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Aus 348

Cape Martin to Cape Nelson
Nautical Chart Aus 348 - Cape Martin to Cape Nelson
Name: Cape Martin to Cape Nelson
Scale: 1:300000
Latitude Range: 37 20.00 S - 38 53.81 S
Longitude Range: 141 47.00 E - 138 39.19 E
Approx Print Size: 0.58m X 1.16m
Projection: mercator
Name: Port Macdonnell
Scale: 1:15000
Latitude Range: 38 03.00 S - 38 05.11 S
Longitude Range: 140 44.08 E - 140 41.00 E
Approx Print Size: 0.26m X 0.38m
Projection: universal transverse mercator
Please note that all charts are folded in half for storage and handling. This is the marine industries standard. If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please email us in follow up to your order.
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