Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 759

Point Hillier To Bald Island
AUS 759 - Point Hillier To Bald Island

Please note that all charts are folded in half for storage and handling. This is the marine industries standard.
If you require an unfolded copy (ie: flat for framing), please make note of this in the comments at checkout.


This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commerical shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Somolon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continous contour lines (at varying intervals dependingo the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definative reference.

Locations within this Map

Kalgan Canyon King George Canyon Two People Canyon Albany Denmark Little Grove 10 Mile Swamp 19 Mile Swamp 2 Bob Hill 5 Mile Creek 7 Mile Creek 7 Mile Swamp Aberfeldy Abernyte Akora Alaska Albany Aerodrome Albany Baptist Church Albany Community School Albany Golf Club Albany Golf Course Albany Primary School Albany Secondary Ed Support Centre Albany Senior High School Alison Hartman Gardens Alongshore Point Amarillup Swamp Amaroo Amerilup Amuri Creek Anderson Lagoon Angove Lake Angove River Annie Harrison Park Anvil Beach Anvil Rock Anzac Peace Park Araluen Arpenteur Reserve Ataturk Entrance Avonleigh Ayhill Farm Back Beach Bakers Junction Bakers Junction Nature Reserve Bald Head Bald Island Bald Island Nature Reserve Balston Gardens Baringup Barker Bay Barlina Barrett Meadows Bayonet Head Becker Park Belches Foul Ground Bella Vista Belleair Ben Dearg Beach Ben Haven Bennett Range Berthold Reserve Bethel Christian School Bettys Beach Big Grove Binaburra Bird Rock Bird Rocks Black Cat Creek Black Head Black Rock Blue Gum Creek Blue Gum Creek Nature Reserve Blue Lake Bluff Creek Bluff River Bluff Rock/Burmup Boat Harbour Bon-Accord Boolarong Bornholm Bornholm Reefs Boronia Creek Boulder Hill Bovell Square Brackleigh Bradstock Hills Bramble Point Bramble Rock Breaksea Island Breaksea Island Lighthouse Breaksea Island Nature Reserve Breaksea Park Bream Rocks Brenton Brianti Bridstowe Brigadoon Brockdale Brookbank Brooklyn Park Bryn Avon Buffalo Bundarlee Bundilla Burville Bushy Sand Peak Cable Beach Candyup Cape Faujas Cape Vancouver Caronia Castle Rock Cave Point Cave Shoal Chatswood Chelgiup Creek Cherryup Centennial Oval Centennial Park Channel Point Cheyenne Cheyne Beach Cheyne Downs Cheyne Head Cheyne Ledge Cheyne Road Nature Reserve Cheynes Chorkerup Chorkerup Farm Christian Family Church Cleerillup Creek Cliff Head Clover Downs Cockatoo Creek Coffin Island Collier Park Collier Peak Collingwood Collingwood Heights Collingwood Park Connemara Downs Coolangarras Barmah Aboriginal Pre-Schoo Coolangatta Coomunga West Coonawarra Coopers Crossing Corangamite Cordinup Cosy Corner Cosy Corner Beach Crusoe Beach Crusoe Island Crystal Brook Cull Park Cuppup Creek Cuppup Island Currinup Cuthbert Daniels Reserve Denbarker Denmark Aerodrome Denmark Baptist Church Denmark Country Club Denmark Dam Denmark Estate Denmark High School Denmark Primary School Denmark River Dingo Beach Dog Rock Dookie Downs Drake Creek Drome Dry Brook Dumpling Rocks Dunskey Reef Dunsky Beach Dymesbury Park East Shoal Eclipse Island Eclipse Island Lighthouse Eden Eden Bank Eden Valley Edward Point Elbow Island Eldorado Elleker Ellen Cove Emu Beach Emu Point Eyre Gardens Fairview Falls of Forth False Island Family Rocks Fern Ridge Flat Rock Flinders Park Primary School Flinders Peninsula Floradale Forsyth Bluff Foundation Park Four Winds Frenchman Bay Gardner Lake Geake Point Gill Park Gio Batta Patch Girrawheen Gledhow Gledhow Nature Reserve Glen Candy Glen Echo Glenmere Gnoongak Swamp Golden Hill Golden Hill Stenier School Gomm Recreation Park Goode Beach Goodga River Granite Hill Grasmere Grasmere Hill Grassmere Great Southern Region Green Acres Green Island Green Islands Green Valley Green Warri Greenacres Greens Pool Greenvale Greycotes Farm Grove Hill Grove Park Golf Links Guarinup Gull Rock Gull Rock Beach Gull Rock Lake Gunnars Farm Hallowell Halls Rock Hanging Rock Hanover Bay Happy Days Happy Valley Harewood Harington Park Harton South Hassell Hassell Beach Haul Off Rock Hay Hay River Hay River Beach Hay River Estate Hayward Park Herald Point Herald Rocks Hillview Honeymoon Island Hopson Reserve Horkinup Creek Hortins Hull Park Hunton Illalangi Inner Island Irwin Park Islet Point Isthmus Bay Isthmus Hill Jacaranda Park Jacks Island Jarra Leah Jarrahdale Jarrahvale Jeda Mia Jimmy Newells Harbour Jindabine John Calvin School Johnson Cove Johnston Creek Jumbo Rocks Kalgan Kalgan River Kalgan River Golf Course Kallumup Kalwinyarna Kamondee Farm Kangarabbi Karatangi Karkawarri Karralea Karri Point Karriup Keaysdale Keiarra Kent River Kentdale Keringal Kiah Killarney Kimberley King Creek King George Sound King Point King River Kinnabulla Knapp Head Kockellup Spring Koetong Koiamip Koirchekup Hill Kokokup Lake Kompup Creek Kookaburra Farm Kordabup Kordabup River Kronkup Kuringai Kurrabi Kwoorabup Community Park Kyewong Kywonga Lake Barnes Lake Corimup Lake Don Lake Erie Lake Eyrie Lake Mowilyilip Lake Nyandyeetup Lake Pleasant View Lake Pleasant View Nature Reserve Lake Powell Lake Powell Nature Reserve Lake Saide Lake Seppings Lake Vancouver Lake View Dairy Park Lake William Lake Yellanup Lakeview Lange Lange Park Ledge Bay Ledge Point Lights Beach Limeburner Point Limekilns Point Limestone Head Little Chorkerup Little Grove Primary School Little Napier Creek Little Rabbit Island Little River Little River Rocks Lockyer Lockyer Bay Lockyer Shoal Lookout Point Lookout Rocks Lower Kalgan Bridge Lower King Lower King Bridge Lowlands Lowlands Beach Luke Pen Walk Lynella Lynwood Madfish Bay Major Lockyer Park Makoyup Creek Manilldra Manilya Manypeaks Marbellup Farm Marbelup Marbelup Brook Marbelup Nature Reserve Mardale Martiup Maudes Reef Mazzoletti Beach Mcgeary Rock Mcgonnell Park Mckail Mckail Lake Mckail Well Meadowvale Mehniup Hill Mehniup Nature Reserve Melville Melville Park Melville Point Mermaid Point Merrivale Michaelmas Island Michaelmas Island Nature Reserve Michaelmas Reef Middle Channel Middle Rock Middleton Bay Middleton Beach Middleton Beach Golf Course Midway Migo Island Mill Brook Mill Brook Nature Reserve Millars Creek Millbrook Millbrook Downs Millbrook Farm Millers Basin Millinup Millinup Pass Mills Park Milpara Milparinga Mindijup Mineral Point Mira Mar Misery Beach Mistaken Island Mistaken Island Nature Reserve Mitchell River Moates Lake Moolabar Moonaralla Moorialup Creek Morande Lake Morley Beach Morley Hill Motel Point Mount Adelaide/Irrerup Mount Boyle Mount Clarence Mount Clarence/Corndarup Mount Elphinstone Mount Gardner Mount Hallowell Mount Hallowell Reserve Mount Leay Mount Lindesay Mount Lockyer Primary School Mount Manypeaks Mount Manypeaks Nature Reserve Mount Manypeaks Primary School Mount Martin Mount Mason North Mount Mason South Mount Mcleod Mount Melville Mount Pleasant Rock Mount Richard Mount Romance Mount Shadforth Mount Shadforth Nature Reserve Mount Taylor Mulikup Mullarup Creek Mullocullop Creek Mullocullop Nature Reserve Munaleeun Mungalip Mungrup Munro Marsh Park Munster Hill Murern Farm Murray Field Mutton Bird Nanarup Nanarup Beach Nanarup Boat Harbour Napier Napier Creek Napier Downs Napier Hall Narracoopa Farms Narrikup Narrikup Brook Native Dog Well Natural Aquarium Natural Bridge Nenamup Inlet Nesbitt Gardens Newlands Nile Creek No. 1 Swamp Nonalup Point Normans Beach Norn Creek Norna Creek North Albany Senior High School North Channel North Gutter North Point North Rock North Sister North Sister Nature Reserve Northumberland Rock Northwest Rock Northwood Notch Weir Nullaki Nullaki Point Oakwood Ocean Beach Ocnay Orana Overton Hill Owingup Owingup Swamp Oyster Harbour Oyster Harbour Baptist Church Pagoda Point Palace Reef Palmdale Pannoo Parker Bay Parker Brook Parry Inlet Parryville Passage Reefs Paulyunerup Brook Paynes Bay Peak Head Pelican Bay Pelican Island Pelican Point Pelican Spit Pendeen Penelup Farms Pennedale Perkins Beach Petrified Forest Phillips Brook Phillips Brook Nature Reserve Pine Cottage Pleasant View Poddy Point Poddyshot Bay Point Frederick Point Gardner Point Henty Point Hillier Point Walton Point Woore Poisson Point Ponderosa Pooryunggup Poplars Porongurup Range Porpoise Rocks Port Albany Port Harding Port Hughes Possession Point Princess Royal Harbour Quandenup Lagoon Quarantine Hill Quechinup Swamp Quickip Dam Quickip River Quindinillup Quokerlip Hill Rabbit Island Raintree Ratcliffe Bay Red Hill Redmond Redmond West Reservoir Hill Revett Brook Richards Island Ringbolt Rock Riverdale Riverview Country Club Robinson Rock Cliff Point Rock Dunder Rockdale Rockvale Rocky Crossing Rocky Point Rudgyard Rudgyard Beach Rushy Point Salmon Pools Sand Patch Peak Sandpatch Santa Maria Scotsdale Scotsdale Brook Seagull Island Seal Island Seal Island Nature Reserve Semaphore Point Seppings Seventh Day Adventist School Shackerston Shadforth Sharp Point Sharps Camp Sheepwash Creek Sheepwash Creek Nature Reserve Shell Bay Shelley Beach Shelter Island Shelter Island Nature Reserve Sherwood Shoal Bay Silverdale Skippy Beacon Skye Sleeman Sleeman Creek Sleeman Creek Nature Reserve Sleeman River Snake Hill Somerset Hill Sounness Park South Channel South Downs South Gutter South Kokokup South Point South Sister South Sister Nature Reserve South Spit South Warriup Creek Southwest Island Spearwood Gardens Spencer Park Spencer Park Education Support Spencer Park Primary School Spencer Vale Sphinx Rock Spit Head Split Rock Springdale Springdale Beach Springfield Springwell St Josephs College Stanley Island Star Rock State Forest No. 64 Stonehouse Farm Stony Hill Stony Island Strawberry Hill Stuarts Head Styx River Suncal Park Sunday Swamp Sunnyside Sunnyvale Sussex Barn Swan Lake Swan Point Swan Rock Swanlake Takenup Takenup Creek Tamar Tamaru Tara Tarnup Taurus Taylor Inlet Tealedale Tennessee Tera-Mar The Chaparral The Clear Hills The Elbow The Gap The Homestead The Pass The Pines The Ranch The Reef The Springs The Wesley Maley Reserve Third Reef Tidy Town Park Tillerup Torbay Torbay Agricultural Area Torbay Head Torbay Hill Torbay Inlet Torndirrup Torndirrup National Park Tower Hill Townsend Tudor Tumbalea Tundra Twin Islands Twin Peaks Two Peoples Bay Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve Two Sisters Twow Swamp Twow View Unndiup Creek Upper Kalgan Bridge Upper King Bridge Uralla Bouverie Vancouver Beach Vancouver Peninsula Vancouver Point Vancouver Rock Vancouver Spring Vancouvers Watering Place Voyagers Park Vulcan Downs WA College of Agriculture Denmark Wabdallah Walford Walmsley Wandarri Wandgee Warburton Lake Warburton Spring Warraga Warrangee Warrenup Warrenup Swamp Warriup Warriup Hill Waterbay Point Waterfall Beach Wattlelands Waychinicup River Weerlara Lake Weraroa Werillup Werillup Hill West Cape Howe West Mount Mason Nature Reserve West Shoal West Texas Westbourne Westfield Whale Head Rock Whalers Beach Whaling Station White Island White Lake White Rock Whyalla Wilgie Hill William and Anne Gibb Park William Bay William Bay National Park Willowup Willyung Willyung Creek Willyung Hill Wilson Head Wilson Inlet Windrush Windrush Farm Windside Wolaroi Wongerup Creek Woodburn Wooding Point Woodlands Woodlands Farm Woodside Woonanup Swamp Wyecombe Wyndi Wyndi Yakamia Yakamia Bridge Yakamia Creek Yakamia Primary School Yallingup Brook Yannerlip Swamp Yaraandoo Yaralinga Yarrenyungrip Yellanup Youngs Ford Youngs Lake Youngs Siding Youngs Spit Yungup Mokoyup Creek Korup Swamp Mollocullop Creek Mollocullup Creek Cordinup River Porongurups Range Porongorup Range Yellanup Lake Warriup Point Mount Mitchell Lake Corinup Ten Mile Swamp Mount Many Peaks Mount Manypeak Twelve Mile Brook Gidley Brook Quickup River Tantara Lake Twin Islets Two People Bay Moates Lagoon Mount Mason Mehniup Marbellup McLeod Poison Point Porpoise Rock Ringbolt Caffin Island Gaffin Island Torbay Junction Youngs Seven Mile Creek Mount Adelaide North Passage Ninamup Inlet Williams Bay Lake Saidi Grassmere Hill Earker Bay Hortons Middle Passage Geak Point Whaling Cove Stanley Islet Frenchmans Bay South Passage Knapps Head Torbay Bay Niggerhead Rock Shelly Beach Vancouver Ledge North West Rock South West Island Maude Reef Maud Reef Mauds Reef