Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 343

Whidbey Isles To Cape Du Couedic
AUS 343 - Whidbey Isles To Cape Du Couedic

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Murray Group of Canyons Murray Submarine Canyons Pearson Canyon Topgallant Canyon Whidbey Canyon Port Lincoln Cooinella Hecla Cove Duck Ponds Creek Elephant Rock Point Avoid Cape Colbert Flinders Cairn Kirton Point Post Office Lincoln Gardens Reserve Helen Shoal Kullipurre Cape Tournefort Mikkira Homestead Pioneer Park Red Banks Upper Wanna Well Stuart Reef Snug Cove Tinah Beach Mallee Park The Pines Reserve Cap Carnot Winter Hill Lookout Proper Bay Cave Thistle Lookout Wanna Cowrie Beach Black Rock Nelson Square Cook Soak Little Swamp White Lookout Mungerowie Stamford Hill Port Lincoln South Primary School Tulka West Snug Cove Well Almonta Beach Cosy Cottage Puckridge Park Mary Ellis Wreck Mungerowie Well Howard Rock Lincoln Marine Science Centre Fanny Lookout Shag Point Pillie Waterhole Fishery Well Warnow Sheep Station Yellowhill Well Shag Cove Neverest Hill Cape Rock Boston Hill Ravendale Ovals West Point Axel Stenross Maritime Museum Balalaba Kirton Oval Red Banks Beach Kirton Reserve Nancy Bass Shoal Kaitjaba Kirton Point Jetty Kanannapurre Linklater Point Puljalana South Rock Ravendale Old Government Residency Wattleton Wellington Square Holroyd Mary Ellis Wreck Beach Snug Cove Mills Three Acres Uley Graphite Mine Stinky Creek Flinders Tablet Cape Borda Small Hole South Channel Inneston South West Rock Lighthouse Sleaford Stun'Sail Boom Lincoln National Park Western River Karatta Park Crevasse Cave Kelly Lodge Glencraig Kangaroo Gully Cap Borda Cap Bedout Breakneck Creek Murrell Landing Cape Borda Lighthouse Riverleas Western River West Branch North-East River Snug Cove Creek Karralinga Waymar Creeks Frosted Floor Cave Karawatha Kelly Cave Kelly Hills Karatta Station West End Highway Woody Range North West River Tandanya Kurralinga North-West River Double J Waterloo Rocky River Waterhole Flinders Light Cape Torrens Stun'sail-Boom River Stunsail Boom River Rossiter Vale Worrimba Well Iron Whyalla Shoal Althorpe Island Lighthouse Gallows Well Fort George Hut Cap Berthier Ethel Chinamans Grave Point Annie Warrenben Well Warrenben Royston Head Trig The Hump Jolly Beach Warrenben Waterhole Pondalowie Bay Packman Shoal Cable Hut Jim Brown Waterhole Ngadjali Shell Beach Stone Hut Station Stenhouse Bay White Hut Pudna O'Laughlin Bay Loot Bay Marble Bay Whalers Bay Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park Pointe du Pincon Hindmarsh District High School Pilchera Bore School Wheatleigh Primary School Piddington Special School Sunny Hill Primary School Pelican Point Primary School Frances Lucretia Kurdlibidni Conservation Park Kujabidni Borda Park Sanctuary Spider Lake Thidna Conservation Park McDonald Railway Station Yatala Reef Yertamaiyo Wildflower Narhanna Well Lake Kitty The Parks High School Stony Grove School Hills Christian Community School Stockwell-Modbury Primary Schools Camp Site Sunbury Primary School Concord School Belvidere Primary School Diamond Lake Primary School Stun'Sail Boom River Sanctuary BHP Shipping Port Port Champagny Port de la Confiance Strong Bay Wandra-Brin-Nannie South East Community College Wanappe Pondoothy Rosatala Ulalpauidkee Yungga-Umburrumburri Hindmarsh Reservoir Douglas Railway Station Eden Park Special School Harrigan Gap Mount Watson Alabaster Post Office Murraylands College of TAFE Yanderby Rockhole Elizabeth Rebecca Freebridge Western Kangaroo Island Sanctuary Emily Smith Rocky Island South Conservation Park War Dar Gunna Onkaparinga Plains Lords Dam Thomas Reservoir Murri Murri Ando Hornets Nest Homestead Beachs Gow Creek Walpunyie Rockhole Benlo Tuckinga Peck Hill Rosetta Cove Wooley Block Peela Tank Wirlpana Railway Station Stadlunga Lorna Glen Perukila Hill Little Taylor Island South Neptune Islands North Neptune Islands Donington Reef Harbor of Port Lincoln Gosse Hayes Range Kammaroo Boston Taylor Island Whidbey Isles North West Bay Watson Park Sanderson Bay OG Agneta Yaldyilinha Wandina Anse des Nerlans Baie Lavoisier Baie Segur Jussieu Peninsula Port Lincoln Golf Course Brennan Jetty Ile Chaliou Trigg Reserve Iles Lacondamine Constance Bay Point Fanny Middle Island Bickers Islands Grantham Island Liquanea Island Smith Island Owen Island Tractors Rest Railway Jetty The Four Hummocks Tapley Ruins Chinamans Hat Island Wedge Island Ile Valbelle Ile Montmorency Four Hummocks Simms Rock Rocky No 2 Kadlunga View Field Tulka North Proper Bay Nundalla Price Island Thistle Island Pantania Hut Kelly Hill Conservation Park Noonameena School Vauban Point Yattagolinga Mine Overland Camp Springs Ity-A-Mudkie Lake Seymour Whalebone Head Sleaford Mere Conservation Park Zanoni Sandy Creek Remarkable Rocks Wingara Pointe Mornay Inneston Post Office Cutcutculier Hill Gleesons Landing Corny Point Webb Rock Psyche Go-De-Rannie Creek Tilleys Accommodation House Wurtun Railway Station Stony Plain Wirpa Railway Station Urea Cowie Hill Pedinga Ngurralanha Hillview Binnowie Cape Bouger Hundred of Flinders West Cape Hundred of Borda Kangaroo Reef Deathtrap Cave Echo Valley Punnu Mudla Engine Point Myles Well Chapman Hut Pointe Feuillee Horny Point North-North East Rocks Cap de la Sortie du Golfe de la Melomanie Cooroona Waterhole Kallinjala Carcase Rock Royston Island Ile de la Favorite Ile Marengo Warumba Tuna-midi Kundanyimbo Albatross Island Rufus Creek Tungkillo-Daperoo Primary School Camp Site Spencer Junction Railway Station Maupertuis Bay Town Jetty Stickney Island Tally-Ho Too Petrified Horse Cave West Rock Kirton Point Woonamulla Sand Hill Tank Snug Cove Tank Kathai Yarraville School Tigress The Pinery Tilkola Yakati Knapman Creek Scotch Thistle Flat The Gorge K B Downs South-West River Burgess Lagoon Pointe des Aiguilles Forrester School Marlka Vari Virdnivirdni-Nurranha Edward Lagoon Rose Archway Lagoon Browns Beach Widapa Awi Urtu Emmes Reef Point Deberg Rosetta Bay D'Anville Bay Jussieu Bay Young St George St Cecelia Creek Spencer Institute of Vocational Education Rocky River Davidson Rock Greenslopes Pages Hut McDonald Downs Grassdale Bonnie Doone Stun'Sail Boom Beach Rhopamm Ravine Des Casoars Cave Cape du Couedic Cap du Couedic Black Springs Creek Burajige Carnavon Trummers Hut One Gum Tree Flat Dangerous Reef North Basin Cemetery Beach Haystack Island Taino Sheep Station Doolan Shoal Pinnacle Rock Peaked Rocks Rabbit No 1 Tarnana Whait Reserve Seal Island Gambier Islands Wanna Hut Port Lincoln East Post Office Matthew Flinders Lookout Port Lincoln West Post Office Ark Flat Rock Nicolette Shoal Billy Lights Point MacLaren Point Berry Bay Bruin Althorpe Islands Conservation Park Peg Gap Gullett Hut Thorny Passage Marine Park Little Swamp Primary School Governor Musgrave Lighthouse Sea Cave Cape Spencer Pinefield School Reef Head Jones Well Paisley Islet Swallowtail Bay Neptune South Yantawena Gilliston Osmond River Cotanaranna Water Fort George Well Pondalowie Well Nicholson Avenue Junior Primary School River Light Primary School Mora Mora School Worrimba Hut Salmon Inlet Point Deburg Light-Riverland Institute of Vocational Education Rail Point Boston Island Neptune North Sparrow Hawk Hill Burnside Lower Reservour La Parasol Covenys Gully Western River Cove Pointe du Bastion Possum Skin Cave Hundred of Ritchie Cape de Couedic Lighthouse Suzzanne Shoal Rocky River Station The Gorge Falls Breakneck River Billygoat Gully Pointe du Regard Price Island Lighthouse Ferret Wiseman Rock Tulka Homestead Curta Rocks Cutting Grass Flat South West Spring Cape Catastrophe Harrison Shoal High Sandhill Pioneer Lookout Ariel Lookout Port Lincoln Bulk Grain Terminal Picnic Beach Pantania Well Grantham Railway Station Hawson Swamp Southern Ocean Loxton Park Nose Point Uley Mine Match Hill Arachne Umera Gambier Island Conservation Park Cap Grecourt Old Pillie Hut The Cauldron Edith Keal Hill Pillie Lake Pille Sheep Station Neptune Islands Group Marine Park Robbies Park Turka Sheep Station White Flat Primary School Oaks Primary School Salt Creek Rural School Moorowie Primary School South Road Junior Primary School Pioneer-Woodleigh School Cape Reef Sleaford Bay Rabbit Island Mooring Bay Ile Cerant Ile Clarke Waterhouse Bay Port Lincoln Proper Moopina Archipelago de L'Est Ile Lagrange Neptune Islands Conservation Park Horse Rock Duck Ponds Experiment Flinders Chase National Park Pointe de le Savane Mount Brizell Primary School Cape Torrens Conservation Park Tenafeate Primary School Koninderie Railway Station Cottabidnya Williams Island Barton Plain Lever Well Spring Hill Neptune Island Lighthouse Paisley Well Perrichina Station Pitfall Hill Sandy River Silt Cave Uley Cooratoo The Shackle Telephone Exchange The Wootons Goat Gully Stun'Sail-Boom River Pointe aux Crabiers Titree Well Baby Lizard Hundred of Sleaford Kuya Bidni Boston Bay West Beach Howagie Well Karraboom Weirs Cove Marion Lake Summit Railway Station Ward Crossing Open Access College Ooldabinna Gass Bird Sanctuary Castle Gully Sunray Kirkpatrick Point Kuyabidni Myles Hut Boston House Chapman Well Cap Colbert McLaren Point Tulka Yakilo Cap Forbin Cape Donington Lighthouse Stony Point Stuart Point Punnumudla Weir Cove Sunrise Cliffs Flinders Monument Salem Rustlers Gully North Side Hill Kuriljeli Buffalo Reef Kirton Point Caravan Park Penny Shoal Fossil Point William Henry Pine Homestead Beach Western River Wilderness Protection Area Wanama Nganepa Daly Head Trig West Cape Pile Trig South West Rock Groper Bay Coomunga Springs Althorpe Island La Misere Cobbler Hut Harbour View Reserve Jam Tin Corner Ile d'Aboukir Bridget Shoal Cap de Mairan Koodinga Lone Pine Ile du Passage Iles Vauban Point Anne Breeze Point Pretoria Pine Comb Flat Mount North East Muralappi Railway Station Tuni Railway Station Nukulla Point Phillips Lands End Conservation Park Warriapendi Alternative School Advanced School For Girls Boundary Creek School Beitirie-Ma-Lunie Hopkins Island Hall Gully West Bay Cave Mars Sandy Beach Riverdale Tandanya Kitchen Western Trig Triple Valley Leska Springs Brookland Park Castle Hill Boston Park Marion Bay Hundred of Uley Investigator's Cutter Hundred of Warrenben Walter Shoal Marion Basin Emu Waterhole Rhino Head Gym Beach Corny Point Lighthouse Louise Shoal Western River Bay Enterprise Derwent Vale Prominent Sandhill Rosemary Shoal Frederick Tank Gunya Beach Gum Flat Diamond Well Happy Valley Sunken Brother Ivys Leap Charlotte Waterhole Pinnacle Sandhill Cobblers Friend Memory Cove Port Lincoln Hospital Ile Le Gentil Iles Laplace Grainger Lagoon Lander Creek Western River Conservation Park Hermitage Wodliparri Port Willson Rivers Creek Little Totness Cuddubaien Port Clare Lincoln Conservation Reserve Cootamundra Kirton Point Primary School Pointe des Requins Lovely Valley School Lincoln Conservation Park Murray Institute of Vocational Education Brightwood Primary School Millbrae Primary School Young Surveyor Venture Ile Suzanne Port Lincoln Proper Bay Squeaky Beach Crawford Beach Milleyoora Osprey Point Rotten Bay Werridi Marara The Brothers Iles Catinat Barmeedki Kate Burridge Well Pondalowie Waterhole Cape Spencer Post Office West Bay Hollow Stony Hill Kelly Hill Caves Fides Bluff Bunker Hill Gumridge The Boulders Ellarock Ulgar Railway Station Tank Cave Hawkers Creek Toopwarinna Thompson Flat Le Hunte Shoal Paradise Waterhole Tingara Lincoln South Primary School Chapman Rockholes Port Lincoln Railway Station Vane Sheep Station Cape Donington Port Lincolin Junior Primary School Port Lincoln Terminal Substation Middle Rock Werona Lincoln Gardens Primary School Karatta St Mary of the Angels School Flinders Chase Lower Wanna Hut Port Lincoln High School Five Mile Siding Cobbler Well Kallinyalla Mungerowie Scrub Snapper Rock Porter Rock Wattleten Larrikin Lagoon Chain of Lakes Blumenthal Hampdeon Primary School Shoal Bay Primary School Woodside Camp Primary School Grey Point Pretoria Place Tannanna Waterhouse Point Sand Slide Mill Chain Islet Iles Berthier Ile D'Assas Gundal Island Iles du Corp de Garde Shelley Beach Lincoln Cove Marina Little Swamp Post Office Fishery Hut Ravendale Park Racecourse Cap de Rivoli Peet Point Puckridge Reserve Point Haselgrove False Creek One Tree Hill Lewis Island Loch Sloy Yacca Flat Wreck Gully Pipeclay Well West Bay Hollow Cave Kangaroo Lagoon Kathai Conservation Park Hills College of TAFE Yantaringa Railway Station Hill Well Pointe des Malfaisants Tuckamana Neptune Islands Jim Brown Well Daly Head Curley Hollow Welling Kurilyelli Narragogoonnoo Mooku Barbecue Arch Bull Creek Duck Ponds Railway Station Waterfall Creek Western River East Branch Cave Point Hundred of Gosse Teatree Well Cap de L'Entree du Golfe de La Melomanie Ella Rock Ravine des Casoars Vennachar Point Black Creek Harveys Return Cemetery St Andrews Valley Creek Westmere Observatory Point Cobbler Hill Taylors Landing Port Lincoln Post Office Crawford Ruins Golden Island Lookout Cap Bouguer Houston Reserve Snow Lake Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area Swampanilla Flinders Park Murray Point St Josephs School Jane Shoal Sand Hill Mill Upper Wanna Hut Baram-Nerrany Bumbeyadna Garden Island Golden Island Rocky Island Porter Bay The Little Plains Mungala Railway Station Flinders Monument Trig Snake Lagoon Pointe des Pigrieches Nilyuntana Primary School Dollings Corner School Woods Primary School South Downs Primary School Beau Vale Primary School Boodnemunna Tundroo Railway Station Ile Duroc Kerno Reynolds Grove Park Hill Waterfall Gully Stranger Squashy Creek Corney Point Black Hill Borda Park Sleaford Mere National Park Old Karatta Double Fork Gully Brigadoon Port Lincoln Lighthouse Hougomont Naturally Farm Boucauts Folly Witawirra Wanna Well Ariel Port Lincoln South Post Office One Tree Hill Well Fossil Tanks Cap Florian Cap Vauquelin Sims Rock High Conical Sandhill Flinders Lookout Tea Tree Mill Centenary Oval Salmon Hole Arrandale Miller Hole Anti-Wocarra Ile Victoire Cape Bouguer Wilderness Protection Area Prewitt Waterhole Pirlakaya Jervois West Primary School Ngapla Primary School Pointe de la Reprise Mount Melville Primary School Althorpe Islands Port Lincoln Junior Primary School Donington Island Cable Hut Bay Mitlers Cove Pointe du Mondrain Bicker Isles Port Lincoln Primary School One Gum Tree Hut Ile Laubadere North Island Moorilla Well Nautilus Beach Poole Oval Lions Picnic Spot Cape Carnot Lincoln Basin Pumping Station Howagie Waterholes Royston Head Whyalla Onkaparinga Institute of Vocational Education Whidbey Isles Conservation Park Lloyds Signal Station Cap Prony Sheoak Gully Sleaford Mere Swan Lake South West River Omeo Sandy Lake White Hut School Williyama Stenhouse Bay Harbor Grindal Island Fishery Bay Murraylands Campus Pine Forest Riverland College of TAFE Lowanna Railway Station Inneston Lake Peters Hill Primary School Gum Vale Primary School Wingfield Camp School Wingelbunna Bob Well Bald Hill Raglan Primary School Goat Hill Creek Western River South Branch Douglas Reef Kadamere Northside Hill Whale Gully Snug Cove Station Tilka Hut Hundred of Lincoln Point Lincoln Lighthouse Stunsail Boom Koreelah Horse Gully Hawson Starvation Creek Brinkworth Reserve Stamford Oval Surfleet Point Uley Homestead Alternative Trevally Point Flinders Post Shoal Point Theakstone Crevasse Lashmar Ruins Colosseum Cliffs Fisherman Point Spalding Cove Lower Duck Ponds Ravendale Railway Station The Monuments Perforated Island Lake Cardivallawarracurracurrieappalarndoo Government Produce Siding Undaganie Arannie Point Debuy Watts Creek Hansen Bay Sea Cave Aladdins Cave Hayden Point Low Rocks Point Maria Dolphin Gambier Islands Group Marine Park Gillen Public School Scaddon House Degerando Channel O'Loughlin Bay Cape Wiles West Basin Winter Hill Salt Lake School Maitpa-Ngga Point Wilson Ile St Lambert Little Island Prominent Rock New Discovery Formby Bay Ile Guyton Deep Lake O'Halloran Creek Twenty Eight Mile Tank Mutooroo Railway Station Innes National Park You Yangs Mississipi River Carrington Point Shoal Reef Scrubby Creek Cap Turenne Wreck Beach Edwards Lagoon Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park Stenhouse Bay Primary School Ellaowie Well De Mole River Borda Vale Water Gully Leopard Hill Frog Farm Red Hill Ismyr Yacca Gully Cape Torrens Wilderness Protection Area Windee Hazel Hill Pointe des Adieux Woorolong Primary School Maryvale Brook Shoal The Gap South Belt Well Egan Well Little Scrub Hut Yertabukko Winnininnie Hill Light College of TAFE Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area Yorke Peninsula College of TAFE James A Nelson School Yernayerna Tiers D'etat Mobilong Campus Cape Borda Post Office Friedeberg Thorny Passage Garden of Remembrance The Cobbler Gunyah Beach Black Lookout Ile Villars Moolkarra Sleaford Islands Liguanea Island Ile Pingre Levi Island Tracoona Native Well Pointe des Soupirs Seal Beach Cape Bedout Harveys Return West Bay Hanson Bay Cape Forbin Cape Younghusband Ravine Cape Bouguer Cape de Coudie Admirals Arch Casuarina Islets Scott Cove Cap Clairout Ravine de Casoars Douglas Rock Maria Point Avoid Point Shelly Beach Whidbey Islands Maclaren Point Rosalind Shoal Mikkira DAnville Bay Sleford Bay Greig Lookout OLaughlin Bay OLoughlin Bay Ile DAssas Williams Isle North North East Rocks N.N.E. Rock Point Margaret Ward Rock Ile dAboukir North Islet Carribie Well Carribie The Wedge Waller Shoal Pondolowie Bay North Neptunes Pandalowie Bay Lawrey Shoal Penguin Point Suzanne Shoal Lake Macquarie Bank South Neptunes Seal Islands Archipelago de LEst Western River Station Cape Vennachar Hock Point North East River Maupertius Bay StunSail Boom River Sanctuary Grasslands Station StunSail Boom Beach Sou West River Kilpatrick Point Cape Du Couedic Cape Couedie Casuarina Island Casuarina Islands Lipson Reef