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Australia Pack 01

AusENC S63 Australia Pack 01 - Australia
AusENC are the official electronic charts for Australian waters, published by the Australian Hydrographic Office in IHO compliant S57 format, with S63 encryption.

To view AusENC, you will require a S63 capable system, and will need to supply us with your S63 User Permit, which is used to generate a licence to access the charts.

If your system is not S63 capable, you will either need to find a replacement system (solutions such as Polar Navy, OpenCPN with S63 add-on, SEAiq or MacENC), or source a different electronic chart format.
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Note: The AUST 01 pack does not contain detailed charts for Papua New Guinea, only small scale coverage is available. If you also require detailed coverage of Papua New Guinea, please see Coastal Pack 17.