Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 733

Buccaneer Archipelago And King Sound
AUS 733 - Buccaneer Archipelago And King Sound

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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Bardi One Arm Point Derby Lombadina Mowanjum Cockatoo Bungarun Admiral Island Airport Creek Alarm Shoal Alert Rock Allora Island Amatangoora Point Amur Point Amur Reef Anchor Shoal Anemometer Hill Apex Island Arbidej Island Arbitration Cove Ardyaloon Community Ask Creek Asshlyn Islands Aveling Island Awong Rock Back Bay Back Beach Balk Bore Ball Rock Barnicoat Island Barramundi Bay Barrett Rock Barringbarr Community Bathurst Island Bayliss Islands Bedford Islands Bells Tower Bennet Reef Billilli Spring Bird Rocks Birdwood Downs Black Rock Black Rocks Boolgin Boonook Bay Bowles Rock Breeding Patch Brolga Shoal Bronglo Well Brown Reef Brue Reef Bruen Island Bubb Point Buccaneer Archipelago Buckle Spring Buckle Spring Yard Bulgin Community Bungarragut Creek Bungarragut Dam Bungarragut Pool Bungarun Community Buniol Community Bygnunn Community Byron Island Caffarelli Island Cape Leveque Cape Leveque Aerodrome Cape Leveque Lighthouse Carlisle Head Cascade Bay Catamaran Bay Catspaw Point Chattur Bay Cheriton Island Cecilia Islands Chambers Island Channel Rock Chile Creek Chile Creek Community Chile Head Christine Point Chunelarr Creek Clarke Islands Cleave Creek Cleft Island Cockatoo Creek Cockatoo Island Colac Shoals Collins Cove Comber Rock Compass Hill Cone Bay Cone Hill Cone Rock Conilurus Island Conspicuous Hill Copper Bay Coppermine Creek Cornambie Point Crabbe Island Crawford Bay Cunningham Point Curlew Bay Cussen Island Cygnet Bay Cygnet Hill Dampiers Monument Daniels Rocks Datum Bay Dca Bores Dean Island Deep Water Point Dempsey Island Derby Airport Derby Baptist Church Derby District High School Derby Golf Club Derby Microwave Repeater Station Derby Regional Hospital Dickenson Ridge Dickie Rock Dimond Head Dingo Rock Direction Island Disaster Bay Djaradjung Community Djarindjin Community Djugarargyn Community Doctors Creek East Doctors Creek West Doris Island Dorney Island Dorothy Island Dove Island Dunvert Island East Bay East Roe Island East Sunday Island Easton Point Edeline Islands Elbow Shoal Elephant Point Ellis Fiord Escape Passage Etheridge Patch Evans Rocks Faint Point Fairthlough Ridge Fairway Islands Fantome Passage Farr Islands Ferrett Reef Finch Islands Finger Point First Yarp Fitzgerald Patch Fleetwood Rock Flora Island Foal Rock Folly Island Foul Point Fraser Island Fraser River Fraser River No. 1 Bore Fraser Rock Fraser South River Front Beach Gagg Islands Galah Channel Gallen Well Gammon Bank Gerald Peninsula Gibbings Island Gibbings Reefs Gibson Island Gilbert Rock Gnamagun Well Goat Island Godsmark Island Goodenough Bay Goody Goody Well Goolarrgon Community Goonjarlan Community Goose Channel Greenhalgh Island Gregory Island Gregory Well Gudam Bunji Community Gudumul Community Gulumonon Community Gumbarnun Community Hadley Passage Hadley Rock Hancock Island Hancock Reef Hardstaff Point Hazel Island Hells Gate Helpman Islands Heney Island Henrietta Islands Herald Rock Herbert Islands Hidden Island High Island Holtham Island Home Bore Home Patch Hoon Creek Howard Island Hunt Island Hunter Creek Imp Island Inner Rip Shoal Iron Islands Irvine Island Jackson Island Jangan Spring Jangerie Well Jap Bay Jayedi Community Jinunga River Jonas Point Jonas Shoal Josephine Point Jugarnma Spring Julgnunn Community Jurumma Kallumbarrit Spring Kammargoorh River Karmulinunga Community Karrakatta Bay Karrakatta Rock Kathleen Island Kean Cove Kelk Creek Kessel Island Kimberley School of the Air Kimbolton Range King Hall Island King Sound Knowsley Agricultural Area Kolganu Island Koolan Koolan Island Kooljamin Community Koolloo Koomi Point Koorollum Spring Kyulgam River Lachlan Island Ladjardarr Community Lake Flora Lake Jaugle Lake Louisa Lake Paterson Lalowan Island Lamaragorick Spring Larinyuwar Community Laxton Point Leering Bay Leila Island Lena Reef Leonie Island Leveque Island Livingstone Island Lombadina Community Lombadina Mission Lombardachin Bore Lone Rock Long Island Longitude Island Lord Island Loumard Community Lowangun Pool Lugger Cove Lydarrba River Macdonald Rock Macleay Island Macmahon Island Maddarr Community Main Yarp Malaburra Community Malaburra Spring Malumbo Anchorage Malungurry Spring Man Man Lake Mangrove Inlet Mardibudda Spring Margaret Island Marsh Dam Martins Well Mary Island North Mary Island South Mary Islands Mcintyre Island Mckellar Bay Meda Passage Meda Road Dam Meda Shoal Menmuir Rock Mermaid Island Mermaid Passage Mid Rock Middle Island Midgeguna Spring Mille Mille Lake Milligan Creek Mission Bay Morrisey Island Mount Dawson Mount Heytesbury Mount Jowlaenga Mount Olivia Mowanjum Community Mud Bay Muddle Islands Mudnunn Community Mullet Bay Mummla Spring Mundurrul Bay Mundurrul River Murdeh Point Myall Bore Myridi Bay Myridi Flat Nabaru Spring Nares Point Nellie Point Newman Ledge Ngamakoon Community Nilargoon Community No. 1 North Bay No. 2 North Bay No. 3 North Bay Norris Reefs North Cliffs North Paddock Dam North West Twin Island Numbala Nunga Numbala Nunga Nursing Home Nurumma Rockhole Nyarrva Creek Nyilil Community Nyumwah Community Old Kimbolton One Arm Point One Arm Point Rem Com School One Tree Well Otway Shoal Outer Rip Shoal Pack Island Packer Islands Pancake Passage Parakeet Channel Park Hill Pasco Island Pearl Passage Pecked Island Pelican Rock Phillips Cove Pillar Rock Pincombe Reef Pindan Dam Pitt Shoals Point Torment Point Torment Creek Point Usborne Poolngin Island Pope Island Port Usborne Porter Hill Powerful Island Ram Point Rat Island Razor Islands Reddell Point Rees Island Repulse Point Rip Reef Rip Rock Roberts Island Round Island Rumbul Bay Salier Islands Salural Island Sanders Point Sanderson Point Scott Island Second Yarp Shell Bank Shenton Bluff Shepherds Patch Shirley Island Silver Gull Creek Sir Frederick Island Sir Richard Island Skeleton Point South East Point South East Twin Island South Meda Shoal Split Rock Steep Head Stokes Bay Storry Hill Strickland Bay Stuart Bore Sunday Island Sunday Island Mission Abd Sunday Strait Survey Island Swan Island Swan Island Nature Reserve Swan Point Sweeney Patches Swirl Shoal Talboys Island Talboys Point Tallon Island Tanner Island Tarrant Island The Canal The Channel The Drain The Graveyard The Gutter The Marsh The Piccaninnies The Pool Thomas Bay Thomas Well Thornbury Reef Tide Rip Islands Tiffy Reef Top Balk Bore Torment Spit Towndrow Rock Tree Island Trent River Tucker Reef Tyra Island Tyrer Islands Umida Island Ungalete Pool Usborne Island Valentine Island Verco Island Vickery Island Vickery Reef Wadjulum Pool Wahja Spring Wall Island Wangania Island Warada River Warrium Spring Waterfly Creek Waterlow Islands Way Rock West Bay West Point West Roe Island Whimbrel Point Whipp Island Whirl Island Whirlpool Pass Willie Point Witcomb Reefs Wood Islands Woodhouse Point Woolnong Spring Wulununjur Community Wybron Islands Yabbagoody Claypan Yabbagoody Mill Yampi Sound Yoonguru Creek Yumurryumuh Beach Yuraddagi River Scobell Rocks Gibbing Reefs McIntyre Islet Cleft Islet Caffarell Island Frazer Island Barret Rock Breading Patch Moore Island Tanner Islet Asshlyn Island Asshlyn Islets Finch Island Yampi Canal Yampi Passage Norris Reef Gibbins Island Koorallum Spring Gagg Island Mulungurry Spring Bennett Reef Balili Spring Bayliss Island Jurumma Mission Mundurral River Ferret Rock North-west Twin Islet Witcomb Reef Juraddag River Tyrer Island Packer Islets South-east Twin Islet Tide Rip Islets Salier Islets Ferret Reef Pincombe Shoal Cecilia Island Karrakatta Reef Mary Island Edeline Island Story Hill Meda Pass Leveque Islet Muddle Island Wood Islets Toolngin Island Clarke Island Sunday Islands Henrietta Island Karrakalta Bay Escape Pass Excape Pass Waterlow Island Pearl Pass Whirl Point Channel Rocks Mummlal Spring Bardi Gnamagum Well Razor Island Farr Island Herbert Island Barnicoat Islet Wybron Island Riddell Point Cone Bay Community Henry Island Lombardina Mission Cullen Well MacDonald Rock Stone Hill Melligo Creek Fairway Islets Fairways Islands Mada Shoal Helpman Islets Lombardatchem Well Lombardatchen Well Lamargorick Spring Disaster Bay Mission Black Rocks Lighthouse Valentine Islet Palm Farm Wallumbarrit Spring Nob Hillock North Mary Island North Mary Islet Bungarlwoodyne Well Bungartwoodyne Well Double Nob Hillock South Mary Island South Mary Islet Mayalls Bore Abbagoody Claypan Lowangan Pool Birdwoods Downs Bunagarragut Creek Bungarragat Pool Mowanjum Mission Escape Point