Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 8830

GA 8830 - Oberon

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Brooklyn Pinsari Uranha Bundilla Grangethe Billeroy Mountain View Oberon Black Springs Arkell Arkell Creek Apsley Lagoon Village of Apsley Apsley Antonys Creek Alicks Flat Mount Airey Adderley Abercorn Back Creek Back Gully Badger Brush The Badger Brush Badger Creek Badger Hole Creek Badger Scrub Bald Hill Bald Mountain Balfour Baring Barneys Hut Creek Barneys Station Creek Barneys Station Gully Basalt Hill Basin Creek Basin Creek Part Of Basin Gully Bastard Point Bath Creek Mount Bathurst Bathurst Beatties Hill Beehive Mountain Beemarang Ben Bingle Creek Ben Chifley Dam Blue Hill Blenheim Blenheim State Forest Black Springs Public School Black Springs Cemetery Black Soil Flat Black Mountain Black Mount Black Hole Bend Blossom Hill Creek Bloomhill Bloom Hill Public School Bloom Hills Blind Creek Black Bullock Hill Black Bullock Black Bullock Mount Black Bullock Mountain Bindi Hill Boggy Flat The Boggy Flat Boggy Swamp Creek Boiler Creek Bolton Boss Hill Boss Peak Bouchier Ridge Branch of Buckburraga Creek Branch of Wisemans Creek Upper Part Of Bringellet Brisbane Valley Brisbane Valley Creek Brownlow Browns Creek Buckburraga Creek Buckemall Creek Bulgarres Bull Ant Ridge Campbells River Captain Kings Creek Carlwood Chain of Ponds Creek Chardon Canyon Charlies Gully Charlton Chatham Valley Cherry Tree Hill Chifley Dam Chimney Creek Coles Gully Coppletons Gully Corrobee Creek Cow Flat Cranfields Creek Crete Cromie Crown Crown Ridge Creek Crystal Hill Cullen Currys Springs Dairy Station Creek Daisy Bank Darling Hill Davys Creek Dead Horse Gully Deadmans Arm Creek Dead Mans Gully Deans Station Gully Deep Creek Dennis Island Dunns Creek Dunns Plains Dwyers Gully Edith Eight Mile Swamp Creek Emigrants Creek Emu Valley Creek Essington Essington Park Essington State Forest Evans Crown Evans Crown Nature Reserve Evans Crown Ridge Evernden Mount Evernden Fireball Hill Fish Fishermans Point Fish River Fish River Farm Fish River Hill Flat Ground Creek Flat Rock Foleys Creek Foleys Gully Fosters Valley Fosters Valley Creek Frog Creek Garrynian Gemalla Georges Plains Georges Plains Creek Gibneys Creek Gilmandyke Gilmandyke Creek Gingkin Creek Gingkin Golden Gully Grave Hill Green Hill Creek Gum Flat Creek Gurnang State Forest Hackney Creek Harveys Gully Harveys Hill Hawks Nest Hill Hazelgrove Hazelgrove Creek Hickory Gully Hobbies Creek Hobbies Gully Hodges Gully Homers Hill Honeysuckle Falls Honeysuckle Flat Honeysuckle Gully Hopes Creek Hopes Waterhole Horse Flat Creek Horse Gully Creek Horse Gully Sinks Howards Gully Humphreys Humphries Bald Hill Irene Isabella Isabella Cemetery Isabella River Jaunter Jaunter Creek Jaunter Ridge Jemima Creek Jeremy Jerrys Creek Jerrys Mountain Jerrys Meadows Jessies Creek Jocelyn Johns Gully Joseph Smiths Creek Judds Creek Jumpers Flat Creek Kellys Creek Kendale Campbell River Campbells Creek Camp Creek Part Of Camp Creek Charleys Creek Charlies Creek Charsfield Creek Chather Valley Chrystal Hill Cliefden Hill Coles Creek The Cow Flats Crown Rock The Crown The Crown Rock Daisy Bank Public School Deans Station Creek Dunn-Field Creek Dunns Plains Creek or Peppers Creek Dwyers Creek Eight Mile Creek Everndon Firebald Hill Fish River Creek Fish River Creek West Branch The Gap Gemalla Railway Station Georges Plains Public School Glenburn Grants Creek Green Flat Creek Hanrahans Creek Harveys Creek Harveys Mount Hawks Nest Hazelgrove Railway Station Head of Rovers Creek Head of Tuglow River Hickory Creek Hodges Creek Hole Creek Honeysuckle Creek Honeysuckle Fall Horse Gully Caves Howards Creek Humphries Jaunter Range Jeefries Creek Jerrys Mount Jones Creek Judges Creek Kennis Kierstone Railway Station Kinghorne Falls Kinghorns Falls The Kings Dooks Kings Stockyard Creek Kitts Creek Knapsack Creek Knoffs Creek Kowmung Lambing Creek Lambing Gully Lanes Yards Spring Langdale Lawry Cone Lawson Mount Lawson Leggett Park Licking Holes Creek The Limestone Bridge Limestone Gully Long Ridge Little River Little Spring Creek Little Wisemans Creek Lockets Gully Locksley Locksley Public School Locksley Station Lone Pine Valley Long Arm Creek The Long Arm of Fish River Creek Long Flat Creek Head of Long Swamp Lowes Lowes Mount Lowes Hill Lowes Mount Lowes Mountain Lowes Mount State Forest Lucksall Creek Lucksall Gully Mckeons Creek Mcqueens Island Meadow Creek Merrick Middle Creek Morong Deep Morong Falls Morong Lookout Mountain Run Creek Mount David Mount David Public School Mount Tannas Creek The Mount Mozart Muggleton Creek Muggletons Creek Mutton Falls Native Dog Creek Native Dog Springs Creek Ned Ryans Creek Nerambella or Dunns Plains Norway Norway State Forest Nunans Hill Nunans Mount Oakley Oberon Cemetery Oberon Central School Oberon Dam Oberon Dam Storage Reservoir Oberon or Fish River Dam Oberon Football Ground Oberon General Cemetery Oberon Golf Club Oberon Golf Course Lake Oberon Mount Oberon Oberon Post Office Oberon Public School Oberon Railway Station Oberon Recreation Ground Oberon Showground Oberon South O'Briens Creek O'Connell O'Connell Bald Hill O'Connel Public School O'Connell Cemetery O'Connell General Cemetery O'Connell Plains Old Burraga Graveyard Old Burraga Cemetery Mount Olive Olive Mountain Paling Yards Creek Parlour Creek Parlour Hills Peatfield Creek Peppers Creek Pheasant Hill Phills Fall Phils Falls Plateau Platform Creek Platform Gully Platform Hill Poison Creek Ponsonby The Porcupine Porters Retreat Prospecting Creek Purgatory Gully Purple Top Creek Racecourse Creek Racecourse Hill Rainville Creek Reedy Creek Reeves Mount Reeves Retreat River Rockley Mount Rockley Rockley Park Rockley Public School Rockley South Rothery Bluff Round Hill Round Hill Creek Round Hill Swamp Russells Creek Ryans Creek The Saddle Saddle Gully Saddle Hill Sanchos Hole Sawpit Creek Sawpit Gully Scrub Hill Creek Sewells Creek Shadowgraph Bluff Sheep Station Creek Sheltons Creek Sheltons Gully Shinglers Creek Shooters Hill Shooters Hill Public School Sidmouth Valley Creek Sidmouth Valley Sidmouth Valley or Slingsbys Creek Slaty Creek Slingbys Creek Slippery Creek Smiths Creek Snake Island Snakes Valley Mountain Snakes Valley Creek Snake Valley Creek Sodwalls Soldiers Hill Sophia Creek Spencers Creek Spring Creek The Spring Creek Spring Gully Spring Mount Spring Mount Creek Spring Water Creek Starrs Creek Stoney Creek Stony Creek Stony Gully Stromlo Mount Stromlo Sugar Loaf Sugarloaf Hill Sugarloaf Point Sulphur Sunny Point Swallows Nest Swallows Nest Creek Swatchfield Swatchfield Branch Swatchfield Creek Sweet Ridge Gully Sweet Water Creek Sweet Wattle Creek Sweet Wattle Gully Tannas Mount Tannas Tannas Mount Tannas Mount or Reedy Creek Tanners Mount Tarana Tarana Public School Tarana Railway Station Tarana Quarry Tarana Station Taylors Creek Taylors Gully Teatree Creek The Black Hole The Junction The Lagoon The Lagoon Public School The Meadow The Meadows Thompson Thompsons Creek Thompsons Gully Thornshope Ti-Tree Creek Tommys Creek Tommys Gully Mount Toole Toole Mountain Triangle Creek Tricketts Arch Mount Trickett Truscotts Flat Trusketts Flat Tuglow Tuglow Bluff Tuglow Caves Tuglow Falls Tuglow Hole Creek Tuglow Mountain Tuglow Range Tuglow River Two Mile Creek Vulcan Vulcan State Forest Walbrook Creek Walbrook Swamp Wallaby Creek Wallaby Rocks Wambool Station Waterfall Creek Watsons Creek Whalan White Gap White Hill Wilcox Ridge Wild Cat Creek Wild Horse Creek Windy Corner Wisemans Creek Woods Waterhole Wrens Nest Creek Yallabelli Creek Diamond Gully Diamond Hill Dicks Creek Dillons Gully Dingo Dell Creek Yellow Waterhole Creek Yokalaba Creek Bull Hill Bullock Flat Dirthole Creek Dirty Creek Doctors Hill Doctors Point Dog Rocks Dog Rocks State Forest Drakes Gully Driscolls Flat Drogheda Duckmaloi Duckmaloi Creek Duckmaloi Junction Duckmaloi River Diamond Creek Diamond Hill Mount Diamonds Creek The Diamond Dillons Creek Dooleys Hill Drakes Valley Burnt Creek Burraga Burraga Cemetery Burraga Public School Burraga War Memorial Park Bushrangers Hill Butlers Flats Butter Factory Creek Buttlers Flats Alicks Creek King George Gully The Kings Docks King George Gorge Tarana Gorge Pitts Corner Sandy Hollow Bill Nelson Apex Park Duckmaloi Post Office Falls Hill Falls Hill Rotary Lookout Pound Hill The Reef Bosworth Falls Eucryphia Flora Reserve Mount David State Forest Rockley Mount Garthowen Ycart Creek Mayfield Twenty Forests Stevens Park Chrystal Mount Charlies Hill Slys Creek Arch Creek Evans Sugar Loaf Hill OConnel Public School Wambool OConnell Cemetery OConnell Maryvale Vale Creek Caloola Creek Carlwood Siding Nanena Lowes Hill Strathroy Brisbane Creek Brisbane Valz Nunans Mountain Thane Triangle Flat Fulton Hill Kildrummie Beaconsfield Ginkin Cashet Ryanvale