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Hema Navigator 7

Hema Navigator 7 (HN7)

Now with 150k Topo Maps!

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A quick summary:

The Hema Navigator 7 (HN7) is the ultimate touring GPS, bringing the world of paper and digital mapping seamlessly into one very capable and easy to use unit.

When you buy from us, you are buying from a dedicated map retailer, with over 25 years in the business. We don't sell hub caps, winches or fishing rods; only high quality maps and mapping products. The Hema range of maps is considered the best in the business, having won numerous awards, which is why we sell them and have been doing so for many years.

The HN7 has a large high resolution 7” screen, and sports the dual features of HERE mapping data for city and route driving (running the iGo Primo software), and all the Hema road and 4WD maps in raster format (along with plenty of others), served up from the 'best in the business' OziExplorer software.

With the Hema Navigator 7, it can be as simple as turning it on and heading off, or as advanced and configurable as you like.

New 1:150K Scale Seamless Topographic Maps

A list of the features:

The HN7 is packed with features, but here is a sample of the big players:

  •     - HUGE 7" screen [800x480 pixels] - no stylus required with big buttons
  •     - 64-Channel GPS
  •     - 4GB Solid State memory
  •     - 8GB external MicroSD
  •     - Reverse camera capable (check with your camera supplier to ensure compatibility)
  •     - Car Charger
  •     - 2 YEARS OF FREE city map updates
  •     - Over 6000 Camps & Caravan Park locations, with facilities and site photos

What is in the Box?:

The Hema HN7 comes standard from the manufacturer including:

  •     - HEMA Navigator HN7
  •     - 8GB microSD Card
  •     - Windscreen Mount
  •     - Cradle
  •     - 12/24V Charger
  •     - USB Cable
  •     - MicroSD Card Adaptor
  •     - Video Adaptor Cable
  •     - Carry Pouch
  •     - Stylus
  •     - Hema Navigator Explorer software for PC on HN7 SD Card
  •     - Quick Start Guide
  •     - User Manual

Talk about the maps!

The Hema Navigator 7 is basically a 2 in 1 system.

Street Maps

The first part are the Street vector maps supported by HERE, using iGO Primo software. These are similar to what you would expect in other Nav systems, in that you select start and end points, and the system draws a route for you. As you travel along, it gives you directional information.

These maps can be updated for FREE for 2 Years after purchase, using the NaviExtras toolbox, and you can also buy more map supplements if you wanted to take the HN7 overseas.

When in street mode you can access the pre-loaded Camps Australia Wide POI (Point of Interest), for quick routing to your next camp sight. As well as get a heads up on the nearest facilities such as petrol stations and public toilets.

4WD Maps
The second part of the HN7 system is the 4WD raster maps supported by OziExplorer. These are an electronic scan of the paper maps from Hema. Using OziExplorer software, the scanned maps are given locational information (geo-referenced), so that your position can be plotted and moved along the map.

When you buy a HN7 you also get the OziExplorer software to install on your PC. By connecting the HN7 up to the PC, you can install more maps (such as the 100K Topos), download data (past tracks, waypoints, etc) and make plenty of modifications to the system.

More about the preloaded maps & data:

  •     - All Hema Regional 4WD maps
  •     - Australia 1:150K Topo maps
  •     - Camps Australia Wide POI (points of interest) in iGO Street Navigation
  •     - Australia 1:1M Touring map
  •     - New Zealand 1:350K Road Atlas
  •     - New Zealand 1:1.6M Touring Map
  •     - Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI (points of interest) and Dump Point POI in iGO Street Navigation
  •     - HERE Australian and New Zealand street data
  •     - 2 years of free street map updates (not to mention life-time support from us!)

Check of the official HEMA website here.

HN7 Hema Maps

Why buy from Cairns Charts & Maps, instead of someone else?

This is a good question! Apart from getting great deals that no-one else would offer, we are also a dedicated map retailer (and charts), with over 25 years in the business.

We might be repeating ourselves, but we don't sell fishing gear, tents or suspension; only high quality maps and mapping products. Would you go to a map shop for advice and support on camper trailers, roof racks or diff-locks? NO! Then surely you see why going to a generic camping, 4WD or outdoor shop probably wouldn't be the best way forward when we are talking maps.

If that doesn't convince you, we have come up with a few test questions to ask your would be retailer:

    1. "Can my HN7 calculate position to the GRS80 spheroid, and how would I then go about correcting that to the AMG?
    If my paper map is in ADG66, can I do a straight block correction to WGS84, and if so, would that be the more accurate method then a 7 parameter shift?"

    2. "What is the difference between vector and raster maps, and can you please explain to me the concept of compilation scale and over-scale?
    Should I be worried if my compilation scale if below 15,000 or my over-scale goes above 100,000?"

    3. "Why does a GPS take between 1 and 15 minutes to get an accurate position?
    Will my HN6 work with a dGPS, WAdGPS, PPK, RTK or PPS signal - actually, what are those things anyway?"

The point we are making here is that we know maps and we know GPS. We would be very pleased to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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