Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 554

Cape St George To Rabaul
AUS 554 - Cape St George To Rabaul

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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Wusing Cape Wunita Cape Wanata Wume River Wongawonga Plantation Winalin Plantation Winagut Wide Bay West Point Cape Waum Cape Waun Wat Wat Plantation Watwat Watun River Watpi Point Watpi Watpi Mission Watom Island Isle of Man Man Island Man-Insel Uatom Watnalig-Valaur Mission Watering Point Waterhouse Cove Waterea Rock Booby Rock Boody Rock Watarea Rock Wataria Island Wetarea Rock Watara Point Watare Point Watara Mission Watara Warenvula Plantation Warangoi River Warengoi River Warangoi Plantation Warangoi Warangoi Bay Warangansau Mission Waragansau Warangansau Warabu River Marambu River Wangaramut Plantation Walwalian Wairiki Plantation Wairiki Number 3 Wairiki Number 2 Wairiki Number 1 Wairiki Mission Waira Point Waira Cape Wainamarang Vuvu Plantation Vuvu Mission Vunavutung Mission Vunavavar Vunaulul Mission Vunaulaiar Mission Vunatokukup Vunatogoboi Creek Vunatagia Vunarika Mission Vunarakan Plantation Vunapope Vunapit Plantation Vunapidikula Mission Vunapalar Creek Vunapaka Vunapaipo Mission Vunamurmur Vunamulmulum Creek Vunamamia Mission Vunamami Vunalobo Plantation Vunalir Vunalaka Vunalaiting Vunakulakum Mission Vunakokor Mount Varzin Vunakjau Plantation Vunakanau School Vunakamkambi Plantation Vunakalkalulu Vunakabi Vunairoto Vunaimalum Plantation Vunagogo Vunagiau Creek Vunagalip Mission Vunagalip Creek Vunadidir Vunadadia Vunadadir Vunadadir Mission Vunabuk Mission Vunabuk Vunabugbug Plantation Vunabaur Vunabanbin Plantation Vunabal Plantation Vunabalbal Vulcan Point Vulcan Crater Naka Jima Volcano Island Volavolo Viveren Virien Verron Range Velingi Number 2 Creek Vatnabara Mission Vat Island The Wat Varzin Valilig Mission Valaur Mission Valaur Utuan Number 2 Utuan Number 1 Utuan Island Urou Uraputput Point Spit Point Urakukur Urakuk Urai Undor Plantation Undor Unatekeimeme Plantation Umudu Umamitki River Umamethi River Ulu Reef Ulu Mission Ulu Island Mauke Island Pig Island Ulubo Plantation Olobo Plantation Mount Uleton Ulaveo Ulaulatava Ulatawa Plantation Ulapia Mission Ulalai Mission Ulahato Ulagunan Ulagio Ukumaina Ujam River Tutara Creek Turtur Mission Turtle Bay Turanguna Mount Turanguma Mount Turanguna South Daughter Taranguna Tunu River Tun River Tultul Plantation Tubatubar Creek Toyanumbatir Mount Tovanumbatir Mount Towanumbatir North Daughter Tovarur Plantation Tovarumbu Plantation Tovaliting Creek Totovel Topaio River Tonwalik Island Torowalik Tongaru Mission Tomukauer Creek Tombonok Creek Tomavatur Plantation Tomatikolop Reef Conflict Reef Tomalikolop Reef Tomatikotop Reef Tomaringa Police Barracks Tomanai Mission Tomadin River Toma Creek Toma Tolumpo Mission Tolama Creek Tokudukudu Mission Tokua Plantation Tokua Tokot Mission Tokom Creek Tokna River Tokalukal Creek Tokaiya Plantation Tokabai Mission Togoro Tobutia Creek Toboina Tobaina Tomboina Tobera Plantation Tingenavadu Tinganalom Tinganaboi Plantation Tingakano Mission Tinbulmogru Lagoon Tengipan River Tekedan Takedan Tawui Tavui Tawui 2 Tawanlik Cape Mount Tavurvur Ghaie Matupi Crater Tavurvur Volcano Tavui Point Cape Stephens Cape Tawui Tawui Point Tavui Number 3 Tavui Number 2 Tavui Number 1 Tavuiliu Tavilo Creek Tavariogo Creek Tavana Tavalavalov Mission Taulil Taui Number 2 Taui Number 1 Tatongal Tatoko Tatavana Plantation Tatakap Plantation Taron Mission Tarawog Plantation Taranga Taranata Mission Taranata Taraban Creek Tapapai Creek Tanpon River Tangilai River Tangal Creek Tangat Creek Tangat River Tanaka Tampai River Tampai Plantation Tambakar River Tambakar Point Tambakar Plantation Tampaka Plantation Cape Tambakar Tamanairik Tamalili Plantation Talwat Talilis Plantation Taliligap Plantation Taliligap Taliligap Mission Talili Bay Talakua Plantation Talakua Takup Creek Takubar Takua Creek Takakwa A Tava Creek Takakel Tagitagi Number 2 Tagitagi Number 1 Tabuna Taboona Plantation Surf Bay Suralil River Suralil Sum Sum River Sum Sum Plantation Sum Sum Bay Sulphur Point Sulphur Creek Port Sulphur Suir River Suir Cove Irish Cove Sperber Point Carteret Point Sopau Sonoma Mission Songsong River Cape Sogelon Sinungum Creek Simpson Harbour Rabaul Harbor Simbum Sigule River Sigute River Siaman Cape Senang Cape Sena Kap Sena Semalu Plantation Samalu Plantation Cape Semalu Semalu Saragas Plantation Sapom River Sandma Plantation Sanana River Samu Creek Samo Plantation Samo Susurunga Saint Georges Channel Cape Saint George Kap Sankt Georg Leinsilo Ruruan Island Rumrum River Rukukuru Point Rukaliklik Rukalik Rugen Harbour South Plantation Rugen Harbour Put Put Bay Put Put Harbour Rossel Mountains Rossel-Gebirge Cape Roloss Riet Rhunagi Rember Mission Reiven Cape Reis Reimber Rebehen Rau Mission Ratung Ratongor Ratavul Mission Ratavul Ratavis Rataris Rativis Retuis Ratagitagi Ratabu Plantation Ratabu Rarma Creek Rarende Mission Rapolo Rapmarina River Rapitok Number 4 Rapitok Number 3 Rapitok Number 2 Rapitok Number 1 Raniola Plantation Ranguna Ramalmal Ramale Plantation Ramale Ramalei Mission Ramaitu Point Ramabagaus Mission Ralubang Ralabang Raluan Number 2 Raluan Number 1 Raluana Point Schulze Point Raluana Mission Raluana Ralalar Ralabang Plantation Rakunat Rakunai Rakumkumbur Mission Rakival Rakiwal Rakandakanda Rakanda Rainau Plantation Rainau Raim Ragapau Mission Raburua Raburbur Rabumbum Rabuana Rabaul Rabaul District Exung Gorad Rabaul Nankai Shi RAB Rabaulas Simpson-Hafen Simpsonhafen la bao er labaul li bao rabaula rabauru rabaywl Rabalanakaia Crater Rabalankaia Crater Rabalankia Crater Rabatana Crater Rabagi Put Put Plantation Putanagororoi Pupunabua Mission Pupua Creek Punam Pulpulu Pupulu Puk River Pugeo Creek Praed Point Poronbus Poronobos Porabunbun Purabunbun Polok River Piuka Piratop Pipirak Plantation Pilapila Pigeon Island Pidimon River Pellavarua Plantation Patur Mission Parkinson Point Paparatawa Mission Cape Papakatau Panda Panda Plantation Panarat Plantation Paluat Plantation Palpal Palnalom Mission Palipal Palangot Plantation Balangot Balangot Plantation Palabong Pakabong Paklak Creek Pakinsela Aid Post Pakinsela Aid Station Pakinsela Pakanataria Mission Paipai Creek Padivalongor Creek Onamarang Plantation Onomarang Plantation Unamarang Plantation Olsigo River Ololo Cape Oho Cape Obo Nunga Creek Nubai River Nouro North West Passage Nonga Plantation Nonga Nokon Nodup Nordup Ningin Island Leigh Island Nimbil Creek Nguvalian Ngunaguna Ngatur Nganalaka School Nengmutka River Wawoi River Navuneram Cape Navaum Cape Natat Nasko Narakoi Napapar Number 5 Napapar Number 4 Napapar Number 3 Napapar Number 2 Napapar Number 1 Napapar Mission Naono Plantation Nanuk Nangananga Nambaul Namatanai Namatanai District Mount Namarung Naman Mission Namalili Bay Namalili Anchorage Tamalili Anchorage Tamalili Bay Tomalili Anchorage Namale Mission Nalas Plantation Nakukuru Point Nakukura Point Nakukury Point Nakukur Number 2 Nakukur Number 1 Nakudukudu Bay Makudukudu Bay Nagogo Plantation Nagaila Nabual Nabil Nabata Myuna Plantation Mushroom Rock Mururu Creek Murim Creek Mualim Island Mualim Mow River Mou Creek Morei River Mongabu Creek Moloi Molot Mioko Reef Mioko Island Meoko Mioke Mioko Harbour Mioko Milamila Mission Milmila Mission Metlik Plantation Merai River Merai Menebonbon Meiap Creek Mauke Plantation Matupit Number 2 Matupit Number 1 Matupit Island Matupi Island Matupit Harbour Greet Harbour Matupi Harbour Matop Plantation Maton River Matatai Matankuk Plantation Metankuk Plantation Matandiduk Plantation Matandeduk Plantation Matandukuk Plantation Matantiduk Plantation Metandukuk Plantation Matandiduk Matandeduk Matantiduk Metanduduk Matanatar Plantation Cape Matanatamberan Cape Matanatambaron Cape Matanatamberam Matanteberen Matanteberren Matamata Mission Matalau Matala Plantation Matakaput Matakan Plantation Matakan Mission Matagenta River Marupa Mission Marmar Maramar Maren Marawa Maranagi Marambu Maramba Plantation Manwaris Creek Manuan Point Manuan Plantation Mansung Creek Manimet River Mango River Mangiliming Creek Mandandum River Mambaur Creek Malmaluan Mala River Mala Plantation Malapau Plantation Malakuna Malaguna Number 3 Malaguna Number 2 Malaguna Number 1 Malaguna Malaguna Mission Malagunan Malagan River Malagam Malabunga High School Malabunga Makurutabu Plantation Makurapau Makada Plantation Makada Island Makadau Mocoda Makada Harbour Mait Unanga Bradley Island Mait Unanga Island Mait Iri Mait Iri Island Mait Channel Hernsheim Passage Magar Plantation Lumulu Creek Lukus Creek Luba Plantation Laba Plantation Loumtas Rock Lontas Island Lontas Rock Mount Lonumail Londip Plantation Livuan Plantation Livuan Lipek Island Libek Lilili Creek Likiliki Bay Likas Liguan Bay Liaga Creek Levingon Passage East Passage Levinson Passage Lesson Point Lemingi Laweo Point Lawanai Cove English Cove Lavinia Bay Lavinia Cove Laussamanni Rocks Lanissamanni Rock Laussamanni Rock Latlat Latau Island Green Island Lat Lassim Bay Breton Harbour Port Praslin Lanisso Bay Lamisso Bay Lauinio Bay Langwarangaga Spur Cape Langranis Langaragi Creek Lambur Lambom Island Ile aux Marteaux Lambon Island Lumbom Island Wallis Island Lambom Lambon Lamassa Island Cocoa-Nut Island Coconut Island Lamassa Hamlets Lamassa Bay Carateret Harbor Carteret Harbour Lamassa LMG Lamassa Mission Lamas Head Lamantu Plantation Lakut River Lakunda Plantation Lak Lak Bay Watering Bay Cape Labonot Laboa Kusup Creek Kurrajong Plantation Kurakakaul Kuraip Kuradui Plantation Kunakunai Kumlakor Kumaina Kulon Kulaun Plantation Kudukudu Kubaleo Mission Kotokodo Creek Korere Korai Mount Konogaiang Mount Konagalang Mount Konogalang Koningiya Ridge Kombon Plantation Kombon Beach Kombon Kombiu Mount Kombiu The Mother Kokopo Kokopo District Klamoulul River Kisela Kirai Creek Plantation Kinigunan Plantation King River King Plantation King Bay King Kig King 2 King Mission Kikitambu Kibil Kerawara Island Kerawara Harbour Kerawara Keravat Corrective Institution Keravat Agricultural Station Kenabot Plantation Kembeng Kavavar River Kavanas River Kavavas River Kaupki River Katakatai Kasepka Creek Karu Karong Karias Plantation Karavia Number 2 Karavia Number 1 Karavia Bay Keravia Bay Karavia Karavi Kapsel Kapasaliao King 1 Kanungiya Ridge Kanungiva River Kangavu Creek Cape Kangargar Kamilir Creek Kamdaru River Kamduru River Kamdaru Plantation Kambubu River Kambotorosch Harbour Kambotorosh Harbour Cape Kamborer Kambolo Creek Kambirara Kambawel Reef Midway Kambapupu Plantation Kambaire Creek Kamakamar Cape Kamagil Cape Kamagili Kalu River Kalingere Point Kalimarungwum Ridge Kalil Kajepkapun Plantation Kait River Kait Mission Kait Kainagunan Kagit River Kabunut Plantation Kabanut Plantation Kabunut Kabanut Kabitoros Plantation Kabinapaoa Point Kabilomu Kabiletad Point Kabiletap Point Kabiatarai Kabapuko Kabanga River Kabanga Bay Kabanga Kabaman Kaboman Kaboman Mission Kabakon Reef Kabakon Island Kabakaul Bay Kabakaul Kabakadas Kabakada Point Kabagada Point Mission Point Kabakada Kabakabiui Kabahon Mission Kabagap Kababiai Jau River Sau River Jaulu River Jalu River Jatapal Mission Jammer Bay Jacquinot Point Ivivitki Creek Ivere Mount Isimurigarok Mount Isimurigarik Irri Creek Iro Island Iokokonakaia Creek Invura Mission Inolo Mission Inlimut Iniska River Ingei Creek Induna Plantation Induna Island Iduna Island Muller Island Mutlar Mutlar Island Ilugi Creek Iltis Point Cape Palliser Ili Ikongo Spring Igumbe Creek Iawakaka Ialakua Huru River Huru Head Huru Point Huris Hunter Point Hunabore Hitung Hirudan River Hiruan River Hipagat Himauul Himau'ul Hirauiul Himau Plantation Himau Hilalon Plantation Hilong Nalas Hikan Hilalon Hibaling Hans Meyer Range Cape Halmaramba Gununur Plantation Gunanur Gunanba Grenau River Gower Harbour Gilingil Point Cape Gilingil Gilingil Plantation Gil-Gil Plantation Gilingil Bay Mount Gilaut Gilalum Plantation Gilagila Plantation Cape Gazelle Birara Point Gaulim Gar River Gar Ganai Cape Gambagafai Foul Bay Escape Bay Cape Erkokon Elizabeth Bay Eber Bay Cape Dungurongoro Dung Creek Duke of York Island Neu Lauenburg Duke of York Group Duke of York Islands Duke of York-Inseln Neu Lauenberg Group Neu-Lauenburg-Inseln Donup Plantation Dunop Plantation Dunup Plantation Dolomakas Bay Cape Dinga Cape Dingra Dawapia Rocks Bee-hive Beehive Rocks Beehives Dawadawai Plantation Davaon Plantation Davaon Danlilian River Danir Creek Mount Dangai Mount Damgai Damnorei River Damnore River Danmore River Dalum River Daulum River Daino River Daniu River Daindor Plantation Dadul Cubertaun Plantation Credner Islands Gredner Islands Pigeon Islands Crater Peninsula Cortilison Plantation Koritilison Plantation Condor Point Garnot Point Clifton Plantation Butuwan Hospital Butlivuan Bungerr Point Bulu Plantation Bulung Plantation Bukbuk River Cape Brown Bridges Point Bridge Point Cape Bougainville Cape Meatlik Cape Metlik Borpop Harbour Porpop Harbour Purpup Bom Cape Bogan Cape Borgan Blane A Tava Creek Blanche Bay Abit Nata Blanche-Bai Blanchebucht Bitatabu Plantation Bitarebarebe Bitapukpuk Bitapaka Hospital Bitamarita Mission Bitalobo Bitalovo Ritalowo Bitagalip Mission Bitagalip Bita-Ere Mission Bitabaur Mission Mount Biririnia Birara Plantation Birar Bira Bilur Bilimon River Big Pigeon Island Bewit River Berurumea Ridge Berard Point Bediniob Head Barracks Point Barawon Baravun Barau Burau Banamia Point Balanawang Harbour Port Hunter Balanataman Creek Balanataman Balamoat Creek Balai Balada Baining River Bailu Plantation Baai Arumbum Arrakus Creek Cape Archway Arasum Creek Mount Arasum Mount Apal Amereinum Creek Aliliai Mission Albino Bay Aiya Creek Aiawan River Adler Bay Baimsin Island Davaun Londip Tokua Airport AYTK Barovon Kuradui Butuwin Baliora RAA Kabahon Warena Kapasalio Sena Elisabeth bay