Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 739

Bedout Islet To Port Hedland
AUS 739 - Bedout Islet To Port Hedland

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Port Hedland 4 Mile Creek 6 Mile Well Airey Point Anderson Point Bedout Island Bedout Island Nature Reserve Bhp Billiton Marrapikurinya Park Big Cattle Well Boodarrie Creek Boodarrie Landing Breaker Inlet Brick Well Bulganyah Lake Bulgarene Creek Bulgarene Well Burgess Point Captain Bert Madigan Park Cattle Well Colin Matheson Oval Cooke Point Cooke Point Primary School Coolenar Pool Cooleydong Well Cootiwantee Pool Cornelisse Shoal Coxon Shoal Cuttangunah Well De Grey De Grey Bridge De Grey River Don Rhodes Mining Museum Park Downes Island East Creek Finucane Finucane Island Ginderwoorener Pool Hansen Hill Harbour Hill Harper Well Harriet Point Hunt Hill Hunt Point Indian Ocean Island Well Junction Pool Larrey Point Laurentius Point Little Cattle Well Little Turtle Island Lumsden Point Mainstreet Jetty Mangrove Point Marloo Pool Marloo Well Marshall Well Marta Marta Community Midgee Midgee Well Minilya Sandbank Mount St George Muccangarra Pool Muccangarra Well Mystery Landing Nananah Creek Nananah Well Navy Rise Nelson Point New Ridley Well Ngarla Coastal Ngamal Community North Point North Turtle Island North Turtle Island Nature Reserve Old Ridley Well Ord Ranges Owen Point Oyster Inlet Oyster Point Pardoo Creek Well Pelican Point Petermarer Well Poissonnier Point Port Hedland Community Park Port Hedland Primary School Port Hedland Regional Hospital Port Hedland School of the Air Pretty Pool Pretty Pool Creek Pump Well Redbank Ridley Pool Ridley River Ridleys Well Ripon Island Salmon Creek Salt Pool Shell Hill Smith Point South Creek South East Creek South West Creek Spinifex Hill Spit Point Spoil Bank St Cecilias College Stanley Point Stingray Creek Strelley Bridge Strelley River Tabba Tabba Well Tintawarmnyah Pool Tongeralong Well Triangle Pool Triangle Well Turtle Islands Turtle Point Two Tanks Well Wannurrina Well Warrearran Well Wedgefield Weerdee Island Welburn Pool West Creek West Hill Williams Well Yampendong Well Yann Pool Yann Well Yegin Pool Bedout Islet North Turtle Islet Turtle Island Poissanier Point Poissonier Point Little Turtle Islet Yegin Well Tabuleen Pool Wattle Well Minilya Bank Chingeechincoola Well Murradarra Well Coolawandi Well Purka Well DeGrey River Bulgarine Well Ridley Well Marlee Well Western Gate Well Ord Range Myinyarra Pool Goldsworthy Pier Flat Rock Petermarer Creek Coota Coota Pool Mount Newman Wharf Cemetery Hill Cajereen Well Tabba Tabba Creek Mount Saint George Wartagunyah Well Wanmurrin Well Turner River East Branch Turner River Pippingarra Creek