Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8514

Break O'Day
TAS 8514 - Break O'Day

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Glencoe Rosegarland Millbrook Bryarwah Kooringa Estate Killymoon Cullenswood Sunny Banks Brooklyn Clover Banks Pondarosa Harefield Gray Rosedale Ferndale Moonya Greenlawn Manuka Brook Lodge Coombend Glenheriot Glen Gala Bicheno St Marys Falmouth Alberts Marsh Alligator Rock Appetite Hill Apslawn Apslawn Bridge Apslawn Creek Apsley Conservation Area Apsley Gorge Apsley Marshes Apsley River Douglas River Douglas-Apsley Douglas-Apsley National Park Dry Bed Creek Dublin Town Ducketts Creek Dukes Marshes Dukes River Durham Creek Attleys Creek Aulichs Beach Badger Creek Banticks Creek Barbers Creek Bark Creek Barn Hill Creek Barnes Creek Bedding Hill Bedggood Hill Berwyn Falls Bicheno Golf Course Big Ben Big Devil Trap Binghams Bay Binns Creek Black Dog Reef Black Marsh Blacks Creek Blind Creek Blindburn Creek Blindburn Creek Private Nature ... Bolpeys Creek Break O'Day Plains Break O'Day River Bridge Hill Bullock Paddock Creek Bulls Head Burial Point Buster Ridge Butlers Point Camp Gully Campbells Sugarloaf Cape Lodi Cardiff Creek Cat and Kitten Creek Cave Creek Chain Of Lagoons Champ Creek Cheeseberry Hill Cherry Tree Hill Cliff Creek Coal Marsh Coal Rivulet Cod Rock Coggle Hills Cornwall Courland Bay Cranbrook Crouchs Creek Cusicks Creek Cusicks Hill Cutoff Hill Daggs Hill Davis Gully Deep Hollow Creek Denison Beach Denison Marshes Denison Rivulet Denison Rivulet Conservation Area Derricks Marsh Devils Creek Diamond Island Diamond Island Nature Reserve Dickies Ridges Doctors Creek Dogwood Hill Elephant Falls Elephant Pass Ewe Run Creek Farm Point Ferndale Creek Ferntree Glen Creek Fingal Tier Four Mile Creek Four Mile Creek Beach Four Mile Creek Conservation Area Freestone Creek Freestone Hill Friendly Beaches Frodsley Gray Hills Green Valley Creek Greenlawn Hill Grey Mares Tail Funny Knob Creek Gamble Creek Gardiners Creek Gays Creek German Town Gleadow Creek Glen Gala Creek Goldmine Gully Governor Island Governor Island Marine Nature R ... Guys Dirty Hole Hardings Falls Harefield Rock Harmans Creek Harrys Creek Haslemere Creek Haslemere Flats Heises Gully Henderson Point Heritage Falls Hills Creek Hobkirks Pinnacle Hop Pole Bottom Hop Pole Creek Horseshoe Marsh Hughes Creek Hughes Point Hunters Marsh Huntsmans Cap Huntsmans Picnic Ground Irish Town Ironhouse Hill Ironhouse Point Isaacs Point Jackies Flats Jubilee Kazies Creek Killymoon Bridge Knocklofty Kringles Creek Lagoon Run Hill Lagoons Beach Lagoons Beach Conservation Area Leeaberra Falls Leechy Gully Legges Sugarloaf Lightwood Rivulet Lilla Villa Bridge Lions Park Little Beach Little Beach Conservation Area Little Beach Creek Little Beach State Reserve Little Devil Trap Little John Little Marsh Creek Llandaff Lohreys Creek Long Point Lookout Hill Lookout Rock State Reserve Lovers Bridge Lower Marsh Creek Lucks Creek Lucks Lookout Lumera Creek Lynes Creek Lynes Point Lynes Sugarloaf Mabel Creek MacLean Bay Margisons Creek Mariposa Beach Mariposa Point Marshall Creek Marshes Creek Mayson River McIntyres Beach Meadstone Falls Meadstone Saddle Meinas Saddle Micks Creek Middle Marsh Mill Ridge Mills Marsh Millstream Creek Monsons Gully Mount Allen Mount Andrew Mount Durham Mount Elephant Mount Misery Mount Nicholas Mount Nicholas Siding Mount Punter Mount Puzzler Mount St John Muirs Rock Murderers Hill Newmans Creek Nicholas Range Nichols Cap Nichols Needles North Sister Nowhere Else Old Billys Creek Old Billys Hill Old Mines Lagoon Organ Hill Peggys Point Pennefathers Knob Piccaninny Creek Piccaninny Point Piccaninny Swamp Pine Gully Pine Hill Porch Rocks Possum Creek Pretty End Pretty End Creek Pretty Hills Puzzler Gorge Pykes Bridge Ramsay Creek Ransom Creek Ravine Creek Red Rock Point Redbill Beach Redbill Point Reynolds Hill Rice Beach Rogers Creek Rogers Hill Rosemount Flat Roses Creek Round Top Saddle Hill Saggy Creek Salters Gully Saltwater Inlet Sandy Marsh Sassafras Gully Scales Creek Seymour Seymour Beach Seymour Bridge Seymour Conservation Area Seymour Swamp Shaly Gully Sherbourne Bay Silkstone Creek Single Plain Six and Twenty Falls Sixteen Foot Creek Skeggs Hill Skeleton Hill Slab Hut Creek Smudgy Gully Sneaker Rocks South Sister Spion Kop Spratts Creek Springer Gully St Marys Golf Course St Marys Pass St Marys Pass State Reserve St Marys Rivulet St Patricks Creek St Patricks Foreland St Patricks Head St Patricks Head State Reserve Steels Beach Stingles Creek Stonyford Creek Stringybark Creek Struggle Gully Styx Creek Sunken Creek Swan River Sweetwater Creek Swilly Marsh Tar Hill Telopea Creek Templestowe Beach Templestowe Flats Templestowe Lagoon Tevelein Falls Thebes Throne Thompsons Marshes Tin Creek Tinmine Gully Trap Reef Twelve O'Clock Hill W Creek Wallaby Scrub Gully Wardlaws Creek Wardlaws Point Waters Meeting Waubadebars Grave Historic Site Waubs Bay Waubs Beach Waubs Gulch Webber Falls Whalers Lookout White Hut Bend Whites Gully Winsome Falls Woodheads Creek Woodheads Hill Workers Creek Yorkys Creek Allen Point Apslawn Forest Reserve Apsley River Bridge Badger Creek Bridge Badger Hill Bald Hill Barbers Creek Bridge Beach End Bicheno Blowhole Big Bend Big Green Hill Big Gully Blackwood Colliery Blind Creek Bridge Bottom Hole Break O'Day Forest Reserve Bushrangers Marsh Cherry Tree Hill Nature Reserve Coal Creek Coal Point Cutting Grass Marsh Dead Horse Hill Denison Rivulet Bridge Devils Creek Bridge Diamond Hill Doctors Creek Bridge Douglas River Bridge Douglas-Apsley Conservation Area Dyers Creek Dyers Lagoon Egg Farm Elephant Pass Main Road Bridge Esk Main Road Bridge Ferntree Glen Ferntree Glen Bridge Ferntree Glen Creek Bridge Freestone Creek Bridge Gentle Annie German Town Forest Reserve Grassy Bottom Green Valley Creek Bridge Hardings Falls Forest Reserve Harrys Creek Bridge Heathy Ground Heises Falls Hepburn Creek Huntsmans Cap Forest Reserve Iron Hut Cove Lightwood Bridge Lookout Rock Lower Marsh Creek Forest Reserve Maid Mountain Middle Hole Mount Puzzler Forest Reserve Nicholas Range Forest Reserve Old Mines Hill Picaninny Creek Bridge Potato Patch Point Rocking Rock Rocky Creek Rogers Marshes Round Marsh Salters Gully Creek Bridge Sherbourne Holes St Marys Rivulet Bridge St Patricks Falls St Patricks Head Private Nature ... Swan River Bridge Swan River Forest Reserve Tasman Highway Bridge Tea Tree Creek The Basin The Gorge The Maid The Pinnacle Top Hole Wardlaws Creek Bridge Wattle Gully Yorkys Creek Bridge St Patricks Head Private Nature Reserve Saint Patrick Head Saint Patricks Head Saint Marys Frodsley Siding Saint Patricks Foreland Break ODay Forest Reserve Lagoons Mount Saint John Denison River Waub Harbour Governor Island Marine Nature Reserve Lyne Sugar Loaf West Branch Swan River Half Moon Bay Blindburn Creek Private Nature ... Cygnet River