Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 393

Tanga Islands To North Cape
AUS 393 - Tanga Islands To North Cape

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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Wutei Plantation Wurtol Wunik Plantation Waum River Waum Division Watungwunggusuk Islet Watungwunggusuk Island Watunwunggusch Island Mount Wanwangar Wanup Plantation Wang Wanawana Wanwana Wadei Island Butei Island Vutte Ventran Point Cape Ventran Cape Velik Utu High School Usienlik Island Usseinlik Usien Island Nausen Siegel Island Uon Island Ungan Plantation Ungan Island Cape Ungan Unausa Island Jenusa Island Umudu Uluputur Plantation Uluputur Ulaputur Ulul-Nono Plantation Nono Plantation Ulul Plantation Ulamatsic Reef Ulahato Ujam River Ugana Ubua Bay Tupinaminda Bay Topimeda Bay Tuorong Tumundar Tuital Creek Tugitug Toigitoig Totabe Hamlet Ton Taun Tome River Tome Tomi Tombavil Tomalabatt Plantation Tomalambatt Tokna River Tokara Cape Tiwi Cape Tiwiu Cape Tiwu Mount Tiro Tiriwan Trewon Tiripats Plantation Terepax Plantation Teripax Plantation Tiripats Cape Timeis Tigak Tes Tamat Reef Tesin Mission Teriteri Number 2 Teri-Teri 2 Teriteri Number 1 Teri-Teri 1 Teril Bay Tereri Plantation Tembin Tekirot Lavatburra Tekedan Takedan Tefa Island Tefa Tefa Mission Taunsip Taonsip Taubie Taubi Tatawa Bay Tatau Island Korumbo Island San Blas Tatau Tapak Tanga Islands Anthony Caens Anthony Caens-Inseln Anthony Kaan Island Ile d'Oraison Ile dOraison Kaan Islands Oraison Island Oraison-Inseln Tanga Group Tanga Inseln Tanga-Gruppe Tanga Tandes Tanandon Creek Talis Talamuk Tagalop Island Tagalop Tabar Islands Fischer Islands Fisher's Island Fishers Island Gardner Inseln Gardner Islands Garoner Islands Korumbo Suzanette Island Suzannet Tabar Group Tabar-Gruppe Tabar-Inseln Tabor Islands Tbar-Gruppe Wishart Island Tabar Island Tabambin Suvut Mission Surupu Plantation Suntaufi Point Sunkin Sungkin Sundamat Bay Sumuna Plantation Sumuna Summiul Island Sunmiul Cape Sueusat Cape Siwusat Suen Suein Tsuen Cape Strauch Steffen Strait Staffen Strasze Steffen Strasze Steffen-Strasse Soubu Plantation Souba Plantation Sos Mount Soraramba Sopau Songsong River Mount Sokosung Sohun Number 2 Sohun 2 Sohun Number 1 Sohun Sohun 1 Soalaba River Smith Cape South Cape Sinikima Sinaudo Sinaudu Simitumburt Bay Simberi Island Fischer Island Fisher Island Visschers Eiland Wishart's Island Wisharts Island Simberi Silver Sound Mowe Silom Number 2 Silom 2 Silom Number 1 Silom Silom 1 Silimona River Sicacui Plantation Sikakui Plantation Sicacui Harbour Sianus Shiar Sewason Plantation Sewason Sepenbak Island Selimun Selapiu Plantation Schneider Island Schnieder Island Schleinitz Range Schleinitz Mountains Cape Sass Cape Sas Kap Sass Sasa Saru Plantation Karumut Plantation Kurumut Plantation Saraware Passage Sarakub Sanapari Sanambiet Island San Bruno Sanambir Island Samo Number 2 Samo 2 Samo Number 1 Samo Samo 1 Sambuari Bay Tsumbuna Bay Tsumbura Bay Sambuari Salupkup River Salkangkis Salik River Cape Sali Cape Salli Sali Sale Sae River Ssenepass Rumarik Creek Cape Rongkong Romantische Bay Banesa Bay Romantic Bay Cape Roloss Rittmeyer Point Ribnitz Island Ribnitz Harbour Cape Reis Rebehen Ratavis Rataris Rativis Retuis Ratabu Plantation Ratabu Rasirik Rasarik Rasese Rapantaman Rapuntemon Rapito Rapalbe Reef Rangelis Plantation Suma Plantation Ramok Ramat Plantation Ramut Plantation Ramat Bay Ramat Ral Island Rakubo Aid Post Rakupo Aid Post Rakubo Rakupo Rabulut Plantation Putumbu Bay Cape Putumbu Putput Point Putput Number 2 Put Put 2 Putput Number 1 Put Put 1 Putput Put-Put Mission Putput Mission Butbut Put Plantation Put-Nonu Plantation Put Punam Pum Hill Puk River Pukimano Pubanum Creek Povalval Poovalval Potumbaru Island Poronbus Poronobos Poponovuam Poli Point Poliamba Plantation Poli Plantation Polli Plantation Poliamba Mission Poliamba Amba Pochol Island Pire Pinnace Passage Pinis Island Pinikindu River Pinikindu Plantation Panakondo Plantation Pinikindu Pindik Point Piliwa Pikung Plantation Pigibut Plantation Pikinur Plantation Pigibut Bay Pigibuit Bay Piera Plantation Phoenix Harbour Penipol Plantation Penaris School Penapedik Taraguan Mission Penamun Pekinberiu Pauk Patnubu Putnubu Patlangat Plantation Patlangat Cape Pasausau Paruai Pantegom Pango Pangeifua Mission Pangeifua Panemeko Plantation Panamioko Plantation Panemecho Panemeko Panavungel Mission Panatgin Plantation Panatgin Penatgin Panarka Mission Panarka Panaras Plantation Panaras Panapau Plantation Panapai School Panapai Plantation Panapai Panangai Pananaua Panamanei Panamafei Mount Panalia Cape Panakondo Cape Lawagan Cape Pinikindu Pinikindu Point Pana Island Panafelava Pannafeavo Panabuk Palmen Harbour Palie Pakinsela Aid Post Pakinsela Aid Station Pakinsela Pakawala Painamai Pabliang Onda Island Onaurie Head Omo Olmalag Cape Oldekobe Cape Odokobo Cape Oldekobo Nusei Island Nusaum Island Nusome Island Nusamoa Island Nusalomon Island Nasalomon Nusalemon Island Nusalik Island Nusa Island Nusailas Island Nusailas Nusa Channel Numbu Nubil River Nubai River Cape Nuan North Entrance North Cape Cape Byron Nord-Kap Nonu Plantation Nonowaul Island Nanavaul Nanawaul Island Nonawaul Nonowaul Nonopai Nono Nokon Nissel Passage Nissel Pass Ngavelus Ngavallis New Ireland Neu-Irland Neu-Mecklenburg New Ireland Island Nova Hibernia Tombara Nesgo Nasko Nekin Island Natlu Island Nataumo Mission Cape Nasan Cape Nasen Napekur Nopukur Napantah Nabanta Namesi Nameassy Namatanai ATN Namatami Namatani Namatania Namatano Namatenei Namasalang Nemasalang Namarodu Plantation Numarodu Plantation Cape Namarodu Cape Mamarodu Cape Mamorodu Cape Marorodu Cape Namaroda Malum Point Namarodu Naliut Nalas Plantation Nalabu Nakudukudu Bay Makudukudu Bay Naiama School Naiama Naime Nago Island Nagogo Plantation Nagalagatap Nabuto Bay Nabumai New Nabumai Old Nabumai Musoi Munawai Point Munavei Point Munawei Head Munawei Point Munawai Munawei Mumu Island Mowa Plantation Morai Monun Manum Monum Munum Mon Plantation Mongol Missoti Island Mi River Mipang Mission Metesalan Meteselan Metanangas Matanangus Matanas Matangas Mesi Number 2 Mesi 2 Mesi Number 1 Mesi 1 Mesi Division Merago Island Merabaubau Creek Merabaubau Megeh Plantation Mageh Plantation Magen Plantation Medina School Medina Plantation Medina Cape Mau Matlik Bay Matalik Bay Matilik Bay Matlik Matatukuen Matuken Matankuk Plantation Metankuk Plantation Matandiduk Plantation Matandeduk Plantation Matandukuk Plantation Matantiduk Plantation Metandukuk Plantation Matandiduk Matandeduk Matantiduk Metanduduk Cape Matanatamberan Cape Matanatambaron Cape Matanatamberam Matanteberen Matanteberren Matakues Mataguis Matakaput Matakan River Matakan Plantation Matakan Mission Matagenta River Matadaragum River Masi Cape Masala Masahet Island Massait Saint Joseph San Joseph Marwiu Island Marwiu Bank Marob Island Marauri Bay Maramakus Plantation Marai Cape Maragu Maragon Plantation Maragon Maragat Bay Maragat Maragalan River Maoawumbaru Island Mount Manumbur Manumbei River Manne Island Mane Island Manei Island Namanne Manne Channel Mane Channel Mang-Gawur Manggawar Mangai School Mangai Bay Mongai Bay Mangai Mongai Malom River Malom Number 2 Malom Malom 2 Mali Island Malie Island San Antonio Malesak Malendok Island Malapai Plantation Malapai Melape Plantation Malal Mait Plantation Mait Island Mail Mait Channel Maiom Maiom Mission Main Division Mahur Island Mahuri Island Maur San Francisco Mageh River Magawuru Island Mabua Plantation Mabua Island Mapua Island Mabua Mabua Mission Mapua Luvish Plantation Cape Lupos Lumis River Lumburu Point Lumburu Lulik River Luise Harbour Luburua Plantation Luburua Lubun Luba Plantation Laba Plantation Luanke Luangki Lowat Poro Mission Lowat Kang Lowatkana Lossu Plantation Lossu Number 2 Lossu 2 Lossu Number 1 Lossu Lossu 1 Lossuk River Lossuk Bay Katu Losuk Bay Losuk Lossuk Londolovit River Londolovit Plantation Londolowit Plantation Londolovit LNV Loloba Lokon Plantation Bulu-Logon Plantation Lokono Lokon Logagon River Logagon Plantation Lagagon Plantation Lagogan Plantation Logagon Bay Lugagon Logagon Loawa Laowa Livitua Livinco Lewinko Lisseno Number 2 Island Lissinung 2 Island Lisseno Number 1 Island Lisseno 1 Islet Lisseno Island Lisseno Islet Lissinung Island Lisel Liasel Lissel Lipek Island Libek Linmel Linmal Linigot Plantation Limonak Island Natia Limellon Island Limbin Lelet Pentua Lililigin Liklik Mission Likas Bay Dikas Bay Lihir Island Gardeney Gardenijs Gerrit Denys Island Gerrit de Nijs Ile du Bouchage Lir Island Lihir Group Lif Island Lienbil Lenbil Liebliche Bay Lieblieche Bay Libuko Lipokok Libba River Libba Plantation Libba Liandan River Liandan Mount Letam Cape Lessu Cape Lossu Lesiliba Mission Lentanfan Kabil Kambin Lemusmus Plantation Lemusmus Number 2 Lemusmus 2 Lemusmus Number 1 Lemusmus 1 Lemus Island Lempata Babila Lempata Lemkamin Lenkamen Lemeris School Mandak School Lemeris Creek Cape Lemeris Kap Lemeris Lemeris Lemau Lemakot Plantation Lemakot Mission Lemakot Lemacot Plantation Lemaia Mission Lelet Plateau Leion Leinaru Plantation Lebrechtshof Plantation Lamungan Lebrechtschof Plantation Leamon Island Lawa Lava Lavongararum Lavongai Mission Lavongai Lavasuong Lavalai Head Lavalai Bay Lawolai Harbour Lavalai Launkun River Lau Bay Lauapul Lauapal Luaupul Lauan Bay Lavan Bay Lauan Lataul Latangai Island Angriffs Island Doi Island Lasik River Lasigi Lasiki Larislaba Laraslaba Lariabina Larabuna Larangen River Lapai Lapia Langgamut Langenia Langania Langadis Lamernewei Plantation Lamunawa Plantation Lamerika Point Cape Katendan Lamerika Plantation Lambuso Lambu Lamboa Lamban Bay Lamatau Harbour Lamassong River Lamassong Plantation Lamussong Plantation Lamassong Lamusong Lamalaua Lalambut Point Cape Lalambut Lakuramau Plantation Lakuramau Lakurafanga Plantation Lakurafanga Bay Lakurefange Bay Lakurufange Bay Lakurafanga Lakmilei Hospital Lakmilei Lake Kenham Bay Lakarol Lakakot Passage Lagagot Bay Lalagot Bay Laefu Mission Laefu Labur Bay Labur Labrubut Kurumut Number 2 Kurumut 2 Kurumut Number 1 Kurumut 1 Kurumut Kunidolam River Kunaiya Kunaie Kulinus Passage Kulaunus Channel Kulinus Island Kulanus Island Kulaunus Island Kulenus Kulangit Kuelam Kudukudu Kowamarara Kowamanara Korodak Aid Post Koriesu Mission Kopo Plantation Kontu Konos River Konos Patrol Post Konos Lasun Kono Number 2 Kono Number 1 Kono Konogogo Konobio Plantation Konebio Plantation Konobin Aid Post Pinikindu Aid Post Konobin Panakondo Cape Kono Konmiap Konmakio Komubu Bay Kominasaeo Kamunaseo Komat Komalu Plantation Komalu Bay Komalu Komoles Komolus Komalabu Kolube Plantation Kolube Kolonoboi River Kolonoboi Mission Kolonoboi Kolanaboi Kolonubo Kollepina Plantation Kolopina Plantation Kollepina Harbour Kollepine Harbour Kollopine Harbour Kokola Plantation Kokota Plantation Kokola Koko Bay Koko Koka Plantation Kobi Kiton Island Kiton Kitkita Angkitkita Kisiu Kisela Kinebug Division Kinebug Plantation Kinami Kimadan River Kimadan Plantation Kimidan Plantation Kimadan Mission Kimidan Mission Kimadan Malom 1 Mount Kiding Kiata Kiam Kenapit Plantation Kela Creek Kawambu Kavieng Harbour Nasa Harbour Kavieng Kavieng District KVG Kaewieng Kawieng ka wei en kabien kawyng Kaut Plantation Kaut Harbour Kaut Bay Kaut Katu Plantation Katingan Aid Post and Mission Katingan Aid Post Mission Katingan Katherine Harbour Katharine Harbour Katendan River Katendan Plantation Katendan Katebuang Plantation Katatar Katana Division Katanu Plantation Kassa River Kassa Creek Kaselock Plantation Kaselok Plantation Lumungan Plantation Kaselock Mission Kaselock Kaselok Karu Plantation Karu Bay Karu Kaguso Karia Number 2 Karia Karia Two Karia Bay Karri Bay Karia 1 Kapsu Point Kapsu Plantation Kapsu Bay Kapsu Road Kapsu Cape Kanun Kanu Point Kanun Point Kantomut Division Kantomut Plantation Kantebu Kantembu Kanongusngus Konogusgus Kandendent River Kandan River Kandan Kanapit Kenapit Kanam River Kanam Plantation Kanam Mission Cape Kanambumbu Kanamarandan Kanamarandon Kanam Kanabu Kanambu Kamiraba River Kamiraba Plantation Mount Kambari Kamale Plantation Komale Plantation Kama Kaluan River Kaluan Rest House Kaluan Number 2 Kaluan Kaluan 2 Kaluan Number 1 Kalounapok Mission Kalom Kalili Plantation Kalili Harbour Kalili Bay Kalil Kalawurima Island Goat Island Kalawanamugu Kalaveng Kalagunan Point Kalagunan Kafkaf Plantation Kafkaf Mission Kadelik Kabunut Plantation Kabanut Plantation Kabunut Kabanut Kabotteron Island Kabatheron Island Kabatteron Island Kableman Kabin Kabil Plantation Kabil Mission Kabien Number 2 Kabien Kabien 2 Kawin Tunschui Kabien Number 1 Kabien 1 Cape Jeschke Cape Jesehke Huris Huniho Hunanangeu Hunabore Himauul Himau'ul Hirauiul Himau Plantation Himau Hilalon Plantation Hilong Nalas Hikan Hilalon Hibaling Halis Plantation Gunari Gosmaium Gogo Goat Island Plantation Biwa Plantation Globig Island Globio Island Gitarut Gazelle Channel Gazelle Kanal Gargaris Cargaris Gagaris Fotombar Point Fonli Funli Fissoa River Fissoa Plantation Fessoa Plantation Fissoa Fischer Harbour Fileba Plantation Fatmilak Point Falmilak Point Penipel Point Penipol Point Fatmilak Fangwel Fangalawa Plantation Fangalawa Bay Fangalawa-Bucht Fangelava Bay Fangelawa Bay Fangelawa-Bucht Fangewa Bay Fangalawa Fang Cape Erkokon Enuk Plantation Enuk Islands Enuk Elizabeth Bay Eickstedt Passage Eickstedt Pass Edmago Island Einfahrts Island Entrance Island Dyaul Plantation Dyaul Island Diaul Djaul Jaul Island Jav Island Sandwich Island Dumpellaman River Dononang River Dolomakas Bay Cape Dinga Cape Dingra Dikas River Mount Dietert Derimos Creek Cape Demogu Delolaweil Plantation Datava Dataru Point Dataru Plantation Daskigi Darum Creek Danu Danolango River Dampit Division Dampit Bay Dampit Dalum River Dalum Plantation Dallum Plantation Dalum Aid Post Dakabus Creek Dahana Dabinot Cigaregare Plantation Cigaregare Butei But But Bay Putput Bay Bura Burau Bungbune Bungbuwe Bumborum Island Bumborun Bulu Plantation Bulu Bulbong River Buka River Bueri Buer Buat Point Borpop Harbour Porpop Harbour Purpup Bopire Plantation Mount Bongmut Bombel Creek Bom Bolegila Plantation Cape Bolegila Bolain Island Bol Mount Bokave Boif Cape Bogun Bogolis Bobsie Boang Island Boieng Island Bo Po Bitlik Island Bitkesinmer Island Bitkesingmer Island Bitkangkunmale Island Bitkenkumale Island Bitkenkumele Bitbok Island Bitdok Bisapu Bimun Bumin Bilami Bilama Bil Beram River Beno Harbour Bendemann Harbour Mount Bendemann Bendemann Mountain Belik River Belik Plantation Belik Belifu School Belifu Number 2 Belifu 2 Belifu Number 1 Belifu Belifu 1 Belfamfal Belamfar Mount Beirari Beagle Point Beagel Point Baudisson Plantation Baudissin Plantation Baudisson Island Baudissen Island Baudissin Island Binnigem Binnigen Island Barbarlau Barau Barangas Point Bangatang Plantation Bangatang Island Bangatan Neuwerk Bangatang Banesa Banam Banan Banham Balus Plantation Balus Balgai Bay Bagail Bay Balgai Bagail Balgail Balanwaransau Belannarasua Balai Bakan Plantation Cape Bakan Bakan Bakago Baia Plantation Bagatere Head Bagaterre Head Bagatere Harbour Bachatere Bagatene Harbour Bagaterre Harbour Bakhatere Harbour Holz Harbor Bagatere Bagetene Awaruat Island Awarvat Island Avelus Atlamau Ansawe Cape Anombia Angfa Plantation Amfa Amfar Angfa Ambisumne Ampisunme Ambaba Aloinasan Rock Albatross Channel Akgrandringbut Akgrandringbul River Akebut River Baimsin Island Namatanai Road Salimun West Reef Echuca Patch East Reef Konokorr Panewall Tuaram Opalla Mausoleumberg Perisben Patitaun Treehouse Village Resort Kavieng Airport AYKV Lihir Island Airport AYKY Kamiraba Airport KJU Namatanai Airport AYNX NIS Boang BOV Koriesu Putnumbo River Akuramau Mipang Madina High School Sena Elisabeth bay