Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9033

GA 9033 - Muswellbrook

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Bundarraga Oakey Little Yarrandi Kurrajong Wooton Yarrandi Bells Hollow White Rock Gundebri Balaibluan Ridgelands Retreat Lyndale Fairview Oakdale Fairford Richmond Grove Virginia Farm Woodlands Mandemah Durham Farm Lucernia Kimtyre Aberdeen Denman Muswellbrook Satur Scone Jerrys Plains Gundy Sandy Hollow Anvil Hill Anvil Mountain Antienne Althorpe Alma Mount Arthur Back Arm Mount Arndell Arndell Ash Skimmer Dam Ash Dam Andersons Gap Alcheringa A.F. Taylor Park Arthur Apple Tree Creek Appletree Creek Anvil Anvil Creek Anthill Antiene Antiene Arm Antiene Railway Station Antiene Station Anniversary Park Alys Arm Allied Aberdeen Post Office Aberdeen Public School Aberdeen Railway Station Balkan Balmoral Balmoral Corner Bare Hill Barracks Hill The Barracks Barron Bayswater Creek Bellevue Hill Bells Gap Bells Hollow Gully Bells Mountain Betts Gap Big Adder Hill Big Flat Creek Boat Harbour Black Springs Black Jack Mountain Black Jack Black Hill Bowman Park Brawboy Bray Brays Hill Brennan Park Brisbane Broad Crossing Brogheda Brookfield Brook Park Brougham Browns Mountain Brushy Hill Lookout Brushy Hill Range Camp Saddle Castle Gap Castle Rock Castlerock Castle Rock Peak Chilcotts Gully Clanricard Clarks Gully Clayhole Arm Coal Creek Cockatoo Arm Coffin Arm Coffin Gully Colonel Mountain Corner Hill Courigans Creek Cox Coxs Arm Coxs Gap Coxs Gully Cuan Creek Dalswinton Dangarfield Dangarfield Post Office Dangar Park Dartbrook Dartbrook Public School Davidsons Hill Deadmans Gully Deep Gully Denman Cemetery Denman Gap Denman Knob Denman North Denman Park Denman Post Office Denman Public School Devils Gully Durham Edinglassie Edinglassie Tank Elizabeth Park Ellis Esdai Figtree Creek Figtree Gully Fitzgerald Park Flower Gardens Flat Forest Arm Forest Gully Frazers Knob Freshwater Dam Gaol Arm Spur Gap Arm Gaygons Arm Gees Creek Giants Creek Giants Creek Cemetery Giants Leap Gibbergunyah Creek Glenbawn Dam Lake Glenbawn Glen Creek Glendor Glendower Goruk Grasstree Grasstree Railway Station Grasstree Ridge Green Arm Greyhound Park Guan Gua Gulf Creek Gulf Sugarloaf Gundebri Arm Gundy Gundy Gungal Public School Hall Halls Creek Halls Mountain Halscot Halscott Rock Hanging Rock Happy Valley Creek Healey Arm High Peak Hollow Rock Hollydeen Hoolahans Arm Horseshoe Horseshoe Creek Howick Hughies Gully Hunter Hunter Park Hunter River Hunter Valley Lookout Hut Gully Hyde Park Jacks Arm Jefferson Park Jerrys Plains Cemetery Jerrys Plains Public School John Foley Public School Kater Park Kayuga Castle Rock Public School Castle Rocks Castlerocks Chilcotts Creek The Colonel Coquon Town of Denman Denman General Cemetery Dural Creek Fig Tree Gully Frasers Knob Gallaghers Crossing Gaol Arm Giants Creek General Cemetery Giants Creek Public School Gilders Weir Grasstree Range Grasstree Station Grass Tree Guan Gua Creek The Gulf Gully of The Hut Gungal Creek Horse Shoe Creek The Island James Brennan Park Town of Jerrys Plains Kings Creek Kings Gap King Toms Ridge King Toms Spur Knob Hill The Knob Koolbury Kyuga Lake Liddell Recreation Area Lake Lookout Limb of Addy Hill Limestone Gully Lions Park Little Bullock Gully Little Gap Little Grass Tree Little Grasstree Hill Little Horse Shoe Creek Long Point Logans Mountain Long Arm The Lookout Macintyres Mountain Macqueen McCullys Gap Mccullys Gap Post Office Mccullys Gap Public School Maidswater Creek Manbus Mangoola Mangoola Railway Station Manobalai Manobalai Nature Reserve Manobalai Nature Reserve No.52 Manobalai Post Office Manobalai Public School Manobalai Sugarloaf Martindale Martindale Public School Marys Arm Maryvale Maslin Mediwah Melon Creek Merrys or Woburn Crossing Merton Ford Middle Creek Murdering Hut Gully Middle Gully Milang Gully Moobie Creek Moobi Gully Mount Moobi Moobi Rocks Moobi Well Murray-Bain Oval Muscle Creek Musclebrook Town Of Muswellbrook Cemetery Muswellbrook Common Muswellbrook Crossing Muswellbrook Gap Muswellbrook High School Muswellbrook Post Office Muswellbrook Public School Muswellbrook Railway Station Muswellbrook Showground Muswellbrook Technical College Myall Myall Gully Myambat Myrabluan Myraluen Negoa Neilsons Creek Nest Arm Nest Hill Noblet Hill The Noblet Oakey Arm Oakey Creek Oaky Arm Oaky Creek Ogilvie Ogilvies Hill Old Coat Old Coat Ridge Old Yarrawa Olympic Park Overton Owens Gap Oxford Mount Oxford Paddies Knob Page Mountain Park Parnells Creek Parsons Gully Pastoral Pats Arm Pheeneys Creek Pickering Pikes Creek Pikes Gap Pikes Gully Pimple Pine Gully Plasheet Plashett Knob Plashett Reservoir Mount Pleasant St Hilliers Brook Possum Gully Pringles Salt Water Creek Quarry Creek Rabbit Gully Ramrod Ramrod Creek Randwick Park Randwick Park Hill Razorback Razorback Ridge Redmount Red Top Red Top Hill Reedy Creek The Rock Rocky Hole Arm Rombo Rosebrook Creek Rosemount Rosscole Rossgole Lookout Rouchel Brook Rouchel Gully Rowan Roxburgh Russell Russell Island Rutherford Park Saddle Camp Saddlers Saddlers Creek Saltwater Saltwater Creek Sandy Creek Sandy or Big Flat Creek Sandy Hollow Public School Savoy Scone High School Scone Memorial Airport Scone and District War Memorial Aerodrome Scone Mountain Scone Park Scone Post Office Scone Public School Scone Railway Station Scotts Creek Segenhoe Segenhoe Mountain Segenhoe Public School Sheedy Park Shingle Arm Skeletar Slip Rock Gully Smearers Hill Sophia Creek Spotted Gum Spring Arm Spring Creek Spring Gully Spur Hill Strathearn Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Hill The Sugarloaf Sullivans Gully Sweeneys Arm Taylor Park The Common The Downs The Flower Gardens Thies Thornton Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Mountain Tinkers Creek Tinkers Gully Tommys Gully Two Mile Gully Tyrone Vaux Victoria Park Walters Arm Webbs Arm Webimble Webimble Hill Well Gully White Park White Rock Gully Whites Creek Wickham Windmill Arm Wisemans Creek Wisemans Gully Wollombi Park Worondi Wrights Creek Wybong Wybong Arm Wybong Cemetery Wybong Creek Wyddagary Creek Wynn Yarraman Yarrawa Yarrawa Creek Dingo Gully Bullock Gully Dorset Drayton Dries Dry Creek Dirty Gully Bunnan Bunnan Post Office Bunnan Public School Bunnan West Bureen Bureen Public School Amaroo Park Woodlands Hill Dries Hill Junction Roy Cawsey Park Apex Lookout Rotary Juvenile Park Muswellbrook Lions Park Rossgole Moobi Edderton Bengalla Remembrance Park Antiene Platform Grasstree Platform Saltwater or Bayswater Creek Weeraman Fields Arrolla Area Muswellbrook Lioness Park Verdelho Reserve Muswellbrook Volunteer Park Scone Shire Upper Hunter Brushy Hill Segenhoe House Dart Brook Dartbrook Creek Kingdon Ponds Kingdom Ponds Pages River Manobalai Nature Reserve Number Fifty-Two Balkan Mountain Hilliers Brook Saint Hilliers Brook Musclebrook Gungal Muscle Brook Olgilvies Hill Goulburn River Plashett Dam Greigs Creek Bureen Creek Yarrawonga Doyles Creek Mount Pirribil