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Pilot Chart Correcting Pen 0.4mm

Pilot Chart Correcting Pen 0.4mm - Pilot

A high quality magenta pen for applying professional chart corrections. We use this pen in-house as part of our Chart Correction set.

    Tips for using this pen from our expert Chart Correcter's:
  • Wipe the tip on a soft tissue or the back of your hand before using. This avoids any chance of a 'ink blob'
  • This is a ball point pen, so it needs to be moving to apply ink - make your movements smooth and with equal pressure
  • Don't apply much pressure - you want a very fine line. If you are too heavy, it will make a big think line, which for many symbols will look messy
  • We don't recommend the use of a stencil, they rarely make a good symbol. Instead, practice practice practice.