Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 8829

GA 8829 - Taralga

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Gowrie Quobleigh Mills Vale Toledo Allambi By Chance Taralga Back Arm of Turrallo Creek Arkstone Mount Armstrong Alders Creek Back Creek Bakers Gully Bald Hill Bald Hill Creek Bald Hills Bald Hills Creek Ballyroe Bannaby Bannaby Creek Bannaby Hill Banshea State Forest Barber Gully Barry Barrys Creek Berrell Creek Berrells Creek Berts Creek Berts Gully Big Ben The Big Hill Big Hill Big Racecourse Bobs Creek Blueys Hole Blade of Grass Creek The Black Springs Black Springs Block Hill The Block Mountain Black Ground Creek Black Ground Gully Blackfellows Gully Blackfellows Flat Black Crow Flat Black Creek Black Bog Black Bett Creek Black Bett Mountain Black Betts Creek Bingham Boiler Creek Bolong Bolong Cemetery Bolong Level Bolong River Bouverie Box Flat Bradleys Creek Branch of Kerrawary Creek Brass Walls Brass Walls Creek Brass Walls Gully Brooklyn Creek Brooklyn Gully Brothers Creek The Brothers Broughtons Lookout Mount Browne Bubalahla Meadows Bubalahla Bubalahla Branch Bubalahla Creek Bull Bait Creek Bull Bait Gully Calf Meadow Flat Cameron Creek Camerons Gully Camerons Waterhole Carthrites Creek Cat Hill Cave Gully Chain of Ponds Chain O'Ponds Creek Chalkers Creek Chalkers Hill Chalkers Pinch Chapmans Flat Charteris Creek Charters Creek Cheshire Cheese Creek Christies Creek Church Cave Clear Hill Gully Cobodong Cobra Gully Cockerill Cockerills Lookout Commins Hill Commissioners Creek Conninghams Creek Corroboree Creek Corroboree Hill Cosgroves Creek Cosgroves Pinnacle Cottawalla Cottle Wolly Flat Cow Horn Creek Cowpers Creek Crees Creek Crossing Creek Currabungla Creek Curraweela Daveys Creek Dawsons Flat Creek Dead Cows Creek Dead End Bluff Deep Creek Deep Gully Defiance Mount Defiance Defiance Ridge Devils Creek Devils Gully Duncans Flat Dunnes Gully Eagle Hill Lake Edward Eel Gully Eel Hole Creek Emu Flat Emu Gap Evans Gully Evans Peaks Facefield Point Farm Creek Mount Fatigue Felled Timber Creek Felled Timber Hill Fiddlers Flat Finley Flanagans Creek Forest Creek Fox Den Freds Rock Spur Freds Rock Waterhole Fullerton Fullerton Level Gap Creek Ghost Rocks Giddigang Creek Glass Cave Glut Gully Golspie Gomonamorra Creek Goose Hole Governors Flat Granny Gully Grassy Hollow Grathawai Landing Ground Green Green Hill Green Hill Creek Grindstone Guineacor Mount Guineacor Guineacor Creek Guineacor Station Gully Gurnang Hackets Gully Hadley Halfway Flat Hannibal Hells Hole Hells Hole Creek Hickory Knob Hickeys Creek Hickory Gully Hillas Hillas Meadow Hogans Creek Hogans Flats Honeysuckle Creek Honeysuckle Gully Hoosberry Gully Horse Creek Hughes Mount Hutton Huttons Ridge Jamison Jeremy Jerrong Mount Jerrong Mount Jim Dingo Jimmy Fong Waterhole Jimmys Monument Jims Creek Jocks Creek Joes Gully Johnny Byrnes Flat Kangaroo Gully Kempton Kerrawary Creek Camerons Creek Carrabungla Creek Cartrights Station Cave Creek Cobra Creek Coopers Point Corrabungla Creek Corrobery Creek Corobora Hill Cottawalla Public School Cow Horn Gully Culliangullanlong or Reedy Creek Currcobungolan Creek Cuttyguttyang Davies Creek Dead Cows Gully Dead End Devils Hole Dunnes Creek Eastern Branch Eastern Branch Part of Wiarborough Creek Eel Hole Gully Emu Gully Evans Creek Evans Points Flanagan Creek The Gap The Glut Golspin The Gorge Grandstone Grathawai Air Strip Guineacor River Guineacor Station Creek Hackets Creek Head of Running Stream Head of Marmons Flat Hichery Knob Hickery Creek Hoosberry Swamp Creek Horn Gully Huttons Range Irishtown Kiamma Knapp or Watch Creek Laggan Laggan Public School The Laggers Paddock Lagoon Gully The Lagoon Lambing Flat Lanigans Swamp Lavertys Rocks Lawlers Huts Leighwood Leighwood Level The Level Licking Hole Lickinghole Creek Licking Hole Creek Licking Hole Flats Limeburners Flat Limestone Creek Little Bald Hill Little Jocks Creek Little Mianga Creek Long Range Creek Long Swamp Little Peters Waterhole Little Pinnacle Little Racecourse Loadstone Hill Lofty Range Creek Lofty Range Gully Long Creek Long Gully The Long Gully Long Nose Ridge Long Nose Spur Macalister Mount Macalister Macarther Mackenzie Gully Mackenzies Gully Macks Flat Macnamaras Creek Mcalister Mount Mcalister Mcalister Railway Station Mcdonalds Range Mcdonalds Ridge McDonells Creek Mckenzies Gully Maddigans Gully Maddigans Hill Maloney Manus Creek Manus Forest Mares Forest Mares Forest Creek Marments Creek Marmons Flat Marmonts Creek Martins Pass Maryvale Maryville Maynard Level Meadow Creek The Meadows Creek Meadows Gully The Meadows Mianga Creek Middle Creek Middle Spring Creek Middle Spring Gully Middle Station Creek Middle Station or Crooked Creek Millamein Creek Millers Hill Monkey Creek Monks Creek Monks Hill Monks Trunky Creek Monks or Trunky Creek Mount Browne Creek Mount Browne Gully Mount Defiance Ridge Mount Rae Mount Rae Railway Station Mount Werong Mount Werong Cemetery Mount Werong Creek Mount Werong State Forest Village of Mount Werong Muller Mullers Hill Munns Gully Munns Creek Munns Creek Reserve Munns Gully Reserve Murdocks Flat Murrang Creek Myanga Creek Myrtleville Myrtleville Public School Narrow Gut Creek Newfoundland North Branch of Kerrawary Creek Northern Branch Nunnery Oak Gully Oaky Creek Oberon Afforestation Camp O'Briens Pinch Old Station Creek Old Station or Little Mianga Creek Orange Tree Flat Paling Yards Paling Yards Creek Pallett Creek Pallets Creek Parkers Lagoon Parliament Creek Parliament Hill Peach Tree Waterhole Pearces Hill Peters Waterhole Phils River Pinch Creek Pipeclay Creek Pot O'Tea Creek Prospectors Gully Queens Gap Race Course Creek Racecourse Gully Rams Head Creek Razorback Spur Redbank Reedy Reedy Flat Creek Reedy Creek Retreat Richies Richlands Richlands Branch or Currueela Creek Ridge Creek Ridge Gully Rileys Gully Rocky Hill Roslyn Roslyn Public School Roslyn Railway Station Ross Ross Creek Rotten Swamp Round Flat Round Hill Ruby Creek Ruby or Werong Creek Running Creek Running Stream Russells Flat Russells Mountain Ryders Creek Ryders Gully Sallys Creek Sallys Gully Sandy Creek Sawpit Gully Scotts Hill Scrammies Waterhole Seamans Branch Seamans Creek Second Creek Shaving Holes Creek Shaving Holes Gully Sheep Pen Creek Sherwood Silent Creek Slab Hut Gully Snipe Flat Snooks Creek Sodwalls Public School Soldiers Gully Southern Branch Speary Creek Speary Gully Creek Speary Gully Range Speary Range Speary Ridge Spring Creek Spring Gully The Spring or Gully Creek The Springs Springy Flat Springy Gully Stables Gully Still House Creek Stillwell Hill Stonequarry Stonequarry Cemetery Stonequarry Creek Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony or Taylors Creek Strathaird Strathaird Railway Station The Sugar Loaf Swamp Creek Swampy Creek Swamp Gully Swamp Gully or Back Creek Swan Hole Swan Hole Point Swan Hole Spur Swatchfield Springs Sweet Hill Taralga Cemetery or Taralga General Cemetery Taralga Creek Taralga Post Office Taralga Public School Taralga Railway Station Tarlo River National Park Tavern Creek Taylors Creek Taylors Gorge Teatree Creek Thalaba The Bar The Doctors Levels The Feled Timber The Felled Timber The Race Course The Stables The Wilderness Gully Three Gully Creek Thurrima Springs Tirrel Tirrel Toals Blind Creek Town Creek Tracys Hill Trailers Mountain Trinity Tumboramboro Ford Turkey Gully Turkey Hill Turn of The River Turrallo Creek Tyrl Tyrl Wallangriva or Paling Yards Wallaroo Creek Watch Gully Wattle Creek Werong Werong Branch Western Branch Whinstone Knolls Whinstone Range Wiarborough Wiarborough Creek Wiarborough Gap Wiarborough Southern Branch Creek Wilderness Creek Willigam Willigam Hill Willigam Hill Gully Willigam Railway Station Willow Gum Hill Willow Tree Creek Wills Gully Wombat Creek Wombat Pinch Wombeyan Caves Wombeyan Creek Woodduck Creek Woolshed Creek Wooragee Wowagen Creek Wowagin Wowagin Creek Wowagin Public School Wunnyallabay Holes Wyndham Yalbraith Yalbraith Creek The Yellow Waterhole Bummaroo Bummaroo Ford Devils Slide Dirt Hole Creek Doctors Level The Dirty Water Hole Dulanelligang or Reedy Creek Bunkers Hollow Bunnaby Bunnaby Hill Burnt Hole Creek Burnt Hut Gully Burra Burra Creek Burra Burra Lake Burra Lake Burra or Woodduck Burridgee Bouverie State Forest Newfoundland Creek Bob Hogans Flat The Old Pool Reserve Abercrombie River National Park Jean Todkill Park Cliffords Creek Bingham Creek Macarthur Porters Retreat Jaunter Range Burraganoo Emden Vale Retreat River Mingary Park Black Bell Mountain Wtarborough Creek Rockwell Yaralla Currueela Creek Green Acres Goldspie Lake Burra Burra Adavale Wytaliba McAlister Moore Park Kerrawarry Creek