S57 / S63 ENC

Aus ENC PT 212

Port Pack 212
Aus ENC PT 212 - Port Pack 212

ENC Subscriptions: On supplying the required information at checkout, your subscription will be processed with the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) the following business day. The AHO will then email you your permit files for loading into your system.

The full Australia Hydrographic Office index of products is available at the Australia Chart, ENC and Publication Index.

This official collection of Electronic Navigation Charts is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office. It conforms to S57 IHO Standards and requires an S63 compatible system to operate. ENC are primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping, but are equally useful for recreational vessels. ENC can, when used on a Type approved system, replace the need for paper nautical charts.

This AusENC packs contains all the Category 3, 4, 5 and 6 cells which overlap the area depicted in the map. The mapped area is based on the outer coverage of the category 5 and 6 cells within this pack. The category 3 and 4 cells not shown so as to avoid clutter. This pack does not include any category 1 or 2 cells.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS is the definitive reference.

ENC Subscriptions

All AusENC packs are supplied as a subscription. This subscription gives you access to the updated information supplied by the Hydrographic Office throughout your subscription period.

Once your subscription is established, the Hydrographic Office will email you your permits (a small text file to load into your system), and then each fortnight will email you to advise if new permits need to be installed. This fortnightly email will also contain a link to the latest updates available.

Nearing the end of your subscription, we will contact you directly to confirm your requirements for a further renewal. You may also receive similar alerts from the Hydrographic Office.

ENC Cells Contained within this Pack

AU160150 AU240150 AU433151 AU5208P0 AU160150 AU240150 AU160150 AU240150 AU433151 AU5208P0 AU160150 AU240150 AU160150 AU240150 AU160150 AU240150 AU433151 AU5208P0

Locations within this Map

Newcastle Arcadia Park Armstrong Park Arthur Park Alder Park Adamstown Public School Adamstown Railway Station Adamstown Station Adamstown South Public School Adamstown Adamstown Park Adamstown Post Office The Bar Bar Beach Bar Rocks Basin Cut Belair Public School Big Ben Rock The Bluff Blackbutt Reserve Blackbutt Lookout Blackbutt Reserve Lookout Birmingham Gardens Infants School Birmingham Gardens Public School Birmingham Place Birdwood Park Birmingham Gardens Bingles Hill Braye Park Broadmeadow Broadmeadow High School Broadmeadow Junior High School Broadmeadow Post Office Broadmeadow Racecourse Broadmeadow Railway Station Broadmeadow Station Bromley Park Cameron Park Public School Campbell Island Carrington Carrington Post Office Carrington Public School Centennial Park Christie Park Civic Park Civic Railway Station Cobbans Creek Connolly Park Cook Park Cooks Hill Coronation Park Corroba Reserve Cottage Creek Stormwater Channel Dangar Park Dark Creek Dempsey Point Dunns Creek Dunns Island Dyke Point Dyke Wharf Empire Park Enterprise Park Fern Bay Infants School Fishery Creek Flagstaff Hill Fullerton Cove Georgetown Glover Park Gregson Park Griffith Park Hamilton Hamilton Post Office Hamilton Public School Hamilton Railway Station Heaton Heaton Park Heaton Public School Hexham Hexham Island Hexham Railway Station Hexham Reach Hill View Playground Horse Shoe Beach The Horse Shoe Ironbark Creek Islington Islington Park Islington Post Office Islington Public School Jesmond Jesmond High School Jesmond Park Jesmond Post Office Jesmond Public School Kattang Town of Carrington Christo Road School Dempseys Channel Dyke End The Dyke Fern Bay Public School George Town Georgeville Grovetown Hamilton Station Village of Hanbury Village of Hexham Honeysuckle Point Horse Shoe Hunter Girls High School Jesmond Secondary Public School King Edward Park Kings Wharf Kooragang Kooragang Island Kooragang Nature Reserve Kotara Kotara Park Kotara Public School Kotara Railway Station Kotara Station Kullaiba Reserve Lambton Lambton High School Lambton Park Lambton Post Office Learmonth Park Lee Wharf Little Park Beach Lower Hexham Macclure Reserve Mcclure Reserve Mangrove Creek Mangrove Island Marist Park Market Wharf Maryville Mayfield Mayfield Park Mayfield Post Office Merewether Heights Public School Merewether High School Merewether Post Office Merewether Public School Merewether Street Wharf Mitchell Park Moscheto Moscheto Channel Mud Island Myamblah Crescent Oval Myers Park Nesca Park Newcastle Beach City of Newcastle Newcastle College of Advanced Education Newcastle District Park Newcastle Ferry Terminal Newcastle Harbour Newcastle High School Newcastle Post Office Newcastle Public School Newcastle Racecourse Newcastle Railway Station Newcastle Showground Newcastle Technical College Newcastle Technical High School New Lambton New Lambton Heights New Lambton Park New Lambton Heights Infants School New Lambton Post Office New Lambton Public School Nine Ways Nobbys Nobbys Beach Nobbys Head Nobbys Head Lighthouse Nobbys Lighthouse Northcott Park North Harbour Obelisk Oyster Bank Pacific Park Pioneer Progress Reserve Pirate Point Platts Crannel Port Hunter Port Waratah Price Princeton Avenue Reserve Rawson Park Regent Park Richardson Park Richley Recreation Reserve Royal Newcastle Hospital School Rudd Park Sandgate Sandgate Public School Sandgate Railway Station Sandy Island Shepherd Hill Shepherds Hill Reserve Shepherds Hill Shortland Shortland Park Shortland Public School Signal Smedmere Smith Park Smiths Creek Smiths Island Snapper Island Spit Island Steamers Wharf Stevenson Park Stockton Stockton Cemetery Stockton General Cemetery Stockton Hospital School Stockton Post Office Stockton Public School Stony Point Styx Creek The Basin The Junction The Junction Demonstration School The Junction Post Office The Junction Public School Throsby Basin Throsby Creek Throsby or Tighnes Creek Throsby Wharf Tighes Hill Tighes Hill Post Office Tighes Hill Public School Tomago Periodic Detention Centre The University of Newcastle Upper Moscheto Island Wallarah Ovals Wallis Creek Wallis Island Wallsend Cemetery Wallsend General Cemetery Walsh Island Walsh Point Warabrook Waratah Waratah Boys Primary School Waratah Girls Public School Waratah High School Waratah Orthopaedic Hospital School Waratah Park Waratah Post Office Waratah Public School Waratah Railway Station Waratah Reservoir Village of Waratah Wickham Wickham Park Wickham Post Office Wickham Public School Wickham Railway Station Windeyers Reach Woodville Worimi School Wrightson Reserve District Park Town of Burwood Newcastle Showground and Exhibition Centre The Foreshore Pambalang Reserve Hamilton East Hamilton North Hamilton South Mayfield East Mayfield North Mayfield West Newcastle East Newcastle West North Lambton The Hill Waratah West Callaghan The Macquarie Pier Shipwreck Walk Newcastle General Cemetery North Channel Hunter River South Channel Hunter River Tickhole Creek Shortland Point or John Shortland Park Hugo Reserve Kennedy Cove Lambton Ker-Rai Creek Crawchie Creek Bowinbah Creek Boatman Creek Ash Island Hunter River Tomago Windeyers Creek Dempsey Island Moscheto Island Table Island Goat Island Inner Basin Port of Newcastle