Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 391

Nauna Island To Manus Island
AUS 391 - Nauna Island To Manus Island

Please note that all charts are folded in half for storage and handling. This is the marine industries standard.
If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please make note of this in the comments at checkout.


This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commerical shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Somolon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continous contour lines (at varying intervals dependingo the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definative reference.

Locations within this Map

Yiru Yiringo Lake Yase Chomarapeley Point Yanumanuwei Point Western Reef Western Island Western Islands Western Islets Warobi Wari River Metawari River Wanda Point Wamuk Island Jambol Island Wali Bay Drugal Bay Waimundra Waikatu Island Bei Katu Saint Andrew Island Sento Andoru Shoto Uaimkatou Uainkatou Violet Island Waikado Waikato Waikatoo Waikuto Waikutu Island Waimkatu Vulugoi Point Vogali Island Wogali Violet Patch Uganada River Twin Rocks Tupori Point Tulu Number 1 Sarkin Tulu Tulu 1 Tuluman Island Towi Island Torlo Island Torio Island Torlau Torau Point Tong Island Putiu Island San Rafael Ton Jima Tongi Tongu Jima Tong Tomboi Island Pig Island Uh Island Tipu Point Tingo Tingau River Tingou River Tingau Number 2 Tingau 2 Tingau Number 1 Tingau Tingau 1 Tilianu Island Tei-Et River Tawi Islands Tawi Island Taui-Undrau Taui Undrau Mount Tapalow Taounan Point Tanganaw Point Takuman Island Takumal Island Takawyl Point Sydney Shoal Sumatra Shoal Stuart Bank Point Stone Sowe Island Murai Island Sovarani Point Kalpwekpwek Point Savarani Point South West Point South West Bay South East Point Sou Sau Sori Number 2 Sori Sori 2 Sori Number 1 Sori 1 Sori Island Sori Islet Sopa Sopa Plantation Sopa Sopa Head Sonilu Somsuver Point Solang Soech Island Small Sivisa Island Skok Island Skuki Sivisa Island Sepessa Seppessa Shivisau Jima Siwissa Sisi Liu Island Platform Shishi Jima Sisi Island Sisi Lui Island Sisi-Inseln Sisi-Liu S?s?-Inseln Sirra Silin Point Selin Point Sherburne Reef Doppel Reef Droppel Reef Sherburne Shoal Shallow Bay Seichte Bay Salihau Island Salchan Island Selehau Island Selihau Island Selalou Selahauwai River Seeadler Harbour Biadora Minato Sea Eagle Harbour Seadler Harbor Seadora Minato Sea Reef Sauwai Island Platform Island Plattform Island Sau Coconut Plantation Sapondralis San Miguel Islands Sand Island Sanders Point Cape Sanders Sandasu Misaki Sanders Huk Sanders Island Samo Point Samaru Point Samanda Point Salien Salia River Salesia Plantation Salapi Salapai Salami Plantation Sakarabu Point Saint Andrew Strait Saint Andrew Islands Saint Andew Islands Saint Andrew Group Saint Andrew Inseln Saint Andrew Anchorage Saha Sabumo Point Hilly Point Sabukaleo Point Sabonu Point Sabon Number 2 Sabon 2 Sabon Number 1 Sabon Mount Sabomu Saboma Crater Sabben Islands Sabben Inseln Sabben Rocks Rossun Rossum Rei Reef Island Rearu Point Rau-Hu River Rat Island Rara Islet Rara Island Rambutyo Island Jesu Maria Island Jesus Maria Island Lambusso Lambutho Lambutin Lambutiu Lambutjo Lambutju Lambutsu Lambutyo Rambuchu Rambulchon Rambutchon Rambutjo Rambutyol Island Ramubuchyo Jima Ranbuso Jima Putyoma Putjoma Putyap Point Putuli Island Puto Mountain Put Laha Point Purdy Islands Mulatau Nager Islands Purdy Inseln Purdy-Gruppe Punvhopel Point Pundru Punbinin Point Pulansisi Point Palansaupon Point Pulansaupon Point Puju Puchuk Point Ponchal Ponam Island Ponam Poluso Polomaha Point Pokalas Point Pityilu Island Bidullo Island Bilalu Bitohilu Island Perely Island Pichalew Island Pidelo Island Pitelu Pitiliu Island Pitilu Pitjilu Pitulu Island Pityili Pityilu Bapi Bapi Piterait Petersen Reefs Petersen Riffe Peterson Reefs Peri Pere Perelik Penchal Pelikawa Peli Island Peiho Inlet Pearse Shoal Paun Baun Pau Patusi Bay Patusi Patu Mission Patuam Island Patuam Islands Patamu Island Bird Island Charnel Chaya-na Yama Popapu Potomo Rubiu Tuaral Island Patali Island Parioi Parinte Island Parinto Island Paretsahet River Parendo Point Papitalai Harbour Hyane Hafen Papitalali Papitalai Papinbuch Island Papialou Islands Hayrick Islands Heuschober Islands Pialou Islands Pam Mandian Island Pom Mandian Island Pom Mandrian Island Pam Lin Island Pom Lin Island Pam Islands Maitland Islands Pom Islands Pom Liu Paliset Island Paripoi Paliai Island Bull Island Palaiai Massong Islands Palawat Islands Palali Palai Island Pak Plantation Pak Island Paak Paaku Jima Pack Pak Pak Insel Saint Gabriel Island Saint Gabriel-Inseln San Gabriel Island Pahi Island Paciesay Point Outer Reef Onneta Island Oluwat Point Okoru Island Krese Island Nyada Nada Nutt Point Nohang Nihon Nihol Ngowui Island Gomui Island Ngoloai Point New Guinea Basin South Bismarck Basin Ndruval Island Daue Green Island Groene Eylanden Ndruwal Rubal Ruval Ndruval Anchorage Ndrubu Island Ndrubiu Island Ndrova Islets Dover Islets Ndrowa Islets Ndriol Ndrilo Island Ndrilo Ndreu Island Nauna Island Balletwi Island Beletwi La Vandola Island La Vendola Naunu Naringel Nares Harbour Nahuchie Point Nabilau Musiau Murray Island Palawat Island Mundrau Pundrau Mundiburio Muliro Mouse Island Moseley Point Massong Island Moseley Island Monkol Point Melui Point Momote Momote Plantation Mole Island Mok Island Mok Mandrian Mouk Island Mokerang Moakareng Moakereng Mokareng Mokara Mokera Mok Mouk Moiangun Point Moenai Point Middle Reef Metawari Mbuke Islands Mbuke Island Bonai Island Brunai Island Buke Island Buke Jima Mbonai Island Mbrunai Island Mbuki Island Mbuku Jima Mbunai Island Ponai Island Punai Island Sugarloaf Island Zuckerhut Island Mbuchonsaul Islet Mbatmanda Island Matahei Matahai Masso Maso Massis Marengan Reef Marengan Shoal Marengan Island D'Entrecasteaux Island DEntrecasteaux Island Marengan Islet Mara Yiri Yiri Maranunu Point Marankoi Point Maraman River Marunuam River Manus Province Manua District Manus Manus Island Admiralty Island Basco Don Jose de Basco y Vargas Grosse Admiralitats-Insel Isla del Senor Basco Kor MAS Marso Moanus Sovereign Tjawomu Tshebamu Urias la Grande Usiai Manus District Manuai Mandrin Island Mandrindr Island Malwes Island Malei Malai Point Malai Island Horno Island Mbululon Island Malai Bay Malay Bay Malabang Lundret Luhan River Lugos River Lugos Mission Luas Creek Luaseu Creek Lowakai Lowakei Lowaki Tulu 2 Lowaia Lowa Lou Island Jima Rou Lo Low Island Saint George Island Saint George-Insel Sankt Georg-Insel Lotsar River Los Reyes Islands Los Reyes-Inseln Los Negros Island Rosu Negorusu Jima Rosu Negurosu Jima Losiu Island Lorengau River Lorungau River Lorengau Bay Lorengau Leronguan Lorangau Lorungau Losa Rorengau Loraine Island Lopulupun Point Lonui Passage Poaeui Passage Poauei Passage Loniu Bubi Loniu Mission Londru Londra Lomosum Point Lombrum Point Lombroun Lombrun Lombrum Plantation Lombrum Bay Lombrum Lolo Lolau Island Malapin Island Lokolow Point Loisa Loi Lohan Lobortutu Point Loamat Loal Point Little Ndrova Island Amo Island Dawara Duwara Ndawara Islet Topokko Island Likum Liei River Lihei River Liap Lewei Islet Levei Lessau Island Lessau Lenkau Lenjenning Island Leihwa Leihuwa Lauis River Kelaua River Lauis Laues Larsen Reef Lanke Langembulos Island Langembulas Langanba Point Lambucho Island Lambutjo Island Lalosol Bay Lala Lahan Lahon Largo Bay Lago Bay Lago Labasabono Point Labahan Island Labahan Kupano Kabunu Kubanu Kumuli Island Komula Island Koruniat Island Herringan Koruniato Jima Koruniat Koru Korou Korndop Point Kogo Kitschapon Point Killenge Island Kalungi Kulunge Island Kelaua Point Kelaua Harbour Kelauau Harbour Keraua Wan Kayoni Island Kajoni Island Kawaliap Kawailiap Kauwa River Kasume Point Karron Karon Kapus Point Kapo Kapor Kalopa Island Kolopa Island Kalohon Point Kalipo Island Uaiuri Island Kali Plantation Kali Bay Kali Kacheo Island Kabuli Johnston Islands Jiyonsuton Shoto Johnston Inseln Johston-Inseln Johan Jamandilai Point Jamandala Iruru Inrim Plantation Inner Reef Hyane Harbour Hayne Harbor Hus Reef Hus Island Hus Ulunai Island Gunulau Hulungau Island Ulenau Ulunau Island Ulungau Horno Islands Horno Group Horno Inseln Horno Islets Hornos Islands Hobong Point Higham Island Busumadia Island Havergal Shoal Hauwei Island Hauwei Harlu River Harengan Island Brown Busmand Island Busmand-Insel Haragan Jima Harangan Maclear Island Maclear-Insel Harengan Mount Hahie Hahei Mount Filiam Fedarb Islands Fidap Failure Rocks Ewal Island Eval Lanke Island Dutiu Duliu Du Suwey Point Duria Point Dulilik Creek Droia Mount Dremsel Dramsel Drehet Drano Drangot River Dramolow Point Dralman Point Drabito Number 2 Drabito Drabito 2 Drabito Number 1 Drabito 1 Derimbat Deklay Point Daroname Point Circular Reef Kreis Reef Chuparhun Point Chomoli Point Chokua Island Mount Chayer Chaportauwi Point Chalou Island Challenger Shoal Chakol Chahlossa Islet Richards Island Saboi Islet Tjahalossa Buyang Buyang 1 Button Island Busumonie Island Knope Island Butjo Mokau Island Butjo Luo Islets Butjo Luo Islands Butjo Lang Island Butangelu Island Busuwi Point Busseau Island Buso Point Point Busom Bundro Island Ndriol Island Bundralis Mission Brundalis Mission Bundrahei Bandrahei Bunai Mbunai Bulihat Bulihan Buke Buhaw Point Balumara Island Buchanan Island Bubwai Browne Island Bowat Number 2 Bowat Bowat 2 Bowat Number 1 Bowat 1 Bowat Bay Boudeuse Bay Bohuai Number 2 Bohuai 2 Bohuai Number 1 Bohuai 1 Bipi Island Sisi Mandrian Island Bilipuhau Point Big Ndrova Island Dover Island Ndrova Island Ndrowa Island Mount Bedul Bear Point Wanai Point Mount Bayem Bat Islands Fledermaus Islands Batapona Mountain Baluan Island Balowan Balual Baruwan Jima Palual Paluar Paruwan Jima Saint Patrick Island Balscot Bay Balamerur Point Bakow Point Bakachi Point Badlock Babibuowei Point Awulu Islands Audrusi Point Arowe Island Aue Jima Ferguson Island Aripau Point Hakuan Aran Apehai Point Anur Island Anum Island Jambon Island Jombon Island Station Island Yambon Island Angendrowa Plantation Andra Island Anobat Island Anabat Island Amor Islands Alokuk Alukuk Alim Island Elisabeth Island Elizabeth Island Sauwai Alacrity Point Aku Point Ahu Island Long Island Ahevos Point Ahet Island Ahet Islet Suhm Island Sun Jima Admiralty Islands Admiralitats-Gruppe Admiralitats-Inseln Basco Islands Isles de 1' Admiraute Isles de 1 Admiraute La Gaymana Manus Islands Tauwi Tauwwi Twenty Three Islands Aawa Island Carpenter Noru Island Drumundrum Bay Pomassau Island Bird Island Bay Borono Island Hornan River Inrim Kareng Bay Karli Bay Landrau Bay Drondriho Creek Lemondrol Creek Chapotup Point Momote Airport AYMO Manus Island/Momote manuas Soku Reef