Satellite Imagery, Land Boundaries and Topography

Sometimes it is easiest to have all the info in the one place - and that is exactly what geospatial services can help with.

Here we have an example of high-res satellite imagery, overlaid with property boundaries, overlaid again with topographic elevation contours.

This can be taken further by using a 3D modelling approach and draping the imagery and property boundaries over the elevation model. With a good XYZ Geospatial Model, we can determine:

  • How the Sun will interaction with a building or surface
  • View sheds and line of sights - what can be seen from a position, or what can see a position (important for Radio towers for example)
  • Watershed and run off
  • Estimate fill or excavation amounts
  • Determine 3D distances (ie: a pipe running uphill is going to be longer than the distance measured on the plane - over even a small elevation it can be a significant difference)
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Satellite Imagery, Land Boundaries and Topography