Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 117

Gage Roads And Cockburn Sound
AUS 117 - Gage Roads And Cockburn Sound

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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Rockingham 5 Fathom Bank Alan Thomas Musical Shell Anglesea Point Armament Jetty Arthur Head Ashford Avenue Reserve Baker Square Bathers Bay Bathers Beach Baudin Point Beacon Head Beaconsfield Beaconsfield Primary School Beagle Anchorage Beagle Rocks Beale Park Bell Park Benjamin Way Reserve Berthollet Hill Bird Island Booyeembara Park Broun Bay Bruce Lee Reserve Buache Bay Buchanan Bay C Y O'Connor Beach C Y O'Connor Reserve Calista Point Calvary Christian School Cape Peron Careening Bay Carnac Island Carnac Island Nature Reserve Casuarina Shoal Catalpa Park Catherine Point Challenger Harbour Challenger Passage Challenger Rock Christ the King School Christian Brothers College City Park Clarence Cliff Point Coastal Park Cockburn Sound Collie Head Collie Ledge Collins Point Colpoys Point Coogee Coogee Beach Coogee Beach Reserve Coogee Primary School Cortney Bore Currie Point Dalmatinac Park Dance Head Davilak Park Diamantina Reserve Dixon Park East Rockingham Elbow Buoy Elbow Rock Empress Rock Entrance Point Entrance Rocks Ewing Bay Fish Rocks Fishing Boat Harbour Flat Ledge Flat Rock Fraser Point Fremantle Fremantle Christian Centre Fremantle Golf Course Fremantle Harbour Fremantle Hospital Fremantle Oval Fremantle Park Fremantle Primary School Fremantle Sailing Club Gage Roads Garden Island Garden Island Aerodrome Gilbert Point Goodwin Bay Greenslade Reserve Gull Rock Hamilton Hill Harding Rock Hawley Shoal Hazel Orme Pre-School Herring Bay Hillman Hilton Hilton Park HMAS Warramunga Park Hoking Bay Hollis Park Hugel Passage Inside Rock James Channel James Point James Rocks Jervoise Bank Jervoise Bay Jervoise Bay Boat Harbour M&H Jervoise Buoy Jervoise Channel John Ledge John Point Kerry Street Community School Kids Centre Kim Beazley School Kings Square Kolbe Catholic College Kwinana Beach Kwinana Industrial Area Lake Coogee Lambert Passage Lance Holt School Len Mctaggart Park Luscombe Bay Maddens Rock Malibu School Mangles Bay Manning Lake Mckail Point Meeandip Bay Mews Park Mewstone Middle Ground Mills and Wares Park Minden Reefs Monument Hill Memorial Reserve Morgan Point Mount Beasley Mount Haycock Mount Hoad Mount Johnston Mount Klein Mount Lotus Mount Moke Mount Short Mount Stewart Mushroom Rock Naval Memorial Park North Channel North Coogee North Mole North West Spit Olive Tree Park Orelia Point Owen Anchorage Palm Beach Parkin Point Parmelia Bank Passage Rock Peace Park Peron Foreshore Pinnacle Rocks Pioneer Reserve Point Atwick Point Marquis Point Peron Camp School Pointer Rock Poole Reserve Pope Point Port Community High School Powell Reserve Princess May Park Queens Square Robb Hill Robb Jetty Robb Jetty Goods Yard Rockingham Beach Rockingham Beach Primary School Rockingham Education Support Centre Rockingham Family School Rockingham Foreshore Rockingham Golf Driving Range Rockingham Oval Rotary Park Rous Head Rous Head Harbour Rowboat Rock Royal Fremantle Golf Course Scott Ledge Sea Reef Seahaven Reserve Seal Rock Seaward Reef Second Head Sepia Depression Shag Rock Simmons Bay Smith Point Soroptimist Rose Garden Sound City Church South Beach South Channel South Fremantle South Fremantle Senior High South Hill South Mole South West Point South West Rock Southern Flats St John the Evangelist Church St Michael Church St Patricks School St Paul the Apostle Church Stevens Reserve Straggler Channel Straggler Reefs Straggler Rocks Success Bank Success Boat Harbour Success Harbour Sulphur Bay Sulphur Rock Surface Rock Swan River Sycamore Park Tarwarri Park The Brothers The Esplanade The Roarers Two People Bay Valley Independent Sec School Valley Park Virginia Ryan Park West Rock Whalers Tunnel White Gum Valley White Gum Valley Primary School White Rock Wilson Park Winterfold Primary School Woodman Channel Woodman Light Woodman Point Woodman Spit Yaringa Pre-School Inner Harbour Victoria Quay Church Hill Hugell Pass Mewstone Rock C Y OConnor Reserve C Y OConnor Beach Robbs Jetty South Fremantle Power Station Coogee Station Coojee Siding South Point Lake Koodjee Challenger Pass Perriam Reef Stag Rocks Seven Stones Rock Channel Rock Pinnacle Rock Five Fathom Bank Calista Channel Stirling Channel Kwinana Shoal Cove McKail Point