Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 6531

GA 6531 - Pirie

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Crystal Brook Gladstone Laura Napperby Port Germein Port Pirie Wirrabara Georgetown Caltowie Bungama Stone Hut Port Pirie Lighthouse Hundred of Yangya Hundred of Telowie Hundred of Narridy Hundred of Howe Wirrila Tresylva Memorial Park Jacarandian Stump Peakes Tamarik Park Lake Herbie South Moorlands Crossing Booyoolie Watts Range School Naraddy Gin Shop Station Willow Flat Yangya Creek Bayview Nurom Railway Station Clements Gap Hecters Gardens Rocky River Post Office Rosedale Wirra Wirra Heywood Napoon Homestead Dennis Trig Wongabirrie Booyoolee Warrattata The Glen Nanraki Springside Riverside Farm Elta Lodge Tilingua Honeymoon Ranch Broughton Lodge Jacobs Butter Factory Narridy Creek Wara Wara Waterhole Rocky River Station Broadview Spring Villa Broughton Lee Nurom School Billabong Hymore Owiegunya Ballincrea Whyandra Fraveron Sams Hut Pollville Gulnare Post Office Gum Park Warnertown Trig Byarlea Milcowie School Willow Grove Dunlop Georgetown Trig Mancoombo Orana Gladstone Post Office Lonegum Burnside Mervena Temrax Park Hillview Yurjiah Bald Hill D A Bowman Memorial Wirrabara Primary School Thornlea Oaklands Caltowie Rural School Amleth Araluen Pinegrove Stone Hut Post Office Thornlea Hill Benedict Campus Warnertown Post Office Prince's Park Beetaloo Creek Karinya Caltowie Post Office Inverary Appila Springs Bullings Crossing Gumyank Cronton Farm Broad Creek Bentley Hill Beetaloo Camp Bedford Farm Pisant Creek Cunningham Pier Broken Hill Smelters Flinders View Collaby Hill Nelshiby Out Station Beetaloo Wyra Warra Salesian College Four Post Creek Revelle Stud Mount Mary Reavelle Braeville Wirrabara Police Station Almond Grove Beetaloo Reservoir Napperby Creek Port Pirie Technical College Port Pirie Motorcycle Club Port Pirie Campus King Tree Native Forest Reserve Davies Ville Solomontown Jetty Hillturn Port Germein Railway Station Nelshaby Creek Attunga Wirrabara Range Native Forest Reserve Port Pirie Railway Station Whites Creek Paddys Nob Woods Well Nelcabee Telowie Creek Post Office Memorial Park Coonamia Railway Station Yarrahkaga Napperby Gorge Crew Creek Mount Ferguson Kanangra Beetaloo Catchment Area Phoenix Park Racecourse Nurragi Gulnare Primary School Mundoora Conservation Park Nelshaby Reserve Sanctuary Port Pirie South Pirie College of TAFE Weeroona Island Gulnare Plain Moorundi Koolunga Homestead Gladstone High School Emu Spring Magazine Creek Caltowie Extension School Charlton Mine Bundara Park Wirrakinta Greyhound Track Gonna Farm Beetaloo Valley Primary School Port Pirie Special School Telowie Post Office Clearview Beetaloo Post Office Pirie East Sinclair Crossing Delamere Farm Wandearah North School Tank Hill Gulnare School Gladstone Railway Station Wyuna Narra Brook Kirks Corner Mt Watts Anglevale Raeville Koondow Homestead Olive Grove Hilltop Telowie Beach Palmor Goyder College of TAFE Solomontown Railway Station Fairview Little Broad Creek Hundred of Booyoolie Graemoor Kia Ora Elgla Crystal Brook Primary School Bernoniah Sheep Station Teetuppennie Creek West Bundaleer Caltowie North Port Flinders Warnertown Narridy Almond Tree Corner Glenroyal Caltowie Agricultural Area Starks Garden North End Well Karthina Spencer Institute of TAFE Port Pirie High School Pirie West Primary School Narridy Primary School Telowie Gorge National Park Collaby Spring Red Pines Birmunda Rotunda Institute Minyara Athol Park Woolaway Auldstead Freebairns Harnell Riverside Newstead Woodvale Braeside NFC Camp Nelshaby Post Office Port Pirie West Primary School Rocky Creek Hut Ippinitchie Creek Port Pirie Creek Daviesville Telowie Spring George Corner Cowandurham Soak Fishermans Jetty North End Dam Clover Fields Wandearah Institute Cloverleigh Moorundie Park Hughes Gap Primary School Broughton View Pirie East Tennis Courts Berkinerah Hill Nantoura Hay Wongulie Risdon Park Primary School Beetaloo Ruin Block Nine Bore Hillthorpe Napperby Sub Homestead Watteroue Curnows Bore Huddleston Ballymorane George Town Station Cemetery Brook View Abbeville Telegraph Office Laura Primary School Ber Ean Old Yangya School Pine Park Nelshiby Creek Beetaloo Valley Leilhome Villavali Garland Elroy John Pirie Bridge Mount Ellen Northern Plains White Park Glen Innes Telowie Well Keringa Mount Hope Kincora Smarts Corner Gulnare Tanks Pine Grove Pissant Creek Pis-Ant Creek Lorraine Conara Wirrabara Forest Merriton Woodlands Pirie East Cricket Oval Hillcrest Georgetown Post Office Billibong Mount John Merriton Post Office Lauriston Wheatlands Hughes Gap Gulnare Pine Vale Black Rock Bald Hill Appila Hut Korea Reserve Paddys Knob Horner House Mary Springs Ponderosa Solomontown Mount Zion Bungama Railway Station Port Pirie Infant School Avis Park Post Office Seaview Downs Barracanna Seaview Big Broad Creek Graves Hill Hundred of Appila Abbeville Railway Station Crystal Brook Railway Station Threadgolds Crossing Redpines Georgetown Cricket Club River Glen Illa-Linga Corella Laura Golf Course Logan Hill Roadmans Hut Appila Rural School Telowie Creek Solomons Section Hundred of Bundaleer El Rancho Mundowie Springs Hundred of Napperby Telowie Merdea Killiyara Zelnor Port Pirie Fire Station Esmond Road Post Office Appila Gorge Ippinitchie Woodlawn Rockdale Gumleaf Goat Stud Lawrie Park Bundabrook Ingleside Coocapoo Finnegans Corner Pine Lodge Lambbanks Scenic Outlook Bowman Park Sanctuary Warnertown Railway Station Gum View Leprechaun Park Jane Field Back Creek Springdale Roscommon Huddleston Post Office Martindale Garland View Ferguson Range Tuohy Railway Station Needarosa Glory Corner Hundred of Darling Willow Park Claremont Bently's Hill Wirrawae Park Sunnycroft Nelshaby Telephone Exchange Port Pirie Primary School Memorial Oval Red Creek Telowie Creek Primary School Cavan Downs Caltowie West Riverside Tennis and Cricket Field Milcowie Dam Emref Park Dingle Dell Brookview The Whim Pirie East Uniting Church Wara Wara Cattle Yards Willow Pond Nangway Port Pirie Aerodrome Jim Gate Spaniards Gully Native Forest Reserve The Mid North Education Centre Woodward Park Nelshiby Port Pirie West St Josephs Parish School Port Pirie Hospital White Cliff Range Solomontown Post Office Bluff Anzac Reserve Port Pirie Post Office Hundred of Crystal Brook Gold Vale Sunnybrae Appila Goolagong Jindilee Apex Park Glenmore Saint John Lutheran Church Clover Hill Pirie East School Joyvilar Cockeys Crossing Institute Gladstone Gaol Hill View Benbowin Lonsdale Yarrowie Creek Ringwood Telowie Gorge Conservation Park Sebastapol Cliff Clements Gap Conservation Park Wandearah East Talowie Out Station Solomontown Primary School Globe Oval Riverold Merriton Railway Station Akeringa Merriton Trig Yangya Hill Spring Sub Station Diamond-C Gladstone Primary School Yanga Railway Station Bracklin Pesta Nilshippy Shag Creek Pastoralists Point The Wash Napperby Primary School Whim Hotel Browns Corner Loch Nagar Cave Wyattatoo Wurilba Railway Station Bay View Farm Perry Well Berkinerah Sheep Station Brooklyn County of Victoria Saturn Germein Bay Wirrabara Railway Station Stone Hut Railway Station Caltowie Hill Mill View Wirrabara Hostel Telowie Gorge John Pirie Secondary School Memorial Civic Centre Warramalla Laura Railway Station Belvedere Ymatta Devonfield Rocky Glen Park Hughes Dam Titi-Currie Springs Nurom Yarrowie Port Germain Nicholasons Mercowie Wandearah East School Yanta Unga Flairville South Mount Charlie Georgetown Primary School Wittalo Creek Bowman Park Carrowie Hut Wirrabara Forest Office Delmore Allenbie Park Yarrowie Post Office Kuangwea King Tree St Marks College Karrindale Hilpara Calluby Wandearah Railway Station Lezayre Broughton Park Bayview Farm Emref Walloroo Hylands Lone Gum Narridy Post Office Warwich Pine Creek Gowan Brae Merriton Rural School Heslips Quarry Crews Garden Wirrabara Post Office The Sanctuary Pinery Creek Tandowie Caltowie Springs Bauer Creek Avonmore Port Pirie River Port Germein Post Office Appila Post Office Yacka Baroordie Sheep Station Riverview Delamere Mungumba Devils Glen Old Beetaloo Koorin Bonneur Napperby Post Office Beetaloo Park Port Pirie West Post Office Sams Hills Crystal Brook Post Office Willow Bank Crystal Brook West School The Gums Three Mile Station Hundred of Caltowie Glendean Azile Tapparra Yackamoorundie Creek Cockeys Crossing Angle Vale Rae-Ville Caltowie Railway Station Glenoe Mulino Bungama Substation Port Pirie Community College Sunny Brae Vietnam Reserve Golden Sand Seaveiw Port Oval Frypan Hill Leonard Oval Wirrabara School Condowie Hut Huddleston Railway Station Stanley Park Cricket Pitch Junction Hut Rocky Glen Carmodies Hill Wandearah Tandanva Wirrattatoo Springs White Cliff Hill Dalmore Laureena Stacey Park Charlton Accommodation House Ardlethan Kentall Park Duck Ponds Creek Myrtle Farm Bosco Campus Port Pirie South Post Office The Settlers Wharf Mount Misery The Bluff Appila Creek Rocky Creek King John Hill Coonamia Georgetown Railway Station Nelshaby Charlton Mount Herbert Rocky River Creek Rocky River Gulnare Railway Station Baroota Creek Wirrabara Forest Reserve Abbeville Mangrove Point Princes Park Yangya Wurilba Merriton Station Mount Watts