Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 798

Eddystone Point To Stony Head
AUS 798 - Eddystone Point To Stony Head

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Cape Portland Red Hills West Wyambi Estate Rushy Lagoon Waterhouse Boobyalla Estate Kurani Boobyalla Downs Lakes Entrance Bar Lona Fernleigh Ainslie Dorset Downs Dunlin Gunnston Copmanhurst Leedway Heather Brae Carisbrook Icena Lyndhurst Jetemby Marengo Barooga Palawan Mallawa Clovelly Deepwater Toddys Plain Yulti Wirra Umtali Koreen Bridwood Melaleuka Park Ponderosa Barnbougle Weymouth Farm Wingul Briddale Little Hills Bellingham Bowood The T Barford Saint Michael Wonder Valley Bridport Gladstone Weymouth Beechford Ansons Bay Tomahawk Lulworth Cape Barren Island A B C Creek Aberfoyle Hill Adams Beach Adams Cut Ah Kaw Creek Alanas Picnic Ground Alhambra Creek Allens Point Amber Creek Amber Hill Anderson Bay Anderson Island Anderson Islands Ansons Bay Conservation Area Apple Orchard Point Armstrong Channel Doris Hill Dorset Flats Double Peak Double Rock Double Sandy Point Conservation ... Doughboy Island Dover Point Dover River Dry Gut Creek Dryden Creek Dugards Creek Dyas Bay Dyas Creek E J Groves Reserve Eagle Hill East Bank East Creek East Sandy Point Eastmans Beach Echo Creek Echo Dam Eclipse Rock Eddystone Eddystone Point Eddystone Point Lighthouse Eddystone Point Lighthouse Hist ... Eddystone Rock Edina Flat Back Creek Backup Marsh Badger Island Banca Banca Creek Banca Race Banks Strait Bar Marsh Bark Camp Creek Barlows Marsh Barnbougle Beach Barrett Rock Barretts Hill Barrows Hill Battery Bay Battery Bay Hills Battery Creek Battery Island Bayley Hummock Bayley Rock Bayleys Hill Baynes Island Baynes Island Nature Reserve Beagle Island Bell Creek Bells Bridge Bells Flat Bens Creek Big Black Reef Big Boggy Creek Big Grassy Hill Big Hill Big Hill Creek Big Reedy Lagoon Big Stony Hill Big Valley Creek Big Waterhouse Lake Billy Bend Bird Rock Bishops Creek Black Duck Lagoon Black Point Black Reef Black Rock Point Black Rocks Blackmans Lagoon Blackmans Lookout Blizzards Landing Blowhard Creek Blue Hills Blue Lake Bluebell Creek Blueys Lagoon Bonser Creek Boobyalla Boobyalla Beach Boobyalla Conservation Area Boobyalla Inlet Boobyalla Plains Boobyalla River Bottleneck Ford Boulder Point Boundary Dam Bowens Sugarloaf Bowlers Lagoon Boxen Island Boyds Bend Brearleys Beach Brewers Creek Brid River Reserve Bridport Golf Course Bridport Wildflower Reserve Broad Creek Brooks Creek Browns Bridge Browns Cove Buckpitt Gulch Bulger Hills Bullock Hill Bungs Bay Bungs Point Burgess Bay Burns Marsh Cabbage Rock Cabbage Tree Cove Cambridgeshire Reef Cameron Regional Reserve Campbell Creek Campbells Point Cape Barren Cape Naturaliste Cape Portland Conservation Area Cape Sir John Centre Creek Chappell Islands Chappell Islands Nature Reserve Charley Browns Gully Charmouth Hill Christmas Beach Chung Creek Cinderella Hill Cito Rocks Clarence Dam Clarke Island Clarke Island Nature Reserve Clifton Creek Coarse Gold Creek Cobler Creek Cobler Rocks Cockle Bank Cod Bay Cone Point Constance Creek Corduroy Creek Cove Point Cow Creek Coxs Rivulet Cray Creek Crayfish Point Croppies Bay Croppies Beach Croppies Point Croppies Rock Croquet Lawn Beach Crows Beach Crystal Lagoon Cube Rock Cuckoo Creek Curries River Cyathea Creek Cybele Creek Cygnet Island Dam Hill Dark Hollow Darlings Creek David Steane Conservation Area Dead Mans Gulch Deep Bay Deep Creek Deepwater Creek Devils Chimney Devils Creek Dip Point Dog Scrub Edina Sugarloaf Empress Hills Empress Plain Endurance Bluff Enterprise Creek Eucalyptus Rock Everetts Cove Fairst Gully Fannys Bay Fannys Bay Conservation Area Far Gully First Sugarloaf Flat Rock Flat Rocks Reef Floyds Creek Fly By Night Creek Foam Point Fordington Forester Rock Forsyth Island Forsyth Island Conservation Area Foster Inlet Foster Islands Foster Islands Nature Reserve Fosters Marshes Fothers Hill Fowlhouse Marsh Freds Beach Friend Creek Granite Point Granite Point Conservation Area Great Forester River Conservati ... Great Musselroe Bay Great Musselroe River Conservat ... Great Northern Plain Green Hill Green Lagoon Greyhound Rock G V H Point Galloway Creek Garfield Creek Gees Marsh George Rocks George Rocks Nature Reserve Gibton Creek Gincase Creek Goftons Beach Goose Island Lighthouse Groves Creek Gull Island Gull Island Conservation Area Gull Rock Gumhill Creek H J H Point Half Tide Rock Halfmoon Bend Hamilton Road Hardens Ravine Hardluck Creek Hardwickes Creek Hardwickes Hill Hardwickes Lagoon Harleys Point Harry Rock Harts Point Herbies Landing Hibbertia Hill Hogans Hill Holmes Hill Home Beach Home Hill Horseshoe Bay Hurst Creek Icena Creek James Point Jamiesons Bay Jamiesons Point Jerusalem Plains Jetty Bay Jewells Creek Jewells Flat Johnson Creek Junction Creek Kangaroo Bay Kenneth Point Kennetts Creek Kennetts Gully Kent Bay Kent Rock Key Island Key Island Bay King Johnny Flats Knut Bush Creek Lades Beach Ladys Bay Lake Creek Lambs Creek Lanka Dam Lanoma Point Larc Beach Lark Creek Lascars Hill Lascars Point Lee River Lemons Beach Lemons Creek Leprena Rocks Lighthouse Point Lighthouse Point Conservation Area Lipstick Rock Little Badger Island Little Black Reef Little Boggy Creek Little Boobyalla River Little Boobyalla River Conserva ... Little Creek Little Devil Creek Little Key Island Little Mount Horror Little Musselroe Bay Little Musselroe River Little Night Island Little Pipers River Conservatio ... Little Swan Island Little Swan Island Nature Reserve Little Thirsty Lagoon Little Tomahawk River Little Waterhouse Island Little Waterhouse Island Nature ... Little Waterhouse Lake Little Williams Hill Long Beach Long Island Long Island Passage Looking Glass Point Lookout Head Lookout Rise Lookout Rock Low Islets Low Islets Nature Reserve Lucy Point Lyme Regis Mabel Creek Mack Rocks MacLaines Bay MacLaines Creek MacLean Island Maitland Bay Majuba Hill Mallinsons Creek Malms Rock Maroon Rock Marsh Creek Martin Creek Martins Hill Mattingleys Beach Matts Marsh Mayfield Flat McGregor Lagoon McKerrows Marsh Mermaids Beach Mermaids Pool Mexican Hill Middle Bank Millers Beach Millers Beach Conservation Area Modder River Monarch Dam Monarch Flats Morgans Hill Moriarty Bank Moriarty Bay Moriarty Point Moriarty Rocks Moriarty Rocks Nature Reserve Motts Creek Mount Cameron Mount Cameron Creek Mount Cameron Race Mount Kerferd Mount Munro Mount William Mount William Conservation Area Mount William Creek Mount William Marshes Mount William National Park Mountain Marsh Munro Bay Murdochs Beach Murphys Beach Mussel Rock Musselroe Bay Musselroe Bay Conservation Area Musselroe Point Napper Rock Narooma Park Native Lass Creek Native Lass Dam Native Lass Lagoon Nautilus Cove Neds Point Neds Reef Newhaven Creek Night Island Night Island Conservation Area Ninth Island Ninth Island Conservation Area Noland Bay Norgate Rock Oak Hill Ockerbys Hills Ogilvies Bridge Ogilvies Flat Old Chum Creek Old Township Cove One Tree Hill One Tree Point Oxberry Creek Oxberry Plains Papanui Rock Passage Island Passage Point Peacock Creek Petal Point Petticoat Bay Petticoat Ridge Phils Hill Piano Point Picketts Creek Picketts Plain Picnic Corner Picnic Point Picnic Rocks Pier Point Pig and Whistle Creek Pig and Whistle Lagoon Pigsty Creek Pineys Lagoon Pinnacle Rock Pipers Brook Conservation Area Pipers Head Porky Boat Harbour Preservation Island Preservation Island Conservatio ... Price Creek Prickly Bottom Prickly Bottom Beach Puncheon Island Purdon Bay Pykes Creek Quakers Plain Quakers Ranges Ram Island Ransom Creek Ransons Beach Rattys Creek Rebecca Bay Red Rocks Reeves Creek Regatta View Point Rews Hill Rices River Riddles Bay Riddles Point Ringarooma Bay Ringarooma Tier River Point Robin Hill Rochfort Rock Rock Creek Rocky Head Rivulet Rocky Point Rookery Point Rooks River Ruby Creek Rum Island Ryans Hill Salamander Rock Sanderson Rocks Sandford Bay Sandy Creek Sandy Lagoon Sapphire Creek Sassafras Creek Scotchmans Bonnet Scotts Creek Scrubby Creek Sea Lion Narrows Seal Point Seaview Hill Second Sugarloaf Semaphore Hill Sextus Creek Shag Rock Shag Rocks Shallamar Creek Shallamar Flat Shanty Creek Shantys Lagoon Shark Bay Shark Cove She Oak Scrub Sheepwash Creek Sheoak Hill Shevo Bay Shovel Creek Silver Lake Simpson Creek Single Tree Plain Single Tree Plain Conservation Area Singlines Creek Six Mile Hill Slip Creek Sloping Point Snake Creek South Croppies Point South Cybele Creek South Head South Mount Cameron South West Peak Southern Cross Reef Speck Beach Spike Bay Spike Island Spring Creek St Albans Bay Stanley Hill Star Of Hope Creek Steels Creek Steep Hill Stone Chimney Creek Stony Head Stumpys Bay Stumpys Rock Swain Creek Swain Hill Swan Island Swan Island Lighthouse Swanage Sydney Cove Historic Site Talina River Tam O'Shanter Bay Tam O'Shanter Creek Tam O'Shanter Creek Conservatio ... Tamar Creek Tar Point Tasman Sea Tea Tree Flats Tebrakunna Bay Telegraph Bay Telegraph Creek Tennis Ball Rock Tent Marsh Tenth Island Tenth Island Nature Reserve The Billabong The Chimneys Thirsty Lagoon Thirsty Point Thomas Creek Three Mile Hill Thunder and Lightning Bay Tin Hole Creek Tinkers Gut Tobacco Hill Tomahawk Beach Tomahawk Island Tomahawk Point Tomahawk River Toms Bay Tonys Creek Tree Point Tregaron Lagoons Trent Water Trig Hill Tucker Hill Tuckers Creek Tuckers Point Turquoise Bluff Turquoise Creek Turtle Creek Unicorn Point Upper Marshes Vicarys Creek Victoria Rocks Waites Lagoon Walpole Creek Washy Rock Waterhouse Beach Waterhouse Conservation Area Waterhouse Island Waterhouse Island Conservation ... Waterhouse Passage Waterhouse Point Wattle Scrub Wedgetail Peak West Bay West Sandy Point West Tomahawk Beach Whale Rock White Lagoon Whiterock Tier Whitewash Lagoon Whittling Office Bay Williams Hill Wombat Point A B C Creek Bridge Abbotsbury Apple Orchard Arcadia Mine Big Valley Creek Bridge Blackwood Creek Blackwood Log Bend Blue Bell Mine Boat Cove Brid River Bridge Bullfrog Rock Cemetery Lagoon Channel Beach Charmouth Chimneys Lagoon Christmas Village Corfe Castle Dairy Marsh Darlings Marsh Dyas Corner East Boat Harbour East Tomahawk Filumena Filumena Creek G V H Rocks Goose Island Conservation Area Granite Rocks Gripe Creek Corner Hardluck Mine Horse Marshes Jack Smiths Boat Harbour Lanka Mine Lemons Boat Harbour Little Forester River Bridge Little Hill Little Pipers River Bridge Lowes Creek Lucky Woman Reef Martial Call Reef Martins Hill Forest Reserve Micka Rivulet Bridge Middle Creek Bridge Munro Airfield Musselroe Lagoon Musselroe Marsh Native Lass Plain Niggers Flat Nil Desperandum Reef Oxberry Plains Forest Reserve Portland Hill Ransom Gully Round Marsh Ruby Creek Bridge Sand Patch Sand Spit Sawpit Creek Sharmans Bend Single White Rock St Albans Star Hill Mine Telegraph Marsh The Nut The Spit Tidal Creek Tim Lynch Hole Tregaron Tubal Cain Reef West Boat Harbour Franklin Sound Franklin Inlet Puncheon Point Punchcon Point Woody Island West Anderson Island Ned Point Mount Munroe Harley Point Mount Kerford Armstrong Passage Preservation Island Conservation Area Lookout Heads Waterhouse Island Conservation Area Great Mussel Roe River Little Waterhouse Island Nature Reserve Ninth Islet Croppie Point Ringarooma River Great Musselroe River Conservation Area Barranjoie Island Tenth Islet West Sandy Cape West Double Sandy Point East Sandy Cape East Double Sandy Point Andersons Bay Little Boobyalla River Conservation Area Double Sandy Point Conservation Little Forester River Black Rock Tam OShanter Creek Conservation Area Eddystone Point Lighthouse Historic Site Tam OShanter Bay Little Piper River Brid River Great Forester River Tucker Creek Round Hill Muddy Creek Cox Creek Little Pipers River Conservation Area Currie River Pipers River Piper River Pipers Brook Piper Brook Mickey Creek Smith Creek Great Fraser River Great Forester River Conservation Area Anson Bay Pearly Brook Arnon River Anson River Ansons River