Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8215

TAS 8215 - Tamar

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Banyanda Forest Gate Panatana Banksia Rise Larooma Evergreen Boisdale Rubicon Estate Westward Ho Willmount Bendermere Fairhaven Caringal Greenhythe Hermitage The Hillpark Whirlpool Lodge Craigburn Rema Hazelwood Constant Springs Hillwoodville Kawana Seaview Riverview Rhyll Torrington Marraway High View Padouk Taronga Leam Elphin Grove Rookery The Roma Don Roamin Karingal Walhalla Den Balla Brierley Grove Everest Los Angelos Wisedale Loch Sloy Sunbury Farnham Hillvue Glen Rose Rosslyn Wyndringham Grasmere Pantrees Maryland Glenwood Park Jennyfield Conmurra Rocklyn Hillwood Avenue The Four Springs Green Acres Hill Field Eddington Glenburn Fir Lea Hillside Cresent Egmont Parkleigh Glenrowan Loosleigh Hillcrest Hope Field Big Park Korraine Willows The Mount Patrick Summerville Riverdale Rockton Fairlea Narawa Hill Top Ben Murrough Dalry Leighart Rydal Park Commercial Lodge Cranleigh Meadow Lynn Sunnyside Highbrae Brooklyn Mt Pleasant Pleasant View Cheverton Wattle Bank Benellen Rich Inges Roxford Quamby Home Blackwood Vale Glenvista Meander Vale Summer Hill Eldon Rosedale Cliston Carbury Farm Lenna Macleay Mountain View Summer Hall Chester Beaconsfield Beauty Point Exeter George Town Gravelly Beach Lanena-Blackwall Low Head Port Sorell Paper Beach Kelso Beechford Aintrees Creek Anchor Point Andersons Creek Appin Creek Appleby Creek Archers Knob Dotterel Point Dotterel Reef Drumstick Islet Drunkards Creek Drys Sugarloaf Duke Creek Dungiven Rivulet Dunorlan Eagle Gorge Eagle Point Eagle Point Beach Eaglehawk Gully Eagles Lookout East Arm East Beach East Sassafras Eastern Channel Eastford Creek Edies Point Arthurs Head Asbestos Range Ashmans Point Atkinsons Creek Avenue Plains Badger Beach Badger Head Bakers Beach Bakers Point Bald Tier Bald Top Barnes Hill Barrel Rock Barrel Spit Barretts Lookout Barretts Point Batman Bridge Beaconsfield Plantation Beaconsfield Reservoir Bell Bay Bell Bay Line Bell Bay Station Bellbuoy Beach Bellions Rock Bengeo Big Bay Birralee Birralee Recreation Ground Black Reef Black Sugarloaf Black Sugarloaf Creek Black Sugarloaf Ridge Blackamoor Head Blackmans Creek Blackwall Blades Hill Blanket Creek Blue Gum Park Blyth Creek Boats Crew Point Bombay Rock Bonnie Beach Boongala Reserve Bradleys Beach Bradys Creek Bradys Creek Private Nature Res ... Bradys Lookout Bradys Lookout State Reserve Bradys Plain Branchs Creek Branchs Creek Plantation Brands Creek Brandy Creek Brandy Pond Brickmakers Point Bridgenorth Bridgenorth Recreation Ground Briggs Creek Briggs Regional Reserve British Creek Browns Creek Browns Lookout Bruins Pond Brumbys Folly Brushy Lagoon Brushy Rivulet Bryans Creek Bryants Bay Budehaven Bull Island Cabbage Tree Hill Cat and Kitten Creek Chester Rivulet Christmas Hills Cimitiere Creek Cimitiere Plain Cimitiere Point Clarence Point Clog Toms Creek Coates Hill Cobblestone Creek Coilers Creek Copper Cove Coppermine Creek Cordell Point Cottons Hill Crescent Shore Cummings Creek Curries River Curries River Dam Curries River Reservoir Curries Rivulet Currong Reserve Dalgarth Hill Dans Hill Dans Hill Conservation Area Davis Cove Dawson Hill Dazzler Range Deceitful Cove Devils Elbow Deviot Dirty Bay Doctors Flats Donovans Bay Egg Island Egg Island Creek Egg Island Point Egmont Bridge Elbow Spit Elizabeth Park Elizabeth Town Examiner Rock Exeter Golf Course Exeter Showground Farradys Creek Felminghams Creek Fenton Creek Fern Ridge Finger Point Fishpond Rocks Five Mile Bluff Five Mile Bluff Conservation Area Flag Creek Flowers Hill Flowery Gully Flowery Gully Cave Foresters Hill Four Mile Bluff Four Mile Creek Four Springs Creek Four Springs Lake Four Springs State Recreation Area Fourteen Mile Creek Frankford Franklin Rivulet Freers Beach Freshwater Creek Friend Point Grass Island Grassy Hut Tier Great Dragon Great Mary Ann Creek Greens Beach Greens Beach Conservation Area Greens Beach Golf Course Greens Creek Griffiths Point Grindelwald Gannons Hill Garden Island Garrow Rock Gaunts Hill Gem Rock George Town Conservation Area George Town Council George Town Golf Course George Town Station George Town Sugarloaf Gibsons Beach Glengarry Goaty Hill Gordon Square Gowans Creek Gum Scrub Creek Gwins Sugarloaf Harford Hawley Beach Hawley Nature Reserve Hebe Reef High Plains Holwell Holwell Falls Holwell Gorge Holwell Gorge State Reserve Honduras Bank Hospital Point Houghtons Creek Howell Reservoir Humphreys Bridge Ilfraville Inspection Head Ironstone Hills Jack Whites Creek Jarmans Bay Jimmys Ditch Johnston Creek Johnstons Flats Jubb Creek Jubilee Park Kangaroo Rivulet Kayena Keeles Cutting Kellys Lookout Kelso Bay Kermode Creek Kid Island Killara Reserve Knights Basin Knights Bridge Knights Creek Lades Tongue Lagoon Bay Lagoon Beach Land O'Cakes Creek Lanena Latrobe Council Lauriston Reservoir Lawrences Bluff Lefroy Leviathan Hill Lightfoot Bay Little Badger Head Little Black Sugarloaf Little Branchs Creek Little Browns Creek Little Devils Elbow Little Dragon Little Mary Ann Creek Little Reedy Marsh Little Supply River Little Swan Point Little Wonder Pond Loafer Creek Lockwoods Point Loira Londonderry Creek Long Flat Long Hill Long Hill Plantation Long Reach Long Tom Reef Lovers Islets Low Head Conservation Area Low Head Historic Site Low Head Lighthouse Macquarie Rivulet Mahoneys Creek Majors Rocks Manduama Park Margaret Rocks Marsh Island Marshalls Creek Marshalls Hill Marshalls Point Masseys Creek Matthews Creek Max Harris Memorial Reserve Middle Arm Middle Arm Conservation Area Middle Arm Creek Middle Bank Middle Channel Middle Island Middle Island Conservation Area Middle Point Miserable Islet Moltema Monarch Hill Monomeeth Reserve Moriarty Reach Mount Careless Mount George Mount Vulcan Mowbray Point Murphys Hill Narawntapu National Park Native Point Native Point Nature Reserve New Chum Creek Newmans Bay No No Hole North East Arm North West Bank Notley Fern Gorge Notley Gorge State Reserve Notley Hills Nudists Beach Oak Bluff Oak Hill Observatory Hill Orari Bank Orlando Creek Panatana Rivulet Parkers Ford Parkham Parramatta Creek Parramatta Park Parrot Creek Peaked Hill Pease Creek Pebble Beach Penguin Island Perrin Reserve Pilots Bay Pipeclay Bay Pipers Lagoon Pipers Lagoon Creek Point Effingham Point Rapid Point Sorell Point Vision Porpoise Rock Port Dalrymple Port Sorell Conservation Area Port Sorell Golf Course Porters Bridge Porters Flats Portview Hill Potato Hill Poverty Gully Poyston Creek Punchs Terror Quamby Bend Quamby Brook Rabbit Island Ragged Islet Ralstons Hill Ratcliffes Point Redbill Point Redbill Point Conservation Area Redwood Bay Redwood Islet Reedy Marsh Regent Square Reids Creek Reids Rock Retreat Cove Richmond Hill River Tamar Roaring Magg Hill Robigana Rockliffs Hill Rocky Point Rookery Creek Rose Bay Rose Bay Park Rosevale Rosevale Recreation Ground Rosevears Rowella Rowleys Beach Rubicon Hills Rubicon Reserve Rubicon River Conservation Area Ruffins Bay Salisbury Creek Salisbury Hill Saltpan Point Sandy Beach Sawyers Point Saxons Creek Scotchmans Point Scotties Shore Scotts Hill Sea Hill Sea Reach Seaview Hill Second Sands Selbourne Selbourne Recreation Ground Settlers Hills Shag Head Shag Rock She Oak Point Shear Reef Shear Rock Shearwater Shearwater Golf Course Sheep Tail Point Sheepwash Creek Sheepwash Hills Shell Islands Shoulder of Mutton Plain Sideling Creek Sidmouth Sidmouth Conservation Area Simmonds Hill Simmons Mistake Slippers Hill Sludge Creek South East Arm Specimen Creek Spring Bay Spring Hill Springlawn Beach Springlawn Lagoon Spy Island Squeaking Point Squires Gut Staggs Creek Stephens Hill Stewarts Hill Stockyard Hills Stone Quarry Bay Stony Brook Stony Head Stony Rises Strath Bridge Stringybark Hill Sugar Creek Supply Bay Supply Mill Bridge Supply River Swan Bay Swan Point Taroona Point Tatana Private Nature Reserve The Buffalo The Carbuncle The Rookery The Tump Thirlstane Thompsons Hill Three Mile Bluff Tippogoree Tippogoree Hills Toroa Patch Tullamona Creek Tunks Bridge Tunks Creek Two Mile Reef Vanishing Cave Virginstow Plantation Volunteer Creek Volunteer Hill Wallaby Creek Wards Creek Watch House Hill Water Rat Weetah Wentworth Hill West Arm West Arm Conservation Area West Bay West Frankford West Head West Reef West Tamar Council Westwood Whirlpool Reach White Flats Creek Williams Creek Wilmores Bluff Windmill Point Windred Creek Wings Flats Winkleigh Wolverine Shoal Wurra Wurra Hills Yellow Marsh Yellow Rock York Cove York Creek York Town York Town Rivulet Yorktown Historic Site Altamont Andersons Creek Forest Reserve Appin Forest Appleby Creek Reservoir Asbestos Range Conservation Area Bayview Jetty Beauty Point Wharf Bell Bay Wharf Big and Little Plain Big Tamar Hill Black Sugarloaf Creek Bridge Blackwood Hill Blyths Dock Boobyalla Bay Bowens Jetty Bradleys Anchorage Brandy Creek Bridge Bream Creek Bridgenorth Forest Reserve British Lagoon Brumbys New Country Brushy Rivulet Bridge Brushy Rivulet Forest Reserve Charles Drys Hill Christmas Hills Forest Reserve Cimitiere Valley Comalco Wharf Coppermine Creek Forest Reserve Cottons Creek Coxs Bight Dalgarth Forest Reserve Dark Hollow Point Deviot Jetty Digneys Corner Dorchester Douglas Drys New Country East Head Egmont Pool Emu Plain Ferry Wharf First Little Beach Four Mile Creek Bridge Fourteen Mile Creek Bridge Franklin Rivulet Bridge Franklin Rivulet Forest Reserve George Town Lookout Great Black Sugarloaf Greens Ford Half Tide Rock Hamiltons Creek Hillwood Jetty Inspection Head Wharf James Hill Leonardsburgh Little Wonder Dam Longridge Hill Lorymers Ford Mount Albany Mount Asbestos Mount Careless Forest Reserve Mount Edgecombe Mount Ossa Mount Pelion North Head Oyster Banks Panatana Rivulet Bridge Parramatta Creek Bridge Peaked Hill Forest Reserve Pipers Forest Point Flinders Rampers Pass Reedy Marsh Forest Reserve Reids Creek Bridge Roaring Magg Hill Forest Reserve Rubicon River Bridge Salisbury Saxons Creek Bridge Settlers Range Sharp Peak She Oak Hill Shoal Bay Soldiers Point Specimen Hill Stony Brook Bridge Supply River Bridge Tanker Wharf The Dazzler The Dragon The Gorge The Knoll The Punchbowl The Valley Tippogoree Hills Forest Reserve Tullamona Creek Bridge Veteran Common Virginstow Forest Reserve Whitefoord Hills Woody Sugarloaf Woolleys Lagoon Wybia Spit Wyetts Tram Currie River Currie Rivulet Penrabbel Tamar River Pilots Boat Harbour Slaty Creek Boobyalla She-Oak Point Buffalo Hill Sugarloaf Georgetown Point Sorrell Port Sorrell Lauriston Creek Muddy Creek North East Bay Brown Creek Anderson Creek Small Creek Northdown The Dazzier Drumstick Island Redwood Island Whirlpool Rock Branch Creek High Rock Rubicon River Green Creek Deep Creek Miserable Island Franklin River Sassafras Sassafras East Saxon Creek Stony Creek Tatana Kimberley Coiler Creek Brumby Creek Weegena Lobster Rivulet