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Aus 714

New Year Island to Port Essington
Nautical Chart Aus 714 - New Year Island to Port Essington
Name: New Year Island to Port Essington
Scale: 1:150000
Latitude Range: 10 02.20 S - 11 35.00 S
Longitude Range: 133 04.80 E - 132 05.40 E
Approx Print Size: 1.15m X 0.73m
Projection: mercator
Please note that all charts are folded in half for storage and handling. This is the marine industries standard. If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please email us in follow up to your order.
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Adjamarrugu Point Annesley Point Arafura Sea Barrow Bay Bedford Head Berkeley Bay Black Point Bluff Point Bowen Strait Bramble Rocks Britomart Shoal Brogden Point Caiman Creek Campbell Reef Cape Cockburn Cape Croker Cobourg Peninsula Coombe Point Copeland Island Cowlard Island Croker Island Curlew Bay Curlew Point D Urville Point Danger Point Darch Island De Courcy Head East Bay East Station Point Edwards Point False Turtle Point Giles Point Gningarg Point Grant Island Greenhill Island Guialung Point High Point Ilamaryi River Irgul Point Jones Shoal Kangaroo Point Kennedy Bay Knocker Bay Kuper Point Lawson Island Malay Bay Mangrove Point McCluer Island Middle Head Minjilang Minto Head Mission Bay Money Shoal Morse Island Mountnorris Bay Murri Point New Year Island One Tree Point Oxley Island Oyster Point Palm Bay Peacock Island Point David Point Sleeman Port Bremer Port Essington Priest Point Raffles Bay Record Point Reef Point Saddle Hill Sandy Island No 1 Sandy Island No 2 Sir George Hope Islands Smith Point Somerville Bay Spear Point Stewart Point Table Head Templer Island Turtle Point Valencia Island Wangarlu Bay Wangewanja Cove Wangoindjung Island Warigili Point Warla Island Warldagawaji Island West Bay Wunmiyi Island Wurgurlu Bay