Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 741

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Locations within this Map

Glomar Shoal Dampier Karratha Point Samson Roebourne Wickham 13 Mile Well 5 Mile Well 6 Mile Well 8 Mile Well Angel Island Angus Reef Anna Beach Antonymyre Bare Rock Baynton Bezout Island Bezout Rock Big Tree Well Black Hawk Bay Black Tank Well Bluff Point Boat Rock Boiler Rock Boomer Passage Bouguer Entrance Brigadier Island Bulgarra Burrup Burrup Peninsula Butcher Inlet Cajuput Well Cape Bruguieres Cape Lambert Cape Legendre Cheeditha Community Channel Islands Channel Reef Chookie Bay Cleaverville Cleaverville Creek Cohen Island Collier Rocks Common Well Conflict Reef Conzinc Bay Conzinc Island Cossack Courtenay Head Courtenay Shoal Cove Well Cowaranda Pool Cowrie Cove Dampier Archipelago Dampier Primary School David Bay Delambre Island Delambre Reef Denison Creek Dixon Island Dockrell Reef Dolphin Island Dolphin Island Nature Reserve Eaglehawk Island East Intercourse Island East Lewis Island East Mid Intercourse Island East Rock Edney Well Egret Island Elphick Nob Enderby Island Enderby Reef Erikson Bay False Summit Fields Creek Fish Well Flying Foam Passage Foul Point Gap Ridge Georgeff Reefs Gidley Island Goodwyn Island Gordon Point Government Well Grey Rocks Gum Swamp Gwen Creek Hamersley Channel Hamersley Shoal Hampton Harbour Harbour Mound Harding River Hat Rock Hauy Island Haycock Island Hearson Hearson Cove High Point Holden Point Honeymoon Cove Hungerford Bay Idjudinna Village Illingworth Passage Intercourse Island Jaburara Hills Jarman Island Jennifer Creek Johns Creek Jurat Reserve Kangaroo Hill Karratha Aerodrome Karratha Baptist Church Karratha Bay Karratha Country Club Karratha Education Support Ctr Karratha Industrial Estate Karratha Microwave Repeater Station Karratha Primary School Karratha Roadhouse Karratha Senior High School Keast Island Kendrew Island Kevin Richards Memorial Oval King Bay King Point Lady Nora Island Lawn Well Ledge Point Legendre Island Low Island Lulu Creek Lydia Mine Madeleine Shoals Maitland River Malus Islands Marks Point Marney Bay Mawby Island May Rock Mcleod Well Mermaid Sound Mermaid Strait Millars Well Millars Well Primary School Miller Rocks Mine Well Mistaken Island Moothanganna Spring Mount Anketell Mount Beach Mount Burrup Mount Hall Mount Welcome Mount Wongama Mulataga Nanny Goat Hill Nelson Rocks Nest Head Nickol Nickol Bay Nickol Bay Hospital Nickol Bore Nickol Bridge Nickol River Nickol River Mine Nickol Well Norbill Bay North West Reefs Northwest Christian Fellowship Church Paradise Well Parker Point Pearl Rocks Pegs Creek Pegs Creek Primary School Pelican Rocks Pemberton Island Perseverance Rocks Phillip Point Picard Island Pilbara Aboriginal Church Pilbara Region Point O'Keefe Popes Nose Creek Popes Nose Rock Port Robinson Port Walcott Poverty Well Pueblo Shoal Quartermaine Island Quartz Hill Reader Head Regal Well Rocky Creek Rocky Creek Well Rocky Head Roe Island Roe Point Roebourne District Hospital Roebourne Gap Roebourne Golf Club Roebourne Primary School Roly Rock Roo Cove Ros Jones Memorial Oval Rosemary Island Rosette Bay Sailfish Reefs Sams Creek Samson Hill Sandy Island Seal Passage Searipple Passage Shallow Well Sharp Peak Shaw Well Shoal Bay Slaughter Well Sloping Point South Dixon South East Reef South West Reef South West Rock St Lukes College St Pauls Primary School Star Rocks Station Hill Stove Hill Tambrey Primary School The Yard Well Three Peaks Tidepole Island Tish Point Tish Reef Tobacco Well Todd Bay Tom Well Tozer Island Vampire Island Victoria Rock Walcott Island Wangee Mount Watering Cove Weerianna Weerianna Hill West Hill West Intercourse Island West Lewis Island West Mid Intercourse Island Whalers Bay White Peak White Ridge Whittaker Island Wickham Distrct Hospital Wickham District High School Wickham Golf Club Wickham Pre-School Wickham Primary School Wilcox Island Withnell Bay Yeeramukadoo Pool Popes Nose Hammersley Shoal Hauy Islet Flying Foam Pass Bass Pass Boat Passage Goodwyn Islet Bezout Islet Tien Tsin Harbour Withnell Bay Terminal Bougner Entrance Point Sampson Samson Point North West Reef Philip Point Egret Islet Mistaken Islet Jarman Islet Haycock Islet East Middle Intercourse Island Mount Anketel Picard Islet South West Reefs Low Islet Sandy Ledge Mount Wangee Thirteen Mile Well Pegs Well Boundary Well East Harding River Shirley Well Lowes Well Kadjepur Well Toms Well McCleods Well Crystal Well Cheedys Well Stones Well