Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 8625

GA 8625 - Berridale

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Berridale Jindabyne Lakewood Estate Tyrolean Kalkite Old Adaminaby Arthella Inlet Back Creek Backalum Andrews Lookout Arsenic Creek Arsenic Ridge Arable Arable Creek Anglers Reach Braemar Creek Andys Creek Andys Inlet Addicumbene Adaminaby Bay Abington Addicumbene Creek Addicumbene Reach Badgerys Creek Bald Hill Bald Hill Creek Bald Mountain Creek Barnes Creek Barneys Creek Barneys Gap Barneys Range Barneys Ridge Beacon Point Beloka Beloka Creek Beloka Ridge Benefield Benefield Inlet Bennetts Creek Berridale Public School Biggam Biggam Creek Biggam North Big Tolbar Creek Big Tolbar Inlet Billyo Cove Bills Creek Boconnoc Island Bobundara Cemetery Bobundara Hill Bobundara Black Range Blackfellows Hill Boggy Plain Creek Bog Hole Creek Bolero Botheram Plain Botherum Creek Botherum Plain Bough Creek Boundary Gully Boundary Lake Bracken Island Bradley Braemar Braemar Bay Braemar Head Bridle Creek Brooks Mill Creek Brooks Range Brooks Ridge Brookwood Bay Buckenderra Buckenderra Arm Buckenderra Creek Buckleys Crossing Buckleys Lake Bulgundara Bulgundara Creek Caddigat Creek Campbells Creek Camping Creek Carrolls Lake Carrot Flat Casleys Springs Creek Cemetery Point Chapel Creek Clear Hill Peninsula Clifford Point Clover Point Clyde Cobbin Cobbin Creek Cobrabald Bay Cobrabald Mount Cobrabald Collingwood Bay Collins Creek Colorado Point Copper Mine Bay Coolamatong Coolamatong Lake Cooley Bay Coolringdon Coolringdon Hill Cooma Airport Cootralantra Cootralantra Creek Cootralantra Hill Cootralantra Lake Copper Tom Reach Cottage Creek Crackenback Crackenback Peak Crackenback Swamp Creel Bay Crooks Racecourse Crookshanks Peak Crookshanks Cub Island Curiosity Rocks Cygnet Island Daley Creek Dalgety Public School Dargins Flat Deegans Hill Deep Creek Devils Hole Creek Dutton Creek Eaglehawk Cove Elbow Pinch Eucumbene Eucumbene Arm Eucumbene Cove Eucumbene Dam Eucumbene Lookout Eurimble Cove Fairway Island Foresters Point Forest Inlet Frying Pan Arm Frying Pan Creek Geikle Creek Gibbagunyah Glebe Point Grace Lea Island Grenadiers Ridge Growlers Gully Gungarlin River Gygederick Gygederick Creek Gygederick Hill Hallstrom Island Harry Lees Plain Hatchery Bay Hayshed Bay Hemsby Peninsula Heron Island Hiawatha Point Hole Creek Hollands Crossing Homeleigh Bay Honeysuckle Hill Horse Corner Horseshoe Bend Mount Hudson Hugundara Creek Hugundara Lagoon Huon Point Ibis Point Illawong Headland Ingrams Creek Ironpot Creek Island Lake James Creek James Creek Inlet Jeffs Creek Jillimatong Jindabyne Cemetery Jindabyne Dam Lake Jindabyne Jinderboine Jinderboine Hill Jocks Cove Kalkite Creek Kalkite Gap Kalkite Mountain Kalkite Point Kalkite Rock Kalkite Waters Kara Creek Cobbon Creek Cooloowye Cootralantra or Jeffs Creek Cowbed Creek Crackewrack River The Creel Culey Bay Village of Dalgety Dargans Flat Deagins Hill Devils Hole Frying Pan Frying Pan or Namung Creek Geekle The Glebe Point The Grenadier Illawong Jinberboine Creek Jocks Arm Kiah Lake Killmacoola Lagoon Knightsdale Koala Point Kyloe Island Lake Lake Coolamatong Lake Creek Lake Plain Lakes Creek Lamella Island Lees Creek Letter Creek Lewis Spring Lion Island Little Plain Little Plain Creek Little Rams Head Creek Little Tolbar Creek Long Corner Creek Long Lake Long Plain Lynchs Creek Lynchs Flat Lynchs Point Mcevoy Island Mckeahnies Creek Manara Marys Hill Maurellan Inlet Mays Point Merino Island Middlingbank Middlingbank Peninsula Middlingbank Reach Midway Point Mill Creek Mill Creek Inlet Mill Inlet Minnehaha Point Monaro Point Monking Flat Moonbah Moonbah Public School The Morass Mountain Ash Creek Mountain Ash Gully Creek Mount Pleasant Mowamba Mowenbah Munyang Murlingbung Hill Murroo Murroo Creek Murrumbucca Murrumbucka Muzzlewood Inlet Myack Myack Creek Namungo Point Neriwa Island Newmans Rock Nimmo Camp Nimmo Nimmo Plain Northam Creek Numungo or Frying Pan Creek Observation Point Old Adaminaby Cemetery Old Hut Creek O'Neills Bay O'Neills Lagoon O'Neill Lagoon Paddy Bryans Flat Paddys Corner Paddys Creek Paddys Gully Panorama Point Pasture Bay Pat Ann Creek Peak Creek Pelican Island Peters Flat Phalaris Point Pipeclay Creek Pipers Hill Plover Island Pools Creek Portal Branch Portal Inlet Pretty Jimmys Creek Quail Island Quarry Point Queengallery Rainbow Point Rats Castle Creek Regatta Point Rennex Gap Rennix Gap Rhine Falls Robertsons Crossing Rocky Creek Rocky Plains Creek Rocky Plain The Rocky Waterholes The Rotten Rocks Round Flat Round Hill Round Mountain Round Plain Rushes Bay Rushes Creek Rushey Flat Rushs Bay Rushy Plain Bay Ryrie Island Salt Lake Sanctuary Inlet Sandy Beach Sandy Creek Sawpit Creek Sawyers Creek Seymour Reach Sheep Station Creek Shepherds Point Showground Point Slacks Creek Snipe Island Snow Vale Snowy Arm Snowy Gap Snowy Gap Rivulet Snowy Plains Snowy Valley Lookout South Arm Spring Creek Springwood Bay Steels Creek Stewarts Creek Stinky Bay Stony Creek Stony Hill Sturgeons Creek Sugarloaf Creek Swan Island Taylors Bay Taylors Creek Taylors Flat Taylors Inlet Teal Island Teapot Creek Teatree Creek Teddys Creek Cape Teviot The Bald Hill The Big Rock The Devils Creek The Gap The Haven The Lakes The Meadows The Middlingbank Broads The Peak The Round Flat The Snowy Plain Thredbo Arm Thredbo State Forest Tigers Hill Tinkers Creek Tinkers Hill Titree Creek Tolbar Point Tolbar State Forest Tom Trys Point Townsend Township Point Trap Creek Try Villa Inlet Varneys Range Village of Jindabyne Wahrane Point Wainui Bay Wairuna Point Wallaby Point Wallace Wallace Island Wallgrove Peninsula Wambrook Wambrook Creek Wambrook Hill Wandella Inlet Wangrabelle Bay Washing Lake Waste Point Waterfall or Wambrook Creek Waterhen Bay Wattle Creek Wattledale Inlet Wattle Hill Welchs Creek White Rocks Inlet The White Rock Widows Creek Widows Creek Inlet Widows Inlet Wild Mares Creek Willow Bay Windward Island Wolfram Hill Wollindibby Inlet Wollondibby Inlet Wood Duck Bay Wood Duck Point Woolshed Flat Wullwye Wullwye Hill Wullwye Creek Wullwye State Forest Wyoming Point Diggers Creek Yens Bay Yens Cove York Lake York Promontory Bullenbalong Bullenbalong Gap Lake Bullenbalong Bullenbalong North Bullenbalong Sugarloaf Bulls Creek Bundara Creek Devils Waterhole Dog Trap Creek Driveway Island The Dry Plain Burns Creek Burnt Ridge Butchers Hill Hill Top Snowy Plain Snowy The Bald Bill Biggim Creek Alpine Way Dry Plain East Jindabyne Wollondibby Valley Warwick Island Som Valley Copper Tom Avonside Interlaken Wilsons Valley Gordon Adaminaby Googoorewon Hill Seymour Adaminiby Woolpack Creek Ray Goodman Oval Jindabyne Central School Coombe ONeills Lagoon ONeill Lagoon Braeside Kyloe ONeills Bay Dry Plains Lake Eucumbene Munyang Range Rockbrook Waterfall Creek Eastbourne Kelton Thredbo River Crackenback River Eucumbene River Burrungubugge River Burrungubugge Creek Lake Kiah Jindabyne Reservoir Wollondibby Creek Coolamateng Mowamba River Severn Park Boloka Creek Myalla Creek Glen Miln Moonbar Dalgety