Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 58

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This product is withdrawn from sale. Please refer to the map above for similar products in the area of interest.

Locations within this Map

Dampier Angel Island Angus Reef Black Hawk Bay Boat Rock Boiler Rock Boomer Passage Burrup Burrup Peninsula Cape Bruguieres Cape Legendre Channel Islands Channel Reef Cohen Island Collier Rocks Conflict Reef Conzinc Bay Conzinc Island Courtenay Head Courtenay Shoal Cowrie Cove Dampier Archipelago Dampier Primary School Dolphin Island Nature Reserve East Intercourse Island East Lewis Island East Mid Intercourse Island East Rock Elphick Nob Erikson Bay Flying Foam Passage Foul Point Gidley Island Hamersley Channel Hamersley Shoal Hampton Harbour Harbour Mound Haycock Island Hearson Hearson Cove High Point Holden Point Illingworth Passage Intercourse Island Jurat Reserve Kangaroo Hill Karratha Bay Keast Island King Bay King Point Lady Nora Island Ledge Point Madeleine Shoals Malus Islands Marks Point Marney Bay Mawby Island Mermaid Sound Miller Rocks Mistaken Island Mount Burrup Mount Wongama Nelson Rocks Nest Head Parker Point Pearl Rocks Phillip Point Pueblo Shoal Quartermaine Island Roe Point Seal Passage Searipple Passage South West Rock Tidepole Island Tozer Island Watering Cove West Lewis Island West Mid Intercourse Island Whalers Bay Whittaker Island Wilcox Island Withnell Bay Hammersley Shoal Flying Foam Pass Dolphin Island Boat Passage Withnell Bay Terminal Philip Point Mistaken Islet Haycock Islet East Middle Intercourse Island