Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 303

Nassau River To Wellesley Islands
AUS 303 - Nassau River To Wellesley Islands

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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Myra Vale Mutton Hole Shady Lagoon Burketown Karumba Mornington Gununa Normanton Accident Inlet Actina Agincourt Agnew Waterhole Albert River Albinia Island Aldoga Alecs Creek Alfred Waterholes Allen Island Alligator Island Alligator Lagoon Alligator Point Alligator Waterhole Anarer Anderson Waterhole Andiah Andrew Island Apina Appel Channel Archies Creek Arduno Arthurs Creek Ashbourne Atnie Attemera Point Austin Baffle Group Balda Balgo Ballast Creek Bancroft Waterhole Bare Lagoon Bayley Island Bayley Point Bayswater Creek Bayswater Waterhole Beahgoo Island Beaumonts Lagoon Beche De Mer Bay Beche De Mer Point Beeberr Creek Belber Bendigo Waterhole Bentinck Island Bessie Island Bickham Bidgagun Bay Big Bloodwood Creek Billmahgun Point Billygoat Lagoon Billys Swamp Billys Yard Bilmagun Point Bird Waterhole Blackfellow Lagoon Blackfellow Yard Bohemia Waterhole Bold Point Boocan Boogorgun Spring Boomerang Waterhole Bottom Yard Bountiful Bountiful Islands Box Holes Waterhole Boyorrunga Inlet Brannigan Creek Brannigan Waterhole Brokera Brookes Reef Brown Creek Buck Rock Buffalo Creek Buffalo Swamp Buffalo Waterhole Bulberry Bulgaroo Swamp Bull Creek Bull Yard Bullgara Creek Bullock Waterhole Bullocky Lagoon Bungara Bungulla Burke Point Burrowes Bynoe Bynoe Inlet Bynoe River Cadell Landing Camp Creek Camp Spring Cando Carnarvon Carrican Carron Carron River Caseys Creek Caseys Waterhole Catfish Waterholes Cattle Creek Channon Creek Charlie Bush Bay Chilly Bed Swamp Chilly Bed Waterhole Chinna Clark Creek Clotilda Cobble Lagoon Cockatoo Swamp Cockatoo Waterhole Cockburn Creek Cockburn Yard Colts Lagoon Combo Waterhole Coolaman Swamp Coolburra Coollman Waterhole Coolmerry Corroboree Swamp Cowoong Creffild Point Croftmore Crooked Creek Crooked Wadi Cyclone Yard Dalgurge Creek Dalmumeah Creek Dangan Danthorpe Waterhole Davies Waterhole Daviot Deep Creek Delta Downs Denham Island Dicks Lagoon Dinah Lagoon Dingo Creek Dingo Swamp Waterhole Dingo Waterhole Dinner Camp Yard Disaster Inlet Dogwood Creek Dorunda Lake Double Island Double Lagoon Doughboy Waterhole Dougherty Bay Douglas Island Downes Waterhole Dring Dubbar Point Duck Creek Duck Hole Duck Hole Lagoon Duck Lagoon Duck Waterhole Duckhole Creek Duckhole Waterhole Dugong River Dunbar Waterhole Dungnoreah Point Duthil Dwenty Point Eengan Bay Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Lagoon Elbow Bank Elbow Island Eleven Mile Creek Elizabeth River Emu Waterhole Escott Evatts Hut Evatts Yard Ferguson Sand Ridge Finucane Island Firestick Creek Firestick Lagoon Fish Hole Creek Fitzmaurice Creek Fitzmaurice Point Flat Hole Flinders River Flying Fox Waterhole Fools Lagoon Fools Lagoon Creek Forsyth Forsyth Island Forsyth Islands Forton Four Mile Creek Four Mile Swamp Fowler Island Franklin Fred Lagoon Freds Lagoon Galah Waterhole Galbraith Garret Gatgatgerah Creek Gaynor Gaynor Creek Gee Wee Creek Gee Wee Point Gerrigroo Point Gilbert Pocket Gilbert River Gilbert Waterhole Gilitja Point Gin Arm Creek Gin Lagoon Glencoe Goanna Swamp Goojamun Creek Goose Lagoon Goose Swamp Waterhole Goothinga Gore Point Gorego Gosport Government Bay Government Point Grahams Yard Greenaway Point Greens Hole Gumbannge Point Gumhole Waterhole Gumtree Point Gununa Guttapercha Creek Half Moon Island Halfway Creek Hall Point Hanns Crossing Harrisdale Highclere Honka Horse Creek Horse Lagoon Horse Place Creek Horseshoe Island Horseshoe Or Lotus Lagoon Howitt Hull Corner Hull Creek Inkerman Inner Island Inscription Point Inspection Hill Investigator Road Ivis Island Jack Howards Lagoon Jacks Camp Yard Jacks Lagoon Jacks Pocket James Creek Jampot Lagoon Jenny Lind Creek Jenny Lind Waterhole Jerry Creek Jidan Marun Jirke Island Johnnie Creek Johns Creek Jones Island Jubuneah Point Junkin Kamo Kangaroo Point Kelso Creek Kelso Pocket Kenadla Keperra Killarny Creek Killarny Waterhole Kimberley Kirke Point Kitcheners Waterhole Kongoold Konka Kungunmeah River Kuparee Landsborough Inlet Latona Leichhardt River Lelkajindi Creek Lighthouse Swamp Lily Creek Lily Hole Lily Lagoon Lily Lake Lily Waterhole Lingele Point Lingeleah Island Lingnoonganee Island Little Allen Island Little Bloodwood Creek Locust Rock Logroom London Creek Lone Hole Long Lotus Lagoon Lotus Or Horseshoe Lagoon Lotus Vale Lowareah Point Macaroni Macaroni Creek Macdonald Point Macks Waterhole Maggieville Magowra Creek Mahlah Maids Lagoon Mail Change Waterhole Manowar Island Margaret Island Mariwoombi Creek Marless Marless Creek Marless Lagoon Matchella Maxwell Creek McClellans Creek McKenzie Creek McLennans Creek McNelty Creek Meahyawogan Point Melville Creek Mentana Mentana Creek Mentana Waterhole Midbagar Point Middle Creek Middle Creek Spring Middle Point Milba Milkwood Milky Yard Miller Swamp Miranda Downs Moondalbee Island Moonlight Creek Morning Inlet Mornington Mornington Island Mosquito Waterhole Mosquito Yard Mudgun Point Nalloor Nassau River Nelsons Creek Nelsons Yard Ngawalgeah Point Ngulwonmeah River Nicholson River Nine Mile Lagoon Nithalan Creek Norman Norman River Nyuldora O'Reilly Creek O'Reillys Hole Oaklands Oaktree Point Old Station Waterhole Old Stirling Creek One Tree Waterhole Onion Creek Onion Waterhole Orindgo Paddy Paddy Creek Paddys Waterhole Pains Island Pandanus Creek Pandanus Ridge Pandanus Waterhole Parker Point Parker Pasco Inlet Passmore Creek Pear Tree Creek Pelican Creek Pendine Pera Peters Waterhole Phillips Piccaninny Waterhole Picnic Creek Picnic Outside Waterholes Picnic Waterhole Picnic Yard Pictavia Pisonia Island Plane Lagoon Plum Hole Policeman Creek Policeman Waterhole Polly Lagoon Porpoise Point Port Norman Possum Waterhole Raft Point Rambler Creek Ray Creek Red Bluff Red Cliffs Reddison Creek Revolver Swamp Rewattin Ritchie Roberts Lagoon Robinson Creek Rocky Creek Rocky Island Rocky Waterhole Round Hole Rush Creek Russell Creek Salt Arm Creek Salt Arm Waterhole Harris Creek Saltwater Arm Saltwater Creek Sandalwood Place River Sandy Camp Waterhole Sandy Creek Scone Scotty Waterhole Scrubby Creek Scrubby Yard Scrutton River Second Branch Shady Waterhole Shark Hole Creek Shark Hole Lagoon Six Mile Creek Six Mile Lagoon Six Miles Rocks Smithburne Smithburne River Snake Creek Snake Hole Snapper Point Snave South Wellesley Islands Spring Creek Spring Hole Staaten Staaten River North Branch Staaten River Stake Hole Stapleton Creek Starlight Waterhole Station Creek Stirling Stockyard Waterhole Stokes Stokes Range Stuarts Creek Stuarts Lagoon Stud Paddock Lagoon Sundown Lagoon Surprise Creek Swan Creek Swans Yard Waterhole Sweers Island Sword Fish Waterhole Sydney Island Syrell Creek Tarpot Creek Tarrant Tarrant Point Teatree Creek Teds Camp Lagoon Teemendar Tempe Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Yard Thabugan Point The Palm Lagoon Timber Point Timber Swamp Timor Tirald Tobys Waterhole Tomahawk Waterhole Toodalara Waterhole Toongoowahgun Inlet Towbulbulan River Travellers Swamp Truganini Landing Ttooldalin Waterhole Tulburrerr Island Turkey Turkey Waterhole Twelve Mile Creek Twelve Mile Watercourse Two Mile Creek Two Mile Lagoon Two Mile Waterhole Two Mile Yard Upper Island Van Diemen Inlet Cape Van Diemen Vanrook Vanrook Creek Victoria Rocks Waddagun Waterhole Waggall Walbor Inlet Walker Creek Walkers Swamp Warahbah Point Wardoo Creek Waterloo Lagoon Watson Patch Wattle Creek Waukanaka Lagoon Weediah Bay Wellesley Wellesley Islands Whale Point White Cliff White Water White Water Hole White Water Lagoon White Water Waterhole White Waterholes Wild Horse Creek Williams Inlet Wills Wills Creek Wilson Bay Wingin Wire Gate Waterhole Wire Lagoon Wombies Lagoon Wombles Creek Wongal Wonongung Waterhole Wood Pocket Woods Lake Woolgunjin Point Woolshed Waterhole Wuduganan Creek Wunungun Point Wyaaba Wyaaba Creek Wynola Yagoonya Yellow Waterhole Yuwah Point Porchester Karron West Wellesley Islands Gangalidda Killarney Creek Tea Tree Creek Killarney Yards Jacks Camp Sawnsyard Waterhole Oasis Dam OReilly Creek Dingo Swamp Second Branch Salt Arm Creek Montana Waterhole Diana Mills Bore Reed Bed Bore Policemans Creek North Branch Staaten River Staaten North Branch Diana Waterhole Old Landing Point Dinah Island Diana Island Gum Hole Bloodwood Creek Duck Hole Creek Lake Condor OReillys Hole Geddes Creek Eegan Bay Lingnoongangee Island Wallaby Island Picnic Waterholes Clarkes Creek Maramie Creek Halls Point Pisonia Islet Turtle Island Baldy Head Point Weukanaka Lagoon Wockernacker Lagoons Giltija Point Pandanus Hole Gilbert Ngulwange River Humbug Point Roogorgun Spring Byrnes Ponds Creek Bynes Ponds Byrnes Ponds Dimareah Bay Dwenty Dorunda Gubungura Spring Point Ngawalge Point Gee Wee Gold Cliff Mornington Mission Mornington Island Mission Station Mornington Mission Station Macaroni Out Station Kelso Well Main Camp Waterhole Turtle Islands Wellesley Isles Dockety Bay Catfish Waterhole Andrews Island Schnapper Point Turkey-Turkey Waterhole Beche de Mer Point Miller Lagoon Dunbar Creek Goose Swamp Francis Island Billycan Creek Pasmore Creek Robert Island Alfreds Holes Horseshoe Lagoon Vanrock Homestead Van Diemens Inlet McCarthy Island Parker Point Clarendon Creffield Point Albino Island South Wellesley Island Swansons Bore Njinjilki Kirk Point McDonald Point Midlothian Stirling Out Station Brannigans Creek Burkes Hut Crocodile Lagoon Miranda Creek Jampot Dam Kitty Waterhole Outer Banks Kimberly Pascoe Inlet Walkers Creek Jenny Lynd Watercourse Stokes Point McNeltys Creek Escott Waterhole Lilly Waterhole The Ballast Grounds Ethel Creek Henry Creek Teece Camp Lagoon Red Tank Lagoon Magoura Creek Crooky Creek