Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 2552

Mount Bruce
GA 2552 - Mount Bruce
Availability of Geoscience Products: As a specialist map provider, Cairns Charts & Maps has access to the full archive of Geoscience Australia's topographic collection. All products will be printed-on-demand and dispatched to you as quickly as possible. We do not foresee any impact to customers by the reported changes to GA's production of paper products.

This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Coppin Pool De La Porte Creek Digmans Well Dingo Soak Dinner Hill Jump-Up Bore Juna Downs Karijini Karijini National Park Marandoo Marandoo Hill Milli Creek Milli Milli Spring Minthicoondunna Spring Mount Barricade Mount Bruce Mount Bruce Bore Mount De La Hunty Mount Howieson Mount Hyogo Mount Mossenson Mount Oxer Mount Stevenson Mount Trevarton Spring Creek Mount Bruce Ranger Station 20 Mile Well and Bore Amaroona Spring Auski Roadhouse Bee Gorge Bismarck Gorge Bridge Pool Browns Well Calamina Well Cathedral Pool Circular Falls Circular Pool Club Pool Coffey Bore Crossing Pool Dales Bore Dales Gorge Dales Gorge Lookout Denis Gorge Digmans Well Dignam Gorge Dinner Hill Drillers Ridge Ebathacalby Well Fig Tree Crossing Bridge Fig Tree Soak Fortescue Falls Garden Gorge Garden Pool Gidyea Pool Gordon Falls Gorge Bore Gorton Mill Bore Hamersley Gorge Hancock Gorge Handrail Pool Hooley Gorge Joffre Falls Joffre Gorge Johnson Gorge Kalamina Falls Kalamina Gorge Karijini Karijini National Park Knox Gorge Maddina Pool Maddina Well Magazine Pool Malay Well Marandoo Marandoo Hill Marillana Bridge Marlathana Well Mcraes Well Mine Pool Mount Bruce Mount Bruce Bore Mount De La Hunty Mount Frederick Mount George Mount Hanwright Mount Howieson Mount King Mount King Gorge Mount Macleod Mount Oxer Mount Stevenson Mount Vigors Mount Watkins Mount Windell Mountain Well Mulga Downs Mundonnullodjie Pool Munjina Munjina Creek Munjina Creek Bridge Munjina East Gorge Munjina East Gorge Lookout Munjina Gorge Munjong Well New 20 Mile Bore No. 3 Well One Tank Well Perishing Pool Bore Pipally Well Pomona Pool Pyramid Pool Range Bore Range Creek Range Gorge Red Gorge Rio Tinto Gorge Robinsons Well Scout Pool Shearing Shed Well Silver Grass Well Snell Gorge Stevenson Well Stone Huts Well Town Pool Town Swimming Pool Weano Gorge Western Gorge Windmill Pool Wingermoonther Pool Wittenoom Wittenoom Aerodrome Wittenoom Gorge Wittenoom Gorge Mine Yampire Bore Yampire Gorge Youngaleena Bunlima Community Youngaleena Bunjima Community Joffre Creek Mungina Creek Joffre Camping Area Mungina Yampire Camping Area The Gordon Falls Stoen Huts Well Mount Bruce Ranger Station