Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA 9138

GA 9138 - Inverell

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

East Home Windorah Worsley Severn Vale Severn Hills Kooroon Yarran Vale Tower Hill Kashmir Maryland Rockwood The Springs Rocky Glen Macintyre Park Bukkulla Station Avon Lea Coocooboonoh The Park Ever Lea Greenways The Tor Arlie Brake Kahmoo Lovely Vale Forest Hill Warhonell Brayden Lone Pine Jindalee Narallan Belle Bowne Glenmore Koonoomoo Wogamia Silverdell Hillview Orbit Downs Kalimna Mawingo Balgownie Arduen Milburn Rye Green Glennon Koolabah Glendale Woodlands Kings Plain Kaludabah Lyn-Vue Yangalala Glencoe Inverary Nullamanna Station Pineleigh Hillsbrough Croye Millee Windemere Nolimba Dunvegan Waterfords Gully Moorakyne Coomerang Arrawatta Cashel Hawthorn Dale Jura Derra Downs Glen Idle St Elmo Panaura Dunalpine Leal Lochan Guneena Cubba Scotsburn Prairie Park Rosehill Ascot Kaindi Bingarror Wongajong Rockleigh Spring Creek Tralee Lochlea Meadow Vale Pine Grove Park Ardlee Tautiona Booloorina Dunoola Lochbuie Woodburn Yarrabin Lochinvar Byron Taringa Goodwood Mourabie Nardoo East Lynne Heather Brae Kelanga Argyle Kia-Tami Narran Vale Mubburra Leaweena Trigger Vale The Hill Tuonela Dunmallard Marieka Wanna Werango Inverell Station Billabong Highlands Bowood Rushden The Mount Valley View Blair Athol Fernhill Nioka Little Valley Twin Pines Gleniffer Ulinga Dunreath Killarney Yileena Bellview Lemah Glynmarwen Mindora Lorraine Shalhaven Kerri Carlisle Torrendorra Prospect Dursley Ashgrove Alsace West End Mawarra Osterley River View Long Plain Elmore Station Eskvale Rock Mount Bon Vista Downlands San Esedro Clifton Ka-Malyn Hillcrest Eric Ville Janmore Wolonga Park Clifton Grove Allambie Auburn Vale Glenalva Mayfair Lockri Yarrawina Lachlana Eldena Paradise Station Roseville End Field Rosedale Star Hill Boxleigh Colline Crystal Hill Thistlebank Lyncarol Woombi San Fernando Compton Dalkeith Lilydale Bowden Park Melrose Indiana Kelso Garrawildi Glen Ross Hillside Wyoming Karaola Murrellen Milchomi Amaroo Hazlegreen Kalang Waverley Willow Dale Kempton Gilgai Inverell Tingha Arrawatta Creek Apple Tree Gully Appletree Gully Aston Auburn Vale Creek Aston State Forest Anderson Alices Gully Albion Flat Albion Hill Back Creek The Back Gully Bald Hill Bald Hills Band of Hope Gully Bannockburn Bannockburn Cemetery Bannockburn Plain Bannockburn Tank Beaulieu Beaulieu Plateau Beaulieu Well Big Leather Watercourse Part Of Bobs Creek Bobs Gully Blue Pinch Black Washer Gully Bluebeards Gully Blloonbah Black Gully Black Flat Black Creek Black Bull Gully Black Bull Springs Black Bess Gully Boiling Down Gully Boney Creek Boney Gully Bookoola Siding Bora Creek Bora Gully Borah Creek Borah Creek of Snake Gully Bora or Fergusons Gully Boundary Gully Box Hill Branch Creek Brodies Plains Brooks Park The Brothers Bruces Hill Bukkulla Bukkulla Creek Cameron Park Campbell Park Campbells Hill Carters Mountain Catari Peak Chain of Ponds Creek Champagne Chellas Chinamans Gully Chinamen Hill Chung Kees Gully Clare Clive Clive State Forest Cooks Creek Cope Hardinge Creek Copes Creek Crawlers Creek Crown Jewel Hill Darby Darbys Creek Deadbird Spring Dead Horse Creek Dead Mans Gully Death Adder Hill Eaglehawk Mountain Eden Elsmore Elsmore Cemetery Farm Creek Fergusons Creek Fern Creek Figtree Hill Five Mile Creek Fletchers Seat Fox Hill Foxs Mountain Frazer Frazers Creek Frying Pan Creek Gagan Gagan Gully Gagan Mountain Ghost Gully Gibsons Gully Gilgai Creek Gilgai Public School Goanna Gully Goonoowigal Green Gully Gum Gully Harrys Creek Heffernans Gully Herbert Horse Gully Horseshoe Bend Howell Howell Cemetery Howell Racecourse Howell Well Hunts Gully Hurricane Hill Ibis Glen Creek Indigo Creek Inverell Airport Inverell Cemetery Inverell High School Inverell Park Inverell Post Office Inverell Public School Inverell Railway Station Irwins Creek Jacks Gully Jessie Creek Jessies Gully Joes Creek Kangaroo Camp Kangaroo Creek Kateys Creek Kerosene Hill Cambells Mount Campbells Mount Carneys Hill Chain of Ponds Gully Chain of Ponds Gully or Irwins Gully Cherry Tree Hill General Cemetery The Chinamen Cobbs Gully Cope-Hardinge Creek Copeton General Cemetery Village of Copteton Crawlers Gully Darbys Branch Darbys South Branch Darbys South Branch Creek Deadbird The Deadbird Spring Dead Horse Gully Elmsmore Elsmore General Cemetery Elsmore Public School Fergusons Gully Fern Gully Fern Hill Figtree Mountain Flat Gully Frazers or Swamp Oak Creek Gagin Mountain The Gilgai Gully Gilghi Creek The Gilgi Gully Glenallan Gully Glenallen Gully Goonal or Great Ana Branch Part Of Gordons Gully or Arrawatta Creek/Gordons Gully Greenwood Railway Station Greys Waterholes Harrys Gully Head of Kangaroo Creek Herding Yard Gully Hill Sixty Village of Howell Howell General Cemetery Indigo Gully Town of Ineverell Ineverell General Cemetery Inverell Primary School Irwins Gully Jessie Gully Kateys Gully Kerosine Hill Kimberley Town of Kimberley Kimberley Public School Kings Plains Kings Plains Creek Kings Reef Hill Kings Reef Mountain Kurrajong Hill Lambing Creek Lambing Gully Langari Hill Leviathan Leviathan Public School Limekiln Gully Limestone Gully Long Arm Gully Long Creek Long Flat Creek Long Flat Gully Head of Long Flat Long Gully Long Plain Creek Long Plain Gully Lowes Creek Macintyre High School Mccarthys Nob Mcilveen Park Mckerrow Hill Mount Mckerrow Maids Creek Main Gully March Gully Mary Anne Creek Mary Anne Gully Matheson Mayo Middle Creek Morbington Gully Mordington Creek Mordington Gully Mosquito Creek Mosquito Gully Mount Topper State Forest Mulvaney Gully Mungs Gully Murrays Water Murrays Waters Mussel Creek Neills Creek Neills Gully Newstead Newstead Creek Newstead North The Nob North Nullamanna Nullamanna Nullamanna Cemetery Nullamanna State Forest Oakey Gully Oakey Creek Oakwood Oakwood Public School Oaky Creek Oaky Gully Old Mill Patts Gully Peach Tree Crossing Peach Tree Gully Peadons Flat Pennyweight Joe Rock Picnic Rock Pig Creek Pillar Gully Pinchgut Gully Pindari Ponds Creek Potts Gully Pywills Hill Quart Pot Creek Quart Pot Gully Redbank Creek Redbank Gully Red Camp Gully Red Hill Rob Roy Public School Rocky Gully Ross Ross Hill Ross Hill Public School Round Hill Round Mountain Sandy Creek Sandy Gully Sapphire Schumachers Creek Scotts Red Gap Sheepskin Gap Sheep Station Creek Sheep Station Gully Sheep Station Hill Shivery Gully Silver Mine Creek Silver Mine Gully Sinclair Park Single Single State Forest Slanting Rock Slurry Gully Smoky Hill Smoky Mountain Snake Creek Snake Gully South Channel Souths Gully Spencers Gully Spring Gully Stanborough Stanborough Public School Stannifer Village of Stannifer Star Gully Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony Knob Streak of Luck Gully Sugarloaf Mountain The Sugarloaf Summer Hill Creek Sun Hill Sutherlands Water Sutherlands Waters Swamp Oak Swamp Oak Creek Swanbrook Swanbrook Public School Swan Peak Swan Vale Swanvale Swinton Tabletop Hill Table Top Mountain Tabletop Mountain Taunton Taylors Gully Teatree Creek Tea Tree Gully Ten Mile Creek The Ponds Three Corner Gully Three Corners Gully Three Waterhole Creek Three Waterholes Creek Tingha Cemetery Tingha General Cemetery Tingha Copeton Recreation Reserve Tingha Public School Town of Tingha Toby Hill Toby Mountain Tomilsons Hill Tomilsons Mountain Topper Mount Topper Toppers Gully Tumbledown Gully Tullochard Tullochard Hill Two Mile Creek Valley Gully Varley Oval Victoria Park Vivers Gully Vivers or Kings Plains Creek Vol Ashton Hill Walls Gully Wandera Village of Wandera Wandera Gully Wandsworth Warrigo Creek Warrigo Gully Watty Greys Creek Wean Creek Webb Gully Weean Weean Creek Wet Creek Wet Gully The Wet Gully White Hill Whites Flat Windy Ridge Wire Creek Wyndham Wyndhams Springs Wyoming Falls Dicks Creek Dinton Vale Youngs Creek Youngs Gully Bull Hill Bull Mountain Bulls Camp Gully Devils Rock Devils Rock Creek Doctors Gully Doctors Plain Dodds Hill Doini Hill Donegal Dam Dicks Gully The Doctors Plain Burgundy Byron Station Town of Byron Big Bundarra River Big River Gwydir River Hill 60 Kings Plains National Park Runnymede Burgess Campbell Cooks Gully Woodstock Paradise Rob Roy Lake Inverell Lake Inverell Reserve Coates Crossing Goonoowigall Bannockburn Creek Vivers Creek Pindari Creek Dindon Vale Rob Roy Gully Rob Roys Gully Greenwood Bookoola Kings Creek Paradise Creek Querra Creek Copeton