Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 673

Dampier Strait
AUS 673 - Dampier Strait

Please note that all charts are folded in half for storage and handling. This is the marine industries standard.
If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please make note of this in the comments at checkout.


This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commerical shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Somolon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continous contour lines (at varying intervals dependingo the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definative reference.

Locations within this Map

Yangla Witnari Wilnari Warimo Waremo Walawalapua Walwalapua Vassee Island Cape Umboi Tuam Island Tauali Mount Tangi Mount Tangis Tamun Island Tambiu Island Mount Talawe Sirik Island Simban River Siassi Islands Sakar Island Ginges Tupinier Insel Tupinier Island Sag Sag Ritter Island Potne Poini Potni Ongaia Nesup Island Nesup Channel Matamalau Island Motamalau Island Massmass Island Marli Marien Harbour Mandok Island Laut Mount Langla Mount Langila Lagunen Point Lagoon Point Kilenge Mission Kampalap Kampalab Kumbalup Grass Point Graah Point Cape Gloucester Gima River Aima River Gauru Garau Garu Galelum Island Enid Shoal Enid Patch Dorf Point Dingen Island Dampier Strait Dampier Strasse Birik Barik Aumo AUV Aromot Island Araltamu Island Annen Point Alice Reef Alairo Alaro Aisega Bay Aisega Aisago Aishiga Aisiga Aimaga Amaga Agulupella Ura Aimola Sagsag Bay Lablab LAB Lab Lab Mission Nbo River Kabi Aipati Mount Namur Palili