Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 204

Broken Bay
AUS 204 - Broken Bay

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please select Flat Paper, and we will organise a special print service to accomodate your request.

The full Australia Hydrographic Office index of products is available at the Australia Chart, ENC and Publication Index.

This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Pine Crest Farm Pokey Hill Knabesmire Willow Fields Fairhaven Spring Vale Hidden Valley Green Acres Central Coast Avoca Beach Brooklyn Cowan Dangar Island Ettalong Beach McMasters Beach Mooney Mooney Patonga Terrigal Woy Woy Aruna Bay Apple Tree Bay Angophora Reserve Back Bay Arden Allens Creek Avoca Beach Public School Avoca Lagoon Avoca Lake Avoca South Avalon Public School Avoca Avalon Avalon Beach Avalon Golf Course Avalon High School America Bay Alison Point Akuna Bay A.F. Wyatt Reserve Arthur Ants Nest Ants Nest Point Annie Wyatt Park Anderson Memorial Reserve Allagai Bay Bairne Banavie Reserve Bangalley Head Banks Creek The Bar Bar Island Bar Island Cemetery Bar Point Barranjoey Barranjoey Lighthouse Barrenjoey Barrenjoey Beach Barrenjoey Head Barrenjoey High School Barrenjoey Lighthouse The Basin Bayview Bayview Park Bay View Wharf Beaufort Road Oval Beaumont Beauty Point Bell Wharf Bennets Bay Bennetts Wharf Benoni Wharf Bensville Berowra Berowra Creek Berowra Heights Berowra North Public School Berowra Park Berowra Public School Berowra Railway Station Berowra Reservoir Berowra Waters Berowra Waters Lookout Berrilee Berrilee Public School Berrilee Ridge Big Bay Big Jims Point Bilgola Bilgola Beach Bilgola Creek Bilgola Head Bilgola Plateau Park Bilgola Plateau Public School Blanche Mount Blanche Blanche Crater Blake Ridge Blake Blackwall Mount Blackwall Point Blackwall Birrilee Birralee Birnie Lookout Bonney Doon Wharf Booker Bay Bouddi Bouddi Lookout Bouddi National Park Bouddi Peninsula Bouddi Point Bouddi Ridge Bouddi Range Bouddi Spur Bouddi State Park Box Head Box or Hawke Head Bradleys Bay Bradleys Beach Breakfast Creek Township of Brighton Brisbane Water Brisbane Water National Park Brisbania Public School Brisk Bay Brittania Rock Britannia Rock Broadarrow Broadarrow Reach Broad Water Broken Bay Brooklyn Cemetery Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Post Office Brooklyn Public School Village of Brooklyn Brooklyn Wharf Browns Bay Broxmouth Ville Bujwa Bay Bujwa Creek Bujwa Ridge Bulbararing Bulbararing Bay Bulbararing Lagoon Bulgola Beach Bulgola Creek Bulgola Head Cabbage Point Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour Calabash Calabash Bay Calabash Point Calabash Ridge Calga Calverts Creek Campbells Crater Cape Three Points Careel Bay Careel Creek Careel Head Careel Headland Reserve Cargo Wharf Caroline Bay Cascade Gully Castle Bay Catfish Rock Catherine Park Cave Gully Caves Bay Cent Spur Challenger Head Charltons Creek Cheero Point Chertsey Public School Cherryl Reserve Christy Gully Church Point Clareville Beach Clareville Beach Reserve Clareville Wharf Cliff Coal and Candle Creek Coasters Retreat Coba Coba Bay Coba Creek Coba Point Coba Ridge Copacabana Public School Cockle Bay Cockle Channel Cockrone Gully Cockrone Lake Cogra Bay Cogra Hill Cogra Point Cohens Creek Cole Collingridge Point Commodore Heights Coorumbine Creek Copacabana Coral Park Correa Bay Corribeg Reserve Cottage Point Cottage Rock Cotton Tree Bay Couche Park Courangra Point Cowan Point Cowan Public School Cowan Railway Station Cowan Water Crescent Cove Crescent Reserve Crommelin Native Arboretum Croppy Beach Croppy Point Crossland Creek Crosslands Ridge Crystal Bay Crystal Creek Cunio Point Currawong Beach Currawong Point Daleys Point Daphnes Camp Dark Corner Dark Gully Dark Gully Park Davistown Davistown Memorial Park Dead Horse Bay Deep Bay Deepwater Point Denny Denny Creek Devils Hole Bay Dunbar Park Dunlop Hill Dusthole Bay Dusthole Ridge Dusthole Point Eagle Rock Eastern Wharf Edwards Egan Gully Eleanor Beach Eleanor Bluffs Elizabeth Park Elizabeth Ross Park Ellis Elvina Bay Elvina Park Empire Bay Empire Bay Public School Erina Erina Creek Erina Heights Public School Erina High School Erina Park Erina Public School Ethel Ethel Spur Ettalong Beach Post Office Ettalong Creek Mount Ettalong Ettalong Oval Ettalong Public School Ettalong Swamp Euro Evelyn Fagan Park Fagans Bay First Point Fishermans Bay Fishermans Beach Fishermans Point Fishermans Ridge Fishermans Rock Flannel Flower Beach Flat Rock Point Flint and Steel Bay Flint and Steel Beach Flint and Steel Point Florence Park Foleys Bay Folly Spur Forty Year Spring Fosters Creek Foul Weather Reach Fox Bay Franklin Oval Franks Bight Franks Gully Friendly Bay Friendly Island Frost Reserve Galston Creek Galston Ridge Gentlemans Halt Gerrin Point Gilans Corner Girrakool Glenworth Valley Gordon Gully Gosford Post Office Gosford Public School Gosford Technical College Governor Phillip Park Govett Range Govett Ridge Graces Shore Great Mackerel Beach Green Point Green Point Bay Green Point Creek Green Point Gully Green Point Reservoir Gretel Park Gundah Gundah Ridge Gunderman Creek Gunyah Beach Gunyah Hill Gunyah Point Gurdon Reserve Half Moon Bay Half Tide Rocks Hallets Beach Hardys Bay Harold Reserve Hastings Wharf Hawkesbury River Railway Station Haycock Haycock Reach Haystack Point Hecla Heron Cove Hewitt Park Hitchcock Park Hole In The Wall Hordern Park Hornsby Heights Horseshoe Cove Horsfield Bay Hudson Park Hungry Hungry Beach Hunter Park Hunt Reserve The Icicles Illawong Bay Illoura Reserve Iluka Creek Iluka Park Ironbark Point Iron Ladder Beach Ivory Jamieson Park Jerusalem Bay Joe Crafts Bay Joe Crafts Creek Johnson Junction Gully Junction Hill Juno Point Kahibah Creek Kangaroo Point Kangaroo Point Wharf Kariong Kariong Brook Mount Kariong Kariong Ridge Kellys Creek Kennedy Park Cascade Creek Castle Lagoon Cave Creek The Caves Cheerio Point Christys Gully Cobar Cobar Ridge Cobra Bay or Cobar Bay or Cobah Bay Cockle Creek Cockrone Creek Colin Ridge Point Corrumbine Creek Courangra Cowper Creek Crosslands Bay Crystal Gully Dangar Island Mullet Island Dark Gully Creek Davidsons Siding Deadmans Bay Devils Hole Egan Creek Eleanor Bluff Elliot Island Erina East Erina West Public School Etymalong Creek Mount Etymalong Etymalong Swamp Evening Bay Farrells Beach Flat Rock Gerrin Glasgow Park Goat Gordon Creek Great Mackarel Beach Green Point or Cottage Point Gundermans Creek Hay Stack Point Horse Shoe Cove Joe Craft Creek Joe Crafts Reef John D. Tipper Lookout Josephton Junction Creek Junction Mountain Juno Head Kangaroo Point Public Wharf Kendals Rock Kilcare Killcare Killcare Beach Killcare Heights Lookout Killcare Heights Kimmerikong Ridge Kimmerikong Bay Kimmerikong Creek Kincumber Kincumber Creek Kincumber Public School Kiparra Park Kirks Hill Kitchener Botanical Park Koolewong Koolewong Railway Station Koolewong Reserve Kourung Gourung Point Kulkah Bay Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Kurrawyba Lambert Peninsula Larmers Creek Leahvera Reserve Lemon Tree Point Mount Leochares Leochares Peak Lily Hill Lindens Flat Lintern Channel Lintern Street Channel Lintern Street Public Wharf Lion Island Lion Island Faunal Reserve Lion Island Nature Reserve Liptmans Little Bay Little Beach Little Box Head Little Head Little Jerusalem Bay Little Mackerel Beach Little Makarel Beach Little Mooney Creek Little Mooney Mooney Creek Little Patonga Beach Little Pittwater Little Reef Little Shark Rock Point Little Tallow Beach Little Wobby Little Wobby Beach Lloyd Gully Lobster Beach Mount Loftus Long Long Beach Long Island Long Island Nature Reserve Longnose Point Looking Glass Bay Looking Glass Spur Lookout Bay The Lookout Loquat Valley Lord Loftus Point Lords Bay Lovett Bay Lower Gladhill Falls Lower Gledhill Falls Lyre Lyrebird Gully Mackarel Beach MacMasters Beach Mccarr Mccarrs Creek Mccarrs Duckhole Mckell Park Mcmahons Creek Mcmasters Beach Maitland Bay Maitland Bombora Maitland Bumbora Mangrove Park Mareela Reef Marina Cove Marine Park Marlows Creek Marlows Gully Marramarra Marramarra Creek Marra Marra Creek Melaleuca Park Melvys Wharf Memorial Park Merchants Creek Merchants Gully Merritts Wharf Middle Head Millicent Milsons Passage Milson or Mud Island Milson Island Minkara Reserve Mount Ku-Ring-Gai Aboriginal Area Mooney Mooney Bay Mooney Mooney Point Mooney Mooney Public School Morella Park Morgans Point Morning Bay Morrow Point Mougamarra Nature Reserve Mougamarra Rydge Mount Bouddi Lookout Mount Ettalong Lookout Mount Etymalong Lookout Mount Kuring-Gai Mount Kuring-Gai Public School Mount Ku-Ring-Gai Public School Mount Kuring-Gai Railway Station Mount Ku-Ring-Gai Railway Station Mount Penang Child Welfare Mount Penang Public School Mount Penang School Mount Penang Training School For Boys Mount Pleasant Lookout Mount Pleasant Wharf Mount White Mount White Public School Mourawaring Head Mud Island Mud Point Mullet Creek Mullet or Cogra Point Muogamarra Point Muogamarra Creek Muogamarra Nature Reserve Muogamarra Ridge Murphys Bay Mount Murray Anderson Myron Brook Nannygai Inlet Narrabeen Native Dog Bay Mount Neerim Neutral Bay Public School Never Fail Neverfail Bay Never Fail Island New Brighton Breakwater New Guinea Hill Newport Newport Beach Newport Beach Post Office Newport Elevated Reservoir Newport Heights Newport Reservoir Newport Heights Reservoir Newport Park Newport Public School Newton Public Wharf Night Bay Noonan Point North Avalon North Avoca North Cowan North Palm Beach Nunns Creek Oaky Point Observation Point Ocean Beach Ocean Beach Public School Ocean Beach Reserve Ocean Road Reserve Old Mangrove Bay Old Wharf Reserve Olga Bay Orange Grove Mount Orient Oxide Ridge Oyster Islet Pacific Head Paddys Channel Palermo Reserve Palm Beach Palm Beach Golf Course Palmgrove Park Paradise Beach Parks Bay Parry Park Parsley Bay Pathilda Reserve Patonga Beach Patonga Creek Patonga Wharf Paul Landa Park Peak Hill Pearl Beach Pearl Beach Lagoon Pearl Beach Reserve Peat Island Peats Bight Peats Crater Peeks Point Pelican Island Phegans Bay Phegans Hill Phegans Lookout Picketts Gully Picketts Valley Picketts Creek Pie Dish Hill Pier Street Public Wharf Piles Creek Pindari Park Pioneer Park Pinta Bay Pinta Spur Pitt Point Pittwater Pittwater Park Mount Pleasant Point Clare Point Clare Railway Station Point Clare Public School Point Frederick Point Willoughby Poppy St Huberts Narrows St Huberts Island Porter Reserve Porto Bay Porto Creek Porto Gully Porto Ridge Portuguese Bay Portuguese Beach Pound Spur Powells Beach Pretty Beach Pretty Beach Public School Prickly Point Priests Flat Pumpkin Point Pumpkin Point Creek Putty Beach Rabbit Island Rat Creek Rat Gully Rats Castle Rawson Reserve Rawson Road Public Wharf Refuge Bay Refuge Cove Refuge Creek Refuge Gully Regatta Reserve Resolute Beach Retention Islet Rileys Bay Rileys Island The Rip Roach Rockyfall Rapids Rocky Point Rogers Park Rowland Reserve Sailors Chest Sailors Chest Point St Michaels Cave Salt Pan Cove Salt Pan Point Saltwater Creek Salvation Creek Sams Creek Sams Gully Sand Point Sandy Beach Sandy Bay Sandy Cove Sandy Inlet Sandy Point Saratoga Saratoga Oval Saratoga View Point Wharf Saratoga Wharf Scopas Peak Scotchmans Creek Scotland Island Second Point Second Point Mourawaring Sentinel Creek Sentinel Gully Sentry Box Reach Seymours Creek Shark Rock Shark Rock Point Shark Rock Ridge Shelley Beach Shelter Cove Shuttle Mount Shuttle Shuttles Bay Skillion The Skillion Smiths Creek Smugglers Cave Snake Island Snake Point Snapperman Beach Soldiers Point Solstice Point South Beach South Branch of Charltons Creek South Channel South End Park South Head Spectacle Spectacle Island Spectacle Island Nature Reserve Spencer Spencer Public School Spion Kop Spurway Park Square Bay Staples Lookout Stapleton Park Stingray Bay Stokes Point Stripe or Stokes Point Sunny Corner Ridge Sunshine Bay Swallow Rock Taber Taffys Gully Taffys Lookout Taffys Rock Tallow Beach Tank Cove Tank Creek The Tanks Tarbay Gully Tarbay Creek Tarragal Haven Tarragal Lagoon Tascott Tascott Railway Station Taylors Beach Taylors Point Teatree Ten Bob Ridge Tennis Wharf Terrigal Beach Terrigal Haven Terrigal Lagoon Terrigal Post Office Terrigal Public School The Dusthole The Gut The Gutter Third Point Third Point Bombi Tipper Lookout Topham Towlers Bay Trafalgar Bay Trafalgar Park Trafalgar Square Trial Inlet Triangle Island Tubibaring Tudibaring Head Tudibaring Park Tully Forest Tumbledown Twin Gums Two Dollar Bay Umina Umina Beach Umina Oval Brisbane Water Secondary College Umina Campus Umina Infants School Umina Public School Valombrosa Veteran Hall Wharf The Vines Vize Vize Spur Waddell Waddell Ridge Wagstaff Bar Wagstaff Wagstaff Point Walbank Point Walker Point Wallaroo Wamberal Wamberal Cemetery Wamberal Public School Want Want Spur Waratah Waratah Bay Waratah Gully Warrah Warrah Lookout Warrah Reserve Washtub Gully Waterfall Bay Webb Wendoree Park West Head West Head Beach Whale Beach Whale Beach Reserve Whistling Kite Point White Wideview Public School Wiltshire Park Winji Jimmi Winji Jimmi Reserve Winney Bay Wondabyne Wondabyne Railway Station Wondabyne Station Woody Glen Swamp Woody Point The Woolwash Woy Woy Bay Woy Woy Bay Public Wharf Woy Woy Channel Woy Woy Creek Brisbane Water Secondary College Woy Woy Campus Woy Woy Infant School Woy Woy Inlet Woy Woy Lions Park Woy Woy Oval Woy Woy Post Office Woy Woy Public School Woy Woy Railway Station Wurrala Yatala Yatala Creek Yattalunga Yattalunga Public Wharf Yeomans Bay Yeomans Creek Yow Yow Reserve Bullimah Beach Bullimah Lookout Bullimah Range Bullimah Spur Mount Dewrang Djarra Djarra Crossing Djarra Ridge Dolphin Park Donnybrook Bay Double Lagoon Drummer Parry Park The Duckhole Djara Djara Crossing Djara Ridge Bungan Head Bungan Head Reserve Bushranger Bushrangers Hill Byalla Lane Public Wharf Bywater Village of Bywater Adcock Park Bombi Broadwater The Broadwater Broken Bay National Fitness Camp Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre Broken Head Central Wharf Crosslands Reserve East Gosford Erina Wharf Eulalia Wharf Foxglove Oval Garnet Adcock Memorial Park Gosford East Public School Humphreys Road Public Wharf Humphries Road Public Wharf Iluka Lagoon Kincumber Broadwater Ross Park Terrigal Lagoon Reserve Turo Reserve Dolphin Bay Riddle Reserve Rostrevor Reserve Jarrah Park Loddon Creek Pelican Island Nature Reserve Rileys Island Nature Reserve Gosford City Park Benjamin Parker Reserve Wagstaffe Cockle Bay Nature Reserve Kincumba Mountain Regional Reserve Kincumba Mountain Wagstaffe Bar Wagstaffe Point Mooney Mooney Creek Girrakool School Jirramba Reserve Woodport Park Heazlett Park Hylton Moore Park James Browne Park Kincumber South Koolewong Foreshore Reserve Bareena Island Crown of Newport Reserve Dearin Reserve Apex Park Sandbrook Inlet Woodport Public School Guyangil Park Stratford Park Deerubbun Reserve Little Mackeral Beach Sanbrook Inlet Mary MacKillop Peninsula Peace Park Banggarai Creek Provest Creek Racemosa Creek Broadwater Park Shaun Brinklow Park Golden Grove Playground Syd Sherar Park Vernon Park Palm Gully Park Panorama Park Binnowee Park Gleeson Creek Great Mackebal Beach Maybanke Cove Marlow Pelican Park Kariong Sport and Recreation Area Campbells Creek Winson Gully Windybanks Ridge Ettalong Beach Reserve Lance Webb Reserve Fotheringham Gully Crump Gully Maisie Talbot Gully Sun Valley Park Berowra Point Copacabana Beach North Avoca Beach Ku-ring-gai Chase Betty Morrison Reserve James Talbot Gully Bangalley Hamley Donnelly Creek Saratoga Island Nature Reserve Seabrook Reserve Griffin Park Bothams Beach Sinclair Point Bill Fitch Jetty Mount Westwood Kariong Mountains High School Popran Creek Dinner Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Floods Creek Narara Creek Springfield Terrigal Harbour Tarragal Harbour Moloro Christys Creek Point Willoughly Balbaring Bay Mangrove Creek Pelican Islet Merchinnes Creek Cockrone Lagoon Hawkesbury River Hawksbury River Woodabyne Saint Huberts Island Coolah Creek Colo Creek Mooney Creek Ettalong Cobar Bay Mullet Point Ettymalong Swamp East Reef West Reef Cobar Creek Hawkesbury River Station Hawke Head Shelly Beach Eliot Island Lion Islet Middle Bank First Three Heads Second Third Calabash Creek Cowan Creek Little Pitt Water Barranjoey Head Little Mackarel Beach Halletts Beach Rock Head Observation Head Kuring-gai Chase Sandown Pitt Water Stripe Point Pitt Island South Branch Charltons Creek Charltons Creek South Branch Middle Branch Charltons Creek Charltons Creek Middle Branch Crosslands Still Creek Calna Creek Waratah Creek Taylor Point Clareville Hole-in-the-Wall Hole in Wall Tunks Creek Mount Kuring-gai Kuring-gai Mount Kuringai Appletree Bay Pitt Inlet Pittwater Road Bulgolo Head