Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 545

Rabaul To Cape Lambert
AUS 545 - Rabaul To Cape Lambert

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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Cape Wunita Cape Wanata Cape Wunawunur Cape Wanawuner Cape Wunawuwur Wunatalise Bay Wunabalo Island West Point Watom Island Isle of Man Man Island Man-Insel Uatom Watnalig-Valaur Mission Wanombo Island Wangaramut Plantation Vuvu Plantation Vuvu Mission Vunavutung Mission Vunavavar Vunaulul Mission Vunaulaiar Mission Vunatokukup Vunatogoboi Creek Vunatalia Vunatagia Vunarika Mission Vunarakan Plantation Vunapope Vunapladig Plantation Vunapit Plantation Vunapidikula Mission Vunapalar Creek Vunapalandig Vunapaladig Vunapaldig Vunapaladig Bay Vunapaka Vunapaipo Mission Vunamurmur Vunamombe Plantation Vunamarita Wunamarita Wunamarita Mission Vunamamia Mission Vunamami Vunalobo Plantation Vunalir Vunalama Plantation Vunalama Number 2 Passage Vunalama Number 1 Passage Vunalaka Vunalaiting Vunakulakum Mission Vunakapeake Vunakanau School Vunakamkambi Plantation Vunakambi Plantation Vunakalkalulu Vunakabi Vunaiting Vunairoto Vunagogo Vunagalip Mission Vunagalip Creek Vunagalip Vunadidir Vunadadia Vunadadir Vunadadir Mission Vunadavai Vunabuk Mission Vunabuk Vunabugbug Plantation Vunabere Plantation Vunabalbal Vulcan Point Vulcan Crater Naka Jima Volcano Island Vudal River Vundal River Wuignpal Wundal River Vudal Agricultural College Volavolo Valilie River Valaur Mission Valaur Usewit Plantation Urawas Island Urara Island Unatekeimeme Plantation Ulu Reef Uluputur Plantation Uluputur Ulaputur Ulaveo Ulapia Mission Ulalai Mission Ulagunan Ulagio Tutui Point Turtur Mission Turanguna Mount Turanguma Mount Turanguna South Daughter Taranguna Tultul Plantation Tubatubar Creek Toyanumbatir Mount Tovanumbatir Mount Towanumbatir North Daughter Tovarur Plantation Tovarumbu Plantation Tovanukus Plantation Tovanukus Creek Tovanukus Bay Tawanak uss Tawanakuss Bay Tovanakuss Bay Tovakundum Totovel Torongas River Tonwalik Island Torowalik Tongura Creek Tongolienakanai River Tongaru Mission Tongaliekanei River Tongalama Island Tongalanio Island Tongalomo Island Tombaule Plantation Tombaule Creek Tomavatur Plantation Tomatikolop Reef Conflict Reef Tomalikolop Reef Tomatikotop Reef Tomaringa Police Barracks Tomanai Mission Toma Creek Tolumpo Mission Tolo Island Tokusup Bay Tokussup Bay Tokudukudu Mission Tokua Plantation Tokua Tokot Mission Tokom Creek Tokalukal Creek Tokaiya Plantation Tokabai Mission Toboina Tobaina Tomboina Tingenabuare Creek Tinganalom Tinganakanu Bay Tinganaboi Plantation Tingakano Mission Timbaka River Tawui Tavui Tawui 2 Mount Tavurvur Ghaie Matupi Crater Tavurvur Volcano Tavui Point Cape Stephens Cape Tawui Tawui Point Tavui Number 3 Tavui Number 2 Tavui Number 1 Tavuiliu Tavilo Plantation Tavilo Creek Tavana Tavalue River Tawalue River Tawaluei River Taui Number 1 Tatoko Tatavana Plantation Tatakap Plantation Taron Mission Taranga Taranata Mission Taranata Tapulpul Creek Tanaka Tamalili Plantation Talwat Taliligap Plantation Taliligap Taliligap Mission Talili Bay Talele Islands Scilly Islands Talakua Plantation Talakua Takubar Takis River Takis Plantation Takis Takakwa A Tava Creek Takakel Susum Point Sussum Point Surupu Plantation Sulphur Point Sulphur Creek Stockholm River Stockholm Plantation Solasola Island Soeka-Boemi Plantation Simpson Harbour Rabaul Harbor Shiar Seragi Plantation Seesten Reef Seeburg Plantation Saru Plantation Karumut Plantation Kurumut Plantation Salupkup River Saint Paul Mission Rolo Mission Rember Mission Rembar Range Rehamen Rembarr Berge Rembarr Range Rerumen Rilmen Rimeru Reiven Reimers Reef Reimber Rawarende Point Rawerende Point Rautawat Raulavat Plantation Rau Mission Raulei Range Rawiei Range Raulavat Number 2 Plantation Raulavat Number 1 Plantation Ratung Ratongor Ratavul Mission Ratavul Ratagitagi Rasirik Rasarik Rasimen Raronge Mission Rarende Mission Rapantaman Rapuntemon Rapolo Rapitok Number 1 Rapito Rapaltip River Raniola Plantation Ranguna Rangos River Rangisingis Point Rangissingis Point Rangarere River Rangarere Plantation Rambabat Ramaulun Bay Ramaulin Bay Ramat Plantation Ramut Plantation Ramat Bay Ramat Ramandu River Batonga River Ramandit River Ramandu Plantation Ramandu Mission Ramalmal Ramale Plantation Ramale Ramabagaus Mission Raluan Number 2 Raluan Number 1 Raluana Point Schulze Point Raluana Mission Raluana Ralalar Ralaku Bay Rakunat Rakunai Rakumkumbur Mission Rakival Rakiwal Rakarakora River Rakandakanda Rakanda Rainau Plantation Raim Ragapau Mission Ragaga Bay Raburua Raburbur Rabuana Rabaul Rabaul District Exung Gorad Rabaul Nankai Shi RAB Rabaulas Simpson-Hafen Simpsonhafen la bao er labaul li bao rabaula rabauru rabaywl Rabalanakaia Crater Rabalankaia Crater Rabalankia Crater Rabatana Crater Rabagi Putanagororoi Pupunabua Mission Pupua Creek Pugeo Creek Pubanum Creek Praed Point Ponosarer Point Cape Pomas Cape Pamas Cape Ponas Pire Pilapila Pigeon Island Pegelpfeiler Island Patur Mission Parkinson Point Panda Panda Plantation Paluat Plantation Palnalom Mission Palatar Island Palangumar Bay Pakaneingomor Island Pakanataria Mission Paipai Creek Padivalongor Creek Old Massava Plantation Nunga Creek Nubil River Notre Mal Plantation Norton Banks Nonga Plantation Nonga Nodup Nordup Nguvalian Ngunaguna Ngatur New Mobisburg Plantation New Massava Plantation New Kavern Plantation Neinduk Plantation Navuneram Naviu Natava Plantation Natawa Natawa Plantation Natava Cape Nasan Cape Nasen Narakoi Napapar Number 5 Napapar Number 4 Napapar Number 3 Napapar Number 2 Napapar Number 1 Napapar Mission Naono Plantation Nanuk Nangas Nangananga Namesi Nameassy Nambung River Nambung Point Nambung Plantation Naman Mission Namalili Bay Namalili Anchorage Tamalili Anchorage Tamalili Bay Tomalili Anchorage Namale Mission Nalabu Nakukuru Point Nakukura Point Nakukury Point Nakukur Number 2 Nagogo Plantation Nagaila Nabil Nabata Mushroom Rock Missoti Island Mi River Mbunmamarau Point Mauke Plantation Matupit Number 2 Matupit Number 1 Matupit Island Matupi Island Matupit Harbour Greet Harbour Matupi Harbour Mattaserawado River Mattaserawado Mattaserawao River Matanatakanamboroi Island Matalau Matadaragum River Masokonakanei Rock Masikanapuka Island Massikanapuka Island Massikonapuka Island Missikonapuka Island Masava Island Massava Island Masava Bay Massava Bay Maragsaik River Maragsaik Mandres River Mandres Plantation Mandres Bay Mandaski River Mamapit River Mamaar Bay Malmaluan Malapau Plantation Malamga River Malaguna Number 3 Malaguna Number 2 Malaguna Number 1 Malaguna Malaguna Mission Malagunan Mailivuan Magar Plantation Lungalunga Lowland Agricultural Experimental Station Londiri Creek Lolonakuka Island Lolonakorakom Island Lolonadaula Island Loloba Loan Bay Livuan Little Vudal River Lilinakaia Point Lilina-Keia Point Lilinakaia Island Lililigin Lilili Creek Liguan Bay Cape Liguan Cape Luen Point Liguan Liguan Lesson Point Laweo Point Laun Latlat Lassul Plantation Lassul Bay Watassellibuka Bay Lassul Langinoa River Langinoa Plantation Langaram Plantation Lamerain Cape Lambert Cape Tongilus Lamantu Plantation Labur Bay Labur Kurumut Number 2 Kurumut 2 Kurumut Number 1 Kurumut 1 Kurumut Kuriendahl Plantation Kurakakaul Kuraip Kuradui Plantation Kunakunai Kubaleo Mission Korere Kono Number 2 Kono Number 1 Kono Konogogo Konobio Plantation Konebio Plantation Cape Kono Konmiap Kombiu Mount Kombiu The Mother Komalu Plantation Komalu Bay Komalu Komoles Komolus Kolonoboi River Kolonoboi Mission Kolonoboi Kolanaboi Kolonubo Kokopo Kokola Plantation Kokota Plantation Kokola Kinigunan Plantation Kilinwato Plantation Kikitambu Kerawara Keravat River Kerawal River Keravat Number 2 Plantation Keravat Agricultural Station Keravat Keravat Plantation Kenapit Plantation Kenabot Plantation Kela Creek Karu Kaguso Karo Karavia Number 2 Karavia Number 1 Karavia Bay Keravia Bay Karavia Karavi Karas Range Karas Mountains Kanapit Kenapit Kambolo Creek Kambawel Reef Midway Kamanakam Kamanakam Mission Kamanakan Kalagunan Point Kadelik Kabin Kabakon Reef Kabakon Island Kabakaul Bay Kabakaul Kabakada Point Kabagada Point Mission Point Kabakada Kabaira Plantation Kabaira Creek Kabaira Bay Kambeira Bay Port Weber Kabaira Kabagap Jatapal Mission Iokokonakaia Creek Iawakaka Ialakua Hunanangeu Guntershoehe Plantation Gunanur Gunanba Gogo Giretar Point George Brown High School Cape Gazelle Birara Point Gavit River Gavitt River Gavit Range Gavitt Range Gawit Range Gawlit Range Gavit Plantation Gavitt Plantation Gawit Garer Bay Garerr Bay Galtum Plantation Escape Bay Elizabeth Reef Driwata Dikarua Island Dawapia Rocks Bee-hive Beehive Rocks Beehives Davaon Plantation Davaon Dahana Dages Range Dages Mountains Credner Islands Gredner Islands Pigeon Islands Crater Peninsula Butuwan Hospital Bulup River Bulu Plantation Cape Brown Bridges Point Bridge Point Bopire Plantation Bo Po Blane A Tava Creek Blanche Bay Abit Nata Blanche-Bai Blanchebucht Bitatabu Plantation Bitarebarebe Bitamarita Mission Bitalobo Bitalovo Ritalowo Bitagalip Mission Bitabaur Mission Birara Plantation Big Pigeon Island Belik River Belik Plantation Belik Barracks Point Barawon Baravun Barau Burau Balanataman Creek Balanataman Bakan Plantation Cape Bakan Bakan Bainings Baining Baai Aulatonger Bay Ataliklikun Bay Antaliklikun Weber Harbour Weberhafen Asalingi Plantation Aliliai Mission Albino Bay Rawararei River Rawararei Loan Kulil Davaun Londip Tokua Airport AYTK Barovon Kuradui Butuwin Stockholm Airport SMP Utmei