Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 8226

GA 8226 - Walbundrie

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Howlong Jindera Walla Walla Alma Park Alma Park Public School Back Creek Balldale Balldale Public School Balldale Railway Station Beazleys Swamp Bethel Big Goombargana Swamp Big Hill Blue Hill Blue Hills Black Swan Lagoon The Black Range Black Range Bold Point Bowna Bowna Creek Four Mile Creek Brae Hills Brocklesby Brocklesby Public School Brocklesby Railway Station Bulgandry Carnsdale Castlestead Chinamens Creek Comer Comer Creek Corner Hill Crisps Hill Dead Horse Creek Dead Mans Creek Deep Lagoon Ebel Ellerslie Ferndale Railway Station Fernthorpe Foots Swamp Gerogery Gerogery Creek Gerogery Ridge Gerogery West Gibson Glenellen Glenellen Public School Glossop Goombargana Goombargana Cemetery Goombargana Creek Gum Swamp Gum Tree Swamp Happy Dicks Creek Haughton Hickory Hill Hindmarsh Hopgood Horsley Hovell Howlong Common Howlong Public School Howlong Road Huon Huon Park Hurricane Hurricane Hill Hynes Jindera Common Jindera Gap Jindera Public School Jordan Creek Junction Kangaroo Creek Kentucky Kentucky State Forest Keoghs Island Gerogery Range Goombargana West Public School Site The Gum Swamp Happy Dick's Gully Hickory Hill Public School Howlong Sportsground Huon Park Public School Hurricane Hill Siding The Island Jindera or Lesters Gap Kilnacroft Creek Kingston Hill Knowles Koringal Road Public School Krause The Lake Lesters Gap Log Hut Gully Long Hill Long Plain Creek Long Waterholes The Long Water Hole Lowe Square Macvean Island Mcleod Mahonga Mahonga Creek Mahonga Plain Majors Creek Majors Plains Majors Plains Public School Majors Reserve Majors Waterhole Majors Waterholes Mate Mickan Middle Creek Miller Moorwatha Morebringer Morebringer Public School Morgans Lookout Morton Mount Royal Mullemblah Mullemblah North Murrnong Oakdene Oak Hill Oil Tree Lagoon O'Neills Creek One Tree Hill Orelda Orelda Platform Orelda Railway Station Osborne Pattersons Swamp Petrie Petries Creek Pietches Piney Range Quat Quatta Quay Quattapublic School Rand Rand Public School Rand Railway Station Red Hill Richmond Roberts Hill Rocky Creek Run Boundary Ryan Ryan Railway Station Sandy Creek Schultz Hill Sherwyn Sherwyn Nature Reserve Simmons Creek Snake Island Spring Stitt Stringy Bark Sunrise Mount Terrible Thurgona Creek Turkeys Nest Dam Walbundrie Walbundrie Cemetery Walbundrie Public School Wallandoon Wallandoon Creek Walla Walla Cemetery Walla Walla Post Office Walla Walla Public School Walla Walla Railway Station Walla Walla Tank Weeamera Siding White Dight Doodle Comer Swamp Dudal Comer Swamp Bungowannah Burrumbuttock Burrumbuttock Creek Burrumbuttock Public School Burrumbuttock Railway Station Bolton H156 Bolton Carramar Edgehill Billabong Flora Reserve Snake Island Flora Reserve Brocklesby Post Office Howlong Post Office Wiesners Swamp Nature Reserve Black Swan Anabranch Bobby Dickie Creek Custom House Bridge Murphys Creek Rutzous Bridge Wild Duck Creek Willow Creek Urangeline East Urangeline Glen Elgin Murmong Rainbow Ferndale Wallandoon Hill Kuringa Bulgandra Mullemblah Hill Wonga Park Walbundry Weeamera Goombargana Hill Perries Creek Cragdurrock Thornbury Tower Hill Alvista Date Palm Hill Orange Grove Delaware Bloomfield Clay Hill Burrumbuttock Hill Fairfield Glenhope Green Hill Stringy Bark Hill Elmslea Brae Springs Stony Park West Glenlea Stony Park East Granite Hill Huon Tank Howlong Hill Westerndale Elm Park Rosedale Eversleigh Wattle Park Yambla Longlea Boxwood Park Hawthorn Table Top Culverly Rise Golden Valley Villa Grove Spring Valley Gooramadda