Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 754

Lancelin To Cape Peron
AUS 754 - Lancelin To Cape Peron

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water.A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Perth Direction Bank Kwinana Lancelin Rockingham Rottnest Island Two Rocks Yanchep Seabird 1 Mile Reefs 19 Feet Rock 3 Mile Reef 5 Fathom Bank 6 Mile Swamp 9 Mile Swamp 9 Mile Swamp Well A S Luketina Reserve Abbett Park Abbeville Park Abingdon Park Abraham Point Addison Park Adelaide Park Adelong Admiral Park Al Richardson Reserve Alan Edwards Park Alan Madden Park Alan Thomas Musical Shell Albert James Park Albourne Park Alfred Cove Alfred Cove Nature Reserve Alfred Powell Park Alison Harris Park Alkimos Alkimos Reef All Saints Church Allambie Allanbi Park Allen Park Alvarez Park Amery Park Amstel Park Anchorage Park Anglesea Point Anning Park Anniversary Park Anthony Dodd Reserve Anthony Waring Park Antila Park Antonio Scarfo Reserve Anzac Bluff Apex Park Apex Reserve Appleby Park Applecross Applecross Jetty Applecross Primary School Applecross Senior High School Applecross Spit Aquamotion Wanneroo Aranmore Catholic College Aranmore Catholic Primary School Arbuckle Reserve Ardross Ardross Primary School Arena Joondalup Aquatic Centre Aries Park Armament Jetty Armstrong Buoy Armstrong Hill Armstrong Hollow Armstrong Point Armstrong Rock Armstrong Spit Art Wright Reserve Arthur Head Arthur Kay Reserve Asche Park Ashby Ashdale Park Ashdale Primary School Ashford Avenue Reserve Ashley Park Attadale Attadale Baptist Church Attadale Hospital Attadale Pre-School Centre Attadale Primary School Attadale Reserve Avondale Park Axford Park Baden Powell Reserve Badgerup Lake Badolato Park Baha'I Centre of Learning Baines Park Baker Square Balcatta Balcatta Primary School Balcatta Reserve Balcatta Senior High School Baldivis Baldivis Primary School Balga Balga Aboriginal Pre-School Balga Aquatic Centre Balga Primary School Balga Senior High School Balgarup Ballaruk Bushland Baltusrol Park Bambara Primary School Banbar Park Bandy Park Banganup Lake Banksia Grove Baramba Baramba Pool Barbados Valley Barbara Wood Hall Bardsley Park Bare Hill Barker Swamp Barnett Gully Barney Swamp Barragoon Lake Barunah Barwon Park Bassett Reserve Bateman Bateman Primary School Bathers Bay Bathers Beach Bathurst Point Bathurst Point Lighthouse Baudin Point Bay View Park Beachwood Park Beacon Head Beaconsfield Beaconsfield Primary School Beagle Anchorage Beagle Rocks Beale Park Beaton Park Beatty Park Beatty Park Leisure Centre Beaumaris Community Baptist Church Beaumaris Park Beaumaris Primary School Beaumarks Park Beecroft Park Beedamanup Swamp Beehive Montessori School Beeliar Beeliar Primary School Beeliar Regional Park Beeliar Reserve Beenyup Swamp Beermullah Beermullah Lake Beermullah Plain Beldon Beldon Education Support Centre Beldon Park Beldon Primary School Belhaven Park Bell Park Belleville Park Bellport Park Belridge Education Support Centre Belridge Senior High School Belvoir Park Bembridge Park Benenden Park Benjamin Way Reserve Bennett Park Bennetts Reef Bennion Beach Bentham Park Beonaddy Swamp Bequia Reserve Bernard Park Bert Togno Park Berthollet Hill Bertram Bertram Primary School Bethesda Hospital Bewulgurra Pool Bexley Park Bibra Lake Bibra Lake Primary School Bickley Bay Bickley Point Bickley Swamp Bicton Bicton Baths Bicton Baths Reserve Bicton Pool Bicton Primary School Bicton Quarantine Park Bidaminna Bidaminna Hill Bidaminna Lake Big Bomba Break Big Bootine Swamp Big Carine Swamp Big Horseshoe Reef Bill Bennetts Park Bill Dixon Park Bill Ellson Reserve Bill Sheehy Park Bill Sweet Park Bindaree Rotary Park Bindiar Lake Bird Island Birdwood Park Birralee Park Birrong Park Bishop Park Bishop Road Reserve Black Buoy Blackburn Park Blackmore Park Blackmore Primary School Blackwall Reach Blain Park Bloodwood Park Blue Gum Montessori Children Centre Blue Gum Reserve Blue Lake Park Bold Park Bold Park Kindergarten Bold Park Swimming Pool Bollard Bulrush Swamp Bonnie Doon Park Bonorin Hill Bonvin Park Boobabbie Boobabbie Bridge Bookine Bookine Boomerang Gorge Boonalarup Lake Boonanarring Brook Boongarra Booragoon Booragoon Lake Booragoon Lake Reserve Booragoon Primary School Bootine Spring Bootine Swamp Booyeembara Park Boranup Park Boronia Park Bowood Park Boyagin Park Boyinaboat Reef Bradley Reserve Bradman Park Bray Court Reserve Breaden Drive Reserve Breakwater Park Brenda Morton Reserve Brentwood Primary School Breton Bay Breton Reef Brian Treasure Reserve Bridgewater Pre-School Brightlands Park Brighton Beach Brighton Community Church Broadbeach Park Brockman Reserve Brook Field Broughton Way Reserve Broun Bay Brown Park Brownman Swamp Bruce Lee Reserve Bryalana Bryan Manwaring Reserve Bryce Firkin Park Buache Bay Buchanan Bay Buckland Hill Buckland Hill Park Buckland Hill School Buckle Court Reserve Bulldozer Swamp Bungaree Primary School Bunning Lake Bunning Park Burns Beach Burns Rocks Burringarrah Swamp Bushy Brook Butler Butler Hump Butler Primary School Butlers Reserve Byahmul C Joe Tyrie Park C Y O'Connor Beach C Y O'Connor Reserve Cables Artificial Surf Reef Cabrini Park Caladenia Cave Caladenia Lake Calista Calista Oval Calista Point Calista Primary School Calvary Christian School Camberwarra Park Camberwarra Primary School Camberwell Park Cambridge Hospital Campsie Park Candlewood Park Canning Canning River Cantonment Hill Cape Hayward Cape Leschenault Cape Peron Cape Vlamingh Caporn Park Caraban Carabooda Carabooda Hill Carabooda Lake Caralee Community School Caratti Park Careeba Reserve Careening Bay Careniup Swamp Carina Park Carine Carine Primary School Carine Senior High School Carmathen Park Carnaby Reserve Carnac Island Carnac Island Nature Reserve Carosa Park Carramar Carramar Golf Course Carramar Primary School Carrington Park Casserley Park Cassilda Park Castle Hill Castledene Park Castlefern Park Casuarina Shoal Catalpa Park Cathedral Rocks Catherine Bay Catherine Beach Catherine Point Cauliflower Cave Causeway Cavendish Gardens Charlotte Point Charnwood Park Charthouse Primary School Chatillon Chattanooga Park Cherokee Park Celadon Park Celebration Park Celia Rocks Chidley Point Chidley Point Golf Course Chidley Point Reserve Centaur Reef Centenary Park Ces Deceau Reserve Chadstone Park Challenge Stadium Challenger Harbour Challenger Passage Challenger Rock Champion Rock Charles Court Reserve Charles Eckert Park Charles Riley Memorial Reserve Charles Searson Lookout Charles Stokes Reserve Chipping Park Chitna Chitna Pool Christ Church Christ Church Grammer School Christ the King School Christian Brothers College Christian Park Chrysalis Montessori School Church of the Holy Cross Church of the Resurrection Churchill Park Churchlands Churchlands Primary School Churchlands Senior High School Churton Reserve City Beach City Beach High School City Beach Oval City Beach Park City Beach Primary School City of York Bay City Park City West Claremont Claremont Baptist Church Claremont Oval Claremont Park Claremont Pool Claremont Pre-School Claremont Primary School Clarence Clarkson Clarkson Community High School Clarkson Primary School Claytons Cliff Point Cliff Sadlier V.C. Memorial Park Clifford Coleman Park Coastal Park Cockburn Central Cockburn Sound Coffee Point Coffee Point Reserve Cogelup Pool Coldstream Park Colin Moore Community Resource Centre College Green College Park College Park Kindergarten Collie Head Collie Ledge Collins Point Colmworth Park Colpoys Point Comberton Park Conical Hill Coniston Park Connolly Connolly Primary School Conon Road Kindergarten Conway Reserve Coogee Coogee Beach Coogee Beach Reserve Coogee Park Coogee Primary School Coogee Spring Coogee Swamp Cook Lump Coolbellup Coolbellup Charismatic Baptist Church Coolbellup Community School Coolibah Park Cooloongup Cooloongup Primary School Coonabidgee Coopers Park Copeland Ledge Coppino Lake Copulup Lake Cornerstone Church Corpus Christi College Cortney Bore Costa Park Cottesloe Cottesloe Beach Cottesloe Golf Club Cottesloe Oval Cottesloe Primary School Cottesloe School of Impaired Hearing Countryside Park Cow Rocks Cowalla Cowalla Bridge Cowalla Pool Cowden Park Crab Bay Craigie Craigie Baptist Church Craigie Leisure Centre Craigie Open Space Craigie Senior High School Crawley Crayfish Rock Creaney Education Support Centre Creaney Primary School Cresswell Park Crivelli Park Cronulla Park Crystal Cave Culcadarra Lake Currambine Currambine Catholic Primary School Currambine Primary School Currie Point Curtis Park Cygnet Montessori School Cylinders Park Da Vinci Park Daglish Dalkeith Dalkeith Baptist Church Dalkeith Pre-School Dalkeith Primary School Dalmain Primary School Dalmatinac Park Danaloo Dance Head Daran Park Darch Davallia Primary School David Carr Memorial Park David Cruickshank Reserve Davilak Park Davis Oval De Marchi Park Dean Tarca Park Deanmore Primary School Deanmore Square Decourcey Park Dee Swamp Deepdene Park Deepwater Lagoon Deeside Park Delamare Park Des Penman Memorial Recreation Centre Devil Hill Diamantina Reserve Diamond Island Dick Piercy Park Diederich Park Dinosaur Park Directors Gardens Disbrey Park Discovery Park Dixon Park Dom Serra Grove Don Cuthbertson Reserve Doogarch Park Doopiter Swamp Dot Bennett Park Doubleview Doubleview Primary School Draycott Park Driftwood Park Drumalbyn Ducater Swamp Duck Rock Duffield Reserve Duffield Ridge Duggan Park Dump Reef Duncraig Duncraig Primary School Duncraig Senior High School Dundas Spit Dunmore Park Duringen Swamp Dwayne Favazzo Playground Dyer Island E J Chapman Playground Eagle Bay Eagles Nest Bluff East Butler Primary School East Claremont Primary School East Fremantle East Fremantle Baptist Church East Fremantle Oval East Fremantle Primary School East Hamersley Primary School East Hamilton Hill Primary East Rockingham East Rockingham Pioneer Cemetery East Waikiki Primary School East Wanneroo Primary School Eddystone Primary School Edgar Saul Reserve Edgewater Edgewater Park Edgewater Primary School Edward Bruce Foreshore Path Edwards Island Edwards Island Nature Reserve Edwards Matriculation College Edwards Mill Eg Smith Field Eglinton Eglinton Rocks Eiffel Park El Reef El Shaddai College Elbow Buoy Elbow Rock Eleanor Rocks Eliza Cave Reserve Eliza Park Elsie Williams Garden Elton Park Emerald Park Emily Main Park Emma George Reserve Emmanuel Catholic College Emmanuel Christian School Empress Rock Ensign Park Enterprise Park Entrance Point Entrance Rocks Eric Silbert Gardens Ern Stapleton Reserve Eschol Springs Ethel Cooper Pre-School Evelyn Massey Park Evershed Park Ewing Bay Fairbridge Bluff Falcon Reserve Fawkner Park Fays Bay Federation Park Fence Reef Fernwood Ferrara Park Ferres Reserve Finglas Park First Bluff First Rock First Steps Independent Kindergarten Fish Hook Bay Fish Rocks Fishing Boat Harbour Five Mile Swamp Flat Ledge Flat Rock Fleming Park Flinders Park Floreat Floreat Beach Floreat Park Oval Floreat Park Primary School Florence Hummerston Reserve Flynn Park Folly Pool Folly River Forbes Hill Forecastle Park Forrest Grove Park Forrest Landing Foundation Park Frangipani Park Frank Baden Powell Park Frank Browne Reserve Frank Cann Park Frank Douglas Park Franklin Park Fraser Point Frawley Park Fred Gardiner Reserve Fred Jones Reserve Frederick Baldwin Park Freedom Christian Centre Fremantle Fremantle Bridge Fremantle Cemetery Fremantle Christian Centre Fremantle Golf Course Fremantle Harbour Fremantle Hospital Fremantle Leisure Centre Fremantle Oval Fremantle Park Fremantle Primary School Fremantle Sailing Club Freshwater Bay Gabbadah Gabbadah Park Gabbee-Kow-An-Goolup Gaboodjoolup Gabor Park Gabyon Park Gage Roads Gairloch Reserve Galbomoonup Galluccio Reserve Garagan Lake Garden Island Garden Island Aerodrome Garden Lake Gareenup Gargatup Garrenup Garry Meinck Park Garungup Park Gayford Park Genders Park Geneff Park Genesta Park Geo Lithgo Reserve Geo Thompson Park Geordie Bay George Booth Park George Sofoulis Lookout Germano Park Gibbon Park Gidgi Reserve Gilbert Fraser Reserve Gilbert Point Gillett Promenade Gilmore College Gilt Dragon Reef Ginara Gingin Brook Gingin Brook East Gingin Brook South Girrawheen Girrawheen Baptist Church Girrawheen Park Girrawheen Primary School Girrawheen Senior High School Gladys Newton School Glasson Park Glen Mia Park Glencoe Glendale Pre-School Glendale Primary School Glendalough Glenfine Park Glengarry Hospital Glengarry Park Glengarry Primary School Gnang-Bangup Good Shepherd Church Goodwin Bay Goollelal Primary School Goonabidgie Swamp Goulburn Park Gourley Park Government House Lake Grace Anglican Church Grace Assembly Church Gradient Park Grainger Reserve Granadilla Park Granby Park Grant Street Grant-Marine Park Grasstree Park Graylands Hospital Graylands Primary School Green Island Green Reef Greenacres Greenfields Park Greenlaw Park Greenslade Reserve Greenwood Greenwood Senior High School Grenville Reserve Gretel Reef Grindleford Park Guilderton Guilderton Golf Club Gull Rock Gumblossom Park Gumnut Montessori School Gumnut Reserve Gungawah Pool Gungurru Park Guns Lookout Gwelup Habitat Reserve Hacienda Park Hagan Park Hainsworth Park Hainsworth Primary School Hakea Reserve Hale School Halidon Primary School Hall Bank Halmstad Park Hamersley Hamersley Golf Course Hamersley Pool Hamilton Hill Hamilton Park Hamilton Senior High School Hammond Park Hansen Passage Harbour View Park Harding Rock Harmony Park Harold Boas Square Harold Field Reserve Harris Park Harris Swamp Harris Well Harry Bailey Park Harry Bridle Park Harry Buckley Park Harry Clemens Reserve Harry Grose Reserve Harry Mcguigan Park Harry Patterson Park Harry Sandon Park Harry Stickland Park Harry Waring Marsupial Reserve Hartley Park Harvest Park Haselmere Reserve Hatchett Park Hatfield Park Hawker Park Primary School Hawker Reserve Hawley Shoal Hazel Orme Pre-School Heathridge Heathridge Primary School Henderson Henderson Park Henley Bushland Hennessy Park Henrietta Rocks Henry Jeffery Oval Herb Elliott Oval Herb Napthally Reserve Herdsman Herdsman Lake Herdsman Lake Suburban Area Heritage Park Herring Bay Herschel Lake Hewett Park Hidden Valley Park Highview Park Hill Park Hillarys Hillarys Boat Harbour Hillarys Community Kindergarten Hillarys Primary School Hillman Hillman Primary School Hilltop Park Hilton Hilton Park Hilton Primary School Hinemoa Rock HMAS Warramunga Park Hobbs Park Hocking Hocking Primary School Hogarth Way Reserve Hoking Bay Holdsworth Park Hole In the Wall Hollis Park Hollywood Hospital Hollywood Primary School Hollywood Senior High School Holy Cross Church Holy Family Church Holy Rosary School Holy Spirit School Home Lump Reef Home Reef Homestead Park Honey Possum Park Honeymyrtle Park Hop Bush Park Hope Valley Hope Valley Primary School Horrie Lump Horse Shoe Reefs Horseshoe Reef Hospital School Services Houghton Park Hudson Park Hugel Passage Hugh Corbett Park Hugill Reef Huljich Park Huntingdale Park I G Handcock Playground Ian Robbins Park Iluka Iluka Sports Ground Innaloo Inner Kingston Reef Inside Rock Investigator Reef Iona Presentation College Iona Primary School J Dolan Park J H Abrahams Reserve Jabe Dodd Park Jack Barlow Park Jack Howson Reserve Jack Jeffery Park Jack Martin Reserve Jack O'Keefe Reserve Jackadder Lake Jackson Rock Jacobs Ladder Jaeger Park James Channel James Cook Park James Paterson Park James Point James Rocks Jan Hammond Park Jandabup Jandabup Lake Jandabup Nature Reserve Jandakot Jandakot Agricultural Area Jandakot Ed Support Centre Jandakot Primary School Janet Park Jarrahsend Jarvis Park Jason Reserve Jasper Green Reserve Java Park Jeannies Lookout Jeff Joseph Reserve Jervoise Bank Jervoise Bay Jervoise Bay Boat Harbour M&H Jervoise Bay Mooring Area S&P Jervoise Buoy Jervoise Channel Jess Thomas Pre-School Jesus the Way Church Jfr Mcgeough Resource Recovery Facility Jim Ainsworth Reserve Jim Mills Park Jimbub Swamp Jimmy Woods Terminal Jindalee Joan Rock Joan Williams Park John Butts Reserve John Curtin College of the Arts John Dickenson Reserve John Fennessey Park John Ledge John Moloney Park John Oldham Park John O'Sullivan Park John Point John Tonkin Reserve John Xxiii College Jolimont Jolimont Lake Jolimont Primary School Jones Park Joondalup Joondalup Central Park Joondalup Ed Support Centre Joondalup Golf and Country Club Joondalup Health Campus Joondalup Primary School Joondanna Joseph Banks Gardens Jualbup Lake Jubilee Park Jubilee Rocks Juett Park Junction Bridge Juniper Park Kahana Park Kaleeya Hospital Kallaroo Kallaroo Community Kindergarten Kapinara Primary School Karakin Karakin Brook Karakin Lakes Karakin Nature Reserve Kardinya Kardinya Primary School Karinya Park Karoonda Park Karrakatta Karrakatta Bank Karrakatta Cemetery Karrinyup Karrinyup Anglican Church Karrinyup Lakes Lifestyle Karrinyup Primary School Karrinyup Recreation Reserve Katich Park Katrine Park Keanes Point Keanes Point Reserve Keith Frame Park Keith Griffith Park Ken Douglas Reserve Ken Ingram Park Kerry Street Community School Kevan Langdon Reserve Kids Centre Killcarry Park Kim Beazley School Kin Bay Park Kindy-Care King Edward Memorial Hospital King Head Kings Kings Park Kings Square Kings Way Perth Baptist Church Kingsbridge Park Kingsley Kingston Reefs Kingsway Christian College Kingsway Christian College Merriwa Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex Kinross Kinross Primary School Kitchener Park Kock Lump Kogolup Lake Kolbe Catholic College Kooiana Pool Kowigin Pool Kullark Aboriginal Pre-School Kulunga Aboriginal Pre-School Kuringai Kwinana Beach Kwinana Golf Club Kwinana Industrial Area Kwinana Requatic Kwinana Town Centre Kyara Park Kyilla Primary School Ladner Park Lady Edeline Beach Lady Evelyn Park Lake Adams Lake Baghdad Lake Claremont Lake Claremont Golf Course Lake Coogee Lake Cooloongup Lake Goollelal Lake Gwelup Lake Gwelup Primary School Lake Gwelup Reserve Lake Island Lake Joondalup Lake Joondalup Baptist Church Lake Joondalup Baptist College Lake Joondalup Nature Reserve Lake Joondalup Pre-School Lake Karrinyup Lake Karrinyup Country Club Lake Monger Lake Monger Primary School Lake Muckenburra Lake Negri Lake Pinjar Lake Richmond Lake Sirius Lake Timperley Lake Vincent Lake Yeerealup Lakeland Senior High School Lakelands Christian Centre Lakes Christian Life Centre Lakeside Baptist Church Lakeside Christian Church Lal Bank Lambert Passage Lambeth Gardens Lance Holt School Lancelin Golf Club Lancelin Island Lancelin Island Nature Reserve Lancelin Primary School Land Mark Landsdale Landsdale Farm School Landsdale Park Large Eye Swamp Las Ramblas Park Laurance Reef Laurie Strutt Park Laurie Withers Reserve Lawler Park Layman Park Leda Leda Education Support Centre Leda Primary School Ledge Point Ledge Point Golf Club Ledge Reef Lee Park Leederville Leederville Baptist Church Leederville Oval Lees Park Leeward Park Leighton Beach Lemnos Hospital Len Mctaggart Park Len Packham Park Len Shearer Reserve Lenham Park Leonnard Goold Park Les Lilleyman Reserve Leschenault Leschenault Reefs Lesley Graham Reserve Levi Park Lexcen Park Liddell Park Life Centre Melville Church Lighthouse Swamp Limekiln Field Limestone Park Linda Reef Lions Park Litchfield Park Little Armstrong Bay Little Badgerup Swamp Little Bomba Break Little Carine Swamp Little Coogee Flat Little Coogee Swamp Little Geordie Bay Little Green Park Little Island Little Mariginiup Lake Little Parakeet Bay Little Rush Lake Little Salmon Bay Littleham Park Littlemore Park Liwara Catholic Primary School Loch Mcness Loch Overflow Cave Loch Street Locke Park Long Swamp Longford Park Longleaf Park Longreach Bay Longreach Point Lookout Hill Lopresti Park Loreto Primary School Lou Monham Park Louis Lump Lovers Walk Lucken Reserve Lucky Bay Luscombe Bay Lymburner Primary School Lynx Park Mabel Cove Mabel Talbot Park Macaulay Park Macdonald Reserve Macedonia Park Macfaull Park Mackillop Catholic Primary School Maclagan Park Macrozamia Park Macs Folly Park Maddens Rock Madeley Magpie Reserve Mahlyndrew Farms Majella Primary School Malabar Park Maldon Park Malibu School Mallee Reef Malup Island Mambibby Cave Mamillius Park Manakoora Reef Manakoora Sand Patch Manapouri Park Mandigin Pool Mandogalup Mandogalup Pioneer Reserve Mangles Bay Mann Oval Manners Hill Park Manning Lake Map Reef Maranatha Christian Community School Marangaroo Marangaroo Golf Course Marangaroo Park Marangaroo Primary School Marbella Park Marble Terrace Cave Marchwood Park Margaret Pre-School Marguerite Smith Reserve Mariginiup Mariginiup Lake Marion Stainton Park Mariposa Park Marjorie Bay Marjorie Green Park Marjories Pool Market Square Marmion Marmion Beach Marmion Marine Park Marmion Primary School Marmion Reef Marmion Reserve Marri Heights Marri Park Martin Ridgwell Park Mary Cove Mary Ferguson Centre Maryville Mason Gardens Matchewgup Hill Mater Christi Catholic Primary School Mater Dei College Matilda Bay Matilda Bay Reserve Matilda Birkett Reserve Matt Williams Reserve Matthews Netball Centre Maurie Hamer Park Mawson Park Mccabe Memorial Park Mccoy Park Mcgillivray Oval Mckail Point Mclean Park Medina Medina Aboriginal Pre-School Medina Primary School Medina Research Station Meeandip Bay Mel Maria Catholic Primary School Melaleuca Cave Melene Park Melville Melville Aquatic Fitness Centre Melville Baptist Church Melville Primary School Melville Reserve Melville Senior High School Melville Suburban Area Melville Water Melvista Park Melvista Pre-School Memorial Gardens Memorial Park Menzies Park Mereworth Park Merriwa Merriwa Education Support Centre Merriwa Primary School Mersey Point Mersey Point Reserve Mervyn Bond Park Methodist Ladies College Mettams Pool Meve Park Mews Park Mewstone Mick Jahn Reserve Middle Bank Middle Ground Mile Reef Mill Point Mill Point Pre-School Millbank Millett Park Millington Reserve Mills and Wares Park Milyu Nature Reserve Mindarie Mindarie Beach Mindarie Keys Marina Mindarie Lake Mindarie Marina Mindarie Park Mindarie Primary School Mindarie Senior College Minden Reefs Minim Cove Minim Cove Park Minnies Grotto Mintaro Park Mirilla Mission Lake Mist Park Mitchell Street Reserve Moerlina School Monaco Park Monaghan Park Monday Rock Mondrian Park Montebello Park Montessori School Monument Hill Memorial Reserve Monument Hill Park Moore River Moore River Hill Moore River National Park Moorhead Park Mooro Park Morgan Point Morris Buzacott Reserve Mosman Bay Mosman Bay Park Mosman Beach Mosman Beach Reserve Mosman Park Mosman Park Baptist Church Mosman Park Golf Club Mosman Park Primary School Mosman Park School For the Deaf Moss Park Mount Atom Mount Beasley Mount Brown Mount Claremont Mount Eliza Mount Flora Mount Hawthorn Mount Hawthorn Baptist Church Mount Hawthorn Education Support Mount Hawthorn Primary School Mount Haycock Mount Herschel Mount Hoad Mount Hospital Mount Johnston Mount Klein Mount Lotus Mount Lyell Park Mount Moke Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Primary School Mount Short Mount Stewart Muckenburra Mudurup Rocks Mueller Park Mullaloo Mullaloo Beach Mullaloo Beach Primary School Mullaloo Heights Primary School Mullaloo Pre-School Mungala Brook Munro Reserve Munster Munt Camp Muran Reef Murdoch Murdoch Pines Golf Course Mushroom Rock Myaree Nabaroo Nanbrook Nancy Cove Nanika Park Nankeen Park Narrowneck Narrows Bridge Nash Field Native Dog Swamp Natural Jetty Naval Base Naval Memorial Park Navarre Park Nedlands Nedlands Golf Club Nedlands Park Pre-School Nedlands Primary School Neerabup Neerabup Lake Neerabup National Park Neerabup Primary School Neergabby Neergabby Reserve New Court Gardens Newborough Primary School Newman College Newman College Junior School Newton Primary School Nicholson Reserve Niergarup Reserve Niola Hospital Noal Gannon Park Noalimba Park Nola Waters Reserve Nolan Bridge Nollamara Nollamara Christian Academy Nollamara Primary School Noonee Pool Norm Godfrey Reserve Norm Mckenzie Reserve North Balga Primary School North Beach North Beach Baptist Church North Beach Education Support North Beach Primary School North Beach True Vine Christian Fellowsh North Break North Break Reef North Channel North Coogee North Cottesloe Pre-School North Cottesloe Primary School North Dummy Break North Fremantle North Fremantle Primary School North Lake North Lake Senior Campus North Lump North Mole North Parmelia Primary School North Passage North Point North Point Reef North Quay North Rock North Sands North West Metro Language Development Cn North West Spit North Woodvale Primary School Northshore Church Northway Christian Centre Nowergup Nowergup Lake Oahu Gardens Oban Park Ocean Keys Park Ocean Reef Ocean Reef Boat Harbour Ocean Reef Primary School Ocean Reef Senior High School O'Connor Old Nursery Park Olding Park Olive Tree Park Oliver Hill One Post Hill One Tree Hill Orange Springs Orara Park Orelia Orelia Point Orelia Primary School Ormiston Park Ormond Bowyer Park Osborne Community Centre Osborne Park Osborne Park Hospital Osborne Primary School Our Lady of Fatima School Our Lady of Good Counsel School Our Lady of Grace School Our Lady of Lourdes School Our Lady of Mercy Primary School Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Owen Anchorage Owen Fitzgerald Park Owgan Reserve Oz Park P J Hanley Park Padbury Padbury Catholic Primary School Padbury Community Kindergarten Padbury Flat Padbury Primary School Padbury Senior High School Paiera Park Palladio Park Palm Beach Palmyra Palmyra Primary School Pamela Shoal Panama Reserve Parakeelya Park Parakeet Bay Parakeet Island Parakeet Swamp Parker Point Parker Rock Parkin Point Parmelia Parmelia Bank Parrot Ridge Partridge Park Passage Lump Passage Rock Passage Sand Patch Pat Scarfo Park Paterson Beach Paul Garnett Oval Paul Hasluck Reserve Pauls Swamp Peace Memorial Rose Gardens Peace Park Peacock Flats Peak Hill Peak Hill Passage Pearsall Pearse Lakes Pelican Point Pembury Park Penguin Island Pennywort Park Peppermint Grove Peppermint Park Peregrine Park Peridot Park Peron Peron Foreshore Perry Lakes Perry Lakes Stadium Perth International School Perth Modern Senior High School Perth Waldorf School Perthshire Peter Moyes Anglican Community School Peter Turner Park Peter Wearne Pavilion Phillip Point Phillip Rock Phoenix Primary School Pilot Reef Pimlico Gardens Pine Tree Park Pineview Pre-School Piney Lakes Reserve Pinjar Pinjar Park Pink Lake Pinnacle Rocks Pinnaroo Point Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Pioneer Reserve Pioneers Park Pipidinny Reef Pipidinny Swamp Pitman Park Platform Reef Pocillopora Reef Point Atwick Point Belches Point Brown Point Carey Point Clune Point Direction Point Dundas Point Heathcote Point Heathcote Reserve Point Kitson Point Marquis Point Peron Camp School Point Resolution Point Resolution Reserve Point Roe Point Roe Park Point Walter Point Walter Golf Course Point Walter Reserve Point Waylen Pointer Rock Poole Reserve Pope Point Poplar Gardens Porpoise Bay Port Beach Port Community High School Portaferry Park Poseidon Primary School Postans Powell Reserve Poynter Primary School Prendiville Catholic College Presbyterian Ladies College Preston Point Princess Margaret Hospital For Children Princess May Park Princess Wallington Reserve Prosser Park Provost Park Purslane Park Quarry Point Queealup Hill Queens Square Queenscliff Park Quin Brook Quinns Baptist College Quinns Beach Quinns Beach Primary School Quinns Community Baptist Church Quinns Rocks Quinns Rocks Primary School Quins Castle Quintilian School Raceway Park Radar Hill Radar Reef Radonich Park Raia Roberts Dual Use Path Ralph Trotter Park Ramsay Park Rankin Gardens Rannoch Reserve Ratcliffe Park Rawlinson Primary School Ray Gardiner Lookout Reabold Hill Reader Reserve Red Gully Red Gully Creek Red Gully Creek South Red Gum Park Redlinch Reg Beaton Park Reg Seal Reserve Rehoboth Christian Primary Retreats End Reverend John Smithies Park Rhodes Park Rhodes Reef Ric Vosper Reserve Ricey Beach Richard Aldersea Park Richard Angeloni Park Richard Diggins Park Richmond Primary School Richmond Raceway Ridgewood Ridgewood Park Ridley Green Rinaldo Reserve Ripplevale Park Riverbrook Riverlinks Park Riversdale Park Road Cave Rob Campbell Park Robb Hill Robb Jetty Robb Jetty Goods Yard Robb Park Robert Crawford Park Robert Henwood Park Robin Reserve Robinson Reserve Rockingham Aquatic Centre Rockingham Baptist Church Rockingham Beach Rockingham Beach Primary School Rockingham Education Support Centre Rockingham Family Hospital Rockingham Family School Rockingham Foreshore Rockingham Golf Club Rockingham Golf Driving Range Rockingham John Calvin School Rockingham Oval Rockingham Regional Memorial Park Rockingham Senior High School Rockingham-Kwinana Hospital Rocky Bay Roe Reef Rogan Park Rogers Park Rogerson Gardens Roland Smith Monument Rope Works Park Rosalie Park Rosalie Primary School Rose Cave Rosegreen Park Rosinski Park Ross Park Rosslare Park Rossmoyne Rotary Park Rottnest Island Aerodrome Rottnest Island Country Club Rottnest Island Primary School Round Pool Rous Head Rous Head Harbour Rowboat Rock Rowe Park Roy Neal Reserve Royal Fremantle Golf Course Royal Perth Hospital School Royal Perth-Shenton Park Campus Hospital Roydon Park Runnymede Bushland Rush Park Rutter Park Sacred Heart Catholic School Sacred Heart College Safety Bay Safety Bay Foreshore Safety Bay Primary School Safety Bay Senior High School Safety Bay Yacht Club Salmon Bay Salmon Point Salmon Swamp Salterforth Park Samson Samson Primary School Samuel Caporn Reserve San Angelo Sand Spring Well Sandalford Park Sandover Reserve Sandow Park Sandringham Park Santa Clara Park Santa Maria College Santich Park Sarre Park Saw Promenade Scarborough Scarborough Baptist Fellowship Scarborough Beach Scarborough Lions Club Reserve Scarborough Primary School Scarborough Senior High School Schools of Isolated Education Scotch College Scott Ledge Sea Reef Seahaven Reserve Seal Island Seal Rock Seaview Golf Course Seaview Pre-School Seaward Reef Second Bluff Second Head Second Rock Sepia Depression Sepia Reserve Serpentine Lake Serpentine Park Servite College Seton Catholic College Shag Islands Shag Rock Shamrock Park Sheffield Park Sheldwich Park Shenton Bushland Shenton College Shenton College Deaf Education Centre Shenton Park Shirley Fyfe Park Shirley Strickland Oval Shoalwater Shoalwater Bay Shoalwater Bay Islands Nature Reserve Shoalwater Foreshore Shoalwater Islands Marine Park Shoalwater Oval Showground Sid Eaton Park Signal Hill Silver Creek Silver Stocking Cabaret Simmons Bay Sinagra Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Sir Frederick Samson Memorial Park Sir James Mccusker Park Skaife Park Sloan Lump Sloans Reserve Small Eye Swamp Smart Park Smith Point Smokebush Hill Soham Park Solquest Park Solta Park Somerly Park Somerly Primary School Somerville Park Soroptimist Rose Garden Sorrell Park Sorrento Sorrento Beach Sorrento Primary School Sound City Church South Beach South Break South Channel South City Church South Coogee Primary School South Coogee Reserve South Dummy Break South Fremantle South Fremantle Senior High South Hill South Lake South Lake Leisure Centre South Lake Primary School South Lakes Christian Life Centre South Mole South Nedlands South Pacific Reef South Padbury Primary School South Passage South Perth Community Kindergarten South Point South Trigg Beach South West Break South West Point South West Rock Southern Flats Southwell Primary School Sovereign Park Spade Lake Spearwood Spearwood Alternative School Spearwood Primary School Speech & Hearing Centre Spring Hill Spring Park Springfield Primary School Springhill Park Srdarov Reserve St Andrew Church St Andrews Catholic Primary School St Andrew'S Grammar St Anselm of Canterbury Church St Anthonys School St Barnabas Church St Basil of Caesarea Church St Benedicts School St Brendan Church St Cecelia Church St Christopher Church St Columba Church St David Church St Denis School St Dominics School St Edmund Church St Edward Church St George Church St Gerards Primary School St Hildas Anglican Girls School St James Church St Jeromes School St John of God Hospital St John the Evangelist Church St Johns School St Kierans School St Lawrence Church St Lawrences Primary School St Luke Church St Lukes Catholic Primary School St Lukes Primary School St Margaret Church St Margarets Independent Kindergarten St Marks Anglican Community School St Marks Church St Mary Church St Mary Magdalene Church St Marys Anglican Girls School St Matthew Church St Michael and All Angels Church St Michael Church St Michaels Park St Nicholas St Nicolas Church St Oswald Church St Patricks School St Paul the Apostle Church St Peter and St Mark Church St Peter Church St Peters Square Gardens St Philip Church St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School St Stephen'S School St Thomas of Canterbury Church St Thomas Primary School St Vincents School Staggie Reef Stan Twight Reserve Star of the Sea School Star Swamp Stark Bay Stark Jetty Stark Pinnacle State Swim Joondalup State Swim Whitford Staunton Park Stevens Reserve Stewart Park Sticks Passage Stirling Stirling Bridge Straggler Channel Straggler Reefs Straggler Rocks Strickland Bay Stringfellow Park Stubbs Terrace Hospital Subiaco Subiaco Common Subiaco Municipal Oval Reserve Subiaco Oval Subiaco Primary School Subiaco Square Success Success Bank Success Boat Harbour Success Harbour Success Primary School Sulphur Bay Sulphur Rock Sun City Country Club Sunhaven Sunset Coast Christian Life Centre Sunset Hospital Surface Rock Surprise Cave Susan Park Swan Swan Estuary Marine Park Swan River Swanbourne Swanbourne Beach Swanbourne Primary School Swanbourne Reserve Swanbourne Senior High School Swanley Park Swansea Park Swirl Reef Sycamore Park Systena Park Tailor Groyne Takari Primary School Talara Park Tamala Park Tamworth Hill Tanais Reef Tandara Park Tapping Tapping Park Tapping Primary School Tarwarri Park Tauranga Park Taylor Reef Teakwood Community Kindergarten Ted Cross Memorial Reserve Ted Neesham Reserve Teen Challenge Templeton Park Tendring Park Terang Terrace Gardens The Andrew Relph School The Basin The Broadwalk The Brothers The Coombe Reserve The Esplanade The Frank Gibson Park The Japanese School In Perth The Kestrels The Lumps The Narrows The Perena Rocchi Reserve The Pinnacles The Queen Elizabeth Ii Medical Centre The Queen Elizabeth Ii Medical Centre Rs The Roarers The Spectacles The Spot The Village Green The Willows Third Rocks Thomas Oval Thomson Bay Thomsons Lake Thomsons Lake Nature Reserve Three Bears Park Three Boys Park Thurleigh Park Tintern Park Tobermory Park Tom Firth Park Tom Perrott Reserve Tom Simpson Park Tompkins Park Tony Marcon Park Totterdell Park Touchell Park Tranquil Park Transit Rocks Tree Hill Trigg Trigg Beach Trigg Bushland Reserve Trigg Island Troy Park Tuart College Tuart Hill Tuart Hill Pre-School Tuart Hill Primary School Twin Rocks Two People Bay Two Rocks Primary School Tyne Park Ulrich Park Unwin Shoals Utopia Valley Independent Sec School Valley Park Vela-Luka Park Venables Park Vera Rocks Victoria Quay Victoria Street Vietnamese Assembly of God Church View Hill Ville De Roven Reef Virginia Ryan Park Viridian Park Visko Park Vlamingh Landing Vlamingh Lookout Vlamingh Parklands Vrankovich Reserve W H Kitson Park W Wayman Reserve W.N. Malcolm Reserve Wabling Hill Wabling Hill Firetower Wadjemup Hill Waikiki Waikiki Foreshore Waikiki Primary School Wakedale Wal Hughes Reserve Walbaroo Pool Waldburg Park Wallace Island Wallering Brook Wallering Spring Walley Bridge Wallingup Plain Walluburnup Swamp Walter West Reserve Wanerie Wanerie Farm Wangara Wanneroo Wanneroo Community Baptist Church Wanneroo Estate Wanneroo Golf Course Wanneroo Junior Primary School Wanneroo Primary School Wanneroo Senior High School Warnbro Warnbro Beach Warra-Goodap Warramboo Warrandyte Park Warren Lake Hall Warren Warren Pools Warriapendi Primary School Warwick Warwick Senior High School Warwick Wild Park Water Tower Park Waterbuttons Park Waterman Watermans Bay Waterville Watson Glade Watson Oval Wattle Grove Wattle Park Wattleup Wauhop Park Waukolup Hill Waylen Bay Wearne Park Webb Reef Webber Reserve Wedgewood Park Wellard Wellard Park Wembley Wembley Downs Wembley Downs Baptist Church Wembley Downs Primary School Wembley Golf Complex Wembley Primary School West Balcatta Primary School West Coast Steiner School West End West Greenwood Primary School West Leederville West Leederville Primary School West Patch West Perth West Rock Westminster Westminster Education Support Centre Westminster Junior Primary School Westminster Primary School Whalers Tunnel White Cray Bank White Grotto White Gum Valley White Gum Valley Primary School White Hill White Lake White Rock Whitfield Brook Whitfield Park Whitford Beach Whitford Catholic Primary School Whitfords Whitfords East Park Wicklow Park Wilbinga Wilbinga Grove Wilbinga Peak Wilgarup Cave Wilgarup Lake Willagee Willespie Park William Murray Park William Renton Park William Reynolds Park Willow Brook Farm Wilson Bay Wilson Park Windermere Park Windmill Passage Winnacott Reserve Winterfold Primary School Winthrop Winthrop Baptist College Winthrop Park Winthrop Primary School Wireless Hill Park Wistari Park Woodchester Reserve Woodlands Woodlands Primary School Woodman Channel Woodman Light Woodman Point Woodman Spit Woodridge Woodridge Estate Woodside Hospital Woodvale Woodvale Baptist Church Woodvale Nature Reserve Woodvale Primary School Woodvale Senior High School Wreck Point Wreck Rock Wright Park Wydgee Yacangully Pool Yagan Pre-School Yalbandup Yanchep Beach Yanchep Cave Yanchep District High School Yanchep Lagoon Yanchep National Park Yanga Swamp Yangebup Yangebup Baptist Church Yangebup Lake Yangebup Primary School Yaringa Pre-School Yaroomba Park Yarralmungup Rocks Yeal Yeal Nature Reserve Yeal Swamp Yellagonga Regional Park Yidarra Catholic Primary School Yokine Yokine Baptist Church Yokine Hill Yonderup Cave Yonderup Lake Yuluma Park Yuluma Primary School Yurine Swamp Nature Reserve Zaccaria Park Zamia Park Lancelin Islet DeBurgh Lake Karakin Boonanarring One Mile Reefs Leschenault Reef Ville de Rouen Reef Deep Water Lagoon Bulrush Lake Loch McNess Yancher Eglinton Rock Lake Carabooda Lake Nowergup Pinjar Lake Eglinton Hill Lake Neerabub St AndrewS Grammar Lake Mariginup Joondalup Lake Wanneru Three Mile Reef Mullalloo Beach Whitfords Beach Mullaloo Point Moolalloo Point Coollelal Lake Culielal Lake St StephenS School Carine Swamp West Coast Highway Gwelup Lake Entertainment Centre John XXIII College Thomas Street Perth Water Greylands Stirling Highway Crawley-Nedlands Point Currie Kingston Spit Rottnest Perth Basin Manning Horseshoe Reefs Beagle Road Mable Cove Hayward Cape Leighton Station Nineteen Foot Rock Kitson Point Cape Vlaming Rock Bay Canning Highway South Pass Inner Harbour Church Hill Bibra Lake Station Jack OKeefe Reserve Hugell Pass Mewstone Rock Lake Bibra Lake Walliabrup C Y OConnor Reserve C Y OConnor Beach Robbs Jetty South Fremantle Power Station Coogee Station Coojee Siding Jandakot Station Lake Koodjee Challenger Pass Perriam Reef Stag Rocks Seven Stones Rock Channel Rock Thompson Lake Jilbup Lake Thompsons Lake Pinnacle Rock Five Fathom Bank Long Swap Calista Channel Stirling Channel Shoal Cove McKail Point