Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9029

GA 9029 - Wollongong

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Aroona Bargo Camden West Cobbitty Appin Buxton Couridjah Douglas Park Grasmere Helensburgh Menangle Menangle Park Mount Hunter Oakdale Picton Stanwell Park Stanwell Tops Tahmoor The Oaks Thirlmere Waterfall Wilton Wollongong Yanderra Yerrinbool Kentlyn Brooks Point Arunta Reserve Appin Falls Appin Park Appin Public School Angels Creek Alpine Ardrossan Reserve Apps Creek Apps Gully Allen Park Allens Creek Avon Dam Avon River Avon Storage Reservoir Lake Avon Town of Austinmer Austinmer Austinmer Beach Austinmer Railway Station Austinmer Station Andrews Hill American Creek Ambarvale A.A. Gus Parish Memorial Park Aaec Reservoir Arbon Vale Mount Annan Angle Reserve Ambarvale High School Ambarvale Public School Allen Creek Allans Creek Akuna Reserve Airds Airds High School Adina Gully Adina Knoll Adina Pool Abaroo Creek Abaroo Gully Back Creek Back Gully Baden-Powell Reserve Baden Powell Park Badgally Public School Badgelly Badgelly Hill Baggary Gully Bald Hill Balgownie Balgownie Park Balgownie Public School Balgownie Railway Station Balgownie South Public School Balmoral Railway Station Balmoral Banksia Barden Bardens Creek Bargo Cemetery The Bargo Lagoons Bargo Public School Bargo Railway Station Bargo River Barkers Lodge Barnado Barren Barretts Creek Bartons Creek Bartons Gully Bass Islet Battery Causeway Battery Knob Battery Park Beach Memorial Park Beaton Park Bee Creek Beethoven Reserve Belgeny Lagoon Belimbla Park Bellambi Bellambi Beach Bellambi Creek Bellambie Point Bellambi Gully Bellambi Harbour Bellambi Lake Bellambi Point Bellambi Public School Bellambi Railway Station Bellambi Reef Bellbird Creek Bell Bird Creek Bells Point Bells Point Park Belmore Basin Bergins Weir Berkeley Berkeley High School Berkeley Nature Reserve Berkeley Public School Berkley Beverley Park Orthopaedic Hospital School Beverley Park Public School Bickley Vale The Big Gully Big Island Billets Creek Blue Gum Forest Blairmount Blairmount Public School Blair Athol Blind Gully Blind Creek Bishops Corner Bondel Gully Bondel Pool Bondel Ridge Bondel Rocks Bong Bong Pass Boobera Pool Boorimea Creek Bow Bowing Bow Bowing Creek Bradbury Bradbury Park Bradbury Public School Brady Park Branch Creek Branch of Camp Creek Brandy and Water Creek Brennans Creek Briar Road Public School Brickyard Brickyard Point Brighton Lawn Brighton Lawn Park Brindley Park Broken Cup Rock Brokers Nose Brokers Point Broughton Pass Broughtons Pass Broula Gully Broula Pool Brownlee Park Brown Lee Park Brownlow Hill Brownlow Hill Weir Browns Road Brownsville Budjong Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Camden Camden 'A' Camden Aerodrome Camden High School Camden Hospital Camden North Camden Park Camden Park Reservoir Camden Post Office Camden Public School Camden Weir Campbellfield Public School Campbellfields Campbell Park Campbelltown Campbelltown College of Technical and Further Education Campbelltown East Public School Campbelltown High School Campbelltown North Public School Campbelltown Post Office Campbelltown Railway Station Campbelltown Public School Campbelltown Showground Camp Gully Canally Reserve Cape Horn Carriage Creek Carricks Creek Carrington Circuit Reserve Carters Creek Cascade Creek Cataract Creek Cataract Dam Cataract River Cataract Scout Park Catchment Cawdor Cawdor Public School Cawleys Saddle Cedar Creek Chain of Ponds Creek Chain of Ponds Crossing Chalkers Crossing Charcoal Creek Charlesworth Dam Claymore Claymore Public School Claymore Park Clay Waterholes Creek Clements Creek Clifton Coalcliff Coalcliff Dam Coalcliff Harbour Coalcliff Railway Station Cobbitty Public School Cobbitty Weir Cobblers Hill Cobbong Creek Coledale Coledale Beach Park Coledale Beach Coledale Public School Coledale Railway Station Collins Creek Collins Rock Colo Colong Reserve Complete Creek Complete Coniston Coniston Public School Coniston Railway Station Coomaditchy Lagoon Coomaditchy Lagoon Reserve Coombes Coombes Sugarloaf Cordeaux Cordeaux Creek Cordeaux Dam Cordeaux Heights Cordeaux River Coronation Park Corrimal Corrimal High School Corrimal Memorial Park Corrimal Beach Corrimal Railway Station Corrimal Post Office Corrimal Public School Cotopaxi Mount Cotopaxi Couridjah Mountain Couridjah Railway Station Coutts Gully Cow Creek Coxs Gully Cransley Park Crater Rock Crawfords Creek Crear Hill Cringila Cringila Public School Cringila Railway Station Cronulla Reserve Crooked Creek Cupitts Forest Currans Hill Currungoba Point Curry Park Dahlia Dahlia Creek Dahlia Swamp Dapto Creek Dapto High School Dapto Post Office Dapto Railway Station Darcy Park Darkes Forest Darkes Forest Park Darkes Shaft Davis Park Deadmans Creek Dendrobium Dunbars Gully Eagle Eagle Vale Eckersley Eckersley Ford Eckersley Point Eckersley Ridge Eddles Pool Elbow Pool Elderslie Elderslie High School Eleebana Reserve Elizabeth Park Eliza Creek Elladale Creek Ellis Lane Enmore Eschol Park Eschol Park Public School Evelyns Ridge Explorers Creek Fairy Creek Fairy Meadow Fairy Meadow Demonstration School Fairy Meadow Railway Station Farmborough Heights Farmborough Road Public School Farrahars Creek Father Baldwin Ferguson Fernhill Figtree Figtree Heights Public School Figtree High School Figtree Park Figtree Public School Filby Fire Creek First Hill Fishermans Beach Fishers Ghost Creek Fishers Ghost Park Fitzpatrick Five Islands Lookout The Five Islands Flaggy Creek Flagstaff Hill Flagstaff Point Flanagans Creek Flat Rock Flat Rock Creek Flat Rock Junction Flat Rock Swamp Flinders Islet Flying Fox Flying Fox No 1 Creek Flying Fox No 2 Creek Flying Fox No 3 Creek Foot Onslow Creek Forest Creek Forest Gully Forest Hill Four Mile Creek Freres Crossing Frew Memorial Park Friar Bird Pool Furner Gallahers Creek Gamea Gully Geards Hill Gheeger Gibsons Creek Gilba Road Reserve Gilead Mount Gilead Giles Junction Gills Gully Gilmore Park Girronba Creek Girronba Ridge Girronba Swamp Gladstone Park Glen Alpine Glenlee Glenmore Glenroy Park Goondarrin Creek Gooseberry Island Greengate Reserve Green Hills Green Swamp Griffins Bay Gunners Cave Gunners Gully Gunners Pool Gunyah Creek Gunyah Park Gurra Causeway Gurra Gully Gwynneville Gwynneville Public School Hambridge Hambridge Creek Hambridge Gully Hangers Rock Hanging Rock Hargraves Creek Harrington Park Harris Creek Harris Forest Haslem Gully Hayes Park Public School Heathcote Heathcote Creek Heathcote National Park Heathfield Public School Helensburgh Cemetery Helensburgh Park Helensburgh Gully Helensburgh Post Office Helensburgh Public School Helensburgh Railway Station Herbert Gully Hewitts Creek Hicks Creek High Range Hilder Reserve Hill 60 Honeysuckle Creek Hooka Creek Hooka Island Hooka Point Hopetoun Park Hornes Creek Horse Creek Hume Oval Hume Racecourse Hurley Hurley Park Hurricane Gully Hurts Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area Illawarra Park Illawarra Public School Illawarra Range Illowra Iluka Creek Ingleburn High School Ingleburn Public School Ingleburn Reserve Izards Knob Jacks Gully Jacksons Hill Jacky Jones Gully James Ruse Park Jerretts Point Jerusalem Gully Jervis Field Joes Bay John Warby Public School Jordans Pass Kalibucca Creek Kanahooka Kanahooka High School Kanahooka Park Karong Gully Keanes Gully Kearns Keira Keira High School Mount Keira Keiraville Keiraville Public School Kellys Falls Kembla Kembla Creek Kembla Grange Kembla Grange Racecourse Kembla Grange Railway Station Kembla Lookout Mount Kembla Kembla State Forest Kemblawarra Public School Kembla West Kemira Kenny Kenny Hill Kentish Kentish Creek Kentlyn Public School Camden Airport Campbelltown 'A' Campbelltown B Campbelltown C Campbelltown 'D' Town of Campbelltown Canys Creek Carters Creek or Eastern Branch of Bargo Rivulet Cataract Dam Storage Reservoir Catherine Hill Chain of Ponds Clay Water Holes Village of Clifton Coal Cliff Harbour Cobbitty Creek Cobbitty Village Weir Cobong Creek Coledale Station Village of Coledale Coniston or Gladstone Park Coots Hill The Coradjery Lagoons Cordeaux Dam Storage Reservoir Corrimal East Secondary School Corrimal or Brokers Peak Village of Couridjah Couridjah Cemetery Coutts Creek Coxs Branch Cransley Creek Mount Crear Currung-Gora Point Eastern Branch Eastern Branch of Burke River East Minto Lake Eckersley Elderslie Public School Evelyns Range Fairy Meadow Beach Fairy Meadow East Public School Fairy Meadow Public School Fig-Tree Creek Fig Tree Park The Five Islands Group Flag Staff Hill Flying Fox No 1 Flying Fox No 2 Flying Fox No 3 Friar Bird Forest Pool Gallahers River Gamea Creek General Cemetery At Clifton General Cemetery Wombarra Gills Creek Girronba Vale Glenlee Railway Station Gormans Branch of Back Creek Grahams Hill The Green Swamp Harry Morton Park Haslem Creek Hayes Park Primary School Heathcote State Park Helensburgh General Cemetery Herbert Creek Herberts Creek Hurricane Creek Illawarra Coast Range Illawarra Crippled Childrens School Illawarra State Recreation Area Illuka Creek Ingleburn Primary School Ingleburn River Reserve Jacky Jones Creek Jerkins or Allans Creek Jerusalem Creek John Shepherd Memorial Park The Junction Katerines Hill Katherines Hill Katrines Hill Keighrans Hill Keira Boys High School Kellys Creek Kenny Hill Platform Kennys Hill Kingfisher Creek Kingfisher Pool King George V Park King George Park Kings Falls Kings Falls Picnic Area Kirkham Kirkham Park Kolora Lake Koolewong Park Kooloobong Park Koong Burry Bay Kully Bay Kully Bay Park K Wheatley Memorial Park L 29 Lachlan Vale Lady Fuller Park Lake Cataract Lake Cordeaux Lake Heights Lake Heights Public School Lake Nepean Lakeside Drive Reserve Lakesland Lake Woronora Langs Point Larkin Larkins Leafs Creek Leafs Gully Lefevres Corner Letterbox Leumeah Leumeah High School Leumeah Park Leumeah Public School Leumeah Railway Station Lilly Ponds Creek Lily Ponds Gully Lindale Lindsey Mount Lindsey Little Burke River Little Forest Little Nebo Long Point Little River Little Wattle Tree Creek Lizard Creek Lizards Knob Loddon Creek Loddon Falls Loddon River London House Long Creek Long Gully Long Wills Hill The Lookout Lucas Heights Lupton Lynwood Park Lyretail Gully Lysaght Oval Lysaghts Platform Macarthur Institute of Higher Education Macarthur Park Macarthur Railway Station McCabe Park Mackel Landing Ground Macleay Reserve Mcarthur Mcarthur Heights MacCabe Park Mcdonalds Siding Mcguires Creek Mcguires Crossing Mckinnon Park Madden Madden New Madden Park Maddens Creek Maddens Creek Crossing Maddens Plains Maldon Maldon Railway Station Mallaty Creek Mamre Park Manangle Manangle Creek Mangerton Mangerton Park Mount Mannell Manooka Reserve Marhnyes Hole Market Square Park Marks Lookout Martin Islet Mary Brooksbank School Maryfields Platform Masters Park Matahil Creek Matthews Creek Mawarra Public School Mawson Park Meemi Gully Melinga Molong Creek Melinga Molong Gully Melinga Molong Ridge Menangle Creek Menangle Park Railway Station Menangle Public School Menangle Railway Station Menangle Sugarloaf Menangle Weir Meparko Creek Meparko Gully Merino Park Mermaids Pool Miara Gully Mill Creek Minda Gully Mount Minda Minda Pool Minda Ridge Minka Gully Minnegang Creek Minto Minto Heights Minto Public School Minto Railway Station Minto Showground Mirang Gully Mirang Pool Mittagong Monument The Monument Moolgun Creek Moorabinda Gully Moorabinda Creek Mooray Gully Mount Mooray Mooray Ridge Moore Creek Morans Creek Morans Gully Morella Karong Mount Morella Morella Ridge Moreton Bay Fig Park Moronga Park Morton Park Mount Brown Reserve Mount Hunter Creek Mount Hunter Public School Mount Hunter Rivulet Mount Hunter Rivulet Weir Mount Keira Demonstration School Mount Keira Lookouts Mount Keira Public School Mount Keira Summit Park Mount Kembla Park Mount Kembla Public School Mount Ousley Mount Ousley Public School Mount Rorison Mount Saint Thomas Mount Saint Thomas Public School Mowbray Park Mowbray Park Public School Muddy Creek Muddy Gully Mullaly Creek Murphys Gully Murray Park Myrtle Creek Myrtle Gully Myuna Creek Mount Myuna Myuna Pool Nareena Hills Nareena Hills Public School Narellan Narellan Creek Narellan Public School Narellan Vale Native Dog Creek Native Dog Hole Navigation Creek Nebo Mount Nebo Nemma Nepean Creek Nepean Dam Nepean River Storage Reservoir Nepean Storage Reservoir Newlands Gully New Madden Nicholson Park Noonys Gulf Nore Reserve Normandy Reserve North Beach North Menangle Railway Station North Wollongong Railway Station Novice Nudjia Creek Nudjia Park Oakdale Public School O'Briens Gap Ocean Park O'Hares Creek O'Hares Creek Crossing One Tree Hill Onslow Park Orana Park Orangeville Origma Gully Osborne Park Ousedale Creek Pack Creek Pack Gully Para Meadows Public School Para or Fairy Creek Parish Memorial Park Parkyns Beach Passfield Park Public School Passfield Park Pats Flat Pearsons Selection Peppin Park Peter Meadows Creek Pheasants Creek Pheasants Nest Pass Pheasants Nest Weir Phil Adams Park Picton Cemetery Picton Central School Picton High School Picton Hill Picton Lakes Picton Lakes Village Picton Post Office Picton Public School Picton Railway Station Village of Picton Picton Weir Pioneers Rest Park Porcupine St Helens Park St James Park Port Kembla Port Kembla Beach Port Kembla Public School Port Kembla Harbour Port Kembla Railway Station Port Kembla High School Port Kembla Post Office Port Kembla Scenic Lookout Pot Holes Crossing Primbee Bay Mount Prudhoe Pulpit Rock Pumpkin Hills Punchbowl Punchbowl Creek Pupiana Purrah Bay Purry Burry Point Python Gully Quirk Reserve Raby Racecourse Creek Raymond Reserve Razorback Razorback Range Reactor Redbank Redbank Creek Redfern Park Red Point Reeces Creek Reed Park Reeds Corner Regent Mountain Reiby School Reidtown Rest Park Riley Park Ripple Rill Riverside Park Rixon Pass Rixons Hill Rixons Pass Robins Creek Rocky Creek Rocky Islet Rocky Ponds Creek Ropes End Creek Ropesend Creek Mount Roroson Rosemeadow Rosemeadow High School Round Hill Rourke Rumker Creek Rumker Gully Ruse Ruse Public School Russellvale Russell Vale Russell Vale Public School Ryans Crossing Sackville Street Public School St Andrews St Andrews Public School St Peter Mount St Thomas Sandspit Point Sandy Creek Sandy Flat Creek Sandy Gully Sarah Redfern High School Sarah Redfern Playing Field Sarah Redfern Public School Sarahs Gully Sarahs Knob Sarahs Nob Saunders Creek Sawpit Creek Saw-Pit Gully Sawpit Gully Scarborough Scarborough Beach Scarborough Public School Scarborough Railway Station Village of Scarborough Scirpus Mere Scout Creek Scouters Mountain Scout Gully Scrivin Reserve Scroggies Gully Sebastopol 2nd Lookout Sharpes Weir Shepherd Memorial Park Sherbrooke Sherwin Shiels Shingle Tree Hill Sickles Creek Simpsons Creek Single Tree Hill Slack Creek Slacky Creek Slacky Flat Mount Sloane Smeaton Grange Smiths Creek Smiths Hill High School Smiths Hill Girls High School Soiland Reserve Solomons Creek South Bulli Southend Spaniards Hill Sphere Atlas Spion Kop Splitters Creek Splitters Gully Spring Creek Spring Farm Spring Hill Spring Reserve Staffords Creek Staffords Gully Stanwell Creek Stanwell Dam Stanwell Park Beach Stanwell Park Public School Stanwell Park Railway Station Stevys Forest Stilton Stockyard Creek Stokes Creek Stonequarry Creek Stonequarry Rivulet Stoney Creek Stony Creek The Stream Street Park Stringybark Creek Stuart Park Sublime Sublime Point Sublime Point Lookout Sugarloaf Sugar Loaf Creek Sugarloaf Gully The Sugar Loaf Surgeon Park Swingle Tree Hill Sydney Water Supply Tabers Creek Tahmoor Public School Tahmoor Railway Station Tarmaroo Pool Tarmaroo Ridge Tarmaroo Rill Tarrawanna Tarrawanna Public School Tarrawanna Teachers College Tea Tree Creek Teatree Gully Teatree Hollow Tea Tree Hollow Tenbee Tennessee The Grange Public School The Little River The Meadow The Oaks Public School The Park The Pot Holes Crossing Road The Racecourse The Razorback Theresa Park The Woolwash Third Point Creek Thirlmere Cemetery Thirlmere General Cemetery Thirlmere Lakes Thirlmere Lakes National Park Thirlmere Lakes State Park Thirlmere Public School Thirlmere Railway Station Village of Thirlmere Thirroul Thirroul Beach Thirroul Public School Thirroul Railway Station Thirroul Rsl Park Twirroul Station Town of Thirroul Thomas Acres Public School Thorntons Hill Thurns Weir Timberi Park Tingira Park Tom Thumb Tom Thumb Islands Tom Thumbs Lagoon Lake Toolooma Toorak Park Tortoise Rock Townson Park Towradge Creek Towradgi Towradgi Arm Towradgi Beach Towradgi Beach Park Towradgi Creek Towradgi Park Towradgi Point Towradgi Public School Towradgi Railway Station Trailers Lake Tramway Creek Tucker Creek Tuggerah Bay Turnbull Creek Turnbull Gully Unanderra Unanderra Park Unanderra Public School Unanderra Railway Station University College University of Wollongong Upper Bargo Rivulet Upper Canal Upper Cordeaux Upper Cordeaux No 1 Dam Upper Cordeaux No 2 Dam Upper Picton Cemetery Valley Reserve Vanderville Varroville Vault Hill Victoria Lookout Victoria Park Wallaby Gully Wallaby Ridge Wallandoola Wallandoola Creek Waminda Oval Waminda Reserve Waniora Point Waniora Public School Wanyambilli Wanyambilli Hill Wappa Creek Waratah Rivulet Warbys Creek Warbys Gully Wards Creek Wards Gully Warra Warrawong Warrawong High School Warrawong Post Office Warrawong Public School Warton Creek Washhouse Gully Watchorn Hill Waterfall Creek Waterfall Gully Waterfall Oval Waterfall Public School Waterfall Railway Station Village of Waterfall Waterhouse Gully Wattalli Wattali Creek Wattalli Creek Wattle Creek Wedderburn Wedderburn Public School Wedderburn State Forest Wegit Point Weromba Werombi Road School West Bargo West Branch West Branch of Cedar Creek West Cliff West Dapto Creek Western Branch Westmacott Mount Westmacott Westmacott Ridge Westmacott Rill West Wollongong West Wollongong Public School Whartons Creek Wheatley Memorial Park Wheatley Park Wholohan Creek Wild Cat Ridge Williams Creek Willis Park Wilton Recreation Reserve Town of Wilton Wirrimbirra Sanctuary Wiseman Park Wishing Well Wodi Wodi Wollamai Park Wollamai Point Wollongong 'A' Wollongong 'B' Wollongong Beach Wollongong Botanic Gardens Wollongong Botanical Gardens Wollongong Cemetery Wollongong Harbour Wollongong High School Wollongong Hospital Wollongong Hospital School Wollongong Institute of Education Wollongong Lawn Cemetery Wollongong North Beach Wollongong Post Office Wollongong Public School Wollongong Racecourse Wollongong Railway Station Wollongong Technical College Town of Wollongong Wollongong West Primary School Wombarra Wombarra Cemetery Wombarra Beach Wombarra Railway Station Wombarra Reef Village of Wombarra Wombat Creek Wongawilli Wongawilli Creek Wongawilli Public School Wonona Wonona Mountain Woodbine Woodhouse Creek Woodland Road Public School Woodlands Creek Woodlawn Park Woodward Memorial Park Woonona Woonona Heights Woonona High School Woonona Mountain Woonona Post Office Woonona Public School Woonona Railway Station Woronora Woronora Dam Woronora Gap Woronora Range Woronora Ridge Woronora River Woronora Tower Woronora Weir Worrell Park Yabba Pool Yanderra Public School Yanderra Railway Station Yarrawarrah Heights Yarrawarrah Ridge Diggers Creek Dimeny Park Dingo Cave Dingo Creek Yelgun Cave Yellow Pool Yerrinbool Railway Station Youngs Creek Youngs Gully Bulli Bulli Beach Bulli Cemetery Bulli East Secondary School Bulli General Cemetery Bulli Harbour Bulli High School Bulli Lookout Bulli Park Bulli Pass Bulli Pass National Reserves Bulli Pass Scenic Reserves Bulli Point Bulli Post Office Bulli Public School Bulli Railway Station Bulli Tops Town of Bulli Bunburry Curran Community Park Bunbury Curran Creek Bunbury Curran Park Dogtrap Creek Dombarton Dombarton Loop Donalds Castle Creek Donalds Ridge Douglas Park Public School Douglas Park Railway Station Mount Drummond Dry Creek Dudewaugh Creek Donalds Range Dooundong The Dry Lake Duguid Oval Bungonie Rill Mount Burelli Burke Mount Burke Burke River Burkes Rock Burns Reserve Burragorang Bushells Buxton Peninsula Buxton Plateau Buxton Public School Buxton Railway Station Byarong Creek Byarong Mill Brook Byarong Park Byrne Byrnes Creek Barina Park Barrallier Park Bellambi Recreation Area Beltana Reserve Berkeley Park Berkeley South Public School Berkeley West Public School Bow Bowing Reserve Mount Brisbane Bruce Park Campbelltown Jaycee Park Cassel Park Corrimal Beach Park Corrimal East Public School Cowper Park Dapto Public School Dymock Street Reserve East Corrimal Primary School Eckersley New Flagstaff Park Garawarra State Conservation Area Georges River Nature Reserve Greenacres School Greenacres Public School Hacking River Part Of The Harold Noakes Memorial Reserve Harold Noakes Reserve Hill 60 Park Holborn Park Hooka Point Park Jackson Park Jaycee Park Keelong School Keira Park Kembla Grange Cemetery Kembla Grange War Cemetery Kevin Wheatley Memorial Park Koloona Park Lee Park Melaleuca Park Mount Pleasant Mullet Creek North Wollongong North Wollongong Beach Nyrang Park Port Kembla North Port Kembla North Railway Station Ranchby Avenue Park Rosemeadow Public School Sheaffes Creek Tallimba School Highfield Park Kayess Park Koshigaya Park Hallinan Park Haydon Park Heathfield Park Jack Donohoe Park Jasper Hansen Park Jemima Jenkins Reserve Jonathan Brooker Reserve John Rider Reserve Kanbyugal Reserve Kenny Reserve Lack Reserve Manaleuka Park Mandurama Reserve Mary Doherty Park Mary Wade Park Mitcherson Reserve Ambarvale Sports Complex Bendall Reserve Biehler Reserve Blain Park Burrendah Reserve Byrne Reserve C C Murray Park Centenary Park Clark Reserve Deane Park Dorchester Park Eagle Creek Reserve Eagle Farm Reserve Eschol Park Sports Complex Etchell Reserve Fieldhouse Park Flying Pieman Park Flynn Reserve Fred Sheather Park Hagan Reserve Mumu Reserve Noorumba Reserve Patrick Newman Park Payten Reserve Peace Park Piggott Park Pioneer Park Prentice Park Raby Sports Complex Reid Murray Reserve Rixon Hill Reserve Rizal Park Rosemeadow Sports Complex Ruse-Satsukina Park Saggart Field St Andrews Park St Elmo Park St Johns Park Scattergood Park Sherack Park Shiel Park Smiths Creek Reserve Soldiers Settlement Park Stan Thomson Park Steele Reserve Thomas Acres Reserve Thomas Burke Reserve Thomas Clarkson Reserve Vale Brook Reserve William Fowler Reserve Wills Reserve Mount Annan Botanic Garden Alan Benn Reserve Thomas Reddall High School Campbelltown Sportsground Pheasants Nest Wollongong City Beach Marsden Park Camden South Kearns Public School E.R. Jones Reserve Ernest Walsh Reserve Wetherall Park Flagstaff Hill Park Lakeside Garden Cemetery and Crematorium Robertson Lookout Whittfields Lookout Barnes Park Bill Madden Park Blaker Park Brandon Park Caroona Park Cram Park Farrell Park Fred Finch Park George Parker Park Guest Park Harrigan Park Harry Bogart Play Area Harry Graham Park Hartigan Park Howard Fowlers Park Ian Mclennan Park J J Kelly Park John Crehan Memorial Park J P Galvin Park Kemps Reserve Khan Park Lang Park Lindsay Maynes Park Malloy Park Massey Park Phil Miller Park Pop Errington Park Puckeys Estate Reserve Robinson Park Roy Johansan Park Ryan Park R Ziems Park Sid Parrish Park Tathra Park Thomas Dalton Memorial Park Todd Park Webb Park Weham Park Nott Oval Rsl Memorial Park Wv Bill Mccall Memorial Park Apex Park Illawarra Senior College Happy Valley Reserve Digger Black Reserve Avon Horsley Huntley Cataract Bon Wrightson Reserve Illawarra Regional Hospital School St Helens Park Public School Dorchester School John Kidd Reserve Harvey Brown Reserve Kia Reserve Lorraine Cibilic Reserve Bob Grabham Jetty Tahmoor Park Kennedy Creek Treverrow Firth Green Leumeah Creek Dharawal State Recreation Area Oxley Rivulet Herbert Rivulet Condron Creek Cross Creek Howe Rivulet Campbell Rivulet Kenny Creek Thornleigh Gully Tahmoor Lions Park William Howe Regional Park Dharawal Nature Reserve Greenway Reserve Foreshore Byram Reserve Thompson Creek Birunji Creek Macquarie Creek Biriwiri Creek Mcbarron Creek Mansfield Creek Redfern Creek Annan Creek Englorie Park Von Guerard Park Gandangara Nature Reserve Lake Currans Mary Brookes Park Barnardo Flag East Corrimal Kembla Heights Gurungaty Waterway Barrett Reserve Giribunger Reserve English Reserve Sandon Point Beach Woonona Beach Cubbitch Barta Reserve Bicentenary Reserve Jim Merry Reserve Mike Dwyer Reserve Rosemarie Reserve Eggleton Reserve Barber Reserve Oaklands Park Kennedy Creek Walk A J Brown Reserve Dharawal Reserve Tredinnick Park Herberts Hill Reserve Keith Longhurst Reserve Lake Yandel'ora Yandel'ora Reserve Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre Robertson Corner Ben Bowing Creek Bunburry Ingleburn Cobbity Woodstock Denbigh Oran Park Bobs Range Silverwood Myall Nelcowrie Kirkham Lane Station Camelot Bowl Creek Yandelora Reserve Lake Yandelora Maryfields Rudds Gate Glendiver Burnham Grove Campbelltown Municipality Eastern Punchbowl Creek Bleak House Glenlee Station Campbelltown South OHares Creek Craigend The Hermitage Menangle Park Station North Menangle Pheasant Creek Gillbulla Meadow Vale Aberfoyle Mathens Creek Blossom Lodge Avoca Helensbourgh Talanga Siding Stone Quarry Creek Lilyvale Station Wilton Park Condell Park Yungulda Creek Appin Lodge Maddons Creek Dog Trap Horness Creek Glenell Cataract Reservoir Cataract Storage Dam Bulli Station Napean Reservoir Nepean Reservoir Cordeaux Reservoir Corrima Fern Hill Upper Cordeaux Number Two Dam Para Reef Aylmerton Lizzards Knob Avon Reservoir Meemi Creek Wollongong Head Mount Nibo City of Greater Wollongong McArthur Heights Upper Cordeaux Number One Dam Hot Hill Eastern Basin Western Basin Flinders Island Northern Breakwater Tom Thumb Lagoon Bass Island Kembla Grange Station Eastern Breakwater Hill Sixty Park Perkins Island Rocky Island Kemblawarra Martin Island Purry-Burry Point Mittagong River Glenquarry Creek Sunnyside Dapto Brooks Creek Woo-Roo Point Kanahooka Point Gurrung Goba Point