Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8413

Little Swanport
TAS 8413 - Little Swanport

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Chiswick Beaufront Lochiel Charlton Moulton Mount Morriston Ratharney Trefusis Mt Pleasant House Hillcrest Handroyd Kewstoke Bankdam Tervue Stonehouse Mayfield Woodburn Green Hills Attewatta Lyndhurst Birralee Casaveen Lisdillon Cremorne Miena Montlea Ashgrove Longacres Swanston Inglewood Fonthill Greenacre Rosedale Ravensdale Seabyrne Banwell Crichton Stonehenge Old Green Hills Rocky Waterhole Early Rise South Rhodes Hermitage Greenwood Grindstone Bay Rostrevor House Mount Murray Ackerleys Gully Alfred Creek Anglers Creek Ansteys Hill Argyle Plains Double Culvert Creek Dowlings Sugarloaf Downs Creek Dry Creek Dry Creek East Nature Reserve Dry Creek South Nature Reserve Dry Creek West Nature Reserve Duck Islands Duckholes Creek Dunraven Creek Eagle Gully Eagle Ridge Eaglehawk Hill Eastern Marshes Eastern Marshes Rivulet Artillery Ridge Ashgrove Creek Ashgrove Lagoon Axe Handle Bay Back Greens Hill Back Run Creek Back Stockers Hill Badger Hill Baileys Hill Bald Ridge Baldy Creek Baldy Hill Balsleys Hill Banwell Point Barings Hill Barren Jack Barren Joey Ridge Barwicks Flat Batts Hills Beaufront Downs Beaufront Ridge Beckles Hill Bedfords Sugarloaf Beefhead Bend Bellevue Island Bells Bottom Ben Tapps Hill Bens Hill Big Bedding Hill Big Blue Tier Big Flatrock Hill Big Keys Hill Big Lagoon Big Peppermint Hill Big Red Hill Big Sassy Creek Big Spit Big Timber Shore Birralee Creek Black Hill Black Jacks Hill Black Johnnys Marsh Black Tier Blanket Bottom Blanktot Tier Blind Mans Creek Block and Stable Creek Blue Gum Gully Blue Spur Blue Tier Creek Bluegong Creek Bluemans Creek Bluestone Tier Boathole Boltons Beach Boltons Beach Conservation Area Boltons Bluff Boltons Shoal Boomer Creek Boomer Rivulet Bradys Creek Bradys Creek Reservoir Breasted Sugarloaf Bresnehans Creek Brodribb Creek Brooks Bridge Brown Hill Brushy Creek Burburys Tier Burley Flat Bushrangers Hill Butchers Hill Butlers Ridge Butlers Ridge Nature Reserve Buxton River Buxtons Lookout Cairn Hill Canadian Creek Casaveen Bluff Cassiford Marsh Castles Sugarloaf Cat Gully Cat Gut Gully Cat Hill Cattle Paddock Hill Cayenne Creek Chapel Hill Charles Brown Creek Charlies Lagoon Charlies Mount Chicken Creek Chock n Log Bay Citizen Ridge Clanraven Creek Clarkes Hill Clarks Point Clearwater Creek Clemmys Creek Coffin Lagoon Coghlans Creek Coghlans Point Colonels Hills Colonels Marsh Companys Creek Corner Hill Cornishs Hill Cottage Hill Crawfords Hill Crayfish Swamp Crichton Creek Crossing Hill Crow Creek Crow Hill Crown Lagoon Cullins Creek Cutting Grass Bay Dares Hill Daylight Hill Dead Dog Hill Dead Dog Hill Nature Reserve Deep Falls Deephole Devil Hill Devil Trap Creek Devils Whirlpool Diamond Tier Dismal Creek Doctors Hills Dog Hill Dogholes Creek Dogwood Hill Dolans Marsh Eighty Acre Creek Elim Flats Faddens Lagoon Faddens Tier Fall Gully Creek Fitchs Hill Flagstaff Marsh Flat Top Flatrock Hill Freshwater Bay Front Greens Creek Front Stockers Hill Gravelly Hill Green Sugarloaf Green Tier Green Tier Creek Griffiths Creek Frys Creek Gaffs Hill Gallows Point Garden Marsh Garwoods Creek Gathering Hill Gentle Annie Gentle Annie Ridge Gibson Point Giles Creek Giles Sugarloaf Gills Creek Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council Glen Morriston Rivulet Glenraven Creek Goanna Hill Goat Gully Goat Hills Goatrock Creek Goatrock Hill Goldsmith Creek Govetts Creek Grahams Creek Grindstone Beach Grindstone Point Groves Point Gunnia Gully Hallam Cave Creek Halls Bay Halls Creek Handroyd Creek Hardings Bay Harveys Lagoon Hawk Hill Hawkins Point Haytons Hill Hermitage Lagoon Hobbs Lagoons Hobgoblin Holy Marsh Home Hill Hortons Creek Hut Run Creek Inglewood Hill Iron Rocks Shore Ironpot Bay Island Flats Jacks Island Jimmys Creek Jimmys Marsh Joes Gully Joes Hill Johnnys Lagoon Johnsons Bottom Junction Hills Kafoozalum Creek Kafoozalum Ridge Kalangadoo Bay Kenneth Creek Kewstoke Creek Killora Creek Kioka Hill Kit Owen Creek Kittys Corner Kittys Hill Kittys Rivulet Klines Hill Ladies Hill Ladies Mile Marsh Lake Leake Lake Yalleena Landslip Hills Larges Creek Leahs Creek Lemont Lewis Tier Lily Flats Limekiln Hill Limekiln Point Line Creek Lisdillon Beach Lisdillon Lagoon Lisdillon Rivulet Little Blue Tier Little Blue Tier Creek Little China Tier Little Honeysuckle Hill Little Ram Island Little Spit Little Swanport Little Swanport Hill Little Swanport Private Nature ... Little Swanport River Long Marsh Long Marsh Dam Long Point Long Ridge Lost Falls Lost Falls Creek Low Bay Luttrells Bay MacLaines Creek Main Line Maloneys Hill March Island Marshalls Creek Marshalls Sugarloaf Marshalls Tier Mary Dickson Creek McGills Marsh Middle Bluff Minchels Hill Mitchells Creek Mitchells Flat Mitchelmores Creek Moaners Tier Moonlight Gully Morah Creek Moulton Hill Mount Burrows Mount Cartwright Mount Connection Mount Creek Mount Douglas Mount Hobbs Mount Lofty Mount Mismanagement Mount Ponsonby Mount Tooms Mount Wyndham Murderers Tier Murphys Lagoon Narrowback Gully Narrowback Hill Native Marshes Neck Inlet New Country Marsh Nichols Point Noars Gully Nutting Garden Rivulet Oak Hill O'Briens Point O'Connor Rivulet Okehampton Lagoon Old Flagstaff Marsh Old Hut Hill Old Man Creek One Tree Hill Opera House Hill Pages Creek Palmers Sugarloaf Pan Creek Parramores Creek Parramores Swamp Parramores Tier Pawtella Pencil Point Penny Hill Pepper Creek Peppermints Flat Percys Gully Pig Tier Pigeon Creek Pigeonwood Hill Pine Rivulet Plain Place Beach Plains Creek Plentiful Point Poison Hill Pontypool Porcupine Hill Possum Pole Flat Poulters Hill Pringle Hills Pulpit Hill Punchs Marsh Quinns Hill Quoin Cliffs Racecourse Flat Radcliff Sugarloaf Rainbow Point Ram Island Ramble Rivulet Ratharney Rivulet Ravens Hill Ravensdale Plains Ravensdale Rivulet Rawlinna Rawlinna Hill Rayners Hill Rayners Marsh Red Beach Red Hill Ridges Sugarloaf Rises Sugarloaf Rocka Rivulet Rocka Rivulet Nature Reserve Rocky Hill Rocky Hills Rocky Rivulet Rocky Waterhole Creek Rosedale Reservoir Ross Rostrevor Creek Rostrevor Reservoir Rough Hill Roundhead Royalty Ridge Rung Timber Hill Rushy Lagoon Salmons Creek Salmons Tier Saltworks Beach Sams Hill Sand Marsh Sandstone Marsh Sandy Flats Creek Sandy Flats Hill Sapling Hill Sassafras Hill Sawfords Hill Sawpit Tier Scotts Hill Scrubby Hill Seabyrne Creek Shaw Rivulet Shaws Bogs She Oak Bank Sheepdip Creek Sheepwash Pool Shingle Hill Shipping Point Skippys Tier Slaters Bay Sleepy Creek Sligo Creek Snake Rock Snaky Creek South Maclaines Creek Sparkes Creek Spencers Point Springs Hill Staghorn Gully Stockers Bottom Stone Creek Stonehenge Hill Stonehouse Bridge Stonehouse Creek Stoneyard Hill Stony Lagoon Stony Sugarloaf Stoyles Valley Stringy Bark Hill Stumblow Hill Sugarloaf Creek Swamp Bay Swanston Mount Swanston Private Nature Reserve Tater Garden Creek Taylors Hill Taylors Point Teagarden Flats Thallans Creek The Quoin The Shelves Tiddlewantie Gorge Tier Gully Creek Tiger Creek Tiger Gully Tiger Hill Tin Pot Creek Tin Pot Creek Picnic Ground Tin Pot Marsh Todds Run Creek Tom Legges Tier Tooms Lake Tooms River Towser Hill Trappers Hut Creek Trefusis Sugarloaf Trehawke Creek Triabunna Ubique Plain Vault Hill Vicarys Rivulet Vitamin Hill Wacketts Creek Wallaby Creek Watch House Bay Wattle Paddock Creek Webbs Creek Webbs Hill Weedings Hill Wellwood Hill Wet Bay Wet Gun Swamp Whipstick Hill White Hut Creek White Rocks Shore Whitefoord Whitegrass Ridge Whitehorse Valley Widow Browns Hill Wiggins Hill Wilsons Bay Wineglass Creek Wingys Tier Winspears Lagoon Woods Lagoon Woodsdale Woodstock Spur Woolpack Hill Wrights Marsh Wybellina Hill Wye River Wye River Conservation Area Wye River State Reserve Wyefield Rivulet Yellowstone Creek Yorkys Lagoon Alice Dam Ashgrove Creek Bridge Asthmatic Creek Barbara Pass Barbara Ridge Beacon Hill Beaufront Deer Park Bedfords Tier Big Sassy Creek Forest Reserve Bird Rock Bluff Marsh Boags Creek Boomer Creek Bridge Boomer Hill Boundary Ridge Bresnehans Creek Bridge Brookerana Forest Reserve Brushy Creek Bridge Bullock Paddock Creek Buxton River Bridge Buxton River Forest Reserve Camp Creek Castle Bridge Castor Oil Bottle Caustic Creek Chimney Creek Chipmans Lookout Claretcup Creek Coarse Marsh Cobblestone Creek Coldstream Creek Commencement Ridge Confusion Creek Conkatibu Contorted Creek Contour Creek Corner Swamp Cosmetic Creek Crib Creek Curly Creek Cutaway Hill Duck Swamp Eastern Tiers Forest Reserve Facility Spur Freestone Point Road Bridge Halls Ridge Hare Plain Hortons Creek Bridge Hut Ridge James Creek Joey Swamp Kakariki Creek Kallista Creek Kangaroo Ground Little Swanport River Bridge Loch Lodge Lost Falls Forest Reserve Maclaines Creek Bridge MacLaines Creek Forest Reserve Mitchells Hill Mount Bruche Mount Miraculous Mount Ponsonby Forest Reserve Murderers Plain Musterers Marsh Native Plains Outlook Hill Pikes Island Pisspot Creek Pound Gully Queer Knob Rainbow Creek Rocky Waterhole Creek Bridge Round Hill Sandstone Cliff Sandy Creek Bridge Seaford She Oak Hill Shingle Hill Forest Reserve Snaky Creek Forest Reserve South Ramble River Sugarloaf Swamp Swanshaven Swamp Syndal Front Tasman Highway Bridge The Ridges Tooms Lake Forest Reserve Tooms White Gum Forest Reserve Trehawke Creek Bridge Ubique Plateau Vicarys Creek Bridge Wattle Paddock Creek Bridge White Hut Creek Bridge Williams Creek Yellow Cutting Hill Yellowstone Creek Culvert Mona Vale Blackman River OConnor Rivulet South Macquarrie River Macquarie River Kitty Rivulet North Macquarie River Fadden Tier Lisdillon River Little Swanport Private Nature Reserve Hobbs Lagoon Murphy Creek McLaine Creek Maclaine Creek