Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 337

King George Sound To Investigator Island
AUS 337 - King George Sound To Investigator Island

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Hassell Canyon Henry Canyon Hood Canyon Bremer Canyon Cheyne Canyon Kalgan Canyon Knob Canyon Manypeaks Canyon Mermaid Canyon Pallinup Canyon Powell Canyon Riche Canyon Two People Canyon Whale Canyon Wilyunup Canyon Wongerup Canyon Albany Bremer Bay Gnowangerup Hopetoun Jerramungup Little Grove 10 Mile Swamp 12 Mile Beach 2 Mile Beach 2 Mile Lake 4 Mile Beach 6 Mile Creek 7 Mile Swamp Aberfeldy Alaska Albany Baptist Church Albany Community School Albany Golf Club Albany Golf Course Albany Primary School Albany Secondary Ed Support Centre Albany Senior High School Alison Hartman Gardens Allen Creek Allen Dale Aloha Park Alongshore Point Amaroo Amelup Amelup Spring Anderson Lake Anderson Lake Nature Reserve Anderson Place Angove Lake Angove River Angwin Park Angwin Peak Annie Peak Anzac Peace Park Aralinga Arallik Araluen Arbroath Ardua Arizona Arpenteur Reserve Arrandale Arrino Arthurs Knob Ataturk Entrance Attonga Avalon Avoca Ayhill Farm Back Beach Bakelup Creek Bakelup Pools Baker Spring Bakers Junction Bakers Junction Nature Reserve Bakers Knob Bald Head Bald Island Bald Island Nature Reserve Balingdale Ballinard Balston Gardens Banky Beach Barker Bay Barnett Peak Barrabiddy Barrens Beach Barunga Basil Road Nature Reserve Bayonet Head Beaming Hill Beaufort Inlet Beaufort Plains Beaumont West Becker Park Beckon Bedford Harbour Beetle Rock Belches Foul Ground Bella Vista Ben Dearg Beach Ben Haven Bendy Creek Bensure Bethel Christian School Bettys Beach Beulah Big Grove Bilney Springs Binalong Binbrook Bird Rock Bitter Water Creek Bitter Water Swamp Bivouac Rocks Black Cat Creek Black Gin Black Head Black Point Black Rock Blackboy Hill Blossoms Beach Blue Hills Blue Range Blue Waters Bluff Creek Bluff Knoll Bluff River Bluff Rock/Burmup Boat Harbour Boerendale Bog Arm Boggy Pool Boggy Springs Bokelwarrup Pool Bolganup Bolganup Creek Bolganup Dam Bon-Accord Bonniedoon Book Book Boolarong Booleroo Boonawarrup Creek Boondadup River Boongarra Boonoke Borakup Borden Borden Golf Club Borden Primary School Boulder Hill Boundary Creek Boundary Rock Bovell Square Bowoka Boxwood Hill Boxwood Hill Golf Club Brackleigh Bradstock Hills Braeburn Braeside Bramble Point Bramble Rock Breakaway Breaksea Island Breaksea Island Lighthouse Breaksea Island Nature Reserve Breaksea Park Bremer Bay Golf Club Bremer Bay Primary School Bremer Beach Bremer River Bridstowe Brockdale Brookdale Bryzel Estate Bullocky Stones Bundarlee Bundilla Buninyong Byangerup Creek Cable Beach Cadalelup Creek Cadalelup Well Caipercoolallup Spring Callinup Spring Calyerup Creek Calyerup Creek Mine Calyerup Rocks Camballup Cambawarra Camel Lake Camel Lake Nature Reserve Camlebren Canberra West Candyup Canowie Downs Cape Knob Cape Riche Cape Vancouver Capecup Caracup Stock Yards Cardiminup Cardiminup Swamp Cardinenup Hill Cardininup Carinya Carlawillup Rockhole Caronia Carramar Carramup Spring Castle Rock Cavadalla Cave Point Cave Shoal Cheadanup Cheadanup Cliffs Cheepanup Lake Cheetapanup Rockhole Chelgiup Creek Cherene Chereninup Chereninup Creek Chereninup Spring Cherenup Chergugup Creek Cheridup Cherlcartup Spring Chester Pass Cawarra Centennial Oval Centennial Park Channel Hill Channel Point Chillinbong Soak Chillinup Chillinup Nature Reserve Chillinup Pool Chimney Creek Chingarrup Brook Chingarrup Hill Chirelillup Chirelillup Creek Chirelillup Nature Reserve Chirelillup Spring Cheyne Bay Cheyne Beach Cheyne Downs Cheyne Head Cheyne Inlet Cheyne Island Cheyne Ledge Cheyne Road Nature Reserve Cheynes Chittowurup Creek Christian Family Church Christmas Farm Chudleigh Clear Hills Clear Valley Cli-An Ville Cliff Gully Cliff Head Clifton Grange Cloughton Cobomup Creek Cockatoo Creek Coffin Island Cojuma Colby Collier Park Collier Peak Collingwood Collingwood Heights Collingwood Park Collu Collup Creek Combimup Creek Connemara Downs Coogarnup Well Cooinda Coolangarras Barmah Aboriginal Pre-Schoo Coolangatta Coomaldannerup Coompertup Coomunga West Coonawarra Coopers Crossing Copper Mine Creek Corackerup Corackerup Creek Corackerup Nature Reserve Corangamite Cordinup Cordinup River Corner Cove Coromandel Coromup Creek Coromup Spring Corrang Cowalellup Cowalellup Waterhole Cowerdup Cowerup Cowerup Creek Coyanarup Peak Culham Inlet Cull Park Culyerbullup Creek Cwmavon Daniel Well Darkanuttup Darlingup Spring Darrallen Downs Dedatup Brook Dempster Inlet Deneryl Denton Park Devil Creek Devils Gully Devils Slide Devils Soak Diamond Downs Dillon Bay Dillon Beach Dog Rock Donelly Donjill Downs Dookie Downs Dorrie Hill Dorrinup Doubtful Island Bay Doubtful Islands Doubtful Islands Nature Reserve Draper Hill Drummond Spring Dry Brook Duleep Creek Duleep Spring Dulverton Dunns Swamp Dymesbury Park East Hill East Mount Barren East Shoal Echo Glen Eclipse Island Eclipse Island Lighthouse Ediegarrup Edwards Point Elbow Island Eldorado El-Dorado Elgor Ellen Cove Ellen Downs Ellen Peak Emu Beach Emu Bend Emu Hill Emu Point Eriwin Station Eugenup Eurabin Eyre Gardens Eyre Range Eyre River Fairfield Fairview False Island Family Rocks Faraway Fishery Beach Fitzgerald Inlet Fitzgerald River Fitzgerald River National Park Flat Rock Flinders Park Primary School Flinders Peninsula Floradale Formby Fortification Hill Foster Beach Foundation Park Frenchman Bay Frosts Camp Fuss Gaalgegup Gaalgegup Creek Gadara Gairdner Gairdner Primary School Gairdner River Galil Gardner Lake Gaylands Geake Point Giants Causeway Gibraltar Rock Gidgelbetarbup Creek Gidgie Gidjeebadarlabup Creek Giles Gully Gill Park Gio Batta Patch Glainorie Glasse Island Glasse Island Nature Reserve Glen Allen Glen Almond Glen Candy Glen Echo Glen Ellen Glen Idle Glen Turret Glencoe Glendale Farm Glenelg Glengarry Glenisla Glenorchy Glenroy Glentor Glenwest Gnianup Junction Gnornbup Swamp Gnowangerup Baptist Church Gnowangerup Creek Gnowangerup District High School Gnowangerup Hospital Gnowangerup Spring Gnowellen Gold Holes Golden Park Gomm Recreation Park Goode Beach Goodga River Googlegong Gordon Inlet Grace Darling Park Grafton Granite Hill Grasfeld Great Southern Region Greaves Hill Green Acres Green Island Green Islands Green Range Green Range Country Club Green Warri Greenacres Groper Bluff Grove Hill Grove Park Golf Links Gull Creek Gull Rock Gull Rock Beach Gull Rock Lake Gunna Do Gunther Park Halls Grave Halls Rock Hamersley Inlet Hamersley River Hanover Bay Happy Days Hardy Spring Hassell Hassell Beach Hassell National Park Haul Off Rock Hayward Park Hayward Peak Heberle Landing Hegarty Creek Hegarty Hill Henton Peak Herald Point Herald Rocks Herekino Herons Rock Highlands Stud Hill 50 Hill Top Hilliup Lake Hillsea Hillview Hinkley Estate Holme Park Homestead Well Hopetoun Everett Country Golf Club Hopetoun Primary School Horatio Island Horrie Hill Hostellers Hills House Beach Hull Park Hunter River Hunton Illalone Inglebourne Inner Island Inside Rock Investigator Island Investigator Island Nature Reserve Islet Point Isongerup Peak Isthmus Bay Isthmus Hill Jackitup Jackitup Creek Jackson Pool Jacup Jacup Dam Jacup Spring Jakkawilla Jam Creek Jam Vale James Cove Jandalee Jarra Leah Jarrahdale Jarrahvale Jawaro Jedavyn Jennella Jerdacuttup Jerdacuttup Lakes Jerdacuttup River Jerdacuttup Spring Jerramungup District High School Jerramungup Golf Club Jerramungup Spring Jim Mcculloch Park Jimmy Newells Harbour Jindalee John Calvin School John Cove Johnson Cove Johnston Creek Jonacoonack Junction Hill Kaipanwymburup Kalaitha Kalgan Kalgan Downs Kalgan River Kalgan River Golf Course Kallumup Kalwinyarna Kamballup Karatangi Karawine Kareelah Kareelan Karingal Karralea Karribank Keaysdale Kebaringup Kebaringup Creek Kebaringup Well Kechup Soak Kedson Vale Keelocking South Kelley Creek Kellys Creek Kent Keringal Kewarra Kiamunjie Kiddys Well Kijitarrabing Well Killara Killarney Killesby King Creek King George Sound King Point King River Kingsville Kinnabulla Kinta Kintail Park Klazina Kohlbardi Koiamip Kojaneerup Kojaneerup Bin Kojaneerup South Kojaneerup Spring Kojaneerup Swamp Kokarinup Koorarkup Kooringa Kooyong Korup Swamp Kuliba Kulyallin Kuranda Kuringai Kurrabi Kyanorup Eminence Kyarup Creek Kybelup Pool Kyeema Kyewong Kylabumerup Creek Kyramup Creek Labianca Lake Cassencarry Lake Corimup Lake Eyrie Lake Hill Lake Pleasant View Lake Pleasant View Nature Reserve Lake Seppings Lake Shaster Lake Shaster Nature Reserve Lake Toolbrunup Lake Torrup Lake Vancouver Lake View Lake Yellanup Lange Lange Park Larnook Laurier Ledge Bay Ledge Point Lime Hill Limeburner Point Limekilns Point Limestone Head Lindon Line Spring Liscombe Little Boat Harbour Little Grove Primary School Little Jacup Creek Little Napier Creek Lizzie Creek Lockyer Lockyer Bay Lockyer Shoal Lone Pine Long Creek Lookout Point Lookout Rocks Loughrea Lower Kalgan Bridge Lower King Lower King Bridge Luke Pen Walk Lyndhurst Mabinup Creek Magitup Mail Box Hill Mailalup Maileeup Creek Maileeup Pool Maintop Hill Major Lockyer Park Malkana Mandetta Mandora Manypeaks Marambeena Marapana Mararoa Mardieyerrup Hill Maringerup Spring Marlamerup Marlamerup Pool Marlo Marmabup Rock Marningellup Spring Marra Marralong Marshall Plains Marshes Beach Martacup Creek Martacup Soak Martaquin Creek Martin Creek Martinup Martinup Creek Martinup Estate Martinup Spring Mary Ann Haven Mary Ann Point Marysmount Mason Bay Maudes Reef Mccrea Creek Mcgonnell Park Mckail Well Melville Melville Park Melville Point Merindah Mermaid Point Merrigup Creek Merrivale Meryl Downs Mettler Mettler Lake Mettler Lake Nature Reserve Mianelup Pool Michaelmas Island Michaelmas Island Nature Reserve Michaelmas Reef Middle Channel Middle Mount Barren Middle Rock Middleton Bay Middleton Beach Middleton Beach Golf Course Mill Brook Millbrook Millbrook Farm Millers Point Millinup Millinup Pass Mills Lake Mills Park Milpara Milparinga Minarup Mindarabin Mindijup Mindyegillup Creek Minnikin Minningellup Pool Minvalara Mira Flores Mira Mar Mirboo Misery Beach Mistaken Island Mistaken Island Nature Reserve Mitchell Spring Moates Lake Moingungup Swamp Moingup Spring Moir Hill Moitch Creek Mongitup Creek Mongup Monjebup Monjebup Creek Monkey Rock Moolyerrup Pool Moongoongoonderup Hill Moorialup Creek Moort-Lea Moorungup Creek Morande Lake Morgans View Morilla Mortdale Mostyn Mound Spring Mount Adelaide/Irrerup Mount Belches Mount Bland Mount Boyle Mount Catharine Mount Clarence Mount Clarence/Corndarup Mount Drummond Mount Elphinstone Mount Gardner Mount George Mount Gog Mount Groper Mount Hassell Mount Lockyer Primary School Mount Magog Mount Manypeaks Mount Manypeaks Nature Reserve Mount Manypeaks Primary School Mount Martin Mount Mason North Mount Mason South Mount Maxwell Mount Melville Mount Melville/Kardarup Mount Pleasant Rock Mount Remarkable Mount Richard Mount Success Mount Taylor Mount Trio Mount View Mountain View Mud Spring Mullarup Creek Mullidup Brook Mullocullop Creek Mullocullop Nature Reserve Munaleeun Mungerup Munglinup Beach Munster Hill Murern Farm Murray Field Murrundie Myamba Mylies Beach Myoora Naendip Naendip Copper Mine Nalyerlup Nalyerlup Creek Nalyerlup Spring Nanarup Nanarup Beach Nanarup Boat Harbour Nancy Peak Nangarup Nangunia Napier Napier Creek Napier Downs Napier Hall Narrindup Creek Native Dog Beach Native Dog Well Natural Bridge Naunenup Creek Naunenup Spring Naunenup Springs Nedannco Needilup Needilup Golf Club Needilup River Nesbitt Gardens Netty New Way Newlands Nickling Brook Nigalup Spring Night Rock Well Niliamongup Niliamongup Creek Niliamongup Soak Ningedup Spring Ninterup Creek No. 1 Swamp Nolobup Spring Nooramunga Noorubup Creek Noorubup Pool Normans Beach Norna Creek North Albany Senior High School North Channel North Point North Powell Point North Rock North Sister North Sister Nature Reserve North Stirlings Northumberland Rock Northwest Rock Northwood Notch Weir Nowhere Else Nunarrup Lagoon Nyerilup Creek Nyunk Nawainup Oakbank Oakdale Oakdale Farms Ocumup Ocumup Swamp Old Jerramungup Oldfield Estuary Oldfield River Ongarup Creek Ongerup Ongerup Creek Ongerup Golf Club Ongerup Primary School Ongerup Rock Ongerup Soaks Orana Orroroo Overington Owen Dale Oyster Harbour Oyster Harbour Baptist Church Pabelup Lake Pagoda Point Pallinup Pallinup Beach Pallinup Estate Pallinup River Palmdale Pannoo Panorama Paper Collar Clays Paper Collar Creek Para Nama Parabana Parakatup Creek Parker Bay Parker Brook Parnaroo Parriup Peak Head Peak View Peedillup Creek Peedillup Spring Peenebup Peenebup Creek Peenebup Spring Peerup Meenup Creek Pelican Park Pendalup Pendalup Spring Pendeen Pendernup Creek Pendle Hill Peniup Creek Peniup Rockhole Penley Peppermint Beach Peppermint Grove Peppermints Dam Peppinella West Perkins Creek Perkins Pool Perkins Rock Peters Creek Petersham Petone Phillips Brook Phillips River Picup Pillenorup Swamp Pindarrup Pingamup Pingamup Gully Pinkawillinie Pleasant View Point Ann Point Charles Point Charles Bay Point Frederick Point Gardner Point Gordon Point Henry Point Henty Point Hood Point Swamp Point Woore Porongurup Porongurup National Park Porongurup Range Port Albany Possession Point Potato Swamp Powell Point Princess Royal Harbour Privett Pulingup Spring Pullitup Swamp Pyungoorup Peak Quaalup Qualinup Park Qualinup Swamp Quarantine Hill Quarderwardup Lake Quarderwardup Spring Quoin Head Quorbandanoongarup Pool R H Newby Oval Rams Head Ranch Montana Red Hill Red Island Red Peak Reef Beach Reservoir Hill Reynolds Hill Rhonda Vale Ribbleton Ringbolt Rock Ringley Fold Risley Riverdale Rivervale Riverview Country Club Robindeer Rock Dunder Rocklea Park Rocky Point Roe Rock Roes Rock Rosedale Rosslyn Rout Rowley Park Rumbalara Rushy Point Rye Park Ryelands Salisbury Salmon Pools Salt Creek Saltbush Saltbush Hill San Pedro Sandalwood Sandy Camp Sang Pur Scott Creek Seal Island Seal Island Nature Reserve Seal Rock Semaphore Point Seppings Sevenhills Seventh Day Adventist School Severn Hills Seymour Shadawa Downs Sharp Point Shaster Downs Shell Bay Sheralee Sherwood Shirilee Shirric Shoal Bay Short Beach Skippy Beacon Skye Slab Well Smithfield Smooth Rocks Snake Hill Sondrio Sounness Park South Channel South Point South Rim South Sister South Sister Nature Reserve South Spit South Stirling South Stirling Nature Reserve South Stirling Primary School South Warriup Creek South West Bay Gully Southwest Island Sparkling Island Spearwood Gardens Spencer Park Spencer Park Education Support Spencer Park Primary School Spit Head Split Rock Spring Creek Spring Villa Springvale Springwell St Josephs College St Mary River Stanmore Starvation Boat Harbour Steere River Stellamaris Stirling Plains Stirling Range Stirling Range National Park Stirling View Stony Creek Stony Hill Stotly Soak Strandheim Strawberry Hill Stream Beach Stuarts Head Subasio Downs Suire Valley Suncal Park Sunday Swamp Sunnyside Sunnyvale Susetta River Swallow Dale Swan Hill Swan Lake Swan Point Swanlake Table Hill Takalarup Takalarup Creek Takenup Takenup Creek Tallangatta Talyuberlup Peak Tamar Tamaru Tamgaree Tammar Grove Tank No. 12 Tank No. 14 Tank No. 22 Tank S Tantanoola Tara Tarbunkenup Tarbunkenup Rocks Tarkarri Tarnup Taworri Taylor Inlet Taylor Spring Telyarup Telyarup Spring Tenseldam Terama Tera-Mar Te-Rawhiti Tharwa The Abbey The Arrows The Brook The Chaparral The Gap The Homestead The Pass The Pines The Wesley Maley Reserve Three Swamps Nature Reserve Thumb Peak Tide Gauge Rock Tingelup Gully Tinkelelup Tinkelelup Creek Tinkelelup Nature Reserve Toll Peak Tooartup Creek Toocalup Toocalup Swamp Toolbrunup Peak Toolibut Toompup Tooreburrup Hill Tooregullup Beach Tooregullup Swamp Torndirrup Torndirrup National Park Trekenner Trigelow Beach Trimmers Soak Triple View Tullibardine Twertup Creek Twin Bays Twin Hills Twin Islands Twin Peaks Two Bump Hill Two Peoples Bay Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve Two Sisters Two Wells Twolganup Brook Twolganup Waterhole Twow Swamp Twow View Undara Upper Kalgan Bridge Upper King Bridge Vancouver Beach Vancouver Peninsula Vancouver Point Vancouver Rock Vancouver Spring Vancouvers Watering Place Varey Park Virginia Voyagers Park Wahgunya Wahroonga Waijecoolallup Waikelongup Flat Waindeittup Pool Walford Walls Summit Walmsley Wanaka Wanbi Wandana Wandgee Wangup Well Wansbrough Walk Warburton Lake Warburton Spring Warperup Creek Warperup Spring Warra Jarra Warraga Warramurrup Hill Warramurrup Swamp Warrangee Warrawing Warreen Reefs Warrenup Warrenup Swamp Warrigal Warriup Warriup Hill Warrungup Waterbay Point Wattle Hill Waverly Waychinicup River Wayjo Park Weddeboon Wedge Hill Weerlara Lake Wellbanks Wellstead Wellstead Crossing Wellstead Estuary Wellstead Primary School West Beach West Hill West Island West Mount Barren West Mount Mason Nature Reserve West Myrup West Shoal West Texas Whale Head Rock Whale Rock Whalebone Beach Whalebone Point Whalers Beach Whaling Station White Cliff White Gums White Island White Lake White Water Soak Whiteworth Whoogarup Range Whyalla Wickham Estate Wigboro Wilangi Wilgarrup Pool Wilgerup Creek Willandra Downs Willemmenup Gully Willemmenup Well William and Anne Gibb Park Willyun Creek Willyung Willyung Creek Willyung Hill Windee Windrush Windrush Farm Winjeel Wirra Wirrup Hill Wongabeena Wongaup Wongerup Creek Woodburn Wooding Point Woodlands Woogenellup Woolaganup Woolaganup Creek Woolbernup Hill Wornt Hill Wornt Hill Reserve Wray Bay Wyecombe Wymburup Yakamia Yakamia Bridge Yakamia Creek Yakamia Primary School Yallaroo Yallingup Brook Yallobup Creek Yallobup Swamp Yaraandoo Yaralinga Yaralla Yarbudup Yarditup Yardup Yardup Creek Yarmalup Creek Yarra Downs Yarrabee Yarramunda Yarrawee Yarrengetup Waterhole Yarrenyungrip Yate Creek Yatelands Yellanup Yellilup Swamp Yellwarrie Downs Yendinnup Swamp Yenteyerrup Swamp Yetemerup Spring Yippee Downs Yirri West Yolmumup Yongala Yorklands Yungermere Peak Yungunup Pool Yungup Cartup Pool West River No Tree Hill Munglinup River Munglinup Creek Burlabup Creek Coolu Collup Creek Scotts Creek Rocky Gorge Rocky Gully Phillip River Jeramungup Spring Jerdacullup Lakes Elwes River Hopetoun Harbour Hopetown Hammersley River Beerup Meenup Creek Chiranucup Creek Hegartys Creek Red Islet Gidgelberarbup Creek Martins Creek Mid Mount Barren Dempsters Inlet Rocky Islands Rocky Island Rocky Islets West Islet Kent Shire Hegartys Hill Marningerup Spring Mailecup Creek Mianingillup Pool Cundilup Pool Wellsteads Charles Point Nardup Creek Cherininup Creek Saint Mary River Saint Marys River Ann Point Six Mile Creek Narpunup Creek Martaquinup Creek Mount Barren Ninrerup Creek Dedarup Brook Graves Hill Papa Colla Creek Doubtful Bay Chillilup Pool Chillilup Pullilup Swamp Fishery Cove Peak Barnett Warrungup Hill Pyungoorup Whalebone point Peak Henton Coyanarup Isongerup Andrew Hill Hood Point Castle Peak Toolbrunup Yungermere Cnornbup Swamp Talyuberlup Cherlcartun Spring Tooleburrup Hill Salt River Two Mile Lake Vale of Kalgan Point Irby Horatio Islet Gaalgugup Creek Mount Catherine Cheyne Islet Whale Island Porongorup Porongorups Porongurups Porongorups National Park Porongurup Ranges National Park Tinkelup Creek Willyum Creek Twin Peak Mollocullop Creek Mollocullup Creek Porongurups Range Porongorup Range Yellanup Lake Warriup Point Lake Corinup Ten Mile Swamp Mount Many Peaks Mount Manypeak Twelve Mile Brook Gidley Brook Tantara Lake Twin Islets Two People Bay Moates Lagoon Mount Mason Ringbolt Caffin Island Gaffin Island Mount Adelaide North Passage Earker Bay Middle Passage Geak Point Whaling Cove Frenchmans Bay South Passage Niggerhead Rock Vancouver Ledge North West Rock South West Island Maude Reef Maud Reef Mauds Reef