Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8412

TAS 8412 - Nugent

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Rostrevor House Mount Murray Woodstock Okehampton Stonehurst Levenbanks Ponderosa Brockley Brookdale Zelwood Ardross Court Farm Sally Peak Rheban Runnymede Tranquillity Pine Whitemarsh Twamley Ringrove Sunnyside Earham Burnside Groome Hill Fern Banks Brooklyn Park View Badenville Orielton Park Hampden Park Shrub End Dellwood Clifton Macclesfield Willis Park Cornhill Horsecroft Mayfield Nonsuch Highlands Stomeleigh Hillcrest Preston Sunnybrae Mt Garrett Thorn Hill Rosendale Honeywood Delmore Hilltop Kidbrook Green Hills Studley Park Frankston Inala Hazelwood Milford Gillingbrook Renwood Beecroft Renfreize Homewood Yaringa Valhalla Boomer Bay Shasta Farm Riverside Carlton House Fulham Camden Cardwell Waters Cremorne Dodges Ferry Dunalley Orford Seven Mile Beach Sorell Midway Point Triabunna Clifton Beach Adams Hill Africa Gully Africa Gully Nature Reserve Alginate Bay Allanbys Hill Alma Creek Alma Hill Ardross Hill Dorman Point Double Creek Double Rock Douglas Creek Driscolls Hills Duck Creek Dunalley Bay Dunalley Beach Dunbabin Point Dunbabins Hills Dungeon Gully Eaglehawk Bay-Flinders Bay Cons ... Eaglehawk Creek Eaglehawk Spur Eagles Beach Eagles Sugarloaf Earlham Creek Earlham Hill Earlham Lagoon East Bay East Bay Neck East Shelf Edina Point Ayries Hill Back River Back Run Hills Badger Box Gully Bally Park Bangor Point Bankton Hill Bare Hill Barn Hill Barren Head Barren Island Bass Shoal Beaching Bay Bedding Hill Bedelphs Hill Bellettes Bay Bellettes Creek Bellettes Point Benders Hill Bens Gutter Bernacchis Creek Big Blue Hill Big Hill Billy Swans Point Bird Rock Bishop and Clerk Black Bridge Gully Black Charlies Opening Black Charlies Sugarloaf Black Flat Black Hills Black Jack Point Black Joe Black Rock Hill Blackman Bay Blackman Head Blackman Hill Blackman Plains Blackman Rivulet Blind Creek Bloodstone Beach Bloodstone Point Blowhole Point Blue Beach Blue Gum Spur Blue Lagoon Bluff Beach Bluff River Bluff River Gorge Boathouse Hill Bobbatinka Creek Bobs Gully Bogan Creek Boomer Creek Boomer Hill Boomer Island Booming Bay Boot Bay Bottom Hill Boxall Rock Boxalls Bay Boy in the Boat Bradys Cave Break-Me-Neck Hill Breaknock Bay Bream Creek Bream Creek Showground Bricky Point Brown Mountain Browns Creek Brushy Plains Rivulet Buckland Buckland Gorge Bull Creek Bull Kelper Reef Bullock Hill Bullock Hill Creek Bun Hill Bung Flat Bunker Bay Burdens Marshes Burdons Razorback Burnt Bridge Gully Burrows Gully Burrows Sugarloaf Bust Me Gall Creek Bust Me Gall Hill Buttons Bay Calders Blowhole Calverts Hill Camden Brook Camden Sugarloaf Cape Bald Cape Bernier Cape Bernier Nature Reserve Cape Bougainville Cape Boullanger Cape Des Tombeaux Cape Deslacs Cape Deslacs Nature Reserve Cape Frederick Hendrick Cape Maurouard Cape Paul Lamanon Cape Peron Cape Surville Cardwell Ridge Carlisle Beach Carlton Carlton Beach Carlton Bluff Carlton River Carrickfergus Bay Castles Hill Cat Gut Gully Channel Gully Charlies Hill Chaseys Creek Chasm Creek Chestermans Sugarloaf China Creek China Tier Chinamans Bay Chronicle Point Clarks Bay Clay Hill Clear Lagoon Clear Lagoon Nature Reserve Cliffords Sugarloaf Clifton Beach Conservation Area Coal Mine Hill Coal Mines Historic Site Coarse Marsh Cockle Bay Cockle Bay Creek Cockle Bay Lagoon Cone Hill Conical Hill Connellys Bay Connellys Creek Connellys Marsh Coopers Hill Copping Corbetts Lookout Corn Hill Cottage Hill Cottons Sugarloaf Counsel Creek Coxs Hill Coxswain Creek Craigs Hill Crawfords Hill Crawlers Gully Cremorne Beach Crooked Mcguiness Lagoon Curryjong Rivulet Cutting Grass Marsh Cuttyjong Creek Cyclone Gully Cyclone Ridge Daltons Beach Dares Creek Dark Gully Darlington Darlington Bay Dead Horse Creek Dead Isle Deep Glen Bay Deep Glen Bluff Deep Glen Creek Denison Canal Denison Canal Bridge Denison Canal Park Desaillys Pinnacle Dixons Hill Dodges Hill Donkeys Track Point Elephant Bight Emerald Bay Encampment Cove Ephraim Ridges Ernies Hill Fazackerleys Range Fazackerleys Sugarloaf Five Mile Beach Flaggy Creek Flash Tier Flat Rock Flat Top Hill Flat Top Ridge Flensers Point Flinders Bay Flinders Channel Flinders Creek Flinty Point Flowerpot Rocks Fluffem Creek Forcett Forcett Rivulet Forestier Peninsula Four Mile Beach Four Mile Creek Foxs Creek Franks Knob Franks Marsh Frederick Henry Bay Freestone Cove Freestone Point Frogmore Peninsula Fossil Bay Fossil Cliffs Grahams Gully Grassy Bottom Grassy Point Grave Island Graveyard Point Greater Pyramidal Rock Green Bluff Green Head Green Point Griffiths Rivulet Fulham Island Fulham Point Garden Hill Gardiners Cove Gatehouse Marsh Gatehouse Ridge Gellibrands Marsh Gilling Brook Gilpins Creek Gilpins Point Glenloth Cliffs Glennons Hill Goat Hill Goat Hill Creek Golden Gully Goldings Reef Gooseberry Jacks Flat Gordon Sugarloaf Gordons Reservoir Goslings Flat Gruebers Gully Guards Lagoon Gulls Nest Point Gunns Hill Gunns Point Gwandalan Gwynns Point Gypsy Bay Half Rung Sugarloaf Halstead Hill Haunted Bay Hawks Hill Haytons Hill Healeys Creek Heans Hill Heathy Hill Hellfire Bluff Hidden Falls High Yellow Bluff Hildyards Point Hobart Airport Hodgsons Sugarloaf Hog Island Home Lookout Hopground Beach Horse Cross Creek Horseshoe Point Horseshoe Shoal Hospital Creek Hospital Creek Nature Reserve Howells Point Humper Bluff Hyatts Beach Ile Du Nord Iles Tier Iron Creek Iron Creek Bay Ironstone Bay Ironstone Creek Ironstone Point Isle Of Caves Isle of Caves Nature Reserve Jacks Creek Jacks Gully Jacob Hill Jenkins Point Jimmys Hill Jimmys Spur Jobs Hill John Bulls Rock Johnny Macs Johnsons Point Jonathans Gully Jones Bay Kellevie Kelly Islands Kerrs Rivulet Keyhole King George Island King George Sound Knobs Crook Lachlan Island Lachlan Island Nature Reserve Lady Fern Creek Lagoon Bay Lagoon Beach Lesser Pyramidal Rock Lesters Hill Levendale Lewis Park Lewisham Lhotsky Bay Lime Bay Lime Bay State Reserve Linger Longer Hill Little Blue Hill Little Boomer Little Boomer Creek Little Chinaman Bay Little Hill Little Peak Little Raggedy Head Little Spectacle Island Lizard Hill Llanherne Golf Course Loafers Hill Lobster Point Long Gully Long Reef Long Spit Long Spit Private Nature Reserve Lords Bluff Lords Gully Louisville Louisville Point Lovely Bottom Lower Prosser Dam Lufra Cove Lukes Creek Lumeah Point Luther Point MacGregor Peak Machins Hill Mackerel Islets Mackies Hill MacLaines Creek Magistrates Point Manfern Gully Marchwiel Marsh Maria Island Maria Island National Park Marion Bay Marion Beach Marion Narrows Marra Hill Martins Tor Maydena Bay Maynes Gully Mays Beach Mays Hill Mays Point McGees Bridge McGuiness Creek McGuinness Creek McRaes Isthmus Mercury Passage Meredith Point Middle Hill Middle Peak Midway Point Miena Park Millingtons Beach Millingtons Beach Conservation Area Mistaken Cape Mitchells Creek Monah Hill Monk Bay Montgomerys Creek Monument Point Moreys Hill Morrison Sugarloaf Mosquito Marsh Mosquito Valley Mother Browns Bonnet Mother Rough Hill Mount Calder Mount Calvary Mount Douglas Mount Elizabeth Mount Forestier Mount Garrett Mount Gatehouse Mount Hobbs Mount Jacob Mount Maria Mount Minnie Mount Morrison Mount Pedder Mount Phipps Mount Reuben Mount Reynolds Mount Stewart Mount Walter Mountain Gully Murdochs Hill Murdunna Murdunna Hill Murphy Point Murraville Golf Course Musk Gully Mussel Point Narrows Creek Ned Ryans Hill Nelsons Creek Nelsons Rivulet Nelsons Tier No Good Bay Norfolk Bay North Bay Nugent Nutting Garden Rivulet Oaks Point Okehampton Bay Okines Beach One Tree Point Orford Beach Orford Golf Course Orford Rivulet Orielton Orielton Lagoon Orielton Rivulet Osprey Head Oyster Bay Paddys Point Paradise Gorge Park Beach Parkers Hill Parrot Point Pats Hill Pats Marsh Patten Point Pauls Hill Pawleena Pawleena Reservoir Pearces Hill Pebbly Point Penna Penna Beach Perons Pyramid Perpendicular Mountain Phipps Creek Phipps Sugarloaf Pickety Hill Pine Creek Pine Creek Beach Pine Divide Pine Hut Creek Pipe Clay Creek Pipe Clay Head Pipe Clay Lagoon Pitt Water Pitts Hill Pittwater Bluff Pittwater Golf Course Plunkett Point Point Des Galets Point Du Ressac Point Home Point Lesueur Point Mauge Pony Bottom Creek Porpoise Hole Pot n Keg Hill Poulters Hill Pretty Jacks Primrose Beach Primrose Point Primrose Sands Prosser Bay Prosser Ridge Prosser River Prosser Sugarloaf Prossers Plains Quarry Hill Quarry Point Ragged Tier Raspins Beach Raspins Beach Conservation Area Ravenscroft Rivulet Razorback Gully Red Ochre Beach Red Rocks Point Reids Beach Reis Rivulet Renard Point Return Point Rheban Beach Richardsons Hill Riedle Bay Rileys Hill Ringarooma Creek Ringrove Razorback Robertsons Bridge Robeys Creek Robeys Shore Robinsons Creek Rockys Hill Rough Tom Rowlands Hill Royal Hobart Golf Course Rudds Hill Running Ground Ridge Runnymede Sugarloaf Rushy Lagoon Rushy Lagoon Nature Reserve Rushy Lagoon Private Nature Reserve Ryans Point Ryton Hills Saddle Rock Creek Salem Bay Salmons Flats Salty Creek Samuel Thorne Reserve Sand River Sandspit Point Sandspit River Sandy Point Sappho Spit Sawpit Creek Scrimgers Creek Scrubby Creek Sedbury Creek Seventeen Acre Creek Sheas Creek Shed Hill Shellfish Point Shelly Beach Shoal Bay Silver Hill Simpsons Creek Simpsons Hill Single Hill Single Hill Coastal Reserve Sisters Bay Sisters Rocks Skeggs Gully Skipping Ridge Slew Hill Sloping Island Sloping Lagoon Sloping Main Sloping Reef Sloppy Weather Bank Smooth Island Snake Ridge Soldiers Beach Sommers Bay Sommers Beach Sorell Sorell Causeway Sorell Council Sorell Rivulet Sounds Rivulet South East Corner Spankers Hill Spar Hill Spectacle Head Spectacle Island Spectacle Islands Spectacle Islands Nature Reserve Splitters Creek Splitters Tier Spriggs Flat Spring Bay Spring Beach Spring Creek Springs Creek Square Mountain Stapleton Beach Stapleton Point Station Creek Station Hill Station Lagoon Steeles Hill Steeles Island Steeles Sugarloaf Stinking Creek Stonehurst Sugarloaf Stony Rivulet Strawberry Hill Stringy Bark Bottom Stroud Point Sunnyside Hill Susan Bay Susan Gully Susie Islet Swan Lagoon Table Hill Taffs Hill Tanners Creek Tasman Bay Tasman Hill Tasman Monument Historic Site Tasmania Golf Course Tatnells Sugarloaf Taylors Hill Tea Tree Rivulet Tea-Tree Bay Tea-Tree Creek The Club The Cobs The Column The Ham The Pulpit Thistly Coil Thornes Hills Three Caverns Point Three Thumbs Three Thumbs State Reserve Thumbs Creek Thumbs Marsh Thunderbolt Hill Tier Gully Tiger Head Tiger Head Bay Tiger Head Beach Tiger Hill Tiger Trap Gully Tinpot Island Toarra Hill Tollards Lagoon Tommys Creek Tommys Hill Tommys Sugarloaf Top Lagoon Topleys Flats Townsends Lagoon Township Hill Travers Hill Trigonia Corner Trumpeter Corner Tunbridge Hill Turners Lagoons Turners Point Turveys Lead Twamley Flats Twamley Hill Two Mile Beach Two Mile Creek Unemployed Gully Unfortunate Cove Upper Prosser Dam Valleyfield Hill Vault Hill Vee Gully View Peak Visscher Island Wacketts Creek Wagners Hill Waldemar Reef Walkers Hill Walters Opening Watsons Bay Watsons Hill Wattle Hill Wellard Bridge Wellard Rivulet Wells Creek Weston Hill Wettenhall Flat Whale Rock Whalebone Point Whalers Cove Whalers Lookout Wharmbys Creek White Hill White Marsh Whitehouse Point Wielangta Creek Wielangta Hill Wiggins Creek Wiggins Point Wild Dog Creek Wilsons Ridge Windlass Bay Wombat Creek Woodbrook Creek Woodstock Spur Woodvine Nature Reserve Woody Island Wykeholm Hill Wykeholm Point Yellow Bluff Creek Alma Creek Bridge Alma Tier Forest Reserve Arthur Highway Bridge Badger Scrub Bambra Reef Barren Tier Bay Hill Bay Of Islands Big Marsh Black Tier Bloodstone Lagoon Boat Harbour Bogan Creek Bridge Boomer Marsh Bradys Lookout Brown Mountain Forest Reserve Brushy Plains Brushy Plains Rivulet Bridge Bust Me Gall Creek Bridge Cabbage Patch Calverts Hill Nature Reserve Carlton River Bridge Castle Rock Chummys Creek Cocks Comb Copper Mines Cottons Reef Deep Creek Devils Royals Dunbabin Spit Falls Creek Flagstaff Hill Flinders Reef Fox Beaches Freestone Point Road Bridge Hop Garden Valley Hopground Gully Hyatts Grass Isca Falls Lapoinya Creek Little Hell Gully Llanherne Long Ridge Maclaines Creek Bridge Monk Point Mount Morrison Forest Reserve Nelsons Creek Bridge Ocean Beach Orford Roads Painted Cliffs Penguin Hole Prosser River Bridge Rabbit Hill Ragged Bay Red Hill Ringrove Bay Rocky Creek Saltwater Creek Bridge Sand River Forest Reserve Sandspit River Conservation Area Sandspit River Forest Reserve Seven Mile Beach Protected Area Seven Mile Scrub Sheas Creek Bridge Sorell Rivulet Bridge Stinking Bay Stony Creek Swanies Bridge Tanner Creek Bridge Tasman Highway Bridge Tea Tree Rivulet Bridge Tessellated Pavement State Reserve The Blowhole The Gorge The Quarries Thumbs Creek Bridge Top Waterfall Bay Trigonia Gully Wacketts Creek Bridge Waterfall Bay Watsons Point White Hills Wielangta Wielangta Forest Reserve Wigginstown Wilson Scrub Windmill Hill Yellow Bluff Creek Forest Reserve McLaine Creek Maclaine Creek Wackett Creek Oakhampton Bay Point Home Lookout Black Point Isle du Nord Cape Boulanger Settlement Harbour Nelson Creek Brushy Plains Creek The Thumbs Thumbs Johnston Point Burst My Gall Hill Griffith Sandspit Rivulet Long Point Cape Mistaken Cap des Tombeaux Cap des Trombeaux Reidle Bay Prossers Sugar Loaf Point des Galets Crayfish Bay Point du Ressac Sorrell Rivulet Medway Point Shell Fish Point Gilling Creek The Bluff Simmonds Point The Narrows Prince of Wales Bay Green Island Spectacle Islet Cape Frederik Hendrik Roaring Beach Wilmot Harbour Kelly Islets Kelly Rocks Kellys Islands Caves Island Cares Island Isle of Caves Point Renard Albert Point Camden Creek Low Island Yellow Bluff Sandford Forestiers Peninsula Garden Island Gull Island King Georges Island King Georges Sound The Sisters Sisters Sisters Islets Slopen Main Macgregor Peak Slopen Main Bay Eaglehawk Bay-Flinders Bay Conservation Area