Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9130

GA 9130 - Sydney

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Hidden Valley Green Acres Brooklyn Cowan Dangar Island Ettalong Beach Galston Glenorie Kenthurst Mooney Mooney Patonga Sydney Aruna Bay Arthur Phillip High School Arthur Reserve Artarmon Railway Station Artarmon Reserve Apple Tree Creek Apple Tree Bay Anzac Rifle Range Anvil Rock Angophora Reserve Alston Park Artarmon Recreation Reserve Back Bay Argyle Place Arden Arcadia Park Arcadia Public School Archer Creek Arncliffe Public School Arncliffe Railway Station Arncliffe Silver Jubilee Park Arndell Public School Arnold Grove Aquatic Park Allison Allison Park Allman Park Allawah Allawah Railway Station Avalon Public School Austin Park Audrey Bay Auluba Reserve Auburn Auburn Girls High School Auburn Golf Course Auburn Park Auburn Post Office Athol Bay Athol Wharf Asquith Girls High School Asquith Park Asquith Public School Asquith Railway Station Ashfield Ashfield Boys High School Avalon Avalon Beach Avalon Golf Course Avalon High School Auburn Public School Auburn Railway Station Auburn Station Atkinson Reserve Astrolabe Cove Astrolabe Park Athelstane Public School Ashton Park Asquith Asquith Boys High School Ashfield Park Ashfield Post Office Ashfield Public School Ashfield Railway Station Ashfield Reservoir Ashbury Ashbury Public School America Bay Alison Park Alison Point Algie Park Alexandra Canal Alexandra Street Wharf Alexandria Alexandria Canal Sheas Creek Alexandria Park Albert Park Albert Road S.S.P. School Aitchander Park Akuna Bay Aiken A'Becketts Creek A.F. Wyatt Reserve Arthur Arthur Byrne Reserve Arthur Park Artarmon Artarmon Park Artarmon Post Office Artarmon Public School Arncliffe Arncliffe Park Arncliffe Post Office Arlington Recreation Reserve Arlington Recreation Ground Arcadia Arabanoo Lookout Anzac Park Ants Nest Ants Nest Point Annie Wyatt Park Ann Thorn Park Annandale Annandale Post Office Annandale Public School Angus Park Anglo Square Anderson Memorial Reserve Anderson Park Amour Park Allum Park Allder Park Allenby Park Allan Small Park Allambie Heights Allambie Heights Public School Allambie Heights Reserve Alexandria Post Office Alexandria Park Community School Alfords Point Alexander Mackie College of Advance Education Alexandra Bay Albion Airey Park Acacia Park Abbotsford Abbotsford Bay Abbotsford Public School Abbotsford Wharf Adventure Park Addison Acron Oval Abbotsholme Glen Bagust Reserve Bahai Temple Bairne Bakehouse Place Baker Park Bald Face Point Bald Face Public School Bales Park Balgowlah Balgowlah Boys High School Balgowlah Heights Balgowlah Heights Public School Balgowlah Park Balgowlah Post Office Ballast Point Balls Head Balls Head Bay Balls Head Reserve Balmain Sydney Secondary College Balmain Campus Balmain Post Office Balmain Public School Balmain Teachers College Balmoral Bay Balmoral Beach Balmoral Park Bamford Reserve Bangalley Head Banger Park Cape Banks Banks Banks Creek Banksia Banksia Railway Station Banksia Road Public School Banksmeadow Banksmeadow Public School Banksmeadow Park Bankstown Bankstown Boys High School Bankstown Girls High School Bankstown Memorial Oval Bankstown Memorial Park Bankstown Post Office Bankstown Public School Bankstown Railway Station Bankstown Reservoir Bankstown Showground Bankstown Technical College Bankstown Trotting Track Banool Reserve Bantry Reservoir Bantry Bantry Bay Bantry Bluff Bantry Reserve The Bar Barbara Bardon Park Bardwell Creek Bardwell Creek Reserve Bardwell Park Bardwell Park Railway Station Bare Bare Creek Bareena Park Bare Island Bare Island Historic Site Bar Island Bar Island Cemetery Barnwell Park Barnwell Park Golf Course Bar Point Barra Brui Oval Barracks Barracluff Park Barranjoey Barranjoey Lighthouse Barrenjoey Barrenjoey Beach Barrenjoey Head Barrenjoey High School Barrenjoey Lighthouse Bartlett Park Barton Park Barton Reserve The Basin Basin Beach Bass Hill Public School Bass Hills Public School Bates Bates Creek Batten Reserve Battersea Park Battersea Reserve Baulkham Hills Baulkham Hills Park Baulkham Hills Public School Baulkham Hills Rifle Range Bay Creek Bay Street Wharf Bayview Bayview Golf Course Bayview Park Beach Reserve Beacon Hill Reserve Beacon Hill Beacon Hill High School Beacon Hill Public School Beaconsfield Beaconsfield Post Office Beale Reserve Beare Park Bear Islet Beattie Park Beauchamp Park Beaumont Road Public School Beaumont Beaumont Park Beaumont Reserve Beauty Point Bedlam Point Beeby Park Beecroft Beecroft Park Beecroft Public School Beecroft Railway Station Beecroft Station Beedam Bellevue Hill Public School Belfield Belhaven Public School Bellamy Bellevue Bellevue Hill Bellevue Park Bell Park Bell Wharf Belmore-Campsie Park Belmore Belmore Boys High School Belmore Park Belmore Post Office Belmore Railway Station Belmore Sportsground Belrose Belrose Public School Ben Buckler Bennelong Point Bennelong Park Bennets Bay Bennett Park Bennetts Wharf Benoni Wharf Benson Place Berala Berala Public School Berala Railway Station Berala Station Berowra Berowra Creek Berowra Heights Berowra North Public School Berowra Park Berowra Public School Berowra Railway Station Berowra Reservoir Berowra Waters Berowra Waters Lookout Berrilee Berrilee Public School Berrilee Ridge Berriwerri Reserve Berry Bay Berry Creek Berry Island Berry Island Recreation Reserve Berry Island Reserve Berrys Bay Berrys Creek Best Betts Park Beulah Street Wharf Beverly Hills Girls High School Beverley Job Park Beverley Park Beverly Grove Park Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Post Office Beverly Hills Park Beverly Hills Public School Beverly Hills Railway Station Bexley Bexley Park Bexley Post Office Bexley Public Park Bexley Public School Biddigal Reserve Bidgee Park Bidura Public School Big Bay Bilba Reserve Bilgola Bilgola Beach Bilgola Creek Bilgola Head Bilgola Plateau Park Bilgola Plateau Public School Biloela Bill Mitchell Park Billongobah Billong-Olo-Lah Bobbin Bobbin Head Boam-Billy The Bluff Bluff Head Blues Point Blues Point Reserve Blues Bay Blue Gum Park Blue Gum Creek Blenheim Park Blaxlands Waterfall Blaxcell Blaxcell Street Public School Blanche Mount Blanche Blamey Park Blanche Crater Blake Ridge Blakehurst Blakehurst High School Blakehurst Public School Blake Blair Park Blackwattle Bay Blackwattle Cove Blackwall Mount Blackwall Point Blackwall Blue Fish Blue Fish Point Blue Cross Blackmore Park Blackman Oval Blackman Park Bligh Park Blackbutt Park Blackbutt Creek Blackburn Cove Birrong Boys High School Birrong Park Birrong Public School Birrong Railway Station Birrilee Birrahlee Reserve Birralee Birnie Lookout Birdwood Park Birkenhead Point Birchgrove Birchgrove Park Birchgrove Public School Binnawie Reserve Binnamittalong Native Gardens Bimbi Reserve Boggywell Creek Bona Park Bondi Bondi Bay Bondi Beach Bondi Beach Post Office Bondi Beach Public School Bondi Junction Bondi North Bondi Junction Railway Station Bondi Junior High School Bondi North Stack Bondi Park Bondi Post Office Bondi Public School Bongin Bongin Bay Bongin Bongin Beach Bonnet Bay Bonnet Head The Bonnet Bonney Doon Wharf Boobajool Reserve Booker Bay Booler Memorial Playground Boomerang Reserve Boondah Reserve Boondar Reserve Boondi Reserve Booralee Park Booral Reserve Boora Point Booth Reserve Boot Rock The Boot Boray Boronia Park Boronia Park Public School Boronia Reserve Boronia Ridge Boronia Spur Botany Botany Bay Botany Bay National Park Botany Cemetery Botany Dams Botany Mun. Golf Links Botany Municipal Golf Course Botany Municipal Golf Links Botany Post Office Botany Public School Bottle and Glass Head Bottle and Glass Point Bottle and Glass Rocks Bouddi Bouddi Lookout Bouddi Point Bouddi Ridge Bouddi Range Bouddi Spur Boundary Bourke Square Bourke Street Public School Bourke Street Home Science School Bourke Town Bowes Thistlethwayte Park Box Head Box or Hawke Head Boyla Reserve Bradfield Park Bradley Reserve Bradleys Bradleys Bay Bradleys Beach Bradleys Head Braemar Park Branch of Cowan Creek Brays Bay Breakfast Point Bremners Paddock Reserve Bremner Park Brenda Brennan Park Brentwood Reserve Brereton Park Bressington Park Brett Park Brickfield Hill Post Office Brickfield Place Brickmakers Creek Bridge Road Public School Brigade Park Brightmare Street Reserve Brighton-Le-Sands Brighton-Le-Sands Public School Township of Brighton Bright Park Brisk Bay Brittania Rock Britannia Rock Broadarrow Broadarrow Reach Broad Arrow Reserve Broadway Broadway Post Office Broken Bay Bronte Bronte Beach Bronte Park Bronte Public School Brooklyn Cemetery Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Post Office Brooklyn Public School Village of Brooklyn Brooklyn Wharf Brookvale Brookvale Creek Brookvale Oval Brookvale Park Brookvale Post Office Brookvale Public School Brookvale Technical College Brothers Memorial Park The Brothers Brotherson Dock Brown Brown Fields Park Brown Reserve Browns Bay Browns Field Browns Oval Browns Waterhole Brush Farm Brush Farm Park Buffalo Creek Bujwa Bay Bujwa Creek Bujwa Ridge Bulgola Beach Bulgola Creek Bulgola Head Tharbine Tuckwell Park Cabarita Cabarita Park Cabarita Point Cabbage Point Cabbage Tree Bay Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour Cabbage Tree Flat Cabbage Tree Hollow Cadmans Cottage Historic Site Cahill Creek Cahill Park Cairnsfoot Public School Calabash Calabash Bay Calabash Creek Calabash Point Calabash Ridge Caldew Reserve Caley Brook Caley Reserve Calna Creek Camdenville Park Camdenville Public School Camellia Camellia Railway Station Campbells Cove Cammeray Cammeray Park Cammeray Post Office Cammeray Public School Campbell Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve Campbell Park Campbells Crater Camp Cove Camp Creek Camp Cove Reserve Camperdown Camperdown Demonstration School Camperdown Memorial Rest Park Camperdown Park Camperdown Post Office Campsie Campsie Post Office Campsie Public School Campsie Railway Station Canada Bay Canarys Canterbury Canterbury Bankstown Public School Canterbury Boys High School Canterbury Girls High School Canterbury Hospital Public School Canterbury Park Canterbury Post Office Canterbury Public School Canterbury Racecourse Canterbury Railway Station Captain Cook Graving Dock Carara Reserve Caravan Head Careel Bay Careel Creek Careel Head Careel Headland Reserve Careening Cove Cargo Wharf Carina Bay Carina Gully Carinya Public School Carlingford Carlingford High School Carlingford Park Carlingford Public School Carlingford Railway Station Carlton Carlton Place Carlton Post Office Carlton Public School Carlton Railway Station Carnarvon Golf Course Caroline Chisholm Public School Carrington Park Carrol Carroll Creek Carss Bush Park Carss Park Carss Park Lookout Carss Point Carters Gully Carvossa Carysfield Park Castle Castle Bay Castle Cove Park Castlecrag Castlehaven Reserve Castle Hill Castle Hill High School Castle Hill Park Castle Hill Post Office Castle Hill Public School Castle Rock Castle Rock Beach Castle Rock Reserve Cannae Point Catherine Park Cave Gully Caves Bay Cecil Park Centennial Park The Centennial Park Central Park Central Railway Central Railway Station Centrepoint Cent Spur Chadwick Reserve Challenger Head Chalmers Road Public School Chambers Park Chaplin Oval Charity Creek Charity Point Charltons Creek Chatswood Chatswood Athletic Field Chatswood Golf Course Chatswood High School Chatswood Oval Chatswood Park Chatswood Post Office Chatswood Public School Chatswood Railway Station Chattan Park Cheero Point Cheltenham Cheltenham Girls High School Cheltenham Park Cheltenham Railway Station Cherrybrook Cherrybrook Public School Cherryl Reserve Chester Hill Chester Hill Public School Chester Hill Post Office Chester Hill Railway Station Chifley Chifley Public School Chifley Square Chilworth Reserve Chinamans Beach Chippendale Chippendale Post Office Chiswick Chiswick Gardens Chiswick Park Chowder Bay Chowder Head Christie Park Christies Pool Christison Park Chullora Chullora Public School Church Point Cicada Glen Creek Cintra Park Circular Quay Circular Quay Railway Station Civic Park Clarence Street Post Office Clareville Beach Clareville Beach Reserve Clareville Park Clareville Wharf Clark Island Clarke Road Public School Clarkes Point Clark Park Clay Cliff Creek Claydon Reserve Cleland Park Clemton Park Clemton Park Public School Cleves Park Cliff Clifton Gardens Jetty Clive Park Clontarf Clontarf Beach Clontarf Point Clontarf Reserve Clovelly Clovelly Bay Clovelly Beach Clovelly Public School Clyde Clyde Railway Station Clyde Showground Coal and Candle Creek Coasters Retreat Coba Coba Bay Coba Creek Coba Point Coba Ridge Cobblers Bay Cobblers Cobblers Beach Cockatoo Island Cockatoo Island Wharf Cockle Creek Cogra Bay Cogra Hill Cogra Point Cohen Park Colah Creek Cole Coleman Park Collaroy Basin Collaroy Collaroy Beach Collaroy Beach Post Office Collaroy Plateau Public School Collett Park Collingridge Point Collins Beach Colo Colo Spur Colquhoun Park Colvin Park Comenarra Playing Field Commodore Heights Community Park Como Como Public School Como Railway Station Concord Concord Golf Course Concord High School Concord Oval Concord Post Office Concord Public School Concord Square Concord West Railway Station Condell Park Condell Park High School Condell Park Public School Congham Creek Connells Bay Connells Point Connells Point Public School Conservatorium High School Coogee Bay Coogee Beach Coogee Oval Coogee Post Office Coogee Public School Cooinoo Reserve Cook Cooke Park Cook Park Cook Reserve Cooks River Coolabah Reserve Coolaroo Park Cooleena Reserve Cooper Park Cooper Reserve Coral Park Coral Sea Park Cornish Hill Coronation Bay Coronation Park Coronation Playground Coronation View Point Corry Reserve Cottage Point Cottage Rock Cotton Tree Bay Coups Creek Cove Street Jetty Cowan Creek Cowan Point Cowan Public School Cowan Railway Station Cowan Water Cowell Cowells Reserve Cox Coxhead Gardens Cox Park Coxs Creek Crematorium Cremorne Cremorne Girls High School Cremorne Point Cremorne Reserve Cremorne Wharf Crescent Reserve Cresswell O'Reilly Lookout Crest of Bankstown Reserve Croker Park Cromer Cromer Heights Cromer Golf Course Cromer High School Cromer Public School Crommelin Native Arboretum Cromwell Park Croppy Beach Croppy Point Crossland Creek Crosslands Ridge Crown Street Public School Crows Nest Crows Nest Boys High School Crows Nest Post Office Croydon Croydon Park Croydon Park Post Office Croydon Park Public School Croydon Public School Croydon Railway Station Croydon Post Office Cruwee Cove Crystal Bay Crystal Creek Cudal Reserve Cumberland Cumberland College of Health Sciences Cumberland High School Cumberland National Forest Cumberland State Forest Cunio Point Cup and Saucer Creek Curl Curl Curl Curl Beach Curl Curl Lagoon Curraghbeena Park Curraghbeena Point Currawong Beach Curtin Reserve Curtis Oval Curzon Park Daceyville Daceyville Public School Daleys Point Dalley Park Dalrymple Hay Nature Reserve Dangar Oval Daphnes Camp Dardabong Reserve Dark Corner Dark Gully Dark Gully Park Darling Harbour Darling Harbour Railway Station Darlinghurst Darlinghurst Post Office Darling Mills State Forest Darling Point Darling Street Wharf Darlington Public School Darri Reserve Darvall Park Davey Square Reserve Davidson Davidson High School Davidson Park Public School Davidson Park State Recreation Area David Thomas Reserve Dawes Point Reserve Dawes Point Dead Horse Bay Deakin Park Deep Bay Deep Creek Dee Why Dee Why Beach Dee Why Head Dee Why Lagoon Dee Why Park Dee Why Post Office Dee Why Lagoon Reserve Dee Why Public School Delhi Park Dence Park Denistone Denistone Heights Denistone Park Denistone Railway Station Denny Denny Creek Devils Hole Bay Dunbar Head Dunbar Park Duncan Park Duncan Reserve Dundas Dundas Park Dundas Public School Dundas Railway Station Dundas Valley Dunholm Reserve Dunrossil Park Dural Dural Park Dural Public School Dural State Forest Duri Reserve Dusthole Bay Dusthole Ridge Dusthole Point Eagle Rock Earlwood Earlwood Public School Earlwood Post Office Eastern Wharf East Hills Eastlakes Eastlakes Golf Course Eastlakes Reserve Eastlakes Public School Easton Park East Sydney Technical College Eastwood Eastwood Heights Eastwood Heights Public School Eastwood Park Eastwood Public School Eastwood Railway Station Eccles Park Echo Point Echo Point Park Edgecliff Railway Station Edgecliff Edgecliff Post Office Edith Edith Bay Edwards Edwards Beach Edwards Park Elanora Elanora Heights Elanora Heights Public School Eleanor Beach Eleanor Bluffs Eliza Elizabeth Bay Elizabeth Park Elizabeth Point Elkington Park Elliott Street Wharf Ellis Elouera Reserve E.L.S. Hall Park Elvina Bay Elvina Park Empire Bay Public School Enfield Post Office Enfield Public School Enfield Engine Pond Enmore Enmore Park Enmore Post Office Epping Epping Boys High School Epping Heights Epping Heights Public School Epping North Public School Epping Park Epping Public School Epping Railway Station Epping Reserve Epworth Park Ermington Ermington Public School Erskineville Erskineville Oval Erkinsville Park Erskineville Post Office Erskineville Public School Erskineville Railway Station Esplanade Park Ethel Ethel Spur Ettalong Beach Post Office Ettalong Creek Mount Ettalong Ettalong Oval Ettalong Public School Ettalong Swamp Eucla Reserve Euro Euroka Reserve Euston Reserve Eva Evandale Public School Evatt Park Evelyn Everley Park Ewen Park Ewenton Park Excelsior Park Exile Bay Fagan Fagan Ridge Fairfax Lookout Fairlight Fairlight Beach Fairy Bower Beach Falls Creek Farm Cove Farrer Place Federal Park Felix Bay Fern Bay Ferncourt Public School Fern Creek Ferndale Park Ferry Playground Fiddens Wharf Oval Fiddletown Fiddletown Creek Field of Mars Field of Mars Cemetery Field of Mars Park Fig Tree Park Fig Tree Point Firholme Reserve First Fleet Park First Rocks Fisher Bay Fishermans Bay Fishermans Beach Fishermans Point Fishermans Rock Fishermans Wharf Fisher Road Public School Fishponds Waterhole Fitzgerald Park Fitzpatrick Park Fitzroy Dock Five Dock Five Dock Bay Five Dock Park Five Dock Point Five Dock Post Office Five Dock Public School Flannel Flower Beach Flat Rock Creek Flat Rock Point Flemington Markets Post Office Flemington Railway Station Flinders Park Flint and Steel Bay Flint and Steel Beach Flint and Steel Point Flockhart Park Florence Park Foleys Bay Foleys Hill Folly Point Folly Spur Fontenoy Park Ford Park Forest Glen Public School Forest Lodge Public School Forest Park Forest Road Public School Forestville Forestville Park Forestville Public School Forrester Park Forrester Reserve Forsyth Park Fort Denison Fort Street High School Fort Street Public School Forty Baskets Beach Forty Year Spring Fosters Creek Fosters Waterhole Foundation Park Foxs Flat France Bay Franks Bight Franks Gully Frankson Reserve Fraser Park Frasers Brook French Frenchmans Bay Frenchs Creek Frenchs Forest Frenchs Forest Cemetery Frenchs Forest Post Office Frenchs Forest Public School Frenchs Forest Showground Freshwater Beach Freshwater High School Freshwater Park Freshwater Reserve Friars Field Friendly Bay Friendly Island Frys Reserve Fullers Park Furlough Park Galston Creek Galston Gorge Galston High School Galston Public School Galston Ridge Gannan Park Cannon Gap Bluff Gap Park The Gap Gardeners Road Public School Garden Island Gardiner Park Garnet Jackson Reserve Goroka Park Gazzard Park General Post Office George Kendall Reserve Georges Creek Georges Head Georges River Georges River State Conservation Area Gerrin Point Gertrude Point Gibberagong Waterholes Gibsons Beach Gifford Park Gilans Corner Gilbert Park Girrahween Park Girraween Reserve Glades Bay Glades Bay Park Glades Creek Gladesville Gladesville Post Office Gladesville Public School Gladesville Reserve The Glade Gladstone Park Glebe Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus Glebe Island Glebe Point Glebe Post Office Glebe Public School Gledhill Park Glenhaven Public School Glen Mervyn Public School Glenmore Road Public School Glenore Creek Glenorie Creek Glenorie Oval Glenorie Park Glenorie Public School Glenorie Ridge Glen Reserve Goat Island Goddard Park Golden Jubilee Field Gollan Park Goodlet Reserve Gordon Golf Course Gordon Creek Gordon Gully Gordon Gordon Post Office Gordon Public School Gordon Railway Station Gore Gore Cove Gore Creek Gore Creek Reserve Gore Hill Memorial Rest Park Gore Hill Park Gosling Park Governor Phillip Lookout Governor Phillip Park Govett Range Govett Ridge Gowlland Bombora Graces Shore Graf Park Graham Reserve Granny Smith Park Grant Reserve Granville Granville Boys High School Granville Public School Granville Railway Station Granville Technical College Grasmere Reserve Grear Great Mackerel Beach Great Moon Bay Greenacre Greenacre Post Office Greenacre Public School Greendale Creek Greendale Park Greenlees Park Green Park Green Point Green Point Creek Green Point Reserve The Green Greenup Park Greenway Park Greenwich Greenwich Point Wharf Greenwich Public School Greenwich Point Greenwood Park Gretel Park Greville Street Reserve Griffins Point Griffith Park Griffiths Reserve Grimsons Gully Grosvenor Public School Grotto Point Grotto Point Reserve Grove Creek Guilfoyle Park Gumbooya Reserve Gundah Gundah Ridge Gungah Bay Gunson Gunyah Beach Gunyah Hill Gunyah Point Gwandalan Reserve Gwea Reserve Gwendale Park Haberfield Haberfield Post Office Hadfield Reserve Haig Park Halcyon Park Half Moon Bay Half Tide Rocks Hall Hallets Beach Halliday Park Hall Reserve Halls Creek Hallstrom Park Hammond Park Hampden Park Public School Hampton Court Hannan Reserve Hannans Road Public School Harbord Harbord Park Harbord Post Office Harbord Public School Harbour Bridge Harcourt Public School Hardy Park Hardys Bay Harley Reserve Harness Cask Point Harnett Harnett Park Harold Reserve Harris Park Playground Harris Park Harris Park Railway Station Harvey Haslams Creek Hassal Street Public School Hassell Park Hawkesbury River Railway Station Hawthorne Canal Hayes Reserve Hayes Street Wharf Haymarket Haymarket Post Office Haystack Point Headen Park Heatly Park Hecla Heffron Park Helene Park Helen Street Reserve Hen and Chicken Bay Henley Henley Park Henri Dunant Reserve Henry Head Henry Lawson Park Henry Lawson Reserve Hensley Athletic Field Henson Park Hermitage Hermitage Reserve Hermitage Twin Hermit Bay Hermit Point Heron Cove Hewitt Park Hicks Park Hibble Park High Ridge Gully High Street Wharf Hillman Orchard Hillsdale Hills Lookout Hinkler Park Hinsby Park Hitchcock Park Hodgson Park Hoffman Park Hogan Park Hogan Reserve Hogben Park Hole In The Wall Hollis Park Holman Park Holt Park Homebush Homebush Bay Homebush Boys High School Homebush Railway Station Homebush Public School Honeysuckle Creek Hookhams Corner Hopeville Park Hordern Park Hornby Lighthouse Hornsby Hornsby Creek Hornsby Heights Hornsby Heights Public School Hornsby Park Hornsby Post Office Hornsby Public School Hornsby Railway Station Hornsby Technical College Horseshoe Cove Hortys Gully Hoskins Park Howley Park Howson Oval Hudson Park Hudson Park Golf Course Hughes Park Hume Park Hungry Hungry Beach Hunt Hunter Park Hunters Bay Hunters Hill Hunters Hill High School Hunters Hill Post Office Hunters Hill Public School Hunters Park Huntleys Point Huntleys Point Wharf Hunt Reserve Hunts Creek Hurlstone Park Hurlstone Park Railway Station Hurstville Hurstville Bay Hurstville Boys High School Hurstville Grove Hurstville Park Hurstville Post Office Hurstville Public School Hurstville Railway Station Hyde Park Hyndes Park The Icicles Ida Illawong Bay Illawong Illawong Public School Illoura Park Illoura Reserve Iluka Creek Iluka Park Ingleside Ingleside Heights Ingleside Park Inman Park Irene Park Iron Cove Iron Cove Creek Iron Ladder Beach Ivanhoe Park Ivanhoe Reserve Ivy Reserve Jacaranda Reserve Jacka Park Jackson Reserve Jacobs Ladder Jacomb James Cook Boys High School James Park James Ruse Agricultural High School James Ruse Reserve Jamieson Park Janet Park Jarvie Park Jeffreys Street Wharf Jelba Reserve Jellicoe Park Jenkins Jennifer Park Jensen Park Jerusalem Bay Jew Fish Bay Jew Fish Point J.J Cahill Memorial High School Joe Crafts Bay Joe Crafts Creek John Fisher Park John Miller Park John Purchase Public School Johnson Johnson Park Johnstons Bay Johnstons Creek Jones Jones Bay Jones Street Reserve Jordan Park Jubilee Park Junction Gully Junction Hill Juno Point Jupp Reserve Kahibah Creek Kambora Public School Kangaroo Park Kangaroo Point Kangaroo Point Reserve Kangaroo Point Wharf Karingal Reserve Karuah Park Kathleen Reserve Kegworth Public School Keirle Park Keith Smith Park Kempt Field Kendall Bay Kendall Park Kendrick Park Kenley Park Kennedy Park Kenneth Park Kensington Kensington Park Kensington Post Office Kensington Public School Kenthurst Park Kenthurst Public School Kent Road Public School Kenway Reserve Kessel Reserve Kesterton Park Cabbage Tree Beach Camaray Park Campbell Athletic Field Camperdown Memorial Park Camperdown Park and Recreation Centre Camperdown Public School Canterbury Park Racecourse Captain Cook Dock Carina Creek Carlingford Agricultural High School Carlingford South Public School Carlingford Station Carlton Parade Reserve Castle Lagoon Cave Creek The Caves Central Park Concord Chancery Square Charity or Saltwater Creek Chatswood Central Public School Chatswood Golf Links Chatswood Reservoir Cheerio Point Cheltenham Station Chester Hill Station Chilworth Recreation Reserve Clempton Park Cleveland Street Public School Cleveland Street Intensive English High School Cliff Creek Clifton Gardens Wharf Clontarf Park Clyburn Railway Station Clyde Industrial Park Clyde Station Cobar Cobar Ridge Cobra Bay or Cobar Bay or Cobah Bay Cockle Bay Point Colin Ridge Point Collaroy Plateau West Public School Site The College of Law Collins Flat Concord Golf Links Concord West Station Connels Bay Connels Point Connels Point Public School Conservatorium College of Advanced Education Conservatorium of Music Conservatorium of Music High School Coodgee Cooks River Dam Coopers Creek Coronation Viewpoint Cowells Lane Reserve Cowper Creek Cremorne Girls Intermediate High School Crosslands Bay Croydon Primary School Crystal Gully Cumberland State Forest No 3 Extension Cumberland State Forest No 4 Extension Cunninghams Reach Curl Curl Creek Curl Curl Head Curl Curl North Public School Currong Circuit Reserve Dalley Castle Park Dangar Cranebrook Sportsground Dangar Island Mullet Island Dangar Playing Fields Dark Gully Creek Darling Harbour Goods Railway Station Darnley Oval Davey Square Davidson Creek Davidson Park Davidson State Recreation Area Dawes Point Battery De Burgh Creek Denistone Station Devils Hole Dundas Station East Hills Reservoir Eastlake Golf Course Eastlakes Infants School Eastwood District Park Echo Farm Eddie Ward Park Eden Park Elanora Heights Primary School Elanora Tank Eleanor Bluff Elephants Back Elephants Eye Elizabeth Henretta Point Elliot Island Els Hall Park Els Hall Sportsground Epping Oval Epping Secondary School Epping Station Eric Mobbs Park Etymalong Creek Mount Etymalong Etymalong Swamp Eurambi Evening Bay Farrells Beach Fiddens Wharf Reserve Fig Tree Bay Fishermans Reserve Fish Pond Creek Flat Rock Flemington Station Foleys Spur Forest Road School For Special Purposes Fort Street Boys High School Fort Street Girls High School Francis Avenue Reserve Fraser Park Railways Sports Ground Fred Spurway Park Frenchmans Cove Frenchs Forest High School Frenchs Forest West Primary School Froghollow Bay George Harley Reserve Georges River Parklands Georges River National Park Gerrin Gibberagong Creek Gipps Town Glade Bay Glades Bay Native Gardens Gladesville Park Glasgow Park Gledhill Reserve Goat Goat Melmel Golden Jubilee Fields Goodle Goodye Gordon Golf Links Gordon Station Gordon West High School Gores Creek Reserve Gough Reserve The Government Domain Grama Grama Bay Granville Station Great Mackarel Beach Great Sirius Cove Green Point or Cottage Point Greenwich Public School Infants Greenwich Wharf Grotto Head Gurugal Hackings or Haslams Creek Hall Sportsground Hampden Public School Harbord Beach Harbord Lagoon The Harold J. Mahoney Memorial Reserve Harold Reid Reserve Harris Hay Stack Point Hermitage Foreshore Reserve Hermitage Reservoir Hermitage Reservoir East Herne Bay Herne Bay Railway Station H.D. Robb Reserve Hillcrest Public School Homebush Bay or The Flats Homebush Boys Junior High School Homebush Station Homebush West Girls Junior High School Hopman Park Hornby Light Hornsby Rifle Range Horse Shoe Cove Hudson Park Public Golf Course Hugh Bamford Reserve Hughes Oval Hulk Bay Huntleys or Tarban Point H.V. Evatt Park Ibrox Park Boys High School Inner North Head Inner Oval Inner South Head Iona Creek Iron Creek Jack-The-Millers Point James Cook High School Jerremon Bay Jerrowan Point The Jessie Stewart Reserve Jim Walsh Park Joe Craft Creek Joe Crafts Reef John D. Tipper Lookout Johnson Bay Johnsons Bay Johnstones Bay Joseph Back Reserve Josephton Judys Waterhole Junction Creek Junction Mountain Juno Head K 13 Submarine Memorial Park Kangaroo Point Public Wharf Karrajeen Karuah Oval Keltie Bay Kennedy Crescent or Washington Drive Reserve Kerosene Bay Kerosene Wollstonecraft Bay Kessel Square Kiarabilli Point Kierans Creek Kilcare Killara Killara High School Killara Park Killara Post Office Killara Public School Killara Railway Station Killara Reservoir Killara Station Killarney Heights Killarney Heights High School Killarney Heights Public School Killarney High School Killarney Point Killcare Killcare Beach Killcare Heights Lookout Killcare Heights Kimmerikong Ridge Kimmerikong Bay Kimmerikong Creek Kinch Reserve King George V Memorial Park King George Park Kings Bay Kings Cross Railway Station Kingsdene Oval Kingsford Kingsford-Smith Airport Kingsford Smith Oval Kingsgrove Kingsgrove High School Kingsgrove Post Office Kingsgrove Public School Kingsgrove Railway Station Kingsgrove Reserve Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve Kings Park Kingsway Kingsway West Kiparra Park Kippax Lake Kirribilli Kirribilli Point Kirribilli Wharf Kissing Point Bay Kissing Point Kissing Point Blaxlands Kissing Point Park Kitchener Botanical Park Kitchener Park Kittys Creek Kittys Creek Reserve Knight The Knoll Koala Park Kobada Park Kogarah Kogarah Bay Kogarah Bay Creek Kogarah High School Kogarah Park Kogarah Post Office Kogarah Public School Kogarah Railway Station Kogerrah Kookaroo Koolangarra Reserve Koola Park Koonadan Reserve Kooroowal Koree Korpie Reserve Kotara Park Kourung Gourung Point Kudji Ku-Burg-Harra Kulgoa Reserve Kulkah Bay Ku-ring-gai Bicentennial Park Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education Kuring-gai High School Kurra-Ba Kurraba Wharf Kurraba Point Kurrajeen Kuruwal Kutti Beach Kyeemagh Kyeemah Canal Kyle Bay Kywung Reserve Lachlan Swamps Lady Bay Lady Bay Beach Lady Jane Beach Lady Jane Martin Beach Lady Martins Beach Lady Robinsons Beach Lagoon Park Lagoon Reserve Laings or Green Point Laings Point Lakemba Lakemba Public School Lakemba Railway Station Lake Park Lake Parramatta Reserve The Lakes Golf Course Lakewood City Reserve Lambert Park Lambert Peninsula Lambert Reserve Lambeth Park Lane Cove Lane Cove Bushland Park Lane Cove National Park Lane Cove Park Lane Cove Post Office Lane Cove Public School Lane Cove River Lane Cove River Park Lane Cove River State Recreation Area Mount Laug La Perouse La Perouse Point La Perouse Public School La Perouse Wharf Lapham Reserve Larmers Creek Latham Park Laurel Park Lauriston Park Lavender Bay Lavender Bay or Quiberee Leahvera Reserve Lees Park Leichhardt Leichhardt Park Leichhardt Park Wharf Leichhardt Public School Leichhardt Post Office L'Estrange Park Lewisham Lewisham Public School Lewisham Railway Station Mount Lewis Lewis Park Liberty Park Liberty Plains Lidcombe Lidcombe Park Lidcombe Oval Lidcombe Public School Lidcombe Railway Station Lilyfield Lily Pond Lime Kiln Bay Lime Kiln Head Lindfield Lindfield Demonstration Public School Lindfield Demonstration School Lindfield Oval Lindfield Post Office Lindfield Public School Lindfield Railway Station Lindfield Station Links Creek Linley Point Lion Island Lion Island Faunal Reserve Lion Island Nature Reserve Liptmans Little Bay Little Beach Little Blue Gum Creek Little Box Head Little Coogee Bay Little Head Little Jerusalem Bay Little Mackerel Beach Little Manly Cove Little Makarel Beach Little Manly Beach Little Manly Point Little Moon Bay Long Point Long Reef Long Reef Beach Long Reef Golf Links Long Reef or Narrabeen Beach Long Reef Point Lonsdale Park Little Patonga Beach Little Pittwater Little Reef Little Salt Pan Creek Little Shark Rock Point Little Sirius Cove Little Sirius Point The Little Sugarloaf Little Tallow Beach Little Wobby Little Wobby Beach Lix Lloyd Gully Lobster Beach Lockley Point Loftberg Park Lofberg Park Loftus Square Loftus Street Special Public School Mount Loftus Loftus Park Long Long Bay Long Bay Gaol Long Bay Rifle Range Long Beach Long Cove Long Cove Creek Longueville Long Island Long Island Nature Reserve Long Nose Point Longnose Point Long Nose Point Wharf Longueville Park Longueville Kingsford-Smith Park Longueville Wharf Long View Point Looking Glass Bay Looking Glass Bay Park Looking Glass Point Looking Glass Spur Lookout Bay The Lookout Loquat Valley Lord Loftus Point Lord Place Lords Bay Lough Playing Field Lough Playing Fields Lovedale Place Lovers Jump Creek Lovett Bay Lovetts Reserve Lowanna Park Lower Gladhill Falls Lower Gledhill Falls Loyal Henry Park Lucas School Lucknow Park Lucy Lugarno Lugarno Public School Lugarno Reservoir Lukes Bay Lurline Bay Lynelle Park Lyne Park Lynn Park Lyrebird Gully Macarthur Girls High School Maccarrs Creek Macdonaldtown Railway Station Machine Creek Mackarel Beach Mackellar Girls High School Mackenzies Bay Mackenzies Point Mackey Park Macleay Point Macquarie Boys High School Macquarie Light Macquarie Lighthouse Macquarie Park Macquarie Place The Macquarie University Mccallums Hill Mccallums Hill Public School Mccarr Mccarrs Creek Mccarrs Creek East Branch or Mccarrs Creek Mccarrs Creek West Branch Mccarrs Duckhole Mccauley Park Mccomb Mccowen Mccullaks Hill Mcintosh Mcintosh Lookout Mcintosh Point Mckay Sportsground Mckell Park Mckillop Park Mclean Lookout Mclean Reserve Mcmahons Creek McMahons Point Mcmahons Point McMahons Point Wharf Mcneilly Park Maddison Reserve Magdala Park Maggie Magic Point Mahoney Memorial Reserve Maitland Bay Maitland Bombora Maitland Bumbora Majors Bay Majors Bay Reserve Malabar Malabar Bay Malabar Beach Malabar Junction Malabar Public School Mallee Reserve Ryde Secondary College Manahan Manly Manly Beach Manly Boys High School Manly Cove Manly Creek Manly Dam Manly District Park Manly Girls High School Manly High School Manly Lagoon Manly Oval Manly Park Manly Point Manly Post Office Manly Public School Manly Reservoir Manly Rock Manly Vale Manly Vale High School Manly Vale Public School Manly Warringah District Park Manly Warringah War Memorial Park Manly West Park Manly West Public School Manly Wharf Manna Point Manns Point Park Manns Point Man-O'-War Steps Manuka Reserve Mareela Reef Marine Park Marine Reserve Marjorie Park Marks Park Maroubra Maroubra Bay Maroubra Bay High School Maroubra Bay Public School Maroubra Beach Maroubra Junction High School Maroubra Junction Girls Junior High School Maroubra Junction Infants School Maroubra Junction Primary School Maroubra Junction Public School Maroubra Post Office Maroubra Reservoir Marramarra Creek Marra Marra Creek Marramarra National Park Marrickville Girls High School Marrickville Intensive English Centre Marrickville High School Marrickville Girls Junior High School Marrickville Park Marrickville Post Office Marrickville Public School Marrickville Railway Station Marr Reserve Mars Creek Marsden High School Marsfield Marsfield Park Marsfield Public School Martin Martin Place Martin Place Railway Station Martin Reserve Martins Creek Matraville Mary Ellen Park Mascot Mascot Park Mascot Post Office Mascot Primary School Mascot Public School Mason Park Massey Park Golf Course Massey Park Golf Links Matawane Matraville Sports High School Matraville Park Matraville Public School Matraville Soldiers Settlement Public School Mattawunga Maundrell Park May Villa Public School Maze Park Meadowbank Meadowbank Park Meadowbank Public School Meadowbank Railway Station Meadowbank Station Meadowbank Technical College Meditation Park Meehan Reserve Melrose Park Melrose Park Public School Melville Reserve Melvys Wharf Memel Memorial Park Memory Park Meriverie Pass Mermaid Rocks The Mermaids Merrett Park Mickeys Point Middle Branch of Charltons Creek North Branch Of C Middlecove Middle Cove Middle Creek Middle Dural Middle Dural Public School Middle Harbour Middle Harbour Creek Middle Harbour Public School Middle Head Middle Head Oval Middleton Park Midgee Reserve Mildura Reserve Milk Beach Millard Reserve Miller Miller Reserve Millers Hill Millers Point Millers Point Post Office Millers Reserve Millicent Mill Pond Mills Park Mill Stream Millwood Park Milmil Milsoms Hill Milsons Passage Milsoms Point Milson or Mud Island Milson Island Milsons Point Milsons Point Post Office Milson Park Milsons Point Public School Milsons Point Railway Station Mimosa Public School Minali School Minda Remand Centre Minda School Minga Reserve Minkara Reserve Minogue Reserve Miriam Park Mirrormere Mistral Point Mitchell Crescent Reserve Mitchell Park Mobbs Hill Mobbs Park Model Yacht Pond Mole Molineux Point Molineux Reserve Mollets Reserve Mona Park Monash Park Mona Vale Mona Vale Beach Mona Vale Cemetery Mona Vale Golf Course Mona Vale Headland Reserve Mona Vale Post Office Mona Vale Public School Mona Vale Village Park Mona Vale Park Montague Park Monterey Montview Park Mount Ku-Ring-Gai Aboriginal Area O'Donnell Street Community Reserve Mooney Mooney Bay Mooney Mooney Point Mooney Mooney Public School Moon Point Moorefield Girls High School Moore Park Moore Reserve Moores Creek Morella Park Morgan Reserve Morgans Creek Morgans Point Moring Morning Bay Mornington Reserve Morrisons Bay Morrisons Bay Park Morshead Park Mort Bay Mortdale Mortdale Post Office Mortdale Public School Mortdale Railway Station Mortlake Mortlake Point Mortlake Public School Morton Park Morts Bay Morts Reserve Mosman Mosman Bay Mosman Bay or Goram-Bullagong Mosman High School Mosman Oval Mosman Post Office Mosman Public School Mosmans Bay Mosman Wharf Mougamarra Nature Reserve Mougamarra Rydge Mount Colah Mountbatten Park Mount Bouddi Lookout Mount Colah Public School Mount Colah Railway Station Mount Ettalong Lookout Mount Etymalong Lookout Mount Kuring-Gai Mount Kuring-Gai Public School Mount Kuring-Gai Park Mount Ku-Ring-Gai Public School Mount Kuring-Gai Railway Station Mount Ku-Ring-Gai Railway Station Mount Lewis Lookout Mount Lewis Park Mount Wilberforce Lookout Mowbray Park Mowbray Point Mowbray Public School Mrs Darling Point Mrs Macquaries Point Muddy Creek Muddy Creek Reserve Muddy Creek Stormwater Channel Mud Point Muirfield High School Mulhall Park Mullet Creek Mullet or Cogra Point Munro Park Munro Reserve Muogamarra Point Muogamarra Creek Muogamarra Nature Reserve Muogamarra Ridge Muriverie Pass Mount Murray Anderson Murray Farm Public School Murray-Prior Reserve Museum Railway Station Musgrave Street Wharf Muston Park Mutch Park Mutton Reserve Myall Reserve Nagle Park Nairn Gardens Naremburn Naremburn Park Naremburn Public School Naremburn Central School Narrabeen Narrabeen Beach Narrabeen Creek Narrabeen Flat Narrabeen Head Narrabeen High School Narrabeen Lagoon Narrabeen Peninsula Narrabeen Post Office Narrabeen Public School Narrabeen Swamp Narraweena Narraweena Public School Narraweena North Public School Narroy Park Narwee Boys High School Narwee Narwee Public School Narwee Primary School Narwee Railway Station Neate Reserve Necroplis Mount Neerim Neilson Park Wharf Nelson Bay Nelsons Bay Neptune Park Nerang Park Neutral Bay Neutral Bay Wharf Neutral Harbour or Wurri-Birri Neutral Bay Post Office Neverfail Bay Neverfail Creek Neverfail Gully Newcombe Point New Guinea Hill Newlands Park Newport Newport Beach Newport Beach Post Office Newport Elevated Reservoir Newport Heights Newport Reservoir Newport Heights Reservoir Newport Park Newport Public School New South Wales College of Paramedical Studies The New South Wales Institute of Technology Nsw State Conservatorium of Music Newtown Newtown Boys Junior High School Newtown Boys High School Newtown High School Newtown Infants School Newtown Post Office Newtown Primary School Newtown Public School Newtown Railway Station Nichols Reserve Nicholsons Creek Nicholson Street Public School Nield Park Nielsen Park Nielsen Park Wharf Night Bay Nimbin Reserve Nobby Nolan Reserve Normanhurst Normanhurst Boys High School Normanhurst Park Normanhurst Public School Normanhurst Railway Station Norman Park North Lake Northam North Arm North Avalon North Balgowlah North Bondi North Bondi Stacks North Branch of Charltons Creek Northbridge Northbridge Golf Course Northbridge Golf Links Northbridge Oval Northbridge Park Northbridge Post Office Northbridge Public School North Colah Northcote Park North Cowan North Curl Curl North Curl Curl Beach North Curl Curl Public School North East Arm Northern Suburbs Cemetery North Harbour North Harbour Reserve North Head North Homebush North Manly North Narrabeen North Palm Beach North Point North Rocks North Ryde Park North Ryde Psychiatric Public School North Rocks Park North Rocks Public School North Steyne Beach North Steyne Park North Strathfield Railway Station North Strathfield Station North Sydney North Sydney Boys High School North Sydney Demonstration School North Sydney Girls High School North Sydney Oval North Sydney Post Office North Sydney Railway Station North Sydney Shoppingworld Post Office North Sydney Technical College North West Arm Northwood Northwood Park Northwood Wharf Nundah Reserve Nundle Reserve Nunook Reserve Oakleigh Park Oaky Point Oatlands Public School Oatley Oatley Bay Oatley Memorial Gardens Oatley Park Oatley Pleasure Grounds Oatley Point Oatley Point Reserve Oatley Post Office Oatley Public School Oatley Railway Station Obelisk Obelisk Bay Observation Point Observatory Observatory Hill Observatory E Observatory Park Ocean Beach Ocean Beach Public School O'Connor Reserve Ocean Beach Reserve Ocean Road Reserve O'Dea Reserve O.H. Memorial Park O.H. Reid Memorial Reserve Old Cremorne Wharf Old Mangrove Bay Old Manly Reservoir Old Mans Creek The Old Mans Hat Old Mans Valley Olds Park Old Wharf Reserve Olga Bay Olympic Park O'Neill Park One Tree Point Onions Point Orana Reserve Orange Grove Orange Grove Public School Mount Orient Oriole Park Ormond School Ormond Public School Or Ormond Girls Training School Orphan School Creek Orr Playground Outer North Head Outer Oval Outer South Head Outer South Head Lighthouse Outlook Park Oven Reach Oxford Creek Oxford Falls Oxford Falls Public School Oxford Mall Oyster Bay Pacific Head Paddington Paddington Post Office Paddington Public School Paddys Point Padstow Padstow Heights Padstow Heights Public School Padstow Park Padstow Park Public School Padstow Railway Station Padstow Post Office Pages Creek Pagewood Pagewood Public School Paine Reserve P.A. James Park Pallister School Pallister Girls School Palm Avenue Public School Palm Beach Palm Beach Golf Course Palmers Cove Palmgrove Park Panania Panania Public School Panania Railway Station Paradise Beach Paringa Reserve Parkesvale Parkhill Recreation Reserve Parkhill Reserve Parklands Oval Parks and Gardens Wahroonga Parkside Drive Reserve Parramatta Parramatta Central Public School Lake Parramatta Parramatta National Park Parramatta Public School Parramatta Railway Station Parramatta River Parramatta Westfield Post Office Parriwi Parriwi Head Parriwi Lookout Parriwi Park Parr Park Parry Park Parsley Bay Parsley Bay Park Parsley Bay Reserve Passmore Reserve Patience Park Pathilda Reserve Patonga Beach Patonga Creek Patonga Park Patonga Wharf Paul Landa Park Peach Tree Bay Peacock Point Peacocks Point Peak Hill Peakhurst Peakhurst High School Peakhurst Heights Peakhurst Park Peakhurst Public School Pearl Bay Pearl Beach Pearl Beach Lagoon Pearl Beach Reserve Peate Peat Island Peats Bight Peats Crater Peel Park Pelican Island Pembroke Park Pennant Pennant Hills Pennant Hills High School Pennant Hills Park Pennant Hills Post Office Pennant Hills Public School Pennant Hills Railway Station Penshurst Penshurst Girls High School Penshurst Park Penshurst Post Office Penshurst Public School Penshurst Railway Station Perry Park Petersham Petersham Girls High School Petersham Infants School Petersham Park Petersham Post Office Petersham Public School Petersham Railway Station Phillip Bay Phillip Park Phillips Park Picken Oval Pickering Point Picnic Point Picnic Point High School Picnic Point Public School Pidding Park Pie Dish Hill Pilgrim Park Pilgrim Reserve Pinchgut Pindari Park Pinta Bay Pinta Spur Pioneer Park Pioneers Memorial Park Pioneers Park Pipeclay Point Pipeclay Point Park Point Piper Pitt Point Pittwater Pittwater High School Pittwater Park Plateau Park Playford Park Plunkett Street Public School Pogson The Point Pomeroy The Ponds Creek Pope Paul Vi Reserve Poplar Reserve Popplewell Park Poppy St Georges Reserve St Georges Crescent Recreation Reserve St Georges Crescent Reserve St George Technical College St Ives St Ives Chase St Ives Chase Public School St Ives Post Office St Ives Public School St Ives Showground St Ives Village Green St James St James Glebe St James Park St James Post Office St James Railway Station St John Port Botany Porter Reserve Porters Creek Porters Park Portius Park Port Jackson Porto Bay Porto Creek Porto Gully Porto Ridge Portuguese Bay Portuguese Beach Pottery Creen Potts Potts Hill Reservoir Potts Hill Reservoirs Potts Park Potts Point Potts Point Post Office Poulton Creek Poulton Park Pound Spur Powder Hulk Bay Powell Powells Beach Powells Creek Powells Creek Reserve Pratten Park Pretty Beach Pretty Beach Public School Prickly Point Priests Flat Primrose Park Prince Alfred Park Prince Alfred Park Square Prince Edward Park Prince Edward Reserve Princes Park Progress Park Pryor Park Pulpit Point Punchbowl Punchbowl Boys High School Punchbowl Park Punchbowl Post Office Punchbowl Public School Punchbowl Railway Station Punch Park Pyes Creek Pymble Pymble Park Pymble Post Office Pymble Public School Putney Point Putney Public School Putney State Forest Putney Wharf Putty Beach Putney Putney Park Quakers Hat Bay Quakers Hat Quakers Hat Park Pyrmont Pyrmont Bay Pyrmont Public School Pymble Railway Station Quandong Reserve Quamby Workshop Quarry Reserve Quarry Creek Quarantine Quarantine Beach Quarantine Head Quarantine Reserve Quebec Reserve Quay Railway Station Quay West Park Quiberi Queens Wharf Park Queens Park Queenscliff Bay Queenscliff Beach Queenscliff Queenscliff Head Queenscliff Bombora Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Reserve Rabbit Island Rafferty Reserve Railway Park Railway Square Railway Square Post Office Rainbow Street Public School Ramsay Ramsgate Ramsgate Public School Ramsgate Reserve Randwick Randwick Boys High School Randwick Cemetery Randwick General Cemetery Randwick Girls High School Randwick High School Randwick Post Office Randwick Public School Randwick Racecourse Randwick Reservoir Randwick Technical College Randwick Rifle Range Rats Castle Raven Point Rawson Park Red Redbank Oval Reddy Park Redfern Redfern Park Redfern Post Office Redfern Public School Redfern Railway Station Red Hill Reed Reserve Reef Beach Reef Bay Refuge Bay Refuge Cove Refuge Creek Refuge Gully Regan Regans Hill Regatta Reserve Regents Park Regents Park Post Office Regents Park Public School Regents Park Railway Station Regimental Park Regimental Square Reid Reserve Reillys or Little Salt Pan Creek Renee Park Mount Rennie Renown Creek Renown Park Residents Park Resolute Beach Retreat Reserve Reub Hudson Ground Revesby Revesby Heights Revesby Public School Reveshy Railway Station Reynolds Reserve Rhodes Rhodes Park Rhodes Point Rhodes Public School Rhodes Railway Station Rhodes Station Richardsons Lookout Richards Park Richie Benaud Oval Richmond Park Richter Reserve Rileys Bay Rivendell Public School Riverside Girls High School Riverside Park Riverview Riverview Wharf Riverwood Riverwood Park Riverwood Post Office Riverwood Public School Riverwood Railway Station Roach Robb Reserve Robertson Park Robertsons Robertsons Point Roberts Park Robinsons Point Robin Thomas Reserve Robson Park Rockdale Rockdale Park Rockdale Post Office Rockdale Public School Rockdale Railway Station Rockdale Womens Sportsfields Rock Island The Rocks Square The Rocks Rocky Creek Rockyfall Rapids Rocky Point Rodd Island Rodd Park Rodd Point Rofe Park Rogan Rogans Hill Rokeva Park Ronald Park Rookwood Cemetery Rose Rose Bay Rose Bay Aerodrome Rose Bay Park Rose Bay Post Office Rose Bay Public School Rosebery Rosebery Park Rosebery Post Office Rosedale Park Rose Hill Rosehill Rosehill Public School Rosehill Racecourse Rosehill Railway Station Roselands Roselea Roselea Public School Roselea Reserve Rose Park Roseville Roseville Chase Roseville Park Roseville Post Office Roseville Public School Roseville Railway Station Roseville Station Rosa Gully Rosherville Chinamans Beach Rosherville Park Rosherville Reserve Chatswood War Memorial Athletic Fields Rothwell Park Round Corner Public School Rowland Park Rowland Reserve Royal Botanic Gardens Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Royal Deaf and Blind Institute Royal Exchange Post Office Royal Far West Childrens Hospital School Rozelle Rozelle Bay Rozelle Boys Junior High School Rozelle Post Office Rozelle Public School Rudder Creek Ruddock Park Rudd Park Ruse Park Rushcutters Bay Rushcutters Bay Park Rushcutters Creek Russell Lea Russell Park Rutherford Park Rydalmere Rydalmere Park Rydalmere Public School Rydalmere Railway Station Rydalmere Station Ryde Ryde Memorial Hospital School Ryde Park Ryde-Parramatta Golf Course Ryde-Parramatta Golf Links Ryde Post Office Ryde Public School Ryde Wharf Ryland Ryrie Reserve Saiala Road Recreation Reserve Sailors Bay Sailors Bay Creek Sailors Bay Park Sailors Chest Sailors Chest Point St Aloysius Oval St Andrew St Annes St Augustine St George St George Girls High School St George High School St Judes St Kilda Point St Leonards St Leonards Park St Leonards Railway Station St Lukes Park St Malo Reserve St Matthews Farm Reserve St Michaels Cave St Peters St Peters Park St Peters Primary School St Peters Public School St Peters Post Office St Peters Railway Station St Philip St Thomas Cemetery Salerwong Reserve Salter Park Salt Pan Cove Salt Pan Creek Salt Pan Point Saltwater Creek Salvation Creek Sams Creek Sams Gully Samuel Park Sanctuary Island Sand Point Sandringham Sandringham Bay Sandringham Gardens Sandringham Garden Sandringham Memorial Gardens Sandringham Public School Sandy Beach Sandy Sandy Bay Sandy Point San Souci Park Sans Souci Sans Souci Public School Santa Rosa Park Scarborough Park Schaffers Creek Schnapper Island School of Tanning Schwartz Point Scotland Island Scott Park Scotts Creek Scotts Reserve Scout Place Scribbly Gum Park Scylla Bay Scylla Bay Oval Seaforth Park Seaforth Public School Seaforth Seaforth Bluff Seaforth Oval Seaforth Technical College Sefton Sefton High School Sefton Railway Station Sentinel Creek Sentinel Gully Settlers Park Seven Little Australians Park Seven Shillings Beach Point Seymour Seymours Creek Shannon Reserve Shark Shark Bay Shark Beach Shark Island Shark Point Shark Rock Shark Rock Point Shark Rock Ridge Shaw Reserve Sheas Creek Sheepstation Hill Sheldon Forest Shell Cove Shelley Beach Shell Park Shelly Beach Shelly Beach Park Shelly Beach Reserve Shepherd Reserve Sindel Reserve Shipwrights Bay Shipwrights Bay Reserve Shortland Garden Show Ground At Clyde Shrimptons Creek Shuttle Mount Shuttle Shuttles Bay Silver Beach Silver Jubilee Park Silverwater Simmons Point Simpson Park Simpson Reserve Sirius Cove Sirius Cove Park Sirius Cove Reserve Sirius Creek Sir Joseph Banks Park Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve Sisters Bay Slade Lookout Smart Smedleys Point Smith Park Smith Reserve Smiths Creek Smiths Hill Smoothey Park Smugglers Cave Smugglers Ridge Snails Bay Snake Creek Snake Island Snape Park Snapper Island Snapperman Beach Soily Bottom Point Soldiers Point Somerset Park Sommerville Point Somerville Park Sorlie Public School The Sound Soutar South Arm South Beach South Bondi South Branch of Charltons Creek South Channel South Colah South Creek South Head South Pacific Ocean South Randwick South Reef South Steyne Beach South Steyne Park South Sydney High School South Sydney Boys High School Sow and Pigs Sow and Pigs Reef Spectacle Spectacle Island Spectacle Island Nature Reserve Spit Junction Post Office The Spit Spring Cove Springfield Park Spring Gully Creek Spurway Park Square Bay Stanmore Stannore Post Office Stanmore Public School Stanmore Railway Station Stapleton Park Starkey Reserve Starky Reserve State Conservatorium of Music State Office Long Bay Prison State Penitentiary Steel or Shark Point Steel Park Steel Point Mount Steele Stell Reserve Stevens Reserve Stevens Recreation Reserve Stewart Park Stewart Reserve Steyne Park Still Creek Stimson Reserve Stingray Bay Stingray Harbour Stinkpot Bay Stokes Point Stoney Creek Stoney Range Flora Reserve Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony Range Flora Reserve Store Beach Storey Park Stotts Reserve Strangers Creek Strathfield Strathfield Girls High School Strathfield Golf Course Strathfield Golf Links Strathfield Post Office Strathfield Park Strathfield Railway Station Strathfield Station Strawberry Hills Strawberry Hills Post Office Stringybark Creek Stringy Bark Creek Stringybark Reserve Stringy Bark Reserve Stripe or Stokes Point Strong Memorial Reserve Struen Marie Reserve Studdert Reserve Subiaco Creek Subiaco or Bishops Creek Submarine Memorial Park Sugarloaf Sugar Loaf Sugarloaf Bay Sugarloaf Creek Sugarloaf Hill The Sugarloaf Sulman Reserve Summer Hill Summer Hill Post Office Summer Hill Public School Summer Hill Railway Station Sunny Corner Ridge Sunnyfield Public School Sunnyside Reserve Sunshine Bay Surry Hills Post Office Surry Hills Sutherland Dock Sutherland Gardens Sutton Park Sutton Reserve The Swain Natural Reserve Swaines Creek Swain Native Park Swallow Rock Sydenham Sydenham Bankstown Public School Sydenham Railway Station Sydney Boys High School Sydney College of The Arts Sydney Cove Sydney General Post Office Sydney Girls High School Sydney Harbour Sydney Harbour National Park Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport Sydney Teachers College Sydney Technical College Sydney Technical College School of Tanning Sydney Technical High School Sydney Town Sylvia Chase Square Symonds Avenue Reserve Symons Reserve Taber Taffys Gully Taffys Lookout Taffys Rock Tagagulla Talavera Reserve Tallow Beach Tamarama Bay Tamarama Beach Tamerama Park Tambourine Bay Tambourine Bay Reserve Tambourine Creek Tambourine Park Tania Park Tank Cove Tank Creek The Tanks Tanner Reserve Tannery Creek Tannery Or Burns Bay Creek Tantallon Oval Tantallon Park Tarban Bay Tarban Creek Tarban Point Or Huntleys Point Taronga Park Wharf Taronga Wharf Taronga Zoological Park Tasker Park Taylors Bay Taylors Bay Reserve Taylors Beach Taylors Gully Taylors Point Teatree Telopea Telopea Public School Telopea Railway Station Telopea Station Tempe Tempe High School Tempe Public School Tempe Railway Station Tempe Recreation Reserve Ten Bob Ridge Tennis Wharf Tennyson Park Terrey Terrey Hills Terrys Creek Thames Street Wharf The Desmond Booler Memorial Park The Dusthole The Forest High School The Gut The Gutter The Hills Public School Thella Kenway Reserve The Spit Reserve The Thomas Wemyss Memorial Park The Vale Third Point Third Point Bombi Thomas Hogan Reserve Thomas Reserve Thompsons Bay Thorn Thornleigh Thornleigh Gully Thornleigh Park Thornleigh Public School Thornleigh West Public School Thornleigh Oval Thornleigh Railway Station Thornleigh Reservoir Thornton Park Thorp Three Brothers Rocks Tilagulla Tiley Reserve Tillman Park Timbrell Park Tindarra Reserve Tipperary Falls Tipper Lookout Todd Park Todd Reserve Tom Uglys Point Tom Uglys Point Reserve Topham Toumbalong Tower Hill Park Tower Street Public School Towlers Bay Town Hall Railway Station Townsons Bay Towra Bay Towra Beach Towra Lagoon Towra Spit Towra Spit Beach Towra Point Towra Point Nature Reserve Toyer Reserve Trafalgar Bay Trafalgar Park Trafalgar Reserve Trafalgar Square Trennery Reserve Trim Place Trumper Park Truscott Street Public School Tucoerah River Tully Forest Tumbalong Tumbledown Tumbledown Dick Tumbledown Dick Hill Tunks Creek Tunks Park Tunks Ridge Tupia Head Turimetta Turimetta Beach Turimetta Cemetery Turimetta Head Turimetta Village Of Turner Lookout Turramurra Turramurra High School Turramurra Memorial Park Turramurra Post Office Turramurra Public School Turramurra Railway Station Turramurra South High School Turrella Turrella Railway Station Turrumburra Reserve Turruwull Park Twin Creeks Reserve Twin Gums Twin View Estate Tyagarah Park Tyrell Park Uhrs Point Ulmarra Park Ultimo Ultimo Post Office Ultimo Public School Umina Umina Beach Umina Oval Brisbane Water Secondary College Umina Campus Umina Infants School Umina Public School Undercliffe Public School The University of New South Wales The University of Sydney Upjohn Park Utz Reserve Valentia Street Wharf Valerie Park Varna Park Vaucluse Vaucluse Bay Vaucluse Boys High School Vaucluse High School Vaucluse House Historic Site Vaucluse Park Vaucluse Point Vaucluse Post Office Vaucluse Public School Vault Point Ventemans Reach Vernon Avenue Reserve Veteran Victoria Park Victory Reserve Village Green The Village Green Village Point Villa Maria Reserve Vimiera Park The Vines Vineyard Creek Vize Vize Spur Wabash Reserve Waddell Waddells Gully Waddell Ridge Wagstaff Bar Wagstaff Wagstaff Point Wahroonga Wahroonga Park Wahroonga Post Office Wahroonga Public School Wahroonga Railway Station Wairoa Public School Wairoa Reserve Special School Waitara Waitara Creek Waitara Park Waitara Primary School Waitara Public School Waitara Railway Station Wakehurst Wakehurst Golf Course Wakehurst Golf Links Wakehurst Public School Walker Point Walker Reserve Wallaroo Walls Gully Walseley Street Wharf Walshaw Park Walsh Bay Walsh Park Walwarra Wandana Pool Wandoo Reserve Wangal Park Wangal Reserve Wanstead Avenue Reserve Want Want Spur Waratah Waratah Bay Waratah Gully Warbrick Park Wardells Creek Ward Park Wareham Reserve Wargundy Warner Park Warners Park Warrah Warrah Lookout Warrah Reserve Warrane Warrawee Warrawee Park Warrawee Public School Warrawee Railway Station Warrawong Reserve Warren Park Warren Reserve Warrianbah Warreanbah Warriewood Warriewood Beach Warring-Ga Warringah Manly War Memorial Park Warringah Golf Course Warringah Public Golf Course Warrung Warrungara Warung Area Washaway Beach Washtub Gully Waterfall Creek Waterfall Gully The Water Holes Waterloo Waterloo Park Waterloo Post Office Waterloo Public School Waterview Bay Waterworth Park Watsons Bay Watsons Bay Post Office Wattawa Heights Wattawa Heights Public School Watt Park Watts Park Waverley Waverley Cemetery Waverley Crescent Reserve Waverley Park Waverley Post Office Waverley Public School Waverley Reservoir Waverton Waverton Park Waverton Railway Station Wearne Bay Webb Websters Lookout Wedding Cake Island Wee-A-Wy-Ai Weekley Park Weerona Park Weil Park Wellings Reserve Wellings Recreation Reserve Wellington Park Wellman Reserve Wemyss Park Wendy Park Wentworth Bay Wentworth Park Wentworth Point Werona Avenue Reserve Werrell Reserve Westbourne Street Park West Deniston Park West Denistone Park West Epping Public School Westgate Post Office West Head West Head Beach Westleigh Westminster Park West Pennant Hills West Pennant Hills Public School West Pymble Village Green West Roseville Park West Ryde Park West Ryde Railway Station West Ryde Station West Street Public School West Sydney Technical College West Sydney Technical College Balmain Road Branch West Thornleigh Weye Weye Whale Beach Whale Beach Reserve Wharf Reserve Wheeler Wheeler Creek Wheeler Heights Public School Wheeler Park Whiddon Reserve Whistling Kite Point White Bay White City White Horse Point Whiteoak Reserve Whites Creek Whiting Beach Wideview Public School Wicks Park Wiley Park Wiley Park Giris High School Wiley Park Public School Wiley Park Railway Station Wilga Park Wilkins Public School Willandra Reserve Willarra William Balmain Teachers College Williams Park Williams Reserve William Street Public School Willis Park Willoughby Willoughby Bay Willoughby Creek Willoughby Falls Creek Willoughby Falls Willoughby Girls High School Willoughby Park Willoughby Post Office Willoughby Public School Willoughby Sugarloaf Wilsons or Stringy Bark Creek Wiltshire Park Wimbledon Island Wimbledon Reserve Wimbo Paddock Wimbo Park Wingala Reserve Winji Jimmi Winji Jimmi Reserve Winnererremy Flat Winnererremy Swamp Wirreanda Creek Woccanmagulli Wolli Creek Wolli Creek Canal Wollstonecraft Wollstonecraft Bay Wollstonecraft Railway Station Womeai Reserve Woniora Gardens Woniora Road Public School Woodford Bay Wood Street Reserve Woodville Golf Course Woodville Park Woodville Public Golf Course Woody Glen Swamp Woody Point Woollahra Woollahra Demonstration School Woollahra Point Woollahra Post Office Woollahra Park Woollahra Public School Woolli Creek Woolloomooloo Woolloomooloo Bay Woolwarra The Woolwash Woolway Reserve Woolwich Woolwich Dock Woolwich Lookout Woolwich Public School Woorarra Lookout Wrights Point Writtle Park Wudyong Point Wulworra-Jeung Wurrala Wutworra Jeung Wyargine Point Wyatt Park Wynyard Park Wynyard Park Post Office Wynyard Railway Station Yacht Bay Yagoona Yagoona Post Office Yagoona Public School Yagoona Railway Station Yah-Loong Yamble Reserve Yaranabe Yarluke Reserve Yaralla Bay Yarra Bay Yarramar Reserve Yarranabbe Park Yarranabbi Yarranbabbi Yarrandabbi Yarrandabby Yarra Point Yarra Recreation Reserve Dick Reserve Dickson Park Yasmar School Yasmar Public School Yatala Yatala Creek Yatama Park Yates Avenue Public School Yellow Rock Yennadah Reserve Yeoland Point Yeoland Sugarloaf Yeomans Bay Yeomans Creek Yeo Park Yeramba Lagoon Yerroulbin Yerroulbine Yinnell Reserve Y9 Yoothamurra Younger Reserve Young Street Public School Yuilbin Yurrah Reserve Zetland The Zig Zag Reserve Z9 Bullimah Beach Bullimah Lookout Bullimah Range Bullimah Spur Bumbora Bumborah Bumbora Point Bumpo Creek Bundara Reserve Devlins Creek Mount Dewrang Diamond Bay Djarra Djarra Crossing Djarra Ridge Dobroyd Dobroyd Head Dobroyd Hill Dobroyd Point Public School Dr. Walters Park Dolls Point Dolphin Park The Domain Donnelly Park Donnybrook Bay Donovan Park Double Bay Creek Double Bay Double Bay Park Double Bay Post Office Double Bay Public School Double Lagoon Dover Heights Dover Heights High School Dover Park Dowsett Reserve Doyle Gardens Doyle Park Driver Park Drummoyne Drummoyne Bay Drummoyne Boys High School Drummoyne Park Drummoyne Post Office Drummoyne Public School Wolseley Street Wharf Duck Creek The Duckhole Duck Pond Duckponds Ridge Duck River Duffy Duffys Forest Duffys Wharf Duggan Park Dulwich Hill Public School Dulwich Hill Dulwich Hill Post Office Dulwich Hill Railway Station Diendagulla Dinner or Charity Point Dixons Bay Djara Djara Crossing Djara Ridge Dobroyd Point Doodys Bay Dover Heights Boys High School Dover Heights Girls High School Doyle Ground Drummoyne Oval The Duck Ponds Duffey Dumbleton Dumbleton Railway Station Bundock Park Bungan Beach Bungan Head Bungan Head Reserve Bunkers Hill Bunnerong Creek Burns Bay Burns Bay Oval Burns Bay Park Burns Bay Reserve Burns Park Burnside Public School Burnt Bridge Creek Burra Bru Burraggy Burraneer Close Reserve Burroggi Burroway Burrows Park Burwood Burwood Girls High School Burwood North Post Office Burwood Park Burwood Post Office Burwood Public School Burwood Railway Station Bushell Place Bushranger Bushrangers Hill Butchers Block Butchers Block Point Byles Creek Byora Knoll Byrne Reserve Byron Park Bywater Village of Bywater Ararat Reserve Australia II Park Babbage Ravine Balun Reserve Berry Park Bombi Broken Bay National Fitness Camp Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre Brush Farm Home Brush Farm School Cadigal Reserve Cameron Park Castle Cove Castlecove Clive Evatt Reserve The Clive Evatt Reserve Clarke Reserve Cockle Bay Coogee South Public School Crag Cove Crater Cove Crater Valley Cromer Park Crosslands Reserve Dirty Haul Beach Downes Reserve Ellerman Park Elouera Bushland Reserve Englefield Soccer Stadium Englefield Stadium Mount Erington Fagan Park Fairway Florence Cotton Park Foxglove Oval Galston Recreation Reserve Gibberagong Field Studies Centre Giriland Park Goldstein Memorial Reserve Gordons Bay Goldstein Reserve Griffith Reserve Hambledon Cottage Reserve Hamilton Park Harmony Point Hayes Park Hews Reserve Hurstville Rotary Park Iluka Lagoon Jaycee Park John Montague Reserve Kuring-Gai Creek Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden Kuring-Gai Wildflower Garden Library Lisgar Gardens Le Gay Brereton Park Martin Place Reserve Murray Reserve North Pymble Park North Narrabeen Reserve North Ryde Public School North Turramurra North Turramurra Golf Course Parr Point Mount Pretoria Rodney Reserve Ryde North Public School Sacred Heart Sandfly Flat South Turramurra Spain Reserve Tamarama Tingira Reserve Turo Reserve Waitara Jaycee Park Wallumatta Bay Weerona Reserve Weldon Park West Pennant Hills Park Wurrabirri Point Wyatt Reserve Grosvenor Place Post Office Airmans Park Aqua Flora Park Archdale Park Bangalow Reserve Billy Hughes Park City View Park Claude Cameron Grove Cornish Park Dairymans Reserve Dolphin Bay Eldinhope Green Ellerys Punt Reserve Founders Way Frogmore Park Governor Phillip Reserve Guiders Park Heinrich Reserve Heritage Square Irish Town Grove Kendall Green Kent Playing Field Lockyer Reserve London Reserve Mcintosh Park Mcmahon Park Old Saleyards Reserve Old She Oak Reserve Orange Green Quarry Masons Forest Rapanea Community Forest Riddle Reserve Rostrevor Reserve Rozelle Common Saw Pit Park Sir Phillip Game Reserve Surgeon White Reserve Ticket of Leave Park Two Turners Reserve Leemon Reserve Loddon Creek John Carver Reserve Jessie Street Gardens Nell Griffith Reserve Costin Reserve The Boreen Swaine Reserve Sandakan Memorial Park Galaringi Cortile Reserve Dingly Dell Undercliff Reserve Luna Park Bradys Point George Kendall Riverside Park Lloyd Rees Park Jinkers Green St Crispens Green Paddy Pallin Reserve Ibbitson Park Macks Place Little Digger Park Kinkell Brae Follies Park Neill Place Dukes Green Hermits Retreat Gearys Way Macgillivray Place Atholbrose Glen St Andrews Forest Peewee Park Burrows Grove Shoppers Wood Shoppers Rest Gordon Glen Bullock Park Golfers Glen Applegum Way Sheoak Reserve Bushranger Reserve Ku-ring-gai Flying Fox Reserve Degotardi Park Huntleys Forest Elvenholme Wood Barra Wood Seven Wives Wood Bead Forest Lorikeet Sanctuary Halfpenny Park Farthing Park Chiltons Orangery Mckenzie Park Milkmaids Reserve Lovers Jump Creek Park Hughes Avenue Reserve Watersleigh Park East Killara East Lindfield North Wahroonga West Pymble Bretby Park Broadoaks Park John Hourigan Reserve Ted Schwebel Park Oatlands Wagstaffe Sir David Martin Reserve Cockle Bay Nature Reserve Wagstaffe Bar Wagstaffe Point South Coogee Wallumatta Nature Reserve Marrickville Giovinazzo Park Tucker Reserve Hyndes Retreat Guiders Look Journeys End Loggers Retreat Sainty Reserve Scholastic Park Ferntree Reserve Toby Joe Retreat The Trace Pathway Oranges and Lemons Reserve Mariners Park Nancarrows Bush Viewers Gape Garigal National Park Moorefield Street Reserve Steele Point Myles Dunphy Bushland Reserve Lucas Gardens School Rush Pond Mary French Reserve Frank Zions Reserve North Ryde West Ryde East Ryde Denistone East Denistone West John Shore Park Oakhill Drive Public School Sesquicentenary Square Amaroo Gully Burwood Heights Lindfield Rotary Park Potts Hill Wareemba Terpentine Reserve Shot Machine Creek Currawong Reserve Bellamys Creek Rookwood Ramsgate Beach Bexley North Clarke Island Giovinazzo Grove Booth Park Auburn North Auburn South Auburn West Australia Square Post Office Balmain East Bangor Park Ray Park Bill Thompson Reserve Buffalo Creek Reserve Carlingford North Castlecrag Public School Charles Heath Reserve Concord West Delwood Don Moore Reserve Duck River Reserve Dan Mahony Reserve East Gordon Park East Lindfield Park Eastwood Post Office Eric Primrose Reserve Fig Tree Cove Forestville War Memorial Playing Fields Frank Downing Sportsground Fred Robertson Park F S Garside Park Gladesville Wharf Gordon Park Granville North Harold Moon Reserve Harry Gapes Reserve Homebush South Homebush West Harold West Reserve Howse Park Hunters Hill Wharf Inveresk Park P H Jeffrey Reserve Karonga House Larkins Reserve Lindfield Park Lindsay Reserve Lions Park Ludowici Reserve Lysaght Park Mcilwaine Park Manly Dam Reserve Meadowbank Boys High School Mccawley Park Murray Farm Reserve North Epping North Epping Oval Northmead Reserve North Parramatta North Strathfield New South Wales Institute of Technology Parramatta East Peter Hislop Park Ray Marshall Reserve Fearnley Park Castle Cove Public School Rotary Park Ryde Technical College St Pauls Place Seville Reserve Sirius Park South Granville Sugarloaf Point Strathfield West Rivington Recreation Reserve Fernlea Reserve Fernleigh Reserve Lindfield Memorial Recreation Ground Lindfield Soldiers Memorial Park Soldiers Memorial Park Soldiers Memorial Lindfield Park Ador Reserve Annandale North Public School Anzac Square Arrowsmith Park Tobin Park Bardwell Park Botanical Childrens Reserve Beaman Park Beauty Point Reserve Bexley North Railway Station Bexley South Bland Oval Bondi Junction Post Office Bowden Park Caledonian St Reserve Canterbury Municipal Golf Course Carrington Square Carrisbrook Avenue Reserve Centre Street Reserve Clarke Street Reserve Deverall Park Dolls Point Park Earlwood Reservoir East Botany Enfield South Ethel Pyers Reserve Fatima Island Flood Reserve Flynns Reserve Forest Lodge Gannons Park Gilchrist Park Gillman Reserve Grove Park Haberfield Demonstration School Hordernian Recreation Ground Kingsbury Park Kingsgrove Park Kogarah South Kookaburra Park Kyle Williams Recreation Reserve Lance Hutchinson Oval The Leo Smith Reserve Leighton Park Lockwood Park Mccarthy Reserve Mclaughlin Oval Mcraes Reserve Mangrove Island Marrickville South Memorial Fields Mill Street Reserve Monomeeth Street Reserve Mortdale Memorial Park Municipal Golf Course Neverfail Bay Reserve Newtown South Post Office North Belmore Reserve Oatley Embankment Gardens Pemberton Reserve Peter Depena Reserve Peter Low Reserve The Quarry Reserve Redmond Oval Regent St Reserve Romani Park Spinders Park St Lawrence Sando Park Smith Street Reserve Spooner Park Stevens Park Strathfield South Sydney Common Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Sydney South Post Office Tanner Playing Field Taylor Street Reserve Thorpe Park Victoria Way Park War Memorial Park Waterloo High School Whitbread Park Willunga Reserve Yarra Junction Crown of Newport Reserve Dearin Reserve Edgar Gornall Wildflower Gardens Forest Glen Dundundra Falls The Cascades Jj Melbourne Hills Memorial Park Lionel Watts Park Hannibal Macarthur Park Eastgardens Dudley Page Reserve Ray OKeefe Reserve Macpherson Emily Mccarthy Park Dunningham Reserve Apex Park Breakthrough Depena Reserve Broomham Park Bill Watson Reserve Ted Horwood Reserve Villa Maria Wharf Vineyard Creek Reserve Walter Lawry Memorial Park Wangal Centenary Bushland Reserve Webbs Ave Playing Fields West Epping Park Woods Street Reserve Yuleng Reserve Abbotsford Point Woolwich Wharf Samuel Lee Place Taplin Park Cooks Wharf Corner Beach Edwin Ross Reserve Eileen Mahoney Playground Grandin Park Henley Wharf The Hodgson Lookout Holloway Park Killingsworth Park L8 Lidcombe North North Seaforth The Rapids Reg Coady Reserve Richard Johnson Square Roy Godfrey Reserve Spains Lookout Stanton Place Tank Stream W15 Wa Mcinnes Play Centre William Lamb Park Karonga House Public School Sandbrook Inlet Keith Mckinnon Park Maria Lock Park Searle Park Laura Osborne Houison Sanctuary Linton Park Guyangil Park Griffiths Park John Paton Reserve Dumbleton Public School Lang Park Lane Cove West Beverley Blacklock Reserve Fred Hollows Reserve Glebe Gully Deerubbun Reserve Eric Wood Reserve Glenhaven Reserve Patricia Gardner Reserve Chapel Street Reserve Edgehill Street Reserve Oswald Scholes Reserve Mather Rosebery Rta Blenheim Road Post Office Castlewood Community Reserve South Maroubra Village Green Kensington Rotary Reserve Cann Park Ella Reserve Coogee Paul Calderon Reserve Little Mackeral Beach Sanbrook Inlet Yurulbin Yurilbin Stirling Reserve Lofberg Oval Urimbirra Park Captain Henry Waterhouse Reserve Hands Quarry Reserve Underwood Reserve Paddy Tyler Reserve Wilson Park First Government House Place Carlingford Botanic Parkland Excelsior Creek Rifle Range Creek Stevenson Creek Christmas Bush Creek Bidjigal Creek Bellbird Creek Origlass Park Oatley Heights Park Annie Forsyth Wyatt Garden Lawrance Park Turramurra Lookout Park Cheal Park Ilbery Park Wrixton Park Lloyd Rees Lookout The Mater Gardens Doris Fitton Park Quiberie Park Nungara Reserve Paruna Reserve Chatswood West North Willoughby Willoughby East George Gollan Reserve Darling Mills Creek Saw Mill Creek Horlyck Reserve Birrong Gararra Reserve Riverine Park Hannah Laycock Reserve Quiberie Bay Explosives Reserve H C Press Park Pangari Creek Brush Tail Creek Origma Creek Wonga Creek Finger Board Creek Dooral Dooral Creek Banggarai Creek Nyrippin Creek Willow Creek Tedbury Creek Zig Zag Creek Murrumbooee Creek Jimmy Bancks Creek Provest Creek George Hall Creek Racemosa Creek Willyama Cove Vernon Park Panorama Park David Earle Reserve Miklouho-Maclay Park Gleeson Creek Bicentennial Park Lake Belvedere Bennelong Pond Billabong Saleyards Reserve Mary Barry Park Larool Creek Bill Boyce Reserve Macquarie Park Cemetery Burrowaree Clementon Park Great Mackebal Beach Terra Ulong Creek Harvey Dixon Park David Joel Reserve Salmon Reserve Haslems Creek Haslems Creek Cemetery Maybanke Cove Druitt Town Mary Mackillop Park Liberty Grove Eppleston Walk Eora Eora Park Scout Creek Rasdall Park Eveleigh Fireclay Gully Oyster Cove Reserve William Lewis Park John Pope Reserve Tynan Park Dixon Park Reid Park Archer Park Dandarbong Reserve Walter Brown Park Elizabeth Macarthur Park Fitzgerald Forest James Hoskin Reserve Kilpack Park Kim Rutherford Reserve Lachlan Macquarie Park Mohamet Allum Park Thomas Williams Reserve Rosslyn Blay Park Talinga Park Mcgowan Reserve Jilling Cove Barayly Park Winjoy Reserve Don Stewart Park Johnston Park Granville Memorial Park Allan Cunningham Reserve Wallumetta Park Bryce Mortlock Reserve Campbells Creek Winson Gully Windybanks Ridge Wollundry Park Issy Wyner Reserve Bob Smith Reserve Calangara Park Rock Farm Reserve Foveaux Park Albert Brown Park Schaeffer Park Purcell Park John Irving Park Charles Fraser Park Sturt Reserve Noller Park Skenes Reserve David Hamilton Reserve David Scott Reserve Olympic Park Railway Station Millennium Parklands Sherwin Park St Johns Park Trefoil Creek Swann Reserve Ivor Wyatt Reserve Bardwell Valley Parklands Sydney Showground Homebush Bay Ferry Terminal The Brickpit Ettalong Beach Reserve Lance Webb Reserve The Overflow Station Square Maiden Gardens Dunlop Reserve Brays Bay Reserve Herbert Rumsey Reserve Bardwell Valley Kissing Point Village Green Newington Eric Mobbs Memorial Park Birrung Park Excelsior Street Playground Darlington Frank Doyle Park Coolibah Reserve Richard Podmore Reserve Robert Gardner Reserve Windarra Reserve Paul Keating Park Joy Mead Park Augusta Park Stuart Park North Ryde Common Bataan Island Tamarama Gully Merrylands Remembrance Park Bataam Island Lidcombe Remembrance Park Berowra Point Berowra Valley Regional Park Kenneth Slessor Park Eve Sharpe Reserve Sugarbag Creek Rosella Park Sugar Works Reserve Bay Marker River Marker Haslams Creek Marker Silverwater Marker Bicentennial Marker Russell Walker Reserve Hycraft Reserve Wire Mill Reserve Pelican Reserve Tennyson Point Silverwater Nature Reserve Gannura Reserve Hopkins Park Wolli Creek Regional Park Jenkins Reserve Ku-ring-gai Chase Terrum-Bine Reserve Red Creek Bill Wakeham Reserve Edna Brown Reserve Boatbuilders Walk Claire Deane Bush Sanctuary Betty Morrison Reserve Nar-rang Park Mill Park Cutting Reserve Hubert Hunt Reserve Centennial Park School Gannon Bangalley Hamley Harry Howard Reserve Blue Gum Reserve Tar-Ra Huntleys Cove Federation Point Elizabeth Macarthur Bay Discovery Park Collingridge Reserve Ellery Park Huntingdale Circle Reserve Glenn McEnallay Reserve Lane Cove North Cadi Park G B Holt Reserve Badangi Reserve Riverwood Peace Park Allen Street Reserve Bark Huts Park Begnell Park Boden Reserve Centennial Reserve Chain of Ponds Reserve Cosgrove Reserve Coxs Creek Reserve Dean Reserve Drew Street Playground Elliott Reserve Florence Reserve Henley Reserve Humphries Reserve Ismay Reserve Laker Reserve Lowes Gardens Maria Reserve Marlene Reserve Mathews Park Mount Royal Reserve Palmer Reserve Prentice Reserve Slater Reserve Southend Tennis Centre St Annes Reserve Strathfield Square Thew Reserve Todman Reserve Wallis Reserve Wentworth Reserve Lipscomb Reserve Ulolo Community Park Jos Wiggins Park Rose Bay Secondary College Dolphins Point Donnelly Creek Jack Shanahan Park Buchan Point James Greenwood Reserve Goomun Creek Bado-Berong Creek Waradiel Creek Harry Howard Bushwalk Field of Mars Reserve Cove Street Wharf Anna Maria King Park Curraghbeena Point Lookout Kay-ye-my Point Edna Seehusen Reserve Pat Thompson Park Garavel Playground Royal Hospital For Women Park Bidjigal Reserve Marramarra Ridge Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Terminal Northern Beaches Secondary College Balgowlah Boys Campus Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls Campus Northern Beaches Secondary College Cromer Campus Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus Fairmile Cove Little Curraghbeena Reserve Gubbuh Gubbuh Gooree Gooragal Booraghee Goram Bullagong Weeyuh Weeyuh Gooweebahree Warungareeyuh Meeliyahwool Dubbagullee Wahganmuggalee Yurong Derrawunn Gurrajin Jerrowan Yurrandubbee Boowambillee Boongarra Reserve Blackwall Rock Mashmans Quarry Reserve Green Toad Tea Garden Eric Evans Park Rowswell Playground George Thornton Reserve Muddawahnyuh Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden Philippa Oleary Park Macartney Oval The Coast Hospital Memorial Park Bob-a-Day Park Henry Curtis Reserve Rorie Reserve Rangihou Reserve Sam Fiszman Park Tom Caddy Point Timbery World Square Postshop George Dan Reserve Brickpit Park Warawara Reserve Wallawa Reserve Judith Ambler Reserve North Ryde Station Macquarie Park Station Macquarie University Station Griffin Park Bothams Beach Sinclair Point Paradise Reserve Stony Range Botanic Garden Harmony Park Ron Shores Park Fielder Park Tasman Park Lucinda Park Lavarack Park Blaxland Riverside Park Margaret Greaves Walking Track Sidings Park Blanche Barkl Reserve Top Ryde Park Charity Creek Cascades A C 'Charlie' Moore Reserve Karl Brown Reserve Frank Beckman Reserve Art Barton Park Taronga Zoo Wharf Dundundra Falls Reserve Mount Westwood Ron Payne Park Harry Seidler Reserve Barangaroo Sydney Harbour Bridge A Sydney Harbour Bridge B Sydney Harbour Bridge Light Sydney Harbour Bridge NE Pylon Sydney Harbour Bridge NW Pylon Pylon North Pylon South Bungaree Reserve Freshwater The Swain Gardens Donald Commons Reserve Hammond Reserve Barwon Park Ma An Shan Friendship Park South Hurstville Paddington Reservoir Gardens Baludarri Wetland Alan Newton Reserve Headland Park Ballast Point Park Sydney Olympic Park Five Mile Creek Cathy Freeman Park Ted Jackson Reserve Beauty Point Park Canoelands Pumpkin Point Creek Pumpkin Point Hawkesbury River Hawksbury River Wondabyne Station Woodabyne Saint Huberts Island Empire Bay Bensville Cape Three Points Second Point Coolah Creek Colo Creek Mooney Mooney Creek Mooney Creek Ettalong Cobar Bay Mullet Point Ettymalong Swamp East Reef West Reef Cobar Creek Hawkesbury River Station Hawke Head Eliot Island Lion Islet Middle Bank First Three Heads Second Third Little Pitt Water Barranjoey Head Little Mackarel Beach Oakhigh Halletts Beach Rock Head Observation Head Kuring-gai Chase Sandown Pitt Water Stripe Point Pitt Island The Pines South Branch Charltons Creek Charltons Creek South Branch Middle Branch Charltons Creek Charltons Creek Middle Branch Crosslands Waratah Creek Taylor Point Clareville Hole-in-the-Wall Hole in Wall Mount Kuring-gai Kuring-gai Mount Kuringai Appletree Bay Pitt Inlet Pittwater Road Bulgolo Head OHaras Creek Cackle Creek Right Branch McCarrs Creek McCarrs Creek Right Branch Bay View Spring Gully Terry Hills Glenhaven Hornsby Shire Warringah Shire Collaroy Plateau Cresswell OReilly Lookout Saint Ives Deewhy Deewhy Beach A C Moore Reserve Pymble West Deewhy Head Wakehurst Parkway Bluefish Point Smedley Point North Bridge Gore Hill Artarman Wy-ar-gine Point Balmoral Cabblers Beach Saint Leonards Park Saint Leonards Taronga Park Taronga Zoo Park County of Cumberland Granville Junction Western Channel West Channel Georges Heights Eastern Channel East Channel Hornby Tarban Creek Bridge Gore Bay Clifton Gardens Gladesville Bridge Man-O-War Steps Wooloomooloo Bay Watson Bay Careening Point Robertson Point Woolwick Sydney Harbour Bridge Port Jackson Bay Bradley Head City of Sydney OConnor Reserve Rushcutter Bay Lidcomb Rookwood Station Necropolis Rockwood Flemington Rozelle Station Town Hall Station Port of Sydney The Glebe Sefton Station Central Station Sydney Station Kings Cross ODonnell Street Community Reserve ODea Reserve ONeill Park Sydenham Station Macdonaldtown Station Eveleign South Sydney Municipality Saint Peters Rosebury LEstrange Park Lachlan Swamp Shea Creek Sydney International Airport Bass Hill Bass Hills Alfords Point Bridge Salt Pan Creek Bridge Mill Creek Jewfish Bay Jewfish Point Como Railway Bridges Woronora River Tom Uglys Bridge Horse Rock Point Taren Point Shag Point Captain Cook Bridge Saint Kilda Point Bonna Point Kurnell Peninsula Sutherland Point Captain Cook Memorial