Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 6631

GA 6631 - Jamestown

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Jamestown Spalding Terowie Hallett Sunnybrae Hornsdale Bundaleer Gardens Hundred of Yongala Petherton South Hundred of Reynolds Oaklyn Coondowie Hut Never Never Creek Birt Cairn Oak-Lyn Hundred of Terowie Centenary Park Cappeedee Gum Park Greenfields Aroona Sly Hill Narrowie East Bungaree Tiverville Howleys Crossing J and L Bore Clarkwyn Kaybunda Craigdale Bundaleer Cottage Conservators Hut Gumbowie Reservoir Hillview Pianoleche Whyte-Yarcowie Post Office Whyte-Yarcowie Railway Station Yarcowie Railway Station Gottlieb Well Terowie Post Office Bundaleer Intake Channel Mannanarie Post Office Eagles Eyry Hut Portlands Razorback Pine Hill Yongala Post Office Wandre Vale Claymore Jamestown Museum Wyndaba Hut Victoria Park Spring Gully Jamestown Cemetery Gumbowie Trig Kinaldie Dares Rocks Belalie North Railway Station Bundaleer Head Station Boulview Fourwinds Bundaleer Reservoir The Olives King Hut Strathdownie Mundunnie Hill Worubia Mundunnie Hut Dillowie Coo-Anna Creek St James School Wirrenowee Sheep Station Wandra Plain Hacklins Corner School Baderloo Creek Orromor Mullowie Hut Flairville Womba Dago Bore Hallett Post Office District Council of Spalding Offices Browns Hill The Wayside Nalia Hut Kenlyn Lucerne Downs Firewood Creek Willogoleche Wattles Tank Terowie Springs Ulooloo Bluff Creek Rural Automatic Exchange Thunderstorm Hill Round Hill German Gully Hells Gate Wallilue Creek Lorette Bundaleer Channel Coolatoo Creek Toolang Mount Bryan Belalie Plains Cooanna Creek West Worubra Hut Broughton Mine Motherowie Hut Mayfield Baulah Hut Bundaleer North Telephone Exchange Peppermint Gully Ulooloo Diggings Mungibbie Yongala Railway Station Tommy Gap Yarcowie Hut Willalo Hall McVittie Flat Hallett Gap Telephone Exchange Yurlurlu Vambata Willogoleeche Canowie Shebbear Narrowie Hut Bambury Creek Browne Range Hillcrest Jamestown Ambulance Station Loudown Brae Old Basin Dam Rupara Wookongarie Ulooloo Creek Wittow Rock Mount Scrub Kilnadie Oakview Maeno Freshwater Creek Weir Tadpowie Hut Cringoree Sheep Station Monowhatah Sheep Station Belalie Creek Bundaleer Stud Teecarnee Hornsdale Telephone Exchange Mount Nadjuri Manangari Minguina Ulaloo Creek Razorback Dam Tourilie Old Canowie The Bluff Haldane Willalo One Tree Hill Trig Hundred of Hallett Stewarts Old Station Wilkins Highway Toolangi Yandowie Highlands Dillowie Creek Kukokara Creek Enwhy Bellalee Hut Hornsdale Post Office RamSyn Fair Gala Stud Mundy Valley Gumowie Glen View Yongala Reservoir Cut Creek Lyn-Glen Kukokara Hut Mooniah Rock Beckwith Wornbia Creek Belalie Station Braemar Belview Mangala Coachleeanie Hut Boniah Yard Pirie College of TAFE Mount Lock Hundred of Anne Bundaleer North Yongala Yarawini Mount Sly Kullgana Ward Hill Simowie Petherton Glendare Banbury Tank Forest View New Campbell Hill Trig Worpaninna Hut Wheal Sarah Jamestown Hospital Hillside Carinya Clearview Sugar Loaf Station Mount Bryant Tighnabruaich Chewings Gap Wittow Spring Willalo Telephone Exchange Woodleigh Lock Valley Curnows Hut Mount Williams Gubbins Yard Bundaleer Springs Gumlee Capview Tumelo Creek Rocky Glen Dares Spring Banbury Springs Station Muljarrah Hut Coleman Hill Graham's Barowooto Well Bundaleer Yarcowie Great View Moorlands Wybury Cocanowie Miltowie Hut Bermunda Hut Oak-Brae Ulooloo Railway Station Kangaroo Plains Spalding Primary School HQ Bore Lynglen Wyndaba Sir Hubert Wilkins Aerodrome Glenrest Sunshine Hacklins Corner Church Kannawenah Hut Bundaleer Post Office Mount Ngadjuri Brown Hill Trelyn Brookefields Belalie Springs O'Ellan Muljarrah Well Pine Hut Canowie Post Office Hacklins Corner The Bluff Range Oak Brae Spalding Police Station Mount Carmel Willowie Well Eringunda Oakhills Belalie North Post Office Yackarily Sheep Station Mannanarie Mount Braynt Yurlurlu Vari Hundred of Belalie Willalo Creek Gap View Melton Stud Rocky Well Willowee Sheep Station Jamestown Police Station Terowie Rural School Belalie East Delowie Werrowie Creek Mount Lock Springs Jamestown High School Belalie North Telephone Exchange Brices Tank Ulooloo Post Office Nepowie Hut Sugar Loaf Western Branch of Ulooloo Creek Bundaleer Forest Office Gell Hill Pages New Campbell Hill Riverina Park Yurlurlu Hundred of Mannanarie Euthadale Homestead Worubia Creek Brown Hill Range Mannanarie Telephone Exchange Borve Nannoweenah Sheep Station Nonapah Sheep Station Belalie Park Willalo-North Booborowie School Oakbrae Terowie Creek Boonderoo Wanbuckedle Sheep Station Jamestown CFS Oakley Balan School Morganvale Loudoun Brae Billylee Sheep Station Canowie Belt Hall Whyte Yarcowie Kurkolo Creek Willouwa Muljarrah Wells Yarcowie Post Office Parnggi Well Doughboy Hut Yaratro Hut Willowie Hut Belfast Blackfellows Hut Worpaminna Hut Weroona Browne Hill Tanbie Hut Narien Range Kappowie Wandre Plain Jamestown Primary School Lynbrae Willogoleche Hill Eastern Branch of Ulooloo Creek Boultons Hill Coolootoo Hut Lorraine Washpool Hundred of Whyte Campbell Range Browns Hill Range Coondowie Dalowie Hut Tiltia Well Tiltia Hut Jamestown Railway Station Cootha View Tatara Conchileowie Hut Manratta Mahratta Restonvale Belgala Vale Yongala Trig Mannanarie Siding Wandra Plain Hut Tadpowie Delmoor Miltowie The Razorback Gumbowie Hill Kurcolo Creek Hiles Lagoon Terowie Railway Station Pianoleeche Spring Kurcolo Yards Wattle Gully Yeltanna Banbury Creek Narrowie Spring Wattle Park Pigeon Box Creek Gumbowie Post Office Lower Springs Flat Munduney Gleninga Park Morgan Vale Never Never Range Eagles Eyry Well Tooralie Little Oaklyn Wyndaba Hut School Hundred of Tarcowie Gumbowie Railway Station Yellowie Little Cartapo Levi Hut The Braes Balanbreni Little Oakley Maleer Dunleer Coolootoo Well Kappowie Waterhole Goodview Gibson Gap Sugar Loaf Hill Coolatoo Springs Station Yard Baderloo Ram-Syn Fairvale Greenslopes Bluff Creek Mount Pleasant Hut Kymbalyn Capidee Creek Belalie North Basin Dam Cumberland Park Menbardoo Hut Yarcowie Tank Windmill Well East Lynne Curkaloor Creek Tiverina Park Campbell Hill Trig Lowie Creek Ward Hill Trig Heathermoor West Mundunnie Hut Bundaleer South Red Banks Waterhole Eldena Carunna Vale Nannowee Sheep Station Jamestown Post Office Springbank Tiver Petherton House Glenview Doughboy Hill Strathayr Hallett Railway Station Capeview The Rustic Retreat Bermunda Well Buckleowie Well Cooanna Hut Muljarra Boniah Hut Old Pertherton Mount Pleasant Craigs House Coo-Owie Creek Canowie Belt Whyte-Yarcowie Dares Hut Ulooloo Hill Porcupine Range Mount Monabolie Gumbowie Campbell Hill Locks Hill Nalia Creek One Tree Hill Belalie Campbell Bundaleer Creek Fresh Water Creek