Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI53-16

Kangaroo Island Special
GA SI53-16 - Kangaroo Island Special

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Kingscote Penneshaw Cape Jervis Greggorys Hut Tregwelyn Young Rock Tapanappa Campground Glen Eagles North Rock Tapanappa Lookout Sunset Cove Resort Island Beach Bay of Shoals Cape Borda Duncan Small Hole Wirrina Cove Cassini Stun'Sail Boom Haines Antechamber Bay Western River Hummocky Gorge White Cliffs Kerlingle Pub Corner Muckra Etthrick Brae Talisker Second Valley Forest Tappanappa Cottage Delamere Sinkholes Naiko Inlet Deep Creek Cove Bay Tree Farm River View The Fisheries Blue Gum Gully American River Motel The Frenchmans Rock Quin Rock Strepera Waterfall Harriet River Mount Stockdale King George Well Amen Corner Middle River Crabbvale Vivonne Jetty Lyndhurst Korumait Park Grady Downs Moorlands Alloomba Ella-Matta Two Storey Creek Cape Jervis Post Office The Rowland Hill Highway Adnoorak Rushy Swamp Meadow Lea Rossmar Downs Wilson Corner Circle H Kerribee Park Lake Ada Bundilla Yurara Glenwreath Karatta Park Villa Costa Lotta Davaar Sandy Creek Constitution Hill Harriet Hummocky Point Turkey Lane Parkmeade Morgans Beach Snapper Point Trig Marrano Creek Magpie Hill Ballaparinga Hill Salt Cliffs Penneshaw Caravan Park Bulolo Vale Penneshaw Area School Black Point Morrison Point Deep Creek Penneshaw Post Office Crevasse Cave Kelly Lodge Glencraig Kangaroo Gully Pioneer Bend Telephone Office Cap Borda Cap Bedout Breakneck Creek Murrell Landing Cape Borda Lighthouse Riverleas Western River West Branch North-East River Snug Cove Creek Karralinga Waymar Creeks Frosted Floor Cave Karawatha Kelly Cave Kelly Hills Karatta Station Pemabran Viresco The Kohinoor Mine Warwick Farm Carramar Smith Reserve Woodlana Parndana Trig Wittow Creek Cassini Trig Daws Diggings Rapid Bay Jetty Indiwarra New Yoho Creek Stockyards Limnodde Kent Park Rapid Bay Rural School Sheep Hill Starfish Hill Salt Creek Hill Sunnybank Wattle Hill Allan Flat Long Hill Atalanta Joylen Park Keringle Branch Creek Cocokatoo Ridge Darham Springs Presqu I'la Gallissonieve Hog Bay River Willson River Telephone Office Pork Creek Dudley District Hall Christmas Cove Richmond Park Norma Cove Bowers Trig Myambla Glenowie Cargie Cable Bridge Wisanger Birchmore Hut Eleanor Downs Bay View Farm Point Morrison Mopehawk Gully Mouth Flat West End Highway Woody Range North West River Curlew Valley Bedlam Flat Price Creek Cobbler Hill Freemans Kingscote Post Office Graydon Holiday Lodge Bellevista American River Acquatic Reserve North West Snares Hundred of Cassini The Giving Tree Stringybark Campground Three Bridges Sappers Flat Call-Anda Brae Bullaparinga Goondooloo Cottage Rosella Haven Finniss Vale Coate Trig Stoneyridge Brownlow Salt Creek Cap du Geographe Hamilton Kingscote Telephone Exchange White Horse Hill Playford Highway Rolls Point Bear Point Tandanya Kurralinga North-West River Double J Waterloo Marapana Canberra Punari Pointe de la Misere Vernon No Where Else Creek Stoney Creek The Pig and Whistle Tea Tree Creek Wiljean Rocky River Waterhole Flinders Light Cape Torrens Marsden Trig Gum Creek Loaf Corner Moreview Wirrilda Trig Iluka Camp Creek Flat Ewbank Fossil Cave New Years Day Cave Holiday Island Chalets Woolnit Cygnet River Telephone Exchange Stun'sail-Boom River Stunsail Boom River Kingscote Aerodrome Kingscote Community Recreation Centre Yarrabee Cap Rouge Dova Farm Red Cliffs KI Children's Services Centre Valhalla D'estree Shoal Point Ti Tree MacGillivray Tinline Point Stranraer Karingle Emu Ridge Point Reynolds Cape Linois Redbanks Mount Thisby K I Dairies Bullaparinga Hill The Wither Swamp Tent Hill Hundred of Seddon Mimosa Goulburn Yaitya-kauwingga Middle River Primary School New Lake Tree Hole Lagoon Dead Horse Lagoon Penneshaw Special Rural School Mount Taylor Cave Anacotilla Sanctuary Ten-Tree Lagoon Cape Hart Conservation Park White Lagoon Borda Park Sanctuary Lake Kitty Gobell Lake Cape Willoughby Conservation Park Lathami Sanctuary Stun'Sail Boom River Sanctuary Boat Harbor Ballast Head Harbor Osmanli Western Kangaroo Island Sanctuary Nepean Bay Conservation Park Emily Smith Yaitya-kauwingga Sanctuary Vanquish Kelly Sanctuary Mount Taylor Conservation Park Middle River Sanctuary Parndana National Park Hic-Up Cave Xanthorrhoea Sanctuary Talisker Conservation Park Attunga Sanctuary William Cape Hart National Park Pelican Lagoon Conservation Park Gosse Cap Delambre Baie du Guai-Trouin Cuttle Fish Bay Moncrieff Bay Cuttlefish Bay Sanderson Bay Seal Bay Boxing Bay Flour Cask Bay Pennington Bay Baie Bougainville Iles Bourdet Vivonne Karta Tapanappa Rocks Kelly Hill Conservation Park Dutton Park Sanctuary Salt Lagoon Hundred of Yankalilla Presqu La Galissonniere D'Estree Wangara Seddon Conservation Park Grainger Old Mine Teetero Mintaro Pebbly Beach Vivonne Heights Honeysuckle Flat Willoughby Telephone Exchange Pintabinga Hog Bay Post Office Coonato Station Ups-n-Downs Pelican Lagoon Brown Beach Flinders Obelisk Page View Rocky Point North Cape Kallowar Cape Jervis Lighthouse Bluegum Remarkable Rocks Wingara Hog Point Brackenmore Halfway Cap Cassini Vivonne Bay Telephone Exchange Stokes Creek Riccorang Balcarres Helyar Hillview Parndana Conservation Park Kingscote Area School Cygnet River Post Office Tent Rock Hawson and Kinches Snakey Creek Parndana Landing Ground Hereweare Cape Willoughby Post Office Nepean Bay Caravan Park Wither Swamp Cooalinga Creek Arltunga Binnowie Boat Harbor Hill Mount Rapid Woodleigh Cape Bouger Maryvale Pioneer Bend Enoomah Birchmore Community Hall Maylands Trig Hundred of Borda Birchmore Lake Knolls Strepara Waterfall New Years Eve Cave Stokes Bay Brownlow KI Harbor of Rapid Bay Maupertuis Bay Anacotilla Pointe aux Corbeaux Lashmar Conservation Park Horse Station Knapman Creek Scotch Thistle Flat The Gorge Buck Hill Discovery Flat Nowhere Else Cottage K B Downs Yulti Wirra Delamere Rural School Kilmarnoch High Sandhill Dudley Aluka South-West River Anacoltilla River Shag Rock Carnacoo Lands End Trig Spring Hills Gum Tree Flat Hawks Nest Station Dakota Mount Mary Fleetwood Konumait Park Burgess Lagoon Birchmore Lagoon Tea Tree Lagoon Talisker Regional Recreation Park Dagwood Bay Edward Lagoon Archway Lagoon Rush Lagoon Harbor of Penneshaw Port Kingscote Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park Rocky River Lockwood Queenscliffe Primary School Mount Bloomfield Dewrang Roo Lagoon Parkmeada Midway H and N Aspro Hill Greenslopes Yattagolinga River Second Valley Post Office Cobbler Hill Picnic Area Moreton McDonald Downs Grassdale Bonnie Doone Windy Vale Buick Point Tarni-Warra Hart Creek Porpoise Head Alex Lookout Campbell Gully High Gums Tara Kohinoor Hill Kanagara Smith Landing Fernandez Creek Killaroo Lagoon Flat Grassy Creek Hundred of Menzies Two Wheel Creek Stun'Sail Boom Beach Rhopamm Kangaroo Head Angasvale Point Tinline Karinga Ravine Des Casoars Cave Cape du Couedic Menzies Cap du Couedic Black Springs Creek Congeratinga River Burajige Carnavon Treville Woodlands Calana Camel Back Queenscliffe Post Office Dry Creek Seddon Salt Creek Stockyards Blowhole Creek Willson River Homestead Cobbler Hill Campground The Deep Creek Strawbridge Point South East Snares Port of Pelicans Dehra-Dun Parndana Agricultural Research Centre Bales Hut Naroonda Bullock Creek Pleasant Park Neets Eitzans Ile Borda Tarli Springs Golden Hope Frog Cave Encounter Marine Park Fairfield Harbor of Kingscote Harbor of Vivonne Bay Paisley Islet Simpson Conservation Reserve Cape Gantheaume National Park Plough Creek Yaitya-kauwe Pudna Covenys Gully Western River Cove Yoho Creek Porky Flat Bald Hill Congony Head Freestone Creek Buenfield Carraman Bomb Alley Bowers Gremlin Lodge Snaky Creek Little Timber Creek Bale Beach Brownlow Units Possum Skin Cave Wedgewood Maylands Goat Hill Creek Alandale Bunsil Stokes Bay Landing North East River Woodstock Little Wedgewood Greenfields Kingscote Sand Reserve Hundred of Ritchie Kohinoor Willoughby Cape de Couedic Lighthouse White House Hill Beare Point New Salt Creek Hog-Bay-River Station Snelling Beach Springy Water Creek Setons Cave Reeves Point Kingscote Racing Club False Cape Rocky River Station The Gorge Falls Breakneck River North Cape Lighthouse Deepdene High Barbaree Angas Sunnyside Pine-Grove Bald Rock Flagstaff Lookout Billygoat Gully D'Estrees Bay Cape Hill Callanda Brae Sandhurst Charing Cross Big Conguinar Beach Cape Hart Second Valley Buick Station Kanguroo Head Wisanger Hills Gumbahrie Harriet Telephone Exchange Rainy Creek Corowood Point Marsden Lighthouse Hundred of Haines Parndana Lashmar Lagoon Wirrina Vivonne Bay Conservation Park Harbor of American River Pink Bay Shoals Bay Busby Islet Anse des Sources Six Mile Lagoon Flat Topped Hill Duck Lagoon Flinders Chase National Park Blue Gum Gully Sanctuary Cape Torrens Conservation Park Crack Well Hundred of Newland Thisby Trig Sandy River Silt Cave Cap Dupleix Fishery Creek Titakira Munera Pandell Cooratoo Glen Lomond Goondooloo The Shackle Telephone Exchange The Wootons Goat Gully Frenchman Head Memory Court Kaiwarra Bay View Cape Cassini Station Warrinya Stun'Sail-Boom River King George Beach Glenavon Bales Beach Aquatic Reserve Hawks Nest Churinga Kohinoor Mine Southern Kangaroo Island Marine Park Delamere Sheoak Creek Karraboom Hundred of MacGillivray Larluna Strathma Downs Benwerrin Weirs Cove Morgan River Cygnet River Grid Iron Corner Cape Gantheaume Wilderness Protection Area Kangaroo Island Yacht Club Ozone Hotel and Motel The Red Banks Campbell Hill Castle Gully Sunray Tent Rock Creek Rapid Bay Cove Cave Hog Bay River Station Kirkpatrick Point Ironstone Hill Picnic Point Reeves Point Historical Site Stockdale Highgate Mount Pleasant Torbrech Karmar Poverty Park Coolalie Evallyn Dudley East Yakilo Sunny-Bank Homestead The New Country San Antone Yo-Ho Simmental Cap Forbin Jaitjakawangga Reserve Willson River Seven Springs Landsdown Tin Hut Woodylea Grassy Flat Little Conguinar Beach Lincoln Green Anulka Brigalow Ellson Seaview Motel Weir Cove Tappanappa Cap de la Secheresse Lands End Newland Silverton Baudin Beach The Pages Conservation Park Lathami Conservation Park Caerdroia Sanctuary Meadow Lea Sanctuary Point Ellen Agincourt Parawa Aaron Creek American River Post Office Penneshaw Water Supply Cap D'Estaing Cap Gantheaume Caledonia Timber Creek Curley Creek Gradi Downs Western River Wilderness Protection Area Baudin Conservation Park Ten Tree Lagoon Kanguroo Island Tammar Sanctuary Beyeria Conservation Park Parewarangk Koldana Westmoore Park Kiowie West Bay Cave Mars The Spit Sandy Beach Parn Lee Glenroe Cassini Park Vinkepas Cassini Station Kingscote Golf Club Hope Cottage Cape Rouge Riverdale Tandanya Kitchen Western Trig Tandara Triple Valley Leska Springs Brookland Park Castle Hill Robyn's Hills Clair-Roy Cap Sane Sorrento Resort Cooinda Holiday Village Pott Park Glenora Matthew Flinders Motel Hungry Creek Dog Point Waterhole Willandra Kingscote Primary School Gorge Hill Kyala Rain Creek Wyndee Attarak Dudley West The Bluff Table Rock Parachilna Deep-Dene East Stranaer The Tangle MacGillivray Substation Salt Lake Telephone Office Cap South Hope Cottage Plantation High Grove Ransford Park Western River Bay Enterprise Glenburn Cottage Woodleigh Park Mope-Hawk Gully Hardstaff Shoals Albert Silverton Park Fishery Beach Yarloop Stebonheath Tin Pot Hut Ballast Head Kingscote Hospital Derwent Vale South West Rock Springs Road Native Forest Reserve County of Carnarvon Kangaroo Beach Emu Bay Grainger Lagoon Kurrara Sanctuary Western River Conservation Park Boobook Hill Sanctuary Cygnet River Estuary Conservation Park Port Dache Anxious Bay The Brothers Beatrice Islet Conservation Park Polly Bareena Emu Bay Creek Blue Hills Heather Brae Osmanli Beach Penzance Mount Tisby Karoona West Bay Hollow Glenbracken Carripook Stony Hill Kelly Hill Caves New Country Fides Bluff Cape Willoughby Telephone Office Willson River Post Office American Beach Cap des Kanguroos Stockyard Hill Valwood Hesso Hut Pigs Head Flat Kingham Minarapa Tooramingah Bunker Hill Gumridge The Big Gully Creek Nepean Bay Lodges Trayns Hill Marsden Point Hope Museum Company Point Snug Cove Pigs Head Corner Shalom Poolamacca Rarkang Creek Buick Hill Cap D'Orvilliers Pennyvale The Hog Bay River White Gum Gully Penneshaw Campus McDonnell Hill Springfield Rowland Hill Highway Waiginna Arranmorn King George Hut Windemere Park Camp Creek Yarromie Lesueur Conservation Park Emu Four Hole Capsize Creek Sall Creek McPherson Creek American River Substation Bourkel Blue Gum Hill Melaleuca Karatta Flinders Chase Larrikin Lagoon Sapphiretown Maxwell Murray Lagoon Yaringa Beatrice Islets Vivonne Bay Congeratinga Native Forest Reserve Buckland Downs Loch Sloy The High Sandhill Dog Trap Creek Cup Gum Cottage Ridgetop Retreats Deep Creek Park Headquaters Hungry Beach Yacca Flat Fair View Cook Community Health Centre Wreck Gully Cape Willoughby Lighthouse Buick Landing Discovery Lagoon Three Hole Lagoon Millikipita Park YMCA Corner St Austell Parndana Area School Aroona West Bay Hollow Cave Kangaroo Lagoon Minarka Brown Creek Smiths Bay Corr Amar Tinpot Hut Taylor Caves Mount Taylor King George Creek Taranna Busby Islet Conservation Park Bushy Island Midge Two Wheeler Creek Sheep Creek Christmas Creek Cape Gantheaume Bull Creek Beatrice Point Waterfall Creek Western River East Branch Aaron Creek Picnic Area Daring The Cave Sandhills Frank Potts Gully Cave Point Wirrina Reservoir Anacotilla River Stormy Point South of Mount McDonnell Trig Kanbara Longwater Hole Carinya Kinchs Station Smith Creek Eleanor Station Karangra Tin Hut Creek Eleanor Trig Hundred of Gosse North West Snare Yadnarie Downs Clifton Downs Andambie Wirrilda Bronleen Knob Point Kooran Park Blue Gums Ravine des Casoars Vennachar Point Black Creek Harveys Return Cemetery Brownlow Beach Wanders Rest Stockyards Creek Narunggawi St Andrews Valley Creek Parananacooka River Aaron Hole Creek Jacob Gully Hill-dale Snapper Point Old Golf Course Corner South East Snare Wisanger Telephone Exchange Wyndemar Cygnet Park Amberley Graydon Wirrina Cove Resort Richmond Downs Wisanger Primary School Pink Bay Sanctuary Treasure Trove Snake Lagoon Simpson Conservation Park Paradise Wirrina Resort Bungala House Thistle Station Sunny-Brae Cap D'Etoile Waterfall Gully Black Bullock Hill Kanannah Haussen and Kinches Bales Beach Gap Hills Detroite De Lacepede Cygnet River Primary School Middle River Dam Double Five Squashy Creek Providence Green Dumfries Brenton Park Borda Park Kingscote Point Kingscote Campus Old Karatta Morella KI Children's Services Island Court Holiday Flats Tinsmith Corner Double Fork Gully Brigadoon New Yohoe Creek Black Bullock Creek Bainbridge Landing Cap Sevinge Foggy Farm Glen Burn Chinamans Hut Eleanor Flats Yerda Station Yerda Stokes Bay Station Valley View Dutton Park Naturally Farm Tanah Merah Royston Park Glen Brae Springs Cape Bouguer Wilderness Protection Area Whinkeys Cave Anchorage Island Anse des Hauts-Fonts Talisker Mine Lincoln Dale Amaroo Eagle Waterhole Campground Baie D'Estrees Kukakunga Bulong Starr-Haven Stantons Lloyds Signal Station Brownlow Post Office Cap Vendome Blowhole Beach Cap Prony Sheoak Gully Stockyard Thistle Cap D'Alembert Hog Bay Ryberg House South West River Braeview Eumalla Grainger Retreat Salt Lake Kohinoor Heights Island Resort Nardie Little Sahara Port Hog Port of American River and Pelican Lagoon Pelorus Islet Ile Decres Fannie M St Ives Stokes Bay Creek Two Story Creek Osmanli Reef Cap Linois White Point Soldiers Memorial Park Leonards Mill Wisteria Lodge Motel Nepean Bay Western River South Branch Bates Hill Douglas Reef Kadamere Antechamber Bay Telephone Office Felt Hat Corner Cape Jervis Station Second Valley Springs Cave American River Primary School Dolphins Point Anse des Phoques Troubridge Landing Jetty Whale Gully Snug Cove Station Seal Bay Aquatic Reserve The Sir Cecil Hicks Reserve Burnfield Birchmore Well Wisanger Park Warrawee Ups and Downs Bark Hut Parndana East Telephone Exchange Martin Quarry Mount Ellen Middle River Station Sans Pareille Wundee Tilka Hut Muston Deep Creek Homestead Stunsail Boom Yattarna Eleanor River Broadway Calnan Well Trig Campground Yaralla Hart House Koreelah Horse Gully Mouth Flat Beach Fas Kelly Congony Beach Goanna Corner Wisanger Post Office Long Waterhole Erskine The Ledge Rettie Bluff Deep Hole Newland Park Hundred of Dudley Bent Valley White Tree Creek Starvation Creek Tapanappa Nobby Island Hansen Bay Sea Cave Harbor of Cape Jervis Windmill Bay Emu Bay Primary School Edwards Lagoon Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park Hundred of Duncan Ironstone De Mole River Borda Vale Arundel Kingscote Preschool Centre Library Water Gully Haines Telephone Exchange York Farm Arranmore Leopard Hill Frog Farm Graves End Red Hill Raywood Coranda Rarkang Rapid Bay Porky Flat Cave Rockfield Morlands Mariners Cairn Windermere Point Ellen Lighthouse Yacca Gully Cape Torrens Wilderness Protection Area The Big Gully Windee Jame-Kyra Salt Creek Cave Linnetts Island Resort McKinlay House Hazel Hill Blowhole Ridge Wilderness Creek Tree Hill Second Valley School Cuttlefish Bay School Thistle Hill Pigshead Flat Parndana Campus Smith Beach Lloyds House Parndana East Post Office Netherby Park Glencorrie Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area Cape Borda Post Office Kangaroo Island General Hospital Big Gully Creek Dewars Homestead Birchmore Bowling Club Parade Units Wirrina Holiday Resort Red House Bay Tapanappa Hill Boat Harbor Creek Investigator Strait Kangaroo Island Backstairs Passage American River Seal Bay Conservation Park South Page Boat Harbor Beach Cape Dutton Seal Beach Cape Bedout Chapman River Baker Nob Duncan River Cape Willoughby Western Cove Point Marsden Cape Coutts Harveys Return Cape St Albans Mount McDonnell Cape Cassini Eastern Cove Detroit de Colbert Yatala Shoal West Bay Hanson Bay Cape Forbin Cape Kersaint Cape Younghusband Kingscote Harbour Cape D'Estaing Ravine Dashwood Bay Cape Bouguer Prospect Hill Flinders Isthmus Deep Creek Conservation Park Cape de Coudie Admirals Arch Freestone Hill Tapanappa Creek Smith Bay Casuarina Islets Scott Cove Newland Bay Ravine de Casoars MacDonnell Peninsula The Pages Rapid Head Three Well River Douglas Rock Dudley Conservation Park Mount Marsden Cape DEstaing Mount MacDonnell Black Bullick Hill Busby Island Bushy Islet Landing Shoal Boat Harbour Creek KI Childrens Services Centre KI Childrens Services Beatrice Island Beatrice Islet Cobblers Hill Western River Station South Page Island The Scraper Dudley Peninsula Cape Saint Albans Cape Saint Alban Moncrief Bay Willsons River Reynolds Point Cape Vennachar Murrays Lagoon Threshold Bank Mount Pleasant Station DEstrees Bay Baie DEstrees DEstree Bay Harriet Station Eleanor Mary River Nobby Islet Maupertius Bay StunSail Boom River Sanctuary Grasslands Station Fenris Bank StunSail Boom Beach Sou West River N.W. Snare Kilpatrick Point Cape Du Couedic Cape Couedie Casuarina Island Casuarina Islands S.E. Snare Quia Rock Pelorus Island Carter Knoll Lipson Reef Young Rocks