Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9028

GA 9028 - Kiama

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Cambewarra Berry Bomaderry Callala Bay Culburra Gerringong Gerroa Greenwell Point Jamberoo Kangaroo Valley Kiama Nowra Orient Point Robertson Shoalhaven Heads Tapitallee Arrow Point Apple Tree Orchard Island Avondale Albion Park Public School Albion Park Rail Albion Park Rail Public School Apple Orchard Island Mount Amelia Amelia Hill Albion Creek Albion Park Albion Park Aerodrome Abernethys Creek Abrahams Head Back Forest Balarang Public School Bamarang Bamarang Dam Bamarang Gap Bamarang Reservoir Bamarong Bangalay Bangalee Barangary Creek Bardsley Park Bare Bluff Barrack Heights Barrack Heights Public School Barrack Point Barrack Swamp Barrengarry Barrengarry Creek Barrengarry Pass Barren Grounds Barren Grounds Fauna Reserve Barren Grounds Nature Reserve Barrons Creek Barrons Gully Bass Bassett Park Bass Point Beachside Beaky Bay Beaky Cove Beaumont Bellawangarah Bellawongarah Bellawongarah Mountain Bells Hill Belmore Crossing Belmore Falls Belmore Lookout Bensons Creek Bens Walk Berageree Island Berrwarra Point Berry Mountain Berry Post Office Berry Public School Berry Railway Station Berrys Bay Berrys Canal Berry Training Farm Bevan Creek Bevan Island Bevans Island Bid Bid Creek The Big Bommy The Big Hole Billys Island Billy Billy Flat Boalla Point Blakemans Lookout Black Point Blue Angle Creek Blow Hole Point Black Head Blackbutt Forest Reserve Blackbutt Black Ash Nature Reserve Black Beach Bolong Bolong Public School Bomaderry Creek Bomaderry High School Bomaderry Oval Bomaderry Public School Bomaderry Railway Station Bombo Bombo Beach Bombo Railway Station Bong Bong Creek Bong Bong Mountain Boomberry Point Boona Range Boona Ridge Boonerah Point Boonerah Point Reserve Boorawine Creek Boronia Park Mount Brandon Brennings Creek Brennings Gully Brogers Creek Brogers Creek Tributary Brookers Creek Brooks Creek Broughton Broughton Head Broughton Creek Broughton Mill Creek Broughton Vale Brown Mount Brown Browns Creek Browns Mountain Brundee Brundee Swamp Budderoo Budderoo Creek Budderoo National Park Buena Vista Caalang Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Cabbage Tree Flat Cabbage Tree Gully Cabbage Tree Swamp Calderwood Caldwell Park Callala Beach Callala Creek Callala Point Caloola Pass Calymea Calymea Reach Cambewarra Lookout Cambewarra Mountain Cambewarra Public School Cambewarra Range Capped Hill Cararma Creek Cararma Neck Carrington Falls Carwa Creek Cathedral Rocks Central Park Chisholms Creek Church Point Clover Falls Clover Hill Colyers Creek Comerong Bay Comerong Island Connollys Creek Connors Creek Cooks Nose Cooks Nose Pass Coolangatta Mount Coolangatta Coomonderry Swamp Coonemia Creek Coopers Gully Copper Cup Point Cowrie Island Cowrie Island Reserve Coxs Pass Creole Point Crew Park Crooked River Crookhaven Crookhaven Creek Crookhaven Heads Crookhaven Lighthouse Crookhaven River Croom Crow Island Cudgeree Bay Cudgeree Island Cudgeree Hole Culburra Beach Culburra Park Culburra Public School Curleys Bay Currambene Currambene Creek Currambene State Forest Curramore Curries Creek Currys Mountain Dapto Davies Bay Dawes Park Deakin Reserve Denners Pass Devils Glen Creek Devils Glen Nature Reserve Dunmore Dunster East Kangaloon Easts Beach Ebbs Pass Eelwine Creek Elizabeth Point Elliott Park Emerys Plateau Endeavour Lookout Factory Hill Fairview Hill Falls Creek Falls Creek Public School Far Meadow Faulks Pass Flat Rock Creek Flat Rock Creek Dam Flinders Flying Fox Creek Flying Fox Pass Fountaindale Creek Fountaindale Dam Four Oaks Gully Fox Fox Defence Foxground Foys Swamp Frazers Creek Freeman Park Frys Creek Fuller Park Garrard Reserve Geering Bay Georges Creek Gerongar Point Gerringong Cemetery Gerringong Falls Gerringong Creek Gerringong Harbour Gerringong Post Office Gerringong Public School Gerringong Railway Station Glenquarry Creek Good Dog Creek Goodnight Island Gooseberry Hill Graham Memorial Park Green Mountain Greens Pass Greenwell Point Public School Grey Park Gypsy Point Hammer-Head Point Hampden Park Hanging Rock Lookout Hansens Pass Hare Point Harley Hill Harpers Creek Haven Island Havenlee Public School Haywards Bay Hazelton Creek Hennegar Bay Hindmarsh Lookout Hindmarsh Park Hindmarsh Pass Hindmarsh Ridge Hoddle Hoddles Hill Honeysuckle Point Horseshoe Creek Horsley Inlet Howard Fowles Sports Oval Humbug Reach Hyams Creek Illaroo Road Public School Lake Illawarra Illawarra Lookout Irrayadda Creek Irvine Oval Irwins Creek Jamberoo Pass Jaspers Brush Jaspers Brush Railway Station Jaspers Creek Jerrara Jerrara Creek Jerrara Creek Dam Johnston Johnstons Gully Johnstons Ridge Jorams Creek Judbowley Point Kanahooka Point Kangaloon Kangaloon Gully Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Ridge Kangaroo River Kangaroo Valley Cemetery Kangaroo Valley Public School Karoo Bay Karoo Point Keenans Pass Kendalls Beach Kendalls Point The Canal Canoe River Carama Inlet Carneys Creek Chapmans Point Clearys Swamp Comarong Bay Comarong Island Coopers Creek Crookhaven Bight Crookhaven Heads Light Croome Croom Platform Dapto South Public School Far Meadow Public School Flora Point Four Oaks Four Oaks Creek Geringong Geringong Creek Geringong General Cemetery Geringong Harbour Gerring Bay Good Dog Mountain Greenwell Greenwell Point Lighthouse Hammer-Head Hoddles Creek Horsley Creek Jacobs Pillow Jaspers Brush Public School Jerrera Jerrera Creek Jerrera Creek Dam Jervis Johnstons Creek Johnstons Spur Kangaloon Creek Kangaroo Range Keith Irvine Oval Kiama Downs Kiama Harbour Kiama Heights Kiama High School Kiama Public School Kiama Lighthouse Kiama Railway Station Kiama Surf Beach Killalea Beach Killalea Lagoon Kinghorn Point King Memorial Park King Mickey Park Kings Creek Kings Gully Kings Hill Range Kings Ridge Kiyong Beach Klimpton Knapsack Hill Knights Hill Koona Bay Koona Bay Reserve Koonawarra Koonawarra Bay Korongulla Kuhn Creek Kuhn Gully Kurrajong Island Kurrakwah Bay Kurrura Point Lake Illawarra Public School Lake Illawarra South Lake Illawarra South Public School Lakelands Park Lakelands Public School Lamonds Creek Landy Park Leebold Hill Leggs Island Little Blowhole Little Blowhole Reserve Long Point Long Reach Long Reef Little River Lobster Bay Lobster Rock Locking Hill Lockin Hill London River Long Bow Point Long Nose Lowe Park Lower Numbaa Lyrebird Park Macdonald Creek Macquarie Falls Macquarie Hill Mount Macquarie Macquarie Pass Macquarie Pass National Park Macquarie Pass Park Macquarie Pass State Park Macquarie Rivulet Mcandrew Falls Mcandrews Gap Mcdonald Park Mcevilly Lookout Mcfauls Creek Mcgraths Hill Mcilwrath Creek Mcmahons Road Reserve Mcnights Gully Majors Creek Majors Gully Maloneys Bay Mangrove Island Mannings Gully Mannings Lookout Margaret Sandon Park Marsden Reserve Marshall Marshall Mount Marshall Mount Creek Mars Pass Maynards Falls The Meadow Creek Mealing Park Meroo Meadow Meroo Meadow Public School Meroo Public School Messenger Park The Middy Millers Creek Minnamurra Minnamurra Beach Minnamurra Falls Minnamurra Falls Reserve Minnamurra Point Minnamurra Public School Minnamurra Railway Station Minnamurra River Minumurra Point Missingham Lookouts Missingham Pass Mittagong Range Mittagong River Moeyan Moeyan Hill Mogurah Point Mohen Molly Morgan Creek Molly Morgan Crossing Molly Morgan Gully Moresby Hill Mount Brown Public School Mount Johnson Mount Murray Mount Murray Railway Station Mount Pleasant Ridge Mount Terry Mount Warrigal Mount Warrigal Public School Moureendah Bay Muddy Bay Mulangong Falls Mulgen Creek Mundamia Creek Munna Munnora Creek Murraina Creek Murraina Gully Myra Hill Myra Vale Myra Mountain Myrtle Creek Myrtle Gully Native Dog Hill Natural Park Nellies Glen Nellies Waterhole Nelsons Creek Nijong Bay Nobles Island Noorinan Mountain North Kiama Park North Pole Swamp Nowra Creek Nowra East Public School Nowra High School Nowra Hill Nowra Hill Public School Nowra Post Office Nowra Public School Nowra Railway Station Nowra South High School Nowra State Forest Nugents Creek Numbaa Numbaa Cemetery Numbaa Island Numbaa Point Numbaa Public School Nuninuna Range Oak Flats Oak Flats High School Oak Flats Public School Oak Flats Railway Station Oakey Creek Oak Heights Oakleigh Park Oaky Gully O'Keefes Point Old Man Island Omega Flat Omega Railway Station Ooaree Creek Osborne Osborne Park Osbornes Pass Paddy Dalys Range Paddy Dalys Ridge Paddys Pass Panorama Park Panorama Sportsfield Paringa Park Parma Parma Ville Peels Reef Pelican Rocks Pelican View Reserve Penguin Head Penterong Point Perkins Beach Peterborough Public School Pheasant Ground Pheasants Brush Creek Pheasant Point Picnic Island Pig Island Pioneer Creek Pioneer Park Pithungnar Bay Pith-Thung-Nar Bay Mount Pleasant Porters Reserve Powerline Pass Priests Beach Primbee Primbee Park Primbee Public School Primrose Hill Pulpit Hill The Pulpit Pur Pur Point Pur Pur Bay Pyree Pyree Public School Rainbow Falls Rangoon Island Ratcliffe Park Redbank Gully Red Bluff Red Cliff Red Point Red Rocks Red Rocks Nature Reserve Regatta Creek Regatta Island Reid Park Reservoir Rileys Rileys Sugarloaf Roads End Robertson Basin Robertson Nature Reserve Robertson Park Robertson Public School Robertson Railway Station Rock Hill Lookout Rocklow Creek Rocky Point Rosetta Hill Rose Valley Rose Valley Creek Rose Valley Gully Rotary Park Rotten Creek Round Hill Rowlands Gully Royal Australian Naval Air Station Russell East Park Ryans Creek Ryders Creek Saddleback Saddleback Lookout Saddleback Mountain St Anthonys Saltpan Creek Salt Pan Inlet Saltpan Swamp Saltwater Creek Saltwater Swamp Sandy Creek Sawyer Creek Sawyers Creek Scroggy Point Seven Mile Beach Seven Mile Beach National Park Seven Mile Beach State Park Shacklock Grove Shaws Creek Shelley Beach Shellharbour Shell Harbour Shellharbour Beach Shellharbour Harbour Shellharbour Municipality War Memorial Park Shellharbour Pioneer Park Shellharbour Public School Shellharbour Railway Station Shellharbour Square Post Office Shellharbour Swamp Shellharbour War Memorial Park Shelly Beach Shoalhaven Bight Shoalhaven Heads Public School Shoalhaven High School Shoalhaven State Forest Signal Hill Silver Mine Creek Silver Springs Hill Skiway Park Ski-Way Park Snake Gully Snake Island Creek Solomons Creek Solomons Gully South Beach South Head Spring Creek Spring Gully Sproules Creek Stack Island Stockyard Stockyard Mountain Stockyard Swamp Stoney Creek Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony Range Strong Reserve Sugarloaf Gap Summit Dam Summit Tank Summit Tank Loop Surf Beach Swan Point Tallawarra Point Tandingulla Creek Tangalla Creek Tangalla Gully Tangara Creek Tanners Creek Tapitallee Creek Tapitallee Mountain Tapitallie Target Creek Tates Range Tates Ridge Terara Terara Public School Terara Swamp Terragong Swamp Terragong Terrambore Point Terrara Terry Spur The Blowhole The Bull Hole Thompsons Point Tidal Creek Tilbury Cove Tomlins Hill Tom Thumb Entrance Tongarra Creek Tongarra Falls Tongarra Toolijooa Tooljjooa Railway Station Tootawallin Tootawallin Gully Town Park Trimbles Creek Tullian Creek Tullimbar Tungara Falls Turner Falls Turpentine Creek Ulrichs Pass Upper Kangaroo River Upper Kangaroo Valley Walkers Beach Wallaby Creek Wallaby Gully Wallaces Creek Wallangunda Creek Wallaya Walshs Pass Wants Hill Warilla Warilla Beach Warilla High School Warilla Public School Warrain Beach Warreeah Creek Warreeah Gully Warrigal Hill Warrigal Rock Warrilla North Public School Warris Chair Lookout Watersleigh Wattamolla Watts Hill Wentworth Hills Mount Wentworth Werrang Island Werri Beach Werri Creek Werri Gully Werri Lagoon Werri Reserve Wesley Park West Street Oval Whispering Gallery Whyjuck Bay Wildes Meadow Wildes Meadow Canal Wildes Meadow Creek Wildes Meadow Swamp Wileys Creek Williams Park Willow Creek Willow Gully Willow Vale Wills Hill Wilson Memorial Park Windang Windang Bay Windang Island Windang Peninsula Windang Primary School Windang Public School Wingecarribee Wingecarribee Swamp Wogamia Wollingurry Creek Wollingurry Point Wollong Creek Wollongong Wollumboola Wollumboola Lake Wonga Falls Woodhill Wooroo Point Worragallar Rock Worrigee Worrigee Swamp Wowly Gully Wyalla Falls Yalla Creek Yallah Yallah Bay Yallah Gully Yandamanna Creek Yandamanna Gully Yangar Point Yarrawa Yarrawa Creek Yarrawa State Forest Yellow Rock Yellow Rock Creek Yeola Yerriyong Gully Yerriyong Creek Yerriyong Public School Site Bull Waterhole Bumbo Bunberra Dhruwalgha Mountain Dodds Lagoon Dodds Pass Doudles Folly Creek Douglas Creek Downs Creek Drawing Room Rocks Dtharowal Creek Duck Creek Duck Hole Bundewallah Bundewallah Creek Bunkers Hill Burra Creek Burrawang Burrawang Canal Burrawang Creek Burrawang New Burrawang Public School Burrawang Railway Station Burrawang Tunnel Burroo Bay Burroo Park Burroo Point Bushrangers Bay Mount Butler Butlers Swamp Butter Track Pass The Butter Track Pass Albion Oval Albion Park Oval Albion Park Showground Alex Hoffman Park Andrew Park Avery Park Barrack Heights Sportsground Barrack Reserve Bass Park Birriebungie Reserve Blowhole Point Reserve Bob Graham Sportsfield Bonaira Reserve Boyds Beach Bungulla Reserve Comerong Island Nature Reserve Con O'Keefe Hockey Field Con O'Keefe Park Coomonderry Swamp Nature Reserve Coronation Park Darcy Dunster Reserve Dunster Reserve Edith Lacey Park Elliott Lake George Bass Lookout Gumley Reserve Henderson Park Hoffman Park Hooker Park Howard Fowles Park Jamberoo Park Jamberoo Public School Jock Brown Sportsfield Mount Johnston Jones Beach Jubilee Park Karoo Reserve Kendalls Point Reserve Killalea State Recreation Area Lake Entrance Sportsfield Little Lake Mcnabb Park May Harris Park Morley Park Mrs Halls Park Oak Park Oak Reserve O'Keefe Park Remembrance Park Bengalee Creek Lee Park Sharpe Reserve Trevethan Reserve Stan Miller Reserve Rangoon Reserve North Macquarie Beverley Whitfield Oval Geoff Shaw Oval Keith Barnes Oval Margaret Kerwick Park Ison Park Thurgate Oval Sharman Park North Nowra Kvanstrom Reserve Greys Beach Bomaderry Lions Park Nowra Apex Park Storm Bay Camp Quality Park Artie Smith Oval Marriott Park Cleveland Noble Reserve Cooke Park Gordon Cook Apex Park Pepper Reserve Lloyd Rees Reserve Tilbury Reserve Wheeler Park Wheelers Point Howell Faulks Park Shell Cove Bernie Regan Sporting Complex Charmian Clift Reserve Ambrose Golden-Brown Park Shoalhaven Heads Memorial Park Fred Evans Park Binya Hill Killalea State Park Karrawarra Reserve James Muir Miller Reserve Curtis Reserve Gerry Emery Reserve Cambewarra Village Comberton Kinghorne Longreach Mundamia South Nowra West Nowra Mayfield Salisbury Reserve Shellharbour City Centre Stead Reserve Les Lambert Lookout Blue Gum Reserve Knights Hill Ntl Tower Knights Hill Win 4 Tower Ray Abood Village Green Joe Hyam Reserve Penrose Mavromattes Reserve Cambewarra Range Nature Reserve Mahogany Creek Reserve Robert Lonesborough Reserve Titania Park Marsden Head Kaleula Head Illawarra Environmental Education Centre Broughton Village Green Mount Kokoda Tangara Tapitallee North Wildfire Carrington Barangary Cabbage Tree Greenwell Point Foreshore Reserve Lyrebird Sports Park Robert East Reserve Esma Thompson Reserve Emery Park Windang Beach Jack Wickham Park Tullimbar Public School Forestpark Reserve Balarang Reserve Cox Park Brisbane Park Wattle Reserve Loftus Park Stewart Park Sparta Park Doonside Park Sophia Park Garnett Park Moreton Bay Reserve Macquarie Shores Reserve Bateman Park Poplar Park Polock Park Parsons Park Macquarie Park Golden Grove Park Federation Park Frasers Reserve Clermont Park Jilba Park Nalong Park Aubrey Keech Reserve Condons Park Boxsell Oval Bulga Reserve Badu Reserve Konda Reserve Waabie Reserve Missingham Creek Wombat Creek Sunnyside Woo-Roo Point Mullet Creek Jerretts Point Gurrung Goba Point Joes Bay Wollingurry Homelands Yallah Creek Illawarra Lake Glenquarry Rileys Peak The Willows Molly Morgan Swamp Yallah Station Windang House Warreeach Creek Mount Marshall Marshall Mountain Frazer Creek Mount Marshall Creek Boomerah Point Redpete Con OKeefe Hockey Field Con OKeefe Park OKeefe Park Ocean View Nurrewin Oak Flats Station Illawarra House Lakeholme Burrawang Station Lauraldale Hazelbrae Caatang Creek Rosehill The Green Mount Wentworth Swansea McGraths Hill Avonmore Springdale The Chateau Banelagh Station Shellharbour Station Fairview Seaview Otharowal Creek Whispering Gallery Creek Minumurra River Blackmans Falls Colewood Linburn Foantaindale Creek Gowan Brae Hawthorn Culwalla Rocky Creek McAndrews Gap The Pines Greyleigh Ben-Eden Strathlevan Laurel Bank Mathervale Bushbank Bienheim Karrwara Brookfield Park View Hollymount Dunoon Bonnie Doon Ivymount Gerringong Station Omega Station Foxground Creek Innisfail Homeleigh Willow Glen Glenworth Marigold Toolijooa Station Wingeewah Myramount Beuna Vista Shoalhaven Range Hillcrest Warra Bank Westbury Oceanview Nowra Reservoir Meadowbank Farmeadow Camberwarra West Cambewarra Mundaloo Rosebank Meroo Commonderry Berry Mount Tapitalle Creek Carrara Mount View Numba Island The Grove Shoalhaven River Jerry Bailey Greybeach Worragee Swamp Numba Ryans Inlet Oldman Island Lower Numba Currys Creek Calymea Creek Bundannon Worragee Numba Point Jindy Andy The Rotten Creek Kinghorn Head The Saltwater Swamp Lake Wollumboola Woollumboola Lake Culburra House Yellow Waterhole Bengalala Parma Creek Sir John Young Banks Young Banks Wowly Creek Scraggy Point Cararma Whale Point Little Beecroft Beecroft Head