ata Ata Asako Mount Arumbi Arrumbi Aroma Primary School Aroma Passage Aroma Coast Aroma Aroana Argyle Bay Arch Islands Arau Araka River Araki River Reynolds River Ara Gum Gum Passage Ara Gum gum Pass Arada River Apaeva Animarupu Hill Aniesi Aniado Anchor Patches Anchorage Reefs Anamaro Lauwa Ana Karu Karua Ana Augu Dana Amila Creek Amazon Islets Amazon Bay Selae Doudou Bay Selai Dudu Amawai River Amawal River Amawat River Amau River Amau Amaguina River Duramu Creek Duramu River Alotau a luo tao alwtayw arotau Aloalo Allemata Alhoga Alhoka Alewai Aleford Islands Aiwa Buna Reef Aivaguina River Aregwina River Orchard Inlet Aigura Point Algura Point Aigubu Aiasa Ahioma Ahana Rock Agi Agarauna Abavi Island Abau Island Abau Lake Abati Aba Evara Islet Abaevara Island Abadi Keaawan Island Adele Islet Rerihol Island Losai Island Nibub Passage Nibub Pass Ebora Boniao Manghuna Sagara Tenoklamana Lagira Bwagaoia Harbour Fairfax Reefs Gudau Peninsula Dirogani Bay Mount Batau-una Makuri Bay Warawara Bay Mount Pasi Pasi Gubanaona Point Mount Dimali Jones Patch Quilty Patch Lebudowa Bay Hewoli Point Mount Tuliluli Rocky Islet Hiliki Bay Mamaramamaweino Rapid Patches Ridge Shoal Lihuai Point Ship Passage Nivani Passage Momote Airport AYMO Manus Island/Momote Jacksons International Airport AYPY POM Port Moresby Airport Alotau International Hotel Treehouse Village Resort Quality Hotel Melanesian QUALITY HOTEL MELANESIAN Quality Hotel Gateway QUALITY HOTEL GATEWAY Kimbe Bay Hotel KIMBE BAY HOTEL manuas Galarou Bialla BAA Agevairu Ianu Tokarara Siroga Kairuku-Hiri Hiri Kairuku-Hiri District Buka Airport AYBK Gurney Airport AYGN Aeroport de Gurney Girua Airport AYGR Popondetta Airport Hoskins Airport AYHK Kavieng Airport AYKV Lae Nadzab Airport AYNZ Bandar Udara Lae Nadzab Tokua Airport AYTK Losuia Airport AYKA Lihir Island Airport AYKY Misima Island Airport AYMS Aeroport de l'Ile Misima Finschhafen Airport AYFI Gasmata Island Airport AYGT GMI Nissan Island Airport AYIA Aeroport de l'Ile Nissan Jacquinot Bay Airport AYJB JAQ Kandrian Airport AYKC Kokoda Airport AYKO Karoola Airport KXR Tufi Airport AYTU Tol Airport TLO Sule Airport Barovon Kuradui Butuwin Baliora Stockholm Airport SMP Abau Airport ABW Papondetta Airport EIA Eia Airport Damberode AZB Arawa Airport Aumo Airport AYUM Aeroport d'Aumo Bali BAJ Aropa Airport AYIQ Kieta Airport Sim SMJ BPD Cape Gloucester Airport AYCG CGC CPN Emirau Airport EMI Garasa GRL AYGJ Kamulai KAQ Karato Airport KAF KIQ Kitava KVE Kupiano Airport Kuri Airport KUQ Lablab LAB Lehu LHP LSJ Mussau MWU Morobe Destroyed Nuguria NUG Omora OSE RNR Torokina Airport Vivigani Airport Oram RAX WSU Agaun Airport AYAG Aeroport d'Agaun Pambwa PAW Param PPX Bunsil BXZ Oria OTY Tapini Airport AYTI Wapolu WBC Kurwina Airport KWV Iamalele IMA Boku Airport BOQ Manetai Airport Aragip Airport ARP Manumu Airport Linga Linga LGN Kamiraba Airport KJU Esa'ala Airport Namatanai Airport AYNX MGP WIU NIS Boang BOV Asirim ASZ Doini DOI Sabah SBV China Straits SQT Meselia Airport Dinangat DNU Gonalia GOE Bialla Airport Aeroport de Bialla OGE Tetabedi TDB CPI Cape Vogel Airport CVL Sapmanga SMH GOC Dodoima DDM Baindoung BDZ Fane Airport AYFA FNE WED Manare MRM SGJ OPB Garuahi GRH Konge KGB Yongai Airport KGH TSK Haelogo Airport AYHG HEO Manguna Airport AYNG MFO Karawari KRJ Efogi Airport AYEF EFG Dorobisoro DOO Nadunumu NDN APP Bawan BWJ Wagau WGU Rabaraba RBP Wau Airport Wakunai Inus Airport IUS Kisengan KSG RAA SSS Silur SWR Mapoda MPF Makini MPG EMO Baibara BAP Nutuve NUT Sopu SPH Kanua KTK Itokama ITK Erume ERU Pumani PMN Uroubi URU Mount Taleanuane Kam Munieyova Digdagela Kauwai Loanai Plantation Kropan Lake Lalua Nanon Island Ginada Island Kudul Point Munkai River Kavatana Gumsupwan Point Bulaya Point Weslayan Mission Panaeati Siva Island Abowat Island Salmwamwanawi Island Bagalina Loaga Haliba Barmatana Wabulak Island Tamians Reef Tamian's Reef Humuan Island Tandeyai Hekampan Niyalehoi Nigaho Island Hobuk Lalahaiwa Islands Ninisova Bunbun Bwailahina Soluwo Lahove Point Bulawa Rewe Donuwo Dara Mission Saman Womadagwob Mission Kamiyo Kwanka Tema Point Tela Passage Belo Lagoon Koriesu Putnumbo River Akuramau Mipang Kabahon Kailave Reef Ragalapara Reef Lifaba Island Ogigiku Nucuayayu Islets Kudalabi Island Ebuna Island Konia Kwaiyaluma Island Tukwaukwa Okukwewelou Segata Island Katukato Island Yagal Islet Arinai Islet Lagaina Island Segita Island Panomole Island Amatuna Island Madiboiboi Island Nabaina Island Bwana Bwano Tau Island Paligele Wagipa Lawes College Elewa Baiawai Dau Kilakilana School Gomika Keporo Kumoio Bay Augana Lamalele Kudgeru Gap Wampit Ningist Kamdarang Mogom Ankamao Sindawon Mount Oro Mount Guswel Bumung Point Gezon Mountains Mount Tanglup Salaboran Umgan River Mabi River Mandock Plantation Sumpanam Lab Lab Mission Nbo River Lake Buaro Mount Bel Kabi Aipati Aliapura Airagilpua Mount Namur Palili Malangai Witu Mission Sibai Gohi Tsinon-Sodano Gogoher Puputun Karoola Pororan Kekesu Melilup Iaun Number One Kupon Koveita Orami Duunaru Du'unaru Tenekau Tautsina Reef Te Muriava Island Nukutoa Island Soku Reef Bai Etalat Lamusmus Roitano Tavoi Fishermans Island Heliport Fisherman's Island Heliport Wanigela Airport AYWG Woitape Airport AYWT Salamo Airport Bulolo Bulolo District Ijivitari Ijivitari District Kiriwina Goodenough Kiriwina Goodenough District Kiriwina-Goodenough Kiriwina-Goodenough District Alotau District Gazelle Gazelle District Huon Huon District Huon-Gulf Nawae Nawae District Nawaeb Tewai Siassi Tawae-Siassi Tewae-Siassi Tewae-Siassi District Tewai-Siassi District Afore Airport AYAF Central Bougainville South Bougainville Dabo Airport Aeroport de Dabo DAO Dabo North Bougainville Kabwum Airport AYKB Aeroport de Kabwum Bwagimogimo Griffon Point Pantava Maopa No 1 Vuru Kinikalana Gaire No 1 Taurama Beach Lae Botanical Gardens Malahang Gabamatsung Kapala Paitgoro Ela Beach Pacific Adventist University Farm Wildlife and Recreation Park Samarai Murua Markham Waigini Golf Course National Botanical Garden Tareko Lake Hohola North Crowne Plaza Hotel Port Moresby Holiday Inn Port Moresby Lae War Cemetery SDA Memorial Church Police Barracks Poamakic Land Bubia Taraka Mountain Lae Golf Course Bitibum River Taraka East Takara 9 Mile Nine Mile Busom River EMTV Tower Bumbubu River Chinatown Eriku Toptown Erap River Bridge Adina Chippendale Qt Sydney Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Pullman Sydney Hyde Park Adina Sydney Park8 Hotel The Castlereagh Park Regis Concierge Cremorne Travelodge Phillip Street Mercure Sydney Potts Point Pier One Sydney Harbour Autog Seasons Darling Harbour Adina Central Best Western Plus Stellar Mercure International Airport ANGAU Hospital Sangara Nebiri Quary Kualakesi Matanakuani Kagi Airstrip Mount Bellamy Locality Myola 1 Lake Myola Talasea Airport Kamiali Wildlife Management Area Tent Siti Wailagi Wataluma Mission and Plantation Ufaufa Cape Vogel Peninsula Brummer Island Confluence of Ugat River and Mayu River Raba Raba Subdistrict Poreporena Villages Unagi Oval Eroro Beach Cargo Terminal Container Wharf Holiday Inn Express Port Moresby Bugojya Utmei Warena Madina High School Kapasalio Manga Village Waragawsali Elisabeth bay