Unpublished Topographic Map

GA 6737

GA 6737 - Umberatana
Availability of Geoscience Products: As a specialist map provider, Cairns Charts & Maps has access to the full archive of Geoscience Australia's topographic collection. All products will be printed-on-demand and dispatched to you as quickly as possible. We do not foresee any impact to customers by the reported changes to GA's production of paper products.

This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Mundoo Dopinna Waterhole Old Nolls Mount McDonnell Mount Elva Benbonyata Hill Elva Dam Stubbs Waterhole Siller Lookout Taylor Well The Smiler Second Bore Creek Slate Mine Mason Hill Stanley Mine Jubilee Bore Umberatana Mine Wheal Hancock The Twins Nipa Awi Mount Jacob Nicholls Springs Ngumbadatanha Wayawayanha Awi Manyi Range Mawson Valley Lady Buxton Mine Yudnhu Ngarlaakanha Griselda Hill Radium Ridge Uldhanha Arkaroola-Mount Painter Sanctuary Yandina Hill Gammon Ranges National Park Mawson Plateau Munyallina Bore Frome Lookout Wywhyana Spring Adlyu Vundhu Awi Niparraakanha Nguriyandharlanha Wartapanha Rocky Spring Creek Paralana Homestead Arkaroola Bore Manyi Vambata Derry Bore Paralana Post Office Miller Hill Wakarra-virrinha Arkaroola Prospect Mine Four Mile Well The Welcome Mine Tillite Gorge Nepouie Peak Salt Well Appioolana Spring Rover Rockhole Blue Duck Mine Freeling Heights Mount Pitt Manyi Awiurtu Mainwater Spring Mount Brooks Yudnamutana Creek Illinawortina Creek Cleft Creek Paralana Range Ulabunna Spring Buxton Bore Mosquito Gorge Fern Chasm Greenhill Well Mount Jacob Mine Duck Mine Freshwater Creek Sambot Waterhole Mount McTaggart Gleeson Spring Notch Creek V McLeashes Mine Bleachmore Well Gleeson Creek Overland Bore Prow Point Sunshine Pound Great Boulder Mine North Tusk Hill Windowidna Spring Ooraldana Mine Munyallina Springs Balancing Rock Bluemine Creek Lively Find Mine Old Noll Mine Blue Mine Umberatana Elephant Hill Mount John Roberts East Painter Bore Devils Pass Gibber Plain Canyon Bore Yarta Yaladhatyi Vari Ngandyukunha Mystery Bore Yerelina Water Mount Warren-Hastings Ngudku-ngudkunha Old Illinawortina Homestead Ilhaurtunha Vari Wheal Gleeson Kingsmill Creek Twins Well Landslide Bore Mallee Well Weetootla Gorge Number One Bore Woodnamoka Well Paralana Hot Springs Mount Shanahan Wooltana Cave Carpa Creek Daly Creek Barraranna Hole Yudnamutana Gorge Number 2 Bore Jump Up Spring Jumpup Spring Yerelina Spring Balance Rock Creek Gammon Ranges Great Pindelpana Mine Mindaapadanha Yura Arti Vari Nuldanuldanha Vambata Undhi Wadlyu Kingmill Creek Urtinha Cliff Humanity Seat Dix Hill Yeralina Spring Creek Oppaminda Creek South Branch of Italowie Creek Arkaroola Springs Arkaroola Livelys Find Mine Weeinea Water Natural Arch East Painter Camp Petalinka Waterfall Devils Window George Snell's Grave Nguriyandharlanha Vari Worturpa Goldfield Wheal Frost Jones Spring Mainwater Well Second Bore Mawarinyinha Vari Corundum Mine Wiawiana Creek Mount Harris Cockscomb Mine Adlyu Vundhu Vari Woodnamoka Creek Quartpot Bore Ipaumbunha Yurru Mount Painter Well Apiyakunha No 1 Workings Mount Ben Dickinson Mount Painter North Branch of Italowie Creek Pimbanyerta Twins Hill Padaardlanha Yurru Bend Well Bolla Bollana Creek Nuwadu Mangu Hill MacDonnell Well Mount Pitts Davis Well Udnamuka Vari Nernyankaninna Hut Mount Gosse Yaralhanha Wirti Urdla Inbiri The Bentley Mine Claude Pass Wheal Austin Nardlamathanha The Armchair Manyi Valley Arkaroola Hole Mount McDonnell Mine Bunyip Chasm Copper Creek Nepouie Range Tourmaline Hill Shamrock Mine Illa Creek Vyee Vambata Second Tank Weeinea Waterhole Balancing Rock Creek Mount MacDonnell Mine White Ants Mine Barraranna Gorge Mount Saturday Salt Well Creek Sprigg Nob Nepouie Spring Junction Waterhole Copper Creek Bore Painter Bore Yudnamutana Hill Vermiculite Valley Blue Range Nason Hill Square Paddock Bore Yaki Vari Wayawayanha Vari Mount Dickinson Amphitheatre Creek Wardnuwartanha Greenwood Camp Well Monarch Mine St Patrick Bore Last Chance Bore The Plateau Copper Mine Creek Bararranna Hill Little Paddock Creek Nernyankaninna Well Barraranna Hill Small Spring Wida Ubmanakanha Yudnumatanha Vambata Giant Head Mallee Well Creek Hasse Mound Corundum Creek Pindelpana Creek Awadinha Hill Snake Gully Bore Red Bank Creek Korrawilya Spring Northcotes Creek South Tusk Hill Ngawarlanha Wida Ildya Vari Greenwood Hill Octopus Hill Mount Thomas Boulder Bore Jones Hill Merinjini Well Kingsmill Mine No 7 Workings South East Range Idninha Sunshine Creek Padaardlanha Ipaumbunha Spring Muller Hill Arkaroola Village Worturpa Creek Udnaminda Ochre Wall Mount Shanahan Mine Yamuti Cave Varndanuranha Hill Valivalinha Larelar Mound Wywhyana Bore Worturpa Spring Jubilee Mine Littles Dam Hamilton Claim Armchair Creek Opaminda Creek Rimfire Bore Wedna Well Arkaroola Spring Molkawolpa Water Streak Gorge Echo Camp Yeralina Creek The Terraces Ilhaurtunha No 6 Workings Commonwealth Mine Bitter Springs Mount Changeweather Greenhill Mine Pinnacles Mine Ninialana Creek Bolla Bollana Water Tindelpina Hut Yackie Waterhole Lavinia Well Wild Ass Creek Pontanna Well Ngambadatanha Vari Varndanuranha Vambata Armchair Hill Worturpa Well Woodlamulka Mine Overland Creek Yackie Saddle Nuldanuldanha Hill Four Winds Hill Mount Livingstone Akurrula Awi Wirtiurdla No 4 Workings Wakarla Angatha Waterhole Hadlocks Well Utanda Well Yerilina Bolla Bollana Spring Yeralinna Spring Mainwater Pound Freshwater Spring Mount Lee Virdarrinha Urtinha Yukari Emmerona Water Two Mile Creek Haematite Hill Compass Pass Bob Nob Hill No 3 Workings No 2 Workings Main Water Spring Tee Junction Waterhole The Smiler Mine Welcome Pound Davis Spring Thirteen Mile Well Tindelpina Well O'Donohue Castle Well Steadman Ridge Wildcat Creek Wooldoonooldoona Waterhole Amberoona Spring Mount Thomas Tank Bull Creek Daly Bluff Ildhidinha Streitberg Ridge Red Gap Palipalinha Manyi Madapa Yaralhanha Vari Yamuti Ithapi Warden Hill Umberatana Creek Jacobs Peak Murrayowie Tank The Pinnacles Oodnaminta Well Rocky Spring Yumudu Vari Tin Hut Warrancurralyuna Water Emily Mine Vadaardlanha Yurru Valley Well Padaardlanha Vari Taylor Bore Taylor Hill Survey Point Z Vurdli Wida Unmanbungutu O'Donohue Castle Mine Udnamuka East Painter Gorge McTaggart Well Manyi Vari Heighty Creek Narni Inganinha Grand Junction Mine King Mill Creek Mount Thomas Well Hasses Dam Thudupinha Hill Fox Spring Well The Needles Mount Pitts Creek Wheal Turner Mines Red Hill The Rockholes Hells Gate Mount Ward Sunshine Peak Minerva Heights Echo Camp Waterhole Bulls Spring Coulthard Lookout Mount Oliphant Nuldanuldanha Akurrula Vari Wilkindinna Spring Akurrula Gresham Well Woolwash Snake Gully Creek Oopaminda Creek Junction Creek Yerelina Well Nepouie Arcoona Saddle Yuwanyinha Spring Gordon Springs Creek The Bentley Prospect Blue Mine Creek Nudlamutana Well Ung Owillina Old Paralana Homestead Sir Dominic Mine Warrancurrayuna Water Wealthy King Mine Wiawiana Bore Spotted Schist Pass Woolnough Crag Mount Painter Camp Mine Welcome Mine Balcanoona Gorge Wildyalikinha Vari Andu Upanha Uldhanha Creek Taylor Bald Hill Gammon Hill Nipa Awi Vari Glover Hill Ipaumbunha Range No 5 Workings Virlkundhanha Oodnaminta Yards Fifteen Mile Well Bararranna Waterhole Yankaninna Range Gleeson Well Weetootla Creek Mount Gee Devils Slide McTaggart Tank Mount MacDonnell Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole Loch Ness Mine Mulga Well Black Queen Mine Radium Creek Worturpa Pound Main Water Munyallina Valley Daly Bore Valley Bore Loch Ness Well Umberatana Post Office Jasper Twins The Smiler Prospect Greenhill Hut Bobs Knob Hill Nardlamathanha Hill Wildflower Creek Great Gladstone Bore Great Gladstone Mine Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park Benbonyathe Hill Donkey Spring Arkaroola Waterholeole Mount Crocker Willigan Hill Groan Creek Gladstone Well Mount Partridge Idninha Vari Gordon Springs Yangga-vuthi-vuthi Ilyteena Gap Emily Hill Weetootla Spring Uldhanha Vari Wywhyana Creek Bull Spring Creek Tindlepina Creek Worturpa Mine Weetootla Well Bararranna Gorge Old Station Well Manyi Bluff Well No 8 Workings First Bore Burt Hill McDonnell Well Yunyinha Spring Yudnumatanha Hasse Mound Dam Uliban Spring Wooltja Spring McDonald Well British Empire Mine Crocker Saddle Wallace Gully Mine Illinawortina Well Wartapa Vari Ulanggarra Ngarnbatanha Cliff Wartapa Old Bolla Bollana Smelters Cleft Peak Vadaardlanha Vari Virdarrinha Vari Warratyi Arti Vandipa Mount Warren Wirtiurdla Vari Centre Hill Lame Horse Gully Willigan Mine Commonwealth Mine Creek Uldhanha Spring American Gap McDonnel Mine Evett Well Wooltana Spring Split Rock Trig Hill Balcanoona Spring Wheal Susan Wooltana Bob Knob Sitting Bull Yadnina Spring Ulibuna Spring Yankaninna The Deans Hill Hodgson Hill Vii Vambata Yadnina Creek Arta Vuldha Yukari Wild Dog Creek Dinnertime Hill Vadaardlanha Mara Murumuru Waterhole Black Springs Edwards Waterhole North Well Creek Idninha Spring Wildya Vari Nernyankaninna Bore Illinawortina Pound Yadnina Idninha Creek Ngumbambadanha Yudnamutana Mine North Well Daly Mine Meeske Hill Eichler Creek Grindell Hut Mainwater Creek Yudnamutana Bore Idninha Awi Yaki Awi Mandya Arti Yulupanha Winmiindanha Muru Adnya Vambata Yerelina Erelina Dixs Hill Nasons Hill Paralana Number One Workings Number Two Workings Number Three Workings Number Eight Workings Number Seven Workings Number Six Workings Umberatana Station Meeskes Hill Flinders Ranges Burts Hill Humanitys Seat Taylors Bald Hill Illawortina Mount Warren Hastings ODonohue Castle Mine North Flinders Ranges Extension Hill Mount McTaggert George Snells Grave