Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

AUS 811

Crowdy Head To Nambucca Heads
AUS 811 - Crowdy Head To Nambucca Heads

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water.A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Benbowra Kianinni Possum Gully Calabash Cooinda Hill Ben Bullen Hillcrest Broadwater Yarrawonga Yackerboon Gunnar Doo Pindan Arcadia Kanimbla Maple Terrafirma Vans Valley Barraganyatta Hut Willawong Springfield Milea-Park Smoky Burraglen Kentucky Riverston Peaceful Inn Kurrawara Ballymore Oaklands Greenacres The Double S Ranch I-F Ranch Comfort Hill Ranch Dolkoonghi Killuke Warley Glencoe Windstead Victoria Valley Warrabee Mingaletta Wilsbro Eugowra Glamis Scotts Plain Wanda Ville Crystal Brook Yarrabee Park Illa Langi Racecourse Head Delicate Nobby Willflor Briloaks Ramsay Farm Brilmore Denton Vale Bronte Clairview Green Valley Mount John Lamefield Linwood Willrana Sun Valley Cooperabung Creek Dicks Hill Popanana Yadillah Avelon Orange Grove Shirldon Avenel Crestwood Cornberry Park Pleasant Plains Ferndale The Island Minnamurra Broken Bit Wyandotte Ridge Riverside Tarcoola Buzzandan Twin Rivers Top Acre Belverdere Gaytime Lightning Ridge Lonesome Pines The Cottage Sunny Corner Glenewen Indiamba Kings Point Bimbadeen Glenthorne Crosslands Villers View Yippinvale Ferrett Homelea Raheen Sunnyside Benwerrin Lillybank Oxley Head Myunah Montrose Clover Hill Boodjerri Corner Victoria Downs Carrington Thrumster Park Ifield Tenterden Timberline Dor Lodge Glenalan Renton Fig Tree Valley Hulkiston Colonels Hill Wauchope House Dungowan Farm Touchwood Parsons Ridge Marbuk Park Maryellen Honeysuckle Kerewong North Arndale Roseneath Glen-Nokee River View Namguya Branchvue Peachvale Byambee Strathmar Mount Stuart Ivers Mill Heatherbell Airaloo Petken Redoaks Rosewood Cliffdale Everston Laura Sherwood Lone Pine Glen Lea Lawling Farm Mountview Farm Camden Haven Beechwood Bonny Hills Bowraville Crescent Head Frederickton Green Hill Harrington Hat Head Hyland Park Kempsey Kendall Lake Cathie Macksville Manning Point Nambucca Heads Port Macquarie Scotts Head Smithtown-Gladstone South West Rocks Stuarts Point Wauchope Willawarrin Apple Tree Creek South Arm Apex Back Beach Arakoon Austral Eden Andersons Inlet Ana Branch Maria River Argents Hill Arakoon State Conservation Area Apple Tree Knob Apple Tree Creek Ana Branch Hastings River Allgomera Allgomera Creek Mount Allen Allen Hill Aldavilla Adelaide Brook Adelaide Creek Abbey Creek Back Lake Bago Bluff Bago Bluff Flora Reserve Bago Lookout Bakers Creek Bald Hill Ballengara Ballengara State Forest Ballengarra Ballengarra State Forest Balyngara Branch Balyngara Creek Banglow Creek Barnetts Lagoon Barneys Creek Barraganyatti Barraganyatti Creek Barries Creek Barrys Creek Bartletts Beach Baschs Gully Batar Batar Creek Batars Creek The Bay Beechwood Public School Bees Nest Creek Beilbys Beach Belgrave Falls Bellangry Bellimbopinni Bellimbopinni Public School Bellwood Bellwood Aboriginal Reserve Bellwood Creek Bellwood Park Bellwood Swamp Belmore River Belmore River Public School Upper Belmore River Belmore Swamp Bensons Creek Bensons Inlet Beranghi Big Ben Hill Big Ben Mountain Big Creek The Big Hill Big Hill Point Big Nobby Big Sidling Big Sidling Mountain Big Smoky Big Valley Creek Big Valley Gully Billybyang Creek Billy Goat Knob Bococka Creek Bobs Creek Boat Harbour Creek Bluff Flora Reserve Blue Creek Black Rocks Blackmans Point Blackfellows Bog Black Creek Flora Reserve Black Creek Black Butt Creek Blackbutt Creek Bird Rock Boggy Creek Boomerang Island Boonanghi Boringalla Creek Bottlebrush Creek Bottle Brush Creek Bowra Creek Bowra Old Bowra River Bowra Sugarloaf Bowra Bowraville Cemetery Bowraville Central School Bowraville Post Office Bradleys Creek Branch Creek Brians Creek Briggs Lookout Brighton Bril Bril Creek Broads Lookout Broads Mountain Broad Water The Broadwater Inlet Broken Bagho Range Broken Bago Broken Bago Range Broken Bago State Forest Brombin The Brothers Brothers Browns Crossing Buckra Bendinni Buckra Bendinni Creek Buckra Bendinni State Forest Buds Crossing Bulingary Cairncross Mount Cairncross Cairncross State Forest Camden Haven Inlet Camden Haven State Forest Camden Head Camden Point Captain Cook Lookout Carecorara Inlet Caswell Channel Caswells Creek Catii Ridge Cattai Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Crossing Cedar Park Cedar Scrub Creek Channels Creek Chapmans Creek Charlies Hill Christmas Bell Plain Christmas Creek Church Clancys Drain Clarkes Gully Cliffy Point Clybucca Clybucca Creek Clybucca Historic Site Cockatoo Island Cockle Island Cogo Cold Nob Collins Drain Collombatti Collombatti Creek Collombatti Lookout Collombatti Mountain Collombatti Rail Collombatti Rail Public School Collombatti Railway Station Collombatti State Forest Commong Creek Congarinni Connection Creek Cooks Knob Coolapatamba Creek Cooperabung Cooperabung Hill Coopernook Creek Coopernook State Forest Coopers Creek Cooroobongatti Cooroobongatti Swamp Coralville Corangula Coronation Park Cowarra Creek Cowarra State Forest Cow Creek Croppys Hill Crosswinds Crowdy Crowdy Bay Crowdy Gap Crowdy Head Crowdy Lagoon Cutty Creek Dalhunty Island Dangars Creek Deauville Deep Creek Denison Dennis Creek Desmonds Creek Dunbogan Dunbogan Beach Eungai Creek Eungai National Forest Eungai Public School Eungai Rail Eungai Railway Station Euroka Euroka Creek Farquhar Inlet Farquhar Park Fattorini Creek Fattorini Island Fentons Island Fernbank Creek Ferny Gully Fishermans Reach Fish Rock Flat Rock Flynns Beach Flynns Point Fork Creek Forster Beach Fortescue Creek Foys Knob Frederickton Public School Freshwater Creek Frogmore Front Beach Frying Pan Creek Fullers Ridge Gannons Creek Gaol Point Gap Beach Gills Bridge Creek Gladstone Gladstone Pioneer Park Gladstone Post Office Gladstone Public School Goat Island Gogleys Creek Gogleys Lagoon Good Friday Mountain Goolawah Lagoon Goolawah Plain Gordon Gordon Rotary Lookout Gordons Knob Gordons Knob Lookout Gowing Hill Grants Beach Grants Head Grassy Beach Grassy Head Gravelly Creek Gravel Ridge Grays Creek Great Swamp Greenbourne Creek Greenhill Greenhill Reservoir Greenhills Gully Green Island Green Mound Green Point Gulgo Creek Gumma Gumma Gumma Creek Gum Scrub The Gutter Hacks Ferry Hamey Lookout Hanging Rock Hanleys Point Hardie Harrington Inlet Harrington Lagoon Harrington Public School Hartys Plains Hastings Public School Hat Hill Haydons Creek Herborn Herons Creek Herons Creek Post Office Herons Creek Public School Herons Creek Railway Station Hibbard Hickey Hickeys Creek Hodgson Park Holey Flat Creek Horseshoe Cove Hughes Inlet Huntingdon Huntingdon Public School Hursley Hursley Creek Huttmans Creek Inches Ingalba Ingala State Forest Lake Innes Innes Swamp Innesvale Ivers Creek Jasper Creek Jerrys Creek Jerseyville Jerseyville Public School Jocks Crossing John Johns River Johns River Public School Johns River State Forest Jolly Nose Hill Jolly Kalateenee State Forest Kattang Nature Reserve Kemps Corner Kempsey Airport Kempsey High School Kempsey Post Office Kempsey Public School Kempsey Railway Station Kendall District Rural School Kendall National Forest Kendall Public School Kendall State Forest Kerewong Siding Kesbys Creek Ketelghay Kew Kew State Forest Carecorara Creek Cathie Lake Cathie Plain Catii Mountain Charles Henry Lookout Colonel Grays Creek Cooperabung Mountain Coral Island Crescent Head Creek Dandingalong Dandingalong Creek Eungai Eungai Railway Public School Ferny Creek Five Mile Creek Flagstaff Fosters Beach Frenchmans Creek The Gap Gogleys Bay Good Friday Googleys Lake Gowing Mountain Grays Crossing Public School Green Bourne Creek Green Hills Greenhills Creek Gumma Creek Gurravembi Creek Hat Head Old Lake Hope Horseshoe Bay Huntington Heights Indian Head Jaspers Creek John New John's River State Forest Jolly Nose Rocks Kempsey West Public School Kendall District Public School Kerewong Range Killick Creek Kilmores Creek Kinchela Kinchela Creek Kinchela Public School Kings Creek Kings Lookout Kings Tower Kinki Cemetery Kinki Ridge Kinki Spur Kooloonbung Creek Koree Koree Island Korogoro Creek Korogoro Point Kullatine Kullatine Creek Kundabung Kundabung Railway Station Kylies Beach Laggers Point Lake Innes Nature Reserve Lake Swamp Lakewood Laurieton Laurieton Public School Left Hand Branch Munga Creek Letterewe Lighthouse Beach Lighthouse Creek Lighthouse Gully Limeburners Creek Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve Limeburners Flat Lincoln Lindsays Hill Lindseys Hill Little Bay Little Nobby Long Point Long Reach Island Little Rawdon Island Little Shark Island Little Smoky Little Stony Creek Little Stony Gully Little Wonder Creek Logans Crossing Loggy Creek Lone Island The Lookout Lorne Lorne Public School Lorne State Forest Lovelock Creek Lower Belmore Lower Belmore River Lower Kinchela Lower Kinchela Public School Lower Range Hill Lower Taylors Arm Lowes Creek Lumby Hill Luthrie Bay Luthrie Inlet Luthrie Island Mackenzies Island Macksville General Cemetery Macksville High School Macksville Park Macksville Post Office Macksville Public School Macksville Railway Station Macksville Showground Macleay Arm Macleay Hills Macleay River Old Course Macquarie Mcandrews Drain Mccabes Drain Mcguires Crossing Mchughs Creek Main Canal Maloneys Creek Mamboo Island Mangrove Creek Mangrove Island Maria Anabranch Maria Creek Maria River State Forest Maria River South Branch Marlo Merrican Creek Marlo Merrican Range Marlo Merrican Ridge Mount Martha Ann Martins Park Marys Bay Medlow Medlow Public School Melville High School Merchant Creek Mermaid Pool Mermaid Reef Middle Beach Middle Brother Middle Brother National Forest Middle Brother State Forest Middle Creek Middle Head Middle Head Creek Middle Head Range Middle Head Ridge Middle Island Middle Rock Middle Rock Point Millbank Millbank Public School Millers Creek Millers Swamp Miners Beach Mistake Creek Mistake State Forest Mitchells Island Monument Hill Mooneba Moores Island Moorland Moorland Public School Moorland Railway Station Morgans Creek Morgans Gully Mortons Creek Mortons Creek Public School Mount Skillion State Forest Mud Bay Muddy Creek Muddy Gully Munga Creek Mungay Creek Mungay Flat Mungay Mountain Munns Channel Muzzers Island My Island Nambucca Nambucca Aboriginal Area Nambucca Heads Post Office Nambucca Heads Public School Nambucca Heads Railway Station Nambucca Heads General Cemetery Nambucca North Head Nambucca Railway Station Nambucca River Nambucca State Forest Nambucca Valley Public School Naret Creek Narran River Narrowgut Naylors Creek Newee Creek Newee Creek Railway Station Newee Creek Siding New Entrance Newtons Creek Nobby Head Nobbys Beach Noonan North Arm North Beach North Branch State Forest North Branch North Branch Maria River North Brother North Creek North Haven North Head North Kinki Spur North Point North Shore North Shore Beach North Smoky Beach North Warwick Creek The Old Bar Old Station State Forest Old Station National Forest Ostler Park Oxleys Beach Pages Creek Palmerston Parkins Gully Partridge Creek Passionfruit Creek Passionfruit Gully Pebbly Beach Pelican Bay Pelican Island Pelican Point Pembrooke Pembrooke Public School Pembrooke Railway Station Perpendicular Point Pilot Beach Pinnagle Pipeclay Canal Pipers Creek Point Plomer Pola Creek Port Macquarie High School Port Macquarie Public School Prairie Grass Island Prospect Purgatory Creek Putunga Rock Quetta Island Queens Lake Queens Lake Entrance Queens Lake River Queens Lake State Forest Race Course Headland Rainbow Beach Rainbow Reach Ralfe Rawdon Island North Rawdon Island Creek Rawdon Island Rawdon Creek Rawdon Channel Rawson Rawson River Redbank Red Hill The Red Hill Reedy Creek Rhones Creek Richardsons Crossing Right Branch of Hickeys Creek Right Hand Branch Munga Creek Roberts Plain Rock Nob Rocky Beach Rocky Islet Rollands Plains Rollands Plains Upper Public School Rollover Roses Knob Rosewood Creek Rossglen Rossglen Railway Station Rotary Park Rudders Creek Saltwater Creek Salt Water Creek Saltwater Inlet Saltwater Lagoon Saltwater Lake Sancrox Sandy Point Sapling Creek Sarahs Creek Scotchman The Scotsman Mountain Scotts Head Public School Scotts Mountain Secluded Creek Settlement Point Seven Oaks Drain Shark Island Sharmans Creek Sheet O'Bark Creek Shelley Beach Shelly Beach Six-B Flora Reserve Skillion Skillion Flat Skillion Flat State Forest Sledgeline Gully Smiths Creek Smithtown Smith-Town Smithtown Post Office Smithtown Public School Smoky Cape Smoky Cape Range Smoky Cape Lighthouse Snake Island Snakey Creek Snowball Creek South Arm South Beach South Brother South Commong Creek South Creek South Macksville South Smoky Beach South Warwick Creek South West Rocks Creek South West Rocks Public School Spencers Creek Spring Creek Spring Gully Starlight Creek Steeles Creek Stevens Gully Stewart Stewarts River Stewarts River Public School Stinging Tree Creek Stingray Creek Stockyard Creek Stoney Creek Stony Creek Stuarts Island Stuarts Point Public School Stumpy Creek Summer Island Summer Island Drain Sundown Creek Swampy Creek Swan Pool Swimming Creek Sydenhams Creek Sydenhams Gully Tacking Point Talarm Tamban Tamban Railway Station Tmaban Stat Forest Tanban Tanban State Forest Tappin Creek Taree Taylors Arm Taylors Arm Lookout Taylors Arm Public School Taylors Creek Teagues Creek Teagues Knob Telegraph Point Telegraph Rock Temagog Ten Mile Gully Tewinga Tewinga Public School The Harvey Gordon Memorial Rotary Lookout The Hatch The Oaks The Rollover The Roll Over The Springs Thrumster Thumb Creek State Forest Tilly Willy Creek Tinebank Tomcat Creek Tom Maras Creek Torrens Anabranch Torrens Island Torrens River Town Beach Transit Hill Travellers Creek Trial Bay Trial Bay Creek Turners Flat Two Mile Creek Unkya Unkya Reserve Upper Belmore Upper Gulgo Creek Upper Kinchela Upper Newee Creek Upper Rollands Plains Public School Upper Smiths Creek Upper Taylors Arm Upsalls Creek Utungun Utungun Reserve Verges Creek Verges Swamp Walkers Creek Wallace Island Wall Reserve Walshes Creek Wards Creek Wards Gully Warnes Creek Warneton Warnton Warrell Warrell Creek Public School Warrell Creek Warrell Creek Railway Station Warrell Creek Station Warrell Point Warwick Creek Warwick Park Racecourse Washtub Inlet Washtub Bay Waterloo Creek Watonga Rock Watson Taylors Lake Watt Creek Wauch Wauchope Post Office Way Way Creek Way Way State Forest Wellington Rock Wellington Rocks Welshs Creek West Brother West Haven West Kempsey Public School Wotonga Rock Westport High School Westport Public School Whip Whip Mountain Whisky Island Willawarrin Public School Williams Hill Williamsons Creek Wirrimbi Wirrimbi Railway Station Wirrimbi Island Wittitrin Woolshed Gully Wrens Creek Wrights Creek Wrights Lookout Yarrabandini Yarrahapinni Yarrahapinni General Cemetery Yarrahapinni Lookout Mount Yarrahapinni Yarrahapinni Public School Yarrahapinni State Forest Yarrahappinni Mountain Lookout Yarranbella Yarranbella Public School Diamond Head Dingers Creek Yellow Creek Yellow Gully Yessabah Caves Yessabah Bulls Ground State Forest Bulls Knob Diamond Dirty Corner Swamp Dondingalong Dondingalong Gully Donnellyville Double Island Doughboy Swamp Duchess Gully Duck Holes Ducks Knob Dulkoonghi Hill Double Corner Dowlings Falls Duchess Creek The Duck Holes Dulkoonghi Mountain Burnt Bridge Burragong Burrapine Burrapine Public School Burrawan Burrawan State Forest Burrowan Butchers Creek Butts Creek Byrnes Brook Andrews Park Apex Park Bain Park Battles Outlet Bellangry Park Blackwells Knob Blue Creek Dam Camden Haven Apex Park Camden Haven Rotary Park Cameron Falls Cathie Creek Central Kempsey Chippys Mountain Club Reserve Connors Beach Connors Hill Crowdy Head Public School Crowdy Bay National Park Curphey Shoal Darkwater Branch Drain Darkwater Drain Devils Hole Lookout Diamantina Rocks Diggers Hill Flora Reserve Donnelly Welsh Sporting Complex Dulkoonghi Range Dulkoonghi Ridge Dunbogan Reserve East Kempsey East Kempsey Swamp Fairmount Gardens Frogmore Drain Gay Ray Special School Giles Shoal Gill Park Gladstone Drain Glebe Park Glenrock Drain Goats Island Hat Head Gap Hat Head National Park Henry Kendall Reserve Hibbard Creek Hungry Hill John Downes Park Kallateena Kalateenee Kempsey East Kempsey South Kingfisher Park Korogoro Arch Kundabung Recreation Reserve Lancasters Drain Lions Lookout Lorne Flora Reserve Lorne Mountain Mcinherney Park Macquarie Nature Reserve Mahers Creek Maria River Montrose Park Mountain View Recreation Reserve Mountain View Reserve O'Connors Beach O'Connors Hill O'Leary Creek Old Park Port Macquarie Airport Port Macquarie Cemetery Port Macquarie Dam Port Macquarie Lions Lookout Port Macquarie Park Queens Head Right Branch of Caswells Creek Riverside Park Rollands Plains Cemetery Rollands Plains Recreation Reserve Rosendahl Reserve Rosendahl Reservoir Rudder Park Sancrox Reserve Schoolhouse Drain Scrubby Creek Sea Acres Nature Reserve Sister City Park South Kempsey Stewarts Park Stuart Park Telegraph Telegraph Point Public School Telegraph Point Railway Station The Arch The John Downes Remembrance Park Third Beach Thurgoods Drain Tommy Owens Creek Treetop Park Verges Drain Wards Cove Wards Hole Waterfall Creek Wauchope Central Park Wauchope High School Wauchope Primary School Wauchope Public School Wauchope Railway Station West Kempsey Westport Park Williams Park Wilson River Sports Ground Windmill Hill Yarravel Yeppin Creek Yepping Creek Yippin Creek Port Macquarie Historic Cemetery Laurie Park Wallace Reserve Johns River Flora Reserve Birpai Reserve Andrew Pacey Park Steele Park Willawarrin Memorial Park Rosendahl Bruce Porter Reserve Lasiandra Park Blackbutt Park Aqua Reserve Jabiru Reserve Dolphin Key Nambucca Heads High School Aldavilla Primary School Laurieton Sporting Complex Calwalla Reserve Mimosa Park The Governors Way South West Passage Blue Bay Crescent Arm Southern Cove Newport Canal Ballina Canal Lachlan Bay Foreshore Reserve Macks Village Central Nambucca Blair Reserve Wade Park Jean Starr Reserve Bunnys Corner Ferry Reserve Fishermans Reserve Inlet Reserve Coal Wharf Reserve Riverfront Reserve Big Gum Reserve Findlay Park Wauchope Technical College Port Macquarie College Reillys Drain East Frederickton Hoffmans Drain Worthings Drain Goolawah Beach Killick Beach Lloyd Park Karikeree Creek Settlement City Post Office Sheather Creek Hampden Hall Old Station Seven Oaks King Creek Marlo Merrican Allman Hill John Dick Reserve James Martin Reserve Mrs Yorks Garden Yessabah Nature Reserve Upper Rollands Plains Bago Frazers Creek Jolly Nose Absalom Reserve Rocky Beach Lookout Kundabung Riverside Park Temagog Riverside Park Tacking Point Public School Remembrance Park Stace Reserve Torrens Madang Gurung Park Marrangan Burri Park Wigay Cultural Education Park Old Pola Creek Easter Creek Jonathan Dickson Reserve Nana Klumpp Reserve Arthurs Park Camden Haven High School Camden Haven Distance Education Centre Slippry Creek Steuart Mcintyre Dam Congarinni North North Macksville Way Way Holmes Reserve Hakea Park Sandhurst Reserve Jacks Crossing Middle Brother National Park Crowdy Head Lighthouse South Brother Rock Port Macquarie Lighthouse Yarriabini National Park Everinghams Crossing Little Beach The Death Hole The Wall Windy Gap The Jew Bight North East Public School of Distance Education Yakka Watson Reserve Samuel Hoskins Park Namoucca Heads Nambucca Shire Grays Crossing Warrel Creek Macleay River Cooloondurri Black Rock Yarrabandinni Tamban Station Longreach Island Balls Creek Timagog Creek Mount Skillion Collombutti Creek Kangaroo Creek Oaky Creek OConnors Beach Sookies Creek Combatine Creek Foys Nob Sandy Creek Yessabah Cave Yessabah Creek Belmore River Upper Mariaville Dulcanghi Mountain Glencoe Creek Merlo Merrikan Creek Wilson River Piper Creek Gulginni Webbers Creek Morton Creek Pembroke South Arm Stony Creek North Arm Stony Creek Hastings River Frasers Creek Carecorana Creek Oxley Beach Pappinbarra Creek Cattle Brook Creek Hyndmans Creek Huntington Lilly Bank Lake Burrawan The Lake Swamp Kerewang Siding Kerewong The Rock South Branch Camden Haven River Southern Branch North Branch Camden Haven River Northern Branch Saddles Creek Gills Creek Camden Haven River Wash Tub Bay Dirty Corner Rock Creek Pipe Clay Creek Coral Ville The Great Swamp Lansdowne River Manning River Luthrie Creek