S57 / S63 ENC

Aus ENC PT 917

Port Pack 917
Aus ENC PT 917 - Port Pack 917

ENC Subscriptions: On supplying the required information at checkout, your subscription will be processed with the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) the following business day. The AHO will then email you your permit files for loading into your system.

The full Australia Hydrographic Office index of products is available at the Australia Chart, ENC and Publication Index.

This official collection of Electronic Navigation Charts is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office. It conforms to S57 IHO Standards and requires an S63 compatible system to operate. ENC are primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping, but are equally useful for recreational vessels. ENC can, when used on a Type approved system, replace the need for paper nautical charts.

This AusENC packs contains all the Category 3, 4, 5 and 6 cells which overlap the area depicted in the map. The mapped area is based on the outer coverage of the category 5 and 6 cells within this pack. The category 3 and 4 cells not shown so as to avoid clutter. This pack does not include any category 1 or 2 cells.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS is the definitive reference.

ENC Subscriptions

All AusENC packs are supplied as a subscription. This subscription gives you access to the updated information supplied by the Hydrographic Office throughout your subscription period.

Once your subscription is established, the Hydrographic Office will email you your permits (a small text file to load into your system), and then each fortnight will email you to advise if new permits need to be installed. This fortnightly email will also contain a link to the latest updates available.

Nearing the end of your subscription, we will contact you directly to confirm your requirements for a further renewal. You may also receive similar alerts from the Hydrographic Office.

ENC Cells Contained within this Pack

AU130120 AU210140 AU130120 AU210140 AU410146 AU410147 AU5621P0 AU130120 AU130120 AU210140 AU130120 AU130120 AU130120 AU130120 AU130120 AU130120 AU210140 AU130120 AU210140 AU410146 AU410147 AU5621P0 AU410147 AU5621P0 AU410146

Locations within this Map

Walter Bay Mount Walker Waigani Verikaka Point Veri Kaka Point Verikaka Vahunabada Vaeagai Tupuseleia Head Tubusereia Head Tupuselei Head Tupusulei Head Tupuseleia Tubusereia Tupuselei Tupusulei Tunulua Tuaguba Hill Port Moresby Tiaba Tawata Tauwata Taurama Tatana Island Tatana Taima Island Taima Taima Islet Stokes Range Stanava Point South Patch Sinavi Sikeri Siker Saraga Sapphire Mount Sadowa Sabama EBCO Roku Raku Rigo Road Raven Rock Raine Point Pyramid Point Mount Pullen Port Moresby Harbour Porebada Borebada Pinnacle Rock Pari Palli Palli Point Pali Pali Point Paga Point Paga Hill Ela Hill Padana Nahua Padana Nakua Pandana Nahua Osborne Point Old Rigo Road North Patch Newtown National Capital District National Capital National Capital Province Nateara Napa Napa Road Napa Napa Murray Barracks Motuporea Island Motuhanua Motupore Island Motukea Island Motu Kea Moitaka Agricultural Station Middle Patch Mavarololo Matirogo Matao-Oruro Manunouha Island Lion Island Manunua Manununa Manununa Island Manubada Island Local Island Malara Point Maiberi Maata Lolorua Island Lolorua Islands Loloata Island Logolu Motu Motu Liberty Patch Lark Patch Korobosea Korabosa Konedobu Koki Kohu Koderika Kouderika Kirra Beach Kila Kila Number 1 Kila Kila Kila Kaugere Kanudi Kaevaga June Valley Joyce Bay Joice Bay Idumava Point Idumava Idubada Idlers Bay Roku Bay Hohola Hanuabada Hanuada Haima Haidana Island Gwarumemase Gordon Gladys Point Gereka Gemo Island Hanudamava Island Hanudamawa Island Hanudamua Island Gabutu Gabatu Motu Motu Gabutu Motu Motu Gabutu Mutu Mutu Fingal Beach Fairfax Harbour Nouga Nouga Nugu Nugu Harbour Esade Motu Motu Esede Motu Motu Elevala Peninsula Elavala Elakurukuru Point Dokura Deadmans Bluff Daugo Islands Daugo Island DGG Fisherman's Island Fishermans Island Tauko Island Danuagua Island Daunagena Island Damanum Dagnome Cutler Point Coglan Head Clarke Patches Mount Cawston Burns Peak Boroko Boroginimu Bootless Inlet Bona Motu Bone Motu Island Buna Motu Bomana Creek Bogoro Inlet Bogora Inlet Bogirohodobi Point Bautama Mission Basilisk Passage Baruni Barume Barune Badili Arakuti Reef Ahearn Point Lade Kone Island Vabukori Ugava Hill Digohi Hill Abahua Head Ranu Hetuturu Bay Elevala Tanabada Hourata Ubuna Oponogono Mount Diamond Jacksons International Airport AYPY POM Port Moresby Airport Quality Hotel Gateway QUALITY HOTEL GATEWAY Tokarara Itokama ITK Fishermans Island Heliport Fisherman's Island Heliport Taurama Beach Ela Beach Waigini Golf Course Hohola North Crowne Plaza Hotel Port Moresby Holiday Inn Port Moresby Poreporena Villages Unagi Oval Cargo Terminal Container Wharf Holiday Inn Express Port Moresby