Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9133

GA 9133 - Camberwell

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Avoca Brookdale Albano Woolfield Mirralong Benvenue Martindale Oaklands Archerfield Mount Allyn Allyn Allyn Range Allyn River Back Creek Babuc Creek Babuc Gully Andrews Creek Araluen Creek Alexander Creek Aeroplane Hill Badger Creek Bald Hill Bald Knob Bald Knob Creek Barrington Barrington Falls Mount Barrington Basden Falls Basin Creek Bateau Bay Public School Baybuck Hill Beggary Creek Belgrave Mountain Bells Mount Bells Mount Range Ben Bullen Benmore Beranghi Creek Bettys Creek Bibburah Creek Big Black Jack Big Black Jack Mountain Big Brother Big Gully The Big Hill The Big Hole Big Jack Mountain Big Losy Mountain Big Lousy Mountain Big Rock Big Top Billagal Creek Bobs Swamp Bobs Ridge Bobs Crossing Bluey Creek Bluey Gully Blue Gum Top Blue Gum Gully Blue Gum Flat Blaggard Creek Blackwattle Creek Blackwall Creek Black Swamp Black Jack Ridge Black Jack Range Black Jack Creek Head of Black Jack Creek Blind Gully Blind Creek Blackguard Creek Binnowee Gully Binalong Creek Bolenoon Creek Boonabilla Boonabilla Creek Bourkes Creek Bourkes Gully Bowmans Creek Bowmans Gully Box Tree Hill Brandy Creek Branch of Brandy Creek Breakneck Bridgeman Broad Gully Broadwater Island Broke Broocoloot Bald Brookers Creek Broughton Brumlow Creek Brush Creek Brush Gully Mount Cabre Bald Camberwell Camerons Creek Camira Creek Campbells Creek Caneens Gap Careys Peak Carrabolla Carrow Carrow Brook Carrowbrook Mount Carrow Carters Brook Caswell Cauter Cedar Creek Cedar Dump Chain of Ponds Creek Chain of Ponds Gully Chalmers Charcoal Gully Cheshunt Chichester State Forest Coalhole Creek Cobbys Bluff Cobbys Falls Cobbys Gully Cockcrow Cockcrow Creek Cockcrow Mountain Cockys Bog Gully Cones Brush Gully Conical Hill Coopers Gully Cooreen Gully Corang Gully Corker Mountain Cross Creek Cross Gully Curra Kieth Creek Darkie Hill Davis Creek Dawleys Creek Dawsons Hill Dellhurst Derribong Creek Dunns Creek Dusty Creek Dyrring Mount Dyrring Eagle Hill Eccleston Eccleston Public School Edwards Creek Edwards Plain Edwards Swamp Elbow Creek Emu Creek Eremeran Point Falbrook Fal Brook Fal Pinnacle Far Eastern Creek Far Eastern Falls Farrells Farrells Creek Fenwicks Creek Fish Hole Creek Flash Creek Flick Ford Gully Foy Foy Pinnacle Frazers Creek Garden Gully Gillwinga Creek Gins Creek Giwarra Gully Glendon Glennies Creek Glennies Creek Dam Gob Spur Goorangoola Goorangoola Cemetery Goorangoola Creek Gotha Governors Lookout Grasstree Greenland Gubburra Creek Gum Flat Creek Gum Flat Gully Mount Gunama Gundaroo Creek Gundy Gundy Post Office Gundy Public School Gushstone Gully Guygallon Creek Halfmoon Creek Harris Creek Hartletts Creek Hebden Herschell Hilliers Creek Hilliers Knob Holywell Pinnacle Horse Creek Howes Creek Ingar Ingar Cemetery Jolliffes Gap Joshuas Creek Jump Creek Jump Spur Junction Pools Jupp Kangaroo Karawa Gully Keans Creek Kenneths Gully Kennys Top Cabre Bald Chain of Ponds Clair Gully Cobbys Creek The Corker Curra Keith Creek Darkie Dawleys Gully Dunbars Creek Dungletood Dunns Gully Eckford Downs Fal Brook Part Of Fal Glennies Creek Brook Foy Brook Frazers Gully The Gap Gibraltar Glenbawn National Park Lake Glennies Creek Public School Glennies Creek Railway Station The Gob Goorangoola Public School Grass Tree Hebden Public School Howes Gully Karraeurra Creek Kileys Gully Kindimidi Creek Kingfishers Creek Koukarah Creek Kulmaren Gully Kungie Gully Kungie Rock Kurranulla Creek Ladies Well Lagoon Pinch Lake Glenbawn National Park Lake Glenbawn Park Lake Glennie Landslip Gully Left Branch of Barrington River Left Branch Left Hand Creek Lemon Tree Creek Lethbridge Creek Liddell Lake Liddell Liddell Platform Village of Liddell New Freugh Hill Liebeg Limestone Creek Lincoln Creek Lincolns Creek Little Black Jack Little Black Jack Creek Little Black Jack Mountain Little Brother Little Brothers Little Jacky Mountain Little Losy Mountain Little Lousy Mountain The Long Ridge Little Time Creek Loders Ridge Long Creek Long Gully Lostock Lostock Cemetery Lostock Dam Lostock Public School Losy Mountain Mount Lumeah Mccullys Gap Mcphees Gully Main Creek Malumla Gully Mount Malumla Malumla Range Manwarren Creek Marali Martins Creek Martins Gully Massey River Masseys Creek Masseys Creek State Forest Meehans Peak Meehans Peak Gully Merrilong Creek Micabil Gully Middle Branch of The Barrington River Middle Creek Middle Falbrook Mirannie Mirannie Mountain Mirannie New Moores Gully Mount Allyn Lookout Mount Lousey Mount Olive Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Pleasant Public School Mount Rivers Mount Rivers Public School Mount Royal Mount Royal Creek Mount Royal State Forest Mount Muddle Mulgowrie Creek Mulwala Creek Mumfords Creek Mundawah Mundawah Creek Mundowa Muscle Brook Mutton Gully Myall Creek Myrtle Gully Myuna Creek Narara Gully Narrow Bottom Narrow Bottom Gully Narrow Passage The Narrows Native Dog Native Dog Gully Native Dog Creek Native Dog Hill Nattai Creek Neilin Creek Newdell Newdell Junction Niambar Gully Nobles Crossing Norrow North Brother North Webbers Creek Nundah Platform Oakey Creek Oakey Gully Oakfields Oak Park Oak Park Public School Oaky Creek Oaky Gully O'Gradys Hut Oldcastle Mount Owen Parsons Bog The Pass Mount Paterson Mount Patterson Peg Top Peg Top Hill Penshurst Peugeot Point Piccolo Pieries Peak Pieries Point Pieries Ridge Piery Ridge Pig Creek Pinnaburra Creek The Pinnacle Pippita Gully Pituri Creek Rainbow Creek Ravensworth Rattly Ground Ravensworth State Forest Ravensworth Railway Station Ravensworth Public School Razorback Mount Razorback Razor Back Range Razorback Ridge Redbank Creek Reedy Creek Right Branch of Keans Creek Right Hand Creek Rival Rock Lily Gully Rocky Crossing Rocky Knob Lookout Rosamond Rouchel Rouchel Brook Rouchel Brook Cemetery Rouchel Public School Rowlands Gully Royal St Aubins St Clair St Clair Gully Lake St Clair St Julian Sandy Flat Sawpit Gully Sawyer Gully Sawyers Creek Sawyers Gully Saxby Creek Saxby Swamp Scouts Alley Scrumlo Scrumlo Creek Scrumlo Gully Mount Scrumlo Scrumlo Range Scrumlo Ridge Second Creek Sempills Creek Shan Vanaghan Sharps Mountain Shearer Sheepstation Creek Shell Brook Shenstone Simmone Creek Smiths Mount Sneaky Pinch South Arm of Stewarts Brook Spring Creek Spring Gully Spring Mountain Spurwater Creek Station Creek North Arm of Stewarts Brook Stockyard Creek Stoney Creek Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony Point Strathisla Creek Stringybark Creek Stringy Bark Creek Mount Surprise Swamp Creek Sydenham Tamborough Gully Tangorin Tangory Tangory Pass Tanilba Public School Tank Mountain Tarrawonga Creek Tathara Gully The Brothers The Jump The Knob The Spring Timbarra Gully Timbuck Creek Timor Creek Trangie Creek Tudor Mount Tudor Tudor Ridge Tweedie Creek Tyawan Gully Tyraman Upper Hebden Upper Rouchel Vane Wallaby Creek Wallaby Gully Wallaby Hill Wallen Mount Waterfall Gully Wattle Ridge Webber Webbers Creek Webbers Creek Public School Weemata Creek Well Well Mountain Wells Westbrook Wheelabout Angles Whiporie Gully Mount William Williams Falls Williams Spring Wilson Gully Wombat Creek Woodbury Creek Woolar Gully Woollooma Creek Woollooma Gully Woolooma Gully Woolooma Creek Mount Woolooma Woolooma Pimple Woolooma Range Dillaburra Creek Yelgun Gully Yellow Rock Yorks Creek Yorks Gully Youngville Bullock Ridge Dismal Doon Double Falls Drinans Creek Dry Creek Diggers Creek Drinans Gully Bungarie Creek Bunkers Crossing Burraga Swamp Busbys Creek Blue Gum Flora Reserve Burgundy Glenbawn State Recreation Area Lake Glenbawn State Recreation Area Barrington Tops Glenbawn Don Small Oval Underbank Bridgman Greenlands Ravensworth Park Ingar Park Dunbar Creek Left Branch of Keans Creek Tops To Myalls Heritage Trail Upper Allyn Liebeg Ridge The Foot Crossing Loder Point Bird Point Eurella Point Adam Point Kelehear Point Walaroo Point Point Andrews Gindigah Point Lloyds Point Perkins Point Connell Point Gardner Point Richards Point Camden Cove Connell Inlet Andrews Cove Wilkinson Cove Reedy Cove Baybuck Cove Gindigah Bay Wood Bay Moore Bay St Clair Island Alcorn Island Lake St Clair Park Breakneck Ridge Scone Shire Upper Hunter Woolooma Stewarts Brook Echo Malvern Malumia Mount Cockcrow Bridgelands Grenell Park Shellbrook Balmoral Lake Saint Clair Park Lake Saint Clair Saint Clair Island Benalla Bridgemans Nundah Taronga Cape Three Points