Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 792

Trial Harbour To Low Rocky Point
AUS 792 - Trial Harbour To Low Rocky Point

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water.A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Queenstown Strahan Zeehan Acacia Rocks Adelaide Mine Creek Agglomerate Hill Agnew Creek Albina Creek Albina Rock Alma Point Amber Creek Amy Creek Double Cove Drake Creek Dundas Dundas River Dunes Creek East Queen River East Sister Eden Creek Eden Siding Asbestos Point Austral Austral Creek Austral Siding Avon Creek Back Channel Backagain Point Badger River Baker Creek Barnes Rivulet Barnett Creek Basin Lake Bather Creek Baylee Creek Beehive Creek Berry Creek Betsys Bay Big Ben Creek Big Pebbly Beach Birchs Beach Birchs Inlet Birchs Narrows Birchs River Bird Islets Birthday Bay Birthday Creek Black Hill Black Island Blackwood Creek Bluestone Creek Bonnet Bay Bonnet Island Bookers Creek Botanical Creek Bottle Creek Boulder Hill Bowra Rock Braddon Point Braddon River Bridge Creek Briggs Creek Brisbanes Bay Bryans Bay Buoy Point Burgess Rivulet Butler Creek Butt Of Liberty Camp Point Camp Spur Cape Sorell Cape Sorell Historic Site Cape Sorell Lighthouse Carbine Hill Cat Island Channel Bay Channel Hill Charcoal Burners Bluff Charleys Beach Chevron Creek Chrisp Creek Christmas Cove Clark River Clearwater Bay Cliff Spur Cliffords Creek Climie Creek Clydies Corner Coal Head Colemans Creek Comet Creek Commandant Creek Comstock Comstock Creek Concert Creek Conder Point Conder River Confidence Saddle Conliffe Creek Connellys Point Connellys Point Creek Contiguous Creek Copper Creek Copper Knob Cosy Corner Cowrie Beach Cradle Creek Crotty Ridge Crotty Ridge Regional Reserve Crown Hill Crown Spur Cumberland Creek Cumberland Falls Cumberland Hill Cumberland Lake Cuthbertson Creek Cutten Creek Cypress Creek Dale Creek Darktown Bay Dart Point Davies Hill Davis Bay Dead Horse Point Defriez Bay Diamond Creek Diamond Hill Dingy Point Diorite Point Discovery Beach Dobson Creek Edwards Bay Edwardsen Creek Eileen Joyce Reserve Elizabeth Island Elliott Bay Endeavour Bay Entrance Island Entrance Rock Ernies Hill Evans Creek Ewart Creek Fabritong Rivulet Falconer Creek Farm Cove Farm Cove Game Reserve Farrell Rivulet Federation Mine Creek Feen Creek Fen Creek Fern Creek Fernfields Creek Flannigans Creek Flannigans Flat Flat Creek Fleabite Creek Fletcher Creek Florance Creek Foster Creek Four Mile Creek Fouscha Creek Fraser Flats Frazer Creek Frazer Falls Grandfathers Beach Granite Creek Granite Point Gravelly Creek Grieve Siding Griffiths Creek Gap Creek Gap Peak Garfield River Geologist Creek Goat Hill Godkin Spur Gooseneck Hill Gordon Lagoon Gordon Point Gorge Creek Gorge Point Gorings Creek Gould Point Grubbys Point Grummet Island Guilfoyle Creek Hall Rivulet Hallidays Island Halls Creek Hamilton Moraine Hannants Bight Harpers Hill Hartwell Cove Harveys Creek Hawks Nest Cove Hays Reef Hazel Creek Hells Gates Henrietta Creek Henry Point Henty Bridge Henty Canal Henty Dam Henty Dunes Henty Glacial Erratics State Re ... Henty Moraine Henty River Heron Pond Hibbs Bay Hibbs Lagoon Hibbs Pyramid Hibbs River High Rocky Point Hills Creek Hobbs Creek Hogan Cove Hogarth Falls Horsburgh Creek Horsetrough Creek Hospital Creek Howard Plains Hudson River Iron Creek John Butters Power Station Johnston Creek Jones Creek Judith Creek Julia Creek Kapi Creek Karitane Rock Karnebunyer Creek Kawatiri Shoal Keel Ridge Kelly Basin Kelly Channel Kelly Gully Kelly Hill Kidney Cove King Hill King Point King River Kingfisher Creek Kosminski Hill Koyule Flat Kynance Creek Lagoon Creek Lake Ashwood Lake Bantick Lake Bellinger Lake Garcia Lake Henty Lake Johnston Lake Johnston Nature Reserve Lake Koonya Lake Langdon Lake Mallanna Lake Margaret Lake Newton Lake Strahan Landing Creek Langdon Dam Langdon River Lather Creek Leelinger Island Lennox Creek Leslie Creek Leslie Station Creek Lettes Bay Lewis River Liberty Bay Liberty Creek Liberty Point Lignite Creek Lilaree Creek Little Bellinger Little Henty River Little Tully River Lodders Lookout Lode Creek Loftus Hills Memorial Reserve Long Bay Lost Creek Low Rocky Point Lowana Point Lower Landing Creek Lowren Hill Lucas Creek Lucas Point Lucky Creek Lynch Creek Lynchford Macquarie Harbour Macquarie Harbour Historic Site Macquarie Heads Macquarie Heads Camping Ground Magazine Island Magazine Point Magazine Point Conservation Area Mainwaring Inlet Mainwaring River Malcolm Creek Manganese Hill Manuka River Marchfly Ridge Mariposa Creek McCarthy Creek McCusick Creek McCutcheons Creek McGuire Creek McIvor Hill McLean Creek McLean Falls Meerim Beach Melba Creek Melba Flats Melba Siding Melody Creek Middle Sister Mill Bay Minder Cove Miners Ridge Minx Point Misery Flat Misery Hill Modder River Montagu Creek Montana Flats Montana Hill Montezuma Creek Montezuma Falls Montgomery Rocks Moores Pimple Moores Valley Morse Bay Mosquito Cove Mount Agnew Mount Antill Mount Cyril Mount Dundas Mount Dundas Regional Reserve Mount Hamilton Mount Heemskirk Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve Mount Julia Mount Lyell Railway Mount Obvious Mount Osmund Mount Razorback Mount Read Mount Sorell Mount Strahan Mount Zeehan Muddy Cove Muddy Cove Creek Murderers Beach Myrtle Creek Napier Hills Neck Island Nevada Creek Newall Creek Newall Spur Newton Creek Newton Dam Niblin Point Nielsen Cove Nielsen River Nigger Head Nike Creek Noddy Creek North East Dundas Tramway North Heemskirk Spur Ocean Beach Ocean Beach Conservation Area Oceana Oceana Siding Olsen Reef Oonah Hill Open Creek Ophir Creek Oxley Creek Packers Creek Parpeder Creek Parting Creek Parting Creek Lake Parting Creek Regional Reserve Pea Soup Creek Peaceful Creek Pearl Creek Pebbly Beach Peevers Creek Pegg Creek Pelias Cove Pelican Spit Penghana Hill Pennerowne Point Peoples Park Pery River Philips Island Piccaninny Point Picnic Point Pillinger Pilot Bay Pilot Beach Pine Corner Pine Cove Pine Cove Creek Pine Cove Point Pine Point Piney Creek Pocacker River Poets Hill Point Hibbs Porteus Creek Powell Siding Prater Rock Preston Street Reserve Princess Creek Professor Creek Professor Plateau Professor Range Pulpit Rock Purdys Creek Pyramid Creek Quail Creek Que River Queen Hill Queen River Queenstown Aerodrome Queenstown Golf Course Queenstown Regional Reserve Rawlinson Falls Rayna Rayna Flats Red Reef Cliff Regatta Point Reservoir Creek Rheuben Creek Richardsons Bay Rinadeena Saddle Risby Cove River Point Roaring Meg Creek Round Head Rum Point Sailor Jack Creek Sanctuary Bay Sand Dunes Picnic Ground Sarah Island Sassy Creek Schist Point Schofield Creek Sea Reach Serpentine Hill Severn Creek Shag Islands Shampoo Creek Shamrock Point Shell Creek Signal Point Silver Bell Siding Silver Lead Creek Skeeter Creek Slate Spur Sloop Point Smith Cove Soldiers Island Sophia Point Sorell River South Comet Creek South Gap Creek South Queenstown Southwest Conservation Area Specimen Creek Spero Bay Spero River Split Rock Spray Ridge Spur Point St Clair Creek St Clair Falls St Dizier Creek St Leger Point Starting Creek Steadman Beach Steadman Point Stichtite Creek Stilwell Creek Stonehenge Creek Stony Creek Strahan Aerodrome Strahan Customs House Historic Site Strahan Golf Course Strahan Harbour Strahan Plantation Strahan Point Sulphide Creek Surging Point Svengali Falls Swan Basin Swan Basin Picnic Ground Swan Basin Plantation Swan Creek Swift Creek Table Creek Table Head Tasman River Teal Pond Teepookana The Cap The Grandfathers The Shank Thomas Creek Thomas Currie Rivulet Tiddys Beach Tidegauge Rock Tillite Creek Timbertops Timbertops Creek Timms Creek Timms Eddy Tinkers Rock Tipperary Creek Tom Creek Tonys Creek Trial Harbour Trial Harbour State Reserve Trumpeter Point Trumpeter Rock Truscott Creek Tuan Gabby Flats Tully River Tully River Conservation Area Turners Rock Tyndall Creek Upper Heemskirk Falls Urquhart River Varna Bay Veridian Point Virginia Creek Wakefield Creek Waller Creek Wanderer River War Memorial Park Warounrim Plains Wart Hill Water Tower Hill Waterfall Gully Waterloo Creek Watts Hill Wellington Head West Coast Range Regional Reserve West Queen River West Sister West Strahan West Strahan Beach Westerway Creek Whale Rock Wheel Bay Whipsnake Creek White Spur White Spur Canal White Spur Creek White Spur Dam White Spur Lake Whitehorses Beach Winding Creek Wooding Point Woody Hill Wrights Bay Yellow Bluff Yolande River Yolla Point Zeehan Golf Course Zeehan Rivulet Badger River Bridge Badger River Forest Reserve Bald Hill Beach Road Siding Bell Hill Bellinger Siding Big Gravelly Beach Bird Island Bobs Bay Braddon Bay Camp Creek Centre Hill Conglomerate Creek Bridge Donnellys Hill Dundas Rivulet Bridge Emu Bay Line Ewart Creek Bridge Farrell Rivulet Bridge Firewood Siding Five Mile Fowlers Siding Gate Hill Henty Forest Reserve Henty Glacial Moraine State Reserve Henty Siding Hercules Mine Koyule Siding Leslie Station Creek Bridge Little Henty River Bridge Long Reach Lowana Mainwaring Cove Mallanna Manuka Creek Bridge Murderers Cave Nelson River Nugents Bay Old Strahan Outer Bay Pearl Creek Bridge Pine Creek Piney Creek Bridge Princess Falls Pyramid Creek Bridge Pyramid Rock Queen River Bridge Red Lead Mine Remine Rinadeena Rock Island Round Hill Sandy Point Sloop Rocks Stella Siding Store Island Stubbings Creek Teepookana Forest Reserve The Dock The Sisters Twin Islands Zeehan Airstrip Zeehan Rivulet Bridge Tasman River Bridge Ring River Trial Boat Harbour Dundas Rivulet Farrel Rivulet Powells Siding Firewood Eden Greive Siding Grieves Siding Professor Mountain Henty Glacial Erratics State Reserve Fowlers Koyule Sisters Henty Bellinger South Branch Tully River Lynchford Siding Stella Manuka Creek Newell Creek Currie River Lette Bay Teepookana Siding Starling Creek Cape Sorrell Bonnet Islet Shag Island Betsey Island Betsy Island Mount Sorrell Philip Island Settlement Island Gordon River Big Creek Barnes Creek Birch Inlet Birches Inlet Sorrell River Mount Humboldt Mongomery Rocks McRobies Gully Abo Creek Sassafras Creek Green Point Elliot Cove Elliott Cove