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Aus 176

Port Davey including Bathurst Harbour
Nautical Chart Aus 176 - Port Davey including Bathurst Harbour
Name: Port Davey including Bathurst Harbour
Scale: 1:37500
Latitude Range: 43 12.80 S - 43 26.00 S
Longitude Range: 146 14.50 E - 145 43.50 E
Approx Print Size: 0.65m X 1.53m
Projection: universal transverse mercator
Name: Entrance to Bathurst Channel
Scale: 1:20000
Latitude Range: 43 20.20 S - 43 21.50 S
Longitude Range: 146 07.80 E - 146 04.50 E
Approx Print Size: 0.19m X 0.49m
Projection: universal transverse mercator
Name: Bathurst Narrows
Scale: 1:12500
Latitude Range: 43 18.92 S - 43 20.72 S
Longitude Range: 146 00.78 E - 145 57.40 E
Approx Print Size: 0.17m X 0.31m
Projection: universal transverse mercator
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