Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 236

Moreton Bay
AUS 236 - Moreton Bay

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water.A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Beachmere Amity Point Bongaree Donnybrook Dunwich Ningi Point Lookout Point Talburpin Redland Bay Russell-Macleay Islands Sandstone Point Toorbul Victoria Point Woorim Adams Beach Adams Crossing Adder Rock Altandi Amity Amity Banks Ampol Siding Aquarium Passage Aranarawai Creek Arawoolum Ascot Aventine Hill Bald Point Banyo Big Sandhills Bindha Bippo Penbean Bird Island Black Gutter Black Snake Lagoon Blaksley Lagoon Blue Hole Blue Lagoon Blue Lake Blue Lake Beach Blue Lake National Park Boat Passage Boggy Creek Boltons Ridge Bomparpin Swamp Boolong Bank Boondall Booran Bramble Bay Brandy Gully Braydon Beach Brennan Shoal Bridge Point Brisbane River Brown Lake Browns Gutter Buhot Creek Bulimba Bulimba Creek Bullock Creek Bulwer Bulwer Island Bulwer Valley Bunour Burns Point Cabbage Tree Creek Cabbage Tree Head Caelian Hill Campbell Point Mount Campbell Canaipa Point Canalpin Canalpin Creek Cannon Hill Capalaba Capembah Creek Capembah Hill Capitoline Hill Carina Heights Carlton Hill Cassim Island Castlereagh Point Central Banks Chain Banks Chanuk Bair Chiggil Chiggil Clara Rock Clarkes Point Clayfield Cleveland Cape Cliff Clohertys Peninsula Clontarf Beach Clontarf Point Clunie Flats Colmslie Comboyuro Point Cone Hill Coochiemudlo Island Cooks Rock Coolooloo Passage Coonungai Bank Cooroon Cooroonpah Creek Coorparoo Mount Corrie Mount Cotton Cowan Cowan Cowan Cowan Gully Cowan Cowan Point Cox Bank Coxen Point Crab Creek Cucumber Point Cylinder Beach Cylinder Headland Darling Point Days Gutter Deagon Deanbilla Deception Bay Deep Water Channel Diagram Hills Dialba Passage Dingo Creek Doboy Doomben Downfall Creek Dowse Lagoon Dring Bank Drury Point Dux Creek Eager Beach Eagers Creek Eagers Swamp East Bank East Channel East Knoll Eighteen Mile Swamp Einbunpin Lagoon Ekibin Elimbah Creek Empire Point Eprapah Creek Erica Passage Esquiline Hill False Patch Fig Tree Point Finucane Crossing Finuge Passage First Ridge Fisherman Islands Fishermans Gutter Fison Channel Five Hills Flat Iron Flinders Reef Francis Channel Frasers Gutter Frenchmans Bay Frenchmans Beach Freshwater Creek Fruitgrove Gallagher Point Galloways Hill Garden Island Garnet Gebelum Gibson Island Glass Mountain Creek Goat Island Godwin Beach Gonzales Beach Grants Creek Mount Gravatt Green Island Gun Ridge Half Moon Lagoon Point Halloran Hamilton Reach Mount Hardgrave Hays Inlet Heath Island Hell Spit Hemmant Henderson Rock Hendersons Gutter Hendra Hilliards Creek Hixson Banks Holly Spur Hope Banks Horseshoe Bay Horseshoe Swamp Hospital Point Howard Range Humbug Reach Humpybong Creek Hutchison Peak Ibis Lagoon Inner Freeman Channel Jacksons Creek Jason Beach Jessie Peak Jubilee Creek Juno Point Karragarra Island Kedron Brook Kianga Channel Kibbinkibbinwa Point Kidney Ridge King Island Kooringal Kounpee Swamp Lake Kounpee Kounungai Krummel Passage Kuraby Lamb Island Landers Pocket Drain Lazaret Gutter Lilian Hill Lindum Little Canalpin Creek Little Goat Island Little Sandhills Lota Lota Creek Lucas Passage Luggage Point Lytton Hill Lytton Reach Mabel Park Macleay Island Maglaglan Ridge Main Beach Main Channel Manly Manly Boat Harbour Margate Beach Maroom Bank Maroom Hole Mays Hole Meeandah Mermaid Lagoon Middle Banks Mimosa Creek Mirapool Islands Mission Point Monash Gully Moogurrapum Creek Moorlands Mooroondu Point Moreton Banks Moreton Bay Moreton Island Moreton Island National Park Cape Moreton Morningside Morwong Beach Mount Cotton Reach Mud Island Murarrie Myora Myrtletown Nashville Nathan Heights Naval Reserve Bank Ningi Creek Ningi Island Noogoon Norfolk Beach Norman Park North Bank North Boondall North East Channel North Point North Reef North Spit North Stradbroke Island Northgate Nudgee Nudgee Beach Nudgee Creek Nudgee Waterhole Numgubbah Swamp Nundah Nundah Creek One Mile Ooncooncoo Bay Oondoor Cannowa Osbourne Point Otter Rock Outer Freeman Channel Oyster Point Palatine Hill Palmer Passage Pandanus Beach Pannikin Island Parker Island Pashen Creek Pearl Channel Peel Island Pelican Bank Pelican Banks Pendle Perrebinpa Point Perrin Creek Perulpa Bay Perulpa Island Mount Petrie Picnic Point Pimple Pine Mountain Point Pininpinin Pinkenba Mount Pleasant Plugges Plateau Polka Point Ports Hole Potts Point Poudalandyalbetser Poverty Creek Price Anchorage Priest Gully Quarries Reach Queens Beach Queens Beach North Queens Beach South Queensport Quirinal Hill Raby Bay Rainbow Channel Redcliffe Redcliffe Beach Redcliffe Point Redland Reeders Point Ridge Shoal Roberts Shoal Rocky Hill Rocky Point Ross Creek Round Hill Rous Channel Runcorn Runcorn Swamp Russell Russels Top Salamander Bank Sandgate Sandpiper Beach Sandy Creek Sandy Island Sandy Peak Sandy Point Reach Sankeys Mountain Scarborough Beach Scarborough Boat Harbour Scarborough Point Schulz Canal Scotts Point Scotts Point Beach Scrubby Creek Second Ridge Serpentine Creek Shag Lagoon Shag Rock Shark Spit Sholl Bank Shorncliffe Shrapnel Gully Skirmish Banks Skirmish Passage Skirmish Point Smith Smith Peak Smith Rock Snake Spur Snipe Island South Bank South Passage South Point South Reef South Tangalooma Road South West Spit Sovereign Beach Spitfire Banks Spitfire Beach Myora Conservation Park Spring Creek Spring Gully St Helena Island Stockyard Creek Storm Mountain Stradbroke Sunken Reef Sunnybank Sunshine Suttons Beach Swallow Lagoon Sylvan Beach Tabilbulla Tallallebela Tangalooma Patch Tangalooma Tangalooma Point Tangalooma Road Tanganghur Tarradarrapin Creek Tea Tree Lagoon Telegraph Gully Mount Tempest The Bluff The Desert The Divide The Horseshoe The Nek The Springs Third Ridge Thompson Point Mount Thompson Thooloora Passage Thorneside Thynne Tiffin Tingal Hill Tingalpa Tingalpa Creek Tingalpa Reservoir Toombul Toompani Beach Toondah Harbour Toorbul Point Tortoise Lagoon Toulkerrie Triangle Trinder Park Tungewa Turners Camp Island Umbounba Upper Tingalpa Mount Vane Venus Banks Viminal Viminal Hill Virginia Walkers Ridge Wallaby Creek Wallen Wallen Wallen Wallen Creek Wallum Creek Wanga Wallen Bank Warragamba Bank Warrajamba Beach Waterloo Bay Weinam Creek Wellington Point Welsby Lagoon West Banks Western Banks Whinstanes Whites Hill Whyte Island Wild Banks Willes Island Mount Willes Woodridge Woody Bay Woody Point Woody Point Beach Wynnum Wynnum Central Wynnum Creek Wynnum North Yeerongpilly Yellow Patch Yerrol Creek Yule Bank Yule Road Zillman Waterholes Zion Hill Garnet Rock Green Camp Kianowa Swamp Birkdale Cairncross Rocks Ormiston Bird Island Conservation Park Beachmere Conservation Park Buckleys Hole Conservation Park Bribie Island National Park Fort Lytton National Park Goat Island Conservation Park Hays Inlet Conservation Park One Hays Inlet Conservation Park Two King Island Conservation Park Koala Bushland National Park Springwood Conservation Park St Helena Island National Park Coolnwynpin Creek Berrinba Brisbane City Holland Park Holland Park West Mount Gravatt East Stretton Cleveland Point Venman Bushland National Park Bullock Creek Conservation Park Cannery Creek Norfolk Point Old Bar Cutting Capalaba West Chandler Mackenzie Brisbane City Rochedale Brighton Cape Moreton Conservation Park Belmont Carina Ransome Karawatha Seven Hills Manly West Mud Island Conservation Park Quarantine Flats Reach Lytton Port of Brisbane Ascot Brisbane City Eagle Farm Hamilton Alexandra Hills Sheldon Thornlands Moreton Bay Redlands Shire Wishart Upper Mount Gravatt Jeays Reef Ningi Creek Conservation Park Tingalpa Creek Conservation Park Eight Mile Plains Macgregor Daisy Hill Conservation Park Nathan Balmoral Hawthorne Gumdale Wakerley Wynnum West Camp Hill Burbank Minjerriba Ju-Nu-Juna Creek Yurrewl Creek Robertson Sunnybank Hills Berrinba Logan City Daisy Hill Logan Central Shailer Park Slacks Creek Priestdale Rochedale South Springwood Underwood Kippa-Ring Margate Meldale Newport Rothwell Banksia Beach Bellara Clontarf Moreton Bay Regional Council Scarborough Welsby White Patch Minnippi Creek Carindale Mansfield Howe Channel North Channel Glass House Mountain Creek Wilds Bank Wilds Banks Outer Freeman Channnel Bribie View Gallagher Point Spitfire Bank Pumicestone Channel Pumice Stone Strait Freeman Channel Parrot Island Ridge Tree Hill Old Bribie Spitfire Channel Ducks Creek Shields Point Skirmish Pass Bulwer Cottages Comboyro Point Yule Roads Maclaglan Ridge Diagram Hill Bribie Skirmish Swamp Elbow Plugge Plateau Russells Top Russell Top Cowan Gully Hill Six Hundred Leading Hill Shoal Bank Tangaluma Road Tangaluma Point Reef Point Four Fathom Bank Middle Bank South Tangaluma Road Saltwater Creek Scott Point Hayes Inlet Pine River North Pine River Brisbane Road Brisbane Roads Coonungal Bank Cowards Island Outer Bar Reach Outer Bar Cutting Clohertya Peninsula Crab Tree Station Jackson Creek Cribb Island Koopa Channel East Banks Hamilton Point Inner Bar Cutting Fisherman Point Dredge Spoil Bank Bishop Island Patrick Wharf Rufus King Myrtle Saint Helena Island Luggage Point Cutting Uniacke Point Lower Reach Sandy Point White Island North Gate Junction Pelican Banks Reach Pelican Bank Cutting Lytton Rocks Reach Lytton Rocks Cutting Ampol Wharf Kedron Kedron Brook Upper Lytton Cutting Bulwer Wall Lytton Cutting Swing Basin Swing Basin Reach Reformatory Hill Shifting Sand Island Green Islet Lytton Wall Dune Rocks Eagle Farm Reach Pinkenba Cutting Eagle Farm Flats Cutting Doboy Wall Parker Island Wall Coxen Point Wall Gateway Bridge Hamilton Wall Doboy Bridge Palmer Pass Hamilton Reach Cutting Quarries Reach Cutting Parker Island Cutting Doughboy Creek Wynnum South Flying Fox Creek Manly Harbour Rainbow Reach Badgen Hilliard Creek Big Hill Lake Karboora Lake Karbo Turkrooar Phillips Creek Ormiston House South West Rocks Bird Islands Bird Islets Deanbillb Bay Petrie Hill West Cleveland Cleveland Central Banana Bank Innes Island Innis Island Pats Point Coondooroopa Point Stradbroke Island Spring Creek Station Priestdale Lagoons Mugurrapun Creek Tindappah Island Oakey Hill Dynevor Panakin Island Logan